New Beginnings Giveaway

The main thing that all of the people in The Leaky Boob community have in common is their experience with a new beginning; in particular, the start of motherhood.  Leakies come together at TLB for encouragement and support as they encounter new or different experiences with their precious little ones, to share their struggles and their victories, their pain and their joy.  And perhaps most importantly: to know that they are not alone.

Carrie and Jen of The Naked Nursing Tank are familiar with this new beginning.  They understand and value the need for support in new experiences.  Which is a big part of why they they support TLB through as sponsors.  They enjoy supporting moms.

Another new beginning they have experienced is that of starting their business, The Naked NursingTank.  From a need to an idea to a concept to production and all the other steps that lead to the final product, along with an operational and healthy business, they have experienced them all.  And they want to support other moms as they embark on the same journey, a similar new beginning.  That’s why they just wrote a short “how to” guide on getting started, for all the moms ready to see if their creative idea might lead to some serious business.  Their “Where Do We Start” blog post could be just the kind of thing you need to guide your tentative steps and to bring up some ideas and necessities that you might have to otherwise discover the hard way.

From one momtrepeneur to another, they just want to see you succeed in all of your endeavors.

Naked Nursing Tank

05. Before After PinkRuffles

The Naked Nursing Tank is there so you can nurse your little one without exposing your midsection.


Carrie and Jen are offering one of their bamboo tanks AND one of their cotton tanks to 1 lucky Leakie!
Retail Value: $70


Charcoal Tank with Arrows AD

Good luck to everyone!  Please use the widget below to be entered.  The giveaway is open from February 6, 2015 through February 17, 2015.  A big thanks to Jen, Carrie, and The Naked Nursing Tank for their support of TLB and all breastfeeding women; please be sure to visit their Facebook page or follow them on twitter and thank them for their support of TLB and this giveaway opportunity.  Check out their videos on YouTube, and find them on Pinterest too!

This giveaway is restricted to Canada and U.S. entries only.

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  1. I just returned to work recently after maternity leave so my new beginning is this whole working mom thing hehe.

  2. Laura Jantzen says

    Looking forward to the New Beginning of being a momma to 2 awesome kids as soon as my little man makes his appearance (due in April!) and possibly tandem nursing if my little girl is still interested by then.

  3. Amanda Temple says

    We have had trouble conceiving after my toddler so we are finally starting fertility treatment! They work amazingly fast so looking forward to a baby soon!

  4. I recently started a work at home job. It has been a big adjustment in my usual schedule.

  5. Lots… new job, new home in a new state, new friends! And my son starting his solid food exploration in about a month 🙂

  6. Christina H says

    We’re beginning our family this year! Expecting #1 to arrive in June and after some years of loss and infertility, we’re looking forward to this so much!

  7. My newborn baby is my new beginning this year!

  8. Beth Z. Patt says

    Being a mom of three.

  9. Alexandria says

    I am looking forward to becoming a MOM this April! And I am SO excited to breastfeed – I can’t wait to see what this parenting journey will look like for me! Thank you for this awesome giveaway! 🙂

  10. Sherry Blamer says

    I’m looking forward to expanding my family this year.

  11. My new beginning that I just embarked on is motherhood and breastfeeding. While breastfeeding has not been easy, I have done it for two months, and hope to continue it! Thanks!

  12. My dad came to live with us, giving us a new beginning on our finances.

  13. My first child’s birthday is coming up 🙂

  14. Jessica Haynes says

    We are looking forward to moving back to our home state, to be closer to our families before we start our own family!

  15. Hayley Elliott says

    My son’s father and myself are co-parenting and working things out. I’m not exactly sure what direction it is going yet, but it has to be a good thing for all of us.

  16. We had our second son in june 2014 and bought our first house in september 2014! Lots of new beginings here!!

  17. Veronica Bohan says

    I love this tank! The bamboo is so soft. I am having my 2nd child this year and will be potty training #1 so that is my new beginning!

  18. My new beginning is a new baby boy. He’s 7 weeks old now and his older brother loves him to pieces!

  19. I am due in May with kiddo #2. With a toddler to chase after, I’m thinking this product will be a “must have” when we are out and about.

  20. My new beginning this year is expanding our family. We just found out we are expecting baby number 3 and we could not be happier.

  21. We should have a move in the next year as my husband is in the job hunt process.

  22. Theresa Hover says

    This year, we will be paying off one my largest students loans, which will feel like a huge weight off of our shoulders… It will feel like a new beginning 🙂

  23. Jennifer Laudeman says

    You guys have the best giveaways!

  24. Jacquie Rogerson says

    I’m excited to say that my near experience this year is being pregnant with my second child.

  25. I’m going to start donating maternity photo sessions at a crisis pregnancy center. Looking forward to it!

  26. The new experience that I am hoping to experience this year is my first homebirth

  27. I’m looking forward to having my first little one this year!

  28. last years new beginning was my daughters life and buying a house . this years new beginning is the start of homeschooling my oldest and my littlests first birthday, her first words, her first steps… beginnings are beautiful!

  29. I am looking forward to being a mom of two (a toddler and a newborn), and also potentially tandem nursing (my toddler is nursing a couple times per week, we’ll see what happens in the next couple of months).

  30. Carly Daring says

    I am looking forward to starting our family this year!

  31. My 8 month old is crawling and trying to walk, and also learning how to bite while nursing! Ouch!!

  32. anne stewart says

    We are expecting a new baby!

  33. My new beginning is to be more present and enjoy my 2 kiddos for the last of my maternity leave, instead of trying to cross off things on my “to do” list 🙂

  34. My new beginning is my first baby arriving in April! It will be such an exciting year for our family!

  35. I have recently purchases a bike and looking forward to bike rides!!

  36. Katy Emanuel says

    Our second child was born within the past year and now is on the move.

  37. Melissa Decroteau says

    My second son was born two weeks ago! I look forward to spending lots of time with my two boys this year 🙂

  38. A new baby will be joining our family in the fall! We can’t wait.

  39. Being a mom of two!

  40. We’re trying to get pregnant again, so I’m hoping for a new beginning as a mom of 2!

  41. Baby #2 just arrived last month!

  42. We just had baby #3 three days ago! He is already a breastfeeding champ!

  43. My most recent new beginning is meditation.

  44. A new beginning since or son was born in Sept. I’ll be going to massage school, something I’ve thought about for a long time

  45. Just brought home baby number three! Would love to have another way to nurse and keep my tummy warm and covered!

  46. these tanks are the best for nursing and newly post partum mamas!

  47. Sharlee Ashley says

    My new beginning is being pregnant with my second baby! We found out January 3rd! What a great way to start the new year!! Hope to be able to breastfeed for over 2 years this time!!! So exciting!

  48. first time having kids 21 months apart. My others are at least 3 years apart!

  49. My new beginning is every morning with my sweet girl!

  50. My New Beginning is that I recently went back to work. I enjoyed being a Stay at Home Mom, but this is a new chapter. It’s hard to leave my baby at daycare, but I think he enjoys the toys and the change of scenery from home.
    I do not want my belly to show or get cold while nursing so i would definitely get good use out of these tanks.

  51. Renee Sherfy says

    My baby is about to walk! That’s the beginning of my never ending foot race, right?

  52. My baby recently turned 1 so I’m feeding a non infant for the first time ever. It’s interesting to watch our nursing relationship grow and change as she does.

  53. I had my first child in August, so this year is just full of firsts!! He just learned to sit on his own, and we’re getting started on solids very soon. Still bfing though, and this tank would be awesome.

  54. Marissa Lock says

    My new beginning will start in late May when my little man joins the outside world! I’m a FTM and would love anything I can get that help me be comfortable nursing.

  55. Carrie McBride says

    My daughter moved from the infant class to the toddler class at school this year. My baby is becoming a big girl!

  56. Rebeccah Green says

    I’m looking forward to my first cloth diaper baby! 3/17

  57. A new experience I’m looking forward to is hopefully moving into a new house this year!

  58. Julie Schneider says

    My new year is beginning with daughter #2!

  59. Jayme Norum says

    I just started back to work full time and LO is in daycare so we’re learning to make the most of our time together now!

  60. Love these tanks!

  61. Danielle Towle says

    My first “baby” will start kindergarten this year. We plan on homeschooling as well. Our daughter wil celebrate her first birthday this year. Lots of firsts for us and I anticipate many more exciting firsts this year.

  62. Laurie Roberts says

    What a great opportunity- I just spoke with my hubby about these tanks just the other day!

  63. Layering for me is a must! With my last one I wore a tank under everything!

  64. Ashleigh W. says

    Hopefully we will be adding another new little one to our family later this year!!!

  65. Laura Michelle Manning says

    I’m a mom of a son now. He’s my fourth, and I know a lot of people wouldn’t consider that a new beginning. But, he’s my first little man. It all feels new again to me. We just started cereal. A new beginning for him. He still loves the boobs the best though. 🙂

  66. The new beginning I am experiencing is night weaning my 18 month old. My daughter self-weaned at 13 months, so this is brand new for me!

  67. Megan Griffin says

    new beginning=new baby! I’m due in 2 weeks with baby #2

  68. Jennifer Carpenter says

    Had my first little girl, I hace 2 wonderful boys. But wow!? My little girl is quite different. She’s quite the emotional little girl 🙂

  69. Alana Bevan says

    Our first, a daughter, is 24 days old!

  70. Birthing my first non-Texan child in the great state of WA!

  71. Lauren Neilsen says

    I have returned to school to be a birth doula after years of working a job that left me feeling unsatisfied.

  72. Nursing a toddler! It is so much different than nursing a baby 🙂

  73. Susan Cerelli says

    I just had my second daughter in November. I was only able to breastfeed my first for 3 months, and never in public. This time we are still going strong and I nurse no matter where we go! These tank tops would be amazing!

  74. Would love this! Hate having my belly out or messing with double bra!

  75. My new beginning started when I became pregnant while still nursing my one ya ear old. Here’s to tandem nursing this summer!

  76. Tricia Jelinek says

    I am excited to meet my baby boy in a few weeks and how we can nurse as long as I did with big sister, 23 months.

  77. I would love one of these! Such a great idea!

  78. New beginning will soon mean daycare for my littlest 🙁 will need all the cuddles we can the rest of the day

  79. Teresa Evans says

    I’m looking forward to quitting my job in a week and being a stay at home mom!

  80. I would love this! I hate nip sometimes because of my belly showing!

  81. Veronica Bohan says

    I will be nursing for the first time ever when my second child is born in March! That is a pretty new beginning! Also, the beginning of my being the mama to two children! This may be tough! my firstborn will only be 14 months when #2 is here!

  82. New mom of two and a daycare change for new little guy!

  83. Toys is a great giveaway! I’m staying a new beginning any day now with a new baby and a toddler and these tops are awesome, they’ll definitely get a lot of use!

  84. Looking forward to starting my breastfeeding journey!

  85. My new beginning is being momma to my wonderful little girl!

  86. Love this idea. All my tank top necklines are stretched out from using them as undershirts with my nursling. 🙂

  87. My new beginning is a five week old baby girl!

  88. Kristi Morton says

    I’m looking forward to watching my boys grow up together and watching there sibling bond grow and change.

  89. My new beginning is becoming a mommy 🙂 baby will be born in just a few short weeks and i can not wait to begin this new step in my journey.

  90. Victoria boomer says

    i get so embarrassed by my belly showing, this would help me feel so much more comfortable.

  91. Jenny Robinson says

    This is genius! I have just been stretching out my tank tops.

  92. Becoming a mom to two

  93. Our new beginning this year will be our first house that we will be closing on any day!

  94. My new beginning is that I just gave birth to my first baby on January 15th, and we’ve been breastfeeding for a month now. 😀

  95. We are expecting our 3rd baby is less than 5 weeks. I’m so excited (and scared!) to be a mom of 3, 2 under 2!

  96. my husband pursuing his dream, and a possible work promotion for me!

  97. My new experience was birthing my daughter at home almost 6 weeks ago!

  98. Every day is a New Beginning in my mind. I rarely get things “just right” and I refuse to beat myself up over that and therefore tomorrow is another day and a new beginning. I love my daughter with all my heart and make sure she knows that everyday, that’s all that really matters.

  99. Brandy Black says

    I am looking forward to starting towards building out home. My husband and I are making the beginning steps to insure our daughter has a home growing up. We have moved so much the last four years that I am ready to be stationary and settle! My daughter deserves the same.

  100. Ashley Carere says

    would love to try one of these out!! It’s got to be better then my $3 tanks 🙂

  101. My new beginning is becoming a mom! Baby should be here any day now! <3

  102. Amanda Buford says

    My new beginning is taking care of three precious girls! They are 5, 2, and an 8 week old. It has been an interesting 8 weeks with all three girls, especially with breastfeeding. The two year old I was worried about, I thought she would be jealous, but she is like a little momma to baby sister. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for our family!

  103. Kayla Fielder says

    Im looking forward to the VIP Leaky Boob session in Chicago and meeting my 1st breastfeeding goal of 1 year!!

  104. Deolinda R. says

    I always get cold when I have to lift my shirt to nurse! I am constantly wearing camisole tops under my shirts, but then have to fumble with extra material to get a proper latch for my baby. This seems like a great solution!

  105. I’m looking forward to being able to dedicate more time to my family this year.

  106. My sweet baby is about to become mobile. Momma is not ready for this new beginning yet!

  107. being a big girl this would be amazing to hid my tummy…all of it haha

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