TLB Reviews: Ovolo

The Goods: Ovolo Woven Baby Wraps

The Reviewers: Kileah, Micah, and Amy

Editor’s note: we like to use products for a long time before posting our reviews because we feel a week or even a month’s use for something that could be an investment for a buyer isn’t enough time to really be able to review the product. That said, it took us AGES to get this review posted, much to our embarrassment. In that time though we got to learn that not only does Ovolo make quality wraps, they also maintain quality service, support, and interactions.

Left- Lark Glacier, size 6. Right- Fletching Wagtail, size 4.

The Good

Kileah says…

I am pretty sure I squealed when our Ovolo wraps came in the mail! Down to the packaging…there was so much love and care put into sending it to us. We received the Fletching Wagtail in a size 4 (3.6 metres/11.81 ft.) and the Lark Glacier in a size 5 (4.2/13.78 ft.) both in their loom state.  They both are 100% cotton but both completely gorgeous and DIFFERENT in their feel and wrapping specifics. The wagtail was a bit of a “beast” to break in at first…but nothing that a good thorough washing/drying and a few wears couldn’t fix. It’s an amazingly squishy and supportive wrap that doesn’t dig in at the tension points, and practically oooozed of sleepydust. The pixie hobbit and the baby hobbit both absolutely love getting wrapped up in it. The design of the fletching has a bit of personal meaning to our family as Micah’s grandfather’s name was Fletcher…the middle name we picked out for the sweet baby that we lost several years ago. Holding, wearing, using this warm, sturdy wrap has been a small source of healing in my heart.

And then Ovolo sent me and my littlest squish a NINJA and a HANDMADE Bandana in December. They did it JUST BECAUSE. Because they love their people and care about creating pieces that last. Pieces that are a part of your family…even for generations to come. THAT is the kind of heart and company I want to support. The kind that values my family and will do whatever it takes to help and support us in our journey of loving and learning with each other. Thank you, Ovolo. Thank you for working so hard to love on us in such a busy time of the year!

Baby hobbit in a double hammock carry using the Fletching Wagtail.

Baby hobbit in a double hammock carry using the Fletching Wagtail.

Micah says…

While I’ve been baby wearing since our oldest hobbit was born 6 years ago, this was my first experience wrapping with anything other than a Moby. I have to say that I was a bit skeptical at first- mostly because my experience using the Moby wasn’t that great- it was too long, and stretched out too easily for me. I did my best to put preconceived ideas aside and went to work learning to wrap with the Ovolos we received. I’m pretty big on the way things look, so for starters I can tell you that I was absolutely thrilled with the wraps Ovolo had sent as they were both patterns and colors that I liked. What I was not prepared for, however, was just how comfortable they would be once I got a few wrapping techniques down. The support that I felt I had as I carried a child in both was fantastic, and the knots stayed tied well.

Pixie Hobbit in a ruck carry with a tibetan tie-off using the Lark Glacier.

Pixie Hobbit in a ruck carry with a tibetan tie-off using the Lark Glacier.


Amy says…

We reviewed the Heartwood Onyx in a size 6. (100% cotton, 257gsm if you’re into wrap stats.)
I’m saying this, but really, it’s my husband who’s giving the feedback for the review! This wrap is his daily driver. In fact, it’s probably in use for at least an hour each day, if not more! This is our son’s legacy wrap, hands-down, from both a quality perspective and for the emotional attachment we all have to it. My husband is not a wrapper. He wore our daughter in a “crotch-dangler” buckle carrier six years ago, so the first time he wrapped our newborn son in this Ovolo wrap was literally the first time he had ever wrapped a baby.

It’s beginner friendly. At first, we both scoffed at the included instruction photos (“Isn’t this a bit much? LOL.”) Answer: no! It’s not a bit much. Literally as soon as he had the wrap tied, he was praising the instruction sheet for how easy it was to do something that, at first blush, looked complicated. Since then, he’s tried a variety of videos and tutorials to guide him through other carries. (Spoiler alert: none have really worked, he’s ended up frustrated, and gone back to the tried-and-true FWCC. Front Wrap Cross Carry, for those who don’t speak wrap-ease.) It showed up soft and has broken in to buttah. It’s lovely. M y husband does things to this wrap that I’d never dream of! It gets tossed wherever he’s taking it off (floor, couch, bed, on top of the laundry heap in our room…). He’s not gentle with it. Our son has barfed stinky chunks of curdled breastmilk on to it more times than we can count. He sucks, teethes, and chews on the rails. I couldn’t tell you what the care instructions say; all I can tell you is that the hubs tossed it straight into the washer on ‘delicate’ with cloth-diaper safe detergent, and then we line-dried it. In the winter, it went into the dryer on ‘delicate’. I don’t think it’s shrunk much since we first washed and dried it to set the weave and prep it.

Real dad. Real newborn. Real beginner wrap job!

Real dad. Real newborn. Real beginner wrap job!

It’s forgiving as all get-out. It’s been in action for 10 months here and over that time, my husband has gotten MUCH better at wrapping (always the FWCC). He needed a mirror for the first month or so, and now he could probably do it with his eyes closed. He still doesn’t care much for getting the prettiest, or the neatest, or the best wrap job. He knows how to make sure the baby is in a deep seat and to spread the passes over his bum. Beyond that, all bets are off. Our guy isn’t small, either, he’s 25 pounds or so. This wrap forgives the sometimes sloppy passes and stays tight; it keeps him high and feeling light, despite his baby-heft. Even when our (strong like a horse!) baby is arching his back and trying to nose-dive out of it (for instance, when he’s about to be handed off to me to nurse), the passes stay tight and hold him.

If I had to get rid of all my wraps except one, this would be the one we kept. It has taken abuse, forgives sloppy wrapping, and my husband and son don’t go a day without it. It also helps that Ovolo knocked it out of the park with the design; it’s masculine and earthy and aesthetically simple yet beautiful. We love it.

Ovolo Heartwood Onyx. Our legacy wrap.

Ovolo Heartwood Onyx. Our legacy wrap.

The Bad

Kileah says…

As I mentioned before: the Fletching is what I’d call more of an experienced babywearer’s wrap…it’s a DREAM to wrap with when the wrap is broken in…but it takes some good washing/drying and some good beating/wearing around to break in. Absolutely worth the effort because it speaks STRONG and SOFT when it’s in its ideal state. The Lark, simply due to its more “lightweightedness,” was easier to re-adjust to breastfeed my youngest two in.

Micah says…

A few things come to mind here. First, the Fletching Wagtail, which is the wrap that I absolutely loved, is too short to be a versatile wrap for me. At 5’10” and 245 lbs. I need a wrap that’s at least a 6 to be able to feel secure using it in a back carry- I wasn’t able to use this wrap for anything more than a simple hip carry. This could definitely be a downside for dads since we tend to be bigger framed than moms! Also, the Fletching Wagtail is such a heavy woven fabric that it really isn’t ideal for use in warmer weather.

Pixie Hobbit in a hip cross carry using the Lark Glacier. This was on a Costco that she was less than thrilled to be a part of!

Pixie Hobbit in a hip cross carry using the Lark Glacier. This was on a Costco that she was less than thrilled to be a part of!

Amy says…

I think it’s faded a bit after a ton of use and several times drying in the sun. Black is a tough color as fading goes, but that’s really the only potentially bad thing I can say. We don’t mind it the slight fade. I probably should’ve hung it in the evening when it wouldn’t be in direct sunlight. Maybe the other “bad” is that my husband commandeered this thing and I think I’ve gotten to use it maybe one time! Ha!

To Micah’s point, I’ll mention that my husband is 5’7″ and a medium build, and a 6 is just fitting him to wrap our 10 month-old in a FWCC. If you’re buying for a dad (and this is the epitome of a dad wrap!), look at the longer sizes.

The Ugly

Kileah says… 

The ugly for me? Don’t know if I have anything bad to say…I’m in love 🙂

Micah says…

The ugly for me is simply that wraps just aren’t as quick and easy to use as most soft structured carriers. I wish they were, because they are pretty cool and extremely comfortable as long as you wear them correctly.

Amy says…

We did have a hem on one rail succumb to some razor-sharp baby teeth. Fixing that is on my to-do list, but it’s been like that for a couple months, and it hasn’t impacted wrapping at all. (And again, my husband is not gentle when he’s using this thing, so consider that the hems were put under a good deal of stress every time he’s used it.) Did I mention this thing takes a beating?


While no product is absolutely perfect for everyone, our reviewers all agreed that the Ovolo wraps come close. So we’re excited to share the love with you in an Ovolo Wrap giveaway for one lucky Leaky and excited that 3 additional wraps are going to babywearing lending libraries!

Babywearing Ovolo wrap

Ovolo Ombre Lupine


Ovolo is giving away one of their brand new wraps, the Ombre Lupine in a Size 6 ($325 value) for one lucky Leaky!


Meet Ombre Lupine, a gorgeous combination of blues, purples, and greys with a navy blue weft. Lupine is the first in our series of wraps called Ombre. Ovolo Ombre wraps are uniquely woven on a small dobby loom in plain weave and in very limited batches, less than 20 per color. Ombre wraps are woven with 8/2 cotton for both warp and weft. Ombre is truly the wrap for everyone. It carries very much like your favorite handwoven, with lots of stretch, amazing drape, and very gentle on shoulders. Woven and finished in the USA.

Size 4: 4.6 meters

Width: 76cm
Rails: Selvedge
Ends: Blunt Hemmed
Middle Marker: Tactile

100% 8/2 cotton | 275 gsm


Good luck to everyone!  Please use the widget below to be entered.  The giveaway is open from March 16, 2015 through March 23, 2015.  A big thanks to Ovolo for their support of TLB and all breastfeeding women; please be sure to visit their Facebook page and thank them for their support of TLB and this giveaway opportunity.  Check out their Etsy shop too!

This giveaway is restricted to US entries only. 

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    The babywearing lending library closest to my heart is the JBLM Babywearers at Joint Base Lewis McChord, WA. 3 of my dearest friends started this group as a way to help military mamas learn how to baby wear, helping to save their sanity during the long weeks, months and years that husbands and daddys are away from their little ones!

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  119. Here in Connecticut we have a thriving community of babywearing groups! I help run Central CT Babywearers and although we don’t have a lending library we always have a lot of carriers for people to test drive at meetings. On of my friends, Maggie, runs another group, Up Please! East of the River Babywearers, and does have a small lending library. There’s also two new-ish BWI groups and another grassroots group as well. Hooray for babywearing and support!

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  128. Actually, here in small town Minnesota we don’t have a lending library! I was thinking it would be fun to start one for our area. Would love to know how to do that and get some wraps for it!

  129. My favorite babywearing library is at the store I work at, A Baby Naturally. We want people to like our wraps and mei tais and SSCs and slings before they invest in them. My local BWI library is great too, BWI of DuPage County.

  130. Rachael Bender says

    Babywearing International of Phoenix!

  131. Jenna Beach says

    these wraps looks lovely! I would love to win my first woven wrap!

  132. My favorite lending library is Baby wearing International of Kitsap Peninsula 🙂

  133. I have never borrowed from a lending library. That’s kind of a new concept to me, but it’s a great idea. Nice detailed review and beautiful wraps!

  134. Olympic Peninsula Babywearers; Babywearing International of Kitsap Peninsula; Seattle Babywearing Moms (& Dads){also a Babywearing International affiliate}.

  135. I’d really love a chance to try this wrap out! I’ve tried a lot of different carriers and a few wraps but nothing this nice when it comes to wraps (I’m a nanny/babysitter). Now I’m about to be eight months pregnant with my first little so I haven’t tried a lending library yet, but I do plan on joining my local baby wearers international group which I know has a lending library (very very excited to take advantage of that and get awesome advice from fellow moms).

  136. Jonny Cain says

    JBLM Babywearers has a great lending library!

  137. Babywearing International of Redding
    Humboldt Babywearers!

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  139. I am a Babywearing consultant and is provide a lending library to my clients (and pretty much anyone who wants to learn about Babywearing).
    Check out to learn more about me and what I do. The more wraps and carriers that I have available, the more babies that get ‘worn’.
    I also work with a local high school to teach teen moms about Babywearing and have donated a few carriers to them, it would be great for more carriers to be available.
    San Antonio Birth doulas is another great local organization that can really benefit from donations.
    Thanks for doing this and I’m glad everything worked out in the end between ovolo and tlb.

  140. Antoinette Allen says

    I have never actually used a lending library so I can’t say what my favorite is. My local babywearing group has one but I haven’t had a chance to see it yet.

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  149. Rachel R. says

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  150. I am embarrassed to admit I have never heard of baby wearing lending libraries. Maybe I just haven’t done enough research on baby wearing and now need to hit the computer. It could also be that there are not many resources where I live. I have to travel over 100 miles either north or south of me to find any real baby resources. It’s sad but true.

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  155. I’m so glad that these reviews got posted. I’ve been interested in this company and their product but it’s a lot of money to spend on something I’m not absolutely sure about. Thank you to the reviewers.

  156. Stephanie Craig says

    I have never heard of baby wearing lending libraries! I will be investigating these for our next little one!

  157. Christina A. Ponzo says

    I can recommend 2 lending libraries: BWI of Gainesville and South Florida Babywearing.

  158. I actually don’t know of any lending libraries–but I’ll mention my local shop, The Nappy Shoppe in Plano, TX. They have tons of carriers to try out in the store, and tons of cloth diapers, and lots else–amber, mama stuff, etc. I love them!

  159. Jennifer C says

    BWI of Cleveland!

  160. Well, definitely my own: BWI of Central PA. Our neighboring group is great, too: Bloom Babywearers. 🙂

  161. I have not tried woven wraps yet, but I am so happy to have connected with the Babywearing SLC group on Facebook. They have several to borrow in their lending library.

  162. Jenny Travis says

    In terms of wraps that I’ve used/borrowed from others I’ve had the Ergo, the Moby, and a sling style purse like one that I don’t recall the name of. I used my Ergo until my son was way beyond 2. I’m expecting baby #2 and looking to have a wrap to use. I have been looking for one like this because I’ve experienced how stretchy the Moby is and would prefer a firmer hold!

  163. These are gorgeous!

  164. Our local group has a playdate stash rather than a lending library, so here’s to BabywearingLA!

  165. Lacey Miller says

    I don’t have any lending libraries close to me 🙁

  166. shay washington says

    i am not aware of any lending libraries, but would love to learn more about this.

  167. Mary Schuh says

    I don’t know of any babywearing lending libraries.

  168. I love Ovolo!!! I would love to win!

  169. Thank you for the review of this product. I’ve been wanting to try a woven wrap, but had opted for the structured carrier after fighting with the moby. I would love to add one of these to my collection one day!

  170. Babywearing international of DC-MD-VA!

  171. Sounds like an awesome wrap.

  172. I actually don’t have any lending libraries surrounding the small, rural area where I live! I have been the babywearing ambassador for many friends and acquaintances!

  173. Babywearing International of New Haven and Babywearing International of Kansas City!

  174. I’ve only participated with one baby wearing lending library- a local one. I had a volunteer come to my home and help me try different types of carriers, wraps, slings- it was so nice. Then k went to a meeting and it was chaos. So sad because I wanted to keep trying different methods of carrying my baby.

  175. There’s a BWI group in my area, and it has a lending library, but that is the only local one I am familiar with! It’s the BWI Group of DC-MD-VA.

  176. I’ve only had the pleasure of using the lovely carriers from the lending library of Babywearing International of Phoenix, and that’s what led me down the beautiful rabbit-hole of wrapping 🙂

  177. Stephanie Lund says

    I wish I had known about babywearing lending libraries while still pregnant. It was definitely a paralysis of choice when looking online. I also wish I had known about Ovolos- so beautiful!

  178. Elizabeth Gee says

    I am not aware of any baby wearing lending libraries
    I wish I knew a few. I used an Ergo then toddler Tula with my first and would love to try wrapping.

  179. St. Louis Gateway lending library!!

  180. Nicole Laudenslager says

    What a great give away! Thanks!

  181. Nicole Laudenslager says

    We love BWI of New Haven and BWISEPA!

  182. My local babywearing group (BabywearingLB) has a small but growing lending library!

  183. Would love to try a woven wrap!

  184. My go-to lensing libraries are the Saratoga Springs BWI and the local Sling Babies.

  185. BWI LLs are the best! <3

  186. I don’t know any baby wearing lending libraries. I never even knew there was such a thing but will definitely be searching for a local one

  187. Nichole chamberlain says

    san antonio bwi

  188. Sarah Schiro says

    I have never used a baby wearing lending library. I didn’t even know they existed, but they are such a great idea. I wanted to wear my son more as an infant, but he resisted baby wearing. I am not sure if I was doing something wrong? He loves his MobyGo now- He’s two. I am pregnant again and am hoping to have more success baby-wearing this time so I can have my hands free to care for my two year old.

  189. Sarah Rich says

    my favorite lending libraries are:
    Babywearing SLC – my local library!
    Utah County Babywearers – for moral support and cross lending between our two groups
    OTown Babywearers – They gave us advice how to start up our group and our Library and donated one of their carriers to get us started too

  190. My favorite lending library is generally through my local BWI group. I know Paxbaby has one too but it’s paid.

  191. i have the ring sling and beco, been dying to try a woven!

  192. three favorite lending libraries

    BWI of New Haven

    BWI of Hampton Roads – Virginia Beach

    BWI of Hampton Roads – Southside

  193. I don’t know of any lending libraries in my area but I would love to find one and learn how to wrap!

  194. aimee place says

    I am just a novice at baby wearing and am just getting started so I do not know any lending libraries.

  195. i for sure wish there were a lending library near me but i have yet to find one. if i had a bigger stash i could start my own!

  196. Dawn Schock says

    My favorite local lending library is

    P.S. I absolutely love Ovolo wraps. I got to test Ombre, and it was love at first site. Unfortunately, my hubby was unemployed for 6 months last year and we are still recovering from the cut in pay, so owning Ombre is not in the cards at this time. 🙁 The lucky winner will be in heaven. Trust me!

  197. The only babywearing library I know of is a great local group (Dayton, OH) where many moms come to help others learn how to wear and try different carriers. It is great!

  198. Unfortunately our local group does not have a lending library yet. Hopefully once we can become an official BWI chapter we can start one. They seem to be a tremendous resource and I would have loved having access to one in the beginning of my babywearing journey.

  199. caro Gilbert says

    I love mamaroo mid willamette babywearers and portland babywearers lending libraries!

  200. My local babywearing international group has a great lending library!

  201. Babywearing SLC

  202. Love Ovolo & Kim! These are such beautiful and well-made wraps with so much love put into each one. As for fave lending library, my local one is the BWI SF Bay Area. 🙂

  203. Rachel L. says

    I actually don’t know any babywearing libraries! Hopefully I can see some from the list here!

  204. Anna Andrews says

    i actually hadn’t heard of lending libraries until today, so I don’t have a favorite, but I want to find one!

  205. I do not know of baby wearing lending libraries but think that is such an awesome idea! I am aware of a group locally in Roseville, a baby wearing group that meets up, but other than that I’m not sure if there are others around me. Would love to win this for my friend that is expecting.

  206. I LOVE our local babywearing group and the lovely educators! I’ve learned so much by attending meet ups and making friends who are a part of Babywearing International of Grand Rapids. And I SO love getting to borrow beautiful wraps from their outstanding lending library! What a great community and resource for this first time babywearing mama.

  207. This is awesome! I am still new to babywearing so I am unsure on which to recommend.

  208. There are no babywearing libraries close to where I live, they are all 1 hour to 2 hours away, however I do believe in supporting them, because babywearing the little one is just natural and everyone should be able to babywear their little ones. These are the ones that are the closest to my hometown:

    Babywearing San Diego

    So-Cal Babywearers

    and Babywearing Tamecula Valley

  209. Alexandria says

    I am just getting into babywearing, my first squish is due April! I am happy to recommend “Bridge City Slingers” in Lethbridge as an awesome lending library – such a kind, helpful, knowledgeable group of ladies I’m looking forward to get to know more after this babe arrives!

  210. I don’t know of any but looking into finding out!

  211. I don’t know of any babywearing libraries in my area, but I think they’re a fantastic idea!

  212. This wrap looks awesome. I hope my husband likes it as much as these dads did!

  213. These are gorgeous! And I love that you take a good amount of time with your reviews!

  214. great reviews! thank you.

  215. oh and my local babywearing chapter of Babywearing International is the best. We have 9 meetings/month in the Bay Area and each site has a lending library. How awesome is that?!

  216. Portland Babywearing (on Facebok) has a pretty awesome lending library, and awesome people too. As does Sante Mama’s Hold Me Close babywearing group.

  217. Liana Wolfe says

    I’m only familiar with BWI of Denver. In the past I’ve borrowed wraps/carriers from friends to try out.

  218. Catherine B says

    I am actually not familiar with any lending libraries. I was introduced to modern babywearing by my wonderful sister in law!

  219. I too am unfamiliar with formal lending libraries, though my sister-in-law lent me a few to try when I was learning!

  220. Babywearing Support of OKC has a great lending library!

  221. Great review! Interesting that the Onyx faded slightly. I love the look of the Glacier!

  222. Favourite library is of course my local one: Cheltenham and Gloucester. Run by some very lovely ladies who are really doing their best to support new babywearers.

  223. Tiffany Cardenas says

    Sonoma County Babywearing Enthusiasts & Napa Valley Babywearing

  224. Sarah Moses says

    Ovolo may be my favorite wrap brand! And you’re right about the fletchlings being wraps for experienced wearers!

  225. Sarah Moses says

    Oh and my favorite/local/only one I know of lending library is that of BWI of Middle TN. 🙂

  226. Miranda Sue Fielder says

    Blackhawk Babywearers, BWI of the Cedar Valley, BWI of Central Iowa

  227. I’m expecting my first in September so I don’t know of any lending libraries yet. I/m sure there’s one in Indianapolis but I’d really like to find a group in Bloomington, where I live. A question: what size is the wrap in the giveaway? In one place it says 4 and in another it says 6.

  228. lauren daley says

    Tucson chapter of BWI!

  229. i have always loved the look of Ovolo wraps! my fav lending library is BWI New Haven!

  230. BWI of Central Indiana!!

  231. I’m just learning about lending libraries. But we have a local group, Mountain Area Babywearers, and if we actually get out to a meeting, iBook seer what it’s all about!

  232. Ashley H. says

    I’m not part of a lending library atm, but there is one near me in Augusta, GA that would probably be where I would join. What pretty wraps!

  233. Jacqueline Yang says

    I regularly check things out from our local BWI chapter (Babywearing International of the Bay Area), but Babywearers of Color also has a program that I would like to try out soon.

  234. Hayley Elliott says

    Not sure if it has an official name, but the one in Asheville, NC. I believe it is through the shop in Asheville called The Littlest Birds.

  235. Gorgeous! Unfortunately, I don’t think there is a lending library anywhere near me!

  236. Melissa Bartholomew says

    Love the Salt Lake Babywearing lending library!

  237. Greenville babywear era in greenville,sc

  238. Sarah Hayes says

    I’m not aware of any in my area. It would be great to have one so I could try a wrap. Thanks for the chance

  239. BWI of Delmarva

  240. I would love to wrap my sweet baby girl in an Ovolo wrap! 🙂

  241. I am new to baby wearing so I don’t know if there are any lending libraries in my area.

  242. Jessica Hill says

    I know there is a lending library with BWI of Middle Tennessee, but I haven’t been brave enough to go to a meeting or play date yet.

  243. I’m still pregnant so I haven’t had a chance to babywear yet but the birthing center I go to has different styles to try out.

  244. Elizabeth Godschalx Wisniewski says

    I don’t know of any near me. Wish I did though. My 3 year old loves to be worn but outgrew our carriers and I’ve been looking for something that will work for us. A woven wrap is definitely something I’d love to try!

  245. Amanda Lea says

    I have never heard of a baby wearing lending library, time to search one out I guess! 🙂

  246. These look so comfy!

  247. Kate Edkin says

    I have never heard of a lending library. :/ New to me

  248. I don’t know of any babywearing lending libraries near me, but I should look them up!

  249. Wait, what? Babywearing lending libraries are a thing?! I want to go to one!

  250. Carolyn Bowers says

    My local baby wearing group has a great lending library. I’ve used an Ergo for years but they convinced me to try woven wraps. LOVE!!! I haven’t purchases one of my own because of the cost. I did make one out of Osnaburg fabric. It’s great but I would love a “real” one. 🙂

  251. Beautiful wrap! Excellent review.

  252. I have used Babywearing International of Cleveland’s libraries.

  253. Beautiful Wraps! I don’t have a favorite baby wearing lending library yet! I too am new to baby wearing, and I follow our local BWI chapter on Facebook (of DC MD and VA), but still hoping to make it to a meeting soon. My LO is 3 months old now, and loves being carried all. the. time.

  254. I don’t have any near me but we have a group where we get to meet up monthly everyone brings what they have and we try each other’s out. So many helpful ladies! Humboldt babywearers

  255. BWI of greater Boston

  256. I love the colors of these wraps! Beautiful!

  257. I’m new to baby wearing, so I don’t know of any lending libraries. I’d love to find some though!

  258. Kristina D says

    I don’t know of any at all actually… I suppose I should look into that! 🙂

  259. tabitha derek zurovetz says

    we have one where I live and I love who runs it Sarah and Piper. Sarah is the amazing momma with the awesome hair above and adorable baby boy.

  260. Candy Harvey says

    BWI of Chicagoland
    Rochester and SE Rochester Babywearers

  261. There are no lending libraries near me, but I absolutely love the idea of being able to try out a wrap/carrier before taking the plunge!

  262. Babywearing International of Madison, WI is starting to build a pretty extensive library! And oh my goodness this wrap is beautiful!:)

  263. Melissa K. says

    I don’t know of any in our area, but I would love to try a wrap. I have two other carriers that my son has rejected.

  264. Heather Bowden says

    My favorite lending library is Babywearing around Tulsa.

  265. When I lived in Virginia, I really loved our BWI of DC/Alexandria/Northern Virginia! There were so many nice mamas there. Thanks for the giveaway!

  266. Tricia Johnson says

    I’m a brand new babywearer here 🙂

  267. Don’t know of lending libraries– due with my first this fall. But going to check out some of the other commenters suggestions right now!

  268. I haven’t looked for a lending library close by, will have to once the new baby comes in July!

  269. I am new to the big world of babywearing. I only occasionally wore my oldest in a Moby but i am very excited to wear #3 a lot more! I love your review- it was so thorough!!!

  270. melissa henry says

    The only one I know of is the Northern Virginia one in my area. I think that is what it is called.

  271. I love our local lending library: BWI of south central pa.

  272. Nrsoul713 says

    BWI of greater Boston has a lending library.

  273. There is a lending library in my town, but I do not know the name of it.

  274. I haven’t used a lending library yet, but I would recommend my local one, BWI-Madison. I haven’t been able to go to any meetings, so I haven’t seen anything in person, but I have seen some pictures that have been posted, and it looks like there is a nice selection of wraps and other carriers (nice, but small selection…better than nothing!).

  275. BWI of Grand Rapids

  276. Sam Camerer says

    I actually don’t have a local babywearing lending library but I know a few locals that are trying to start one up!

  277. BWing of Maine, and all it’s smaller chapters.

  278. Chelsea Puig says

    I do not have any favorite lending libraries. I haven’t used one, personally. But I hear great things about BWI meetups!

    We just got our first cotton gauze wrap to join an SSC and Babyhawk mei tai carrier. I would love to win and try something more sturdy!

  279. I am not familiar with any baby wearing lending libraries. I will have to look into them.

  280. We only have one babywearing group, Kansas City, but they split the library among a few locations each month to cover the massive metro area.

  281. Adrienne Austin says

    What a beautiful wrap! I’d love the chance to break it in! And my vote for Lending Library is the BWI of the Triangle here in North Carolina!

  282. I’ve never heard of them before! I am pregnant for the first time now though and new to baby wearing. My son is due in 7 weeks

  283. Stacy Renee says

    I’m not sure about any lending libraries in my area as I am new to babywearing (3 months in) but I’m definitely going to try to find one in my area. A few of my online mama friends have wraps and constantly praise them and I’d love to use one!

  284. Dayton Ohio babywearing group.

  285. I have never tried a lending library. I know of one in Ann Arbor, MI, and I know of a local BW group in Jackson…but i don’t know if they have a lending library.

  286. I had no idea there even were lending libraries!!! Will be googling that shortly. 🙂

  287. Jessica D. says

    I don’t know of any lending library because I am new to babywearing.

  288. Stephanie says

    I don’t know any actually! We are expecting our first in September.

  289. Amber Faith says

    I like our local BWI group in Memphis!

  290. Danielle G says

    I’ve never heard of a lending library, but we just moved to Pittsburgh, so I looked one up. There’s one here! Pittsburgh Babywearers! So excited.

  291. I love this turn to making softer more handwoven like wraps! They are beautiful!

  292. My local group doesn’t have an official lending library, but we have an incredibly friendly and helpful group regardless!

  293. I appreciate the thoroughness and different perspectives in the review. Thank you!

  294. Gladys Aguilar says

    Ive never heard of a lending library. Wil have to search it up

  295. Unfortunately we do not have any where I live 🙁

  296. Lindsay Jackson says

    I don’t know of any lending libraries. Our small town just doesn’t have any. I absolutely love the concept though!!

  297. We are working on our own BWI chapter so we don’t have a lending library yet.

  298. Kimberly R says

    Unfortunately, I do not know of any babywearing lending groups in my area. I’ve done babywearing using a Baby K’Tan from my LDS, Diaper Junction, for the past 2 years, and an Ergo from a big-box store the past 6 months.

  299. Jessica Massaway says

    I don’t know of any local lending library…but loved reading the comments!! I never really did any babywearing with my first 3 but better late than never!

  300. i like our lending library BWI of NYC! but i haven’t seen many libraries to have a ‘favorite’

  301. Bellingham Babywearers has a great lending library 🙂

  302. I am new to babywearing, so I don’t have any yet!

  303. Any BWI Babywearing Group

  304. Any BWI Babywearing group.

  305. Melissa Bowers says

    I don’t know of any baby wearing lending libraries, but I live in a very “crunchy” city in the NW, so I’m sure they are around; I’ve just never heard of any.

  306. Don’t know of any locally – but baby isn’t here yet!

  307. Peter Franz says

    Awesome wrap! We don’t have a lending library in the area but are slowly raising awareness for baby wearing.

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