Rumina’s Mother’s Day Giveaway


If you can relate then this giveaway is for YOU!

Mother’s Day is officially over, but Amanda and Dawn, the women running Rumina, see no reason to stop celebrating mothers.  And so they would like to offer their own extension to Mother’s Day in the form of a giveaway.  Being moms themselves, they are familiar with the joys and challenges of motherhood, and they know that a little celebration goes a long way.  


Amanda with 10 month old Ryland

TLB:  If there was one thing that you could say to mothers everywhere, what would it be? 

Amanda:  Make sure you take care of yourself too. From the day we find out we’re pregnant we start thinking about others, our little bump, our babies, family and friends. We shift to focus on nurturing for others, especially our children, like it should be but we often put our health and well being on the back burner. In order for us to raise healthy, strong children, we need to make sure we’re taking care of ourselves too, physically, mentally and spiritually (in whatever capacity that is for you). We are the first role models for our children so it’s important they see us living a happy healthy life too.

TLB:  What is the most rewarding thing about being a mother to you? 

Amanda:  Seeing the excitement, newness and curiosity in my little guy’s eyes. I love watching him look at the world or focus on something new. He looks at things with such interest and curiosity that seeing this little person so in awe with life, makes me so excited about the future. I get to see him experience new things, be with him for so many of his ‘firsts’ and help him learn about the world around him. That the biggest gift I could ever ask for and the most rewarding feeling I have ever experienced. I only hope that I’m given the opportunity to share year after year and experience after experience with him.

TLB:  What is the most challenging thing? 

Amanda:  The most challenging thing is to not wish for the ‘hard’ times to pass quickly. In every stage there’s challenging times and sometimes I say to myself, like I’m sure others do too, “I can’t wait for him to grow out of this” or “this stage to be over.” But for him to be out of one stage means he’s growing up into the next and I’m sad he’s growing so fast as it is! There will be hard times in each stage so I have to remember that this time will fly by and someday I’ll look back and wish he was small again.

TLB:  It’s Spring and it’s a great time to be outside.  You recognize that one of the challenges for moms is to take care of their physical health by staying active.  How does that play into this giveaway? 

Amanda:  This goes back to making sure we take care of ourselves too. With babies, families and work or other obligations, moms often put things like their health and physical well being on the backburner. During pregnancy our bodies go through a big transformation and our hormones sometimes put us on a roller coaster ride long after having baby. If you’re anything like me you have to work hard to keep the weight off and losing this baby weight hasn’t been easy. So we’re offering a Flex Wireless Activity Fitbit along with a few of Rumina’s great products to help motivate moms to take steps (literally) towards getting physically and mentally healthy! So put on that Rumina Tank, clip on your Fitbit, grab baby and head out, cause it’s Spring!

TLB:  Is there anything else that you would like to communicate to TLB readers and/or mothers today?

Amanda:  We love seeing moms in their Rumina tanks! For those moms getting out and being active in your Rumina products we would love to see how you’re wearing your tanks, either on their own, under a camisole or something else. Take a quick pic when you’re out and about being active in your Rumina products, post to either our Facebook page or #pumpandnurse on Twitter and receive a something something from Rumina!


Rumina is giving away two great prize bundles!

The Grand Prize consists of a Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband by Fitbit, a New Racerback Relaxed Hands-Free Pump&Nurse Bra by Rumina and the winner’s choice of either a Classic Coverage or Full Coverage Pump&Nurse Tank by Rumina.  Retail Value: $181.95

The Runner Up Prize consists of a Rumina’s New Racerback Relaxed Hands-Free Pump&Nurse Bra and the choice of either a Classic Coverage or Full Coverage Pump&Nurse Tank.  Retail Value: $82.00

**The New Racerback Relaxed Bra is currently in production and we’ll ship to the winners as soon as we receive our inventory. Esitmated shipping times will be emailed to the winners.


Rumina’s New Racerback Relaxed Bra

SbS full view tanks_72

Rumina’s Classic Coverage and Full Coverage Pump&Nurse Styles


Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband by Fitbit
Color: Red (to support the American Heart Association’s Go Red For Women movement)

Currently Leakies can find great Rumina products at and more information about the Fitbit at


Good luck to everyone!  Please use the widget below to be entered.  The giveaway is open from Tuesday May 13th 2014 through Tuesday May 20th 2014.  A big thanks to Amanda and Rumina for their ongoing support of TLB and all breastfeeding women; please be sure to visit their Facebook page  or follow them on twitter  (@RuminaHandsFree) and thank them for their support of TLB and this giveaway opportunity.

This giveaway is restricted to U.S. residents only.

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  1. Melinda Elliott says

    We walk! Since my little guy is still young its easy to throw him in mei tai or stroller and go!

  2. Already just being pregnant, I’m taking worse care of myself than before. Less exercise, worse diet. Oof!

  3. Just keeping up with my son has kept me pretty active.

  4. Back at work… so I try to take the stairs (7 flights!)

  5. Amy Kat Cooper says

    I work on a college campus and make the 10 minute walk from the parking garage to the building I work in twice a day unless it’s raining. I also take as many stairs as I can as often as I can. That and chasing my toddler gives me a lot more exercise than I got before I had my 2nd little boy.

  6. Carrie s says

    Going to the gym and taking advantage of the kids club!

  7. Carrie McBride says

    We take the stroller out on walks. Sometimes it even puts my little to sleep.

  8. I walk at least 30 mins a day.

  9. I go walking every day with my kids (2 and 4) in a jogging stroller and my 7-month-old on my back. I also am trying to keep up with going jogging in the early mornings 1-3x per week, when I can get my husband to watch the kids. I would love to go to the gym but we don’t have one nearby.

  10. Amanda Cromby says

    I try to stay active by going on walks with my kids as often as I can. Once I’m 6 weeks postpartum I’d love to get back to the gym and start running and swimming again. My ancient fitbit died so a new one would be great! I loved seeing how many steps I got and competing with my friends.

  11. shanda f says

    We walk to pick up big sister from school which is a mile away. We also go on nightly walks as a family.

  12. Nicole R says

    I make a priority to exercise at home while my little one is sleeping.

  13. I walk with my LO in a carrier but I would like to start running and doing more…bouncy type things. Like dancing and cross fit type work again. It would help to find a good nursing sports bra. The first time I tried running after pregnancy was eye opening. I had NO idea exactly how much more boob I had and how much heavier they were. My old sports bras don’t even come close to supporting what I have, even double and triple layered. :-/.

  14. I haven’t been cleared yet to do exercise but I plan on lots of walking with my babe! And I hope to have motivation to do workout DVDs and hopefully pickup running again. What I need is a good jogging stroller!

  15. Bonnie L says

    Chase a toddler and 4 dogs around the dog run…hey, it keeps them entertained and me active.

  16. Aliesha Zoe says

    The thing that would help the most for me to get/stay active is if my little one would actually sleep through the night finally. Haha

  17. We take lots of walks, he loves to be outside. I try to incorporate some kind of exercise in to everyday activities.

  18. I need to get back to running but I need something to help poke me with a bit more motivation. The fitbit might work.

  19. Jessica Hipsher says

    Planning to walk but for now I’m pregnant with my first child and I’ve been so sick I’ve not had the energy to do anything

  20. katherine says

    I like to do pilates 🙂

  21. Domanique says

    We walk to our local gym and participate in classes. I need that hour to focus on me and being strong and healthy and my lil guy needs that time to play with other kiddos.

  22. Sarah Griffin says

    To stay active, I like to go for walks with my kids or sometimes by myself.

  23. Thank heavens for my BOB running stroller. We use that all the time, the walk and to run. I like to wear her and walk, too. From about 6-9 months the only way she would nap was on me, so I would walk for hours. It really helps that my husband is supportive and he likes for me to be able to do solo-runs at least a couple of days a week, too.

  24. I go to the gym 3 mornings a week. It’s my sanity. And it means I can shower in peace without the fear of a little person getting hurt! We also chose our gym based on the childcare, so I know my kids are played with and loved 🙂

  25. Regina Campbell says

    I’m a new mom and first time mom, these prizes would be awesome. I’m excited to get more active with my new baby.

  26. I certainly don’t get enough exercise. With working full time, a long commute, and an early and long bedtime routine for the LO, there’s just not enough hours in the day. I do run around and play with my little one, but that’s about all I can fit into my day.

  27. Mia Walshe says

    I try to get to the gym a few times a week. Also go swimming with my toddler. Most helpful thing would be a more agreeable, less clingy kid! 😛

  28. Debbie F says

    I have a mommy workout buddy – we push each other to continue to workout

  29. Now that the weather is finally warmer we try to get out for a walk.

  30. Audra-Lee says

    Walking/ jogging works for me but I need good weather! I’m lucky to have a good double stroller. Being at home by myself with my boys for 12 hours a day is exhausting so popping them in there for a quick jog is actually a rest! Especially since my 3 year old doesn’t want to nap anymore!

  31. I chase after my kiddos!

  32. Elizabeth S says

    I need to set aside time and support and accountability

  33. I’m physically active because I have to be. My kids are 6, 3 and 1 and one on the way. The older ones are very active and we love to take walks to the park or even just around the block. Chasing 3 kids can be pretty tiring!

  34. Michelle Green says

    just had my 4th baby and it gets harder to find a routine – every time! i start with walks and yoga and floor exercises at home to build up strength – then utilize the gym once my baby can be in their childcare room!

  35. pumping, chasing after my 3 year old, trying to do workout videos

  36. Jesharelah says

    I like to take walks with my daughter!

  37. Jessica Hughes says

    We do a lot of walking! I have my oldest in a stroller, and my youngest in a Tula on my back. With the hot summer weather coming, I’m sure we’ll transition to the pool soon!

  38. Chasing after my kids, and I go walking a lot. I wish I had more time to go to the gym.

  39. I stay active by chasing a toddler (while pregnant!). I’ve been wanting the FitBit to help me keep track and be more aware of just how much I’m moving or not.

  40. I tried to work out in the gym, but exhaustion just takes over sometimes. And I know I will feel amazing if I work out, but getting there is,…. Hard

  41. Shanna M says

    I think having a great support system helps out a lot! It’s easier to find time to go walking or jogging when someone is willing to watch the kiddos. Or if I can find a way to involve the kids, but that isn’t always the easiest. Plus if I have enough sleep I have more energy and it’s eaiser to go exercise. On the flip side of that, if I exercise I sleep better.

  42. Walking with the kids!

  43. Katie G. says

    About the only way I can get a workout done is to wake up before the kids get up to do it. With a new one due in June, things will change. But I plan to workout while the new one is napping and the older ones are at school.

  44. Melissa C. says

    Mostly I like to walk the hills in our neighborhood while pushing the stroller. Including our toddler, that’s almost 50lbs extra!

  45. Anne perry says

    Daily walks while babywearing.

  46. Samantha M. says

    I try to take the kids to places where I will have to walk. Then I can wear the baby while walking around with the older kids.

  47. We are trying to walk more as a family.

  48. Janelle Rowley says

    I try to set aside 30-40 mins a day to workout by myself, but my son and I often go take long walks or play in the yard. It’s important for me to teach him to be active by example. A lot of my family members are obese and I’d like to break that tradition!

  49. Lindsey Velders says

    Having 4 girls under the age of 5, my days home with them are spent running and playing with them. I also work a very physical job, as a veterinary technician, so I’m constantly moving and often wrestling some creature… Both at work and home! 😉

  50. Family bike rides are great for all of us.

  51. Laura Fernandez-Benge says

    We walk. I want to get back to running, but I can’t find a good sports bra for a nursing mother. That would make it so much better if I could.

  52. Kathy Doyon says

    We walk but I would love to do yoga with my little!

  53. Hayley Elliott says

    The only exercise I get lately is just running around after my kids. I would love to start running again. Having a sitter or maybe even a jogger stroller would help. What I would love though is to have membership at the Y again so I take my Pilates and yoga classes again.

  54. I go on walks with my family.

  55. I am in love with my double stroller. So I put both kids in and go for a walk. It helps to keep me active and I get to use the stroller! I also have a very energetic two year old, so no matter what, I stay very active!

  56. I walk 10 min to and from my little guy’s day care to feed him at lunch times and have developed great arm muscles from carrying him and the car seat around. I can’t wait until he’s one year old and can ride in a bike trailer instead of driving to and from work, but that’s another 5 months plus one winter away, since he was born in late October. I signed up for a group challenge to develop better fitness habits, but have found that the gym doesn’t open its day care early enough for me to go before work, and the little guy is already cranky/exhausted by the time I pick him up, so the most we’ve been able to do is take short walks after work once we get home. There has to be a better way!!

  57. Amanda H says

    I love taking walks with my little man and when I have time, I do an exercise video here and there.

  58. I try and do little things daily like plank and crunch but it would be a lot easier if I had an actual workout routine worked out where baby goes with gramma and grampa and me and my husband go workout together!

  59. The 18 month old LOVES to go on walks! We have a large apartment so he walks as far as he can before he starts to get distracted or keeps sitting down, and then I throw him in the carrier for a while, and he squirms to get down, and repeat! I also got a bike seat for him him that puts him in front of me for Christmas and ever since then then we ride at least 2 miles a day. He looooves “bikey!” lol

  60. We walk an walk and walk!

  61. Shannon Williams says

    Justin keeping up with the kids.

  62. I walk my behemoth Malamute while Dad hangs out with the baby. Doubles as an arm workout with all the leash wrangling!

  63. Stacie McDonald says

    We try to walk as much as possible as a family and I also do some weight lifting with my husband. It’s nice for us to have that time together as well as getting fit.

  64. Cass Martinez says

    Right now just keeping up with the littles but I really do need/want to start getting out and at least taking neighborhood walks with them!

  65. Jena Lara says

    I try to walk and get outside. My fitbit broke, but that was a GREAT motivator!!!

  66. We garden! It’s great exercise and we get to eat healthy home grown veggies as a plus!

  67. Lots of walking. I’m trying to start some strength training – body weight exercises while kiddo lets me.

  68. I do a ton of walking. I used the moby wrap when my daughter was tiny, then the Ergo, now the stroller, and we get outside every day to walk. It keeps me sane and has really helped me stay healthy. The fresh air is great for us both as well. Now that I am pregnant again I added prenatal yoga to my routine, which has been a great, relaxing discovery.

  69. Hands-free pumping sounds amazing! I’d love to be able to use both my hands during my lunch break

  70. Leah Bowen says

    I walk with my girls, one in a Moby wrap which gives me extra resistance!

  71. Keeping up with my son keeps me pretty active!

  72. I try getting at least a 20-30 min workout done in the morning when my son is having his breakfast.

  73. I’m currently doing a couch to 5k with a friend, which is helping me stay accountable (she’s trying to get pregnant but isn’t yet, so we’ll see how far we get). Hubby and I also can trade off gym times so we can get there even after the childcare is closed.

  74. Michelle B. says

    I’m not physically fit. After two babies I hate the way I look. The one thing I need more of is time. I work a high stress desk job 10-12 hrs a day and then spend as much time with my babies ad possible until I have to put them to bed. Somehow I need to figure out something to give up so I can work out more.

  75. Lauren Simms says

    Just keeping up with my young kiddos right now

  76. I just started doing mommy and baby yoga!

  77. I chase my little guy around the yard. He loves to run and play.

  78. Alison Maffett says

    I try to fit in a workout during my lo’s naps she also enjoys working out and makes up her own routine for me to follow.

  79. I stay active by walking. It really makes me feel refreshed mentally and physically.

  80. Rachael K says

    We recently moved to a town that’s very walkable, with the park, library, and many shops just blocks away. So we are out and about and moving a LOT more!

  81. a daily walk with baby in the stroller… wish i had a better stroller for that!

  82. Erin Edington-Zabel says

    Just joined a gym and we go for walks. My gym time is my “me time.” Very stress relieving.

  83. I do a workout DVD during nap time! I have quite a collection to help keep it interesting! My husband also helps me out by watching the kids on the weekend while I hit the gym.

  84. Kristina says

    Once spring actually comes to MN, I’ll start walking then doing some sort of home workouts. My baby is only 5 weeks, so this is my first adventure into trying to stay in shape with a little person.

  85. I’d love to go to Zumba at a gym (I have friends who looooove it) but it’s hard to do with a one income family in an expensive part of the country- all extra money goes to the girls (or to replace the car my husband just wrecked).

  86. Tonja Honsey says

    Being pregnant and having a previous pelvic injury its hard but I walk 5 days a week, yoga, & belly dance

  87. Jacqueline says

    I’m wearing my baby (4mo and 21lbs) and call it strength training 😉

  88. walking to school and quick bursts of push ups throughout the day!

  89. Katherine says

    We go for daily walks. I’d like to get back to the gym but childcare is an issue so I try to do exercise dvds a few times a week.

  90. Kayla Clay says

    I like to take walks with my kiddos!

  91. I stay active by chasing my kids around!

  92. Dayna McNattin says

    Some days, simply being pregnant feels like workout enough :-p

  93. I love to go on walks with my kids in the double stroller.
    It also doesn’t hurt to turn on some fun music and have a little dance party and jump around with my toddler acting silly.

  94. I try to workout daily and take as many walks as I can. I would love a new sports bra!

  95. Anne Perry says

    babywearing and tandem nursing

  96. My older kids enjoy going to the park and there’s one a few blocks from the house. So we put the lo in her stroller and walk to the park, instead of driving.

  97. Wendy Jabkowski says

    I stay active by keeping up with my toddler and chasing him around while he tries to get into trouble! I think a FitBit device would help me to keep track of my activity and would be really helpful to keep me more active.

  98. I take a walk when I’m wearing him during his nap. I also get my exercise when we dance or chase each other around.

  99. Michelle says

    My girls and I walk to the park/playground 🙂

  100. My little one is only a month old and nurses quite often. I also just started medicine for PPD and have little desire to get any exercise right now. I’m working on motivating myself and will get there. Soon.

  101. Talia B. says

    It is hard to exercise with my littles. Within 10 minutes they are crawling on me or crying for me. But l love to walk with them and dance!

  102. We ride our bikes, with my 2 yr old in a trailer on my bike. With #2 on the way, I’ll be out walking more and will keep riding my bike until it’s no longer comfortable. I would walk a lot more if I had a treadmill in the house but it would be hard to keep the toddler off of it

  103. I have a very active job, and when I’m home we try to play outside and garden. Add baby wearing and calls it strength training!

  104. Nicole M. says

    It’s not much but we like going to the park as much as possible. When the weather is nice we like taking our dogs for walks, which my daughter loves!

  105. Ppd has knocked me out for the most part- getting off the couch to care for my son is hard enough, exercise hasn’t been put in the picture yet. Hopefully soon.

  106. Emily Miller says

    I use my elliptical after my ds has gone to bed. I wish there were more hours in the day though as I work full time

  107. Jessica Adams says

    My daughter, dog and I go for a walk every morning on a nearby college campus. If nap time happens (and it doesn’t always) I try to run a bit on our treadmill.

  108. Laura Russell says

    Going for walks outside, loving the nice weather!

  109. I have to remember to buy enough healthy food, especially fruits, not only for my toddler, but also for ME!

  110. I walk the dogs every day, and we take family walks after dinner at least a couple times a week

  111. Jessica Wood says

    Oh my gosh that tank top looks so comfortable!
    and that bra looks like it could actually contain the girls!

  112. I love to run, but I’m taking it easy and slowly getting back into it after #2. I’m only 4 weeks post-partum after a c-section so I have a few more weeks of gentle recovery.

  113. Lisa Humphries says

    Walking! Lots and lots of walking! And hiking 🙂

  114. I try to take regular walks with my kids. Other than that, wearing my newborn and chasing my toddler are my only forms of exercise right now!

  115. I love being outside…but having an office job doesnt give me much time to exercise in the great outdoors.
    So i spend my time outside during my other responsibilities. I walk to and from the grocery store or get off a couple stops early on the subway and walk to work (on especially sunny days).

  116. Michelle T says

    I try to spend as much time outside as I can! It helps having am older child to run and play with :)! It’s be most helpful to own a sports nursing bra!

  117. Bo Singleton says

    Setting aside time is the most important thing for me to accomplish the goal of working out

  118. running and walking

  119. I don’t do too much right now, being over 8 months pregnant and tired ALL THE TIME. In general, though, I love running, and I’ll even take my kids with me sometimes. I think it’s great to involve your kids, but also to SHOW that healthy habits are important.

  120. Patricia says

    Running after the toddler! Looking forward to warm weather so we can all get outside together.

  121. Nicole Maginnis says

    We hike every Tuesday I have off with my mom and her friend. I work at an animal hospital so lifting and squatting is my daily workout 😉

  122. Alexandra Pitcher says

    Going for walks or to the park; I put our newborn in the carrier and our toddler in the stroller!!

  123. Angie D. says

    My 2 year old and I play outside every day and take brisk stroller walks several times a week.

  124. We love to swim

  125. Brittany says

    We walk…and I push 40lb of kids in the stroller while trying to control our 70lb dog from running! It’s a great workout.

  126. I don’t do much to stay fit right now, besides chasing my twin 2 year-olds. But I’d liked to get out and walk more, and eventually get back into running!

  127. Jennifer says

    More time in the evening to take a walk would help me most! I want to walk/ride my bike, but it always seems by the time dinner is over and cleaned up, it’s time to get ready for bed.

  128. Walking!

  129. Wearing my bubs while walking, errand-running, climbing stairs and running around the house (just about all our waking hours) gives me a pretty good workout!

  130. Janna Smith says

    I spend as much time outside as possible with my little girl. Chasing after her is great exercise! We also go to the community center gym. They have free childcare and their staff is excellent! Its a win-win because it provides me as a stay-at-home mom the support I need to get in shape and my child some mich needed space and time with other kids.

  131. deborah wolf says

    My 5 kids and I walk or bike ride. But I love just 20 mins of solitary jogging. My eldest daughter babysits her younger siblings so that is my biggest help.

  132. Katie Porter says

    Trying to squeeze in the gym as much as possible – but I hate leaving my baby girl!!

  133. Annalyse says

    We have started taking weekly walks to the ice cream shop a few blocks away. Might be counterproductive, but it works until I can get into a routine to get back to the gym!

  134. I walk with friends and my little one and I just signed up for swimming lessons.

  135. I need to remember to exercise!

  136. Linny Byrnes says

    I’d love to win one of these prizes.I go back to work next week and will be pumping for my ebf little girl. I’m hoping it all goes well. Luckily my husband is able to take some paternity leave to make the transition easier at first. We are blessed!

  137. Crystal McClintock says

    Walking and active games with my older kids like soccer, kickball, etc..,

  138. Thank goodness for the jogging stroller! Though lately I’m happy just to get a walk in.

  139. Jacquie Rogerson says

    I try to take the stairs at work whenever I can and try to sneak in 5 min workouts through out the day.

  140. I do mom and baby yoga, baby wearing and squats. Also breastfeeding is an awesome way to burn an extra 500 calories a day !!!

  141. I just started going back to the gym–I only make it Saturdays and Sundays–but it is a start!

  142. Hayley Seymore says

    I like to take my twins for walks but other wise I’m pretty lazy about exercise.

  143. Right now cooking the baby and nesting is keeping me active. I can’t wait to start walking with my guy!

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