Binky D Diapers Giveaway

Kerri and Ashley have been fans of The Leaky Boob for quite a while now, having found the support and encouragement here that are the primary reason for TLB’s existence.  They are now WAHM’s (Work At Home Mom) that love making hybrid fitted cloth diapers.  They call their business Binky D Diapers, and are interested in sharing their love of cloth diapering with our Leaky community, because let’s face it: breastfeeding isn’t the only aspect of caring for a baby, and we all need to consider what option is best for our baby when it comes to the natural bi-product that breastfeeding (and any other feeding) inevitably brings.  : )  Kerri and Ashley answer a few questions about cloth diapering and are offering a fun giveaway opportunity too!  


TLB:  What inspired you to start Binky D Diapers?

Ashley:  I started cloth diapering my son and was looking for a overnight solution for my heavy wetter, I ended up realizing I was pretty decent at making them myself and found my niche.  Since I loved making them and people were interested in buying them I just dove right in to making Binky D Diapers.  It was meant to be.

TLB:  What would you like TLB readers to know about your diapers?

Ashley:  Binky D Diapers are made with quality supplies.  We offer a few different styles of diapers so that you are able to find what works for your little one.  We offer day fitteds, Nigh D Night diapers that feature a double layer of fleece and Wind Pro overnight diapers for really heavy wetters.  We also will be introducing a Slim Fit line in the very near future.

TLB:  What would you tell someone who was considering whether or not to use cloth diapers?

Ashley:  Try to not overthink it.  There is tons of info on the web for cloth diapering and it can all be really overwhelming for those trying to make the switch.  I always suggest trying a couple of each style of diaper and just finding what works best for you and your little one.  Its really easy and not as complicated as it seems.

TLB:  Do you exclusively use cloth diapers on your own children?

Ashley:  When my son is home from childcare we exclusively use cloth diapers.  Unfortunately I have been unable to find a childcare facility in my area that would be supportive of our choice.  Hopefully as more and more families make the switch to a more natural way of diapering these facilities will become more accepting of it.

TLB:  What is your favorite breastfeeding tip?

Ashley:  In the early days of breastfeeding as hard as it is don’t doubt yourself or your body.  Just lay in bed and enjoy your newborn with as much skin to skin as possible.  You can do this.


Binky D Diapers is giving away:
1 custom spot for a free FULLY CUSTOM diaper design
2 Hybrid Fitted Diapers (one per winner)
That means 3 lucky Leakies will end up with a fun-print cloth diaper from Binky D Diapers!

1 Fully Custom diaper design:  Winner will send Binky D Diapers info on the diaper design they choose.  You can send photos for inspiration along with theme info . The possibilities are endless.  See photos of past work below and on Binky D Diapers facebook page for inspiration (This excludes any HTF fabrics and Binky D Diapers is only able to honor request that are within their design capabilities ) Since this is not a premade item the turn around time will be 3 weeks after you submit your design.

 Hulk diapercloth diaperToy story diaper

2 Hybrid Fitted Diapers:  Winners will specify their preference of boy, girl, or neutral print, and Ashley and Kerri will choose the right diaper for you!  Here are a couple of examples of the kinds of diapers they make:

yellow submarine diaperhelicopter diaper

Currently Leakies can find Binky D Diapers Hybrid Fitteds and other items available on the Binky D Diapers Hyena Cart store and Facebook page.


Good luck to everyone!  Please use the widget below to be entered.  The giveaway is open from July 31, 2-13 through August 6, 2013.  A big thanks to Ashley and Binky D Diapers for their ongoing support of TLB and all breastfeeding women; please be sure to visit their Facebook page and thank them for their support of TLB and this giveaway opportunity.

This giveaway is open to international entries.

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  1. Laundry was my biggest fear. Now, laundry is the least of my worries. Lol!

  2. rashes

  3. Michelle I says

    I was most concerned with the complicated washing routine, but once I had it down, it is pretty easy!

  4. We are still waffling on when/if we’re going to cloth diaper because of the care involved and the extra laundry. I think we’re going to bite the bullet and just go for it soon though!

    • Rachael,
      Find an online group of Mamas who love cloth diapering. It’s much easier to take the plunge when you have support and ladies to answer your questions. You may even have a group local to you 🙂

  5. Brittani Allen says

    We love all our Binky D’s. Ashley is truly one of a kind. Her customer service is outstanding and she is such a people person she really makes you feel like you matter when making diapers. When you hear about these magical unicorn moms and you think they don’t exist well start believing because Ashley is a unicorn WAHM! We wouldn’t trade our Binkys for anything. Way to go Ashley!!

  6. Love love love my Binky D diapers! Ashley and Kerri are amazing and the quality of their work is amazing!

  7. Tracy Hagen says

    My biggest fear cloth diapering was finding types of diaper I liked. It was very overwhelming to start off.

    • Tracy, I started with a little bit of everything, and because cloth diapers have a high re-sale value, I was able to sell off the ones that we didn’t prefer once I figured out what I really liked using 🙂

  8. The amount of laundry – but it’s really not that much more work!

  9. My biggest concern is blow outs. We have not started diapering yet.

  10. Patricia Darby says

    Love Binky Ds!

  11. Gina Hodges says

    My biggest cloth diapering fear was how to keep the diapers clean and what to do with the really dirty ones! It was a silly fear that was given to me just from listening to everyone talk negatively about it and not give me the support. As it turns out it is not bad at all and diaper laundry is my favorite type of laundry! 🙂

  12. Alison ribchester says

    Binky d diapers are great – this is such a fab giveaway!

  13. Lauren F says

    I absolutely love these diaper designs! I currently only use pocket diapers but am very interested to perhaps try a hybrid or custom fitted. My question to you pertains to the sizing of these diapers: I am the mom of a large 19month old (she wears 3t-4t clothing), so how large can these be made?

  14. I would love to win a new Binky D 🙂

  15. lovecdash says

    Love Binky D diapers. I would really love to win this !

  16. My bigest fear was that my baby’s bad rash was being caused by cloth diapers…and I was right…sort of. Once I switched dtergents and added an extra rinse cycle we were fine. 🙂

  17. My baby’s due at the end of the month so I can’t speak personally to how cloth diapering will go, but I have started collecting a few of each brand of diaper from craigslist and other sources so I can check out the fit on my son before investing in a whole set. I sure hope I win these – the custom diaper would be such an amazing gift to our family!

    • That’s definitely the way to go, Genevieve! How are you supposed to know what you will like until you try it? 🙂
      And congratulations on your soon-to-arrive little one!

  18. I thought cloth diapering would be complicated and time-comsuming. Tch! What a breeze!

  19. Samantha Linke says

    My biggest fear had to be I was afraid I wouldn’t get the hang of it. Like would I have the right fit on her? But 5 months later and I’m obsessed 🙂

  20. We are thinking about taking the plunge into CD with our 4 month old. 🙂

    • It’s so worth it, Eileen! You can even start with a few diapers a day. Or just while you’re at home. That’s what I tell my friends who are interested. And that way, you get to try it out without making a huge commitment.

  21. We plan to cloth diaper but don’t have a baby yet. My biggest fear is it all going wrong and ending up using disposables.

    • Kat,
      Say you choose to take the plunge, and it really isn’t for you… Cloth diapers have a great re-sale value, so you could still sell them and make back a percentage of what you invested 🙂

  22. My biggest fear was rashes (and yeast!) Now, my son does get rashes after a few days of only cloth, so we occasionally cover him with Triple Paste and put him in a disposable. It’s not a big deal.

  23. I think I was just scared to invest in something that didnt work for us. But I love cloth now!

  24. these are very cute!

  25. My biggest fear was working the laundry into our schedule, but we have done it since our LO fit the OS diapers

  26. Sarah Sale says

    I was so concerned I wouldn’t be able to wash them right! It was so easy in the beginning when he was EBF, and now that I am experienced it was easy to adjust once he made the transition to food and the stinky solid poops.

  27. I love that the hospital I had my daughter had a breastfeeding class and they also have a breastfeeding group that meets weekly to talk visit support each other.

  28. Andrea Merrill says

    My biggest fear is laundry. However, I am thinking about going cloth to save money long run.

  29. sherry moore says

    My biggest fears of cloth diapering was leaks.

    • Ask cloth diapering Mamas… We have had so many tell us that they have LESS leaks with cloth! I can vouch for that and say that my daughter has never had a blowout cloth diaper 🙂

  30. sherry moore says

    I read all about breast feeding while I was pregnant with my daughter.

  31. I first became aware of breastfeeding when as a child I would visit one of my friend’s houses where their mom was breastfeeding the little sister who was about 4 years old.

  32. My greatest fear of cloth diapers was just that it would be tricky to get the diapers on right, and that they would leak. For some reason I thought that they would be messier than the disposables when on baby.

  33. My greatest fear was buying the wrong diaper. I’d read about moms saying various types didn’t work for their child and it seemed like a really hit or miss decision. But all of my cloth diapers have worked just fine!

    • That’s great! We’ve never had fit issues either… But I can see why some babies do. Every baby is shaped differently and just like a brand of pants wont work for every person, you can’t expect a cloth diaper to work for every baby.

  34. Katherine Dixon says

    Cleaning non-EBF poop was my biggest fear. My diaper sprayer is my best friend! haha

  35. My greatest fear was quitting – I had a lot of “friends” who said I couldn’t do it – and I was afraid to prove them right…So far I’ve cloth diapered 9+ years – and with another little one on the way, I have at least 2 years ahead of me!

  36. I was aware of breastfeeding as a child – I was lucky to have aunties and a mama who nursed, so I knew all about it (and I remember playing house with a friend where we sat around in rocking chairs “nursing” our baby dolls!).

  37. Sara Denley says

    these diapers have such a cool design!! I love the custom ones! 🙂

  38. I think I really became aware of breastfeeding from the ladies in my Sunday School group. Most of them breastfeed and through many conversations I realized I really wanted to breastfeed my children!

  39. Posting a comment! 😀

    I was fearful that my husband wouldn’t be on board. He was hesitant at first, but a major poo-splosion as a result of diarrhea and the handful of cloth diapers I had that held everything in was what convinced him! We’re still trying to work out a good nighttime solution as he pees a LOT overnight, but we’re in cloth during the day and at daycare. 🙂

    • That’s great! We’ve found too that cloth contains messes so much better! And that’s awesome that you found a day care that allows cloth diapers. We don’t have one in our area :/
      Don’t give up on a night time solution! Everyone has something different that works for them, but if you want to check ours out, a lot of our Mamas have found us just because they couldn’t find a good night time solution and they LOVE their Nigh D Nights 🙂

  40. Anne Perry says

    Greatest fear was not having enough diapers

  41. my biggest fear was that it would all be too much… the laundry, the smell, the poop…..but just like everything else in motherhood, you take it all in stride & it becomes a way of life….and the poop isn’t THAT bad 😉

  42. Amanda McGrath says

    Our biggest concern was ammonia smell. It ended up happening but only when she was a year old and got an energy efficient washer. It was a short lived problem. 🙂

  43. I feared poop. Turns out that it’s no big deal.

  44. Not too sure where on the blog the BF comment is supposed to go 😉 I found out about breastfeeding through a great mom of a baby at a daycare center I was teaching at. No one in my group had kids, my family didn’t bf, so she was a great source of info on a subject I was interested in. 3 kids later, it worked for us 🙂

  45. Amanda McGrath says

    I first learned about breastfeeding through the internet. I had no living family members whom I could talk to about it. I never saw anyone breastfeed until I did it.

  46. My first fear was the fit, I wasn’t sure how they were supposed to fit and I constantly worried they would leak… to my surprise it was all very easy and only disposables I’ve ever used leaked! 🙂

  47. Hayley Elliott says

    We haven’t tried cloth diapering yet. Trying to save money to do so. But some of my fears are… laundry, leaks, buying the right kind for my little one, cleaning the poop out of them (especially when we start solids), and using them when we are out and about.

    • Hayley,
      Find a cloth diapering group on FB! My local one helped me so much with any fears / questions! And if you end up with diapers that don’t work for your baby, you can always sell them to a local mama!

  48. Hayley Elliott says

    I had heard about breastfeeding my whole life. My mom always told the story of how she nursed me till I was almost 2 and how she thought I would never quit. So when I had my first child I didn’t even consider formula or even using bottles. I have 4 boys now (ages 5 months to 13 yrs old) and have never had to use formula or bottles yet (Thankfully!!).

  49. Jessica Hughes says

    I guess my biggest fear was that I would somehow wash them incorrectly and ruin them! Hasn’t happened yet, knock on wood. 😉

  50. Natasha Robbins says

    My biggest fear was poop once they started eating solids. I should have been worried about the bf poop blow outs in the beginning! I think that I should have been more worried about finding a cleaning method/detergent that works best for us, since that seems to be the hardest part.

    • We struggled with a wash routine when we moved into a home with hard water. Don’t give up. Find a local cloth diaper group and ask for help troubleshooting your wash routine! Good luck!

  51. Natasha Robbins says

    I don’t remember a moment that I became aware of bfing. Most in my family breastfed, so it’s always just been around. There was really no other option in my mind when I had my first, I just assumed that’s what I was supposed to do.

  52. I became aware of breastfeeding when I was only 3 and a half because my mom nursed my baby sister.

  53. Jessica Hughes says

    I honestly don’t remember when I became aware of breastfeeding (I was formula fed.) I do remember seeing a mother breastfeedbreastfeeding her baby in a mall as a kis and thinking that it was way more convenient than preparing formula!

  54. My biggest fear with Cloth was the time commitment. It’s not as bad as I thought. Although line drying has been a chore as the rain has been very unpredictable here.

  55. katherine d says

    all the women in my family breastfeed

  56. I watched my mom breastfeed my siblings!

  57. my biggest fear is that “they don’t work” yes, we have had leaks and messes while out and about! I can honestly say that I had less when we used disposables. Haven’t quite nailed the problem yet.

    • I’m sorry that you are having leaks and messes. That must be very frustrating. Do you think you are getting a good fit with your diapers? Maybe there is a better style for your little one that will give you a better fit. I can honestly say that I don’t get blowouts with cloth, only disposables. Try to find a cloth diaper group and you might find some supportive Mamas that can help. Good luck!

  58. What to do with poo. Actually was not as difficult as I thought it would be.

  59. katherine d says

    my biggest fear is that I won’t have time to wash the diapers

    • Washing really isn’t time consuming at all! And I say this having three little ones in cloth and washing every day! It is literally 5 minutes of my time. I also have a designated hamper where my cloth diapers “live” I normally switch them to the dryer before bed and wake up to clean, fluffy diapers!

  60. I became aware of breastfeeding when pregnant with my first. My family never breast fed so it was a first.

  61. Cleaning the diapers, the extra laundry. But didn’t seem to notice a huge difference.

  62. The time needed to be able to keep up with 3 in diapers and no it didn’t was easier than I thought

  63. I became aware about breastfeeding from the WIC office. They offered a breastfeeding class and had a support group. They were so very helpful!!

  64. Laundry was absolutely my biggest fear when starting with cloth! 7 years later, and it couldn’t be easier.

  65. I’m not sure when I first learned about breastfeeding. It just always seemed like the normal thing to do. I did read a lot about it when I was pregnant with my first though.

  66. My biggest fear was spending a bunch of money on a certain brand and then finding out that they didn’t work for us. I ended up buying several different brands and selling the ones I didn’t like on ebay (some of them I sold for more than I paid for them!)

  67. My biggest worry was getting behind on the laundry – it has happened, but it’s not the end of the world. I am rarely behind on diapers bc well, they stink!

  68. I became aware of breastfeeding via my own mom. I also worked in daycare and watched as the mothers would come in at nurse their babies at lunch time. (Sounds creepy – it wasn’t)

  69. Sarah Hayes says

    my fear was not finding the best wash routine and messing up my diapers. Ive dealt with that once and Im trying to hard to avoid it again.

  70. Sarah Hayes says

    I became aware of BFing just from being around other women that did it.It was just a natural thing for me to do

  71. Laundry is my biggest fear, & solid food poop!

  72. Michele R. says

    I was concerned about the mess of cloth diapering with my first child. But, honestly once I got into it and had the baby I quickly realized that there was no difference in mess issues between cloth or disposable diapers- baby butts are just messy, period. Now, I’m due with #2 in September and yes, will be exclusively cloth diapering this one.

  73. Michele R. says

    I honestly don’t remember how I became aware of breastfeeding. Just when I had my first – it was consistently mentioned in every book I read or website I looked up and at the doc office- and it was just like, “Yep, I’m gonna breastfeed cause that’s just what you do.” I breastfed my first for a year and will do the same with my second due in September.

  74. I grew up hearing that my mom nursed all three of us kids so I just thought it was normal. I learned more about the benefits of breastfeeding in my Women’s Studies classes in college.

  75. My greatest fear about the cloth diapers was the initial cost. Luckily, we started with baby number 2 so instead registering for shower gifts, I just asked for CDs and didn’t have much up front cost at all.

  76. Oddly enough, I didn’t have any fears about CDing before I went into it. I was a nanny to a family that CDed and my sis clued me into prefolds. I think my biggest fear was when my LO was a newborn and had a rash that just wouldn’t quit, I thought I would have to give up and switch to disposables. But it cleared up after a few days in sposies with butt paste and now her skin isn’t as tender.
    As for breastfeeding, I have no idea when I first became aware of it. I remember in middle school, my friend asked her mom how breasts made milk; I felt so embarrassed because my family didn’t talk about those kinds of things. But her mom explained it very matter of factly, and even explained how breasts know how much to make. Very cool! It also inspires me to have that kind of openness with my own daughter.

  77. Michelle L. says

    Poop after introducing solids. We just introduced solids this week and so far it has been a bit yucky. A diaper sprayer is on the list of projects for this weekend.

  78. Laundry was my biggest worry. I’ve just tweeked it after 4 months so we will see if it is any better. I wouldn’t say it is a nightmare but it can be confusing with all the different ideas out there!

  79. I wass aware of breastfeeding because my mom breastfed all 6 of us! Me and my closest sister (in age) she did for bout a year and a half

  80. The wash routine was my biggest concern, but after the first few loads I realized it really IS as easy as the blogs kept telling me!

  81. I guess my biggest concern is keeping up with the laundry, since we already have two messy little boys. Boy #3 is due any day now, and will be the first cloth diapered, so it will be a bit of an adjustment for us.

  82. I think I first became aware of breastfeeding when I was 2.5 and my younger brother was born. He and I were both EBF’d.

  83. I learned about breastfeeding from my mom, since she breastfed all of us and I’m the eldest.

  84. Christina Howell says

    I just started cloth diapering yesterday so I have many fears right now about if my washing routine will work, will my diapers work, do I have enough, etc. I think it will only be a matter of time before my questions are answered.

  85. Nicole M. says

    My biggest concern about cloth diapering is definitely the extra laundry and the whole cleaning process in general. However, I think we’re going to finally take the plunge into cloth diapering with our second baby.

  86. Christina Howell says

    I became aware of breastfeeding when I saw other women doing it and when my sister-in-laws had kids (I’m the youngest in my family so I never saw my mom do it).

  87. My biggest fear was that we wouldn’t be able to do cloth diapering! But we’re moving to an apartment with a washer & drying INSIDE it! No more laundromat! Sign me up!

  88. Penny Dill says

    My biggest fear when I started cloth diapering was breast milk poo blow outs. I quickly found that cloth diapers are much better at keeping it contained.

  89. Britni Bradford says

    i was afraid of the poo… but it wasn’t that bad.

  90. Britni Bradford says

    not really sure how i became aware of breastfeeding. i didn’t ever consider bottle feeding though, so it was just a given when I became pregnant.

  91. My greatest fear was baby poop when my son started eating solids- Yes and no- there are some days I wish I had a diaper sprayer- but generally it isn’t too bad!

  92. I first become aware of breastfeeding because my mom breastfed my brothers.

  93. Rebecca Peters says

    I actually did a TON of research when I was expecting so thats all I did. Research. Laundry didnt phase me. Nothing worried me but that maybe I wouldnt have anyone to help with the costs of it initially!

  94. I was most concerned about blowouts but come to find out I never have that issue in cloth and every disposable that has been on the bum has led to a HUGE mess!

  95. I became aware of breastfeeding because my mom breastfed me and all my siblings. She introduced me to the womanly art of breastfeeding and that got me started feeling confident before my daughter was born

  96. My biggest fear was poking my baby with a diaper pin. Thank goodness for Boingos, Snappis and pocket diapers!

  97. I became aware of breastfeeding by watching a lot of my friends, co-workers, and cousins breastfeed their babies. Also, my mother-in-law loaned me her 38 year old copy of LLL’s “The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding.” The info on breastfeeding was great, but the “Car Safety” chapter was a little out-dated. I was so blessed to be supported by all my family, friends, and community.

  98. Amy Bailey says

    That it would be difficult. It was far from true. Its very simple and makes diapering FUN!

  99. Jessica Robertson says

    I’m looking for the best fit for us! Thank you for offering the chance to try these out.

  100. I was overwhelmed with all the different kinda of cloth diapers and worried it would be too complicated or I wouldn’t know how to do it. Now it’s a breeze!

  101. I first became aware of breastfeeding when our pet cat had kittens. I got to see the birth and watch as she nursed them all. Then my parents bread German Shepards for awhile and I got to see it many times again. It wasn’t until I got pregnant that I learned there was a whole political situation around nursing. I’m so glad to be doing it, but disappointed by the discrimination and unacceptance in society as a whole. Working on changing it!

  102. My biggest concern was the way family was reacting.. I was told by my husbands family that they wouldn’t watch my daughter if I cloth diapered. I decided cloth diapering was important to me, and that if it caused problems in the family then there were obviously more issues than we previously knew about. They’ve come around though, and actually “brag” about them to friends, etc.

  103. Breastfeeding is just something I thought everyone did. I guess I had great role-models as a child, because I didn’t realize people actually formula fed until I was a teen, or older. It’s always been so natural to me.

  104. My biggest fears of cloth diapering was leaks. And they happen sometimes but it’s OK.

  105. I was at first worried that my mom, who watches our son during the day while I work, would not be on board with using them. I’d forgotten that she cloth diapered me and both of my siblings (albeit she had a service so she didn’t have to wash them).

  106. I think starting cloth diapering in general is a little overwhelming. Will I wash them correctly, with the right soap, will they leak, will people think I’m crazy, will it be a lot of work?

  107. I am always worried that I am going to ruin a diaper, specifically delaminating one. After over 1 1/2 yrs of using cloth diapers I am happy to say, they are all still in great shape!!

  108. My biggest fear was could I do it.. I worried about buying them and hating it. DH was no help and said he wouldn’t change a diaper if it was cloth. Well he didn’t change many anyway! This time around I have committed to it! So we will wait and see.

  109. Heather Mihalovits says

    I worried about washing. One i found the right detergent for hard water it was easy! We use Rocking Green’s hard water formula.

  110. Brittany Jimenez says

    My biggest fear is that cloth diapering was just going to be a big scam. That they weren’t all they were cracked up to be, that I would fail at it like I did breastfeeding…etc.

    Now I cloth diaper full time and use wipes and I’m an affiliate of a cloth diaper company AND I host a fb group for my community. 😀

  111. I loved cloth diapering my daughter. It was so much fun while it lasted. I’m entering this to hopefully win a diaper for a dear friend of mine who is pregnant with her first baby. She told me this week that she is getting weird criticism for her choice to cloth diaper her baby. I would love to support her with a gift of a new diaper for her new baby!

  112. My biggest fear was laundry with cloth diapers…I think cleaning them is the easiest part now!

  113. Jennifer Bell says

    I’ve been wanting to switch mine to cloth diapers, I’m a bit scared to do so. I know it’d save money in the long run, but I’m a bit nervous to invest in getting a bunch and it just not working out as well as I hope. These are ADORABLE though!

  114. Bethanie H says

    My biggest fear was having more laundry because I HATE laundry. It turns out, I don’t mind diaper laundry so much, and it’s the only laundry that doesn’t fall behind when I get busy/sick because we can’t live without clean diapers!

  115. ‘Comment on a SDBFC’s blog article about recommendations for future blog topics.’

    More cloth diaper articles, maybe something on baby wearing/slings?

  116. My biggest fear was thinking it would be impossible to use cloth out in public because we go out and travel a lot. It hasn’t been an issue so far and lots of people make comments about how cute the diapers are. 🙂

  117. Vivian Sun says

    Biggest fear was washing them correctly. Still trying to get a good routine going and keep them stink free.

  118. Emilie H. says

    That it would be too much with all of my other new responsibilities. It wasn’t true!

  119. I think the main thing we were worried about was that it would be a lot of work. I tell people now that it’s super easy once you figure out your wash routine. I love cloth diapering my daughter. I love that she doesn’t smell like pee all the time, that her diapers are so adorable, that she rarely has any skin issues (only if in a wet diaper for way too long), that there are no chemicals against her.

  120. I was afraid of all the laundry!

  121. Vanessa Coker says

    I worried about poop getting everywhere or stinking up my washing machine. No, it wasn’t the case, not at all 🙂

  122. Mine was the concept of removing the poop from the diaper before putting it in the washer. The sprayer took that fear away!

  123. I was worried about finding the right laundry routine. We’ve had a bit of stinkies occasionally, but for the most part it hasn’t been much of a problem (13 months in).

  124. andrea buretta says

    My mother breastfed and cloth diapered all three kids. I have breastfed two and clothed one. Number 3 is coming any day. Of course he will also be breastfed and cloth diapered. I never had any fears at all. I was always very comfortable with both.

  125. I have a fear that all the cloth diapers I have won’t work with my baby.

    • Some babies do have fit issues. And every diaper will not work for every baby. We are all shaped differently, babies too! The good thing about cloth is the resale value… If it doesn’t work for you, you can always sell 🙂

  126. My biggest fear was Poop! Lol What to do with it, how to wash those diapers, and blowouts! Now it’s no big deal, just plop it in the toilet, spray off the diaper and throw it in the pail! 🙂

  127. Ashley McRoberts says

    My biggest fear was failing. And I haven’t! We still love it a year later

  128. My biggest fear was the extra laundry, which now seems silly because it really isn’t much.

  129. Michelle Barnhill says

    I had a fear about the extra laundry and getting the diapers clean but there is nothing to it at all. I love doing diaper laundry.

  130. Awesome seeing a fellow wahm!

  131. Com Laundry

  132. I was the most worried about the lack of support! With my first son, grandparents and even his dad would sneak him into sposies so I eventually gave up. This time around I’m really worried about the same reaction but I plan to stand my ground!

  133. Biggest fear…that I would want to buy all the diapers! And it’s totally coming true. 😉

  134. Fear future solid food waste.

  135. Crystal Chait says

    LOVE LOVE LOVE her diapers

  136. the laundry

  137. Cheryl Mintel says

    I’m cd’ing my sixth child, but I still have a fear of spraying poo!

  138. Why oh why did I not find Binky D earlier! 🙂

  139. That they would soak through.

  140. Katie Micko says

    I was really nervous about the laundry. And stripping the diapers — we have hard water and right now I’m fighting the good fight against barnyard stink! UGH.

  141. I’m worried about cleaning the diapers with an he front loader…

    • Just rinse, rinse, rinse… I have successfully been washing with an HE front loader for two years now. Just fix the settings to use as much water as possible. And find an online group to help you troubleshoot if necessary!

  142. Christen Girt says

    Laundry was my biggest fear, because I am cloth diapering two of my children, one who is almost 2 and the other that is 4 months! It really hasn’t been too much of an issue though, so that’s nice!

  143. My biggest cloth diapering fear was that we would have leaks while out in public and people would think “that’s what you get for not using disposable diapers.”

    I’m signed up for emails at my Gmail account (not Hotmail), same address used here but @gmail.

  144. POOP! now I just scrape what needs to be scraped and spray the rest. So super duper easy!

  145. I was afraid of washing the diapers incorrectly and ruining them! Once I did some research and started my routine, it has gone smoothly!

  146. Ruining my diapers was my biggest fear. Like in the wash or using not the right soap or too much. But ive enjoyed it since starting 4 months ago

  147. jacqueline griffin says

    only fear I had was keeping up with the wash hasn’t been an issue

  148. Heather Condo says

    My biggest fear was having to deal with poop diapers. I had a diaper sprayer the first year which made it super easy to deal with, and now I don’t need anything since it just falls right out. Lol! 😉

  149. Brandy Leann says

    My greatest fear with starting to cloth diaper was will it work for me. Will I be able to do it. It’s overwhelming at first but now it’s easy. Best choice I made switching to cloth.

  150. My biggest fear is figuring out a washing routine since we have hard water and a HE FL, and most of the diapers we’ve gotten so far are microfiber inserts, which I’ve heard don’t do too well with that combination.

    • I can’t speak for microfiber, but we are in FL too with HE and hard water! I would definitely find a local cloth diapering group. The ladies will be able to help you problem solve if you ever do run into any washing issues. Good luck!

  151. Lindsay McGregor says

    Love cloth!!!

  152. I was SO worried about laundry. Honestly, it’s really easy. It doesn’t take much extra time at all. I’m SO happy that we went with cloth. It’s saving a TON of money!

    • That’s what I always tell people, but I don’t think they believe me. 5 extra minutes per day of laundry! (And that’s because we wash daily in my house) 🙂

  153. My biggest fear was that the poop stains wouldn’t wash out of the diapers. Thankfully, on the diapers themselves they always do! Unfortunately, we have some inserts that have gotten stained. 🙁 We still love them, though!

  154. My biggest CD fear was getting my hubby and other people on board. He was fine with it in a few weeks, and I’ve found other people (babysitters, daycare, etc.) to be pretty supportive, although they do make some funny mistakes putting diapers on sometimes!

  155. Isabel Ling says

    I was overwhelmed by the information out there on cloth diaper and the different types of cloth diapers much like I was overwhelmed by the information on breastfeeding.
    However the ladies at Binky D are amazing and so helpful just like the ladies on the TLB.
    So jump on board and give a Binky D a try. You wont regret it.

  156. Word of mouth always said that the (old style) cloth diapers always gave kids HORRIBLE diaper rash. My two cousins who were in it perpetually had diaper rash, but me and my brothers who were always in disposables NEVER or RARELY had it. Then when I saw the updated and modern cloth, I was interested, but still grossed at the thought of how much solid waste would be going into my washing machine and the upfront cost was really more than we could do at one time. But recently, I happened to find a gal locally selling her stash used that her son had out grown, and it basically cost me two months-worth to get started and I bit the bullet. Hubby and I are living apart right now because of a job relocation, so I’m looking for anyway to cut costs and surprisingly really liking the cloth! Plus, my family (who has always been staunchly anti-cloth) is even changing their minds and impressed, especially with the flushable liners that I use! The laundry is more than I prefer, though, but that’s because I have such a small stash, but hoping to increase the number of diapers I have soon 🙂

    • That’s great Kristen! I too, have to wash every day because I have 3 kiddos in cloth. I am glad you are enjoying cloth diapering! It’s so much different than it was in our parents and grandparents generation 🙂

  157. Leaking, and carrying the extras around, we are “goers” but it’s not that big of a deal!

  158. My greatest fear was cleaning the dirty diapers (hand washing or throwing them in the washing machine) but it didn’t take me long to realize that it was not a big deal so now it is like second nature to me.

  159. Victoria K says

    I love cloth diapering my 8 wk old sweetie. My only concern was being able to CD in an apartment complex, but I am making it work and I’m still able to hang-dry all my diapies! YAY!

  160. My biggest fear was more laundry to do, but it is really not that much more. I’ve now started making my own detergent so that cuts on cost too.

  161. Brooke Muhlenkamp says

    I just started cloth diapering my newborn. Yesterday was our first day. I didnt knoe cloth diapering even existed with my first. I was a little nervous, but knew as soon as I got pregnant that I wanted to do it. So I had plenty of time to research and find ehat would work for me and start collecting everything during my pregnancy. Its really not that bad so far. I havent had to do laundry yet, but I dont mind laundry anyway. My little one seems to really like them a lot better than disposables though. Call me crazy, but I swear she even sleeps better. Anyway, I think these diapers are adorable and would love to add some to my stash 🙂

  162. Mahri-Lyn Stedwell says

    My biggest fear was failing and giving up too easily. its been 18 months that i have been cloth diapering and i wouldnt change it one bit! we even cloth diaper on vacation! i have also converted a few moms to cloth diapering!!

  163. my biggest fear is being able to stay organized with the laundry!

  164. I’m just getting started with our first due next month and I’m fearful about getting into a solid wash routine and finding the right one for us!

  165. My husband was never interested but If I could redo one thing it would be to go for it. My daughter is now 1 years old I wish I could have a new start but I do no think I could handle the start up cost now.

  166. My fear is how to cloth diaper on the go, like if we gonzo the store or a friends house. Either way I really want to try!

  167. I thought the laundry would be overwhelming, but it’s not at all! I do one extra load (diapers) every 3rd day and that’s it. I actually prefer diaper laundry to clothing because it always looks so pretty on the line! 😀

  168. Poop was my biggest fear. Touching poop! Flushable liners solve all poop problems – I touched way more poop when we used disposables (we used them for the first year) and he had blowouts all over his clothes up the back!

  169. I was afraid I would end up spending money and then hate the ones that came in the mail. There is so much information on the internet. I didn’t know where to start. I jumped right in and now I am addicted! My third will be born in February so I will have two in cloth. Excited to try a new brand!

  170. My biggest fear is not getting the right fit!

  171. Jessica Long says

    I am worried about Yeast or Ammonia, we are in Florida and with the Heat and humidity and our hard water I am scared that a years worth of planning is gonna go nutty as soon as I get these cloth beauties on my fat baby !

  172. Amanda Lockner says

    Honestly, my fear was of the “dirty” diaper. Once I tried cloth diapering I realized it was no worse than a dirty diaper in a disposible.

  173. I am worried about my mother in law getting a hold of one of my diapers and laundering it. She’s done it before, while baby sitting, and completely ruined several diapers. She doesn’t think that they are sanitary unless she uses copious amounts of bleach on them. Then she high heat dries them out the wazoo. It’s weird since she only partially dries the rest of her clothes and then lets them finish drying while hanging on the back of all of the furniture all over the house. But diapers just aren’t clean enough unless they’ve dried twice. It ruined the PUL and completely destroyed the diapers.

  174. I was concerned about the prices of cloth diapers. I found a way to affordable build my stash though!

  175. I’m breastfeading & my baby is in cloth right now!

  176. Fears: laundry and anything that involves poop and cloth diapers! I am just starting my cloth diaper journey!

  177. I love cloth diapering. We use disposables when we run errands and travel only because we use a small diaper bag. My son only gets diaper rash when he is teething. These diapers are just sooo adorable!

  178. My biggest fear is not knowing which diaper will work best for my son! Having a rough time because he is so slender.

  179. The diaper sprayer spraying poop everywhere was my biggest fear. Still don’t have one 😛

  180. My biggest fear was other people’s negative opinions. But once we tried them ourselves we loved them!

  181. Rhiannon r says

    Was worried about washing but with flushable liners its easy!

  182. My biggest fear was diapers leaking. I am just starting out and trying to get started and looking for good quality diapers at a fair price. Looking forward to trying your diapers.

  183. Tiffany H. says

    I’m a part-time cloth diaperer. My biggest fear was how gross it would be. I think depending on the mess, sometimes my fear is a reality lol.

  184. My sister will be watching my babe when I’m at work, and I was worried she will hate cloth diapering or think it is too much work, when it is something I’m passionate about.

  185. My biggest fear was that my front-loading HE washer would be inadequate for the cloth diapering job – but I just run a long/heavy cycle and everything comes out fine! 🙂

  186. Currently cloth diapering my second son! Love it!

  187. My biggest fear was the extra work involved. I partly cloth diapered my last one and the baby we are about to meet will be cloth diapered completely. I’m actually excited this time around.

  188. I have really wanted to get into it, but hubby’s not convinced yet. And the options out there are so overwhelming- I think just trying to figure out what to try for my daughter is usually too much for me to process. 🙂

  189. The toddler poops STILL scare me! But we’re getting through 🙂

  190. To be honest, I had no fears regarding cloth diapering. It was something I wanted to do, so I did it. 🙂

  191. My biggest fear was cleaning the poopy diapers but it has actually not been that bad especially with the use of a hand held bidet ( what we use in place is a diaper sprayer!

  192. I am currently cloth diapering my first son, and I will be cloth diapering any future babies! I love that cloth can help us save money and save disposables from the landfill!

  193. Poop?! Also, using cloth while out and about scared me at first. Easy peasy now. 🙂

  194. My biggest fear with cloth diapers is leakages of the poopy kind! Although they can happen In any diaper you can’t chuck out cloth ones & dispose of the mess as easily.

  195. It’s so easy to CD an EBF baby…..I’m a little concerned about when my little guy starts solids and how that will change the routine. Right now I think it’s great!

  196. Tashina Kirk says

    I was most afraid I wouldn’t be able to afford the initial cost. Couponing gave me a good stash so I wasn’t sure the investment would actually be cheaper.

  197. The thing I’m most worried about with cloth diapering my third child is a lack of support, and doing it right! I get nervous about how to do the whole thing, and, like it said in the blog, I also get overwhelmed with all of the information out there. How do I choose the right ones?

  198. Nicole S. says

    My biggest fear of switching to cloth diapers is keeping up with the laundry!

  199. Heather Clark says

    Before I started cloth diapering I was worried about the washing. You see I hate to do laundry, but you know what I LOVE to do diaper laundry it means I get to use my favorite dipes again.

  200. My biggest fear is stink I can’t get rid of – 39 weeks now with my first, so we shall see!

  201. I was afraid I would be grossed out or have bad leaks! Neither is true:-)

  202. I always thought cloth diapers would be a huge pain and time sucker, but it’s hardly any extra laundry time at all!

  203. I am currently trying to transition to cloth, my fears are the leaks, not having enough inserts, how often to change ( my little guy pees a lot!) if they will be too hot for him in this Florida heat.

  204. Stephanie Bixby says

    My biggest fear with cloth diapering is failing. I am need to do it for my son but I’m scared that I will find it to hard or inconvenient. So far it is going okay.

  205. Leakage. Was problematic at night. Used cloth diapering service and thirsties for covers…

  206. Denise Mitchell says

    My greatest d
    Fear with cloth diapers was that my husband wouldn’t be supportive.
    When I told him how much we could save, he got on board.

  207. We are expecting our first in October and plan to use cloth diapers. My biggest concern is that we live in a building with a coin op washer dryer and I’m afraid of how expensive it will be to wash so often. Also afraid we won’t be able to collect enough CDs before October so that we aren’t washing every day!

  208. Michelle Cooper says

    Mother of 4 but never cloth diapered. 🙁 My oldest gives birth to my first grandbaby & has introduced me to the wonderful world of cloth. I would love to see him in one of these precious diapers! 🙂

  209. Jennifer Stone says

    My biggest fear was solid poop! (as opposed to EBF) But we did EC with our baby and he hasn’t pooped in a diaper since he was 5 months old, so no problem there!

  210. My fear was adding more to the endless laundry list. However, I have found that since starting cloth diapering I actually do a better job at keeping up with all of the laundry. Hard to leave a load of clothes sitting in the washer for too long when there is a batch of stinky diapers to be washed!

  211. My greatest fear was the washing but now I realise that it’s not even that hard, it’s just like normal washing really (apart from hosing off poop).

    I also worry about the initial cost. I am still just getting established. 🙂

  212. My biggest fear is investing the money and then not using the diapers.

  213. I was afraid that I would hate it and I couldn’t have been more wrong…I love it!

  214. I was worried about washing them. So far I haven’t had any problems.

  215. Kelly ODell says

    Binky Ds were my first hybrid fitters and I couldn’t be more satisfied! I love them! When we began cloth (on my third baby!), I was most concerned about the extra time commitment. Now I realize that only means an extra load of laundry every 2-3 days. Easy peasy and the cuteness is priceless!

  216. Fear was putting too much in one brand that wouldn’t work for us. I never really had a fear of Coth diapering though because I knew it would work for us! ((:

  217. Kim Bates says

    I feared putting so much money into the upfront costs and then quitting. We started over two years ago and haven’t quit yet and have another two years to use them with baby number four!

  218. Ashley Mugnolo says

    I was afraid we wouldn’t be able to travel anywhere with cloth diapers. Now that I’ve got a good variety in my stash I’ve found what works and what doesn’t on the go.

  219. My husband. He has the baby during the day and I thought he might not be supportive of the idea, but he was totally on board! I love cloth diapering!

  220. I’m most concerned about getting my wash routine down

  221. Poop was my biggest fear. Sheet potty training my first (used disposables) I lost the great and was eager to use cloth with my second!

  222. My biggest fear was the extra work load (washing, drying-line drying?!-, putting away…i have enough to do with three boys! But, it really hadn’t been much extra work. I love washing the diapers, they are so cute! Binky Ds are adorable, work great, and fit wonderfully! I can’t wait to get more 🙂

  223. Rachel Farber-Caracoglia says

    I’ve been cloth diapering my 13 month old for a couple of months now! I love not throwing away disposables, have found some really cute diapers that work pretty well for us, and am getting g the hang of the laundry routine! My husband refuses to change diapers, now!

  224. It was all overwhelming to me. But when my DD got a rash that would not go away with sposies and the Dr. wrote me off, I knew it was up to me to find a solution. I ordered a diaper trial and that really helped me know what different styles were out there and which direction I wanted to go for our CD needs. Laundry ended up being easier than I expected and all my issues faded away just like DD’s rash! We CD’d her until she PT’d and now we CD our DS.

  225. Christina Shibles says

    I was worried about the initial cost of buying quality diapers for the most part. During my research into cloth I found that most diapers were beyond our budget, unless we wanted to settle for lower quality and care. We are a military family of seven, and with five kids on a military salary, money can be tight. I became interested in cloth when I found out I was pregnant with our now five month old, and did a TON of looking at fluff! I waffled quite a bit over it until my husband’s cousin gave me several different brands of cloth diapers at my baby shower so I could try out different types. That’s where I fell in love, and with her support and the help of many online mamas and ebay (ha ha), I have been able to take the amazing journey that has become our fluff addiction. I have purchased almost all of my current stash exclusively on ebay, and I have managed to save a ton of money this way. The cloth is so worth it!

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