Fairhaven Health Presents: A Milkies Giveaway

Fairhaven Health’s commitment to supporting couples through the ups and downs of trying-to-conceive, pregnancy, and becoming new parents, is apparent through their own products and outstanding customer service, through their sponsorship of communities such as The Leaky Boob, and now extends through their newest addition: Milkies, specializing in breastmilk collection and storage, to the very last drop!  Fairhaven Health is sponsoring a conversation on Facebook about storing breastmilk and has brought Helen Anderson, the creator of Milkies, as the expert to answer your questions.  She also took a few minutes to speak with us about her products and her passion for donating milk.  This is also your opportunity to enter a giveaway to win Milkies’ products below.  To find the archived chat threads full of information supporting storing your breastmilk and pumping, see here for info on hand expression, we talked about spilling our milk here, heating milk and bottle-feeding a breastfed baby, proper temperatures and safe handling practices, and tips for storing breastmilk here. Through January 10th, 2014, there is also a 15% off discount for all breastfeeding related products including Milkies Milk Savers on fairhavenhealth.com when you use the code LEAKIES in the coupon code section of the checkout process.      

Helen with kids

TLB:  Necessity is often the mother of invention, and this seems to ring true with the Milkies’ products. How did you come up with the idea for the Milk-Saver and the Freeze?

Helen:  I would make such a mess of my son and I when I nursed him – I was going through a box of nursing pads in a few days and still soaking my shirt!  I knew I was leaking a lot of milk so I held a bottle under the other side to collect the dripping milk – I discovered I was wasting about 2 ounces every time I breastfed!

I planned to go back to work in the same busy ER and I needed to store enough milk for my 12 hour shift.  I wanted to collect and store the milk instead of wasting it into pads, but there was nothing out there.  So I created the Milk-Saver.

The Freeze was developed because I needed to store and organize a large volume of milk in our family freezer.  I also needed to protect the milk storage bags from being damaged in the freezer and make it easy for my husband or mother-in-law to use the oldest milk first.  The Freeze does all these tasks very simply.  I am very proud of the final product!

TLB:  Can you describe how to use the Milk-Saver?

Helen:  Before nursing your baby, simply slip the Milk-Saver into your bra or snug tank.  When your baby begins to nurse and the leaking starts, the Milk-Saver collects it.  When you are ready to switch sides, remove the Milk-Saver and stand it up in the case so the milk doesn’t spill.  When you are all finished with the nursing session, pour your milk into another container to refrigerate or freeze.

TLB:  Tell us why you love the Freeze.

Helen:  I know from my own experience that freezing and organizing breast milk in the freezer is challenging.  I heard the same complaint from my friends so I knew it wasn’t just me!  My storage bags leaked, milk would be lost under a bag of peas and my husband was always guessing which milk was the oldest and should be used first.  I wanted to solve this problem with a simple and space saving product – the Freeze.  It freezes your milk flat on a quick freeze tray, then helps you organize it with a first-in, first-out system.  My storage bags stay safe and protected from the typical bumps and bruises of freezer containers so my hard earned milk doesn’t leak out when thawed.

TLB:  What do you want Leakies to know about how the Milkies products are constructed and the quality of the materials that are used to make them?

Helen:  Milkies products are made out of the safest and most durable material I could find.  I decided to manufacture the products in the Pacific Northwest, near the Milkies offices.  The factory I chose is very environmentally aware – they recycle, and produce very little waste.

TLB:  The Milk-Saver has been on the market for several years now, right?  What are some of your favorite comments you have heard from moms that have used this product?

Helen:  There are several favorites!  A mom in Seattle saved almost 400 ounces using a Milk-Saver and donated her milk to a milk bank.  I have heard from many moms that struggle with supply and storing enough for returning to work.  Saving a half an ounce each nursing session with a Milk-Saver gave them the freezer stash to return to work and leave breast milk instead of switching to formula.

TLB:  You seem to have a special interest in milk banking.  Tell us more about your experience as a milk donor, and why you feel so strongly about breast milk donation.

Helen:  I have donated over 200 ounces of breast milk to a bank and I am planning to donate more.  Human milk has around 200,000 components, it cannot be replicated in a lab.  Donor milk is processed then sent to a hospital and used to nourish infants in a NICU setting or full term infants requiring supplementation.  Donating breast milk can save the lives of our most vulnerable babies, it is very important and easy to do.


Fairhaven Health is giving away a Milkies Milk-Saver and a Milkies Freeze to 3 lucky Leakies.

Milkies Milk-Saver: The patented Milk-Saver collects your leaking breast milk as you nurse – allowing you to store extra breast milk effortlessly with each feeding.  A comprehensive dietary supplement that provides essential vitamins and minerals for nursing moms, along with a blend of herbal ingredients to support breast milk production, including a concentrated Fenugreek extract.


Milkies Freeze: The Milkies Freeze is a “first in, first out” breast milk storage system that fits in your freezer, and conveniently and safely stores up to 60 ounces of breast milk.



Currently Leakies can find these and other natural products for fertility, pregnancy and nursing at www.FairhavenHealth.com.


Good luck to everyone!  Please use the widget below to be entered.  The giveaway is open from January 9, 2014 through January 15, 2014.  A big thanks to Helen Anderson (inventor of the Milkies Milk Saver and Milkies Freeze) and the team at Fairhaven Health for their ongoing support of TLB and all breastfeeding women; please be sure to visit their Facebook page  or follow them on twitter and thank them for their support of TLB and this giveaway opportunity.

This giveaway is open to US and Canadian residents.

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  1. I think being persistent is a great key to getting milk even when you don’t have a huge supply. If I need milk I can pump all day and gather a little at a time.

  2. I ended up storing in bottles because the bags were a disaster.

  3. I think the best pumping tip I received was to look at pictures/video of your baby while you express milk. It made such a big difference for me.

  4. Never microwave it!

  5. I don’t pump often because I’m a SAHM, but when I do, I look at pictures of my daughter while pumping, it seems to help with letdown.

  6. This would be something I would love to have!

  7. Our second baby is due in June! With my first, I pumped for 10 months. I was a real challenge but I feel very strongly about giving my children the best nutrious start possible 🙂

  8. I’m constantly leaking and soaking pads, so i’m really excited to find out about this product!

  9. Lymarie Ortega says

    My best tip for storing breast milk is not to over fill the bag and lay flat to freeze.

  10. Stephanie Crissey says

    I use Lansinoh storage bags

  11. Jenny Otting says

    Freezing the milk flat and using ice boxes to put them in order by date and time. This makes it easy to grab and use the oldest milk first.

  12. Eva-Marie Stanger says

    Pump after every feeding!

  13. Erica Arnold says

    How awesome, I have always wanted to try these!

  14. Mallory Moore says

    I don’t have any tips because I am a FTM. I have these on my registry!

  15. Up and up storage bags

  16. My favorite tip is one I just got from the leaky boob- to freeze the milk laying the bag down so it’s easier to store. Also to not over fill or even fill the bags completely to reduce leaking

  17. The best tip I ever received was to get warm and relax. The milk seemed to flow so much better when I was warm and cozy.

  18. I freaking LOVE the idea behind the milk saver. Would love to win this so I can try with my next in the fall!

  19. I unfortunately wasn’t able to breastfeed my first child due to complications but look forward to our 2nd. I do know not to microwave the milk. 🙂

  20. Alexandra Pitcher says

    I love So Easy Storage Trays, they’re covered ice cube trays, so you can freeze small amounts and only defrost what you need. I just move them from the trays to bags so I can date them!

  21. My favorite storage tip was to freeze in small amounts. You may have to take out 2 or more bags, but at least you know you won’t be wasting the milk by heating up a huge amount and it not getting eaten. Also it it’s much easier to defrost 3 oz quickly vs 6 oz.

  22. Sarah Black says

    My tip would be to pump and save frequently in the beginning to help increase your supply (supply and demand!) and so that if someone does offer you a break and takes your baby for a bit, you have some on hand and don’t have to worry 😉

  23. I don’t have any tips yet, since my baby is only 13 days old 🙂 But I leak a ton and I am going back to work at 8 weeks so this would be SUPER useful for us!

  24. This is such a good idea. I leaked a ton with my first and do a little with my second but now I wonder truly how much I could have saved.

  25. Jenn McClearn says

    I too suggest laying the bag flat in the freezer, easier to store and thaws a lot quicker, another tip freeze in small amounts, many times my mom has thawed milk only to have baby fall asleep and not need to be fed til I got home.

  26. Kellie Hardeman says

    I would so love to win these! i had terrible supply problems with my boys and now with my daughter I am finally producing enough for her. I hate badly when even a little bit is wasted.

  27. I have no fave tips to share yet (expecting my first) but I’ve heard great things about milkies & look forward to trying them! Love all the tips & can’t wait to try them when my LO arrives!

  28. I pumped for 2 years for my first born until the milk disappeared just 2 months into my current pregnancy. Since I’m expecting twins, I suspect that I might need a milk saver now more than ever because my body will be used to feeding two babies at once! Also because I’ll need more milk for two! My best tip is to relax while pumping… that’s when the milk really starts flowing! If you’re patient and relaxed, you might even get two let downs in one session. Lots of milkies!

  29. My favorite tip is to freeze in smaller quantities for feeding flexibility. this is something I didn’t do and i wasted a lot of milk by always having to thaw 5-6 ounces at a time.

  30. Kimberly Buller says

    I never had a supply big enough to store milk except in the fridge for the next bottle. I look forward to this next baby, the milk savers sure would have helped when I first started!

  31. I get more when I pump first thing in the morning. And the little one is usually content at that time too.

  32. Amber Colvin says

    I have always wanted to try these when I had my first son (2 yrs) it would be awesome to use these with my 6 month old since I ebf but I’ve always used lansinoh products =) and I love being a breastfeeding momma

  33. Melinda yegiyants says

    I find it helpful to massage my breast while I pump and to only pump one breast at a time.

  34. I have yet to find a method that i am satisfied with for storing breastmilk. I have tried bags and bottles. Bottles take up too much space and bags can leak and take odd forms when crammed in freezer, which can cause leakage. I have just found out about the “Freeze”, i plan on getting ine as soon as i can!

  35. The best tip I’ve gotten so far is to just be stubborn and not give up

  36. I hate pumping but when I do I use a medela double electric. I freeze the bags laying down then store them in order standing up, it works great!

  37. Kimberley O says

    The best tip I’ve received is to make sure to lay the storage bags flat to freeze so they can store easier.

  38. If you don’t feel like you’re pumping is efficient, you may have the wrong size breast shield! I got a new size and it made a big difference!

  39. RELAX. The only time I really NEEDED to pump bc I would be leaving baby for a very long period at all, I knew I only had a short time and when I tried to pump, I could only get a few drops. And this is coming from someone who has over active letdown. Any other time I could fill more than one 4 oz bottle on one side, usually in less than 10 minutes. Being under pressure or stressed really does affect your ability to pump.

  40. I was just telling my husband about this and thinking of ordering them

  41. Be sure to check bag before freezing for any leaking holes. Don’t over fill bag!

  42. My favorite tips are to freeze flat for easier storage and to look at pictures of baby while pumping to help with letdown.

  43. I’ma FTM and I have these on my registry. I’m excited to try them out when my LO arrives in April!

  44. Katie Gilmore says

    My tip is to use a hands free pumping bra. Before I had one I would go out of my mind with boredom and end pumping sessions sooner because of it. But if you are hands free you feel less trapped and can multitask.

  45. Courtney Goodrow says

    With my second child due in May and having to go back to work after six weeks I would love to win these so I don’t feel like the milk is getting wasted while I am at work.

  46. Make sure you have the right size flanges

  47. I don’t have any advice. I never really have to pump because I’m a SAHM and baby is usually always with me

  48. Rachel Kate says

    Taking the time to label milk storage bags really pays off down the road…

  49. Grease or oil the flanges of your pump, it causes less friction against the nipple. I wish I had known this when I started pumping, it would have saved me a lot of discomfort!

  50. I’ll be a FTM, so I don’t have any sage advice yet :).

  51. Watching video of my son, or looking at pics and listening to music helped my letdowns, as did being warm and relaxed. Shorter stints of pumping more often helped more than longer stints of pumping less often.

  52. I like storing my milk in bags. It saves a lot of space and I don’t have a lot of bottles to clean when I work on the weekends.

  53. I have NO pumping or storage tips because I had the HARDEST time pumping successfully with baby #2 (I was unable to nurse baby #1). I really hope to have success with baby #3 in March, so I’d love to win.

  54. I’m due in about a month, but I’m really excited to breast feed and pump!! I don’t know many tips yet, but I like that you can store your pump parts in the fridge to prevent spoiling in between uses in one day so you don’t have to wash them constantly.

  55. I lay the milk bags flat in the freezer and stack them to save space.

  56. Lindsey Healy says

    Keeping up with your pumping schedule, regardless of how much you’re getting was really important for me. I noticed that when I didn’t let myself get disappointed about a drop in supply for a few days, I was able to bring my supply back up with less issue. I would love to try the milk savers! I have crazy leaking issues! !

  57. Macy Hornung says

    I honestly don’t have any of my own tips to offer. I am a first time mother, expecting my little one in April. The best tip I have received is to be persistent, you may not get as much from pumping as a baby gets during feeding, so don’t be shocked or discouraged. Also, sometimes hand-expressing is more efficient than pumping. I’m still researching storage hints and tips.

  58. If you lay the milk bags flat in the freezer it takes up a lot less room! Found that out after I had been already pumping for almost a year!

  59. If at first you dont succeed then try try again!

  60. Pumping tip: relax, keep yourself hydrated, and do not press the pump against your breast as it can constrict the flow.

  61. Stay consistent with pumping to keep you’re supply up. I was always doing it a different times and I feel this messed with my supply.

  62. I’m still getting use to all of the different breastfeeding stuff. I really liked that I started pumping when I came home from the hospital, and by doing so I never was engorged like I was with my other two, plus it didn’t hurt when my milk came in. 🙂 I also noticed if I pumped before nursing my my daughter, it was easier for her to latch on, even with my inverted nipples. 🙂

  63. Best storage idea I found was to use empty wipes containers to organize frozen milk in the freezer.

  64. Oh, I NEED this! Need it need it!

  65. Clare Totten says

    Freezing in ice cube trays…

  66. Wendy stahlnecker says

    Don’t give up if the baby doesn’t latch on right away and I’ve bottles for storage haven’t tried the bag will this time around due end of April : )

  67. i always like to get the baby latch first for a minute then pump, my milk flows better then.

  68. I use Lansinoh or Gerber Nuk storage bags.

  69. Michele Rodocker says

    I store no more than 4oz at a time in the same bags that I feed from so I don’t waste by having to transfer breastmilk. Also, I do an extra pump in the middle of the night even though baby is sleeping through it, to build a supply since my schedule is changing in the next month.

  70. Be persistent, don’t overfill the milk storage bags and freeze the bags flat.

  71. Andrea Smith says

    Pumping tip is to pump while nursing the other side (if possible), relax, and look at photos of your baby. I usually have good results pumping with my little hand held thing, but one time I had NO results. NONE. I was in a bathroom stall at an awful convention that my husband took me to when my baby was one month old. I was shocked that though I was HUGE and ready to nurse, I couldn’t get a drop. I did much better on the way home in the car and TONS better when I got home and the baby nursed while I pumped the other side. It took maneuvering, but it really taught me a lesson. When I hear other women say they don’t get any milk when pumping, I wonder if they are tense.

  72. I hope to be more successful this time around with breastfeeding and I could all the help out there!

  73. Samantha Melton says

    The best pumping tip I have is to pump every 3 hours when trying to establish a good supply. I had to do that when my youngest daughter was in NICU, and will have to again when this one is born early.

  74. Danielle Cordeau says

    Label… I hate when I forget to. So don’t forget to label 🙂

  75. Kristin Wolke says

    This is exactly what I need!

  76. The best tip I have is to never give up!!! My.daughter is 10 mos & were still nursing strong! 🙂

  77. Lay flat to freeze! Write on the storage bags before you put in the freezer.

  78. Don’t compare what you pump to what another mommy does. We are all different and out bodies work for our baby’s needs. 🙂

  79. I was so sore at first I was scared to pump, but I’ve since realized it usually is less painful. So if I’m sore from the baby, I *should* pump!

  80. I have no tips. I breastfeed my daughter exclusively because I had issues pumping, but am going to try with this baby. EDD 3/21/14

  81. I’m a first time mom to be so I’m hoping to use this system!

  82. My pumping tip would be to buy a “pumping bra” not sure what there actually called. But they make it to u can pump hands free, which is awesome.

  83. When freezing the bags, I learned its important to freeze them flat for better storage. Seems intuitive, but we didn’t do that at first.

  84. Our small house forces me to set up and take down (and store) our pump and accessories for each session.

  85. The milk saver product is genius! I want to try.

  86. Buy a hand pump and during the first morning feed,nurse on one side and pump on the other. I built a nice stash up that way.

  87. I loved the advice my LC have me. Nursing takes time and it is learned by both you and baby. Be patient.

  88. I REALLY want to try these out!

  89. Alison Johnston says

    Pumping tip: get comfortable and watch tv or a movie while pumping. Time goes by so much faster and its a lot more fun!

  90. Tip: your baby gets more from you when you nurse than when you pump

  91. If you are pumping and planning to feed the baby soon, just leave the milk out. It’s good at room temp for four hours, and there’s no need to chill and warm it. Of course, you also need to keep track of how old your stored milk is and use it before it is bad, but often you can save some steps and give baby the freshest milk possible!

  92. Heather beissel says

    Would love to try these products! Especially since I just started freezing flat thanks to all the suggestions!

  93. I love the concept of these! I really want some because I leak so much!

  94. tami caudill says

    My favorite tip is to pump on the second side while baby eats on the first.

  95. I suggest pumping after EVERY feeding! And invest in a nice pumping bra!

  96. I don’t have any tips as I have never breastfed before… With my first daughter I was young and just didnt know how great breastfeeding would have been for the both of us, but my second daughter is going to be different!!!!! Thanks to your site and others like it for helping moms everywhere do what’s best for our babies!

  97. Kristin Henderson says

    These are awesome!!!! Love the site too!

  98. The best tip I received was to lay the bag of milk flat to store it. Saves so much room!

  99. Katy Emanuel says

    I don’t have any pumping or storage tips as I did not pump off with my first, however I plan to try it with this one

  100. I LOVE this product. Wish I would have known about it with my son. I looked around for something but never found these. I will have to get milkies to use this time around, as I’m sure I’ll have the same wasteful letdown.

  101. The Lansinoh bags are the best, freeze them lying flat.

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