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Nine Naturals just became a sponsor of The Leaky Boob, and to help celebrate we’re offering you this beautiful giveaway opportunity.  Why “beautiful” you may ask?  Because Nine Naturals is all about offering beauty products that are safe for moms – especially expectant mothers.  Natural, organic, simple, smart, and safe: these are the qualities that go into each of their beauty products.  After using them ourselves, we agree!  Luxuriously simple and a list of wholesome ingredients so expertly combined, not only did we feel pampered in our quick shower, we felt safe knowing there was nothing we were putting on our bodies that could harm us or our children. We’ve invited Grace, co-founder and CEO of Nine Naturals, to tell us a little more about their company and products:

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Grace Lee, Co-Founder and CEO of Nine Naturals

TLB: What was the inspiration that led to the birth of Nine Naturals?

Grace: We were inspired (and continue to be inspired!) by pregnant and breastfeeding women who are choosing safer beauty routines for themselves and their babies.

It’s not easy! When my friends and I were looking for safe beauty products to use during pregnancy, we kept running into two problems –1) most products that claimed to be natural still contained harmful ingredients and 2) many natural products simply didn’t perform well! The shampoos didn’t lather well or the body products didn’t do much for their skin.

When I started developing Nine Naturals products, I focused on using natural, pure ingredients safe for pregnancy while maintaining a high standard for beauty and performance.


TLB: Were you surprised by any of the research you discovered when developing your products?

Grace: Yes! I was shocked to learn how prevalent certain toxins are in beauty products, despite research that links these chemicals to negative health effects – particularly on babies.

Have you ever read the ingredient labels of the products you use? The average woman uses 12 beauty products a day –a routine that exposes her to as many about 168 different ingredients! Some of these ingredients, like parabens and phthalates, are toxic and can be absorbed into the bloodstream. Many synthetic chemicals have been associated with diseases and health problems like cancer, endocrine disruption and behavioral disorders.

With pregnancy being the stage when babies are most vulnerable to environmental toxin exposure, it is imperative that we act on the mounting research. Unfortunately, given the prevalence of toxins in commercial products, the onus is on us parents to minimize our babies’ prenatal exposure.


TLB: What are the values that go into the products you make?

Grace: We believe that pregnancy and breastfeeding are periods in a woman’s life when she should feel peaceful and safe but also a time she can indulge and feel amazing about herself. We believe that every pregnant and breastfeeding woman deserves to feel pampered.

We believe in the inherent quality and effectiveness of natural ingredients. We believe in handpicking all of our ingredients; diligent research and scrupulous sourcing are critical parts of product development, from ideation to formulation to production.


TLB: What is your favorite breastfeeding tip?

Grace: Don’t be afraid to get help. Breastfeeding can be difficult in the beginning. Hire a lactation consultant to come to your house or look for a local meeting of La Leche League to get help from a lactation expert. No woman should feel alone in their breastfeeding journey. That’s why I love the Leaky Boob!

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TLB: If a parent is concerned, what can they do to limit exposure without having to drastically change their lifestyle?

Grace: Synthetic chemicals are found in the everyday products we use in our homes, on our bodies and on our children. Water bottles, beauty products, soap, toothpaste –we are literally inundated.

Limiting exposure might feel overwhelming, but small, simple changes make a difference. Start by switching out the products you use most frequently. Imagine if you substituted the shampoo you use everyday for a toxin-free alternative. With no major effort, expense or sacrifice, you’ve just eliminated one regular source of exposure.

We created Nine Naturals to facilitate these simple, high-impact changes. Our products were developed to be natural, safe replacements for the products you use everyday, and designed with performance as well as purity in mind. All of our formulations are 100% plant-based. We never, ever use sulfates, phthalates, parabens, petrochemicals, BPA, triclosan, DEA, synthetic fragrance or artificial preservatives.


TLB : What specific steps would you suggest moms take to reduce toxin exposures?

Grace: First and foremost, make sure your personal care products are safe and natural. Switch out your products that contain harmful chemicals to products that do not.

Do a sweep of your existing personal care products. Read all of the labels and verify that those products that claim to be natural actually are natural! If you don’t understand the label, that’s a good sign that there might be some chemicals in that product you want to avoid. The Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) features great, safe alternatives in their Skin Deep Cosmetics Guide.

Avoid salons that are not well-ventilated! At the salon, avoid chemical-heavy hair processes, especially at the roots. At the spa, opt for treatments that use natural and organic products. For manicures, look for polish that is “three-free”, meaning free of dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde and toluene. And last but not lease, use Nine Naturals!

You should also be changing other areas of your life! Nearly all of our tips about detoxifying your beauty care routine apply to your cleaning products! Use glass where possible; avoid plastics, which often contain Bisphenol-A (BPA) and phthalates, industrial compounds linked with breast cancer and infertility. Eat organic and fresh! And, finally, open a window! Improving ventilation and air circulation will help deter unwanted particles from settling in your furniture, clothes and the rest of your home.


This Nine Naturals Beautiful Giveaway is offering a Grand Prize and 5 Runner-Up Prizes for a total of 6 lucky Leakies!

Grand Prize: Complete Nine Naturals Product Line! ($285 in value)

5 Runners Up will Get a Nine Naturals Repairing Body Balm! ($15 value!)


Good luck to everyone!  Please use the widget below to be entered.  The giveaway is open from November 7, 2014 through November 14, 2014.  A big thanks to Grace and Nine Naturals for their support of TLB and all breastfeeding women; please be sure to visit their Facebook page or follow them on twitter and thank them for their support of TLB and this giveaway opportunity.

This giveaway is restricted to U.S. and Canadian residents only.

The Leaky Boob + Nine Naturals


  1. I have ansomnia, so I can’t smell a lot of things. Fake scents really get to me and I can only smell some common base in perfumes. This makes staying away from a lot of artificial scents pretty easy for me.

  2. Keeping toxin free while breastfeeding?
    Read the ingredient lists on products, eat whole foods, drink water….

  3. sherry blamer says

    If you want to remain chemical free while breastfeeding you should start reading labels on all of your products.

  4. Sarah Strysick says

    Try to eat organic as much as possible

  5. Amanda Temple says

    Lately we have been trying to get our house toxin free for our kiddos and pregnancy. I sold all our shampoos, washes, and any beauty products rated high. I really haven’t missed any of it, working on household cleaners next!

  6. To stay toxin free during breastfeeding, I read labels and did my best to stay away from products and foods whose names I couldn’t pronounce.

  7. Marina Loredo says

    I love this! I still find myself floundering when it comes to “how to avoid toxins during pregnancy,” so this is very helpful. I do try to stay away from cleaners and such, though.

  8. Elizabeth Gee says

    During bfing I was extra careful about what kind of lotion I use, especially in areas that my baby would touch and my breast. I used natural oils instead of lotion mostly.

  9. Marcy Krems says

    I use only vegan organic bath and body products and have been drinking warm lemon water to flush toxins out!

  10. Hayley Elliott says

    Read labels. Know what you are putting into your body and using on your body.

  11. Read ingredients. Use organic products.

  12. My advice for keeping toxin free while breastfeeding is only eat junk foods you cook from scratch! You can have all the cookies, cupcakes, and candies as long as you bake them! No additives, no dyes!!!

  13. Using natural deodorant is important with a baby so close to that area.

  14. Cassandra Eastman says

    I make sure to buy organic or natural products for myself and the baby!

  15. anastasia b says

    Eat organic and use natural skin care products, or homemade! Don’t drink fluoridated water and make your sleep environment as toxin free as possible.

  16. I read labels!!

  17. Easiest way to stay toxin free is to avoid the “extras” if you don’t need it, then don’t use it 🙂 there’s also tons of natural products, too of course

  18. Riley Romatz says

    Ways to stay toxin free while breastfeeding? Buy organic and always do your research!

  19. Riley Romatz says

    I followed on instagram and shared on facebook and for some reason it wont add the entries for those even when the +1 is clicked on 🙁

  20. I use the EWG Skindeep app like crazy!

  21. Just keep it simple; the less products you use, the less exposure. And remember, your hormones are going wacky, so don’t try anything drastically new. 🙂

  22. Liberty T. says

    I only use natural facial products as well as water based nipple butter while breastfeeding.

  23. Nicole Bear says

    My tip is to eat organic.

  24. Eating only organic foods and/or eating foods in their natural form

  25. Kristin Wolke says

    I love nine natural products and when I started looking into toxins I was appalled. I changed all my cosmetics, shampoo, conditioner, cleaning products etc. It is easier to change than you think and more companies are becoming more responsible with pressure 🙂

  26. I love using natural body products and eating organic. One of my fav online retailers is They carry lots of stuff!

  27. Christine M says

    eat organic and use as few beauty products as possible

  28. to keep a toxin free home, we don’t wear shoes in the house!

  29. Use all natural lotions on my body and eat healthy!

  30. Read labels, and trust reputable brands.

  31. I honestly didn’t think about the toxins in my products. I am looking forward to exploring this…

  32. I am not pregnant or breastfeeding, but have made it a personal mission in the last few years to know what is in my body products, just as I want to know what is in my food, and limit harmful additives. The Environmental Working Group site that is mentioned in the blog is helpful. So is the Good Guide app, and Organic Beauty Talk blog. It does take time and energy, but to me it is worth it. I would suggest starting with 1 item – face wash, liquid foundation, etc. – research what’s in what you currently use, decide if that’s ok for you, and replace if needed. That way you’re not saddled with replacing everything at one time. Start small and work your way through.

  33. Try to stay clear of harsh chemicals, eat healthy and pay attention to the products you use. My best advice- look at the ingredients list!

  34. Alex Cassiano says

    It’s so important to know what you’re putting in your body, not only by what you’re eating but by the product are using for your skin because it goes through your pores and goes through your bloodstream. So it’s really important to use chemical/toxin free products especially when you’re breastfeeding!

    Going for 8mibths strong! #liquidgold

  35. Julia Miller says

    Switch to baking soda and vinegar for a lot of household cleaning tasks. If you rinse afterwards, it’s pretty effective. It can help with smells from the sink drain, too!

  36. Julie Evans says

    I try to stick to only eating whole foods with 5 ingredients or less and drinking purified water. We’re working on the health, beauty, and cleaning products.

  37. Always read the label and try to eat organic

  38. Ginia Black says

    I’ve been buying more organic, and getting body care products from Jason’s and Honest Co.

  39. Eating organic and keeping chemicals out of my home as much as possible.

  40. i had the hardest time finding products that I felt were safe when pregnant with my first baby..this is awesome!


  42. I switched to all natural deodorant while I was pregnant and still mostly use it 2 years into BFing.

  43. Renee Rush Hoskins says

    I try to stay toxic free by reading labels to all cosmetic and hygiene products as well as cleaning products.

  44. eat all organic and clean with vinegar and baking powder

  45. I love The Honest Company for safe, non toxic cleaners! They have other products too, but for me it’s the cleaners that I find most useful. They are starting to sell them at Target now too! I also switched to making my own disinfectant for the kitchen (or anywhere). I fill a large mason jar with lemon slices and the pour in vinegar over the top. After about two weeks you get a really lemony fresh vinegar! I strain in and put it in a spray bottle for all sorts if clean up. My favorite part is I don’t have to worry about rinsing or overspray where my kids will have their hands, or mouths, but it still disinfects!

  46. I eat a lot of antioxidant rich foods and get a lot of water. This helps my body naturally get rid of toxins while breastfeeding, along with nourishing my body with vitamins, minerals and staying hydrated.

  47. Jill Inscore says

    If I have to touch anything toxic while preggers/breastfeeding, I use gloves. My youngest is now 16 months old and breastfeeding on demand…My biggest sacrifice is not coloring my hair with traditional color. My roots were gangly and my greys were fierce! LOL She’s so worth it!

  48. I try to only eat foods that I know come from the earth or eat what comes from the earth. I also only use products on myself that I would use on my sensitive baby’s skin!

  49. Soaring Butterfly says

    To keep chemical free during pregnancy (and life in general) I switched to all natural cleaners, stopped wearing perfumes and scented products and cut out dyes and additives in my diet wherever possible. I switched to decaf coffee and caffeine free herbal tea and drank lots of water, ate fresh fruits and vegs and whole foods. I tried making my own laundry soap too.

  50. Diana Longwell says

    Change out personal care and cleaning supplies as you finish the old bottles. Toss old makeup, you probably need to anyway due to bacteria. is a great site as is to find safer products, or see how your current products stack up.

  51. I use vinegar and baking soda to disinfect and clean stuff. The smell of lemongrass cleaners drove me bonkers. My husband used some when I was 6 weeks pregnant. At 15 weeks, I can still smell the cleaner and we haven’t used it since I was 5 weeks preggo. Even with my sinus congestion I can smell everything.

  52. I would love to give this product a try.

  53. laurel willis says

    I Don’t have any advice, but I would love to hear some!

  54. Amber Dalzell says

    So many things: clean eating, organic foods, limit animal fats, lots of fresh foods. I make my own cleaning products. Use things like soapnuts for washing. I think limiting your exposure to toxins us the best way to keep then from coming it through your breast milk. Also drinking water, exercise, chiropractic, massage etc are excellent ways to keep your body functioning efficiently, since there is no way to avoid all exposure. I’m currently preggo with #4 and still breastfeeding #3. It’s important to me trying to stay as healthy as I can. Especially because I feel rotten. HORRIBLE nausea this time.

  55. Veronica Bohan says

    I only eat organic and onlyl use natural products on my skin like shea butter.

  56. Jessica sotier says

    I read ingredient labels and try to stay as natural/organic/chemical free as possible.

  57. For me I try to be more conscious about eating more fresh foods.

  58. Reading ingredients should become your new “past time”! It’s important to know what you’re putting into your body, and what’s being passed to your baby.

  59. I use a all-natural deodorant from tropic traditions rather than an antiperspirant.

  60. i use Norwex to keep toxin free. Eat as close to home grown as we can get.

  61. Jillian Aguilar says

    I’ve been switching out all our beauty products for PABA free products. I also love essential oils.

  62. Essmie Feliciano says

    Read labels, eat as organic as possible

  63. Reading labels is an absolute must. If it wouldn’t be safe in your body, it probably isn’t safe on your body, either!

  64. Watching what you’re eating, reading lables, making better choices even if it’s not the most convenient or cheapest.

  65. Leslie hinton says

    My advice is to try to eat foods that don’t require a label or labels that you can read and completely understand! And definitely trust your body. While pregnant my nose was super sensitive so anything too strong would give me a headache or make me nauseous. Obviously my body was telling to stay away from that. Cleaners, detergents, washes,makeup, perfume, lotion, you name it. If your body reacts at all, stay away!

  66. megan bergstrom says

    I always read labels! I will only use non-toxic products and we eat about 90% organic

  67. Katie Denette says

    I try to buy organic as much as I can.

  68. Read your labels, do your research, see what people recommend, and see what you can make at home!

  69. I still don’t change the cat box while breastfeeding!

  70. Ashley Grice says

    label reading is the key to staying toxin free all the time not just during pregnancy and breastfeeding. As well as being knowledgeable about toxins and chemicals.

  71. Jen Montgomery says

    I consulted the environmental working group- a lot!

  72. I try to eat as organic as I can, I use aluminum free deodorant and low poo hair care.

  73. Frances Hill says

    The best way to be natural during breastfeeding is to be mindful. Would you feed your baby that? If not, why would you eat it? We all get rushed and grab what we can to eat on the run, but you should try to purchase better options for yourself that can be taken with you. Lotions are expensive no matter what ingredients they have, so purchasing a natural option that lasts longer just makes more sense.

  74. Victoria Ferguson says

    Always pay attention to labels. You would surprised at what companies put into our every day food items. Love this article.

  75. Eat REAL food to stay toxin free!

  76. Use natural forms of healthcare i.e. Chiropractic care, essential oils, herbs, aromatheraphy, etc. In place of over the counter drugs like acetaminophen, ibuprofen, etc.

  77. MyChau Brikshavana says

    I try to eat as clean as possible and drink plenty of water.

  78. Nicole Deardorf says

    I eat mostly organic and GF, quit smoking, and use essential oils in place of OTC meds most of the time.

  79. Sarah Hayes says

    eat as much organic as you can and use natural products

  80. Be careful of products you use from cleaning to personal and watch what ingredients you’re putting into you’re body.

  81. Joanne Monson says

    Eat clean as much as I can and try to be mindful of the products I use on my face/body and my home!

  82. Katherine B says

    To stay toxin free while breastfeeding, I switched to a mostly whole food diet (I also had to cut out all dairy and soy, so that was another push for that).

    I also started reading the labels on my personal care products, and moved to items that had as few ingredients as possible, and names that I could recognize and pronounce.

  83. Try to eat organic and read labels!

  84. Lauren Stout says

    Keeping toxin/ chemical free during pregnancy ( or at any time for that matter) is so important and yet seems like an unreachable task. I filter our water. I buy non-GMO as much as I can ( which I believe to be so important to our health!) I am both gluten and dairy free ( not so much by choice but after doing 5 years of research, realize that being forced to make those changes in our diets isn’t a bad thing). I have removed makeup and skin care ( all personal hygiene products) with parabens/ gluten etc. I had tried to eliminate plastic as much as possible- but where I can’t/don’t I use BPA free. I use cleaning products with the least amount of chemicals- for example The Honest Company makes great products that actually work! I use Raw prenatal and calcium supplements. I’m sure there is even more I can do but I feel better about the changes I’ve made so far- but I’m always looking for new ideas and new products!

  85. Amanda Bucher says

    I went through and checked all my cleaners while pregnant and breastfeeding. Anything with heavy scents, freaky ingredients, or iffy chemicals was tossed.

  86. Lindsay Cooper says

    So many tips, I clean with Norwex (chemical free). Use home/whole food remedies to treat minor colds/congestion. I use a natural soap, toothpaste, and deoderant. Eat organic as much as possible. Look up “dirty dozen” for the best foods to start buying organic. Detox naturally with epsom salt baths, oil pulling, drinking lots of water. 🙂 Always read labels, eat whole foods, less processed food, don’t microwave plastic… I could go on…

  87. I try to read labels on all of the products I use. When in doubt, I visit EWG’s Skin Deep to see what their rating is on all products we put on our skin. I’m working on a whole food diet for the whole family.

  88. I’ve replaced a lot of cleaning products with baking soda and vinegar, and make face masks and scrubs with oatmeal and yogurt.

  89. I try to make as much of my own things (toothepaste, shampoo, lotions, deodorant) as possible and use very little when it comes to make up and other “necessities”. I’ve also been slowly getting rid of as much of the plastic containers in my kitchen and replacing them with glass.

  90. Sarah Dickinson says

    Be mindful of what chemicals are in the products I’m using. Eating as clean as possible.

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