Naked Nursing Tank On TV! Giveaway

Jen and Carrie, the WAHMs (Work At Home Moms) behind The Naked Nursing Tank, recently had the opportunity to go on live television on a famous Canadian morning show, Marilyn Denis.  This was such an exciting opportunity for them that they wanted to share it with The Leaky Boob community and celebrate with a giveaway!  

Marilyn Denis Show 2

TLB:  So set the stage for us a bit.  What show were you on (help us Americans out here), and why were you there?

Jen & Carrie:  We were featured on The Marilyn Denis Show, a talk show  that is based in Toronto and is aired across Canada, nationwide.  It was a Mompreneurs show featuring a panel of experts, including Arlene Dickinson, who is famous for her regular part on The Dragon’s Den -the Canadian version of The Shark Tank.

TLB:  I have never been on a morning show (in front of a national audience!) before; what was that like?

Jen & Carrie:  It was AMAZING!!!  We were so fortunate to have been able to have had this opportunity! It was such a knowledgeable group of people to ask our questions to about how to expand our business globally with a sustainable platform. There was also opportunity to follow up “off-air” which gave us more time to pick their brains and connect on a personal level, learning more about future next steps. Let us just say that it was also pretty amazing to have our hair and makeup done (that is a rarity amongst most working mothers) 😉

TLB:  Thank you for the shout out in the video, by the way!  : )  What did you take away from this experience?  Was it helpful?

Jen & Carrie: No Problem, we love you guys, and we have nothing but GREAT things to say about a forum such as yours!  The experience was definitely helpful.  We have had follow up emails and phone conversations with the women that were on the show with us and we have been given suggestions on how to  keep moving forward and reach the global market of breastfeeding mamas.  In addition, with the enormous amount of emails and positive feedback, we’ve realized that the Naked Tank needs to be in the hands of EVERY mother -as it really is changing the experience of nursing in public and feeling more comfortable while doing so.

TLB:  Did you develop any new plans for the future of The Naked Nursing Tank?

Jen & Carrie:  Yes, absolutely!  We have started production of Plus sized tanks, which should be ready to go by the end of the summer, and we also have another little genius idea up our sleeve as well…stay tuned for the launch of that complementary patented product!! 🙂

TLB:  Do you have any plans to return to live TV any time soon?

Jen & Carrie: There is always something in the works…and listen, if we could get our hair and makeup done again, we would do it every day!! LOL!! Just say the word 🙂

Marilyn Denis Show nursing 2

To watch the video from the Marilyn Denis show featuring Melissa and Jennifer of Naked Nursing Tank, click on the image above.


Carrie and Jen are giving away 2 different prizes to 2 lucky Leakies.  The prizes are:

1. Luxury Bamboo Naked Nursing Tank: Ultra-soft Bamboo in your choice of Lily White or Midnight Black  Retail Value: $39.99 CAD

2. Classic Cotton Naked Nursing Tank: Firm weighted super soft cotton/lycra fabric in your choice of Charcoal Grey or Platinum Light Grey   Retail Value: $29.99 CAD

4. Both Bamboo Tanks Together7. Before-After

Currently Leakies can find these and other  breastfeeding Naked Nursing Tank items on the website.

Kathleen and Yvonne  

Good luck to everyone!  Please use the widget below to be entered.  The giveaway is open from July 9, 2013 through July 18, 2013.  A big thanks to Jen and Carrie and The Naked Nursing Tank for their ongoing support of TLB and all breastfeeding women; please be sure to visit  them on Facebook or follow them on twitter and thank them for their support of TLB and this giveaway opportunity.

This giveaway is open to international entries.

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  1. Karoline says

    Though I can’t imagine why I would be on a talk show — a fabulous invention, maybe?! 🙂 — I’d love to meet Ellen Degeneres.

  2. Ellen!

  3. Sarah Schiro says

    I would like to be on Good Morning America.

  4. I would love this tank and would love to be on Ellen.

  5. Oooh I’d love to win one of these!
    Such a fab idea!
    I currently use a normal strappy top that is stretched beyond anything under my bra to feed my 21 month old!
    I’d love a top specifically for that purpose!
    X x

  6. I think I’d go on Oprah!
    I’d love to have a chat with her, it would be a great experience!
    X x

  7. If I could choose to be on a talk show, I’d pick Ellen or maybe The Daily Show. For a morning show, I’d pick the Today show.

  8. This is a great nursing tank. I’m going to need to stock up on these!! If I was going to be on a Tslk show it would probably be Steven & Chris on CBC. Love those guys. 🙂

  9. If I could be on any talk show it would be Kelly and michael. I think Kelly is so funny!

  10. These tanks are a great way for mothers who are nervous to nurse in public to get up the courage to go ahead and do it. Great idea!

  11. I’d probably want to be on Rachel Ray or any other woman centered talk show.

  12. If I could chose to be on a talk show, I would chose Ricki Lake because I like the topics she discusses. Particularly topics related to birth and breastfeeding.

  13. Michelle V says

    I don’t know that I am too interested in being on tv but I would love to watch from the studio as they produced the Today show.

  14. I’d be on Ellen (hopefully during her 12 days of giveaways at Christmas). 🙂

  15. The View! Mostly because I’d want to set them straight on a few things. 😉

  16. These would be perfect for work!

  17. I rarely see a talk show anymore, but I think it’s fun that Ricki Lake is back on, so I’ll go with her!

  18. Ii would love to win one of these! We are due with our second in December and don’t have the funds for awesome stuff like this!

  19. Ryane Hall says

    I would love to be on Ellen! She’s my favorite!

  20. Patricia says

    I’d actually like to be on a cooking show 🙂 with
    The awesome pioneer woman!

  21. I guess at sometimes I find talk shows a little repulsive? I’m honestly not a talk show kind of gal? I watch cartoons and PBS kids with my girls for the most part and then enjoy a movie on Netflix with my husband from time to time. So I hope “none of them” qualifies for a good answer?

  22. Ellen! 🙂

  23. The Doctors. I wanna meet Dr. Travis. 😉

  24. Amy Menzies says

    I would love to be on Ellen. Though that is from a pure entertainment standpoint, not business. Marilyn Denis is awesome!

  25. I honestly can’t think of a show I would want to be on. I don’t like being in the spotlight and I don’t watch talk shows. I would still love to win though.

  26. Jenn McClearn says

    I would be on the katie couric show, she is a great mom

  27. I love nursing tanks!!

  28. Oh goodness, I’m a little out of touch with out a TV…I can’t even think of any talk shows!!

  29. Amanda Boucher says

    I’d be on Marilyn Denis because it’s local 🙂

  30. katherine d says


  31. I would love to be on The Chew!

  32. Ashley C. says


  33. Tabetha G says

    I would want to be on the 4th hour of the Today show. They seem like really nice ladies who like to have fun.

  34. I’m not that big on talk shows. I watch Wendy Williams but wouldn’t want to be on it. So I’m going to go waaaaaay out there and say i’d love to be on Tiny Tonight.

  35. ELLEN! I love her so much! In a heart beat Ellen!

  36. The Wendy Williams Show!

  37. Monique L. S. says

    I’m not really sure what talk shows are out there nowadays.
    Maybe I’d go on Dr. Phil and have him analyze me.

  38. I don’t know what talk show I’d appear on- I don’t watch any!

  39. the today show!

  40. Kimberly M says

    Would love to try one of these, and I love that it’s Canadian. 🙂

  41. Jessica Hughes says


  42. Christine says

    Jeff Probst Show

  43. sara swanson says

    I’d love to be on ellen

  44. I would love to try one of these. I am due in Oct and am looking for good modesty pieces to add to my collection.

  45. Ellen

  46. Rachael Ray!

  47. I’d be on Colbert Report

  48. If I could be on a talk show it would be on Jane Paulys.

  49. Since Oprah is no longer an option, I think I would pick Rachael Ray.

  50. The Talk, Love that show!

  51. Well these are just lovely- would be really neat to try one out!

  52. And I have no idea what talk show I would like to be on- I really don’t watch television anymore and don’t really know what is even on! I have a friend with a radio talkshow, though, PaleoRadio, and probably wouldn’t get too horribly stage-frightened being on his show.

  53. I would be on The Talk. I just think they look like they have so much fun together on the show!

  54. I would like to be on the Ellen Degeneres Show. She just looks like she always has fun with her guests and the audience.

  55. Marcella says

    I’m about to have baby #3, and could really use a couple of Naked Nursing Tanks!

  56. Britni Bradford says

    Probably Ellen – her audiences get tons of cool stuff.

  57. Trena Naccarato says

    I have already been on one about 13 years ago. I was on the Montel William show. Not sure which one I would be on right now.

  58. Christina Howell says

    To be honest, I don’t watch a lot of TV so picking a talk show is really hard. I like to cook so maybe like Rachel Ray…

  59. I have no idea. Maybe Live with Kelly and whatever the other guy is.

  60. Lori L. - @Miss_Elles says

    I’d totally choose the Marilyn Denis show, I watch her online! Thanks for the chance to win a Naked Nursing Tank!

  61. the midnight one

  62. Peppermint says

    If I could be on any talk show, it would be good morning Arkansas.

  63. Tracy Hagen says

    I would love this!!

  64. Tracy Hagen says

    I am not sure what talk show I would like- I never watch day time tv 🙁

  65. Rebecca w says

    The talk, the ladies are funny

  66. Who wouldn’t want to be on Ellen? She’s awesome, caring and fun 🙂

  67. I don’t think that I’d want to be on any talk shows, although I can see how that might be appealing to some people.

  68. Excited at a chance to win such a great tank!!!

  69. I would be excited to go on Ellen!!!!

  70. How fun! Love the tanks 🙂

  71. Nicole O'Hare says

    I love to be on Dr Oz, not really a talk show but I find him very interesting!

  72. Elizabeth M. says

    Great job, ladies! You should try for The Soup next, I love Joel McHale 😉

  73. oh my, I think I would have to go with something, anything on a local cable station so no one ever sees it!

  74. Jacqueline Smith says

    Probably The Talk because they seem to value your opinion. Other shows such as The View treat you like you’re wrong if you don’t think they same way they do.

  75. If I could be on a talk show, I think I would want to be on the chew. They seem like a fun group of people and they are always making yummy dishes!!

  76. Jennifer says

    I’d have to pick the Chew. i love that show!

  77. I would LOVE one of these. I am currently pregnant with my first and planning to breastfeed as long as possible. This would help me immensely.

  78. I would go on Ellen

  79. emily baker says

    I’d love to be on Ellen!

  80. Kayleigh says

    Does Jimmy Fallon count?? Or Conan? Those are the only “talk shows” I watch. I want to watch something that makes me laugh ridiculously.

  81. If I could be on a talk show i would love to be on (daytime) Ellen or (late night) Jimmy Fallon. They are both so hilarious and do tons of awesome and ridiculous games.

  82. Kerri Fowler says

    Ellen Degeneres Show!

  83. I like the Marilyn Denis show

  84. Serenity Vail says

    So glad I found the Leaky Boob! I’d be a guest on The Chew.

  85. Jenni L. says

    I’d probably opt to be on the Live with Kelly and Michael if I could be on a talk show because they’re so bubbly and fun!

  86. Carrie Martinet says

    I’d like to be on Conan’s show. Or Craig Ferguson.

  87. Becky Nixon says

    If I was in a talk show, I’d want to be on the view I think.

  88. Brittany Goodman says

    I would love to try this out!! This idea is brilliant. And I wouldn’t be on any talk show. I hate being infront of other ppl

  89. Emily deVeer says

    I would absolutely LOVE to be on ELLEN! She is from my New Orleans, just like me and I LOVE to DANCE!! My 7 month old daughter has been dancing since 3 months so I would love to take her with me!!

  90. Jennifer says

    I would LOVE to be on the Marilyn Denis show!

  91. Ashley B. says

    Probably Ellen Degeneres..

  92. Michele R. says

    I don’t really watch any talkshows, but I dig Ellen Degeneres- so I’d want to be on her talk show!

  93. I’m so shy, I could never imagine being on a talk show! I was on a local morning news program once, showing off Father’s Day gifts for the retail store I was working for at the time… it was so nerve wracking!

  94. Suzy Rayner says

    If you could choose to be on a talk show, which one would it be?

    Ricki Lake

  95. Allison Noa says

    Looking good! I think I’d do Dr. Oz!

  96. christine R says

    I would love to be on the view.

  97. Amanda Pallada says


  98. Kristina Lewandowski says

    Love this! perfect for NIP!

  99. maegan delorme says

    late night with conan o’brien

  100. I want to be on Ellen!

  101. The Colbert Report…

  102. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE one of these tanks, maybe two! and I would love to be on Ellen. She is too much fun 🙂

  103. Clearly Oprah.

  104. Ellen

  105. I’d love to get a makeover on Cityline or be on the Marilyn Denis show. Love that they are Canadian shows!

  106. anne perry says

    Ricki Lake

  107. Constance smith says

    Definitely Ellen!!’

  108. Sabrina Radke says

    I’d love to be on Ellen, she is a riot!

  109. I’m with others who’ve said I don’t watch talk shows and don’t like being in the spotlight, so would rather not be on TV. Would still love one of the vests though!

  110. Rehannon Miller says

    I love Rachael Ray!!

  111. Jessica O says

    I would love to be on The Chew (if it’s even still on!) I love to cook and love food!

  112. I would love to be on Ellen, she is so nice!

  113. wow, what a great idea! I’ve always had trouble showing either my back or belly a little bit and this totally solves that problem!

  114. I would want to be on Ellen!

  115. The Ellen Show for sure!!! She’s hilarious!

  116. I’m totally going with Ellen!

  117. I would be on Conan.

  118. Cassie Lawson says


  119. Jennifer Wilusz says

    I love this tank!

  120. I think Ellen during her one of her big gift giveaways would be awesome!!!

  121. I would be on Ellen, for sure!!

  122. Claiborne says

    Probably Oprah. Too bad I missed that boat!k

  123. I would want to be on Rachel Maddow or The Soup

  124. I don’t watch any but I guess Good Morning America might be nice.

  125. Jeanette Godby says

    The Stephen Colbert Show. Does that count? haha! Also, I had never heard of these tanks before.. I’m about to have my first kid and breastfeed and these seem AWESOME!

  126. Ellen!

  127. christina Dill says

    I would love these!

  128. I would totally be on Ellen!

  129. Shayna Dimmick says

    Ha, The Daily Show. Love Jon Stewart!

  130. I would be on The Daily Show or Conan!

  131. I would want to be on Oprah, but since she retired her show, my next choice would be Good Morning America. I love these tanks! Wish I had something like that with my first and will definitely look into them when we’re ready to have a second.

  132. Elizabeth says


  133. these look great. can’t wait for the +size

  134. Kayla C. says


  135. Sommer Willis says

    I would be on The Daily Show1

  136. would love a naked nursing tank! i’m stretching all of my tank straps by pulling them down throughout the day. if i were on a talk show, i would like to be on Ellen, she’s a tonne of fun! alternatively i’d enjoy being a guest on ‘Best Recipes Ever’ =) thanks for the chance!

  137. Talia B. says

    Maybe the new Ricky Lake show. I like the topics.

  138. Love Ellen!

  139. I would be on the view.. I’d love to verbally spar with whoopi and joy!

  140. Viv Sluys says

    I don’t think I have any interest in being on any Talk Show! Love these nursing tanks!

  141. We don’t have tv so I’m not up to date on all the current talk shows but I would like to go on Ricky Lake because of her love of birth and breastfeeding we would have lots to talk about.

  142. Don’t watch many talk shows, but Ellen seems cool 🙂

  143. The Talk because I love Aisha Tyler!

  144. Megan Grant says

    I’m not sure I’d want to be on tv but I would love to meet Ellen!

  145. Ellen. for sure! I’d totally make a fool of myself but I’d have fun doing it 🙂

  146. Catharine says

    I would love to meet Ellen

  147. Rachael Ray!

  148. Kari Buccambuso says

    I would probably be so nervous in tv, but I love Ellen and she always makes everyone so comfortable.

  149. brittani says

    I would totally want to be on ellen

  150. Catherine B says

    I would go back in time to the Phil Donahue show.

  151. I would choose not to be on a talk show. I don’t think you could pay me to be on TV! 🙂

  152. I’d love to be on a cooking show!

  153. Ellen would be so much fun!

  154. meghan cunningham says

    I can’t think of a talk show that I would really like to be on. Does martha count?

  155. I don’t have a favorite talk show, but with a new baby due in less than 2 weeks, maybe I’ll use my time at home to find one!

  156. yamika philpot says

    If you could choose to be on a talk show, I would go to Ellen. She’s hilarious and very down to earth.

  157. Ellen, for sure!

  158. Julianne Zuniga says

    I would love to meet Ellen or Ricky’s show. They are very positive women ad influence many so maybe being on the show would reach others

  159. Kristen Andrew says

    None. I don’t care for talk shows and hate being on TV. 🙂

  160. OMG I want one of these!!! It looks eaiser than the undercover tank because that has the hassle of attaching to my bra.

  161. Amanda E. says

    I would be on Ellen’s talk show! She cracks me up!

  162. Krista Q says

    I would love to be on Ellen!

  163. I would like to be on Ellen.

  164. I love Ellen! I wish Oprah’s talk show was still around though!

  165. Conan o’brian!

  166. I’d love to be on The Chew! I love Clinton Kelly and would attach myself to his leg 🙂

  167. Leslie T says

    Today show – 4th hour

  168. Halya Lenard says

    I’d love to be on Ellen!

  169. Jeff Probst Show

  170. Stephanie says


  171. Ellen or Katie!!

  172. I would not want to be on a talk show!! I’d be much happier watching from the audience!

  173. Patricia says

    Well, I wouldn’t really want to be on tv. So none is my answer. But I don’t really know what talk shows are on anyway. The only tv I get to watch is kid shows. I would LOVE to have that nursing tank though!!

  174. Jenn Brown says

    Ellen!! Such a fun show!!

  175. Michelle L. says

    I can’t think of any that I’d want to be on but if I had to choose I’d pick Ellen.

  176. Monica Marinelli says

    The Chew

  177. I would love to be on Ellen… Or the Colbert report or the daily show!

  178. I have never heard of these before…and I’m so glad I know about them now!

  179. Nikole G says

    I would love to be on KlG and Hoda!! 🙂

  180. christy i says

    I think I would pick Ellen.

  181. Ricki Lake!!

  182. Hayley Elliott says

    If I could choose to be on a talk show I would choose The Nerdist. I love it!!! I love Chris Hardwick and Doctor WHo and all things nerdy and fandoms. 🙂

  183. I think I’d like to be on The Daily Show. I’d love to meet Jon Stewart.

  184. Sarah C. says

    The Ricki Lake Show.

  185. Lindsey C says


  186. The tank tops are such a great idea! I would love one

  187. I would have to say Ellen- LOVE her

  188. AnnaMarie says

    I would be on Live! with Kelly and Michael

  189. Without a doubt it would be Ellen DeGeneres!

  190. Jennifer says

    What an awesome product!!!

  191. I would love to be on Ellen. She’s amazing and so funny!

  192. Ellen

  193. Nicole brown says

    I would be on Oprah but only if I was just in audience on her favorite thing episode.;) of course I’d also have to own the tardis to make that possible… ;)lol

  194. I would love to be on The Daily Show, Colbert Report or Ellen. It would be nice to be interviewed by someone with a common sense and a sense of humor.

  195. Melissa N Cleaveland says

    I would not want to be on a talk show, but if I was maybe something fun like Ellen

  196. I would love to be on TheDoctors! It’s one of my favorites 😉 or maybe Rachel ray so I could learn some Italian recipes lol

  197. Ellen here, too. Popular choice for a reason!

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