“Oh the Places You Go!” Giveaway

For World Breastfeeding Month we’re celebrating just how normal infant feeding is by taking a look at all the places you go!  With brands that support families in their parenting journey, we’re all teaming up for our adventures Up High, Outdoors, Off The Beaten Path, With Water, and Close To Home (pregnancy focused!).  Each week features a theme because we’re feeding our babies and toddlers here, there, and everywhere.  Oh!  The Places You Go!  The prize packs vary every week totaling over $5,000 in value for the whole month.  And we’re going even further, each week there is one winner AND they get to pick a friend to receive a Beco Gemini.  Oh!  The Places You Go together!

But we’re not stopping there, check out how you can be a part of #TLBmoves, on step at a time.


Week 1 logos done 2

Week 1: “Up High”, Total Value: $1091

16 Minute Club: a box of helpful goodies for the breastfeeding mother, $35 value

Bamboobies: a Chic Nursing Shawl, $30 value

Beco: a Beco Soleil baby carrier, $140 value

Belmama and Cherub: a Shower Hug, $30 value

Clek: A brand new Fllo carseat, $380 value

Freja Toys: a Rainbow Bird Nursing/Teething Necklace, $20 value

Gracie & Sam: a Half Buckle Cotton Mei Tai with Harry Potter Spells Cotton-Linen Canvas print, $102 value

KoalaKin: a Koalakin nursing pouch, $90 value

Little Spruce Organics: Two sets of organic cotton nursing pads (flannel & knitted), $14 value

Melinda G: a Dreamy Sleep Bra in black, $25 value

Momzelle: $25 Gift Certificate for momzelle.com, $25 value

Motherlove: Nipple Cream, $10 value

A Mother’s Boutique: winner’s choice of a nursing top from the Annee Matthew collection, up to a $75 value

My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear: a Lil’ Octopus, a $35 value

Naked Nursing Tank: Platinum Light Grey Classic Cotton Edition, $30 value

NuRoo: a Nursing Scarf, $30 value

The Vintage Honey Shop: $20 shop credit, $20 value

 Week 1 prizes final 2

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Week 2 logos done 2


Week 2: “Outdoors”, Total Value: $1012

16 Minute Club: a box of helpful goodies for the breastfeeding mother, $35 value

Bamboobies: a Bamboobies Brahhh, $32 value

Bebe Au Lait: a BAL-ASTORIA nursing cover, $36 value

Beco: a Beco Soleil baby carrier, $140 value

Belmama and Cherub: a Shower Hug, $30 value

Ergobaby: a Performance Baby Carrier, $140 value

Freja Toys: an Organic Cotton Nursing/Teething Necklace, $22 value

Juno Blu: A stylish Ventana breast pump satchel in Mushroom, $185 Value

Little Spruce Organics: a Wooden Sun Puzzle, $34 value

Melinda G: a tee-shirt soft-cup nursing bra style #2115 in nude, $45 value

Momzelle: $25 Gift Certificate for momzelle.com, $25 value

Motherlove: Green Salve, $9 value

A Mother’s Boutique: winner’s choice of a nursing top from the Annee Matthew collection, up to a $75 value

My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear: a Lil’ Octopus, a $35 value

Naked Nursing Tank: Lily White Luxury Bamboo Edition, $40 Value

NuRoo: a Nursing Scarf, $30 value

Nursing Bra Express: Baby Nip Nipple Hat, $20 value

Rumina: a Hands-Free Pump&Nurse Classic Crossover Bra, a $34 value

Undercover Mama: one Undercover Mama, $25 value

The Vintage Honey Shop$20 shop credit, $20 value

Week 2 prizes done 2

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Week 3 logos updated cropped

Week 3: “Off the Beaten Path”, Total Value: $1053

16 Minute Club: a box of helpful goodies for the breastfeeding mother, $35 value

Beco: a Beco Soleil baby carrier, $140 value

Belmama and Cherub: a Shower Hug, $30 value

The Dairy Fairy: an Arden bra, $68 value

Freja Toys: a Petite Linen Nursing/Teething Necklace, $20 value

Gracie & Sam: a Full Tie Linen Luxe Sci-Fi Lover Mei Tai, $130 value

KangarooCare: a Fun Stripes Nursing Necklace in Pink, Oak Wood, $26 value

Little Spruce Organics: an Organic Cotton Nursing Bra, $48 value

Melinda G: a Cami Sutra nursing cami in black, $50 value

Momzelle: $25 Gift Certificate for momzelle.com, $25 value

Motherlove: Rhoid Balm, $10 value

A Mother’s Boutique: winner’s choice of a nursing top from the Annee Matthew collection, up to a $75 value

Mrs Patel’s: a box of Gluten-free Vegan Chocolate Fenugreek Bars, a $26 value

My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear: a Lil’ Octopus, a $35 value

Naked Nursing Tank: Hot Pink Luxury Bamboo Edition, $40 Value

NuRoo: a Nursing Scarf, $30 value

Nurse Purse: Winner’s Choice of style for one Nurse Purse bag, $129 value

Nursing Bra Express: a Satin Trim Cotton Sleep Bra, $20 value

Snugabell: a PumpEase Prize Pack including a hands-free pumping bra, a Wet Bag, a ”Through a Child’s Eyes” Keepsake Colouring Book, a Do Not Disturb door hanger, and a Breastmilk Storage Guidelines fridge magnet, $71 Value

Undercover Mama: one Undercover Mama, $25 value

The Vintage Honey Shop$20 shop credit, $20 value

Week 3 prizes done 2

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Week 4 logos final2


Week 4: “With Water”, Total Value: $832

16 Minute Club: a box of helpful goodies for the breastfeeding mother, $35 value
Bamboobies: Bellease Organic Belly & Baby Butter, $17 value
Bebe Au Lait: a BAL-NEST Nursing Cover, $36 value
Beco: a Beco Soleil baby carrier, $140 value
Belmama and Cherub: a Shower Hug, $30 value
Crane USA: a drop or adorable humidifier, and a belly glo night light, $65 value
Freja Toys: a Babywearing Mommy Doll, $42 value
KangarooCare: a Wooden Teething Bracelet, winner’s choice of color, $19 value
Little Spruce Organics: Organic Wool/ Silk Nursing Pads, $21 value
Luv My Bag: a LillyBit UpTown Diaper Clutch in Chevron, $35 value
Melinda G: a Dreamy Sleep Bra in black, $25 value
Momzelle: $25 Gift Certificate for momzelle.com , $25 value
Motherlove: Diaper Rash and Thrush, $10 value
A Mother’s Boutique: winner’s choice of a nursing top from the Annee Matthew collection, up to a $75 value
Mrs Patel’s: a bag of Chai Spice Milk Water Tea, a $12 value
My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear: a Lil’ Octopus, a $35 value
Naked Nursing Tank: Midnight Black Luxury Bamboo Edition, $40 value
NuRoo: a NuRoo Pocket, $60 value
Nursing Bra Express: a Medela Sleep Bra, $20 value
One Creative Mama: winner’s choice of a mom/baby shirt set, up to $55 value
Undercover Mama: one Undercover Mama, $25 value
The Vintage Honey Shop$20 shop credit, $20 value

Week 4 prizes final2

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Week 5 logos final

Week 5: “Close to Home”, Total Value: $1370

16 Minute Club: a box of helpful goodies for the breastfeeding mother, $35 value

Arm’s Reacha Toffee Stripe Mini Arc Co-Sleeper, a $175 value

Bamboobies: Two pairs of Bamboobies Regular Nursing Pads, $15 value

Bebe Au Lait: a BAL-NEST essentials set, $50 value

Beco: a Beco Soleil baby carrier, $140 value

Belmama and Cherub: a Shower Hug, $30 value

Cezara: a belly support panty, $49 value

The Dairy Fairy: a Rose handsfree pumping bra, $34 value

Freja Toys: a Crocheted baby rattles set, $32 value

Juno Blu: A stylish Juno Blu Esalen breast pump tote in Multi-Snake, $185 value

KangarooCare: a Black Gradient Nursing Necklace of Apple Wood, $28 value

KoalaKin: a Koalakin nursing pouch, $90 value

LilleBaby: a Complete All-Season baby carrier, $135 value

Little Spruce Organics: Organic Cotton Receiving Blanket, $18 value

Milk and Joy: an Organic Cotton Teething Necklace (winner’s choice of color). $35 value

Momzelle: $25 Gift Certificate for momzelle.com, $25 value

Motherlove: NL Gift Box, $60 value

A Mother’s Boutique: winner’s choice of a nursing top from the Annee Matthew collection, up to a $75 value

My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear: a Lil’ Octopus, a $35 value

Naked Nursing Tank: Charcoal Classic Cotton Edition, $30 Value

NuRoo: a NuRoo Pocket, $60 value

Nursing Bra Express: Molded Seamless Washable Nursing Pads by Baby Nip, $14 value

The Vintage Honey Shop$20 shop credit, $20 value

Week 5 prizes done

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  1. Chantal J says

    Pikes Peak in Colorado. It was only where they do the hill climb, but still pretty dang far up there!

  2. Great giveaway!!

  3. The highest place I’ve been? Hmmm. . . . the Eiffel Tower?

  4. Crystal Weil says

    The highest place I’ve ever been that I can remember would probably be where I am right now, on the 10th floor of a beach condo! We will be moving to the 18th floor on Sunday and that will be even higher and scarier! We have a beautiful balcony outside where I can look out to the Gulf of Mexico, it’s amazing and we are so lucky. And yes, I have taken my 4 month old son out on the balcony and breastfed him, he loves the outdoors! He does get distracted by the cars down below though!

  5. The highest place I’ve been is the top of the CN Tower in Canada….or on an airplane…I guess that kind of counts?

  6. Awesome!

    The highest place I’ve ever been… A plane? 😉 I haven’t even really been in super high sky scrapers!

  7. Caitlin smith says

    The mountains in Colorado!

  8. I’m really not sure at all, no place too special?
    Mentally, after birth. 🙂

  9. The highest place I’ve been is the volcano on Saint Kitts. The highest place I’ve breast fed, hmmm… Not that high. 🙂

  10. Theresa Judy says

    I think the highest place I’ve ever been is probably the top of pikes peak.

  11. In an airplane!

  12. Amanda L. says

    The highest place I’ve been: skydiving over Lake Taupo

  13. La Paz, bolivia

  14. Jessica H says

    The highest place I’ve been elevation wise would be ummm Denver?! But if you count a plane that’s probably it. I should keep thinking- I’ve been to Switzerland and drove through the swiz alps but not sure how high that was!

  15. Highest place I’ve ever been is probably the top of mt vesuvius. Unless of course you count airplanes!

  16. Michelle I says

    In an airplane over the Atlantic on the way to Germany 🙂

  17. Colorado.

  18. The highest place I have ever been would probably be the Smoky mountains

  19. In a plane.

  20. Well, I’ve been on an airplane…but the highest place I’ve stood is Pike’s Peak

  21. Angela Rhodes Ingles says

    Hmm . . . the CN Tower in Toronto may be the highest place I’ve been.

  22. Switzerland. Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  23. anne stewart says

    The Italian Alps!

  24. Probably Denver…

  25. leah wall says

    Besides in the air – I guess the highest is the top of some mountains in North Carolina

  26. the Sears Tower in Chicago

  27. Courtney Rasura says

    Awesome giveaway!!! Highest place I’ve been….not sure. In a plane traveling? Lol

  28. Katie Gilmore says

    The highest elevation I have ever been was winterpark colorado for MommyCon.

  29. Carrie McBride says

    Technically in a plane but on my on volition, the top of Yosemite falls.

  30. It’s hard to say – possibly the Scottish countryside, when I was hiking on the mountains… it seemed pretty high, though I don’t really know how much above sea level, etc…

  31. Michelle T says

    I’ve been to the top of the St Louis Arch! It’s pretty cool to see the stadium and the parks all lined up.

  32. Michelle T says

    Also, I’ve been signed up for your newsletter for months and have never received any mail…. I check my spam folder as well. Many blogs I follow have moved away from feedburner….

  33. airplane, up in the mountains, and the empire state building

  34. Lynda Thomas says

    In an airplane, I guess! LOL! I haven’t been anywhere with very high elevation on land. 🙂

  35. Monte Real resort in mexico outside Saltillo. It was beautiful.

  36. Probably the Chrysler Building?

  37. Honestly, I’m not sure! Probably some place in the rockies when I was a kid!

  38. Just a plane! 🙂

  39. In an airplane to Hawaii . And then at Halaakala in Hawaii.

  40. Britni Bradford says

    pikes peak

  41. Laura Fernandez-Benge says

    I don’t really know. I think the Sierra Madrilenos in Spain. I like to hike. I don’t know which is higher: Grand Canyon, AZ; Mt. Lassen, Mt. Shasta.

  42. Intercontinental flights between India and the US, above tree line in the Rocky Mountains, camping in the Western Ghats in Southern Goa!

  43. Elizabeth says

    Airplane, but the highest place I’ve hiked to is the top of the island of Capri 🙂

  44. Sarah Kettell says

    In an airplane is the highest I have been.

  45. Mt. Washington in NH.

  46. Oh man, that HP carrier. I’m dying!

  47. The highest place I have been is probably in an airplane :-/ But I’ve been to the top of the Empire State Building and the Gateway Arch, both were pretty great!

  48. An airplane, the Sears Tower and a helicopter are some of the highest places I have been

  49. Empire State Building

  50. Sarah Willis says

    Top of Masada in Israel. Or at least I felt like I was at the highest point.

  51. Highest place I’ve ever been is probably Whistler mountain in BC.

  52. Samantha Keast says

    On a plane:)

  53. amber bourne says

    The highest place I’ve been besides a plane is the smoky mountains!

  54. in the alps on a train

  55. Mt Washington, NH

  56. Highest I’ve been is in an airplane at 30,000 ft!

  57. Emmerelle Trzaskoma says

    The highest place I have ever been is probably where I am right now in my life. Have a wonderful husband, dog, 2 year old and baby number 2 due August 19. Elevation wise the highest place I’ve been is the Sears Tower in Chicago when I was little, now it goes by the Hancock Building. 🙂

  58. Tiffany Brooks says

    So excited for this giveaway!

  59. Tiffany Brooks says

    I haven’t been any higher than right here in good olé Missouri

  60. Nancy Edwards says

    On land, I think Pike’s Peak in Colorado.

  61. Wow, that’s a lot of loot! I’ve climbed a mountain, but don’t know the elevation.

  62. Mt. Washington!

  63. Sommer Goodermuth says

    The high test place I’ve ever been, that I can think of, is the London Eye. It was my SR trip for HS and my Aunt and Uncle came and got me for the day and took me 🙂

  64. Up in a plane

  65. Top of the Eiffel Tower

  66. This is such a great giveaway! The highest place other than a plane would be Bald Mountain in Utah, 11,900 feet with both kids!

  67. Dana Clemmons says

    Probably the plane ride from Houston to Las Vegas for a business trip.

  68. Ashley Vazquez says

    Haleakala in Maui, HI

  69. Top of Rendezvous mountain in the Grant Tetons.

  70. Jamie Hunter says

    Goodness that’s a lot of goodies! I’ve bf’ed in an airplane and on several PNW hiking trails

  71. In the sky, above the clouds while flying in an airplane. 🙂

  72. The mountains @ Banff or somewhere near there. August of 2008

  73. Amanda Selenke says

    flying in a plane! On the ground probably Pike’s Peak in Colorado

  74. Bobbie Malchert says

    In an airplane above the Pacific Ocean!

  75. Other than in a plane, I’ve been been up Whistler mountain in BC!

  76. Some where in co.

  77. If an airplane counts, then that’s been my highest place.

  78. I guess the highest place I have been is in an airplane. I I have breastfed there 🙂

  79. Alyssa Garner says

    Mt rogers, va

  80. The top of the volcano in Maui.

  81. Hmmm.. I, like everyone else am not sure the highest place I’ve been.
    Probably on a plane
    Or flying out of said plane..
    While skydiving! 🙂

  82. The highest place I’ve ever been, was probably Mt. Denali (McKinley) in Alaska.

  83. Mechelle E. Lehman says

    A plane on the way to Paris when I was in High School.

  84. Stacey Illenye says

    I think the highest I and my oldest son have been has been in an airplane. We haven’t really gone anywhere since my youngest son was born. Hope to get some hiking on Mt. Rainier soon though.

  85. chelsea bolek says

    Eiffel Tower!

  86. Elizabeth Brunk says

    An airplame!!!

  87. Jonnie Fry says

    The mountains in Gatlinburg TN.

  88. Would love to win! Thanks for the chance!

  89. Pike’s Peak

  90. Adrianna Sullivan says

    The highest hiking point of Mount Ranier.

  91. In a plane, I guess? Or the summit of Mt Washington.

  92. Kirsten Leitner-Markert says

    A plane, a mountain, the Eiffel Tower? Not sure which one is taller, but the Eiffel Tower was my favorite.

  93. In an airplane 😉

  94. Amber-Lee Gaudrault says

    An airplane ride above my city – Sudbury ON!

  95. I live in flat Oklahoma
    Not many high places but ive nursed just about everywhere in this state.

  96. Pikes peak in Colorado

  97. Highest place I’ve been is probably the Zugspitze in the Alps (though not the peak).

  98. Jessica Sebelius says

    The highest place I’ve ever breast fed was in an airplane flying from Alaska to North Dakota!

  99. Heather Fitch says

    I believe the highest I’ve been was the top of the Statue of Liberty.

  100. Lynisha Weeda says

    Pikes Peek Colorado!

  101. The highest place I’ve breastfed so far is the food court at the Mall. Next year it’ll be on a plane to Disneyland.

  102. Liz Gomez says

    The highest place I have nursed was on a plane from LA to Portland.

  103. Mt. Rainier in Washington State

  104. Rebecca guthrie says

    Apart from an airplane, the mountains in Peru.

  105. Brianna Williams says

    The smokey mountains I think.

  106. An airplane… and not much else. Not a fan of heights! 🙂

  107. The mountains in New Zealand, I think.

  108. The St. Louis arch

  109. The Empire State Building!

  110. Not sure….clearly no place memorable

  111. I guess just in a plane. Otherwise it would be in the Andes mountains in Ecuador.

  112. Will Rivera says

    The highest place I have ever been is on a plane flying. If it’s a structure it would have to be the Empire State Building.

  113. Rebecca S says

    The highest place I have ever been was in an airplane whilst flying to visit DH when he was just BF. That first flight was terrifying for me.

  114. On a plane 😉 or driving in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

  115. Elizabeth says

    Probably in a plane – what a great giveaway!

  116. Love this giveaway! In a plane:)

  117. Emily Walker says

    The highest place I have ever been is in an airplane flying to Germany.

  118. The mountains. I’m not sure which were the highest, but mountains in SC, LOL.

  119. Kathryn Swift says

    The highest I have ever been is on an airplane flying to California. Physical place would be up in the Smoky mountains

  120. In an airplane 😉

  121. Natalie Schwartz says

    Hiking near a glacier on Mont Blanc in France

  122. machu picchu in Peru 🙂

  123. Laura carr says

    The highest place I have ever been would be in an airplane… Other than that the Space Needle in Seattle Washington. 🙂

  124. Airplane … But on land 6000ft above sea level when I visited Colorado

  125. an airplane 😀

  126. Heather W says

    the top of a mountain peak in Austria for a scenic lunch!

  127. Jennifer Salzmann says

    Mt. Washington

  128. Julia Miller says

    I have hiked in the Cascade Mountains, but don’t quite remember the name of the highest peak thereof I have been on.

  129. Michelle oberg says

    I used to live in Washington state. They may not be very altitude high but they are the *other* kind. Nudge nudge, wink wink. Haha

  130. I would love all of this! Highest place I’ve ever been is The summit of Mauna Kea in Hawaii.

  131. a plane! cant get higher than that without being an astronaut

  132. Quito, Ecuador! It’s so high, when you wake up in the morning, you’re standing in the clouds! Absolutely phenomenal!!

  133. lindsay watt says

    Other than in an airplane? Observation deck of sears tower. Or on top of the Arthur Ravenel jr bridge in SC.

  134. Sarah Dickinson says

    Space needle. Or an airplane lol

  135. Angel Sharpe says

    Top of the Saint Louis arch is the highest place I’ve ever been 🙂

  136. This giveaway is crazy awesome!! You guys are so amazing to go through all the work to do this for subscribers! Thank y’all!!

  137. I’ve been to the highest point in Belgium, lol (it’s not all that high, actually…)

  138. climbed the foothills of denali and all of the adirondack high peaks when i was in college!

  139. Colorado Rockies

  140. In a plane to Cancun for my honeymoon!

  141. Deer valley Utah. And/or Breckinridge Colorado

  142. Anna Landt says

    Oh my gosh! What an amazing giveaway!! This mama could definitely use it all!!!

  143. Lucy Smith says

    Other than in a plane, I’d say on top a mountain skiing in CO.

  144. The highest place I’ve been is probably Mt Saint Helens.

  145. Empire State Building- NYC.

  146. I almost got to the top of Pikes Peak. We took the cog train, but there was a storm at the top of the mountain, so we couldn’t go to the very top. 🙁

  147. Other than in a plane, I suppose the Eiffel Tower.

  148. Mount Etna, maybe? Great giveaway!!

  149. Liz wittrock says

    New York City

  150. stephanie says

    Tabletop mountain Capetown, South Africa

  151. Megan Litchke says

    Well an airplane, otherwise I have no idea. Maybe South Pass?

  152. Meghan Pender says

    The highest place that I’ve been that I can think of is an airplane from New Zealand as a baby!

  153. Amy Dalton says

    the highest place i’ve been is Mount Mitchell…

  154. Lake Tahoe is probably the highest place on the ground. I’ve also flown a few times, so that would be higher.

  155. Melissa C says

    Highest is an airplane, or Pikes Peak!

  156. In an airplane from WI to CA 🙂

  157. The rock of Gibraltar in Spain, being harassed by monkeys!

  158. I’m not sure where the highest place I’ve ever been is! The tallest office building in Seattle, not sure of the name. That might be it… out a mountain?

  159. Colorado mountains! Or an airplane..

  160. The highest place I’ve been is the sears tower in Chicago!

  161. Highest place is probably an airplane. 🙂 or the mountains in Colorado. Or- the top rung of a ladder *feels* like the tallest place. 😉

  162. Summit Peak in the Porcupine Mountains in Michigan’s UP.

  163. Andrea Drake says

    I’ve been to 18,000 feet in a small (6-seater) airplane! Oxygen needed when that high. (I’ve been higher in commercial planes, but don’t really count those).

  164. Amanda Felton says

    8,041′ on Sulphur Mountain in Banff, Alberta, Canada

  165. Traci Rubino sciaretta says

    The highest place I’ve ever been would have to be in a plane flying to Tennessee from California.

  166. plane… and Telluride CO… skiing…

  167. Rett mills says

    In an airplane!

  168. I live in Colorado so not much seems high to me! But an airplane over fireworks on the 4th of July 🙂

  169. In an airplane I guess!

  170. Highest place was a lighthouse in North Carolina.

  171. Awesome giveaways to help support breastfeeding! The highest I have been is probably St. Louis Arch.

  172. Joie Burke says

    The highest place I’ve ever been was in an airplane. But I love hiking so I’ve been to many mountains.

  173. CN Tower or the alps..

  174. laura cassetta says

    i havent been very high but i gess the highest place was climbing trees when i was little

  175. Jessica M. says

    In an airplane probably!

  176. Aryn Hinton says

    Sqaw Peak, Utah

  177. I have no idea what the highest place is! I’ve been to multiple mountain ranges, so probably one of those? Alaska maybe? Or seeing other comments, in a plane, definitely 🙂

  178. Tara Sowards says

    The Smoky Mountains!

  179. An airplane! ;D

  180. The highest I’ve ever been is Mount Rainier in Washington. It’s gorgeous up there!

  181. Leayra Germaine says

    Airplane to Hawaii for my honeymoon <3

  182. Saleena Ghanny says

    Mount Ruapehu, NZ 🙂

  183. Heather Schallenberger says

    The highest place I’ve been is probably the stratosphere in Las Vegas. It doesn’t seem that high until you’re looking down from the top!

  184. Awesome giveaway!

  185. The Eiffel Tower

  186. sarah humphries says

    Hmmm in a plane lol

  187. I don’t think I’ve been anywhere high… in an airplane I guess!

  188. Laura Goodwin says

    Mount Rainier in Washington 🙂

  189. In an airplane.

  190. Up high in an airplane!

  191. Julia Spoon says

    Not necessarily the highest I’ve been…but the most meaningful height for me was the 95th floor of the John Hancock building in Chicago, where my now-husband proposed. :0)

  192. I was in the foothills of the Himalayas in India and Pakistan in 2008 – that’s probably the highest besides in an airplane!

  193. Michelle Gorring says

    Aside from an airplane the Empire State Building

  194. On an airplane to Oklahoma

  195. Jaime Colburn says

    This is so cool! Highest place. Lone peak Montana

  196. Leeanna H says

    Airplane, or empire state building.

  197. Sheree Condie says

    We hikes to, and then to the top of Moror rock in the sequoias , with our then 2.5 y old, and one month old!

  198. Highest place? A airplane? Lol.

  199. Deidrea H. says

    Humm..maybe the Eiffel Tower..if were’ talking about a ‘place’ that is grounded 🙂

  200. Denver, but only at the airport. I must go back some day!

  201. Skiing either Colorado or the Alps!

  202. Besides an airplane? Colorado camping at like 10.5k feet, and I got terrible altitude sickness the first day. But oh the beauty after….

  203. Rachel Rich-Shea says

    We used to live in Denver!

  204. In an airplane I guess! I’m pretty boring :/

  205. I’m not sure-Eiffel Tower, sears tower, Statue of Liberty, stratosphere in Vegas, pikes peak CO, Empire State Building….whichever one of those is the tallest!! 🙂

  206. jwilliams says

    Airplane 🙂 I’ve climbed some mountains, and I live in the mountains, but they’re old and not very high!

  207. Stephanie Lund says

    Other than an airplane, driving through Big Horn Nat’l Forest on our trip cross country- I worried about my little obe’s ears popping from the pressure change!

  208. On a plane to Colorado!

  209. The space needle in Seattle maybe? Great times 😀

  210. An airplane!

  211. Jennifer Lopez says

    The highest place I’ve gone is an airplane over the Alps :o)

  212. Michael T says

    we’ve been to pikes peak a few times.

  213. Other than an airplane, I’ve been to the top of the San Jacinto Monument. Not sure how high that is but I know my ears popped & it was pretty far up!

  214. Mt Haleakala, I think!

  215. Julie McGill says

    Eiffel tower

  216. Kassidy Mallon says

    This is great!! Hmmm…Airplane over Costa Rica probably 🙂

  217. Savanah Lynch says

    Been on Mt. Elbert, but I do live in the Mile High City, so we are bfing at altitude all the time! Love this give away!!!

  218. Mammoth, CA!

  219. Cassandra Simm says

    Uh.. does a plane count?

  220. Liberty T. says

    The highest place I have ever been is on top of a very large hill at Brekenridge Ski Resort!

  221. Michelle Paul says

    The highest place I’ve ever been is the top peak of Pike’s Peak in Colorado.

  222. Elizabeth says

    Empire State Building

  223. In an airplane!

  224. In an airplane… But on land probably the observation deck at the John Hancock tower.

  225. Besides on an airplane, the sacred mountain Fuji in Japan. Hiked up twice through the night to see the sun rise. You know what the Japanese say about climbing Mt. Fuji? Anybody would be a fool not to climb Mt. Fuji once… But only a fool would climb it twice!

  226. Catherine M says

    Denver, Colorado 🙂

  227. Sara Craig says

    Love this!!

  228. Kelly Choma says

    Galena Summit in Idaho, the elevation is 8,701 feet above sea level 🙂

  229. Genevieve O. says

    I have been in a passenger plane. Also, been to the top of Pikes Peak mountain in Colorado!

  230. Alena Ibarra says

    The highest place would mountains in Flagstaff, AZ.

  231. Alena Ibarra says

    The mountains in Flagstaff, AZ.

  232. Tashina Kirk says

    Highest place, up in Oregon on one of the mountains.

  233. Lauren newsome says

    Mt Kenya

  234. Chrissie W says

    Pikes Peak and I breast fed my son at the top!

  235. Emily Blocher says

    An airplane!

  236. Emily Johnson says

    In a plane? Or Pikes Peak.

  237. Top of the mountain in Switzerland

  238. A helicopter on Maui!

  239. Brittany Sunkel says

    Top of the stratosphere in las Vegas

  240. Jayme Crowley says

    On top of a mountain in Switzerland – literally in the clouds.

  241. The highest place I’ve been? In an airplane, for sure.

  242. Building– World Trade Center
    mountain- 14,000 ft or there about

  243. A mountain in Colorado while 30 weeks pregnant!

  244. Hannah tuck says

    Probably somewhere in Yellowstone national park

  245. Wow! You guys are amazing for all these giveaways! My babe is 4months and I still take him everywhere I go and he doesn’t mind. I can tell he’s going to be an adventurous little guy. 🙂

  246. And the highest I’ve ever been was at Six flags on Goliath! I would love to visit Machu Pichu with my babe soon! 😛

  247. An airplane lol but probably Vienna Austria

  248. Highest point on land I’ve been is Yunnan Province China on the border of Tibet.

  249. Ashley Netschytailo says

    The Great Smokey Mountains

  250. Wendy Jabkowski says

    I’ve been on top of Mt Haleakala in Hawaii but in relation to sea level I’m not sure that’s very high compared to where I live.

  251. Kirstien bailey says

    Great give away!! Thank you for the chance to win all these great products! #breastisbest #babywearer #wearthebabies #keepthemclose

  252. Kirstien bailey says

    I forgot to even answer the question ha! Highest place in an airplane but highest place traveling on the ground Diamond Head in Waikiki we hiked up there when we went to Hawaii 🙂

  253. Vicki Wagner says

    Pike’s peak!

  254. Melissa eea says

    Highest place? Well I live in Colorado – doesn’t get much higher

  255. Probably on a plane to Italy!

  256. In an airplane

  257. Probably the Eiffel Tower.

  258. To the top of the mountains in jasper! Beautiful

  259. Jennifer Palma says

    Just an airplane. No big deal…

  260. Beth Renoni says

    The Rocky Mountains in Denver!

  261. Erin Louviere says

    I lived at the top of a mountain in Arkansas for a while

  262. kate banks says

    probably 30,000ft in a plane…havent been to the mountains…yet 🙂

  263. An airplane.

  264. Christen Kieffner says

    An airplane. BUT, if you mean while still being on the ground…the Swiss Alps. 🙂

  265. These are amazing prizes!

  266. Mt. Pike!

  267. Lindsay Reynolds says

    Top of the Eiffel Tower! Terrifying and amazing at the same time!!

  268. In a plane!

  269. Christine M says

    The Alps in Austria

  270. I guess it would be in an airplane!

  271. Clingmon’s dome in TN

  272. We went to Japan on our honeymoon and took a tour of Fuji-san. Looking down at Japan from Mt Fuji is the highest I have ever been, other than the airplane ride!

  273. Kristin Welch says

    The highest place I’ve ever been?? Hmmm.. besides in the sky when flying in an airplane, probably the arch in St. Louis or on top of a mountain in St. Thomas during a guided tour.

  274. Highest place would be in an airplane!

  275. lisa bell says

    in an airplane, nothing special

  276. The highest place? Probably the mountains in Colorado.

  277. Jessica R Johnson says

    On a plane above a storm heading to Vegas!

  278. Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs and on an airplane.

  279. leah quinn says

    Estes State Park, CO

  280. 18,000 ft in the Atacama Desert

  281. Ashley Walsh says

    I love the leaky boob! I’ve nip in kentucky, tenessee, indiana, and illinois.

  282. An airplane 🙂

  283. Mary reyes says

    Loving the boobie celebration month! Such an awesome experience to nurse the little ones. Great giveaway packages too!

  284. sarah lopez says

    On an airplane en route to Pensacola

  285. Jen Lemoine says

    On an airplane

  286. Highest place – an airplane going to Italy probably…

  287. Tammy Seidberg says

    The highest I have been (besides traveling on a plane) is Pikes Peak in Colorado, and hiking up Masada in Israel!

  288. A plane and Colorado

  289. Kristina C says

    The most recent highest place I’ve been to is the stairway to heaven hike on oahu, Hawaii.

  290. Cascade Mountain in Lake Placid, NY!

  291. When i was in high school i took a trip all over Europe and I’m pretty sure it was Mt. Etna, tallest active volcano in Europe!

  292. The Swiss Alps!

  293. Other than in a plane, the mountains of VT!

  294. Having water gun fights! Thanks for the chance to win.

  295. Lynda Thomas says

    I love to take my boys to have water fights outside, and play at the park. 🙂

  296. I love to take my boys for walks outside, and we just took them camping for the first time. It was a blast!

  297. We love to go hiking!

  298. Denise Taylor says

    Other than an airplane, probably the top of the Sears Tower in Chicago is as high as I’ve been 🙂

  299. Denise Taylor says

    We love to garden with the kids and they love it too!

  300. The sky 🙂

  301. In a plane!

  302. Elizabeth says

    Well if you are looking at a map of the US, I have breastfed my daughter while we were on vacation in Wisconsin which is a “higher” state than Illinois where we live :). Not as extravagant as other comments, but it’s the best I got 🙂

  303. Melissa Stephens says

    The highest place I have been is in an airplane and I live in NY so have been at the top of the empire state building also and that’s kinda high up there! haha 🙂

  304. amber Bourne says

    Well for,weeks 2s blog post comment in not sure if this is where it goes but hey. My favorite outdoor activity with my girls is hiking no doubt. I love being out in the woods and watching my girls eyes light up with wonder

  305. Besides a plane…the highest place I’ve been is at the top of Loon mountain in NH. I even nursed my son in a Lillebaby Complete carrier up there 🙂

  306. My favorite place to go outside with my little ones is the zoo!

  307. We like going to the local lake beach.going swimming then for a picnic.

  308. We love going to the river or for a walk around town!

  309. Kim Simpson says

    My son loves just watching the cars drive by. He’s 2 1/2 now and we’ve been hanging out by our fence watching cars and waving for years now. 🙂 Other than that, I just like exploring with him and watching his fascination. 🙂

  310. Michelle T says

    My favorite outdoor activity is tubing/floating down the river! I finally got to share it with my oldest last summer, but with my new little one it’s usually hiking on trails! Yay babywearing!

  311. the playground is a fan favorite

  312. Joie Burke says

    Couldn’t find the week 2 blog to post, but I love going to the zoo with my little dude!

  313. Mary Reyes says

    My favorite outdoor activity with my son is taking him for a long walk through our neighborhood

  314. Amanda Selenke says

    My son and I love playing in our yard…he loves his sandbox! We also love camping out.

  315. we love going for nature walks together

  316. we love to go swimming in the creek and always end up finding salamanders and baby turtles to play with!

  317. Fishing! I have only boys who love anything outdoors. But my favorite is fishing.

  318. Our favorite outdoor activity is going to parks or the beach!

  319. I’m excited about exploring the prairie landscapes of the midwest with my new little guy! Lots of hiking and nature walks.

  320. Week 2– Favorite place to go with my son– our garden, we love gardening together. Second favorite place is the beach–we love exploring the beach.

  321. Angela Rhodes Ingles says

    We love doing mama & baby yoga together on the grass. 🙂

  322. Sandra Stewart says

    We love going fishing—- tie the hook on and fasten the pumping bra!

  323. Shamila Ismail says

    Baby’s gotta eat. And people need to get over themselves. Lol. Legoland. Disney World. No place is off limits.

  324. My parents’ house…they have a huge garden, 5 acres of woods, and a meadow for the kids to explore.

  325. Britney Wright says

    The highest I’ve nursed has been in an airplane. Unless you mean with my feet on the ground, which would be hiking through Rocky Mountain National Park this summer. <3

  326. Hayley Elliott says

    My boys love to go hiking! We always go hiking to where there is a waterfall and swimming hole so they can cool off, swim, climb, and catch little crawlies. It’s always so much fun!!

  327. My LO loves to be outside where he can pick up leaves and stick them in his mouth =)

  328. We love going to the park and now we started swimming!

  329. I would love to go insect hunting with my little boy! I loved collecting little bugs when I was little.

  330. Genevieve O. says

    Outdoor place: the zoo! She’s not old enough to be excited for all of the animals, but she loves the fish! (Too bad we don’t have an aquarium around here!)

  331. Gina Hiskes says

    All of my kids love the park! And thankfully there are plenty of benches for me to sit and nurse the baby while the big kids play.

  332. Elizabeth Galley says

    I love playing on our swing set with my 2 year old. I can wear my 6 week old in a wrap and still play with my two year old! He’s finally brave enough to do the “big” slide, too!!

  333. We love being outside and going to parks and playgrounds to explore!

  334. Jessica Youngblood says

    Our favorite thing to do outside is sit in the grass and nurse! My son is almost 6 months so pretty soon we will be doing many more outdoor activities!!!
    (The highest place was on an airplane!)

  335. Joline Metcalfe says

    My favorite outdoor activity do do with my 10 month old has been going into the pool. He absolutely loves the water! I’m excited to see him really learn to swim when he’s older!

  336. celyneet jusino says

    we love to go swimming

  337. We love going to the beach and digging holes.

  338. Since my baby is only 3 months old, our favorite outdoor activity are long walks with our boba wrap!

  339. Camping!

  340. Theresa Judy says

    Walking through the zoo or a park or hiking.

  341. Jumping in puddles!! It’s been raining yesterday n today and we’ve been playing in the mud.

  342. I love the children’s museum – but it’s too stimulating and exhausting to go very often. We always have fun when we go, though.

  343. Lynda Thomas says

    I love taking my boys to the park. We don’t get to very often because it’s so hot here, but we love it! 🙂

  344. I enjoy taking my baby girl to big family gatherings where everyone loves on her. 🙂

  345. Something that I like doing with my child that I don’t often get to do is bake. We have little time with work and the new baby, but when we get a chance my “big” guy and I like to do this. He is an excellent stirrer. 🙂

  346. Michelle T says

    I really like to do hiking trails with my sons! My older son is more dating than is prefer so we spend more time than is like offtrail…. We usually spend half of our hike searching for fossils!

  347. Outside our normal routine, we love to stop at random parks and play when we get a chance on trips to town.

  348. We love to go on walks in the woods!

  349. Mommy kisses with my 5 month old!

  350. Hayley Elliott says

    We enjoy going hiking!! We love hiking long trails that lead to beautiful waterfalls and swimming holes! It’s so much fun and you get excise and don’t even realize it. We would go hiking everyday if we could!

  351. My out of the ordinary routine place that I like to take my kids is to an awesome museum we have in town. They have all sorts of hands on activities that my boys love!

  352. Christine Adams says

    Week 3- Out of the ordinary I let my daughter do my nails and will wear it to work just the way she does it.

  353. Getting out to visit our large family. Setting aside time for everyone to see babylove while still tiny.

  354. we love hiking. thats a special treat for us since my husband works a lot! within our routine we swim in the creek and roam around on our 6 acres!

  355. Sarah Hayes says

    we enjoy going swimming at the lake when we get the chance

  356. I love taking my littles to festivals! Like kids festivals!

  357. Danielle D says

    Hiking! I love seeing the looks of their faces when they see how far they’ve climbed/been carried depending on the age and you can see the awe they experience!

  358. It’s fun watching them do new things like the park which at this point is almost everything!

  359. Sarah Griffin says

    We take walks and every once in awhile we get ice cream too. 🙂

  360. Angela Rhodes Ingles says

    We love going for family walks (dogs included) at the nature center in our town,

  361. Fun outings to fun places!

  362. Joie Burke says

    Love going to the aquarium with little dude. He loves all the fishies!

  363. Autumn Blair says

    Right now, since baby is so small, the closest we get to water activities is bathtime with mommy. 😉

  364. Swimming in our little backyard pool!!

  365. We recently discovered that we love paddle boarding 🙂

  366. Christine M says

    WE love building in the sand when we visit the beach.

  367. Sarah Hayes says

    we love to go to the beach or lake. we also love to play in the water outside either with water guns or the hose

  368. We love to swim!! At lakes, pools, ocean!!

  369. We love going to the river and we try to go to Family swim every week at our local public pool!

  370. As far as water related places go – generally we stick to splash pads and water parks, although we took a trip to the beach in Florida this summer and everyone LOVED it!

  371. we love kayaking and of course the pool

  372. Lynda Thomas says

    We love having big water fights in our yard! The boys especially love water balloons! 🙂

  373. My lo is only four months old, but we like to go to the lake by our house.

  374. Jodie Anderson says

    We love to go to one of the many beaches in Seattle to put our toes in the water & build sand castles!

  375. Tashina Kirk says

    We like to play in the sprinkler.

  376. My favorite water activities to do with my family are relaxing in our pool and paddle boarding at the beach.

  377. Michelle T says

    My friends and family love to go tubing and fishing! I haven’t taken my littlest one yet, but I’m sure he’ll love it next summer!

  378. Sarah Elyce says

    Trips to the beach!

  379. We have an awesome park nearby with a water area and a volcano that “erupts” every once in awhile. The boys love it!

  380. I’m not a fan of water or water activities, but we like to take walks occasionly along the river!

  381. Hayley Elliott says

    I think our favorite water activity would be a dip into the river, swimming hole, or waterfall after a good hike. That is my kids’ favorite part of a hike. They talk about it the whole way till we get there. It feels so good to dip your feet into cold river water after a fun, sweaty hike. 🙂

  382. Hayley Elliott says

    I think our favorite water activity is getting in the river, swimming hole, or waterfall after a good hike. My boys get so excited knowing they get to get in the water when we reach our hiking destination. Dipping your feet into nice cold river water after a hike feels so good and refreshing. 🙂

  383. Hayley Elliott says

    My favorite close to home destinations to visit are Catawba Falls, Toms Creek Falls, Linville Falls, Linville Caverns, Blue Ridge Parkway, Downtown Asheville, and Linville Gorge. All these are in Western NC and within several surrounding cities… Marion, Asheville, Old Fort, Linville, Spruce Pine, Burnsville and several others. The mountains of WNC are my favorite place to be and a great place to visit!

  384. Jennifer (robbins) A. says

    Van Buren State Park beach, in South Haven, MI! : )

  385. Christine M says

    We love the Botanic Gardens, near Chicago IL!

  386. The Smokey Mountains, down the road from Maryville, TN!

  387. Christine A. says

    Our family go to destination that is close to home is D.W. Field Park in Brockton, MA or Blue Hill Mountains in Canton, MA. You can go for a walk, hike, go fishing, and just spend time with your family enjoying nature.

  388. Autumn Blair says

    We live in Indianapolis and love to visit the IMA (Indianapolis Museum of Art) it’s a great close to home getaway! And it’s free admission!

  389. NYC has so many places to go and visit – the Central Park Zoo is my favorite

  390. Our family likes to go to the estates close by like the Vanderbilt’s or FDR or Innis Free garden. We are from Dutchess County New York. 🙂

    • KPWe are blessed to live on the Gulf of Mexico so we love to venture out to Pensacola Beach anytime we can. Babywearing has made many a beach trip so much easier. 🙂

  391. Lynda Thomas says

    We love to visit the Sacramento Zoo in Sacramento, CA! 🙂

  392. We love, love, love our zoo here in St Louis! It’s free to get in, and if you get there before 8am, parking is free too! Also you can bring your own food and drinks! You can truly have a cost free day and fully enjoy yourself!

  393. Sarah Hayes says

    We enjoy going to Hanging Rock state park to hike to the water falls. I love to babywear while I hike! We also enjoy the Appalachian trail. pretty much just mountains close by for us

  394. Sarah Griffin says

    We live in Otsego, MI and always love going to Lake Michigan as a family and camping at the state parks. We are even close to the John Ball Zoo and always have fun there too!

  395. The McKenzie River, close to Eugene, OR!

  396. We love going birdwatching on the Yaquina Bay in Newport, Oregon!

  397. Katie Zabbo says

    Roger Williams Park Zoo Providence RI
    Mystic Aquarium, Mystic CT

  398. We are currently in Houston and absolutely love the children’s museum here.
    We also love and miss visiting the NC mountains – especially around Asheville, Black Mountain and Montreat.

  399. We love going up to Bug Bear, CA. It’s a great spot for the weekend!

  400. Stephanie O'Day says

    We love going to Gatlinburg, TN! It’s only 3 hours from where we live! Its so beautiful and there is TONS of stuff to do.

  401. State Capitol in Madison Wisconsin!

  402. Rebekah Kelly says

    We live in Cleveland, Ohio and love all the places near home that we can easily go and have some family fun. We love our Cleveland metroparks system and our local zoo!

  403. Breast feeding allows us I go anywhere at anytime… It’s an amazing thought to know I have everything I need with my baby and me…. The most important thing for him is just me… Nothing else to remember… But everything in this giveaway would be pretty awesome to have anyways!

  404. alyssa waters says

    Disney when we can afford to go. We’re in Orlando Florida.

  405. We love to visit south padre island… it’s about 45 minutes away.

  406. We nurse at the park 🙂

  407. We like going to st.Louis zoo an the arch in missouri

  408. We like to hike in the Pinetop/Lakeside, AZ trail system.

  409. Skye Hunkele says

    My husband and I love to go camping with our six kids. We live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and enjoy going to camp in Stoneboro, PA.

  410. Nicole armour says

    I was to shy the first baby and didn’t have a very good cover so I feed him a free times in the car…. He was born in July last year. Not a good combo. In going with my daughter, due in December, I will be more experienced, brave and we’ll equipped.

  411. we live for the beach and go often year round….and we are lucky as there are many where we are in Point Roberts, WA!

  412. jessica odom says

    During Christmas we go to a walk through house of lights set up to raise money it’s called yonkers. Cochran, georgia

  413. Cascadia State Park, OR

  414. Kara Lee Hendrick says

    I really enjoy going to binder park zoo in battle creek, Michigan! My son loves to watch the monkeys. My daughter just likes the fresh air. It’s a great place for families and very educational.

  415. Jerrica Evans says

    My family enjoys going to Cincinnati Zoo.

  416. Regina Wright says

    I live in Schaumburg IL. I like to go to the dog parks here with my Dalmatian pup.

  417. Lilia Kharabora says

    We live in Buford, Ga. Love hiking in the North Ga. Mountains. Breast feed there too. Helen Ga. is a great place to visit as well.

  418. Wet n wild, Houston, tx

  419. We love going to the Louisville, KS cider milk for a little afternoon trip in the fall!

  420. Laura Martin says

    My favorite close to home place is Old Forge, NY. Beautiful Adirondacks!

  421. Love our local beaches on lake Michigan here in Milwaukee!

  422. Carmen Mendez says

    Well we enjoy the zoo here in Naples, FL and also the park

  423. We love going to the Pittsburgh Zoo here in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania!

  424. We love visiting Deception Pass in Washington. So beautiful, easy hikes, close to home 🙂

  425. Antoinette Valdez says

    I live in Fort Collins, Colorado. One of our favorite places to spend time outside is at Horsetooth Marina. Love all they have to offer! You can rent a boat or water toys. Great atmosphere!

  426. We recently moved to Colorado. One of our favorite places to go is Manitou Springs 🙂

  427. Cortney Taylor says

    Winning this would mean so much to my family.

  428. sarah dickinson says

    Downtown sacramento. Such a fun and lively place to be 🙂

  429. We love going to the Indiana Dunes State Park just north of Chesterton Indiana! The beaches and hiking trails are our favorite!

  430. Alana Wolfe says

    Wherever we happen to be! Murrieta CA

  431. The north shore of lake superior in minnesota. Any small town along the lake in the fall is wonderful for hiking, relaxing and taking in this wonderful great lake!

  432. We live in a smallish town, but have a really fun kid’s museum here. My boys love to go there and see the animals and the exhibits.

  433. I like to hang out at church south beach church Newport Oregon

  434. we live outside albany ny and love walking to the local nature trails, to the general store, and to the library!! our community center is also a hit with my toddler!

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