Ergobaby Giveaway

Ergobaby is thrilled to be a part of The Leaky Boob community.  As a company that treasures the close bond between babies and parents, Ergobaby shares that unique perspective with The Leaky Boob.  Started as a mom’s home business, Ergobaby has evolved from a carrier sewn for friends by Karin Frost, to the carrier moms recommend to other moms.  Ergobaby supports all parents and strives to support their goals to carry their babies safely and comfortably.  Babywearing and nursing go hand-in-hand; the ability to nurse your baby while on-the-go is an awesome feeling!  Mom-to-mom (parent-to-parent, but let’s face it, moms are the main ones communicating here…but dads welcomed!!) communication and support, is a special kinship we share with The Leaky Boob.  



TLB:  As this is your first TLB giveaway, let’s cover the basics!  How did Ergobaby get started?

Christina Soletti, Ergobaby Community Manager: The Ergobaby Carrier began as a mom’s home-based business. Karin Frost developed the original Ergobaby Carrier for her son in 2003 in order to keep him close.  She believed that keeping her son close was the best for early childhood development, and sought to find a carrier in order to wear him.  However, she was disappointed with baby slings and pouches on the market at the time.  With a background in fashion design, she decided to make one for herself that was both comfortable for her and ergonomic for her son.  Soon other parents in her Maui parenting community admired her carrier and wanted one like it, so she began to sew them herself for her friends. And in her garage, the Ergobaby Carrier was born.

She sought feedback from fellow parents, studied kids’ reactions to being carried, and found an enthusiastic audience of likeminded moms and dads.

TLB:  What is the inspiration behind the name?

Christina:  Proper ergonomics for baby, pure and simple.  In 2003, Karin recognized that many carriers on the market did not support baby’s thighs in an ergonomic position, which could strain the hip joint and contribute to hip dysplasia.  She developed the Ergobaby Carrier to properly support baby’s thighs and stabilize the hips.   She also designed the carrier to put more weight on the hips of the carrying parent, not the back or spine, which was the key foundation for the parents’ comfort.  Ergobaby follows a personal mission to keep children close and comforted, and parents strong and able.

Further, to support the name, the nautilus logo represents the evolution, flexibility and instinctive response that parents’ lifestyles require.

TLB:  What would you like TLB readers to know about Ergobaby?

Christina:  Every new product designed by Ergobaby is conceived and developed with a focus on parents and their babies. Ergobaby products adjust naturally and work with you – which is what is needed to make our lives as parents a little bit easier.  It’s about parents’ comfort, your baby’s developing body, and everywhere you both can go, without limits.  Ergobaby gives parents (and the extended family too, don’t forget babywearing grandma!) the freedom to enjoy life’s adventures, while keeping baby close in order to attend to her needs.  Let’s face it, our lives as parents are busy enough, Ergobaby enables parents to remain present and connected with their child, while still maintaining an active and involved lifestyle.

TLB:  With the many options out there, what sets Ergobaby’s carriers apart?

Christina:    First and foremost, Ergobaby is all about being healthy and ergonomic for your baby, while being comfortable for you. Keeping babies healthy and close is our top priority, and knowing that making baby wearing comfortable by creating the first carrier with padded shoulder straps and a padded waist belt to evenly distribute the baby’s weight has made us among the parent’s choice.

Ergobaby was founded by a mom, sewing carriers out of her home.  The popularity of Ergobaby and the spread of babywearing is due to the community of moms who supported that early product.  Ergobaby’s growth was fostered completely from word of mouth.  Mom-to-mom communication. It’s that love for the product and community that is still important today.  It’s that community of parents who want to share their love of life with their child, that is still so special about Ergobaby.  It’s the reason why I was drawn to the company in the first place.  Almost every mom I ran into recommended an Ergobaby Carrier to me while I was pregnant.  If motherhood is the ultimate sisterhood, babywearing is the ultimate community.  I wanted to be a part of that and it still thrills me to see someone in the news wearing an Ergobaby.  Babywearing in the news…and Ergobaby was a big part of that.  The Ergobaby community continues to be so vibrant and supportive.

It’s that community that informed our latest campaign, #LoveCarriesOn.  Everyday on our social channels, we see incredible photos of moms, dads, grandparents, aunts and uncles, submitted by our amazing fans from all over the world.  From the Wall of China to the farmers market and the waterfalls of Hawaii to the local pond, Ergobaby Carriers have been everywhere supporting parents and enabling them to go far, while staying close with baby.  In our office, we have a huge wall of photos in an amazing collage, it’s this wall of photos that reminds us that Ergobaby is truly the carrier of the people.  We are honored to support parents everywhere.  So when we were looking for photos for our #LoveCarriesOn campaign, we went to our fans…all of the photos you see are real parents carrying on the love!

Of course, the flexibility being able to use multiple positions (front, back and hip) is huge for on-the-go parents.  When my daughter was an infant, I loved being able to wear her on the front and nurse her out and about.  The first year of her life was spent traveling while I supported a documentary…I was able to attend screenings, music festivals (with proper ear protection, of course!) and run through airports, all while easily being able to nurse.  I’ve nursed her in the Ergobaby in so many places, while others are none-the-wiser. Babywearing and nursing go hand in hand!  Being able to nurse made me feel like a super-mom!  As she got older, we transferred her to the back and hip carries so that she could stay close but also be a part of the action, which her development demands.  Have you tried the hip carry?  It’s great for a toddler who wants to explore, but may need to stay close in big crowd, like an outdoor fair for example.  That flexibility and comfort is what sets Ergobaby apart for our family.

TLB:  What’s your favorite benefit of baby-wearing?

Christina:  My favorite benefit is having the proximity to attend to my baby’s needs, while still maintaining my active lifestyle.  My daughter has been everywhere (and nursed too, while on the go…amazing!):  across the country, across the city, to farmer’s markets, outdoor concerts (with ear protection of course!), red carpet premieres and daily walks in the neighborhood, all thanks to Ergobaby.  We have been able to bond with her and experience life to it’s fullest with our family close together, all due to babywearing.


Ergobaby is giving away an Organic Collection Baby Carrier – Lattice.
Retail Value: $145.00


Currently Leakies can find this and other babywearing items at


Good luck to everyone!  Please use the widget below to be entered.  The giveaway is open from August 30, 2013 through September 6, 2013.  A big thanks to Christina and Ergobaby for their support of TLB and all breastfeeding women; please be sure to visit their Facebook page  or follow them on twitter  and thank them for their support of TLB and this giveaway opportunity.  You can also find Ergobaby on Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, and their blog of course.

This giveaway is restricted to U.S. residents only.

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  1. I’m looking forward to long walks!

  2. Christina p says

    I wear my little guy on/with me everywhere, mailbox, for walks, grocery store.

  3. I am so excited to go hiking, to go around the town and out on errands with my new baby! I am excited to walk around the house and just have my little one on me so that I can be hands free- I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS GIVEAWAY! I hope I win!!!!!

  4. I once carried my 3-month-old (at the time) around our local book festival, wrapped up against me in a Moby! Now that she’s 10 months old, alas, the Moby is rather hard on my back when she’s in it. I’d love an Ergo!

  5. Heather Smith says

    I’ve carried babies pretty much everywhere I’ve gone but nowhere unusual. I would love to carry our new bundle even more with a more structured carrier.

  6. We have carried our little one with all over the place. I suppose the most unusual for us is several exhibitions. One in particular was a Black and White Picasso exhibit at MFAH and our little one started making so much noise. I’m always surprised how people associate art with silence. I’m thinking she just picked up all of Picasso’s energy.

  7. Valerie Brown says

    I’ve worn my daughter many place, but the most exciting places were the zoo and Disney World.

  8. Would love to go hiking with it! even every day stuff- my moby wrap is to hot for the Texas heat!

  9. Cassandra Eastman says

    I’ve worn my baby to a fall festival, nature center, the zoo and shopping!

  10. I’m looking forward to wearing my little guy everywhere. Especially on our daily walks.

  11. I’m looking forward to using a carrier with our newest little at Disney next spring! 😉

  12. I’ve gone everywhere while babywearing! State fair, malls, stock shows, football games, a cruise.

  13. Really want to try baby wearing! Hope ergobaby is it!!

  14. I love my ergo performance! I’ve only used it once as my son is only 10 days old and I’m still recovering from a csection, but it worked awesome! I can’t wait to use it everywhere!

  15. I love my stretchy wrap but know from experience with the first little man will soon feel too heavy for it, ergo seems a great next step

  16. Wearing my little guy made it possible to successfully bf while watching the red sox rally and win at fenway!

  17. Erin Landis says

    I’m hoping to be able to work more with baby #2 using a carrier.

  18. I just had baby #5. I’m looking forward to owning an Ergo so I can be hands free with the baby and still be able to tend to the others.

    Adventures? Everyday is an adventure with my brood! Going to the zoo or to the park would be the first places we’d go with our Ergo!

  19. Hiking the apps- not too strange but we love to go hiking in our family!

  20. Up and about everywhere!

  21. I’m looking forward to hiking in the Saguaro Natl Park with my lil guy in a carrier

  22. Festivals and carnivals are definitely my favorite place to wear baby. No bulky stroller to navigate through the crowd, and they stay nice and calm so close to mama/daddy.

  23. Chelsea powell says

    Babywearing allows me to work from home and take my baby to the office.

  24. I don’t know about unusual but I’ve worn my now 22 month old everywhere I’ve ever taken her. Store, Hoover Dam you name it we’ve baby worn there. I don’t think I’ve used my stroller more than 5 times. I’m due in Dec with number 2 and will be wearing her everywhere as well. Ü

  25. I walk around Ikea with my son in a carrier when it’s very crowded.

  26. Michelle I says

    I wear my son everywhere we go, I’m so glad we finally figured out how to nurse in a carrier. It’s been great!

  27. I”d love an Ergo! I have a Moby and a Maya ring sling, and I like them both for different reasons. I think my husband would totally rock the Ergo, though!

  28. I’m looking forward to going EVERYWHERE! Lol

  29. I wouldn’t call it weird, but I love seeing my brother baby wear my son while hiking in the woods

  30. I wear my nearly 3 year old at the grocery store to make the trip go smoothly. Looking forward to wearing my newborn soon.

  31. We went to norway and used the carrier to hike all over the fjords with our son!

  32. I have to use a carrier frequently with my 7 month old – he screams in the stroller and with two big sisters to keep up with I need to have my hands free!

  33. Looking forward to a baby carrier that is easy on my back!

  34. the oddest place I’ve baby worn was while riding my bike in the park. I certainly fit a lot of looks that day, also a lot of admiration. abd I can’t wait to baby wear in DISNEY next week!

  35. Grace White says

    Looking forward to walking around the park!

  36. I’ve voted with my baby on my back!

  37. We are planning a trip to the Galápagos Islands this summer. No stroller will be able to go where we want to. We will be wearing our (by then) almost two year old!

  38. I carry my baby everywhere, but have not tried an Ergobaby.

  39. We’ve gone hiking in the mountains (day hikes) with toddlers… A good quality SSC makes it so much easier!

  40. Jessie Surber says

    I wear my baby everywhere! He loves being worn and people always comment on how comfy he looks. I wear him to several hours everyday so he can feel close to me and I can get things done around the house!

  41. The Ergobaby looks great!

  42. I’ve carried my youngest all over, including children’s museums, the beach, movie theaters, Starbucks, walks, mini golf (saved our trip with a carrier for that one), grocery stores, etc. And nursed many a time during those excursions. I would actually love to win this for a dear friend of mine who just became a Mommy this summer. I would love for her to be able to know how awesome Babywearing is. 🙂

  43. I have cut my lawn with my little one in a carrier.

  44. I have worn my baby lots of places but I’m looking forward to wearing her and her brother at Disney world soon!

  45. I pretty much wear one of my twins at all times! I would love an ergobaby carrier to make it more comfortable though! Out family loves to be outdoors and hike so this is when it would come in handy the most!

  46. to the little food festivals here like the strawberry, berry, chilli & bbq cook-offs/ festivals. grocery store shopping, for walks, at the farmers market, to family or friend gatherings, to go eat/drink

  47. I’ve worn my babies while blueberry and apple picking.

  48. Meghan Corey says

    I’m looking forward to hands free nursing my second child! With my first we traveled all around Hawaii in the ergo.

  49. Would love to try an ergo

  50. Deidrea H. says

    I’ll be wearing baby to the beach 🙂 i wasn’t aware of the world of carriers with my first two; so excited for our third!

  51. The most unusual place I went with my baby in a carrier was definitely hiking, it seemed like such a great idea until it started raining and we sank in the mud. Reminded me to always check the weather forecast.

  52. Samantha Linke says

    My husband and I wear my daughter everywhere! We got an ergo for him, since he refused to wear a wrap. It’s time I had my own ergo 🙂 she’s been carried all over the island of Guam!

  53. Nicole DiGrazia says

    I haven’t worn my baby anywhere interesting yet because I haven’t had a sturdy carrier. The most interesting places were the state fair and the Renaissance Festival in a ring sling. He’s getting big for it though. I’m so curious about nursing in an Ergobaby.

  54. Linda Sturmfels says

    I baby wore all last week at the beach. We both love it!

  55. I love wearing my son to the Farmer’s Market!

  56. Chelsea Seresin says

    I have hiked up a small local mountain with my son in the ergo. It was great! That was the most exciting thing we did with the ergo, but we use it every day. It is our go to when he is fussy!

  57. I used to wear my little guy to work. We also may or may not have worn him at a beer and bourbon festival

  58. Sarah Schiro says

    I would really love to take my little guy on nature walks and the stroller won’t go there.

  59. It’s not anywhere unusual, but I would use it at the grocery store. My son hates grocery shopping. He screams from the time we walk in the door until we leave unless I carry him. A carrier would be beneficial for everyone. Including the other shoppers.

  60. I would love to win the ergo for my family. I wear my baby everywhere. I wear her while cooking, running errands, hiking and pretty much everytime we go out. My sister and my sister in law are also getting ready to have their babies and it would be great to have an Ergo to share.

  61. As for unusual, idk…the bathroom bc he was still sleeping?! lol I have worn him everywhere & will continue to do so… it makes things nicer for us both 🙂

  62. We’re hoping to have a baby in the next year or so, right in time for a family trip to the Caribbean!

  63. I wore my two month old downtown in our small town. I’ve never seen another person babywearing in our town. I’m excited to wear her while out of town, hiking and maybe even the movies.

  64. Michelle V says

    We just moved to Ohio so I am looking forward to walking some trails with baby in a carrier.

  65. Megan Hutchinson says

    I currently wear my almost 5 month old in a Boba Wrap. I love my Boba wrap but only when it’s not hot outside, I am simply walking, and it isn’t nursing time. My little guy LOVES when I am wearing him while we feed and water our chickens. He giggles at their noises, and loves feeling the scratch grain and laying mesh with his precious fingers. It would be nice to be able to nurse him freely without having to take him out of the wrap while wearing him! Instead of having to take him out of the Boba, take the Boba off so I can get my breast out, and then carry his 21lb self while nursing and walking! We would love an Ergo! Plus dad even said he would babywear if we had something less “girly” and he loves the looks of the Ergo

  66. I would carry my girls everywhere in a new ergo

  67. I baby wear everywhere!! The zoo, MN state fair, airports, mall, grocery store! Looking forward to wearing my almost 18 month old more!

  68. Looking forward to going to the pub together.

  69. christine k says

    I look forward to hikes where I can wear one child and hubby can wear the other 🙂

  70. We love to wear all over. The strangest place was at a show for antique trains… we got lots of comments from older folks who thought it was just so neat!

  71. looking forward to going hiking in Destruction Brook Woods this fall.

  72. I love being able to carry a baby all around the zoo for a whole day!

  73. My youngest has gone to the beach in a carrier, his older sister went hiking (and climbing trees!) in one, and our oldest went to a wedding and reception in a carrier… With her Daddy doing the carrying! 🙂

  74. I wear my children all the time. Museums, the zoo, church, walks, grocery shopping.

  75. The shower and swimming pools! I have a water sling that was perfect for taking my clingy baby everywhere with me!

  76. Wore my baby to a MN Twins game, in a Moby. I think the Ergo would be very comfortable, especially as he grows.

  77. I love my ergo!

  78. I wear my baby everywthere! !! I carry him (14 mos) a lot to cut the grass!

  79. I’m looking forward to getting out and doing our errands and keeping up with my son.

  80. My 9-month-old is constantly in our carrier: at baseball games, church, shopping, the pool. Babywearing makes it so much easier to parent more than one kid!

  81. I love being able to keep Savannah close everywhere we go. I even love wearing her around the house. I’d love an Ergo and I would love to try the hip carry!

  82. I would love to have an ergo!

  83. Emily Caltagirone says

    We took our baby though a corn maze last year!

  84. We haven’t carried anywhere unusual yet (mostly just shopping and walks), but with an Ergobaby I’d love to carry at the zoo and music festivals!

  85. We wore our nursing during a trip to the Hershey Gardens and Butterfly House. She snoozed and nursed off-and-on the whole 4 hours. It was wonderful.

  86. I’m so excited to enter! I’ve been wanting one for a long time now!!!!!

  87. Hiking! We often hike or take the kids to Lake Huron and I wear the youngest.

  88. I hiked a mountain to the 2nd highest point in the east coast with my baby in a carrier!

  89. I am always wearing the baby so I can have hands free to wrangle his big sisters. I never leave the house without a carrier!

  90. I have carried my 8 mo old baby girl everywhere with me. We walk with the dog or play at the dog park. We go to the hockey rink. We grocery shop. We run errands. We mingle at parties. OK, so I haven’t had a lot of a social life since she was born, but still… 🙂 I am still using the stretchy wrap with her and she is just about to outgrow it! Ergo is at the top of my list looking at which carrier/woven to use next. I look forward to many more adventures with her!

  91. Kerri Flesch says

    Wearing baby while grocery shopping was crucial. Infant car seat in basket leaves little room for groceries and putting seat on the top is not safe. Loved being able to shop and nurse.

  92. Im looking forward to walking to pick up my daughter from school. Our son hates strollers but has outgrown the moby wrap (he is way to heavy for it)

  93. sherry moore says

    I would like to be able to carry my baby at the store, on walks and pretty much anywhere I can.

  94. Linda Trinklein says

    Everywhere!!! I have 2 little ones already so my next one is def going to have to be “baby wearing baby”

  95. Jessica Dugan says

    Great carrier for walks!

  96. Hayley Jung says

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway! Ergos are fantastic baby carriers.

  97. I want to go everywhere with my baby in a carrier!

  98. We take our Ergo everywhere, the rodeo, food truck rallies, the mall and restaurants. It’s daddy’s favorite go to carrier!

  99. I am looking forward to going on hikes where I can’t take my stroller. Oh and I would love to just be able to put baby on me and go into the grocery store or school. So much more convenient

  100. Can’t think of any unusual places I’ve worn him but we do love to go hiking with him hanging out on my back!

  101. We go everywhere with our carrier. Stores, walks, farmers markets, hospitals. It’s the easiest safest way to carry her!

  102. I actually like to be able to go to the bathroom! Wearing baby on my back nice and high, I can go potty in a public restroom without freaking out about her touching something gross!

  103. Heather Palmer says

    Not sure if anywhere really unusual. Just everywhere I have needed to be. It came in really handy with #3 for my oldest’s hockey practices and games. We live at the rink for 6 months of the year and it allowed me to be hands free and baby to be happy.

  104. This spring we camping in the Ozarks in Arkansas. On all our walks, my husband and I each had a little one on our backs–I had the baby, and he had our 2 year old. We climbed up and down the mountain, around rocks, everything! It would have been impossible with a stroller, but carrying the babies we had a great time.

  105. I wear (and nurse) my sweet girl everywhere! The park, the mall, the grocery store, the library, and sometimes even just around the house! The most unusual place… I would say Alaska in the dead of winter. When she was only two months old, we celebrated the holidays with some very special family. Baby wearing was a must!

  106. jennifer B says

    I like wearing my daughter on hikes!!

  107. I’m looking forward to wearing my baby all kinds of places – hiking, around town at the grocery store/library, zoo, etc.

  108. Unusual? Heck! I look forward to using it at the grocery store! I’d love to win this!!

  109. Courtney Schreiner says

    We carry our kids everywhere from doing laundry to big zoo outings.

  110. I would love using an ergobaby!! I would use it all the time! 🙂

  111. Elizabeth "Libby" says

    Our favorite place to babywear is while we are walking in the Smoky Mountains. way easier than a stroller!

  112. I took my daughter everywhere in the ergo. I loved being able to talk to her and interact with her so easily since we were on the same level. I really look forward to number 2 and being able to do the same things: go on long walks in nature, visit libraries and local community events, even grocery shopping!

  113. I wore my 19 mo through the airport for an international trip alone.

  114. Anne Perry says

    Most unusual. … well while wearing my first son in my first ever ergo… we boarded a plane out of LAX. While walking to out seat we passed first class. Cheech and Chong were settling into their seats when Chong looked at me and my son inthe pouch & asked, “what are you smuggleing?”

  115. Jennifer K. C. says

    I am looking forward to long walks and easy shopping trips

  116. I wore my 13 month old at cedar point

  117. Jessica Epps says

    It would be great for a beach trip or to grandma’s house!

  118. amy pugmire says

    I’m looking forward to hikes

  119. I can’t say we’ve been anywhere unusual while babywearing, but we have certainly gone everywhere while babywearing. I am not sure how I would have survived or accomplished anything during my daughter’s short life if I hadn’t been able to nurse her on the go and carry her while leaving my hands free. I am looking forward to traveling more while babywearing and tandem wearing my toddler and baby (who’s due in November).

  120. Nichole chamberlain says

    As the maid of honor at my sister wedding I wore my 16 month old in a ergo through most of the reception!

  121. Katherine E says

    To carry our new addition ( when they arrive) when out and about with my other two 🙂 Got to have hands free!

  122. Stephanie Gomez says

    Im looking forward to baby wearing my daughter everywhere!!

  123. Alexis Bertch says

    On a boat during vacation

  124. I’ve carried my little one into the OR for an operation in his Ergo when he was 8 months old It kept him calm and safe.

  125. Haven’t really been anywhere unusual with baby in carrier — just around and about in everyday life: errands, shopping, flea markets, playdates, etc. Thanks for the chance to win. I think my little guy would love an Ergo!

  126. Jessica Hughes says

    My girl is only 3 months, but she’s already flown cross country in a carrier!

  127. weve done a bunch of hiking… built our house… done hurricane cleanup. and hoping to tandem wear with toddler baby and #2 due this winter!

  128. I think babywearing is such an amazing bonding experience and i know my babe is safe and comfortable when snuggled up against me. I babywear at the beach here in Sarasota, Fl, the grocery store, library, out at photo shoots with my camera, you name it! Now that she’s 17 months, my moby is too hot and my diy short wrap puts so,e strain on my shoulders and back so I love the idea of an Ergobaby carrier!!

  129. My husband wore my baby in our ergo as we went through Lewis and Clark caverns in montana when she was 6 months old. It made it easy and much safer maneuvering through such an interestingly laid out place.

  130. Casey Major says

    I babywear at the mall, the zoo, running into the grocery store. When I had my daughter 3 1/2 years ago babywearing was not that common. I used to get stares or questions about my carrier. Now with my son, it is so much more common, I love it. I see mommas wearing their babies everywhere. The most unusual places I have babyworn is at the airport thru security (I asked and they let me) and on the beach during my brother-in-laws wedding.

  131. Nowhere particularly unusual – the grocery store, the drugstore, and for walks. I’ve got one Ergo but I have TWINS, so I’d love to win a second so that I can double baby wear or so that my husband and I can both wear a baby. 🙂

  132. I love my Ergo Performance!! One cannot have too many Ergos!

  133. Kaylee Phillips says

    I babywear CONSTANTLY. My son LOVES to be close. Whether it be while cleaning, or putting on makeup, or grocery shopping. I once carried him all day at a “fun festival” my husband’s command was having. I was once breastfeeding in an Ergo while car shopping, and the man doing his sales pitch couldn’t tell at all! He got a kick out of it, and laughed for a good while, (The fact that he couldn’t tell, not the fact that I was feeding) He thanked me for breastfeeding. 🙂 It was AWESOME.
    I love the closeness of baby wearing, and I love Ergos! I have used mine so much, I need a new one! 😀

  134. I’m planning to wear my 6 week old in a sling to watch my husband race his car at a track day (also with ear protection!)

  135. I have never done much babywearing (with 3 older boys), but I am due in Oct and am hoping to do a lot more baby wearing this time!! And would love an ergo carrier!!

  136. We went on an awesome hike at Mt Rainier with my little one in a carrier! We have so many cool places to hike and explore here in WA state!

  137. I would say the most unusual place would be the airport. It isn’t a very friendly place to wear your baby, although when you are traveling alone it is your only option. On my way home they tested my hands which came back positive for some sort of bomb making material, but that’s another story. Lol

  138. I teach college and at least once a semester my (now) 19 mos old comes to teach with me. Last time I spent the entire 75 minutes holding her, sound asleep, in my arms. I would love to be able to put her in a carrier and free up my arms for teaching.!

  139. I’ve worn my boys pretty much everywhere: traveling cross-country, around my city, in rural Pennsylvania, and even the Pittsburgh zoo!
    I’ve never had an Ergo, and I’m excited to get one ((win one?!)) for the baby I’m due with shortly. I see moms with Ergo carriers all over my city, and every one of them has nothing but wonderful things to say!

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  140. Rachel Kate says

    We ride the ferry, visit the Seattle Art Museum, and shop the farmers markets with our carriers. Now that baby number two is on the way, Dad is in charge of most of the babywearing right now. Soon, we’ll both have little ones on our fronts and backs!

  141. Michele R. says

    I want to use the baby carrier for walking, grocery shopping, and errands. I’m due in a few weeks and look forward to using a carrier with my baby boy.

  142. I take my little one to the beach in our carrier and we need another one badly. I would not be able to go anywhere without a carrier.

  143. we baby wear everywhere, the library the mall on walks!

  144. LaVonne Graves says

    probably the one place that i am glad to baby wear is down at the ranch.

  145. I loved wearing DS1 around Washington, D.C., when he was 3 months old. I look forward to wearing our DS2 (just 3 days old!) in a wrap… pretty much everywhere. Have yet to try an Ergo, but have been itching to!

  146. We just got back from camping in Yosemite where I wore my daughter in our Ergo everywhere. I have a great photo of me wearing her with Half Dome in the background

  147. I would love to win a ergo. My little guy wants to be carried everywhere and hates the stroller.

  148. I carried my 2 week old baby on a hike… The first time I’d ever been, and we got lost! We ended up walking over 4 miles, rather than the 1 I’d planned, and had to call for help to get back to the car. Paige, however, didn’t notice a thing snuggled up against me in the carrier.

  149. i haven’t really gone anyplace unusual, but many very helpful places: airports, malls, the beach…

  150. I have worn my baby around the house, at the race track, and actually I even used a carrier when working the concession stand at our church.

  151. One time we forgot our stroller at the county fair, so I wore him in a carrier for several hours. He was happy as a clam!

  152. suzette fernandez says

    love my ergo! and so does my LO.

  153. stacy hancock says

    i wore it to the top of a little mountain in AZ when visiting family!

  154. diana ferree says

    I like to wear my little one everywhere and so does my husband. But I think ideally we’d love to wear our kids while hiking all through our national parks!

  155. I’m looking forward to taking my baby EVERYWHERE! I’m really excited about babywearing my infant as opposed to keeping her in the carseat stroller combo! I’d really love to try nursing in a carrier as well!

  156. I’ll be wearing my 4 week old at Chuck E. Cheese today while his big sisters play!

  157. We toured the USS Missouri as kiddos unable to walk the stairs themselves are required to be carried.

  158. Looking forward to hiking once the weather cools down!

  159. I am looking forward to go on walks. Thanks for the chance to win!

  160. I would love to go everywhere with a carrier. Like the grocery store, the parke, checking the mail, picking up dog poop, taking out the trash…

  161. I wear my baby everywhere. The most interesting place I’ve worn her was the zoo. Baby 2 is due in December!

  162. Strangest place I guess would be the high school football games my partner coaches. The only reason it felt strange was because being alone with a baby in a large group of high schoolers was just sorta awkward for me. I did get a chance to nurse in my carrier in the bleachers, normalizing some BF for some teenagers.

  163. Looking forward to fall walks and watching my son’s soccer games 🙂

  164. I have taken my babies everywhere in our carriers! I clean the house, go for walks, and do my shopping while wearing my littlest. We wore our oldest up mountains when we went hiking in Colorado on vacation, and this summer I took the kids to the zoo, a parade, family get togethers, and just last weekend I wore my baby all day at the state fair. I love having a hands free way to take my kids with me wherever I go! It would be nice to have 2 SSCs this fall when we go on vacation as our 2.5 year old is not yet old enough to walk far on her own.

  165. I would love to be able to do more stuff around the house with my daughter on my back!

  166. Melanie G. says

    We went on vacation in Breckenridge, Co in January and didn’t use a car or stroller the whole time. We walked everywhere with our little in his ergo carrier. It was so much fun playing in the snow and keeping him close to us the whole trip.

  167. I am looking forward to being able to carry my baby while shopping and still have both arms to use.

  168. I wear my 15 month old almost daily when we do errands. He loves it!

  169. Baby #3 is due any time now, and I’m looking forward to taking all three boys to the zoo for the day. Wearing the youngest would make it so much easier to breast feed as needed while still letting the older two run around and have fun.

  170. I wear my baby everywhere! The most unusual? Probably regularly through the crowds in Times Square!

  171. I can’t wait to carry my baby around as I keep up with my other two!!!

  172. Rebecca Peters says

    I don’t think any place is unusual to baby carry or breastfeed. I look forward to carrying her on hikes, around the house, and of course down trails that are super close to my house. 🙂

  173. We use a wrap every where! Mall, grocery store, farmers market, even weddings! Next stop:the state fair!

  174. Volcanos National Park on the Big Island!!

  175. The bathroom, wore him in a wrap.

  176. Everywhere! The zoo, the grocery store, at home while vacuuming…but I’ve been using the dreaded baby bjorn, which I now know it’s ergonomically correct, so hopefully I win this one so I can protect my little ones hips 🙂

  177. I don’t know if I’ve carried in any particularly unusual places, but I LOVE wearing my son when we go grocery shopping and on vacation. We rode the ferris wheel at Santa Monica pier together with him strapped to me!

  178. Would love to have one of these for taking hikes while camping! My daughter is 15 months old and the moby isn’t as comfortable as it used to be.

  179. My husband said he would only baby wear with a structured carrier like Ergo. I’m so excited to see him carry the baby everywhere!

  180. Elizabeth Gee says

    No place unusual, every place!

  181. I wore my little one to a professional conference.

  182. Carrie Bryant says

    Can’t think of where it would be strange to wear a baby! Its awesome to have baby safe and close and be hands-free!

  183. I would love the chance to try an Ergo. I’ve been using mostly a ring sling, and would love to try an SSC. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  184. Amanda Huntington says

    I’m looking forward to carrying my 17 month old around at mommy-con 🙂

  185. Maricela de Rivera says

    I’m a stay-at-home mama and I’m still very active in my community. I serve as a mayoral appointed member on the Board of Directors for Long Beach Transit. I also serve on the Leadership Long Beach Board of Directors Executive Committee. People in Long Beach are now used to seeing me with my son at Board Meetings, community gatherings, city hall, receptions, parades, etc. with my son in our Ergo. But initially people were shocked, especially when they find out I’m usually breastfeeding him in there. And people can’t believe at three-years-old we’re still happily babywearing and breastfeeding. 🙂

  186. Cindy Castro says

    I’ve gone on the maid of the mist at Niagara Falls with my baby happily in his ergo!

  187. I use a carrier to get around the house while I’m on crutches (2 months down, 2 to go).

  188. i’m looking forward to carrying my baby on walks

  189. many hikes, airplane flights, errands, and events! We’d love to win this before taking our kids to Disneyland this fall 🙂

  190. We really haven’t been any unusual places that I can think of… we live near the water so down by the water. 😀

  191. My last baby wouldn’t let me put her down! I would really like to be able just have my hands free while doing every day things!

  192. Everywhere! Love using it while hiking, too.

  193. Melinda Elliott says

    I wear my son everywhere!! I especially love a carrier for walking woody trails.

  194. With four young boys and another LO on the way I need my hands free. Strollers just don’t cut it sometimes either. I have used an Ergo to carry my small 2.5y old when he fell asleep at a baseball game. What a lifesaver!

  195. Shakeeta W says

    I’ve worn my kids everywhere but the most unusual/exciting place would probably be at a football game at my alma mater (Clemson) 🙂

  196. Hubby wore #1 on a ferry.

    I’ve worn my kids at the zoo, parties, library., Farmers Market, museum, airport, and the list goes on.

  197. In her first three months of life, my second baby got worn to the pumpkin patch and the Christmas tree farm. We made it through our holiday traditions thanks to babywearing 🙂

  198. Valerie Rasmussen says

    Looking forward to wearing baby everywhere. 🙂

  199. We’ve carried our baby all over, since the first early weeks – camping in the Grand Tetons and Moab, rock climbing (though she didn’t climb, of course – she watched from below), on big hikes up to alpine lakes in Utah and near Lake Michigan. The most unusual place was probably into a bathroom in the airport – she is almost always outside, so this was the most boring place for her!

  200. Halya Lenard says

    I am looking forward to carrying her on walks, grocery store, the zoo, and my husband’s high school football games!

  201. I love to go to Old Man’s Cave and Cedar Falls.

  202. Sarah Hayes says

    I carried my daughter on my back while I played putt putt at the beach one time. that’s the most ‘unusual’ place for me

  203. This would make walks a lot easier for me with my 18 pound baby girl. She loves being carried, but the carrier I have is hard on my back.

  204. Nicole O'Hare says

    I haven’t been anywhere crazy. But I do wear my 13 month old as much as I can tolerate.

  205. Most unusual place is inside the playplace at our local Chikfila. Daughter got stuck halfway up, and I was alone, wearing Son. So I had to climb up to Daughter while wearing Son. 🙂

  206. I’m excited to wear this to go for walks with my dog, to the farmers market, and anywhere else life takes me

  207. Jackie Gee says

    I would bring my daughter everywhere we go. Farmers market, mall and running errands without having to unload the stroller.

    It would be a great transition from the moby wrap

  208. Christina F. says

    i haven’t really gone anywhere on usual, but when i took my toddler on her first flight, i got to have some fun with tsa. as one of the agents was gearing up to tell me to remove my “backpack” as i tried to go through the metal detector instead of the sniffer (as directed by another agent because i was wearing my daughter) she looked at me, shook her head, moved toward me, and opened her mouth only to say with shock, “there’s a baby in there!” lol! all she could see were the carrier straps and she thought i was trying to wear a backpack through the screening process (as if!). she was completely shocked to find my happy and quiet 17-month-old daughter hanging out happily in my ergo.

  209. Linda Giangregorio says

    I’m hoping I win this for my niece, she’s due in Feb.!!

  210. Britni Bradford says

    We wore the baby at a MLB baseball game. That’s probably the most unique.

  211. I’ve worn my baby in a carrier at the beach, grocery shopping (while nursing), everywhere!

  212. I would like to use it at the beach, on hikes, at the mall and on day to day activities.

  213. Most exotic place I babyweared was Wally World. 😉

  214. I received a Bjorn as a hand me down…while it does the job when needed, that isn’t the same as being comfortable and correctly positioned!

  215. I’ve carried my son through 3 fights ;] It surely felt crazy, at least.. Lol

  216. Since I just moved to Hawaii I’m looking forward to wearing my little guy all over the island!

  217. Claire Rheinheimer says

    I haven’t really gone anywhere unusual, my daughter’s soccer game would be the most unusual I guess. It’s awesome to wear my daughter tho so I can still chase my toddler around.

  218. I’m actually due with baby #4 in October and have never used a carrier! But with 3 older ones I definitely see the advantage of being hands free.

  219. Michelle J says

    I’ve used a carrier in the bathroom while shopping. Unusual, but convenient!

  220. Amber Norman says

    I’d love a new Ergo!!

  221. I use my carrier mostly when it’s snowing outside and there’s absolutely no way to push a stroller through half shoveled walkways. A six block walk to the grocery has taken me almost an hour in bad weather

  222. I take my baby everywhere I go…but haven’t been anywhere too unusual…

  223. Not terribly unusual, I’ve recently worn my son to the county fair, park, art festival and grocery store. Ergos are incredible quality. I love them!

  224. I have traveled in Europe with my baby in a carrier.

  225. First time mom of a 3 month old & would love to baby wear on walks, hikes, grocery shopping…really anywhere.

  226. Brandy Luangrath says

    I wear my little ones everywhere, amusement parks, nature walks, trip to the store and even at home. We will soon be moving from ohio to Colorado and I’m sure we will do a lot of baby wearing during our traveling.I know it will make packing , traveling and unpacking so much easier. My children also LOVE being in a carrier, we both love the closeness and cuddles and I love the free hands to cross things off of our to do list before moving.

  227. I’ve worn my babies everywhere, including to a funeral and an amateur (wwf-style) wrestling match. Was able to discreetly bf both times. I love babywearing!

  228. The Shedd Aquarium in Chicago

  229. I hope to be able to take my baby everywhere and keep up with my 3 year old.

  230. Rayla Voigtlander says

    I wore my 3 month old son to the top of the arch in St. Louis! It was a tight squeeze inside those little pods that take you up there. We will also be wearing him as we travel to CA- specifically: hiking at Lake Tahoe.

  231. I cannot think of an unusual place. We went to an amusement park recently in the carrier.

  232. Farm chores!

  233. I hiked down to Rainbow Falls in Mammoth, CA. We breastfed at the bottom of the falls, too 🙂

  234. I have a hand-me-down Ergo. It is wonderful, but old. I would love a new one for my baby.

  235. We used our Ergo with our then 4-week old to hike around our local woodland preserve. He looked up at the tree canopy for awhile and then snuggled in for a snooze. Now, at 10-months, he still looks up at the trees but is too interested in the world around him to sleep!

  236. I love wearing my twin girls! Yesterday I was able to keep their fussiness at bay by wearing them while cleaning the house.

  237. Looking forward to walks around the farm

  238. Anastasia b says

    Walking the streets of Boston and nursing

  239. Katherine Dixon says

    I haven’t been anywhere too unusual while babywearing. I love and look forward to nursing my baby while wearing him and doing housework or grocery shopping.

  240. we are planning a trip to Europe next year and need a carrier to get around.the ergo would be perfect!

  241. Jessica Long says

    I cant wait to carry baby everywhere! I loved walking my first baby through the flea markets and parks.

  242. Love wearing my baby while shopping.

  243. For a walk through the park and bird sanctuary.

  244. I’m looking forward to going to the mall with my Ergo! I frequently have the problem of not wanting to bring the stroller to the mall because there’s too many stairs, too many people, and there is not enough space in some of the stores for easy maneuvering. So “wearing” baby in the Ergo would be the perfect solution!

  245. I’m looking forward to taking baby boy & his big sister on walks to the park, to the grocery store, church & everywhere else using the ergo carrier.

  246. Shara sanders says

    Looking forward to baby wearing at the zoo when it’s cooler!

  247. We went to a pumpkin farm last fall and in the cooler weather it was so nice to have my baby boy against me to keep him warm!! I love babywearing the most for just around the house. It makes it so much easier to get stuff done while keeping him close! 🙂

  248. Elizabeth_Milli says

    we go to the store and the park all the time in our carrier! 🙂

  249. I carried my 8 month old at a birthday party we went to with our five year old. Looking forward to going to Disneyland with an Ergobaby.

  250. The first time I used an Ergo carrier was for a trip to Costa Rica when my daughter was 2 (she’s 4 now). We had a ton of fun walking on the beach, hiking, exploring the area, etc., but my favorite thing was when we took an ATV ride around the area and onto the beach. I used the Ergo carrier to keep my daughter safe (along with helmets of course), while we road the ATVs. It was an absolute blast, and she laughed the entire time. When we finished she kept saying “again, again!” I wouldn’t have been able to do that without the Ergo 🙂

  251. We live very close to a pier and beach. Would love to walk along the changing terrain without having to worry about a stroller!

  252. Would love the freedom to walk the dog and not have to push a stroller too!

  253. I have enjoyed using a carrier to run quick errands and multitask!

  254. I haven’t gone anywhere really strange… I’ve worn my son on a mini train at the local zoo 🙂

  255. Michelle Heasley (Car Seat) says

    Yosemite climbing the Mist Trail.

  256. Jessica Parks Wiese says

    My oldest recently started kindergarten, soccer and dance. So, I am excited to wear our littlest addition to all the new activities that life is throwing our way.

  257. When we were evacuated from our house due to a massive forest fire this year, I wore my 18 month old around at my mother-in-laws house consistently. She was unsure of all of the changes. It helped her quite a bit, and I didn’t need to worry about her breaking priceless articles!

  258. I would love to start wearing my 2 year old again!!

  259. I take my little guy everywhere in his carrier. To me its the most important thing to pack when I leave the house. Everything else I can go without but not the carrier. I take him shopping, to the movies, for a walk, while I work out on the elliptical just everywhere 😀

  260. I’ve gone on the bus while visiting Vancouver, BC!

  261. I wear my babies every where, so it is hard to say any place is unusual for me. We go to stores, movies, the beach, on airplanes, at restaurants, hiking, you name it I’ve done it with a baby on.

  262. scootypurple says

    The supermarket! With number two only weeks away I need to have my hands free for wrangling the other!

  263. I’ve used a bjorn for my other two kids. Expecting a third in December. I tried a friend’s ergo carrying their child & loved it! I would love an ergo for our third child!

  264. I wore my 9 month daughter to Packer Family night!! She fell asleep on the walk in and when she woke up she was in Lambeau field along with 70,000 otber Packer fans!!

  265. I want to be able to wear my #2 baby boy all day! Currently struggling to keep up with my VERY active toddler and hold my newborn at the same time.

  266. not real odd places, but maybe the open deck of an old train on a tour? I like to babywear everywhere, but we don’t go to odd places, I guess

  267. brittany dawson says

    I can’t wait to baby wear at the amusement park!

  268. I’m an expecting mother and have heard such great things about the Ergobaby carriers! I would love to have one for my baby on the way!

  269. One Southern Girl says

    I enjoy hiking when we visit state parks and would love to do that with any kids I have.

  270. I am still learning to use the second hand ring sling I have – but it’s helping me take care of my baby while keeping up with my nearly 3 year old! I can see baby wearing as a lifesaver out and about as well as at home… I sure would love an Ergo!

  271. Cooking over the campfire (i.e. wearing to keep her from crawling into the fire!)

  272. Bernadette N says

    I wouldn’t say it was an unusual place, but I carried my son around Disney World when he was 11 months. Easier to get around than pushing a big stroller.

  273. I am really looking forward to baby wearing on vacation – my hubby and I haven’t been on vacation since our honeymoon 7 years ago! Williamsburg, VA is hopefully going to be the destination we end p at! Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  274. Leeza Fitzgerald says

    I haven’t really worn my LO in an unusual place, but I do like to wear her almost everywhere we go. She is almost two and weaned early so it gives us the opportunity to stay close to each other.

  275. I had my husband wear our LO while taking a tour of the USS Midway! A carrier on an aircraft carrier 😉

  276. Michelle Breon says

    Looking forward to carrying my baby EVERYWHERE so I can stay close and help my two older children at the same time. 🙂

  277. sara swanson says

    Looking forward to shopping in a carrier!

  278. Mary Tessler says

    I take my son every where I loved carrying him in the airport

  279. Cassandra Clark says

    My son and I took a three mile walk to the downtown of our city to get errands done. I love that even at 17 months he enjoys being worn.

  280. My babe and I went on a gnome walk in the redwoods with our Ergo. I’d love it as a gift for my sister-in-law who is expecting in October.

  281. I wore my baby to a fundraiser, she slept the entire time, it was pretty awesome!!

  282. Katie Schweitzer says

    We were at the beach this weekend, but it’s frustrating to have to worry about wrap-tails dragging. An ergo would be so much easier, and I’ve been coveting the lattice print!

  283. We just went to the renaissance faire in our carrier. Babywearing for the win! Happy baby, no stroller to push the the crowd.

  284. I look forward to carrying my DD in this!

  285. I haven’t been anywhere unusual with my Ergobaby, but it sure makes airport travel a breeze!!

  286. Kristin Miller says

    Not very unusual but I have used my Ergo to carry my son at our citys winter festival and throughout our family trip to Walt Disney World when he was 1.

  287. I love babywearing my baby! She is the perfect little side kick and I love being able to do cuddle and talk with her like nature intended but still have the ability to fix dinner and go grocery shopping. I love letting her see things from my perspective! I think that is important as babies grow and understand things!

  288. We use our baby carrier everywhere we go! With 2 kids so close in age its been a life saver! I haven’t really used it anywhere unusual.

  289. Right now I am unable to carry our little one. We do have a carrier, but it kills my back. My little one’s dad gets to carry him around because that carrier does not bother him. However, I think my LO has almost reached the weight limit for that one. He is usually carried by my boyfriend/baby daddy when we go to the grocery store. This past weekend he carried him while we went camping. I would love an Ergo because then I could help carry him.

  290. I took/take my baby everywhere in the carrier. I have it with me all the time, in case he is tired or doesn’t want to walk. My favorite thing was taking evening walks with him and the best use was when baby was overtired and couldn’t sleep, I would put him in the ergo and he’d fall asleep by the time I reached the end of the block, cozy and warm. I have tons of pic of baby in ergo, with me, hubs, and grand parents!

  291. Unusual? A port-a-potty at a fair! Yuck! But it (thankfully) worked just fine. No casualties! 😉

  292. Jenn McClearn says

    I used my carrier on a golf cart once for my 1 year old

  293. I’ve taken my baby to the zoo in her carrier. It was sooo much better than trying to carry her in my arms. I’m looking forward to many more outings as the weather cools down this fall!

  294. Miranda Welle says

    I’ve been to the port-a-potty with my baby in a carrier… You do what you got to do!

  295. I’ve been researching baby carriers and this one by far gets the best and most consistent reviews. My sister loves hers (probably because her husband will use it too!). I look forward to taking my babe for walks on the beach and to the coffee shop!

  296. We’re going to a music festival this weekend and I expect my 14 month old will be spending a lot of time in our carrier!

  297. Bethany Eskro says

    I don’t have a place that stands out as my oddest nursing place, probably because I do it everywhere! I am currently borrowing am Ergo carrier. I love it and it is so easy to nurse my baby while she’s in it. I would love to have one of my own!

  298. Maureen Helsel says

    We don’t go anywhere unusual but we have done long day trips to things like the zoo and amusement parks!

  299. Heidi Daily says

    I’ve wore my babies everywhere, Rennaisance Festivals, amusement parks, camping, hiking, shopping, the list goes on and on.

  300. My “baby” is now 7 1/2 and baby number two is two months into growing in my womb. I don’t have very much baby stuff left and would love to win one!

  301. Yay! Would love to win, I love ergo baby!

  302. I carried my newborn on a tour of a preserved homestead in Joshua Tree National Park!

  303. Elizabeth Godschalx Wisniewski says

    I wore my youngest all over until a few weeks ago when he outgrew the wrap carrier. To walk my oldest to school, to the grocery store, voting. All over. I miss it! This carrier would let me start wearing him again!

  304. I would love to take my baby everywhere!

  305. Brittany Jimenez says

    We hadn’t gone anywhere odd but I wear my son any place that it would be most convenient. Especially before he walked.

  306. Sonya Morris says

    I look forward to evening walks with my little one.

  307. I wore my 10 month old daughter to family night at Lambeau field. She fell asleep on the walk in….she was so suprised to wake up to 70,000 fellow Packer fans cheering for a scrimmage game. Another Ergo would be awesome so I could always have one in the car and the house!!

  308. Nowhere comes to mind as unusual…but we love babywearing anywhere!!

  309. lisa gonzalez says

    The Texas State Fair!!

  310. The Zoo, Disney, Cleaning the house etc.

  311. We have two boys and both my boys have gone lots of placing being worn. Hikes, walks, shopping and anywhere else we want really. Just over the past labor day weekend I wore my younger son on the USS Hornet. It was very cool. I would love to have 2 carriers so both boys can be worn by both my husband and myself.


  312. We wear everywhere! I plan to donate this carrier to my babywearing group lending library-we desperately need one and I hope we win!

  313. We’ve never gone anywhere unusual with our daughter while shes been in a carrier but we love wearing her anywhere and everywhere we go.

  314. I’ve went everywhere with my carrier. Parades, grocery store, walks, the woods, mall, zoo, craft shows, fairs. There is so many more places to explore.

  315. I have worn my baby to a light house!

  316. Well, if had a carrier I would wear my daughter everywhere. I guess the most unusual place I would wear her would be to the pet store to get our parrot food.

  317. Aubryanne Wilson says

    I would carry my daughter everywhere. I’ve had a wrap but it’s hard on my back carrying my eight month old in it.

  318. Id love a ERGO baby carrier, makes life much easier when you can just wear your baby!!

  319. Marie Bishop says

    Where haven’t I gone is the better question. I forgot a carrier on a trip to the mall the other day and almost just went home. How do people who don’t baby wear do it? I’m lost without a carrier!

  320. I want to babywear everywhere but my baby has outgrown one carrier and I stopped using the other after learning about the proper ergonomics of baby carriers. Before my baby outgrew the k’tan I wore him to the farmer’s market. That was my best experience because there were so many other babywearing mamas there.

  321. We moved from Ga to Wa a month ago, so exploring our new surroundings in Wa like the ice caves!

  322. I carried my son everywhere when he was an infant but it was always fun to see my husband carry my son when he was playing video games at the local arcade while I was shopping

    Littlemamameow at gmail dot com

  323. I’m looking forward to learning to bf in my carrier!

  324. The farmers market!

  325. Hikes with the dogs and baby would be a ton easier with an ergo!

  326. i’m ready for cooler weather (still in the 90s here in GA) so i can wear my baby girl during daily walks at the nearby trails 🙂

  327. We love going on hikes

  328. I wear my baby everywhere! We have an inexoensive secondhand carrier that isn’t comfortable for either of us and would love to rock an Ergo!

  329. Kelsey Huss says

    The favorite places I have worn were Disneyland, hands down! I would love to have an Ergo so I could put the baby on my back and go camping!!! 🙂

  330. I wore my now 10-year-old daughter in a sling in numerous places, and often got looks and questions from people who seemed shocked to see a baby being worn vs. carried around in a car seat! I now have a new 6 week old son and I would wear him in a number of places, especially since we often attend events of his much older siblings.

  331. i wore my bjorn to a baby shop to pick up a new and different carrier because the bjorn was killer on my back. ended up with the moby that i love but i wish it was more versatile now that my baby is 1. (i wish i could wear him on my back)

  332. I’ve worn my baby while using a public restroom… that’s the strangest place. lol! It’s more convenient than using a stroller though! I can wash my hands easily and not have to worry about people touching my girl!

  333. I wear my baby while gardening!

  334. omg awesome!

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