Twelve Days of Thanks

Today I’m grateful for… you. Friends, community, family.

Beco 12 days of thanks

This Thanksgiving season, our community is focusing on what we all have to be grateful for and paying it forward. Because we know how hard it can be to juggle everything, in having our hands full we sometimes forget it a blessing.

So we’ve teamed up with Beco Baby Carriers for 12 Days of Thanks to hear your gratitude stories from your life and then to pay it forward. Sharing stories every day for the next 12 days, we’ll be drawing 5 winners for a Beco Gemini and sending 5 Beco Soleils to Serenity Infant Care Homes for the foster families caring for newborn babies.

Serenity Infant Care Homes, Inc. was founded by three social workers in response to the need for foster homes and programs. Incorporated in 1990, Serenity serves the children of Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties.

Serenity Infant Care Homes, Inc. is a non-profit agency whose mission is to provide quality foster care homes for abused, abandoned and neglected infants, as well as for drug affected infants that require special emphasis. Having served over 1500 children and families since the program was incorporated in June 1990, Serenity’s goal is provide treatment and resources to ensure that the child is ultimately placed in a safe, secure environment. The primary goal of Serenity is family reunification but should those efforts fail, Serenity is committed to seeing the children in their care in a secondary, permanent home.

 Join us in celebrating all we have to give thanks for and supporting other families with their full hands full of children and hearts full of love.

Twelve Days of Thanks


  1. love that this will go to helping such a worthy cause!!! My Grandparents were and my friends are foster parents, helping them helps these beautiful children. Wonderful!

  2. Cydnee Pletcher says

    I am so thankful for my husband. He has given me the greatest gift of our strong willed daughter. She has pushed me to be the best mom I can be and I can’t thank either of them enough. They made me a mom and what else is there to be thankful for.

  3. I think this is such a great cause. The families who foster children are so generous, loving and kind. So I think its great that you are participating in this cause.

  4. What an amazing cause. I must admit I wasn’t thrilled with the Halloween contest but this really redeems them! This is awesome.
    I am grateful for my daughter. Simple enough. I am blessed to have the privilege of being a parent where so many people want to with all their heart and just can’t. We may get frustrated and complain here and there but what a wonderful gift we have been given as parents. She is my everything and makes me want to be the best I can and for that I will forever be grateful.

  5. Jennifer Foster says

    This is a great giveaway! I love Beco, and it’s helping those in need. Awesome.

  6. I’ve been in poor health from an unrelenting autimmune flare up for the past year and a half – finding out I was pregnant this spring was not the happy event most imagine. I lost my job and my grandmother this Summer and things just didn’t seem to be looking up. I’ve had so many moments of gratitude, my husband who has taken on a much larger load during my illness, my son who has been so beautifully patient with his mama being out of commission some days, my extended family who continually bless me with some of life’s basic necessities. I don’t think I could have made it, one month away from my due date, with such beautiful people in my life!

  7. Rebekah Knisely says

    This is just awesome. It can be so challenging for foster families and this will help with some of that. I’m so happy that the baby wearing love is being shared. Thank you Beco and Leaky Boob!

  8. Mich Conway says

    I am looking forward to starting new thanksgiving traditions. We are babywearing our son to see the balloon parade in NYC

  9. Growing up we always had very large thanksgiving celebrations. I always loved the opportunity to spend the time with my family. My family stopped talking to each other when I was in high school and thanksgiving was always a very sad time of year for me afterward. Since having my children I feel the hope of as they grow continuing the tradition of large gathering but most of all it’s special to spend that time with my family again.

  10. Heather Sherman says

    My favorite part of thanksgiving is cooking all day with my sister. I am thankful to have family that lives in close proximity to me.

  11. Leanna Summers says

    I love when companies and organizations pair up to help others!!

  12. Alicia Anschuetz says

    I am so so thankful for my happy, healthy babies and my own ability to overcome my own personal health hurdles! In the past 6 months I have given birth, had half of my thyroid removed and my tonsils removed (super painful!) I am also thankful to have such an amazing support system surrounding me. My husband has been awesome at taking on extra with our kids, on top of his already busy work week. My mom has sacrificed a ton of her own free time as well to be there for us, and make sure her own baby (me!) is happy and healthy as well! I am overwhelmingly grateful for the fact that, although I have these health problems, I AM ALIVE AND WELL :)! I don’t have a ton of money, a big house or a fancy car, but I am so amazingly rich, and I have so much to be thankful for!

  13. I love that we get together with family for thanksgiving. Life is so busy and its nice to slow down and make time for family time.

  14. Amber Haggard says

    this is an amazing cause! I love the beco brand. Beautiful carriers and this would be a blessing for any mother, especially foster moms!

  15. i love the twilight pattern, my second is a little girl and already a night owl. We will have such adventures with her and her 2 year old brother. I am most thankful that I have the chance to be their mommy. It was a long and questionable road for us to achieve pregnancy the first time. We weren’t even sure I could. Number two happened as I was finishing my PhD, quite unexpectedly. And we couldn’t be more thrilled. They are my heart and soul. And wearing them and nursing them and nurturing them to their full potential is more than I could have ever hoped for. I love that this giveaway also includes a donation. Every mother should have the opportunity to baby wear. It is amazing what it does for the bond between child and parent, whether mommy or daddy or other nurturing guardian.

  16. I am thankful for my amazing and supportive family. I am thankful for the new life that is growing within my belly right now.

  17. Sarah stroh Thornton says

    Day 1- thankful in my child– I am so thankful that my little one says please and thank you. His manners and his compassion for others at age 3 makes me beam with pride.

  18. I like e the opportunity to see family that I don’t often see! And the food obviously lol

  19. I love spending the day with the family and eating stuffing!!

  20. I am thankful for my soon-to-be husband. He has stepped up and become my son’s father figure, after my son’s biological father stopped coming around. My son is only two and a half, and my fiance has been around for over a year, which means that my son has really known no one else as “Daddy”. My fiance works hard everyday from 8-4, and still makes time for my son and myself when he comes home. We are expecting out second child, and I am so thankful to have this wonderful man by my side to support our family financially and emotionally. Not every child gets to have such a loving, supportive father in their lives and I am thankful that my children do. I couldn’t ask for more.

  21. This is amazing. We’ve had a rough year in my house. A couple weeks ago I had to have heart surgery, and some unexpected happenings made our grocery situation…questionable. Over a period of two days women came knocking on the door–most of whom I’d never actually met in person, only spoken to online–and dropped off groceries, until our cabinets were practically overflowing. Meat, eggs, dried beans, fresh (even organic) vegetables–all kinds of things. Things like this make your heart full. It was amazing, and I am so grateful. And this, too, will change someone’s day, someone’s week, someone’s life. <3

  22. Kristi Morton says

    The thing I love the most about Thanksgiving is getting together with family. I love spending time with my loved ones. The fact that this giveaway is helping so many families is amazing.

  23. Elizabeth Tervort says

    I love the twilight. I’m thankful for my four daughters and how they have taught me to be a better person, and the importance of instilling confidence in themselves. I’m also thankful for the people and organizations supporting foster care and adoption-many of my love ones have been blessed by being foster and adoptive parents.

  24. Love this giveaway. Such a great cause.

  25. camilla little says

    I am thankful for every day. I am thankful for my hubby who never wanted children but loves me enough to give me a wonderful daughter and start planning a sibling for her. I am thankful for the important friends and family who I can rely on no matter what. No matter how bad the hand I am being dealt I know that I have a wonderful support network

  26. I am very thankful for my two beautiful children and my handy husband who is about to start a big renovation on our home we just purchased yesterday. Very happy my family is healthy and happy this time of year 🙂

  27. This makes my heart sing. I often think of all the children who do not arrive to safe and loving environments. How wonderful that there will be some who will be able to benefit from being ‘worn’ babies all the same.

  28. Christine A. says

    What I love most about Thanksgiving is being around my family and friends while eating some good food that everyone has prepared, having good times with them. It makes me feel so complete 🙂

  29. It’s so true…the days are busy and crazy and I forget just how fortunate my family and I are. Love this cause! And I would love to try this carrier!

  30. This is a great cause, and who wouldn’t want to win one of those amazing Beco Toddlers

  31. What I love most about Thanksgiving is the chance to be with family & also getting to relax a little bit :0)

  32. What I love most about thanksgiving is seeing family I don’t get to see that often. We don’t live anywhere near family, but the holidays give us a chance to travel and get together.

  33. Christina Sardina says

    Im so thankful for my amazing support group- My husband, my mom, my little sister and even my 6 year old son. They make being a mom a totally awesome experience. I look like super mom because they are always there when I need a break, feel like I’m floundering or just because. LOVE my support group. They are the super behind this mom!

  34. Love that this giveaway includes donations to foster parents!!

  35. I am so thankful for my family and everything we’ve been able to accomplish together! I love that I have their support, no matter what, and I can always count on them!

  36. As a former foster parent I appreciate that you’re working with a cause that supports foster families! It makes a huge difference when foster families feel supported in their efforts to help children.

  37. Darci Lesure says

    I’m thankful for all the doctors, nurses, & technology that helped my preemie overcome her breathing issues.

  38. I hope this is the right place to post this. The link in the entry for commenting about what you love most about Thanksgiving isn’t working! I love being able to spend time with my family and teaching my kids all the delicious recipes that we have!

  39. Miekske Dingens says

    Whauw!!!!!!! It would be so awesome to carry our little wonder in this beautiful carrier!

  40. I am most thankful for my son on Thanksgiving. After 5 years trying to conceive, resulting in tons of fertility treatments and finally the 3rd IVF and frozen embryo transfer that resulted in him. I ended up with preeclampsia and my little man was born 5 weeks early, two days after Thanksgiving. God blessed us bigget than big!

  41. i love this I have a lot to be thankful for I love my family and I am so thankful to my parents who for the last year have let my hi and and I and our baby son live with them so I could be a stay at home mom wile my husband Gide to school full time to invest in our future

  42. I think this is a wonderful idea. Family is the most important thing to me on thanksgiving and next is giving back to others. My sister Is having her first baby and she is in need of anything and everything. She lost her job, has taken in our 3 younger brothers and has been caring for them for over a year already. This would be such a blessing for her and I would love to win it for that reason.

  43. Thanksgiving is one of the few times a year all my little sister make it apoint to see each other. We all camp out in the living room, eat cookies, drink cider and hot cocoa, and watch home alone and the Santa Claus.

  44. kalah cronan says

    It’s so great that there is a company willing to make a difference! Thank you for having this giveaway abs helping these children.

  45. Beco has been a part of our family from the beginning. I’m so pleased that you’re sharing the babywearing love with these incredibly deserving foster families! Thank you!

  46. Andi Crater says

    My favorite part of thanksgiving is having all of my family together at one table to share a wonderful meal.

  47. What I love most about thanksgiving is putting a sharp razor blade to a live turkey’s throat, saying a final prayer and thanks and then sawing it clean off. My family doesn’t even know what sacrifice the turkey has made for filling our bellies, until they have a clean anti-biotic free grass/grain fed, free range and happy turkey that lived a wonderful life.

    Unfortunately my wife is a vegetarian, and my son is too young to know the joys of freerange organic meats.

  48. Amber Ludwig says

    I love the family togetherness! Unfortunately it doesn’t happen enough throughout the year! And the food 😉 obviously!

  49. Christine A. says

    Day 2: There are two people that get me who are my little sister and my fiancée. I would like to give them a Thanks! Those two are my besties for life 🙂

  50. I have been trying to win one of these for so long. I’d love to put this under the tree for me this year. Being that money is tight, there won’t be much else under there.

  51. My favorite part about Thanksgiving is no work… Which means I get to spend time with my sweet baby boy and see all of my siblings, nieces, and nephew!

  52. My friends who I am most thankful for are those who have pushed me to do the things I wanted to do, but was too lazy to take the initiative. Thank you to all of you – you know who you are!

  53. I would thank my mom for raising me with the values that she did.

  54. Kayla J Wiggins-Hoesman says

    So thankful for those special friends who become family. Soul sisters.

  55. Tiffany Holtzinger says

    I am so thankful this Thanksgiving, every Thanksgiving, and everyday for my beautiful family and our continued health. This year, I’m also so thankful for the precious baby (baby #5) that’s growing in my belly and who we’ll welcome in January.

  56. I am so grateful to have my babies, my husband, my health, and my job during this holiday season. I am grateful to all of my family and friends that have helped me to transition into life with a new baby and a toddler, and the ability to take maternity leave to bond with them. Life is good.

  57. Stephanie Sangatanan says

    I am thankful for the fourteen refugees that will be at my house tomorrow to celebrate their first Thanksgiving. And a million more things I have to be grateful for.

  58. I am thankful for my family and our health. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve seen a lot of posts of those who have been through a lot of health issues. We recently went through a loss of a job and had a hard time with bills, but through it all, I thanked god for the blessing of having each other. I think that this is wonderful that Beco and the Leaky Boob have teamed up to give back especially during this time of year. It helps remind what it’s really all about.

  59. Cassandra Lockshaw says

    I’m so thankful for my wonderful husband and our 3 handsome, adorable, smart, funny and sweet boys!! I’m thankful for contests like this that not only give me a chance to win an awesome carrier but to also have 5 carriers donated to those in need. This is definitely a wonderful and worthwhile cause! 🙂

  60. Cassandra Lockshaw says

    What I love most about Thanksgiving is spending time with my wonderful husband, our 3 boys and the rest of our family! 🙂

  61. I love that this contest includes giving to a great cause! Way to go! Gratitude is so much sweeter when we give back. 🙂

  62. I’m most thankful for my husband. I was really sick at the beginning of my pregnancy, and he fully supported me the whole time by making meals, grocery shopping, cleaning the house, and working 50 hours a week at his job. He is the best!

  63. I love that the whole family gets together to make and share a big meal. Its really special to have a whole day without other commitments.

  64. I’m thankful for at thanksgiving is sharing around the table what we are all thankful for my answer! My family and good health!

  65. Favorite part of Thanksgiving is getting together with family and friends to have a good laugh. Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  66. noble cause, love it!

  67. Rosie Pearl says

    my husband has been my biggest support through naysayers and negativity!

  68. Rosie Pearl says

    I am thankful for:
    1. good food
    4. that we have what we need
    5. love
    6. nursing
    7. babywearing
    8. health
    9. a place to live
    10. a job
    (in random order!)

  69. Rosie Pearl says

    This is a hard one to put into words… I appreciate that I can carry my babies to full term, have healthy births and nurse my little ones so they get healthy starts on life!

  70. Rosie Pearl says

    chicken soup! It keeps the colds at bay1

  71. Rosie Pearl says

    We try to eat supper together every day. It keeps us together!

  72. Rosie Pearl says

    3 thankfull parenting things
    1. cars and car seats
    2. running hot water
    3. disposables when I’m overwhelmed

  73. Amanda Shipp says

    Thankful for the abundance which we have been blessed with this year.

  74. My wife would be really excited if I gave her a Beco carrier for Christmas… pretty sure I’d get massive brownie points 🙂

  75. Allison Preston-Merner says

    Your posts always brighten my day. This is a wonderful cause, as one of my 12 days of giving this Christmas Season my daughter and I are giving the things she outgrew to a sweet foster mama!

  76. My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is getting to see family that I might not have seen in a while. I’m so grateful for all my family members and wish I could see them more often!

  77. I’m so thankful for healthy, happy kids, and a wonderfully loving husband (and father to my children). They make my world go round and I’m not sure what I’d be doing with myself without them.

  78. I have heard that the Beko Gemini is the best baby carrier around I am looking forward to trying it with my child. I am grateful for people making products more comfortable and easier to afford for babywearing moms!

  79. I am thankful for my family and friends.

  80. I’m so thankful for all the support shown to us as new foster parents. I could really use a toddler carrier. I have a 30lb 16mo that needs me to hold him constantly.

  81. Shannon Fox says

    Thankful for my preterm babies growing into a fun, energetic toddler and a baby who wants to eat and crawl everywhere! Love the snuggles. Thankful I could breast feed easily.

  82. Krista whitehead says

    I am pregnant with my 3rd baby and would love a beco carrier. I love to carry my babies and usually wrap but with 3 older kids the thought of the time it takes to tie the wrap terrifies me. Winning one in a giveaway I’d the only way I will ever receive one of these because even used they are out of my budget. Had a beautiful nest egg building for #4 until hubby stuck his hand in a table saw and was out of work for several weeks and we used up the nest egg plus what we didn’t have. :-/

  83. Catherine B says

    I am thankful for my good health and the good health of my children

  84. I am most thankful for my little guy. 🙂 He’s a handful and a half, but I love him to pieces and he always brightens my day!

  85. laura hozeska says

    So very thankful to be able to spend holidays with my family.

  86. Rosie Pearl says

    Dear husband dear,
    Thank you for supporting me when I choose to co-sleep (that was your idea) when I avoid baby food and use people food instead, when I do extended breastfeeding and NIP, when I babywear and you do it too, and on.. and on.. and on..

  87. Rosie Pearl says

    Breastfeeding relaxes me, baby and everyone! I can do it anywhere, anytime with no hassle. It gets us through those first months without really getting up at night. It keeps us (somewhat) healthy. It’s the best!

  88. What a wonderful blessing; having a decent baby carrier can make a huge difference in those first few years of parenting. And the bond it will encourage for these babies who need it will be incredible. I am so grateful for my carriers and my little ones to put in them.

  89. Alana Mckinney says

    Best part of my Thanksgiving was taking a break as a family.

  90. I love making memories!

  91. Kathryn A. says

    Sitting down with family eating a good dinner. 🙂

  92. Mary Claire says

    Love the idea behind this contest. I am so thankful for my supportive husband, who has supported me in all my crunchy choices which has let me be the instinctive mother that I have become.

  93. eileen marie says

    I am grateful for Thankgiving this year because it not only allowed me time to spend with my family snarfing delicious food, but also the opportunity to recover from a hideous cold!

  94. Molly Wohlk says

    I love spending time with my family and friends.

  95. Tran Steel says

    Time with extended family on both sides!

  96. Beckyferris says

    I’m thankful I get to see my family and spend time being together.

  97. So happy you guys are teaming up to help such a wonderful organization

  98. I’m most thankful this year for my husband. He was in a helicopter accident earlier this year and I’m just so blessed and thankful he’s alive and healing well.

  99. This is the most awesome blog ever I’m so happy that I stumbled upon it. It’s great to see that there is support out there for us breadtfeeding moms!!! And I am very thankful and proud to say that Ive been breadtfeeding for a total of 10months with an original goal of one year. The closer I get to my goal the more nervous I get about weaning, although I’m pretty sure I’m gonna make a new goal once I reach the one year mark.

  100. BRandi George says

    I am most grateful for the three daughters that I have. I was told when I was young that I would have a difficult time conceiving. It made me desire to have children even more! Each child has been such a pleasant surprise and I have loved every second of being a mom. From the explosive diapers to the sleepless nights. I feel lucky to be their mother. I’m also grateful for my husband who always promised to make me a mother someday. He kept his word. He has supported me through every thing including breastfeeding for 3 yrs, 2 1/2 yrs and now 15+ months and still going!

  101. Jennica Schwartzman says

    I love having all of my family under my roof to make memories, laugh, play games, and talk catch up! The family time really is the best part of a Thanksgiving!!

  102. Heidi Hilzer says

    I am thankful that Thanksgiving is a holiday centered around family, togetherness, gratitude, & food! No matter how tough times seem to be, we always find plenty of them all.

  103. I’m thankful for my struggles this year. I realize I wouldn’t be nearly as appreciative of my friends, family, finances, and faith without the difficulties that refined my values.

  104. i am beyond grateful for the doctors and nurses at North Shore university hospital Long Island because of them I was able to have 2 amazing smart and healthy girls. In 2009 At 22wks we found out our first baby had Potter Syndrome which is an incompatible with life disorder. Long sob story short, went in for induction at L&D only to end up hearing the live cries of babies being born and silence in my room, came home with an URN and an empty nursery. In 2010 we found out yet again we were expecting another potters angel at 20wks and a repeat of above. After 2 angels I held and a small collection of urns along with genetic counseling telling us we may not be compatible I broke down and nearly decided to leave my husband in hopes he’d have children of his own someday. 3 mths later we were expecting yet again, I believe it is a miracle because she was healthy, 2 wks shy of her 2nd bday we welcomed another healthy girl.

  105. I love being surrounded by family and having no other place to go and rush to. Just being together, chatting, laughing, eating and relaxing!

  106. Elizabeth Welk says

    I’m thankful for my entire family. My husband’s unconditional support and my parents love and affirmation that I’m doing good.

  107. I would love win this for my sister in law who is due with her first baby in February!

  108. Jody Keller says

    I am thankful for my salvation. I am thankful for the gift of eternal life. Thankful that I know who holds the future. Thankful that if I died today, I have complete peace in knowing where I will spend eternity. I’m thankful for relationships, my amazing husband, and four wonderful children. I’m thankful that I am alive, I have purpose, and I can serve others.

  109. Kayla brown says

    I live all the family we are close to. It makes a great environment for our two kids

  110. Amanda Hemenway says

    I have two children and my fiancé works two jobs to support us, I am thankful that we get to make memories with our children even with his hectic schedule. Most days I wake up knowing I have my hands full with a 4 year old and a 7 month old but every night I am blessed to say that I go to bed with my heart even fuller. Thank you for the opportunity to enter such an amazing competition with such a great cause behind it.

  111. Sarah miller says

    I’m thankful for my therapist who is literally helping to keep me sane right now. And of course my family, my husband and my crazy, wild 16 month old who granted us our first ER trip this month with a blunt force hematoma on her head AND gave my husband a black eye s week later. So, yeah, my therapist mostly.

  112. Jeanette Roman says

    I would love to be able to wear my newborn along side with my toddler. This would be just the greatest gift ever!!!! I know my little man feels alittle left out since his little sister came along. Baby wearing while holding a toddler at your hip can be a Challenge!!!, but a new toddler carrier would be the best…. Thanks for giving!!!! #thankful

  113. Brandy Luangrath says

    I’m thankful for being together with my family.

  114. I love getting together with family! We are military so it’s very rare to get together with family to celebrate! We went to Arizona since were so close to my brother in law & sister in law!

  115. sandy canales says

    Im so thankful to be blessed by having my family to be here and enjoy all the Thanksgivings food, another blessing we are all thankful for. Im also thabkful to be sharing every single holiday for the rest of my life with my baby girl.

  116. i love cooking for my family. i know i do it everyday but i really like having everyone together and making a huge meal!

  117. I am grateful that I can spend Thanksgiving with my family, its not often we can see each other so being able to do that is just great.

  118. This thanksgiving I am grateful for being able to spend time with my family and loved one, we are not often able to be together so this is truly a special time.

  119. Katie Pendrey says

    this is great! I love how all our family gets together over the holidays

  120. I’m thankful for my family. I love them dearly!

  121. what an amazing giveaway and cause!

  122. Danielle Wojtusik says

    This is for such an awesome cause! Thank you for helping these families in need!

  123. I’m thankful that this was our first thanksgiving with our daughter!

  124. There is nothing like being reminded that we have some much in a time when we characterize ourselves by the amount we have. So I am grateful for getting a chance to win a new carrier but even more grateful that my entries will help people who don’t have what I do. Babywearing has made my bond with my son so much stronger. I love being a part of helping someone else achieve that. Thank you Leaky B@@b and Beco!

  125. Elena Grigore says

    I’m so grateful for my baby girl.

  126. I’m thankful to spend time with the people I love most while eating amazing food until we hit a coma.

  127. Veronica Bohan says

    I love being with family the most at Thanksgiving.

  128. Sarah eriksen says

    What a great idea! All babies should be close enough to kiss.

  129. Bianca barrera says

    I am so grateful for my little family!!! My fiancé who has supported me always and my babygirl!

  130. Alanna Beckwirh says

    I am so grateful my hubby works so I can devote my days to caring for our son. I thought I would miss working and being self reliant, but I don’t!!! I can’t imagine spending my days anywhere but next to my sweet little boy!

  131. Ashley tingley says

    This Thanksgiving season I am most thankful for family being nearby, and the blessing of spending quiet and relaxing days together with them. They are the most loving and supporting family, and the holidays with them are a breath of fresh air in our crazy world :).

  132. Kristen wilson says

    I am thankful for my toddler who loves his new baby sister. And I am thankful to be able to exclusively breastfeed this new baby.

  133. My favorite part about thanksgiving, is seeing all of the random acts of kindness all around me. I’m thankful everyday, and I think we should all celebrate more than once a year.

  134. im thankful for being together with my family

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