Ten Reasons to go to MommyCon

You know the Coke song? “I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony… I’d like to buy the world a Coke and keep it company.” I’m not going to buy the world (or anyone) a Coke but I wish I could buy the world a ticket to MommyCon. I’ve shared before that it used to be I would avoid any event targeted to women. The idea of spending lots of time with women kind of made me anxious. Ok, really made me anxious. Mom-specific events were even more scary. But then I found myself attending women in birth and I loved it. Gradually I became more comfortable with hanging out with women-only in small groups. And somehow 4 years ago The Leaky Boob happened and now I hang out with mostly women all day, every day. Oh, and I have 6 daughters. And now one of my favorite things I get to do these days is speak at MommyCon which, while dads do attend, is certainly a mom-focused event if ever there was one. I love it so much, that my motto now is ALL. THE. MOMS.*

Motherlove #MeetandLeak

All the moms I got to meet at MommyCon Memphis

So here it is, 10 reasons I wish every mom (and dad) could go to MommyCon:

  1. It’s real. There’s no sugarcoating or pretending. The event organizers, moms in attendance, and the speakers are down to earth and realistic and no matter what your journey there are people there that can relate. Laugh, cry, you’ll connect with people who’ve been there and know all about the ups and downs without pretending parenting is always rainbow farting unicorns.
  2. Fun. Chances are strong you’re going to laugh a lot at MommyCon. It’s real and it’s real fun. Stories and games, humor runs through out the event because we all know just what it’s like to have a kid spit up in your mouth and all we can do is laugh about it together.
  3. Education. Even if you happen to not learn something new at MommyCon (but there is SO much information and education happening, it’s hard not to learn something!) you can’t help but learn from the experience. I’ve been to about a dozen MommyCons and every time I’ve learned something new and am pushed to grow. Be it about babywearing, sex after baby, breastfeeding, formula feeding, birth, health care options, car seat safety, yoga, discipline, you name it, there is so much information and personal story connections to learn from.
  4. Babywearing Lounge. It’s exactly what it sounds like. The Beco Baby Ergo Baby babywearing lounge is an amazing collection of baby carriers staffed with babywearing educators and you can try them all! Not sure how to do a back carry in a woven wrap? They’re there to help. Considering investing in a soft structure carrier? Try them all and see what you like before you buy.
  5. Children are welcome. It can be noisy and a little chaotic with all the babies and toddlers around but there’s something incredibly beautiful about being in a place where families are valued in such a way that children aren’t simply brushed aside.
  6. Shopping. Seriously, the shopping is amazing (so many awesome products!) and the brands present truly are invested not only in the event but in supporting the families in attendance. I’ve seen vendors help moms trouble shoot cloth diaper troubles, talk about infant feeding options, and car seat companies CPSTs help troubleshoot issues attendees are having with another brand’s seat just because they want to be sure those kids are safe.
  7. Breastfeeding is normalized. For one day you can see what it would truly look like if breastfeeding was normalized in society today. Moms and babies everywhere feeding as needed and, because this is MommyCon, no shaming for breastfeeding or bottle feeding because when breastfeeding is normalized how someone feeds their baby is simply accepted with support extended.
  8. Interesting speakers. This one is awkward for me to list because it sounds like I’m patting myself on the back since when I’m attending MommyCon it is as a speaker. But my talks aside, the speakers I’ve been privileged to hear are not only interesting and full of information, they’re funny, smart, and moving. Bunmi Laditan from The Honest Toddler, Jamie Grayson from The Baby Guy NYC, Jennifer Labit from Cotton Babies, Alyssa Ruben MommyCon’s CPST, and so many more share their stories, experience, and wisdom. Not only do I leave with new information, I leave inspired and uplifted.
  9. Options. There is no one right way to do just about anything in parenting and MommyCon highlights the many different options available from prenatal care choices to product options. Access to a variety of products for hands-on experience as well as the different local retailers, birth professionals, and parenting support means a chance to get your questions answered.
  10. You! Ok, this is for me, but for the next two MommyCon events (Philly and Newport Beach), Motherlove Herbal has made it possible for me to be there and if you go, I’ll get to meet you! There is the Motherlove Herbal #MeetandLeak VIP session (sold out for Philly) and I’ll be at the Motherlove table following my main session presentation to get to meet you.

I can think of more reasons to go to MommyCon but I’ll leave you with these ten reasons for now and a giveaway for two tickets to MommyCon Philly and a link to information on MommyCon 2015 event locations so you can start planning for next year.

Giveaway: Two general admission tickets for MommyCon Philly on October 5th, 2014. Must be present to claim. Winners will be announced Tuesday, September 30, 2014. Use the widget below to enter.

*All the moms of preschool and younger. While moms with older children could really enjoy MommyCon, the event is focused primarily on parenting through pregnancy, birth, infancy, toddlerhood, and preschool stages.
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  1. #1 To meet you! You are such a huge inspiration!

    #2 To shop! No explanation needed 😉

    #3 To meet new people!

  2. Top three reasons
    1)To meet other leakies
    2) To see and touch all the baby carriers I’ve never tried.
    3) The speakers

  3. I would LOVE to attend MommyCon because I am a ftm and completely love everything about motherhood and it would be such a valuable experience to meet and interact with all the other mamas that will be there! Also because I breastfeed my baby and would love to join other mamas in doing so and help spread the idea that there is zero shame in BFing, especially in public. Lastly I’d love to go because quite frankly I don’t get out much and this event would just be perfect!

  4. Lets see if I can narrow it down to ONLY 3 reasons to attend MommyCon lol
    1. All the speakers! How awesome it would be to finally see and hear all these speakers in person instead of being limited to stalking their blogs and instagrams lol.

    2.Shopping… There are so many great brands that aren’t carried by stores in my area and while I usually order online, it would be nice to see the products in person before buying them especially baby wearing gear.

    3.Connecting with other moms! I think it would be awesome to meet like-minded (and even not) moms that are relatively close to my area. Its always fun to hangout with women who have things in common like uh, babies,toddlers and even leaky boobs lol.

  5. Erin Connors says

    I just happen to be heading to Eastern PA next weekend… How fabulous would this be????

  6. Erin Connors says

    Oh… Top 3 reasons…
    1) I’ve been dying to go to one for what seems like forever!
    2) I think it would be an incredible day of bonding for myself and my sil.
    3) I believe in what you guys are doing!!!

  7. heather hanlon-emeka says

    I want to go to Mommycon Philly because I want to meet other like-minded moms, see new products, and shop!

  8. Ashley shipley says

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to go to Mommycon! I almost bought tickets but the VIPS were sold out and i wanted to meet you and BabyGuyNYC!!!

  9. 1. Speakers
    2. Fun!
    3. Education

  10. Liz Chesebro says

    New mom here going back to work on Monday (wahhhhhh!!!!) but I’d love to have to not go a day to check out Mommycon!

  11. Top 3 reasons… have fun, shop, and listen to interesting speakers. This would be so fun.

  12. Caroline Guthrie says

    1. For the opportunity to learn from other like minded individuals and experts in the baby business.
    2. To experience doing the most natural things in parenting in a place that accepts the diversity of what’s normal.
    3. To see and touch and experience so many different products, with option to buy, as where I live we have nothing like that and we have to purchase online and just hope that it’s right for us.

  13. I would love to go and bring my 20 month old daughter!

  14. Too three reasons (besides others)

    1) to meet local like minded Moms (yay!!)
    2) to see amazing products and AMAZING speakers 🙂
    3) to head out for a day with my girl and not worry about getting looks and sideways glances whenever she wants to nurse!!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  15. I’m pregnant and would love the support.

    The shopping

  16. 1. To hang out with some like-minded mommas and families.
    2. To hear thoughts and advice from some smart and very entertaining presenters.
    3. I was able to go to Mommycon Denver, and would love to share that experience with my sister in the Philly area. 🙂

  17. Teresa Fogus says

    1) to be around like minded mamas

    2) to meet the people making my favorite products (and hopefully score a few!)

    3) to have fun!

  18. #1 I went last year and it was amazing. I knew I’d be attending every year, even if it’s just to show support.
    #2 To learn about everything mommycon has to offer; pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and this year I will be going specifically with the intent of learning how to cloth diaper.
    #3 To meet other like minded moms, specifically some I have developed friendships with over the years through Instagram.

  19. 1) to meet new moms
    2) to learn from the speakers
    3) road trip!!!

  20. Kimberly Casey Hill says

    1. To meet you!
    2. To hear the babyguynyc!
    3. To learn everything i can about cloth diapers!

  21. 1) to get out of the house!
    2)learn more about natural parenting
    3)meet other moms

  22. #1 – meet jennifer labit

    #2 – try on different carriers (especially a wrap)

    #3 – have fun!

  23. Miranda Whitham says

    I would love to get a ticket! I to an just learning to be comfortable with women, but it is so important for mommies. I’m also exited about #isupportyou and seeing all the bloggers I’ve been following!

  24. Stephanie Wheatley says

    1) To set a new baby wearing world record!
    2) To meet and listen to the speakers, you included of course!!
    3) To meet and connect with like minded mommies!
    4) Added bonus would be to visit Philly and enjoy Jim’s cheese steaks again! 😉

  25. I’d like to go to mommycon because I love learning about parenting, I enjoy making new friends, and the stuff plus vendors is so intriguing!

  26. 1) to meet you and all of the other speakers!
    2) to learn more about natural parenting and to learn how to cloth diaper
    3) to participate in the babywearing world record!

  27. 1. The speaker
    2. Venders
    3. Meeting other moms

  28. 1. The speakers like tlb and babyguy!
    2. To learn new things!
    3. To meet other moms!

  29. 1) shopping all the products!
    2) hearing the speakers
    3) girls road trip w a friend!

  30. 1. To meet more mommies
    2. To actually do something for myself
    3. To bond with people outside of my children!

  31. I’d love to hear the speakers, meet other moms who share similar ideas (and be exposed to new ones!), and embrace mommyhood again!

  32. Ashley Buckner says

    1) to be around other breast feeding/natural minded mamas
    2) to get out of the house 😉
    3) to meet you 🙂

  33. I have a preschooler, I’m pregnant & I love to shop! But most importantly i would like to see what happens at mommycon!

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