TLB Reviews: Líllébaby All Seasons Carrier

The Goods: líllébaby Complete All Seasons Carrier in Stone

The Reviewers: Micah and Amy

The Good: 

Micah says…

photo (3)

On a hike with Baby Hobbit- this was our first outdoor excursion with the lillébaby All Seasons Carrier.

My  complaint with soft structure carriers has always been that I couldn’t wear them for very long without my back hurting. The lillébaby All Seasons Carrier is the first soft structure carrier to solve that problem for me with the lumbar support. Previously, I would find myself needing to adjust whatever carrier I was wearing in an attempt to stay comfortable. The lumbar support on the lillébaby All Seasons Carrier not only supports my lower back, it also helps me to get the carrier on right the first time because of the way it lays on my back. I’m a big fan of the extra long straps and the fact that they can be worn backpack style or criss-crossed as it allows for maximum comfort while baby wearing. Speaking of the straps- I love that they are placed in such a way that you pull them from the front when wearing baby on the front. Other soft structured carriers require you to reach around your back and pull the straps from your shoulders, which is no easy feat- especially with a baby strapped to you!

None of our children have cared to forward face when being carried, but the fact that this carrier is convertible and can be used both ways is pretty cool and adds value as you are really getting 2 carriers for the price of 1. The neck support is fantastic for providing support for a sleeping baby’s head without having to put the full hood up and in doing so make baby warmer and uncomfortable. Additionally, I love that the front panel unzips to allow baby’s body to be cooler, especially in warmer temperatures. Our children tend to be little heaters, so this carrier helps mommy and daddy to stay a bit cooler as well.

photo (2)

We took Baby Hobbit out on the town with us for our anniversary last month. As you can see, she was quite comfortable!

Amy says… Soft-structured carriers (SSC’s) tend to be a recipe for sweat in the humid summer heat where we live. Baby usually ends up too hot to stay in the carrier, which defeats the purpose of trying to use it (and means schlepping the carrier and baby separately). The mesh material used and zip-down front panel on this carrier live up to the “all seasons” name; it really is cooler! To that end, the neck support being there without needing the hood to support our little guy’s head was very appreciated in the summer heat!

We’ve used it with our newborn for the first few months of his life and both my husband and I have been really happy with this one.  I was able to breastfeed in it just by lowering the waist band a bit. I got some looks, but they were mostly in awe that I could wear him, feed him, and have the use of both of my hands! (The stone color also meant that we can switch this one back and forth and both be happy wearing it. My husband is totally fine wearing my cutesy patterned babywearing stuff, but he prefers this one over the rest!)

My absolute favorite thing about this carrier is the lumbar support! We have a few other soft-structured buckle carriers and a narrow waist belt will compress exactly the wrong part of my lower back and make it really sore. The little lumbar support panel on the líllébaby All Seasons makes a HUGE difference, both distributing baby’s weight more evenly and making the carrier WAY more comfortable to wear, especially for longer stretches. Lumbar support in action: (excuse the crappy picture!)

lillebaby lumbar

Really, I just love that little panel! I think all SSC’s should be designed this way, it’s *awesome!*

The Bad:

Micah says…The only bad thing I have to say about this carrier is that none of the accessories are included. I don’t expect manufacturers to include every accessory imaginable with their carrier, but I would love it if they included things that most parents would appreciate, like teething pads, with the carrier instead of selling them separately.

Amy says… After the first few times we adjusted the seat, it was easier, but the snap system  for the seat can be a little tricky at first. (Do not attempt to change the seat from wide to narrow for the first time if your baby is already unhappy…not that I’d know, or anything!) The way the seat on this carrier adjusts is really clever, I actually like it a lot.

The Ugly: 

Micah says… At the risk of sounding a bit picky, I will say that I don’t really like that the neck support doesn’t stay in place when not in use. there are snaps to hold it in place when folded down, but the weight of the baby prevents them from staying snapped. In future models I think it would be great if lillébaby addressed this. While it isn’t an issue of functionality, I feel like this does detract a bit from the overall look of the carrier.

Amy says… To use this carrier for a newborn, they recommend rolling up a hand towel or blanket and using it as a seat. We had trouble finding a blanket that was the right size to create the seat height we needed for our newborn. Even once we did, it’s a pain to be rolling up a seat and having to tote an extra blanket for that purpose. I’d much prefer an integral newborn seat or insert that just does the job without any guess work. (That might sound a little stupid, but a 30×30 receiving blanket rolls up differently than a hand towel or a big muslin swaddling blanket, know what I mean? A minor issue, but still a point of potential improvement in what is otherwise an awesome SSC. My husband’s favorite, in fact!)

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  1. Sierra la Rue says

    Great info!!thank you!

  2. Misty McQuiston says

    Awesome review! Hope to get one for my new lil squish! 🙂

  3. Stephanie says

    I’m a die hard ergo fan, but I love trying new carriers and would love to give this one a whirl!

  4. Great review 🙂

  5. Heidi Johnson says

    I love that this carrier is designed with keeping parent/baby cool in mind. I like the lumbar support and neutral color also, those features would probably make this a carrier that my husband would use.

  6. I would love to try Lillebaby carrier. I’m very interested to in the lumbar support as I have a bad back and normally can’t wear my ssc for more than 30 minutes without being in pain.

  7. Angela Savin says

    I thought the reviews were thorough. They both were very informative on both sides, positive and negative.

  8. I love soft carriers! I’ve never tried a Lillie baby, but I really like the sound of the lumbar support. I find that the most difficult thing with baby carrying. It is a bummer that the carrier isn’t really designed for newborns, but doesn’t seem like a lot of them are. Still, sounds like a great product!

  9. I was *just* looking at this carrier online & wondering if it would be more comfy for me than an Ergo. The lumbar support looks fabulous. And I love the extra head support for a sleeping little one.

    • The ergo was our first carrier and neither of us found it comfortable after about 30 minutes of wearing it-the design of the Lillebaby we found to be uber comfy for both of our frames! (I am very short and narrow and Micah is definitely taller and broader!). Loved LOVED the difference that the lumbar support made! My weak lower back was in carrier heaven:)

  10. Melissa Johnson says

    I like that this carrier has lumbar support and that it can be used in winter and summer.

  11. Michele Rodocker says

    I agree with both Micah and Amy in that some accessories should be included with carriers nowadays- as they keep getting more and more expensive, yet nothing is included. It would be nice to have teething pads, and an infant seat insert included (who needs to carry another blanket around?). Yet, I would still love to own a lillebaby!

  12. I love the lillebaby, I would love to win this carrier for my sister!

  13. Cassandra Eastman says

    I think it sounds like an amazing carrier! It looks really comfortable, I love that it has an ergonomic seat for baby and can be worn on the front and back!

  14. I have this carrier and love it! I agree with the good, the bad, and the ugly! Two more negatives to add- the pocket to stash your keys is on the panel that unzips. When the panel is unzipped and rolled up, I can’t use the pocket. Also, I’ve tried rolling the hood and stashing it under the head support, but when it comes unsnapped (usually when my baby stretches or arches her back to see something) the hood unrolls. It hangs in front of the mesh panel. Those two minor complaints aside, I LOVE this carrier. So comfortable and cool even on hot days.

    • Rebekah- I’m sorry, I responded to you but apparently the website ate my comment! I hadn’t considered the pocket for your keys or other items as I generally have my keys and other things in the back pockets of my jeans, good callout on your part. As for the hood, I’ve found that it’s actually pretty easy to just roll it up and tuck it inside itself. Hope that helps!

  15. Nicole U says

    I love that there is a carrier designed to keep you cooler during the summer months! I like the lumbar support because it looks that it does a better job distributing the weight on your hips rather than on your shoulders. I agree with Amy on using a blanket during the newborn position can be a pain to deal with. Overall I like the carrier and I’m crossing my fingers for this one! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  16. Anne Perry says

    I like the high neck support and that older babies can be worn.

  17. This sounds like a great carrier. The reviews are very thorough. It’s great to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly!

  18. Thanks for the review!
    Seems like a great SSC. Our little guy (4 months) is finally big enough to be comfortable in the Ergo, though I roll up a blanket under him to get him a little higher (don’t have the “pillow” part of the insert). But I haven’t used the sleeping hood yet because it’s been way too hot, and he’s been getting so sweaty anyway. So the All Seasons Carrier looks much better for summer, and looks to grow with baby better too! (fingers crossed!)

  19. Ashley N says

    Thank for you for thorough review! I really like that baby can face in or out (or on the back). It makes it a very versatile carrier. I’m also a huge fan of the zip away center for warm days.

  20. I don’t yet have this carrier to personally review, but that lumbar support sounds heavenly and makes it a real standout from other carriers. I wear my baby for hours a day wherever I am, and my back is already aching from it (I usually use a wrap, we also have a Beco).

  21. Sierra Stringfield Perryman says

    I like my Tula, but right after I bought it my favorite babywearing aficionado raved about the Lillebaby and I was bummed I didn’t know about it sooner. When they came out with the All Seasons model I knew I’d have to break down and get it. It’s like the best of all worlds! Comfy and cushiony for baby, better support for my back, better support for baby’s head, a hood, a pocket, ability to forward face…and a cooler carrier! I’m always warm and my lo is a furnace so carriers can be a challenge. I really hope this helps keep us more comfortable. Thanks for the helpful review. I was feeling a little uncertain about buying yet another carrier, but you’ve convinced me I really do need it 🙂

  22. I’m excited about the back support. I use the ergo, but my lower back does start to hurt after a few hours. As far as bad and ugly, I would love to see more colors and patterns. And, I would also be annoyed if I had to readjust the straps each time. After the ergo where they stay in place, that would take getting used to.

  23. I think the lumbar support would be wonderful! The carrier I have now makes me feel like I’m pregnant all over again because of my posture when carrying. I’d be interested to know if the baby sits low or if this can be adjusted- my current carrier doesn’t really adjust to getting the baby higher on my chest which makes it even more uncomfortable but unfortunately I spent $$$ on it so cannot buy a new carrier 🙁 but I’d love to win one- haha.

  24. Love the pics and the carrier!

  25. The padding with the lumbar support and the padding accompanying the chest clip seem to be going a little overboard, (ie not something I’d be willing to pay extra for) but I would love to try one and see how it compares to my other SSCs! I love that the reviewer says that the material keeps you from overheating, as I have that problem in all seasons.

  26. My friend just got this carrier for her 1yr. old and loves it! How cool would it be to win one and try it out too! Plus it would be great to demonstrate with my childbirth education and doula clients! Thanks for the pros and cons! Love your blog!

  27. I am currently borrowing the Lillebaby Organic from my local babywearing group and I absolutely LOVE it! I’ve tried SO. MANY. CARRIERS., especially SSCs, and this is by far the best one! I am really curious about the all seasons. I wear my son all the time and the summers/fall in Oregon do get hot. I really think the all seasons will be what we want. I do wonder if the mesh will wear down quicker than the organic material. I wish our group had received the all seasons to review as well as the organic! Either way, I am buying a Lillebaby. It’s the most complete (see what I did there?) carrier I’ve ever tried.

  28. Alexandria says

    I love carrying my 2 yr old in his standard KP, however I would love to try new carriers if I could afford to. This one sounds awesome and I hope it can hold a toddler otherwise I will stash it away till I have another! 🙂

  29. I love the flexible options to make it less hot. Both my husband and I wear our baby and toddler frequently, but often find ourselves hot an sweaty afterwords. This carrier would help!

  30. Julia Miller says

    I like how thoughtful the descriptions of issues are. The towel/blanket part does sound irksome, but it sounds like a great carrier for older babies. I like how adjustable it appears with the modeled pics!

  31. Jutta P. says

    The Good: well, it’s a soft structured carrier that makes baby wearing a breeze (literally)
    The Bad: Expensive
    The Ugly: Looks a little complicated

  32. I would love to win a lillebaby all seasons . I love the lumbar support of the lillebaby. All of my carriers except my lillebaby complete (the original one) cause me severe back pain. I love the idea of a mesh back so that we could keep cooler in the summer, the regular one gets way too hot. I have to agree that the seat adjustment is a pain, but once adjusted is really nice. Rolling the blanket up is a pain as well. I found a large receiving blanket that worked until I could just adjust the seat, but remembering to bring it and arranging it tended to upset the baby.

  33. Love seeing baby wearing daddies!

  34. My baby would love this. We get sweaty but we love carriers!

  35. Stephanie Wahab says

    I really like the fact that the lillebaby has good lumbar support as I have back problems and most carriers hurt my back. The towel for newborns doe sound a little annoying but if my back is happy, I can live with that. =)

  36. Catie Herman says

    My husband and I are both “plus size” any news on the length of the waist belt? I love my Mai Tai and ring slings for my babies, but not knowing if they would fit is what has stopped us from investing in a soft structured carrier. We’re out in the boondocks, so running into Portland to try it on at some boutique isn’t an option.

  37. My back needs something like this

  38. I have the same problem with heat and babywearing as you – my son and I both get way too hot in our Ergo when the weather is warm, and it gets really hot for most of the summer here. As a result, we’ve been using the stroller for walks and the Ergo mostly just indoors. I would love to have one if these to et back to babywearing walks!

  39. Kalli Wilson says

    I love my lillebaby carrier! It does get warm in the summer so the all seasons one is a great idea!

  40. I just got one of these a month ago after having used Ergos exclusively for the past 4 years. While I do like it, there are a few minor annoyances. My biggest complaint is lack of storage for the hood with the panel down, so I took my hood off for now and hope my toddler doesn’t decide to fall asleep when we’re in the sun. I also have a harder time buckling the top strap behind me than I do with my Ergo (that may just be me- who knows?!). I do love how versatile it is and wish I’d had it when we were visiting D.C. for the 4th of July- I think toddler and I would have been cooler. Would love to win another for a friend.

  41. Sarah Hayes says

    i think it looks great. I like how padded the straps are and how easy it is to wear

  42. this seem like an awesome carrier i love that dad can carrier too something i would like my hubby to get into its looks really comfy too ..something i want to try!! thanks

  43. I love that the fabric panel folds down and there’s mesh for the summer season. What a cool idea! I’ve only ever seen the mesh on a Kinderpack, but with that there is no option to cover up the mesh for cooler seasons.

  44. jenn mcclearn says

    I love the zip down panel , my baby always gets sweaty in her carrier. I dislike the fact that you need to use a rolled up towel to support a newborn. I do not plan to have any more babies but tat seems unsafe and kind of annoying especially if you forget a towel while traveling

  45. Kaitlyn Wilcox says

    I have a lillebaby complete and I LOVE it.
    My review for lillebaby:
    The good : lumbar support! Also, the straps are more comfortable than any other ssc I have tried on.
    The bad : no pocket or place to stash hood.
    The ugly: hot, Hot, HOT!!!! We both get so sweaty while wearing my baby in the summer! I would LOVE. To win the all seasons because I think it will make a huge difference. I would also like 2 ssc so my husband and I can each have one without having to adjust the buckles everytime
    Thanks so much The Leaky B00b!!!

  46. I love that this carrier truly is “all-seasons” – hate when they get too hot! But I really dislike when awesome carriers such as these don’t include a newborn insert. 🙁

  47. Mallory banks says

    We currently have an original ergo and it’s
    Way too hot for our new climate in oklahoma! Could really use a more breathable
    Option and this seems like just the thing! fingers crossed, and thanks!

  48. Michelle T says

    I love that the Lillebaby All Seasons can be warmer in winter and cooler in the summer with that zip up, zip down panel! I don’t wear my baby facing out, so this is what makes the Lillebaby like 2 carriers in one for me!

  49. i love that is carrier is cooler since i live in texas, that is really helpful!!

  50. Sheridan says

    I would love to try this carrier! Your review is so great, I love the pictures!
    I would say the good is definitely the stylish color and support, my husband has had back surgery so that would be a big plus for him! The bad would be the learning curve for how to get baby in safely and quickly but I don’t think there are any ugly features! Thanks for the giveaway!

  51. My husband was interested in this carrier at the International Babywearing Conference and I want to encourage him in any way possible to babywear! I think it was the lumbar support that sold him (good).

    However, I would love a ssc that does not need an insert or a rolled towel (bad and ugly).

    Team Ferasin for the win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. I love that this carrier offer lumbar support, we have an ergo, and use it often. But I am finding that as my girl gets bigger, my back gets a little sore during long outings. Could def use this carrier when she is a toddler!

  53. I love the lumbar support but I’m not crazy about the hood storage (or lack thereof). I’m also loving the new teal color that is available!

  54. Great review! I’ve been looking at these forever but good carriers can be so expensive 🙁

  55. Thanks so much for reviewing this product! We’ve been saving up for this specific model, so it was really helpful for us to read a review written by people on a website we trust. We’re even more convinced this is the SSC to invest in!

  56. Samantha L says

    The snap system is what I find intimidating. I do love that it has lumbar support and is totally daddy friendly though!

  57. Amanda Young says

    The good with this carrier is the lumbar support and the aim to keep everyone cool, and that plus the neutral color would make this a very sad friendly carrier. The bad for this carrier is lack or newborn support and it may be a little complicated for some. The ugly would be the price for some and the fact that it isn’t very stylish foe others. Overall, the sounds like a solid carrier for both mom and dad.

  58. Stephanie Wheatley says

    Unfortunately I do not yet own a Lillebaby carrier but have done a lot of research on them as I would really like to have one and wish I had bought one to start with. My favorite features of this carrier is the ergonomic aspect of it coupled with the longevity of this carrier. I think it is supporior to others for its height and weight limits in that it can be used for a toddler as well. The matieral of the all season carrier make it comfortable for your child in all seasons without overheating as some carriers are rather hot for your child in the summer months. Its construction seems very strong and would last through extensive use with multiple children. I would love to own this carrier for my young toddler!

  59. Holly Wells says

    I LOVE that it has the lumbar support. We recently did Disney World with our 8 month old and carried him in our ergo the whole time and by the end of the day our lower backs were done. I also really like that it is cool for hot weather.

  60. Kaitlin L. says

    I have never used a Lillebaby carrier before. I do have an Ergo which is nice, but I get concerned about my baby overheating in it sometimes. My Ergo also doesn’t have the option to forward face my baby, which I think she would enjoy. I really like that this carrier has a lumbar support since I have back problems.

  61. Jessica Hughes says

    The lumbar support looks like a huge win to me! I’ve had back problems most of my life, and babywearing for long periods of time is strenuous for me. I’d love to try this carrier out!

  62. First off I hate the fact the accessories are not included. I love the fact this carrier good for those of us with bad backs. Its fantastic it offers lumbar support. I have to say that I am absolutely in love with the fact it supports the sleeping baby’s neck. My carrier digs into my shoulder and kills my back and when baby is asleep I have to support her neck or it flops around. This carrier sounds like it is the answer to my problem.

  63. Michaele h says

    While I’ve never used one, I’ve read wonderful reviews. Would love to give it a go 🙂

  64. Denise Taylor says

    I am so glad to see I was right about the snaps and the neck support! I asked a rep at mommycon and she swore up and down it would not come unsnapped with a child in, despite my having it happen when I put my daughter in to try it out. Other than that, great to see it lives up to the hype 🙂

  65. Aurora P says

    I have no structure carrier, I use a Wrap, the good thing is the close and safe your baby is, the bad would be (specially with wraps) that you get hot and sweat tons, but I thing with a carrier this would be minimized.

  66. Stacy Renee says

    Great review! I’ve been wanting a soft carrier but didn’t think about how it would affect my back so I like the lumbar support, the ability to cross-strap, and that it can be faced both ways.

  67. i love how cool it looks (as in temperature though it looks pretty sweet too) but idk how i feel about the back piece. it looks like an interesting concept but as someone who tends to suffer from sciatica i wonder how well it distributes the weight! its a decent price point. and i agree. drool pads should be included!

  68. I have admired the mesh on this carrier for hot days since I first saw it. I recently purchased a Boba 4, and love it. While cool because of the color I chose, the mesh would be amazing. I agree with your review that it would need an infant insert (which was the reason I chose the Boba I did), but, being that I have the one I do, I could maybe use that as a pattern or snitch it, as it unsnaps easily. After reading this review, I wish that I had seen this before I made my decision to purchase another carrier.

  69. Stephanie O'Day says

    I think it looks great! It looks really comfortable, and SAFE for baby!

  70. amy acevedo says

    I’m loving that this would be a cooler option for summer use and the colors would be perfect for mom or dad…don’t love that there are other accesories to purchase.

  71. sharon b says

    I really like the full neck support for a sleeping baby. I always felt that my son’s head wasn’t supported in my Ergo while he slept. We live in the desert, so the front panel being able to unzip to help cool off the baby is a nice touch also. I’m not crazy about there not being an infant type of insert. I don’t know if I would feel comfortable using this carrier with a newborn. I guess I just need a Lillebaby All Seasons to try out with baby #2 to see if that really bothers me though.

  72. Great to hear about the lumbar support. I have a Mai Tai and find my back starts hurting if wearing too long or if baby starts wiggling.

  73. Maegan Washington says

    I love the lumbar support feature. This is what really draws me to this carrier. I think it would be a fantastic carrier for me because the other carriers I’ve tried have made my back uncomfortable. They also seem very comfy for the little one.

  74. I have been eyeing this carrier online for the past week trying to decide if it is worth a try or not.

    The good: The head support, lumbar support, and zip down panel look like great features!

    The bad: There seem to be no hood on the head support. I would like that for sun protection so I didn’t have to fuss with a hat.

    The ugly: The price. Not many carriers are “cheap” but I would like to find a great one under $100.

  75. jilliann m says

    I love that this is an all seasons carrier. It is so hot in the summer here and this would help me stay cooler while baby wearing. The lumbar support also seems very helpful. I wish there were more color options. I don’t like that you have to use a towel or blanket for a newborn. That seems like it would make it more hot and is just something extra to juggle.

  76. I am a baby carrier manufacturer (mei tais) and on days I don’t want to handle long straps while running errands (yesterday’s constant thunderstorms), the Lillebaby Complete is hands down my go to carrier. I have the Organic version instead of All Season, and we LOVE it. Lillebaby was also very smart lots of little details – the headrest has small buckles to hold it up – when it’s down, the buckles on the strap tuck into little pockets so they’re hidden and won’t catch on anything. The seat folding to a narrower base for front facing (but still wide enough to support hips), is ingenious baby carrier origami. And that lumbar support piece… this carrier was just really well thought out!

    If looking for an SSC, I’ll recommend this one every time. Ergo was so uncomfortable for me, I didn’t even wear it out of the store’s sample area. Boba 3G was ok for front carry, but this round mama did not do well at all with it in back carry. But Lillebaby works equally well for my slim husband and my decidedly round body. PLUS SIZED MAMA-APPROVED!

  77. Samantha S says

    I love that its comfortable for parent and baby!

  78. Living in Florida I love that it’s an all weather carrier. My only carrier, which I have not really gotten a chance to try out is a Mei Tei. My newborn seems too tiny for it even though it says it will hold an 8 pound baby. I think a carrier more like this would be a better fit for us. Though it’s nice to read The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, because frankly there are too many reviews out there that just rave about the carriers without giving real honest in-depth reviews and that makes it hard for someone like me who is new to the carrier world to choose the right carrier for us.

  79. After much research, I purchased this carrier in black. When I arrived home, I was so excited to try it out with my 2 month old. Unfortunately, I quickly noticed how scratchy the mesh material felt against my bare skin. I’m unsure if the mesh material is just as rough on the other colors, but when I bring this back to the store, I am certainly going to check. I loved everything else about this carrier. I’m disappointed that I can’t use it.

  80. Shabdita says

    Hi. So I got the new lillebaby airflow and though I love it my bub doesn’t seem to be very comfortable in it. I tried the scrunch seat because he is about 5 months and 15 lbs but be gets super antsy in the carrier which sort of beats the purpose of it. I was wondering if there was any way of figuring out the right adjustment of the seat for him.

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