Get Comfortable Breastfeeding- Bebe au Lait Giveaway!

A big part of reaching your breastfeeding goals may actually be about how comfortable you are breastfeeding. Physical comfort (back ache or nipple pain is going to put a big damper on things!), emotional comfort, social comfort, you name it, feeling comfortable can be key to the whole breastfeeding experience. Which is why we are talking about comfortable breastfeeding with our friends at Bebe au Lait and Katy Linda, IBCLC from The Breastfeeding Den and give away 2 breastfeeding covers and 2 breastfeeding pillows to help you get comfortable in your own breastfeeding journey, whatever that means for you.


Breastfeeding in public with a breastfeeding cover. When you're a model family at an adorable cafe. Thanks to Bebe au Lait for this image.

The Nursing Cover, $36-$38 value

Bebe au Lait introduced the Nursing Cover, 10 years ago as a solution for nursing in public. The stylish and comfortable covers are adjustable, and are made with a patented open neckline that holds the cover away from the baby, allowing mom and baby to make eye contact. They come in a variety of designs and colors, and are made of either 100% cotton, organic cotton or muslin.

ย Bebe au Lait breastfeeding pillow

The Nursing Pillow, $55 value

Bebe au Lait launched for the first time this year, The Nursing Pillow. Created by a nursing mom, The Nursing Pillow puts baby at the optimum height to promote a better latch. The features include a reversible, dual sided surface (soft or flat), convenient two-sided pocket to keep essentials within easy reach and an adjustable, tuck-away strap. The Nursing Pillow is designed with an open shape for a better fit and is foam-free. Both pillow and removable slip cover are 100% cotton and machine washable. Please note that this item is not yet available and will be shipping mid December with the lucky winners being some of the very first to get their hands on one of these beautiful new pillows.

ย To be entered for a chance to win one of these prizes, follow the directions on the widget below. Please note, this giveaway is open to those in the USA.

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  1. Get yourself comfy first!

  2. Love it! Expecting baby #3 and got rid of all of my gear after the last one, could use some new breastfeeding geer.

  3. My friends at church were my biggest supporters! I want to win the nursing pillow for my SIL, who is about to be a first time mom. I hope to be among her biggest bf supporters too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I used by Bebe au lait cover to pieces with my daughter. It sadly wore out in the neck area and now that I’m 20 weeks with our second baby girl I’m going to need a new one!

  5. Looking at their new pillow (how high/thick it is) made me realize why my current nursing pillow isn’t giving me enough support and why my back always hurts! Would love to win one!

  6. Christine C says

    The open design on the pillow is much nicier. I’m a bigger woman and the other pillows don’t fit right

  7. Breastfeeding Rocks!!!

  8. Jessica Hoover says

    Social support has been the best breastfeeding advice for me! Having a group of friends who support bfing makes a world of a difference!

  9. Nichole Dreher says

    The 2 people that helped me with my confidence when breastfeeding were my baby sister Brenda who was only a teenager but pushed me to be proud of myself for nursing my LO and myself, I really wanted to provide my daughter with custom nutrients.

  10. Meagan Swafford says

    I enjoyed the live chat today! Its nice to be able to read other moms experiences and realize that, even though it sometimes feels like it, there are alot of other moms all in the same boat. Thanks for all the encouragement I find on your site ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Mary Chenoweth says

    Love the tip about rolling up a burp cloth to support the breast.

  12. Kayla Calix says

    I did not get the opportunity to chat with Bebe au Lait ๐Ÿ™

  13. Erica Smith says

    I would love one of the nursing pillows!

  14. I have yet to find a nursing pillow that is truly comfortable for us. I would love to give this one a try ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Amber Epps says

    I couldn’t read through all the comments. I think it was good to talk about why you might be having pain with breastfeeding. When I was experiencing lots of pain with my third I might have given up if I didn’t know to look into why. Turned out I had yeast in my milk and baby and I were passing it back and forth. I was able to overcome it after lots of work and nurse her until 26 months!

  16. I missed the chat, but I love my bebe au lait! I hope I win so I can gift it to some of my friends who are expecting their first!

  17. I have only nursed once in public while using my Moby wrap. It was a bit messy but I felt good that I was able to do it. I’ve since gotten a travel Boppy which helps a lot with physical comfort on the go.

  18. Love the pattern on that pillow!

  19. I missed out on the FB chat today! But I appreciate IBCLC’s who are there to support mamas with supply issues, nursing strikes, teething, milk blisters, dairy sensitivity concerns, just to name a few!

  20. Blanca Wilson says

    I loved follow your mom intuition. I did just that

  21. Keria Schmeida says

    What a cool event! Hoping something cool comes my way with this little one about to make her appearance any day now…

  22. Heather Olds says

    Nursing was soooo much harder than I thought it would be. I’m thankful for blogs/fb pages like this one that helped support me (and continues to do so) in our breastfeeding journey. 11 months and going strong!

  23. SaraJean Desrochers says

    I definitely took in that you have to do whatever you need to do or get your own comfort needs when breastfeeding because it is not going to be the same for each woman…

  24. i want it, i want it, i want it, i want it, i want it, i want it….
    also, i want it, i want it, i want it

  25. sherry blamer says

    My favorite tip about breastfeeding in public was tips on wearing layers of clothes to keep your tummy covered. I also liked always be prepared to bf in public.

  26. There were some good tips about breastfeeding in public. I was really worried about feeding in public with my first, and invested a lot in pretty covers. A lot of people mentioned skipping the cover, which I think is a great tip for first time moms. A big nursing cover really just draws more attention to the fact that you are breastfeeding. I also saw a couple people mention layering a tank and pulling your shirt up instead of down. I feel really stupid, but after almost 2 years of breastfeeding I have never thought of this. I always just pull my shirt down, but I’m going to have to try this to stay warm lol.

  27. Rachel Van Horn says

    That nursing pillow looks so different that the others on the market!

  28. To relax and be comfortable. The milk will come

  29. I liked learning about the different breastfeeding positions.

  30. anne stewart says

    I love how the pillow helps to position properly!

  31. I have used the muslin nursing cover for 6 months and love how breathable the fabric is. It’s a relief to know that my baby isn’t getting overheated. I recommend this to all of my nursing friends. And the designs are so pretty!

  32. Amanda Selenke says

    Get comfy, you may be there a while!

  33. I enjoyed reading all of the confidence encouragements from everyone during the posts

  34. To follow your iintuition.

  35. Yay for boobies!

  36. This would be awesome to win!

  37. My mom and husband were my biggest supporters. My daughter was gentle when nursing, my son has been rough. ๐Ÿ™‚ I could use this pillow. ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. i have never heard of Bebe at Leit until now! Thank you for introducing me and I look forward to reading more about their products.

  39. Meg Kennedy says

    This would be so wonderful for baby #2 coming soon!

  40. Expecting baby #3, and got rid of most of my goodies after #2 because we thought we were done.

  41. Max tardiff says

    The information about pain while nursing was really helpful!

  42. Didn’t get a chance to participate in the chat, but I love their products.

  43. Victoriana says

    Missed the chat, but that pillow looks great & super helpful!

  44. That pillow looks amazing.

  45. Would love to win this!! Love their stuff.

  46. I would love to win the pillow!

  47. Loved the discussion about weaning and oxytocin!

  48. Christine ADAMS says

    To always follow your intuition!

  49. I learned that being comfortable and in the right position can help make breastfeeding more comfortable.

  50. Ashley Walsh says

    Finding a community of fellow breast feeders was the best advice I’ve been given. Knowing you are not alone and having woman to talk through difficulties with is the secret of my success.

  51. 10 years already? I would love the nursing cover – I hid at home with my first, because I just wasn’t that comfortable. But now with a 5 year old and an infant to nurse… I’ll have to get comfortable!

  52. Lynsi Keeble says

    A new nursing pillow would be fabulous! I tried stuffing my Boppy with some extra stuffing, but it’s about outlived its usefulness.

  53. Get lots of support!

  54. Hannah Palmer says

    My favorite tip shared during the chat was to look at your baby when nursing in public or directly at the people you are with- don’t look around at other people around. I think this is a great tip for people who might be nervous to nurse in public because it can help them focus on what they’re doing and why vs worrying about what others might be thinking or saying

  55. I hope it comes relatively easily and naturally — only time will tell.

  56. Amanda Temple says

    I missed the chat, but did go back and read through it! I struggled with breastfeeding at first (cracked nipples) and the hardest part for me at first was feeding in public. It was stressing me out so much I rarely went anywhere. I am over it now, but agree with what someone said. Look at your baby while feeding not the other people!

  57. Support is important–both phyiscal support from baby being in the right position to emotional support!

  58. I also missed the chat, but reading the articles on this site and even the comments from other ladies, especially about using a burp cloth to support your breasts! I had major engorgement and tons of breast tissue, so that would definitely have helped me with my son (whom I nursed til 2). I plan on nursing this baby as long as possible too.

  59. Hayley Elliott says

    I loved reading all the tips and how many of the women are comfortable breastfeeding in public. It’s soooo great to hear I am in good company! It makes me so happy to see so many women breastfeeding publicly and not hiding in their cars or staying home. <3

  60. Shasta Deaver says

    My mom and my sister in law were my supporters for breast feeding. I would love to try this nursing pillow!

  61. This pillow would be wonderful. Getting comfortable (as was discussed) would be so much easier with my nursling a bit higher up.

  62. Alyson Turner says

    Would love to win!

  63. megan tilley says

    I didn’t know you could roll up a burp cloth to support your breast, this is great!

  64. the best tip was getting comfy

  65. Sharon Murray says

    I always had to put another pillow or 2 under my boot, so this pillow makes a lot of sense.

  66. I liked the idea of trusting your intuition.

  67. I missed the chat. But the best advise I ever got was from my mom…..relax!

  68. I missed the chat, but the nursing pillow looks awesome and I would love to try it! Thanks for all the great work TLB!!!

  69. The design of the pillow is awesome, I feel like it would work for many different body types.

  70. No babies yet, not too early to prepare though!

  71. I liked reading about other moms experiences. Thanks for the chance to win ๐Ÿ™‚

  72. Rayla Voigtlander says

    I would love to win the nursing pillow. My back was always sore when nursing baby #1. That pillow looks so comfy!


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