Every day is breastfeeding day

World Breastfeeding Month/Week is great, a time to raise awareness, share information, celebrate, do crazy huge giveaways, encourage, and share stories.  But I have to be honest here, I’m only a tiny bit into it.  Why?  Because as a breastfeeding mom and a supporter of breastfeeding moms, it’s world breastfeeding DAY every day and everywhere.  It’s just a part of what I do, a part of my life.  Breastfeeding is more than the biologically normal way for me to feed and care for my babies and toddlers, it has actually become one of the most important tools in my parenting tool box.  It tops the list.

Breastfeeding and babywearing, parenting power tools each in their own right, together strategically efficient.  It’s not they have to go together but when they do it’s a win win for all involved.  Ring sling, wrap, soft structure carrier, whatever your favorite carrier is, it can be one of the most supportive tools to your breastfeeding.  And like breastfeeding, as a mother of 6 active little girls, babywearing is a tool I use every day, everywhere.  As World Breastfeeding Month draws to a close, I want to share how babywearing can be a useful tool not only for your parenting in general but specifically related to helping you reach your breastfeeding goals.


How Babywearing can help you reach your breastfeeding goals:

Babywearing makes for easy skin-to-skin care.  If the wearer is topless or wears a low cut top with lots of skin available and baby is naked or close to naked, babywearing can easily facilitate the important skin-to-skin access that all babies benefit from specially in the early days but even Zrejnuk,.aching far beyond.  Why is skin-to-skin contact so great?  Helps baby regulate breathing and body temperature, better blood sugar levels,  maintains baby’s heart rate and blood pressure, encourages breastfeeding, promotes emotional bonding, reduces infant and maternal/paternal stress, can help prevent or lessen postpartum depression, is comforting to baby, reduces crying, helps developmental process, lowers anxiety, and so much more.

Babywearing keeps baby close for ease in picking up hunger cues.  Even if it isn’t the breastfeeding mother always wearing the baby, any caregiver can easily and quickly pick up onp] baby’s cues that it’s time to eat, allowing for a quick response which will help the mother’s supply and baby’s stress levels.

Babywearing enables mom to be active while being close.  Whether she’s working, doing chores, or caring for other children, babywearing keeps baby close and let’s her multitask her responsibilities.  Moms that feel like they can keep up with their other responsibilities while caring for their infant are more likely to reach their breastfeeding goals because they won’t feel trapped in their home.  Having a happy baby safe and secure and being able to be productive in other areas is a huge confident boost that will go a long way not only in her overall parenting but can directly impact her breastfeeding goals.

Babywearing encourages breastfeeding in public.  Have baby, will go out.  Since babywearing can help moms be on the go it can also help them breastfeed in public.  Moms isolated and stuck inside their house often struggle with anxiety and postpartum depression.  Both babywearing and breastfeeding can simplify getting out and being active in social settings, reducing the risk of isolating mothers and developing postpartum depression and/or postpartum anxiety.  Once she works out how to breastfeed in a carrier (tip: practice in front of a mirror to see what it looks like- you’ll be surprised how incognito breastfeeding in a carrier can be if you are concerned about that.), breastfeeding in a carrier can be much easier than using a cover if mom feels she should, easier than taking baby out of the carrier and feeding even if she feels she doesn’t need to cover, and easier than a bottle of expressed milk or formula.  And it takes us back to the previous point, mom can be active not only while being close but actually while breastfeeding.  Because when you have a 3 year old and a new baby, sitting down in a quite setting with a pillow and staring into your baby’s eyes while they feed for the 67th time that day (I exaggerate… 24th time that day) isn’t always possible.  Being able to feed your baby and keep up with the 3 year old is priceless!

Babywearing helps normalize breastfeeding.  You read that right and no, it’s not a stretch.  Since breastfeeding is encouraged and supported by babywearing the more families that utilize it the more breastfeeding will increase in both numbers and visibility.  As more and more women begin to confidently feed their babies with their breasts, breastfeeding will become more and more normal.  Like walking, when breastfeeding is normal there will be better support available for those that may encounter difficulties because it simply won’t be acceptable to ignore breastfeeding problems any more than it would be acceptable to ignore problems walking.  Babywearing helps normalize breastfeeding by encouraging breastfeeding, helping more moms breastfeed while out, and supporting moms in reaching their breastfeeding goals.

Even for moms that aren’t comfortable feeding in their carrier (but don’t despair if you struggle with feeding in the carrier, it may get easier with time, in a different carrier, or with practice and help from someone) babywearing can be a useful part of your breastfeeding journey and even help you reach your breastfeeding goals for many of the reasons listed above.

World Breastfeeding Month?  Just a month?  It’s great but that’s just a drop in the bucket.  I breastfeed. I babywear. Every day. Everywhere. 365. Way beyond World Breastfeeding Month.


Do you breastfeed every day?  Everywhere?  Does babywearing help you? 

If it’s always breastfeeding day for you or has been, share the breastfeeding and/or babywearing love by posting a photo of you breastfeeding and/or babywearing (or the badge or banner below) and let others know!  Use the hashtag #BFBW365 on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and help normalize breastfeeding and babywearing for all parents.





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  1. Sadly, none. Haven’t gotten that far in my babywearing journey yet! I bet I would about 5 times a week if I did know how to do it.

  2. When my daughter was younger, we did it several times a day. Now at 2.5, she doesn’t breastfeed much during the day. But we’ve got another on. The way, so we’ll be at it again!

  3. I never got the hang of breastfeeding while BW, my dd is 2 1/2 now so i know i couldnt do it.

  4. Monica Marinelli says

    Just a couple times a week now.

  5. sherry moore says

    I havnt breastfed while baby wearing yet. I would every week if I could.

  6. Ashley Norman says

    I think you are wonderful for all the encouragement you give Mommas. I was so thankful to find you when my first baby was born last October. The Facebook page got me through a lot of sleepless nights

  7. I only tried breastfeeding while babywearing once or twice with my first, and never really got the hang of it. Now that I’m expecting number three I really want to give it a try again! I think it was the combination of being brand new to both breastfeeding and babywearing with my first that made me give up trying to figure it out. Now that I’ve done both with two babies I’m hoping it will be easier this time around. I love the tip of practicing in front of a mirror!

    • This third time around I just have to be able to be mobile milk machine. I just today feel like I hit my stride with it.

  8. EVERY DAY!!! I have a three year old boy and a four month old baby boy. I wear and nurse the baby while chasing the three year old. THANK GOODNESS FOR CARRIERS!!!!

  9. Judith Martinez says

    Once I learned how to breastfeed in my mei tai it was a lifesaver!! I never did get the hang of breastfeeding in the wrap. Now that I mostly do back carries it’s a lot less convenient to breastfeed in the carrier. I wish front carries were more comfortable now that she’s bigger.

  10. Anne Perry says

    I find it easiest to breastfeed in the ergo baby carrier. Simply loosen one strap and latch.

  11. Hayley Elliott says

    I would say at least 4 times a week. Usually at football practices or when we are out and about with my busty boys. Babywearing is just so helpful when you’re a busy mom of 4 boys. It makes it so I can cook, help with football practice, play at the park or whatever else all while nursing the baby and/or letting him nap on mommy.

  12. I love breastfeeding & babywearing, but I still struggle with doing both at the same time. I’d love to try it with a Soleil!!

  13. Breastfeed all 6 of my babies and loved every minute of it. I had a 4 year old, 2 year old, 1 year old and a newborn, so life was very busy. Taking the time to sit down and nurse my baby was a wonderful time that I enjoyed. I never would want one of these carriers that made it so I could multi-task while nursing. We all need to slow down and stop and not think we have to multi-task our lives away.

  14. This will be my first, but I am 100% planning on breast feeding everyday and I love the fact that I can while baby wearing, I like to be on the move, so I know it will help 🙂

  15. Christina p says

    I have not tried nursing yet while babywearing, I don’t have a good carrier to do that.

  16. I baby wore every day with my first but could never figure out how to breastfeed at the same time. Hoping to figure it out with the second one in a few months!

  17. My LO doesn’t really enjoy being fed while BW but he loves to fall asleep in there! 🙂

  18. Michele R. says

    So far none, but that’s because baby boy #2 is still in the belly. He is due out in the next few weeks and I hope to learn to breastfeed while baby wearing him- something I was too shy and uncomfortable about even trying to do with my first. I think it’d be nice to not be limited and to be able to feed him no matter where I am or what we are doing. So, once he is born I hope to feed him at least a couple times a week while baby wearing.

  19. Elizabeth Gee says

    I have only bfed a few times in a carrier, however this has been increasing rapidly lately. As I have a tiny toddler who sometimes can’t wait. Today I BF while babywearing him in the Ergo while shopping and no one even noticed. I was so shcked that no one noticed it was so liberating.

  20. Sadly my babe is going through a refusing to nurse anywhere but in bed side lying phase. So no nursing in the carrier right now, but hopefully she’s past this one soon!

  21. My baby is almost 3 (oct). We are still breastfeeding but I never get the hang of slings, moby or other wraps or carriers so he is just carried a lot.

  22. I breast feed everyday everywhere. I also wear my LO everywhere! There for its easy for me when I am out and about to just feed her while wearing her so I probably breastfeed while baby wearing about 6-7 times per week. 🙂 It works well for us!

  23. Saideh Thaw says

    I breastfeed everyday, everywhere. My babe never liked being worn, maybe we didn’t find the right carrier. With twins on the way I hope they like it! Could use the extra mobility!

  24. Amanda Parker says

    I have an almost 5mo who is EBF. Also, having to older toddler brothers, it is essential that I babywear and breastfeed to be able to carry out all my daily activities. I don’t know what I would do w/o babywearing!

  25. Katie Pitcher says

    I love BW and do it everyday. Haven’t gotten the hang of BFing while BW yet.

  26. I hope to breastfeed with a carrier at least 5 times a week, but maybe more 🙂 We will see how it goes.

  27. My son loves to be worn! I’m sure he would greatly appreciate it if we won so we could stop using our babybjorn…which isn’t very good for nursing or his hips 🙁

  28. I’m not really sure how to do this. I need an instructional video for breastfeeding with my Beco Gemini. 🙂

  29. One Southern Girl says

    So far none… but I hope to as much as possible!

  30. I never got the hang of breastfeeding and baby wearing with baby #1 or #2, but I think the third time is the charm! Looking forward to trying it out with baby #3 soon.

  31. Bfing while bwing down a hiking trail is my favorite!

  32. I breastfeed everyday and everywhere 🙂 My fave place so far was at opening day of a White Sox game in one of the suites behind home plate. 🙂 We do love babywearing also, although he has gotten a little squirmier in more recent times. It definitely makes nursing him a bit easier when we’re out and about and in the carrier.

  33. I find it hard to BF my 11 month old in our Ergo, but I nurse and babywear 24/7… just not at the same time! I’d love to win a Beco b/c we still wear our 2.5 year old too, but only have one Ergo! Thanks!

  34. I’m still pregnant with our first child but I have definitely come to love learning about and anticipate my chance to do what’s best for my baby and family by breastfeeding and baby wearing- hopefully together as much as possible! There are so many great products out there to help us on our journey so hooray for shopping! I’m excited to get rollin’, but this kiddo has to incubate for a few more months! Rock on breast feeding moms! You’re such an inspiration and I can’t wait to join the ranks 🙂

  35. Joanne Livingston says

    When DS was little, I would babywear every time we went out and fed on demand. Now that he’s 22 months old, he’s determined to walk and is slowly weaning. It’s good that I’ve got a little one on the way to get my babywearing, breastfeeding cuddles in with.

  36. I would love to try to breastfeed in a Soleil!

  37. I nurse every day, all over town. My son is 22 months old and I wear him in my Boba pretty much every day. We nurse on the bus most days coming home from the indoor playground- it’s a good distraction, and about half the time he falls asleep and starts his nap while being worn. It definitely makes my life easier, since I’m not wrangling a stroller AND a toddler.

  38. I’d love to have a soft carrier!

  39. Little man is too busy for baby wearing these days!

  40. Jennifer Kincaid says

    I babywear everyday at work, otherwise I wouldn’t get anything done. I usually use a ring sling and have yet to try to bf in it. I think a ssc would be easier to bf in. I would love to win and find out!

  41. thank you for all your encouragement! ive come here a few times about breasfeeding while pregnant… and i’ll be back even more if my lo doesnt wean before this baby comes… for some tandem bf support! thanks for all you do! and the giveaways too!

  42. I currently have a moby wrap that works great once baby is in it, but I wish I had something easier to get on and adjust baby to the right position to bf and bw at the same time! I am a busy mom of three, so if I want to get anything done, I HAVE to bf and bw!

  43. I was unable to breastfeed but i love this giveaway. Thanks so much!

  44. I’m still learning! I have a new Beco Gemini, and I’m trying to figure it out. I’d love to try the Soleil, and then share with my friend with twins who desperately needs the extra help :). Thanks for all you do!!!

  45. I would love to have a beco carrier, I use my current one while i cook and while we go out to busy places or if she needs to nap. i take her for walks too in the evening so she can calm down and it helps so much! 🙂

  46. Have a 7 week old and just started breast feeding while she is in a sling, would love a Beco to make it easier!

  47. I had a really hard time breastfeeding while babywearing with my first, but this time it is SO easy!

  48. Ive bf in my moby but not in my Gemini I just got but id love another one because we have 2yo twins and it would be great if we had 2 so we could wear them both!!

  49. My baby loves being in my arms, just need a carrier so I can finally get some stuff done

  50. Hilary Livgard says

    I love breastfeeding. i wish i would have had a baby carrier to make it so much easier. I loved being able to sit and enjoy the time with my little one, but would have loved being able to be more mobile.

  51. JenniferLeibstein says

    I wish I could! I breastfeed, I baby wear. With both my girls. But I could never coordinate the two. Totally jealous of those who can – I would do it as often as I could!

  52. Heidi McDonough says

    I learned to bf with my 1 year old in my carrier at MommyCon Philly! It’s great- thanks for your help!

  53. I BF probably 5x/week, while BWing. I could probably do it more often if I thought about it…

  54. I hope to breastfeed everywhere (including while babywearing) for this next baby!

  55. I love baby wearing and breastfeeding. Baby carriers help for hands free breastfeeding anytime, anywhere.

  56. I’m just getting into the babywearing thing 🙂 I would love to be able to bf while be; although, I’m not sure how it would work my boobs are ginormous and we struggled a bit when DD was born because I had to position her and my boob 😛 I would love to win a Beco!

  57. I’ve been babywearing for 5 months, but still haven’t tried to breastfeed while doing it. I would love to learn how to.

  58. My baby nurses in the sling but I find it hard to nurse him in my Beco Butterfly II due to the fabric between him and I, which is a shame because I love the support and comfort of my Beco. I would absolutely LOVE to win a Beco Soleil so that I could nurse in a Beco with ease.

  59. Great article!

  60. Haven’t had the opportunity as of yet, but I plan on it. 🙂

  61. I would love to figure out how to breastfeed while babywearing. I already babywear everyday it would be so easy to breastfeed while doing it.

  62. My son doesn’t nurse anymore. He weaned himself a few months ago. I never could get the nursing in the carrier though. Oh well!

  63. I am large chested and happy I finally found something that works, the Ergo. But I’d love to try the new soliel, a beco butterfly 2 was my first carrier 4 years ago and still holds a special place for me (but I just can’t easily nurse in it).

  64. Erin Landis says

    Thank you for all you do.

  65. I can’t get the hang of it and have watched youtube videos and everything. I can’t seem to get baby in the right position.

  66. Thank you for all the work you do to advocate for and change the perception of breast feeding!

  67. Thanks for the generous giveaway. I look forward to chatting and learning more about how to breastfeed and babywear.

  68. Haven’t gotten the hang of bf while bw, but I do both separately every day!

  69. I currently do not have a carrier. If I had a baby carrier I would BF while BWing all day

  70. I breastfed in a beco Gemini I borrowed this week at the zoo… It was so awesome to keep going with the kids and breastfed my baby at the same time. Would love to have a carrier of my own so I can breastfed in it all the time!

  71. I love wearing my lil guy! It makes nursing a lot easier while walking around!

  72. I breastfed in a BabyHawk mei tai once, but not in public. I plan to feed in the Gemini at some point. Would love to try in a Soleil.

  73. Carrie Auwarter says

    I tried to breastfeed while babywearing for the first time last week. It was also my first time breastfeeding in public! I wasn’t terribly successful; my baby is a lazy eater to begin with…it’s also difficult because I’m bigger busted. But I love the idea of breastfeeding while babywearing and hope to get the hang of it!

  74. I make a point to babywear everyday – sometimes she’s happy on my back but she is still breastfeeding all the time. Babaywearing + breastfeeding = happy baby

  75. Everyday is breastfeeding day and everyday is babywearing day! I want to try the tip I read about rolling a receiving blanket up and putting it under my breast to feed babe in the carrier! I would love to get the hang of it!

  76. magdalena lopez says

    I used to nurse all the time in the mei tai when my son was born. We would go for walks and I would nurse and no one knew he was nursing. Now I use the Ergo b/c I need more support while carrying him and it’s difficult. It’s also very hot now and carrying him for more than a few minutes is a struggle. I did look up a video on you tube of someone nursing in the Ergo so I’m going to try it so that we can venture into the city. I would hate to pump and bring bottles on the train bc I couldn’t figure out how to nurse in the carrier.

  77. I wish I was better at baby wearing and bf. I have a homemade wrap and tried when my lo was a few weeks old but it was so frustrating I gave up.

  78. I need a different baby carrier to lower baby and breast feed. I baby wear all the time when we’re out and about and I BF in public but always have to take baby out to do it. I would absolutely love a carrier that I can keep the little handsome man in and feed at the same time. I’ll be on for tomorrow’s chat!

  79. I have only been successful recently with my Ergo and Cuddlywrap. I have a few other carriers that are harder to work with but hoping to add to my collection and learn as I go!

  80. Mikaela Levy says

    Baby wearing and breastfeeding go together like peanut butter and chocolate! They were ment for eachother!

  81. Breastfeeding and babywearing are sanity savers(especially when I finally figured out how to combine the two)! Thanks for sharing the love.

  82. Rachel Tidwell says

    I wore my son almost immediately in the hospital, and almost the entire time. At his 10 day check up he had gained an entire pound, bf only. My pediatrician is awesomely supportive of bbwearing and attributed his healthy gain to it. Yay for awesome docs! And yay for babywearing success!

  83. I would live some tips for breast feeding in a carrier when you have smaller breasts. I see pics of women an it seems easier with a bigger chest.

  84. I usually wrap, but would love to try the BECO!! I love to BF while BW while I make supper. Once my hubby came home and saw me and said, “I can’t say you’re not a multi-tasker!” haha

  85. I breastfeed while babywearing in my ERGO all the time. LOVE IT!

  86. I used to BF while BW at least 5 times per week. When baby #3 comes in a few months, that number will greatly increase as I will be busy with a 2 yr old and 5 yr old.

  87. Teri Wilcox says

    I hope I can do it with our next baby!

  88. I love my Beco gemini & would love a Beco soleil for long walks & hikes. Beco is my favorite!

  89. I breastfeed my 2 month old every day. Everywhere. I would love love love to own a carrier!! It is very challenging having two other kiddos under 5.

  90. my baby just weaned himself, but i used to love the freedom to nurse while baby carrying.

  91. katie pfiffner says

    We breastfeed everyday but haven’t found a carrier that works for bf and bw simultaneously.

  92. I haven’t really figured out how to BF while BW, but I do both separately quite a bit! I think I need some different shirts, to make it easier.

  93. Linnea Wilhelm says

    I used to nurse in the carrier, but now that my son is 2 he really only nurses a couple times a day when he takes a nap or goes to bed. But I think babywearing is great and so is nursing!!

  94. I didn’t figure out how to Babywearer and Breastfeed until baby 2, we managed the first time around it it’s so much easier now!

  95. I’m a big advocate of both breastfeeding and babywearing, yet I haven’t been able to successfully combine the two yet. I’d love some recommendations for a good carrier that allows for easy breastfeeding. My second child (a sweet son) was just born 2 weeks ago. He arrived 4 weeks early and is quite small. I’d like to babywear him, but he doesn’t yet meet the 7 pound weight minimum for my soft-structured buckle carrier. Any advice on a good carrier for a newborn is welcome. I don’t want to miss out on any bonding moments with this little one, and time is ticking away…

  96. Holli Linton says

    I BF everyday every two hours and wear the itty bitty when we go out I haven’t yet tried to BF and carrier because I only have a ring sling and my LO doesn’t like confinement while eating. She likes to spread out and move around. 🙂

  97. We babywear constantly at home and out and about, and I would totally BF while doing it whenever possible if I could figure out how! We have a woven wrap similar to a Moby that I made, and I’ve watched the videos on YouTube explaining how. We just can’t seem to get the hang of it. I definitely need more practice, or possibly a different style wrap. Hopefully tonight’s chat will help clear things up!

  98. will definitely try out bfing while bwing ghis time around.

  99. Janice Miller says

    I love to wear my son but have not yet mastered baby wearing and breastfeeding at the same time.

  100. I wish I had put my mind to figuring this out five months ago!

  101. Tiffanie Grant says

    I only breastfed my first for three months but it got hard once I was back to school and work. This time around I plan on doing it longer. I never have really used a carrier. I had one but it kind of was a crappy one so I never used it. It seemed to cut into my daughter’s legs. These look so nice and comfy though! Babywearing and breastfeeding at the same time looks difficult but I may just give it a try!

  102. Alex Rogers says

    Ty for the encouragement!

  103. Wish I was more comfy posting pics. This is the one thing I haven’t gotten good at yet! !

  104. I love the skin to skin contact and I would do it all day everyday So special for me and my angel.

  105. I don’t on a regular basis but have several times in the past. I probably would more if I had a better carrier allowing me to feel more comfortable plus had more of an idea on how to do it correctly.

  106. Bf is the carrier a few times a week for sure…

  107. Yes I breastfeed everyday. I would like to breastfeed in a carrier when we are out of the house.

  108. I love love love to babywear!! I just took my 11 month old to FInland ALONE!!! I BFBW at the ticket counter, at the gate, picking up my luggage, through security! It was great, it was even nice because with wearing him I could even pee!! ( i used the ergo BTW)

  109. Ashley Fruichantie says

    I have a home made carrier that I’d love to replace, although it does get the job done! Anytime we’re out of the house, I use my carrier and breastfeed my 2 month old baby at the sane time. I also used it when my 3 year old was a baby.

  110. Nicole O'Hare says

    I would love to win this carrier! I nurse my son while wearing him all the time!!

  111. Brittany Jimenez says

    When I was breastfeeding, I didn’t know I could babywear AND breastfeed. I wish I did because I would do it A LOT!

  112. Sarah Thornton says

    my little guy is a big 2 year old. We still wear&feed as my dad likes to call it…just not as often. Stille BF and loving it.

  113. jessica fletcher says

    I wish i kept up with the BF’ing!! And had a great carrier to do it!! All things i’m planning for baby number 2!

  114. Corinne Berger says

    My little girl weaned but I miss breastfeeding in a carrier

  115. I am currently pregnant with the number two and will breastfeed every day, probably not everywhere. I want to try using a carrier.

  116. Would love any tips or instruction on BF while babywearing. I have several carriers (moby, girasol, ergo) but I have not figured out how to BF comfortably in any of them.

  117. Colina Carothers says

    I love this whole convo going on right now, and would love to get better a feeding in a SSC. The ring sling and wrap I feel like have more “wiggle room” to get in a comfy position but I haven’t found the magic yet with a SSC… but we won’t give up!

  118. Elizabeth Webber says

    With 3 boys I’m always on the go it seems and bwing makes nursing while we’re out and about so much easier. I don’t feel the need to always cover but bwing allows me to nurse discreetly and without having to tell my older 2 “I can’t right now because I’m feeding your brother.”

  119. Expecting baby number 4 next spring and would love this carrier!!

  120. Bethann Nelson says

    None, could never work it out with the ring sling.

  121. I’m not very experienced at breast feeding while baby wearing because I didn’t use a sling/carrier until baby #3. I want to be able to when #4 comes next month!

  122. I wish I was more comfortable bf-ing in the sling. It’s awkward so I must not be doing it correctly.

  123. Alyssa Laughlin says

    1-2 times a week. Not the best job I’m sure, but it gets the job done! 🙂

  124. I breastfeed my youngest in the ergo almost everyday…playing outside with the big kids, going on walks, grocery shopping, cooking dinner, cleaning the church. I love being able to multitask! It’s especially great for the times the baby just wants to nurse all day long.

  125. Love love love nursing on the go, it makes it so much easier than trying to find somewhere to nurse!

  126. Jessie Crosby says

    I have never tried to breastfeed while babywearing because I didn’t even know I could with my first two. I’m almost due with my third and I will totally be trying to master that skill!

  127. I wish I could figure out breastfeeding and babywearing

  128. My girl is 9 months old and we are EBF and going strong! I wear her several hours every day while working from home, and when we are out and about she’s always in her Ergo baby! I love that I can easily BF in it anytime, anywhere!

  129. Just started our baby wearing journey. Have not mastered the breast feeding while wearing but would love to learn. Have heard raves about the beco!

  130. I’m due with our second baby in December and can’t wait to start breastfeeding and baby wearing again!

  131. I would love to be able to pull off breastfeeding my little guy in a carrier. I have a moby, a double-loob carrier, and an ergo. Can’t get him aligned correctly to eat in any of them. 🙁

  132. Cassandra Eastman says

    I’m so glad to have found the Leaky Book community. When I nursed my babies I always felt like I got the glare from everyone around me or made them uncomfortable (even VERY discreetly with a cover), but i’ve come to the realization now, that to most people (not nursing or in your position) are going to glare if you nurse, or glare if you feed formula! So sad. Glad I have support here!

  133. I wish I could figure out how to nurse while baby wearing. I’d do it at least 3 times a week if I could figure it out.

  134. Mandi Perkins says

    I have never actually breastfed while baby wearing because I have never really been a baby wearer, I never knew much about it and whenever I tried any carrier I just got frustrated and gave up quickly. I am currently pregnant and due in January, and plan to baby wear and breastfeed much longer than I did with my 2 daughters. So I plan to be breastfeeding while baby wearing quite frequently. I can’t wait, very excited for both. 🙂

  135. I don’t currently nurse while baby wearing, my boobs seem to get in my way. I find a place to sit and just unhook the carrier.

  136. Love breastfeeding!!! And The Leaky Boob!!

  137. I finally figured out bfbw and I love it! Hopefully it will work always! Tiny likes the beco gemini much better now she is big enough to have her legs out and I am happy I dont miss fun anymore!

  138. I tried several times to breast feed in an ergo but it ended up being pretty hard. Maybe with a nice beco carrier it would work? I’m expecting #2 in a couple weeks…

  139. We baby wear, but haven’t mastered bf while bw

  140. Lacey Hendershot says

    I love the idea of breastfeeding while baby wearing. It will encourage mommy to stay active while maintaining baby’s nourishment as priority number one!

  141. I’ve yet to master the art. I BF and I BW, but putting it together has been a challenge for us. We’ll keep at it, though! 🙂

  142. I breast feed my 13-mo-old in my Ergo. We both love it!

  143. As a working mom, my time is pretty limited and I can’t always plan outings around baby’s napping and eating schedule. Babywearing let’s him do both while I grocery shop, walk the dog, do the dishes- pretty much anything, and he gets to stay close and cuddle the whole time!

  144. Breastfeeding while babywearing has saved my sanity many times. The ring sling was my go-to with my first but I find the SSC works better for my second.

  145. I can’t wait to BF in a baby carrier this time! I BF in a sling with my first, but didn’t like it quite as much. I’m eager to try it in a carrier

  146. I love breastfeeding and babywearing!

  147. Elizabeth Montez says

    I just did it for the first time last week, so freeing!

  148. Andrea mcmonagle says

    My lil one is too small for the one carrier I look forward to nursing in. I had purchased a baby K’tan thinking that would be easy to nurse in but I’m not a fan ..oh twell. He’ll be big enough for my boba soon 🙂

  149. LaToya Townsend says

    I can’t wait to babywear and breastfeed! 5 weeks to go!

  150. If I could get the hang of it I would do it all the time. Maybe I will give it another go 🙂

  151. Right now I would do it 14-21 times a week but it a few months will be at it all day again 🙂

  152. Stacy Heckathorn-Richards says

    Jessica and all,
    Thank you so much for all of the info and support you provide to so many parents. Y’all are all so amazing. Also I love Beco carriers and I would to win a Soliel.
    Thanks and love,

  153. I’d love to try a Beco carrier! I never got to try to BF while BW!

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