Baby Bump, Baby Bed- Arm’s Reach Concepts Cosleeper Giveaway

Henna belly

For approximately 40 weeks your uterus is your baby’s playground, carrier, and bed. It’s a cushy and safe spot for them, rain or shine. If everything proceeds normally, a baby in the womb faces very little threat and though plenty of mothers will have scary dreams and anxieties about what could possibly happen, most will encounter nothing more worrisome than dealing with maternity clothes and figuring out the estimated due date. With all the protection they need, most babies usually grow in a secure environment. Plus, it’s attractive. There is something so special about seeing an obviously pregnant woman. Maybe it’s the glow from sweating thanks to the increase in hormones and body temperature. Maybe it’s that life is growing and a new person is expected. Maybe it’s the way the hormones have relaxed all the joints and there’s a waddle to her step. Maybe it’s the grimace of pain mistaken as a smile from the bowling ball pressing on her pelvic floor and nerves. Maybe it’s just how much everything is about to change. Whatever it is, it’s beautiful.

Then baby is born and that beautiful bundle is significantly way more exposed. Cute, but now there are safety concerns with how they are transported, what they’re wearing, how they’re held, and where they rest. Even when they are sleeping you have to be careful. There will be a lot of checking to be sure that little chest continues to rise and fall with each breath. It helps when there is another attractive safe place aside from mom’s arms for them to rest securely once they are outside of mom’s body.

Enter Arm’s Reach Concepts co-sleeper.

Arm’s Reach has been there for me and my babies so I was excited to see the new products coming from Arm’s Reach Concepts that I just had to lay down and try them out right on the show floor of the ABC Kids Expo in early September. They even had a weighted baby doll for me to get the full experience with. I may have tried to breastfeed it because that’s just what I expect to do when I lay down next to a baby. Then I wanted to take a nap because it was actually more quiet in that hall with thousands of people than it is at any given moment in my home with 6 kids. No joke.

Also not a joke is Arms Reach Concepts. ARC has been helping families sleep closer since 1997 and just continues to improve how they support families in getting the rest they need. Today they are bringing new designs and new innovative products to the market responding to the needs of the modern family. The designs are beautiful and stylish with a classic feel, I don’t know how many times I said how I wished they had something when my babies were tiny. It’s almost enough to make me think about having another. Almost.


Trying out an Arm’s Reach Concepts Co-Sleeper at the ABC Kids Expo, September 2014. That’s not a real baby, that’s a doll.

But instead of me getting pregnant and having another baby (no, cool new baby products is not a good reason to have a baby…) we’re just going to send one of these new co-sleeper designs to a lucky Leaky. One of my favorite co-sleepers in the ARC booth this year was the Arm’s Reach® Co-Sleeper® bedside bassinet Clover Cambria:  beautifully curved ends are solid wood panels with built-in leg extensions, caster wheels for easy movement around the house, ample storage basket under a well-ventilated mesh sleeping nest, and an anchor plate attachment system for greater security. I didn’t get to lay down and try this one personally but I did get to ask a lot of questions, play with it a bit, and oooh-and-aahhh over the clean lines and elegant wood. There was no doubt in my mind that I needed a Leaky to try this out and let me know what they think. Here’s what it looks like:

Cambria-Clover-cs-2000x2000But this isn’t just for any Leaky. We want to get one of these stylish co-sleepers (a $249.99 retail value) to a Leaky with a bun in the oven, a baby bump, a list of baby names, crazy pregnancy dreams, a waddle in her step, and a due date November-Feburary. This giveaway is specifically for Leakies in the USA expecting a new bundle of joy sometimes in November 2014, December 2014, January 2015, or February 2015.* And we want to see your beautiful baby bumps, your baby’s current bed and home. Check out the widget below to enter. Good luck Leakies!

*Due to production timing, the Clover Cambria Co-sleeper won’t be available to ship until mid November.
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  1. I am due Dec 19 and my plan for baby is a playpen in my room, but it’s going to be too short for my tall bed! Height-adjustable sounds like a dream!

  2. Kara Capobianco says

    I would love a co sleeper, but I do not have a lot of room next to my bed. I’m also not sure how to get out of bed when it’s next to the bed without scooting to the end of the bed. Does anyone have any experience?

  3. I’m due in February and would be thrilled to win!

  4. Jennifer C says

    I have been taking weekly pictures to show my belly’s growth through pregnancy.

  5. I took maternity photos. Around 5-6 months my belly was just perfectly sized. I like the henna idea, I might do that next time!

  6. Regina Wright says

    Hubby always calls me to wish me a “Happy ?” weeks! It’s special to me because we’re in this together and it makes me feel like he’s keeping track as well.

  7. Love it! Arms reach cosleeper looks wonderful!

  8. Nicole Spensley says

    I took belly photos about every other week, but nothing else such as belly casting or formal maternity photos, as it was out of our budget.

  9. Alana Kadas says

    I had maternity pictures taken with my 3rd, but my other 3 I just took our own pictures. I love looking back at them!

  10. I take weekly photos of my bump so I can look back and see how it grew!

  11. Bethann Nelson says

    I’m due with twin boys Jan 2015. We’ve been taking pictures of my belly because we can’t believe how fast it’s growing.

  12. I am due in January! I haven’t done anything special to celebrate my bump yet this time around, but would love to try a belly cast in a month or two, just for fun. Oh, and my other little one (age 5) loves to sing a special song to baby in my tummy so she will recognize it when he sings it after she is born. So precious!

  13. Miranda Welle says

    She was just born less than 2 weeks ago! Her original due date was 9/24/14 though.

  14. Due December 7 and love sleeping with my babies close to me!!

  15. Samantha Dewees says

    I would love to win this

  16. I’m not due until April, but would love to still be considered for this, if possible! I think we’ll do a few belly photos to keep track of baby’s growth, especially since this is our first!

  17. Heidi Olson says

    After a long year of trying, my wife and I are finally due mid November with our first, I am carrying. We are doing a maternity Photoshoot in a couple weeks, which my belly will be henna’d for. I have a casting kit too, and hope I remember to use it before it’s too late!
    We have a set-up in our bedroom for the baby next to my side, but it would be amazing to win a
    Co-sleeper for my wife’s side of the bed- she is inducing lactation and will be helping with those night feeds… how lucky am I?! 😉 Having a place for the newborn next to her would be great so she doesn’t have to return the baby to my side each time.

  18. We are expecting baby number two in late November. I would live to win a co sleeper, I’ve been dreading setting up that big crib in our bedroom!

  19. Amber Epps says

    I am currently 34 weeks pregnant with my fourth baby! She is due to arrive November 10th but don’t really expect her until thanksgiving week. My babies like to take their time. I plan to take some photos of my pregnant belly soon but no big plans to celebrate my bump. I’m excited for this giveaway! I have a three year old still in my bed and this co-sleeper would be perfect for our family!

  20. I have eyed the Arms Reach Co-sleepers at every baby store I’ve been to, and my husband likes the idea of a bedside co-sleeper rather than an in the bed co-sleeper, which is currently what I have chosen because we have so little room in our bedroom and there’s no point in buying a bedside co-sleeper along with a crib. If I won one, that would be a different story though!

  21. I am due January 5th. I have been taking weekly bump pics and plan to have professional pics done soon.

  22. Miranda LeMaster says

    If live to win this for baby number three on the way!!

  23. Miranda LeMaster says

    Hmm my last comment got cut off. Id love to win this for baby number three on the way. I had maternity pictures done with number two and always take belly pics along the way.

  24. We took a weekly picture of my belly so we could clearly see the progress! I’m due October 27!

  25. We’re still trying to conceive. With our first, we went to a belly painting event and had a beautiful image of rainbow chakras painted on. After that, we also had a maternity photo shoot towards the end of the pregnancy, along with occasional at-home progress photos.

  26. I’m due November 14th with baby #2! So far I haven’t done anything special with my bump other than taking photos of it growing between weeks 16-26. I stopped taking them because I got self conscious, but after a lot of kisses from my toddler to his little sister, belly rubs from my husband and a bit of self love, I’m finally embracing it again as we get closer to the “due date”. I started drawing a self portrait!

  27. I’m due later on in October, but mine came late before, so I could be in the early November range, if that counts. 🙂 This time I had my sister who is a photographer take maternity photos, and that was so fun!

  28. Due December 16! Ahh that is now less than 11 weeks away! Our plan is to use a pack-n-play bassinet. A co-sleeper would be awesome to have!

  29. I’m due February 18th. Half way today!! Weekly pics from now on bc I’m just starting to show.

  30. I am due the middle of January, and planning for my second homebirth. We will be doing Henna at my Blessingway in December!

  31. I’ m due in May 15th and would love to win this

  32. Alyssa Eby says

    Hello I am due with my third bundle on December 29th.
    I never took maternity pictures with my other two so this time I am finally taking some! I’m nervous and excited for them!

  33. I’m due December 22nd and since this is most likely my last pregnancy I especially want to document the belly with a family photo shoot if possible.

  34. Reenie Beard says

    I’m dye with our second January 9th! We will be doing a belly cast like we did with our son and we do weekly belly pictures

  35. Keri Dameron says

    I’m due November 17th with our last baby, a girl #4. I didn’t really do anything special yet to celebrate my bump but I am thinking of painting it like a pumpkin for Halloween. 🙂 I desperately want/need a co sleeper because I’m having a csection and I’m dreading getting up and down from bed to feed my lil angel. This would help me just be able to be closer to her and easier for breastfeeding.

  36. Baby 3# is expected in February! I’ve always wanted a cosleeper, this would be perfect!

  37. I have about 10 mommy friends due next year.

  38. We took a few photos and did a belly cast, will probably do the same the second time around.

  39. sherry blamer says

    I took a lot of pics of my bump when I was pregnant.

  40. We are actually planning and will be due this summer. Although we just had a baby one year ago and this would be a great item to have! For pictures I have two teen girls and I lived taking pictures with them and my belly!

  41. Would absolutely love this! I am due January 14, 2015.

  42. Jeannette Guzman says

    I’m 5 months pregnant due January 2015 expecting my first!
    I would love to win this co-sleeper for my little prince

  43. Christine C says

    Feb 17 and we’ll be do maternity pics

  44. I am due Dec 29th. I didn’t do anything special to announce it.

  45. JonAnne Walters says

    I’m due March 23rd! I haven’t taken any pictures of my bump yet, but I will as I get further along. I’ll probably include my toddler in the shot too. 🙂

  46. Due with my second baby girl November 22nd! I would love a co sleeper!

  47. Rachel Fredericks says

    I’m due November 17. This has been on my list of things to get for baby number 2, but money has been so right with a recent move and lots of other changes. I would absolutely love to win this!

  48. Due March 11, coincidentally that is also my (almost) 4 year olds birthday. Apparently I only birth babies once a year! 😉

  49. Aww I fit the bill apart from not being in the US 🙁 Good luck to those eligible!

  50. Shannon Brode says

    We are due in November, the 22nd to be exact! Our girl will be our first child and we still haven’t figured out sleeping arrangements during her infancy. We have a crib that we will use, if she’s willing later, but having an answer to our sleeping arrangement conundrum would be ideal! I celebrate my bump every morning and night by telling her stories and responding to her exploration of my womb. This pregnancy has been the best thing that has ever happened to me (best decision we ever made)! Can’t wait for the rest of our lives together as a family!!!

  51. Britni Bradford says

    i did weekly belly shots with #1. would love to set this aside for the next baby.

  52. I’m actually not currently pregnant! Yay! I mean, I love my babies, but pregnancy is seriously not my friend. I’ve never done belly shots or anything like that really. But my sister is pregnant and she has had some seriously gorgeous pregnancy photos in the past. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with this time!

  53. I’m due Feb 3rd, and since this is my 3rd I haven’t done much to celebrate the bump except marvel at how much faster it’s grown this time…a little inconvenient, since I feel like I spend half my days bending over to pick up toys or kids!

  54. I’m due January 5th and so far I’ve only taken pictures every 4 weeks to celebrate my bump.

  55. We’re celebrating my belly with weekly bump shots and singing/reading to the bump 🙂

  56. I’m due mid January with my second little boy. I am a photographer myself so it is so important to me to have pictures of my growing belly. It’s not as easy this time with a toddler around! I can’t wait,however, to include him in my next set of pictures.

  57. I’m due with baby #5 on 2/19/15 I currently am still bedsharing with my 2 year old and have no clue yet what I’m going to do for #5 I really don’t want to give my toddler the boot! If i won the co-sleeper it would be the perfect solution for everyone!

  58. To answer the above question honestly I’ve been so super busy with my other littles that I really haven’t had the chance to do much other than take a few bump selfies 🙂

  59. Anne Perry says

    I took maternity photos at 9 months.

  60. Cassandra Eastman says

    I’m due March 10th, we haven’t done anything to celebrate my bump this pregnancy yet but i’m sure we’ll get some maternity photos taken! I’d also love to let my 3 and 5 year old finger paint on my belly and get a picture 🙂

  61. I had my baby 12/23/13! I loved the idea of the co-sleeper and hope to get one for a friend’s gift. We did maternity photos.

  62. we did family pics and included a few maternity images. sort of a celebrate of what is to come and the last family photos with just my daughter.

  63. I’m due Jan 21, 2015 with baby #2! For being 24 weeks my bump isn’t very prominent yet, but I do have my husband take a photo of me every month or so so we have a record of the changes.

  64. Alyssa VanderMolen says

    I am due february 5, and am having maternity photos done next month!

  65. I just found out that bedside cosleepers exist, and I’m so excited about them!! My baby girl is due November 30th, and I really wanted a more nurturing option that a crib. I’m a model, so we have all the maternity pictures now we could possibly want but I had never seen the henna on the belly before… What a cool idea!

  66. Terry Maigi says

    I’m not pregnant yet, but planning for baby #2! With my daughter we took lots of maternity photos! We even painted her name on my belly! So fun!

  67. I had my baby this past June, and we didn’t do anything too special – I had bad nausea most of the time

  68. Love to have one 🙂

  69. Jennifer Marquardt says

    Due November 19 and would LOVE this co sleeper! ! Taking a bump selfie is about s far as I’ve gone to showcase it!

  70. I’m due in early February 2015. I plan on doing a professional photography session to capture my first pregnancy, although I’ve been taking weekly baby bump pictures since 12 weeks!

  71. Ooo! Love having my sleeping baby close by.

  72. Rebecca Brown says

    I am due December 21st, and so far, we’re not sure where little boy will be sleeping. We live in a 500sqft apartment, so space is a premium!

  73. I am due Christmas Eve! I need to take more photos…

  74. I am due in November, and I did take some maternity pictures. Nothing fancy, just at home 🙂 The henna tattoo idea is awesome! Next time! 🙂 Thanks!

  75. Whitney Lett says

    I am due March 7 and I would love maternity photos and a placenta print they look so neat!

  76. Due 12.1.14, nothing special, in survival mode!

  77. Katie Gilmore says

    I am due with baby #3 April 15th. I have never done anything in the past but I am very interested in thd belly cast that is turned into a bowl.

  78. We’re currently trying for our second, I really would have loved to have this for our first! We didn’t do anything special for my bump the first time around – just a blessingway and yoga for my shower. I would love to get maternity pics this next time around.

  79. anastasia b says

    We’re trying for baby #3, this would be great! I definitely want maternity photos this time 🙂

  80. Kaitlin Abernathy says

    I would love to do an actual maternity photo shoot where we got married last year. I’ve been taking weekly bump shots but it would be so special to get a few shots where we exchanged vows 🙂 I’m due November 15!

  81. I am due January 1 – we are looking forward to our wee one’s arrival 🙂 The other 2 got maternity pictures, but I might skip it and do newborn this time instead. We’ll see 🙂

  82. Due early December – 2nd baby, so we’ve probably failed to take *any* baby bump pics 🙂

  83. I am due on Nov 17th and I would LOVE this cosleeper! I feel like this baby has been harder to plan for because I also have an almost-2-year-old. To celebrate, we did a maternity shoot and my coworkers are throwing me a sweet hairbow-party since we already have tons of clothes for her!

  84. heather emeka says

    I am due 11/14/14 with my second and am taking!

  85. Due November 19. Csection scheduled for November 11.

  86. I am due February 5th with our 3rd 🙂 We’re celebrating by keeping the gender a secret from family. A co-sleeper will be amazing this time since my second child is still in my bed 😛

  87. I am due November 20 with baby 3! We are doing maternity photos this time around

  88. Jenny Daugherty says

    We are due April 2015 are going to do maternity pictures over our Christmas holiday while visiting the Grand Tetons. We are very excited. The mountains are our favorite place.

  89. Maria green says

    I am due with baby #3 January 25th. Money does not allow me to purchase a arms reach co-sleeper but I have always wanted one.

  90. I am due February 12th this is our first baby and we can’t wait to be parents. We’re planning on doing maternity pictures to document my super cute belly

  91. Elizabeth Naiman says

    I am due with my 3rd baby, 1st girl, on December 8th! To celebrate my bump I try to take pictures or videos of my 5 year old and 19 month old being sweet with my belly. They are both so excited for a baby sister, especially my 5 year old who really understands that we have another baby coming.

  92. Geri Smith says

    I’m due on December 13 which also happens to be my sons 3rd birthday. I will be getting maternity photos done in early November and I can’t wait!

  93. gracie bauer says

    I’m due Oct 24 and this week I’m planning on doing a cast of my belly!

  94. Susan Baker says

    I am due Nov 1 and have always heard good things about this particular sleeper. I would love the opportunity to have one of my own!

  95. I’m due 2/1/15 but we are expecting a late January baby. Would love to win this co-sleeper since my 4 year old and new baby will need to share a room (eventually) so I plan to keep new baby in our room for an extended time. What a great giveaway!

  96. I’m due with baby #3 in February 2015, we are super excited
    we would love to win a co sleeper, we still have our 2year old at times and this be perfect to share the space with both. Thank you for letting us have a chance to win this gift

  97. Due in Dec with my third daughter and we still aren’t sure where we’re going to put her. 🙂 She’ll definitely be in with us as long as possible!

  98. Christie Showalter says

    I want one these so bad!

  99. Jennifer Ellis says

    I’m due 12/3 with a little boy and my 3.5 years old daughter couldn’t be more excited! I plan on doing maternity photos and getting lots of pics of mom and daughter poses so she still feels special.

  100. I”m due January 7th and have wanted one of these SO badly! I take pictures pretty regularly through out my pregnancies (which reminds me I’m due to take another one!)
    I didn’t do maternity photos or anything but just had fun documenting my growing bump. And then took lots of photos of her once she was born since I find most newborn photos silly.

  101. stacy hancock says

    i am due the first of november! we are doing maternity photos this time as something extra special(baby #4)

  102. Ashley Vazquez says

    I’m due November 20th and hoping to do maternity pics! I’d love to do a belly cast too but it’s out of our budget.

  103. Sarah Burmeister says

    I’m due with baby #2 and have been freaking out about where this kiddo is going to sleep lol. Her 2.5 yr old sister still bedshares and nurses at night so this would help us so much

  104. Heather Monroe says

    I’m due Feb 26th, with baby #2! We haven’t taken maternity photos yet but we plan to! But I am taking bi-monthly belly photos to track my growth. I would love love love to win this because we only have a 2 bedroom house right now and plan on having this baby stay in our room for quite some time plus it seems wonderful for night time nursing

  105. I’m 27 weeks due 1 January! Have maternity photos scheduled and I’m getting pretty excited!

  106. I’m due Feb 4th give or take;) we haven’t done much to celebrate the baby bump just yet as it’s still becoming a bump. We will have a baby celebration in a few months.

  107. Yay, a cosleeper! We’re due Nov 12 with our first and would love a chance to win one. I have been so completely blessed with a wonderful pregnancy and am excited to meet our little one. We just finished maternity photos, which was an amazing experience!

  108. due dec 25 and planning on baby in crib in room with one of it’s sibling and pack n play in our room. Would love a cosleeper instead- running out of space around her quick!

  109. We’re due January 26, we haven’t had maternity photos done just yet but we will sometime next month!

  110. Alex fisher says

    Dec 1st! I take weekly belly photos

  111. I’m due December 29 with my fourth child, and my first girl. I would LOVE to receive a co-sleeper – somewhere safe for my little one to sleep when her brothers inevitably invade my bed because of bad dreams or a need to snuggle. Thanks for the opportunity!

  112. Lauren Moraca says

    #2 due in January! I’d love a co sleeper!

  113. 23 weeks with baby 2. I’m not sure what we will do aside from belly pics. Just enjoying being pregnant. 🙂

  114. tawny maxam says

    Due January 10th with baby boy #2 🙂 I do weekly photos and having a bow tie themed baby shower in a few weeks to celebrate this Lil man 🙂 I will also do a professional maternity shoot end of November beginning of December 🙂

  115. We are due 1/20/15 with #6!! I haven’t done much but take a few pics. The older kids will probably paint the bump for Halloween! I would also like to take professional maternity pics.

  116. I’m due at the end of January with my first baby (a girl!) and have been taking baby bump photos every week. I’m planning to do a maternity photo shoot around 30 weeks to use for a holiday card. Winning this cosleeper would be amazing!

  117. Im due November 19th n so excited, she will be my 2nd little girl. I take pictures every week just so I can see how shes growing. My daughter n sing n read to her everyday..cant wait till Halloween to wear my baby pumpkin tshirt. 🙂

  118. I’m due “in November.” I’m refusing to give a date this time because I went so far past it with my first. The belly has been preserved in pictures with big sister.

  119. Due November 15th with my first…would love to win this!

  120. Valerie Doyle says

    I’m due with my second baby boy on October 17 th, only two more weeks! I just did maternity photos with my 28 month old and hubby this weekend.

  121. Julianne Zuniga says

    I’m due November 27th (a thanksgiving day baby!!!). We are doing maternity pictures to remember our last pregnancy. I’m so ready for this little surprise rainbow baby!

  122. Kayleigh Whittle says

    Due February 9th would love a chance to win!

  123. Due 2/13/14 with boy #3!

  124. Katie Kinslow says

    I’m pregnant with baby number 2 on December 28th. We did a gender reveal cake with family, close friends, and big brother at our side. We found out we’re expecting a GIRL two days before her big brothers 3rd birthday. I love taking bump profession photos and sometimes daddy of big brother make it into the photos too. 🙂

  125. Due on December 5th! Might do maternity shoot…but haven’t decided yet! Arc looks amazing!!!! Co slept with our other 2 and hoping the same for #3!

  126. Christine Adams says

    I am expecting a baby girl on January 25th, 2015. I haven’t done anything special yet but am scheduled to do the 3-d ultrasound pics on Black Friday and maybe do the maternity pics this time around which will include my 8 year old daughter who is excited to be a big sister finally! 🙂

  127. We’re due February 8th! It’s our second little one, and I’m hoping to get a plaster belly cast this time! <3

  128. I’m due November 18th with my 3rd bouncing baby girl. I have an amazingly talented best friend who offered to do my maternity pictures for free. I want to hang a very special one on the wall over baby’s bed.

  129. I am due in March. I take pictures of my baby bump as it progresses.

  130. Due with my 2nd on January 19! I haven’t yet done anything to celebrate the bump, thinking maybe maternity pics this time around! My first slept in his room from the day we brought him home, still breastfeeding at 16 months! Would love to be closer to this baby at night in the beginning!

  131. Sandra Bradbury says

    I’d love one of these for baby #2, due jan 23rd. Been looking into them and they seem great for us 🙂

  132. Due in February and would love this for baby #2!

  133. Due in December! Flew back home and had a party with all of my friends and family that I hadnt seen in over a year since moving all the way across the country!!

  134. I am due December 29th. Haven’t done any maternity shots other then weekly photos. Need to figure out what we will use for crib as our 20 month old is still in the crib and I am scared to move her to a bed. Can’t deal with a change in her great sleeping habits now! 🙂

  135. Jessie Lett says

    I’m due Nov. 14th! Would love to get this

  136. Lauren Bridgmon says

    Due November 24 with baby #2! Taking weekly belly shots and trying to include my toddler in them as well, kissing the belly or just doing toddlerish things is turning out pretty cute! We cannot decide on a name this time, guess well have to wait to meet her to decide!

  137. Danielle K. says

    We had a baby in 2013 and hope to have another baby in 2015! We took maternity photos to celebrate the baby bump! We also did weekly bump pics!

  138. Tiffany H. says

    I’m due with our 5th baby boy in January. With this pregnancy, I started documenting my weeks at 22 weeks. Before this time, I just looked like a fat, flabby belly Mama. Once my baby bump started to show, I decided I wanted to take photos myself, looking down at our little peanut 🙂

  139. Missy Bedford says

    I am due Dec 17 with baby number two. I went to a tandem babywearing class during international babywearing week to celebrate the upcoming arrival and learn how to wear both kids at the same time of needed. I will probably do fall maternity pictures as well.

  140. Katherine Murphy says

    I’m due February 2015. I haven’t done any belly casts or professional pictures for any of my babies. We’re planning on getting newborn pictures this time. I’d love to get a bedside sleeper this time!

  141. I’m due November 11. I haven’t done anything special to celebrate the pregnancy though as I am not in the best of living situations and I have a toddler. My way of celebration will be buying a few things I want for postpartum in a few days 🙂

  142. I am expecting my 2nd boy and am due January 4th :).My family and I are super excited! I haven’t done anything too special yet….planning on a 3d ultrasound in the next 2 weeks and maternity/holiday family photos closer to Christmas 🙂

  143. This is on my NEED list. We have such a small space and cannot accommodate anything bigger than this. Thanks for the opportunity!

  144. Oh…. I am due January 11th! Nothing special for my bump….. stretch marks are fancy enough! LOL

  145. I’m due February 15! We have a little girl already and this will be our last due to my chronic illness xD

    I am planning on buying an arm’s reach for this little one. Our daughter still climbs in our bed at night so it will be easier to manage the two with one of these beds!

  146. I forgot to add: We are doing nothing special for the bump. My fibromylgia is flaring to much so I’m focused on taking it easy and family stuff. We will do family pics once this little one arrives.

  147. I’m due in February with miracle baby number 2! 1 week until we find out if it’s a precious little boy or girl. My DD is so excited to become a big sister 🙂 a co-sleeper would be an absolute god send as not only are we limite on space but I still remember vividly dragging myself out of bed to get my DD out of her crib to fb her during the night (and her crib was only 2/3 foot way from my bed) – but my word it didn’t half make the night times harder! Is this offer available for UK mamas does anyone know?

  148. Due January 6. Haven’t done anything special to celebrate 🙁 just been taking care of my sweet little 2 year old!!

  149. This is baby four due March 4 but will be delivering mid to late Feb due to placenta complications! We haven’t done anything special this time because of the stress of my being in nursing school and having the placenta problems.

  150. Kenzie Armbrust says

    I would love a co-sleeper. Our bedroom is so tiny and the crib will take up ALL the available floor space. Something smaller would be amazing!

  151. Kenzie Armbrust says

    I realized I didn’t answer the correct questions in my first comment. I am due Thanksgiving Day. We had maternity pictures done for my daughter (who turns 3 today!) but this time I think we will do them ourselves and save the money for family pictures after our baby boy arrives.

  152. Ashley Lovely says

    My sister is due on March 11th. I know it is for due dates through February, but had to try! Her husband is in the Air Force and we just found out he is being sent to Korea in December. He is going to miss the birth and will not be able to meet the baby until the summer:( This might lift her spirits a little. She has an 8 year old right now, so no baby stuff left. She has been trying for years for this baby!! So excited!! 🙂

  153. I’m due Nov. 8th. Just taking pictures at home throughout my pregnancy. 🙂

  154. we didn’t really do anything! It’s funny what they say about second kiddos. My first girl was born at 38 weeks on January 17, 2012. This little girl is sched for her debut January 7, 2015! But I’m calling December…

  155. Due January 17th with baby number two! I am just starting to show a little so we haven’t done anything to celebrate my bump yet but hoping to have pictures taken!

  156. I am due in the middle of December! We’re having some family/maternity photos taken at the end of this month. =) We are all very exicited!

  157. Alyssa Laughlin says

    I took weekly bump pictures during my pregnancy. I was due October 8th, but Olivia could not wait! She surprised everyone and arrived Monday Sept. 29th! I went no epidural and it was a beautiful experience!

  158. Due with #4 in feb!

  159. Jessica Sawyer says

    Due February 25th and planning on maternity photos at the end of January, then newborn pictures after baby is born. We did both for big brother in 2013 with the same photographer and I can’t wait!

  160. I used to have a hand me down one until it died. Love these and would love a new one.

  161. I’m due December 16th but don’t plan on seeing that date pregnant. Right now baby’s bed is going to be in between mommy and daddy in bed. Although this does make me nervous this time around. Our bed is so very tall!

  162. Lauren Moraca says

    due in january with #2! can’t wait!

  163. I am due November 27,2014. Thanksgiving day! I have not done anything special for this pregnancy but I didn’t do any for my first either. Thinking of doing pictures with my husband and daughter.

  164. I am due Nov 29th with my second girl! Would love this to add more cosleeping options to my already-full bed (my 2yo still sleeps with me). I need all the help I can get in the sleep department, since my 2yo is still extremely needy at night. I will do a belly cast in the next month! 🙂

  165. Alicia Merlino says

    Due Nov 6. I talk to my baby bump every morning in the shower. it is the 5 minutes that I can not be trying to run around after my toddler.

  166. Due in Feb with #4! Current bed…. TBD? We have a crib broken down in the garage but with three toddlers, and no extra room, not really room to set it up. None of my others really enjoyed the crib so we did a lot of co-sleeping, but my developmentally delayed son is still sleeping with me and I’m not sure how to get him out or keep him away from newest tot…. basically this would be a life saver!

  167. Jessica J. says

    due Nov 7th with boy #2! I’m looking to get some belly henna and photos done in the next week or so 🙂

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