Party Like a Leaky to Celebrate 5 Years of TLB, Part 3!

 The Leaky Boob is turning 5 years old and we’re celebrating ALL MONTH LONG! To celebrate we’re collecting and sharing your stories along with collecting some of our favorite maternity, breastfeeding, and baby products to give as gifts to YOU Leakies. Each week our celebration includes a different birthday bash bundle of prizes from our favorite brands, presents for Leakies. AND we’re growing! Some of us aren’t breastfeeding or bottle-feeding any more (and you thought it was going to last forever) but you’re still a part of our community and you’re still nourishing and loving your family so we’ve grown to expand two more communities where we can talk about our highs and lows of that journey in a safe, judgment-free environment. Over on we talk a lot about, well, everything, specially about parenting and relationships. invites everyone to find a seat at the table embracing that sometimes there’s a little wobble in one of our legs, making room for allergies, and creatively nourishing our whole selves with recipes and a lot of honest conversation. Our family is growing and we’re happy to share it with you!

Let’s party like a Leaky this month and #TLBsupportForward!

Bundle #3

Here is what’s included in TLB’s Birthday Bash Bundle #3:

Arm’s Reach ConceptsBeautiful Dreamer Cocoon – Retail Value: $140
The Arm’s Reach® beautiful dreamer™Cocoon will help your baby sleep better by continuing the feeling of the womb, cradling newborns closely and gently swaying in response to their movement. Gentle motion not only soothes but also improves digestion, so it’s ideal for fussy babies. Because the back is adjustable, it’s a great solution for little ones with colic or reflux. Naturally stimulates and entertains baby while awake. Facilitates naptime. Babies learn to control the hammock’s sway with their own body movements, which entertains while encouraging physical activity.

Ameda: Purely Yours Double Electric Breast Pump – Retail Value: $194
Whether you are returning to work or want a fast and easy pumping experience, the Ameda Purely Yours double electric breast pump, designed for daily use, is the ideal breast pump. The Purely Yours breast pumps combine hospital recommended technology with mom friendly features.  Offering the same great pump through retail locations (on-line and brick-and-mortar), insurance benefits, and WIC you can depend on Ameda to provide moms with the tools they need to feed their baby.

Bonus from Ameda: Eat@Mom’s T-Shirt! – Retail Value: $15
All proceeds from the sale of the shirt go to Mother & Child Health Coalition in St Louis.

ErgobabyNatural Curve™ Nursing Pillow – Retail Value: $70
The Ergobaby Natural Curve™ Nursing Pillow gives you the enduring support you need to relax, nurse comfortably and bond with baby.

LILLEbabyCOMPLETE All Season Baby Carrier – Retail Value: $140
The LÍLLÉbaby COMPLETE baby carriers combines more carrying positions, lasts longer, and includes more features than any other baby carrier. The best of both worlds, this versatile hybrid is ready for whatever comes its way. Featuring an exclusive temperature-control panel that easily zips-up for warmth and zips-down to expose cool, breathable, 3D mesh. It’s lightweight, road-ready and built for daily use—be it in the brisk fall winds or blazing days of summer.

MotherloveMalunggay Breast Milk Supplement – Retail Value: $26
Indigenous to India and the Philippines, Malunggay is known as the “miracle tree” and is widely recognized for its nutritional benefits. It has been used for generations by breastfeeding women to help increase breast milk supply. Can be used during pregnancy.

Mamma-Kin LCCKoalaKin, Hands Free Nursing Pouch – Retail Value: $90
Breastfeeding may be natural, but it’s not always intuitive. That’s why we created the KoalaKin, Hands Free Nursing Pouch®… a unique sling that allows moms to perfectly position babies for nursing, giving them easy and inconspicuous access to the breast with minimal strain on the body, and freeing up your hands so you could stay active with older children and other interests.

The Dairy FairyThe Arden All in One Nursing and Handsfree Pumping Bra – Retail Value: $68
No mother in the land should be without the Arden All in One bra. Comfortable, beautiful and efficient. Nurse, handsfree pump, and adjust to fit your fluctuating breast size. Because you don’t have to choose between smart and sexy – you can have both, because you are both.

NuRooNuRoo Pocket – Retail Value: $60
The NüRoo® Pocket is a babywearing shirt that offers full coverage and mobility for moms practicing Skin-to-Skin Contact with their baby. It also doubles as a hands free carrier! Extremely easy to get baby in and out of, without wrapping, tying or knotting. The ‘cross and hug’ closures provide a custom fit as your body changes and your baby grows. The fabric is super soft, breathable, moisture-wicking and offers just the right amount of compression to ensure proper position and continued support for both mom and baby. It adheres to the sling carrier standards, which means it’s been tested up to 45 pounds. A 2014 Editor’s Pick from What to Expecting When You’re Expecting!

Molly’s Suds: Laundry Powder (70 loads) and one of our Wool Dryer Balls (set of 3) – Retail Value: $34
Comprised of only five earth-derived ingredients and formulated especially for sensitive skin, Molly’s Suds Laundry Powder is safe and ideal for your clothes AND your family. The super-concentrated powder is long-lasting and affordable, with just one tablespoon required per load. Just as effective as conventional brands and more effective than natural brands, without the use of harsh chemicals, toxins, fillers, carcinogens, preservatives or GMO ingredients. Works great in all water temperatures and hard water, and is septic- and High Efficiency (HE) washer-safe.

Replace the need for toxic fabric softeners with Molly’s Suds 100% hand felted Wool Dryer Balls, which last up to 1,000 loads, or three years, in the dryer, and reduce drying time by 15-30%. Sourced from humanely sheared sheep, our Wool Dryer Balls are compostable and antimicrobial, naturally soften fabrics, and are great for all laundry, including towels, comforters, clothing, baby laundry, delicates and cloth diapers.

Juno BluEsalen Breast Pump Tote – Retail Value: $185
The Juno Blu Esalen tote is a sleek urban alternative to the traditional breast pump bag. The trend-aware design makes this tote a hidden treasure for both the new and seasoned mother. The Esalen Tote’s sleek design is ideal for going to work, the park or on a play-date.

PebbleRainbow Bunny Rattle – Retail value: $22
This cheerful Bunny Rattle from Pebble is handmade and is bringing smiles to faces around the world. This fair trade product provides much-needed employment to mothers providing for their children in rural Bangladesh. Machine washable. 

Total Value of this bundle: $904


Good luck to everyone!  Please use the widget below to be entered.  The giveaway is open from April 15, 2015 through April 22, 2015.  A big thanks to all of the sponsors of this birthday giveaway bundle for their support of TLB and all breastfeeding women; please be sure to take a moment to thank them on their Facebook pages for their show of support!

This giveaway bundle is for U.S. only. 

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  1. Anna Groeger says

    My favorite birth day memory is just FINALLY getting to hold my son! He was 15 days late and I was so happy to meet him and hold him! It was exactly 10 months ago, and now I’m crying just thinking about it 🙂

    • Laurel Carney says

      My fondest memory would have to have been after being home from the hospital, spending all day laying in my bed with my little one, eating strawberries and watching him, taking all the pictures I could to capture his cuteness, feeding him on demand from my breast, which was something so important to me, kissing and snuggling and napping… the sweetest time. Just me and him for most of the day laying in the sunshine covered bedroom 🙂

  2. I think my favorite memory was the feeling I had almost immediately after my daughter was born. My first birth was traumatic, and I was anxious about having a repeat experience for my second birth. Thanks to my husband and doula I had almost exactly the birth I wanted, minimal medical intervention, no epidural just so different from the experience that was thrust upon me the first time, I got to do it my way finally.

  3. Brittany C says

    The alone time my husband and I got to spend with our son.

  4. My favorite memory from my boys birth was the moment he came out. The switch from the animal brain trance your in while pushing to the overwhelming release and joy to see my healthy baby is something I will never forget.

  5. Michelle B. says

    My favorite birth-day memory… When my first baby was born her toes still needed to stretch out from the womb, her big toes were off at and angle and all of the others were squished together. So the very first thought my poor husband had was “on no, she only had two toes on each foot, Michelle is going to be so upset and think she did something wrong”. I still give him a hard time that it was his first thought upon seeing our new baby. 🙂

  6. My whole birth experience couldn’t have been better. But my favorite moment was when they placed her on my chest and she looked up at me wide eyed. It was line everything else in the universe ceased to exist!

  7. Lacey Miller says

    My favorite memory of my most recent child’s birth is realizing he was here and I just did it naturally for the first time!

  8. Sara norris says

    I loved having our children on a place where we could just be with them after their birth. No nurses, no one taking them to bathe them. They were able to just snuggle mama.

  9. My favorite memory was watching my husband hold him that first day! Priceless.

  10. My favorite memory from the birth of my youngest was me screaming “I did it! I did it!” triumphantly with my doula, midwife, and husband smiling like crazy and laughing at me.

  11. Candice K says

    Our first moments together as a new family 🙂

  12. I’m currently pregnant with my first!

  13. The first time my oldest let out a tiny cry right after being born, then she yawned and nuzzled up to me. Such a sweet moment.

  14. We had a Pickle-themed first birthday for my daughter, who we call Pickle.

  15. Hearing my son let out his first sound, he was born not breathing and fading pulse and the midwife just laid him on my chest, I was shocked and didn’t know what to do but the moment I finally said his name his lungs cleared. It was amazing.

  16. The tasty burger I ate after my daughter was born. I snuggled her and didn’t have to worry about someone taking her away.

  17. Watching the little one being held by family members.

  18. The greatest moment during my birth-days would be finally finding out the gender of each of my children. It was such an amazing moment both times.

  19. My favorite birth memory was with baby number four. When my husband brought the three “big kids” to meet their new baby brother they all instantly loved him and wanted to cover him in kisses.

  20. Crystal Gimeno says

    Getting to snuggle with each of my daughter’s after their births is definitely my favorite memory.

  21. Fancy family dinners 🙂 with everyone we love and of course family birthday parties!!

  22. I’m not a mom yet – due in 1 month! So I don’t have a fave birth day moment – yet!!

  23. My mom threw a “Victorian Tea Party” themed birthday for me when I turned 9. It was so much fun, I still remember it!

  24. I just had baby #6 a few weeks ago, so it’s still very fresh in my mind! He was 10 pounds & pushing him out was so hard!! But it was such a relief when I finally pushed him all the way out & I saw him in the water in front of me – best feeling ever.

  25. My favorite memory is the feeling of that tiny warm body when they laid my daughter on my chest. My first baby was taken away for tests and I didn’t get to hold or touch him for hours. Luckily, I was able to hold my daughter immediately.

  26. Hannah Powell says

    That moment when you first get to hold them and you can’t help but feel an overwhelming love come over you! Can’t wait to experience that again for the 3rd time!! It’ll be a bit different with my husband unable to attend the birth but I know he’ll be with us!

  27. How about I let know know when he/she arrives!

  28. My favorite memory from my youngest child is when he was finally in my arms. It was a long hard labor since I was at 9 cms for over 3 hours.

  29. When I birthed my son, the midwife asked everyone to guess his weight. I thought he weighed about what his older sister weighed (8 lbs. 11 oz.) or a little less, but she guessed that he was 9 lbs. 12 oz. Guess who was right?! I’ll never forget my shock! She was right on the button too!

  30. Cassandra Eastman says

    My 3rd child was born 3 weeks ago, and my favorite birth-day memory is my 3 & 5 year old being able to be there for the birth. We had a waterbirth at home and they were so excited to see their baby brother come into this world! We made a birthday cake and sang Happy Birthday to him afterward 🙂

  31. Finally meeting my 1st son! I cried like a baby

  32. Lynisha Weeda says

    They were all amazing but cooking a pot of especially spicy chili while hoping eating it might send me into labor, and having my water break while I was cooking it was espevilly memorable!

  33. I loved having the first birthday of the year since there are 8 of us kids. My mom always made sure we were celebrated on our special day and tha meant a lot. She never missed a birthday.

  34. Brianna Karle says

    My favorite birth-day memore had to be that my daughter latched on minutes after delivery and stayed there for about 45 minutes. It gave me confidence that our journey would be good. And it was. We went 18months 🙂

  35. Jennifer Sharp says

    I was so scared after coming from a family with 4 sisters and then out of 16 grandkids only 3 being boys and myself having 2 girls to find out that my 3rd was a boy. While it might sounds silly I was so worried that after having been around so many girls for so long that I not only wouldnt know what to do, I wouldnt be able to bond with my son. I was terrified. Well after the most beautiful labor and delivery he was placed on my chest and he put his little arm up and placed his hand on my face..that was took all of about 3 seconds after his birth to fall completely in love with his tiny self. And while I’ll admit I got peed on (a lot, those things are like little firehoses on full blast spraying everywhere)….I figured out how to take care of a boy too.

  36. M Clarkson says

    The moment we became parents and held her for the first time.

  37. My favorite memory would have to be when they handed him to me:)

  38. When she was finally born! Went in at 9am to be induced and didn’t have her until a few minutes before midnight! Well worth the wait though 🙂

  39. My favorite memory was holding our new son and looking up at my husband in such amazement and thinking how it was our first moment as a family of three. It was the best feeling.

  40. Our first little one isn’t here yet, but I’m looking forward to finally seeing their little face 🙂

  41. Brianne Drumm says

    When I was pushing, my daughter’s heart rate started dropping and they had to use the vacuum to help, I was so worried! When I finally had her in my arms and I knew that she was fine, that was my favorite!

  42. Jennifer D says

    Watching my family hold my son for the 1st time. Being the 1st grandchild to my parents. Watching their eyes light up and snuggle this baby was phenomenal.

  43. I remember pushing him out & finally finding out the gender. My husband was supposed to announce if it was a boy or girl, but I yelled “It’s a boy!!!” when he was out because I couldn’t contain myself. My son then looked straight into my eyes and started wailing.

  44. My favorite birth-day memory is more like the part I hated least. That’d be that both of my babies survived and I got to see them. Both deliveries were awful experiences with doctors rampaging over my autonomy and scaring me into escalating interventions that ended in c-sections and left me with chronic pain and PTSD.

  45. Sherry Blamer says

    My favorite moment is when she was placed on my chest and looking at her little face looking at me.

  46. My favorite birth-day memory was the first time my daughter laid on my chest right after she was born. It was amazing to just finally see her and study all the amazingness that is her.

  47. My favorite birth-day memory is the early morning walk I took with my birth partner and doula. After a wakeful night, labor was speeding up. We walked a bit, then I’d have a contraction. Each 15 feet, I’d brace against a tree for the next wave. We encountered new phallic graffiti on the street. The August morning was calm and cool, birds chirping and the fresh air abundant. A good way to start a challenging day.

  48. We didn’t find out the gender, so finding out it was a girl was the best surprise!

  49. Amy Hegwood says

    My favorite part with my most recent birth was the feeling that it was finally over and he was here! He was late and we were facing the possibility of having to transfer to a regular doc and hospital birth so my midwives did EVERYTHING to induce me. It was no fun (cervical balloon,castor oil, herbs, nipple stimulation, etc) but it all worked and #3 was born 5 weeks ago and he is perfect!

  50. One of my favorite birth-day memories, just because it was ridiculous: I was in denial that I could be in early labor until my water broke, as it was a week early and I had assumed, as a first-timer, baby would be late. I’d just laid down for a nap when it happened and I jumped up and yelled, “Crap! I still have to go shopping!”

  51. Honestly my favorite memory was finally getting to eat a slice a pizza after 22hours of labor. The rest of the day was very traumatic, and they whisked my son away, so I didn’t get to see him until the wee hours of the next day.

  52. My favorite memory is the feeling of relief when my little girl was born and put on my stomach. I could hardly believe that she was here. At 37, I wasn’t sure I’d ever have a child. So small and alive. It was amazing. And a welcome relief to labor that felt like it would never end even though it was relatively short (12 days overdue and baby was born within 5 hrs of arriving at the hospital).

  53. I just loved my first time nursing him. he was already looking up at me with his big eyes and aware, it seemed, of my presence. he hardly cried and was just such a bundle of peace – from the first time i met him.

  54. My favorite birth day memory is when my daughter crowned with her little fist nestled next to her face. It popped up and I touched her hand in wonder. Then the rest of her slid out caught by daddy & the midwife and she was put on my belly.

  55. The moment my husband became a father. He was holding the baby and suddenly he was.

  56. For my first son, that moment when I saw him and shouted “he’s here!” as if no one else in the room realized I’d given birth, and for my second, shouting “it’s a boy!” since we let the gender be a surprise.

  57. Chelsey L. says

    My favorite memory is seeing her dad hold her for the first time! It was such a precious moment!

  58. Finally getting to rest and fall asleep with him in the bed.

  59. Christine M says

    Hearing that first cry!!!!

  60. Sarah Griffin says

    My favorite memory was the first time I held my little girl. She was so beautiful and nursed right away! I was so happy to finally meet her.

  61. Jacquie Rogerson says

    My favorite memory from my child’s birth is seeing her for the first time and finding out I had a daughter.

  62. See her sweet face for the first time

  63. Samantha L. says

    After all the worrying, seeing that little face and having a healthy baby.

  64. The whole experience was amazing. Seeing her for the first time was like nothing I had experienced before but the look on my parents face when I told them they really need to get out of the room so I could push was priceless!

  65. The day I had my babe I didn’t really know what contractions felt like. I started feeling them at 4am but went about my day. I even got my new driver license 🙂 had her at 11pm that night 😀 Looking at my drivers license I’ll remember technically being in labor during it

  66. Rachel R. says

    Even though I had to have a totally unplanned, stat c-section due to preeclampsia/HELLP, my baby came out 2 weeks early strong and healthy, and got to nurse and do skin to skin right away in the OR!

  67. Waking up in very early morning hours the day after my first was born, with him on my chest. Whoa, I have a baby now!

  68. Melissa Decroteau says

    With both boys it was getting to see those faces for the first time! The whole pregnancy I can’t wait to see what they will look like. 🙂

  69. Jacquelyn Matties says

    Seeing her look at me for the first time.

  70. My favorite part of his birth was reaching down to touch his head as he was crowning. It gave me the motivation I needed to keep going. My husband said “Oh he has so much hair, and it’s red, and curly, and long!”

  71. I’m due with baby #1 in November, so I can’t answer that one yet!

  72. I don’t have one yet because I’m a first time mom who’s due in June.

  73. My first baby is due in September – that will be my favorite birth memory!

  74. Laura Wang says

    My favorite memory was seeing my son for the first time. It was amazing!!! Then enjoying a really good burger after being in labor for 24 hours!!

  75. Leslie Lundeen says

    I was pretty out of it when they let me kiss him and then took him to the nursery.. he was purple and not breathing well so they whisked him off right away. I finally got to hold him about 2 hours later.. longest 2 hours ever but totally worth the wait!

  76. Susan Adams says

    All three of my kids were c-sections, and my favorite memory of each was seeing them for the first time, kissing their head, and I remember crying because I was so happy and in love.

  77. My baby boy is only 6 weeks old right now, but my favorite memory would be the first time I held him. He is such a beautiful boy.

  78. Jenny Travis says

    When my baby boy finally came out (36 hour labor) the first words out of my mouth were “He’s so handsome!”. I guess I was surprised he didn’t look like Yoda 😛
    He’s 3 now, still exceptionally handsome, and about to have a baby brother!

  79. Britney Cooper says

    When my daughter was crowning, everyone started ooh-ing and aah-ing about her hair. I, obviously, was in the middle of something (lol) and said, “Well, could you pull her out by it then!?”

  80. My best memory was looking at their tiny hands!

  81. Jamie Hammel says

    My favorite memory was when I first held my LO.

  82. Liz Ticona says

    I just remember having a really peaceful birth, I did have an epidural but I remember him coming out in (thankfully) just 5 pushes & my dr. saying “here comes your bald baby” and just looking at him . I began crying instantly from all the emotions and they put him right on my chest…(before i gave birth, I thought i would have wanted the nurses to clean him first) but omg i couldn’t have cared less about that, I was so happy that my boy was here with me , all healthy and crying and it was the most overwhelming feeling of joy , calmness and everything all at once…a very raw, real, awesome experience…

  83. Kendsie Niederriter says

    My favorite memory is the instant feeling I had the first time I saw my son, I never knew a love like that, then 2 minutes after that love grew as his twin sister made her appearance.

  84. Barb Borntreger says

    Snuggling with my sweet babies after my Csections!

  85. My favorite memory was her crowning. My midwives set up a mirror so I could see (it was really encouraging to see progress – it took about 3 hours!). I saw her head crowning and it looked so small and amazing. Then I pushed again and the rest of her head and her cheeks literally FLOPPED out. I said “holy crap!”. Her head was so huge! She was still small, amazing, and beautiful, but it was definitely a surprise. 🙂

  86. Kristina D says

    I really can’t answer this question yet, as our estimated “birth-date” is in about 2 weeks! However I am really looking forward to the moment I can hold him for the first time!

  87. Her touching my chest and nuzzling as I held her the first time!

  88. Sniffing their heads. There is nothing sweeter than a newborn head, and inhaling that fresh-from-the-womb scent is intoxicating.

  89. Oh man, there are so many great birth memories. I’d have to say when she was first on my chest before knowing what the gender was and finally peeking to see we had a girl <3

    (Bonus memory – when I was standing in the tub holding onto my husband and I almost pulled him in during a contraction. He yelled out "I'm going in!" and the midwife assistant and the photographer had to hold onto him while he was holding onto me 🙂 )

  90. After failing to nurse my twins, the first time baby #3 latched was the most beautiful and healing moment. He is 1.5 years and still nursing!

  91. We haven’t had our child yet! Due in a few weeks.

  92. Sarah Elyce says

    My favorite memory is always getting my favorite ice cream cake and also my birthday parties at Chuck-E-Cheese, especially the year I got a Power Wheels since my parents got me the “boy” one upon request. 😉

  93. Really the whole thing, which was night and day having him at home versus my first at the hospital.

  94. Charlotte R says

    I haven’t had my first LO yet so no memories made so far. Can’t wait though.

  95. Our first is yet to arrive, however I remember on my 3rd birthday, my parent’s had some communication issue with who was going to buy my birthday gift, so they both got me the same one. So that year I had my first barbie doll. It was the great shape barbie, so I had two of them, which was cool, they were like twins.

  96. Michelle Douzat says

    My favorite memory from my LO’s birthday is when I finally got to hold her in my arms. After almost 60 hours of labor, I thought she would never get here! Her birth went almost nothing like I envisioned, but that moment made it all worth it!

  97. that first deep breath of newborn baby smell. its heavenly. and with my littlest being amazed at how small she was. 2lbs smaller than her brother. i just kept repeating ‘shes so tiny!’

  98. jamie oliphant says

    My baby hasn’t had a birthday just yet but I sure am excited for it!

  99. leslie hunt says

    I haven’t had the birth yet!

  100. Melissa B says

    My favorite memory with all of my children was when I seen their beautiful eyes looking into mine

  101. My favorite was being able to hold my son for the first time.

  102. We are looking forward to making ours very soon. 🙂

  103. melissa bottorff says

    I just had our third child three weeks ago. He was my first water birth and my first birth center birth. I loved how simple and peaceful it was. My husband was so great but the best memory was him coming out and just getting to hold him right away! My giant 10lb baby that came out posterior and we barely made it through rush hour traffic in time to get there! I would not change a moment of his birth for the world.

  104. I will give birth for the first time next month!

  105. Carrie Barron says

    My favorite memory was the bonding my husband and I shared while I was in labor and then the bonding the three of us shared once my son was born.

  106. My mom was in the delivery room with my husband and I and I remember telling my mother our baby’s name. It was such a special moment introducing our baby for the first time.

  107. Catherine B says

    Husband texted a photo of our newborn daughter to our 2yo daughter, who said the baby looked gross because of the vernix (it was pretty gross actually).

  108. Jodi Armstrong says

    She was so snuggly and just wanted to feed right away.

  109. Sarah smith says

    My favorite memory from my daughters birth day was just holding my first child for the first time and just instantly falling inlove and realizing what true unconditional love is in that moment and my favorite birth day memory from my son would be finally holding him for the first time in the nicu, he was immeditly taken there and I had a c section so it was about 2 days before I hold or saw my son right after birth, the biggest realief and best feeling was just being able to hand him with me, in my arms and knowing he was okay.

  110. Shelly Durham says

    If I had to choose my favorite birth day memory is actually the anticipation while pushing. I was just getting so close and the pain was gone while pushing. I swear I could feel when his nose pass thru and I was just grinning ear to ear, heart outpouring, looking at my husband. This was it! The moment we were waiting for and our baby perfectly both of us would be here.When they put him on my chest the moment was so complete. I could have sat there forever being one with and seeing my baby. After that was sort of a blur due to high blood loss so I hold onto those first clear moments.

  111. My favorite memory from Micah’s birthday was just the awe and wonder that we really did it. We really had a homebirth! It wasn’t scary or fearful, it was just amazing!! And being in awe of it all.

  112. After #1, I didn’t get to see him until the next day. THAT moment.

  113. My favorite memory was the moment I first saw their sweet little faces.I have those images burned in my heart.

  114. Veronica Bohan says

    How quickly my daughter shot out at home! I loved that she came on her own and I had to do no pushing!

  115. Marya Mann says

    Seeing my daughter for the first time and forgetting all the pain I endured to deliver her completely naturally

  116. My favorite part was the feeling that we already knew each other so well!

  117. My birth-day memory….just that we tried for so long, to finally see her face, hear her cries, her beautiful face looking up at me like I was the only one to her in the world…..pricless!

  118. My favorite memory is seeing them for the 1st time. My first had to be taken right away because of a lot of different reasons and I was in labor for a long time, so it was amazing to finally get to see him. My second was so different and so easy, I loved seeing him and holding him right away.

  119. when I was still in my stupor but I overheard my midwife say something about a scrotum and I called out… Scrotum? It’s a boy!

  120. My parents always tried to do things to make my birthday special. My twin and I often had combined parties but had separate cakes. I enjoyed sharing a birthday party! It always meant more friends could come!

    • Oops read that wrong. Ha. Don’t type while sleeping.
      My favorite memory was seeing my daughter and realizing she was mine! All that waiting was worth it.

  121. Finally being able to see him & hold him.

  122. My favorite memory of my son’s birthday was finally getting to hold him. It was nearly 3 hours after he was born before I was able to hold him, and I had a c-section which I only have fuzzy memories of because I started to feel everything and got super doped up. He was just so squishy and perfect, and he knew I was his.

  123. Getting to hold my little one right after birth and hearing him growl.

  124. Heather Ward-Gregory says

    My best birth-day memory was the first few seconds after my son was born. He looked up from my chest and into my eyes, and all I could think was that the 13 years I spent TTC were worth it to have him. He is my greatest miracle.

  125. The only part of her birth that went right. Holding her close!! 🙂

  126. Joanne A Emanuel says

    the moment I first got to touch and kiss each of my babies.

  127. Taisha Reyes Alvarez says

    My favorite moment was when I got to hold my daughter for the very first time. I lost 8 babies before and she was the first one who got to come home. That feeling alone made up for all the heartbreak…

  128. erin king says

    My 2 year old son wanting mommy when I was giving birth to his little brother at home. He ended up standing in his crib watching the birth, and cheering when his brother was born!

  129. Katie Zabbo says

    My husband crying after she cried for the very first time! It was amazing.

  130. We didn’t know the sex of my second child before birth. As she was being born, my doctor said, “Take your baby.” I reached down and pulled her the rest of the way out and was the first to see that she is a girl. It was a really special moment.

  131. Seeing his beautiful face for the first time. He is more than we ever could have wished for.

  132. My favorite memory is getting to see my husband bring her to me.

  133. Jessi Jetter says

    With my first it was seeing her look at me for the first time and knowing I finally became a mother. With my newest, it was finding out he was a boy!! We waited until birth and it was amazing!

  134. I gave birth on all fours and I love the moment when the midwife handed my baby to me through my legs and I got to tell my husband it was a boy!

  135. Sarah Neulieb says

    havent had the privilege of meeting my son yet:( due June 28th, can’t wait!!

  136. Saleena G says

    With my 1st, he was an emergency cesarean, and was screaming his head off after being yanked out, cleaned up etc. He immediately stopped crying when he was brought over and I said “Hi Baby”…..then he spit meconium tinged saliva right into my mouth lol

  137. Jessica D. says

    Currently TTCing, so no memories yet, hopefully soon!

  138. That very first moment of eye contact. Getting to really see who I had been feeling for the last several months.

  139. Alexis Cuffy says

    My daughter was born on the Father’s Day, so my favorite memory was giving my husband and my father who were both there that day, the best Father’s day gift ever!

  140. Sheena Mac Isaac says

    For my first my husband announcing “we have a (her name)” when the midwife finally asked what sex the baby was and no one had even checked. Too busy ensuring proper number of fingers and toes.
    For my second I think the relief when I finally pushed him out after trying to get in the right position for awhile.

  141. Love the moment when my husband and i we alone with our baby girl and just held each other.

  142. Michelle singh says

    Happy birthday sugar baby! My favorite birthday memory is always being with my family and getting to choose one special thing for my mama to cook me 🙂

  143. Michelle singh says

    I suppose I answered incorrectly. Lol. The most amazing memory for me was mid c section (emergency her heart stopped twice) and I heard her cry. Knowing that she was ok was the most amazing feeling ever!

  144. Megan Griffin says

    Favorite memory is catching my baby myself!

  145. I think both times it’s that immediate skin to skin, nothing feels as good as that especially when you’ve been in labor a looooong time.

  146. When I finally got to see her! It was hours from when I had my c section to when I actually got to hold her!

  147. The best birth-day moment was finding out we have a daughter!

  148. Jessica HH says

    my husband was amazing, through the 22 exruciating hours he was so strong and helpful. he’s great in a terrible situation and i couldn’t have asked for more when i was about to give up. and his face when he first saw her, it was perfect. and the first time she nursed, she wiggled up right to me from my tummy and latched right on, and hasn’t let go after 2 years 😀

  149. Sarah Simmons says

    My favorite “birth-day” memory… Being told my baby was a GIRL and then asking my midwife, nurse and husband if they were sure!! Lol. According to many old wives tales I was supposed to be having a boy!

  150. My favorite moment was when my then 16 month old got to meet baby sister for the first time! Priceless!

  151. My favorite memory of my first birth was when my husband called her sex wrong! We were looking at her from behind with her legs and body still in me (complete breech cesarean), and he thought he was seeing boy parts from the back. The doctor chuckled and said, “no…look again!”. We have a picture of her pointing to help him out. 😉

    My favorite memory from my VBAC was having her put on my chest immediately, since I had to wait 3 hours to hold my first born.

  152. urfriendlindsey says

    My favorite birth day memory was that night… The quiet moment when everyone had left and it was just still. I will never forget looking into my sons eyes in that moment. Brings me to tears thinking about it.

  153. My favorite memory of my daughter was holding my her on my chest to do skin to skin and she lifts her head up and shifts her whole body over to root to my breast at just minutes old! LOL. My favorite memory of my son was him grabbing onto my finger and refusing to let go as we gazed at each other 🙂

  154. stephanie says

    My favorite birthday memory…
    After 41 hours of miserable back labor, the midwife finally laid my girl on my chest for some skin to skin. My baby rooted and found my nipple within a minute and latched right away. It was in that moment I realized ” im really a mama.”

  155. Elizabeth Gee says

    My fav birh memory was looking at the best friend and asking, “Is he a boy?” He is. Lol

  156. No birthdays yet for my babies! That’s still a little ways off 🙂 So my favorite birth memory would be when my youngest brother was born 7 years ago. I was on the cusp of adulthood and caring for someone who was so little and fragile was an interesting juxtaposition. I love thinking of the warmth of holding him near and that baby smell, his wispy hair and big watery eyes with the eyelashes all clumped together. He still snuggles me when I’m over to visit and I hope he never outgrows that 🙂

  157. MyChau Brikshavana says

    I will always remember the feeling of accomplishment and joy when my second daughter came out! I had a VBAC and didn’t think that I could actually do it. I had a rough birth experience with my first daughter.

  158. My favorite memory was being handed my sweet son! It’s a moment I will cherish forever!

  159. Bobbie Chappell says

    My favorite birth-day moment with my last baby was being abbot to do skin to skin almost immediately after I had my c-section. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to but my doctor and the nurses made it happen for me and my babe.

  160. Amber Epps says

    After my fourth baby was born and my three older children came in to meet their sister, it was wonderful to feel so complete and have all four of my babies together!

  161. nicole valles-prieto says

    Getting to finally hold my babies.

  162. Saying “it’s a girl!!!!”

  163. Oh these things would be amazing for any mother to have. And so helpful for a FTM

  164. Melanie Litchfield says

    My favorite part was hubby and I holding our first child together right after delivery ☺

  165. After my baby was born I said to everyone, well that went quick. The doctor looked at me crazy and said “uhh no, no it wasn’t quick”. I was pushing for 5 hrs! O_o My perception of time was very off!

  166. britni bradford says

    stopping at Dairy Queen steak fingers gave me all the energy I needed for little man’s all natural vbac. he was also born on Good Friday which was pretty special

  167. Amanda Huntington says

    My third child’s birth was an amazing experience – I have great memories of laboring with my doula and of the first time holding my son and being so happy I had got my VBA2C!

  168. Bonding with my daughter–I waited my whole life to have a mother daughter relationship and it was such an indescribable feeling to finally begin that experience.

  169. For our oldest 5th Birthday she took the train up to Chicago with her father and went to her first Cubs game at Wrigley Field. From the day we brought her home, she watched Cubs games with my husband and actually watched them. She was able to run the bases too! That was last year in July and she still talks about everything they did that day.

  170. Crystal S. says

    My favorite memory from my child’s birth was when they first placed her in my arms – nothing was better than that first skin-to-skin contact!

  171. Sarah Settanni says

    As soon as my daughter was born, she was placed on my stomach. I looked down at her and saw her face, and it was the face of the baby I had given birth to in a dream just weeks before. It was amazing!

  172. With my first it was probably seeing him. I was so out of it when he was born but I just loved being able to hold him finally. With my second it was that my labor went so quick that when I got up to the hospital room I was ready to push. They didn’t have time to ask me all those annoying questions about epidurals/ivs etc. I had no interest in using them and I didn’t even have to hear them ask. I felt much more empowered that birth and more present in the following hours. I felt like I got to enjoy my baby on a different level than I was able to with my first. I hope this next baby goes smoothly.

  173. I am an adoptive mama in waiting so I really don’t have anything yet, but I know it will be epic!

  174. My favorite birth day memories are looking at my beautiful babies right after pushing them out and seeing their reactions to the world!

  175. Melissa Zasowski says

    My most vivid birth memory is how hungry I was afterward. I immediately ordered up a turkey sandwich.

  176. My favorite moment was when the nice nurse said my son wasn’t going to breastfeeding because he was to early and then the moment I put him to me my chest and he latched on instantly. We were already worried enough with our first son arriving early, the last thing we nweed was someone tell us what he wouldn’t be able to do…when he latched I knew everything was going to be okay!

  177. When she was born and I was begging to hold her. NICU came in cause I had a lot of meconium. When she was finally in my arms I was so happy and forgot the labor. She latched on right away and nursed wonderfully ever since.

  178. Tiffani Paloney says

    One of the most amazing memories from my sons birth was seeing the look on my boyfriends face, He was pouring out tears, the love was so pure and raw I will never forget it. Of course meeting our son was magical but I really love that memory

  179. Carrie McBride says

    Getting to hold my daughter for the first time after an unexpected induction and thinking “we made this.”

  180. Madison Cripe says

    My favorite memory from my 2nd baby’s birth was watching my husband’s face via Skype after our son was born. He was deployed to Afghanistan!

  181. Emily Hamilton says

    my favorite memory was the first time my husband got to see my daughter. He missed the birth, and I will never forget the look in his eyes

  182. Jennifer Sharp says

    Playing Heads up (ellens game app for the phone) while having contractions. Granted I was at a disadvantage and I think my labor coach used that to win but it was still fun and served as a great distraction from the pain.

  183. Bonnie Cantrell says

    I’m still kind of amused over it evidently being one of the Firefighers’ first time dealing with a woman in labor. The look on his face when he was told to see if I was crowning was amusing. I progressed from my water breaking to needing to push way faster than I had thought I would and ended up needing an emergency ride to the hospital. I managed to not have my daughter in the ambulance but I didn’t make it off the ambulance gurney and into the hospital bed. I had her on the gurney right as they were getting ready to move me. LOL

  184. Our birth is due to happen any time, I am most anticipating sharing the moment with my husband and twin sister. It will be magical, as we welcome our little and learn the sex of the wiggle worm who has been in the belly !

  185. Katie Maroney says

    My favorite memory from the day I gave birth to my son was seeing my husband hold him for the first time and crying because he was so happy and in love.

  186. My favorite memory of my daughters birth (c/s) was hearing that first beautiful cry. My favorite of my sons (vbac) was holding him instantly and saying over and over again in a euphoria “I did it”

  187. My favorite birth day memory was seeing my child for the first time after being separated for 3 hours after birth because I had a c-section and the nurses said I had to go through recovery period. I couldn’t sleep and just wanted to hold, smell and hear my baby. When I saw him I was delighted to hear his cries and also anxious to start our breastfeeding journey together. I’m so thankful my husband was there to stay by my child’s side while I was in another part of the hospital.

  188. Elizabeth C says

    1st birth- it was getting to the hospital and sitting patiently and the nurse telling me that she’d never seen anyone 6cm and as calm as me. I’ll never forget she said, “People are usually screaming by this time.”

    2nd birth- was that because everything happened so fast, my older child got to be in the room. He didn’t get to see anything because of the curtain, but I was so happy he was there.

  189. My favorite moment was when they passed my son through my legs and I got to finally hold my miracle baby.

  190. cassie D. says

    When they laid her on my chest and I got to see her for the first time!

  191. I’m pregnant with my first, but can’t wait to make memories with him/her 🙂

  192. Kristen Leopold says

    My favorite birth memories were the first time I got to hold my babies. The other best moment was waiting to go into the OR for my second daughters C-section & I think my husband was nervous. When he’s nervous he gets really comical. He was making all kinds of jokes and doing funny things with the hospital OR hat & booties. He had me & my mom laughing so hard that the nurse came in to make sure everything was okay.

  193. Jennifer C says

    My favorite moment is seeing their faces and hearing their cry for the first time.

  194. aimee place says

    I remember feeling relieved that he was here and that he was healthy and so was I. I remember his daddy being excited about his son being born.

  195. I think my favorite has always been the moment they placed him in my arms, cheesy I know, but so very very true!

  196. I think everyone loves to remember my screams heard around the halls 🙂

  197. favorite birth day memory is hearing her cry for the first time.

  198. My favorite moment from my baby’s birth was when they put him on my chest and he wrapped his arms around my neck and right at that moment I knew the post pardum depression I feared would not be an issue.

  199. Ashley Brimicombe says

    A big family dinner! Letting the kids pick whatever they want for their special day and having cake and ice to end it all!

  200. One of my favorite memories of my daughter being born was the fact that we didn’t know what we were having! Everyone in the room while I gave birth knew that we didn’t want to know what we were having and when she was born no one said anything. I actually had to ask my husband “so what did we have?” I then learned that our sweet baby Olivia Mackenzie was born that day!

  201. My daughter came unexpectedly a month early and fast! Mine is when I finally got to hold her after they made sure she was OK. We did 2 hours of skin to skin and nursed right away. It was the best feeling ever and I didn’t want to let her go!

  202. My daughter came unexpectedly a month early and fast. Mine is when they finally put her on my chest after making sure she was OK. We did 2 hours of skin to skin and nursed for the first time. It was the best feeling in the world and I didn’t want to let her go.

  203. I’ve had three babies, and I’m sure I could think of one favorite moment for each one. But overall, I’d have to say that very first moment, when the baby is on my chest, snuggled up to me, already comforted by me and knowing that I’m mama, and then they start rooting. It’s just the perfect moment. I’m so tired from the labor and there’s all kinds of mess around me, but just me and that baby get to cuddle and share that moment. No one else can experience that bond between us. 🙂

  204. My favorite memory is from my my recent delivery. We arrived at the hospital at 10:15 at 3 cm. Nurse “positive” (she was so cheery, happy, and upbeat we call her Nurse “positive”) wanted us to wait it out in a triage room. After my doula insisted we get into a room with a tub I was in the water by 10:15. Around 11:30 I was moaning and doing everything I could to not to push. Nurse “positive” came in and said “I did just check you and I don’t really feel the need to check you since you were just a 3 but I will check the babies heart beat. She came in with the Doppler and put it on my belly…contraction rips through me, no more talking through them, this was a mind numbing intense contraction. Nurse “Positive” glances down between my legs and I see her face change. She says I think it’s time to get out now!!! After moving to the bed (we were going to do a water birth but there was meconium) my midwife walked in and told me to push. As she was getting draped I pushed once and she yelled STOP! One more big push my baby came out ass was instantly pot on my chest. She immediately started screaming! We got two hours of uninterrupted time nursing and bonding and loving before they came in to clean me up and weigh and clean up the baby. It was pure bliss!

  205. I’ve had five beautiful little babies – my favorite memory from each, except the last, is watching their father’s face as they came into the world. He immediately fell in love. With our youngest, he was out to lunch with our two girls, and I was only dilated to a 7, so he thought he had a little time left… Nope, our sweet princess decided it was time to come. Both of our mothers and my grandmother were there with me, and I got to cut her cord, which I had never done before. This was the first time they placed a baby on my chest without trying to take her to clean up first. We cuddle for 3 hours before they even requested to bathe her. It was the most amazing and beautiful experience I’ve ever had, even with it not being the birthing center experience I wanted.

  206. Stephanie Marcus says

    With my youngest. I would say when my oldest first met his brother. He was so excited to have a baby brother and the first time he was able to old him. It was so sweet.

  207. His first birthday is coming up. But on his birth day, my best memory was my husband announcing we had a boy!

  208. Traci ford says

    My favorite moment was that first time I got to hold each baby. Everything stops and having them on your chest, content, is worth everything.

  209. Finally getting to hold my son. It was a precipitous birth (we got to the hospital with minutes to spare) and he was in distress when he was born, so I wasn’t sure what was going on and really just wanted to hold my baby.

  210. Goretti Torres says

    My favorite memory was of my daughter meeting her baby brother for the first time 🙂 and being able to hold them both.

  211. Megan Ward says

    My favorite birthday memories are how empowered I felt bringing these two amazing humans into the world. It was exciting to celebrate what my body could do. Both births were uncomplicated and beautiful.

  212. Tina Hughes says

    My favorite memory from birth day is breast feeding. We were very successful in the hospital. Had we not been I’m not sure I would have been able to tough it out when we had a rough time at home!

  213. Holding baby for the first time after the long wait!!

  214. Carla Morgan says

    Getting to have skin-to-skin with my sweet baby.

    • LMarie Weeks says

      She was born early afternoon 4/15/14 we had been enduced a little after 3 aamoiyr appt was for midnight we were a little late because we stood watching the rise and fade of the blood moon on 4/14/14.. Beautiful!

  215. Hanna Elizabeth Mathis says

    My favorite memory is having my homebirth for baby #4 and finding out she was a little girl!!!!

  216. Joey Wright says

    My favorite birth memory was being able to hold my baby girl before mommy. I know my wife did all the hard work but to be able to hold the little nugget we created,took my breath away.

  217. My favorite memory has yet to come. I’m pregnant with my first and the day they are born will be my favorite memory of all time ☺️

  218. I had to have a c section 3 weeks early due to growth restrictions of my baby. I found out on a Friday and I went in on Sunday a 3am! After an incredibly stressful and scary couple of days…my favorite memory is the moment my husband brought our beautiful healthy daughter to my side as the doctor stitched me up. She looked at us quietly the entire time. It was priceless.

  219. Ashleigh Moshier says

    My favorite memory was seeing my baby boy for the first time. I had a c-section so I didn’t get to hold him right away but the second they put him on my chest in the OR I wrapped my arms around him and kissed his nose. My amazing husband was ready and happened to get a picture of this amazing candid moment!

  220. My favorite memory from my oldest daughter’s birth would be the way she quickly calmed down after birth when I started gently rubbing her and talking. It is amazing how they recognize mama’s voice and immediately feel at ease.

  221. I am actually expecting my first this year! I am so excited to make memories throughout my pregnancy and get equipped with all the necessities!

  222. Christina says

    My favorite memory was hearing her cry for the first time. Our son who was born 13 months prior died at birth, so there was no cry from him. Our daughter’s cries were music to my ears.

  223. Unforgettable moment from the birth of my first: when they put her on my chest right away. All I could say was “hi!” For the next several days, my husband and I just couldn’t keep our eyes off her.

  224. Joanna Nelle Aguiar says

    Hearing “it’s a boy” we waited to find out the gender so it was amazing to hear those words and meet our son.

  225. April moyle says

    My baby girl is due in July but so far my favorite memory of being pregnant has been the alone time I have with her in the car on my way home from work. She’s always super active and I love feeling her move around in my belly. I talk to her as we drive home, and imagine what she will be like when I meet her!!

  226. Marina Datthyn says

    One of the best memories was at my sons birth- my mom, both my sisters and my moms best friend were all there and watched me give birth (along with my husband, nurses and doctor of course). It’s funny how it wasn’t awkward… On the other hand, none of them were there when my daughter was born- once was probably enough!

  227. Natalie Schwartz says

    My favorite memory from my childrens’ births was seeing their faces from the first time. And of course their first latch! <3

  228. Jacqueline Matthews says

    I haven’t had my little one yet, but I so look forward to his birth and seeing his little face in person!

  229. Regina Wright says

    My fav birth memory is when I got to hear those sweet cries! Omg the world around me didn’t exist anymore.

  230. Jennifer e says

    I loved with our first child it was just mommy, daddy and baby at the hospital. We were able to get our bonding time in.

  231. I’m pregnant with my 3 baby. I was in able to breastfeed my twins prior and would love nothing more than to be able to with this baby. This kit would be beyond awesome for helping me to be successful!!! 🙂 Thanks for all the great info about the products too!!

  232. My favorite birth-day moments are when both my boys were laid on my chest and I got to meet them and listen to their sweet little cries. The best feeling ever to know that I was blessed and chosen to be their mom.

  233. That moment when you see their sweet face for the first time.

  234. My favorite memory of when my first daughter was born was holding her in the dark hospital room and watching her open her eyes up to peek at feeling.

  235. My favorite memory of my daughter’s birth was in the middle of a tough contraction my husband reminded me that our daughter was going to be born on our dating anniversary!

  236. I would have to say I have two of the most fond memories on “birth-days” (one for each of my daughters)! The first being when my little Ainsley was born and the second they laid her onto my chest. Becoming a mother for the first time is simply overwhelming and I very vividly remember how satisfying it felt to be a family with she and my husband. I knew I would love being a mommy but it was even more exciting than I could’ve ever imagined.

    My second would have to be when my younger daughter, Finley, was just recently born. I was so much more relaxed this go and I felt so at ease knowing the joy I was about to experience. When my midwife was coaching me through and talking about seeing hair I couldn’t believe it. My first was bald til nearly the age of two, but now has a gorgeous head of curly, red locks. My second now has arrived with almost as much as her sister now has and dark brown. These girls really are my world.

  237. eula mei a says

    I remember having a pinata and having a huge birthday celebration every year

  238. I am pregnant with my first baby so I don’t have a memory yet but I’m excited for the memories I will get to have shortly! I do love feeling that bouncy boy inside of me.

  239. Alexandra Freedman says

    Still waiting on my baby but I think it will be my first skin to skin moments with my little man!

  240. My fondest memory, is holding my baby girl for the first time after a long night of feeling like I didn’t have any strength left.

  241. My favorite birth day memory is with my third daughter who was born last year. It was a hospital birth with a midwife and while my husband and I were waiting for dilation, we had this incredible moment of laughing hysterically for over ten minutes when I couldn’t tell if my water had broken or if I was peeing everywhere. Once I started to giggle I couldn’t hold it back and I kept peeing and laughing uncontrollably. This happened twice during that labor! As embarrassing as it could have been- it was so awesome to share that moment of pure laughter with my husband while we were waiting on our little girl to come. But really, delivering her naturally and unmedicated was the highlight- she came into the world with the most peaceful and amazing labor of all 3.

  242. My favorite memory is when I first say my daughter. She just starred into my eyes. Its a memory that will last forever

  243. Jaquie roman says

    My finest memory of my daughters birth was when I finally herd her cry. When she first came out she was so quiet I couldn’t hear her. I’m hearing impaired and thought because I didn’t hear her she wasn’t crying. But once the midwife told me she was crying and brought her close my heart was complete. I honestly thought something was wrong or she couldn’t breathe. It was the scrariest minutes in my life. And the happiest

  244. My favorite memory was skin to skin right after he was born. Made a very difficult labor trivial in comparison to the joy I felt right then

  245. Kelsie Ruoff says

    My favorite birth-day moment was learning that my daughter had a full head of bright red hair!

  246. My favorite memory of when my daughter was born was the first moment when she came out and the doctor put her on my chest.

  247. My favorite moment of childbirth, with all 10 of my kiddos, has always been when the nurse or doctor hands me my baby for the first time! I have always felt, in that moment…”I made this!”

  248. Rachel V.H. says

    My favorite birth-day memory for my daughter is having her immediately brought to me after I returned to my room after my c-section. I had pre-eclampsia and was not progressing so I did not get the birth I envisioned, but my doctor and I fought to get what I could and that included recovering in my own room and not surgical recovery so that I could have some skin to skin time ASAP after I was finished getting stiched up.


    my best memory?
    i really donno, coz my mom didnt celebrate my birthdays.
    only at 22 i made one by myself, it was simply wonderful, a great day of summer in a garden with my friends

  250. Little man isn’t here yet. I can’t wait to hold him and see him for the first time!!

  251. Just had my baby boy three weeks ago. Any one of these items would be a godsend for me As I adjust to breastfeeding. Love the leaky boob!

  252. Amy Kattre says

    After some scary moments and an emergency c section, my favorite moment was when I heard my baby girl cry for the first time and having the nurse bring her over to my husband and I.

  253. Lizz Kholikov says

    My first baby is due in two weeks so I haven’t had a birthday memory yet but I certainly cannot wait to have many of them.

  254. Don’t know yet! I’m a first timer – so inspirational reading all these stories.

  255. Sarah Parker says

    My favorite memory was right when my baby girl was placed on my chest and I saw her big eyes looking at me! Such a joyful moment!

  256. My birth experience was almost completely hijacked by medical intervention. I had fully prepared myself for a natural birth aided by hypnobirthing techniques I had been practing for months. Instead my labor was unexpectedly induced for 42 hours! The doctors kept trying to push for a cesarean I was adamant on pushing my son out unless it was the medically necessary for his health to go under the knife.
    Those 42 hours of crying and sweating and praying for sleep, they were all worth it t he moment I heard his cries as he entered the world.

  257. I’m thinking my favorite birth moment will be any day now. I’m pregnant with my 4th baby and my husband and I decided to not find out the gender. We found out with our other three children. This will be the biggest surprise for us. My favorite moment from the other 3 births is when my little ones open their eyes for the first time and look at me as if to say, “Hey Mama, we did it.”

  258. Alyssa Mays says

    I haven’t given birth yet but reading all these comments is making me even more excited to meet my new little baby!

  259. I’m still pregnant so I’m patiently waiting to hold my baby!

  260. My favorite birth-day moment was actually being able to see my baby. After my c section, my son was rushed to the NICU so I didn’t have a chance to see him at first. He was very sick and the doctors weren’t sure if he would make it. But he did! And he lached on to breast feed on the first try!!!! I definitely in love!

  261. rachel carota says

    We didn’t know the sex of the baby so the best part was finding out. My husband wanted to know with our first so I told him he could find out when we have a second. The day of the ultra sound with our second, he decided it was best to wait till delivery again, because that the moment was the best.

  262. Currently pregnant with our first due in June! Looking forward to meeting her!!

  263. I’m currently waiting for by baby boy’s birth day! Less than 12 more weeks, can’t wait!!

  264. We are expecting our first in August! So excited to meet our baby girl!

  265. Melissa C. says

    We sang “happy birthday” to our son once we got back to the recovery room 🙂

  266. The moment my baby boy was placed on my chest – that was the best feeling ever!

  267. My favorite memory from my 2nd daughter’s birth is my older daughter coming in with a teddy bear for her little sister and singing happy birthday to her. It was the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. The little one still snuggles that bear every single day.

  268. Cassandra Huber says

    Getting to hold my son for the first time. Nothing prepares you for the outpouring of love you feel for that tiny being you created.

  269. The first latch is my favorite memory!

  270. Heather Dawn says

    With my 6 year old son, my doctor had me help guide him out. I will never forget that.

  271. The moment they laid him on my chest! Amazing…..

  272. My FAVORITE Memory has to be meeting all 3 of my boys for the first time. While my first labor didn’t go as planned and I had a c-section, I had a much better OB and followed it with 2 VBACs!! I have been nursing for over 4.5 years (tandem) and we are expecting our 4th baby later this year. Going for VBAC #3!! My nursing pillow literally just fell apart, so everything would come in very handy!!

  273. Angel Emory-Smith says

    My favorite memory is seeing my fiance holding his first baby/princess for the first time. The smile on his face was priceless and the love for her in his eyes.

  274. Laura Munteanu says

    holding my baby in my arms and breastfeeding her for the first time.

  275. Megan Riley says

    My favorite birth-day memory would have to be the moment the doctor placed my baby on my chest. I remember being so scared leading up to the day I went into labor. I was so scared that I would not be a good mother because I didn’t feel super bonded to the baby I was carrying inside me. But the second my baby boy was placed on my chest, I felt a love like I had never felt before and an unbreakable bond was born that day.

  276. Sara Stanford says

    My favorite birthday memory was the day my daughter was born. I had a tough labor and ended up with an emergency c-section. When I finally got to hold her for the first time, it was the best feeling ever.

  277. Marlete Ledford says

    my favorite birth-day story with my daughter is kinda funny. I had been in labor for 16 1/2 hours and my husband had worked the night before so I told him to go ahead and rest his eyes that little miss was seemingly being stubborn and would come out when she wanted to and not even 30 minutes later I had to wake my hubby up with a “Baby, it’s time!”. With my son it was a completely different experience, I ended up needing an emergency c-section so my favorite birth-day story of his is seeing him and getting to hold him for the first time after they brought me to my room.

  278. Danielle G says

    My fondest memory is of my amazing husband supporting me in every way possible during the entire 24 hrs of active labor before the emergency c-section, and then him announcing that we had a little boy, in a surprised and excited voice, while I got to lay my eyes on the little love for the first time. The sex was a surprise, and he was convinced he was a she!

  279. My favorite memory of the birth…the speed of it. From ‘oh wow, this pitocin hurts; I think I need an epidural” to 20 minutes later and holding my baby.

  280. My fondest memory was with my second birth and how it good it felt to birth a baby without any interventions, no drugs no vacuum assist like the first time. I felt like a warrior and was high for weeks!

  281. Aside from breastfeeding, my favorite birth-day memory was my husband holding our son for the first time. He had never held a baby that small and he did great! He even volunteered to change his first diaper! <3

  282. My first two thoughts after my first son was born:

    1. Really?!? It’s a boy?!?
    2. I can TOTALLY do that again!

  283. Michele Inclan says

    The entire day of my daughter’s birth was incredibly memorable. I especially loved the excitement and anticipation of the early labor hours as we prepared for the day, knowing she would be with us soon. Also memorable was the surprising ease with which she seemed to latch on immediately after birth and nurse. I was so relieved and hoping I would have a much better easier time trying to breastfeed than with my first child and that we might actually be successful this time. I was somewhat right – still had supply issues but no latch issues. Her whole birth day was just perfect though!

  284. Julia Girouard says

    We stripped him down to his diapers and put him in front of the homemade cake I baked for him. He did the face smash, and about 4 hours later, got hit HARD with the stomach flu. 🙁

  285. The best thing was the cold 2 a.m. Pizza after not eating anything since breakfast. 🙂
    Of course holding my daughter in my arms after she was over a week after her due date was the best moment.

  286. Favorite birthday memory, I have so many.. My first set of twins birth was amazing, but the best part was when I FINALLY got to hold them both for the first time. They held hands!

  287. The moment the doctor laid my daughter in my arms… Indescribable, yet completely unforgettable!

  288. My favorite birthday moment was seeing each of my 4 babies for the first time. Amazed none of them looked like me.

  289. I have two from my last baby. #3. First was the actual delivery, knowing it would be the last time I would get to experience it, and making sure to hold onto the whole thing as much as possible. She was born fast in three pushes after a pretty nice labor (nice labor? Lol) and I was so happy to meet her. The other moment was when my older two got to come see her a couple hours later, once they woke up. They had been so excited to hold her after months of talking to my belly and giggling about her movements. It was just awesome. I wish I could relive it over and over.

  290. My favorite memory from my 2nd baby’s birth was the fist time she latched on. She was so good at it and didn’t need any help. And has loved her “eat eat” ever since!!! My first baby was also csection but an emergency csection and I was so drugged up that he had a weak latch and was very sleepy and so was I. It was also over 3 hrs before I got to hold him for the first time. Just not a wonderful experience unfortunately.

  291. Michelle Hall says

    Oh boy. I don’t know if I could pick just one. I will share just one though. The first time my oldest latched. My doula actually captured it on camera, and I remember the pure joy of “Wow, I’m actually doing this”

  292. Finally getting to hold her 24 hours after she was born.

  293. The moment I heard him cry for the first time. I had a c-section and hadn’t seen him yet.

  294. kelly clary says

    birth – nothing, she was 2 months early and they didn’t believe I was in labor until I was crowning.
    10 hrs later – the first time I got to touch her
    now – she is my perfect little itty bits.

  295. Angelina M says

    My favorite for each was the moment I heard their cries the first time. Those cries let me know, even more than seeing them, that they were here and were real and separate people.

  296. I was so SHOCKED after she was born and I asked what time it was. It had flown by – she was in a rush to get out! Our photography snapped a picture of my shocked face and I still giggle every time I see it. By far, of course, my favorite memory was actually getting to meet my sweet little baby, but I also love that I have memories of her birth day that still make me laugh every time!

  297. When DD clapped for the first time on her first bday 🙂

  298. Holding my son for the first time!

  299. With our first, we went to the hospital armed with both a girl and boy name for the baby. I told my husband I didn’t want to hear, “it’s a boy [girl],” so when our son was born, my husband announced him by name; we did the same for #2 and will again for #3.

  300. My favorite Birth-day moment was hearing her cry for the first time and then a short time later having her placed on my chest. Still my favorite moment ever

  301. We haven’t had our first yet….but can’t wait. I am sure there will be many memories. I think the first time I get to hold my baby in my arms.

  302. Cassie Hise says

    My son reacting to my voice and stopping crying.

  303. Rahel Moore says

    My favourite birthday memory was with our oldest son. When he was finally out and they laid him on my chest! I was so overcome with the miracle of it all!! I couldn’t help but tear up! I always joke around that I felt like I was at a butcher shop and they lay a hunk of meat into my arms and say ‘here you go!’

  304. Jessica B says

    That, “OMG, I made a baby!” moment after baby is born. It gets me every time.

  305. Amanda Temple says

    My son’s oxygen was dipping as I was in labor so they immediately took him to make sure he was okay. Scariest 5 minutes of my life. They brought him back and I didn’t put him down while in the hospital. It was midnight so needless to say, I didn’t sleep!

  306. I loved the moment after my daughter’s birth that her big brother got to meet her for the first time!

  307. The first time I saw him!

  308. sindy murray says

    my baby grabbing my husband’s finger on their way to the nursery!

  309. My favorite moment from my last birth was being able to share it with my 15 year old daughter and for her to see that it is a wonderful thing.

  310. I’m expecting my first, so I can’t wait for my birth story. But I was there when my SIL had her baby and it was such a special moment. Hearing her first cry, and seeing my niece for the first time. I also loved that they gave the mom and baby 2 hours skin to skin before the nurse went to take her. It was beautiful.

  311. Savy Hulen says

    After she came out all I could say was.”that’s my baby. That’s my baby.” I was so excited to meet her. A good half hour passed where I told all the nurses, visitors and family,, “that’s my baby.” as if they might not otherwise know I was the mother.

  312. Ashley McCullough says

    My favorite memory was first when I stood up when I woke up and my water broke! Such a feeling of empowerment! I knew he’d be coming soon! But my favorite memory was catching him and being the first person to hold him and bathe him (water birth) … his birth was just an amazing experience!

  313. Is it wrong to say the 10 minutes after I got the epi… So many memories… The feeling when she was skin on skin snuggling on my belly (her cord was short and that is as far up as she could go). When she was laying there she lifted her head and looked at me for a few seconds then looked the around and snuggled up. My hubbys favorite part… ummm… when I yelled at the OB “No I don’t want to touch her #$%$$%$ head!, get her out!!” 32.5 hours in active labor 🙂

  314. Amanda Lea says

    One of my favorite memories was having my baby passed to me immediately and watching her take her first breath.

  315. Sarah Schiro says

    My water broke in our kitchen while I was making dinner and my husband wanted to wait until we finished the meal. I insisted we go to the hospital and our son was born four hours later.

  316. I’m due anyday! I’ll let ya know! 😉

  317. We like to wait and not find out our babies’ gender until birth. Definitely my fave birth moments! We are expecting #5, and it still has the same excitement!

  318. Won’t find out until November!

  319. Janna Hipps says

    my favorite birth day memory was my 5-year-old son meeting his sister for the first time. “She came out?! You did it, Mommy!”

  320. Allyson Roberts says

    Holding my boy for the first time!

  321. My favorite memory is pushing my son out and having him immediately placed on my chest. Best feeling ever, especially being a vbac!

  322. The love and joy of seeing my babies for the first time. With the first there was also relief of the labor being over. With my last baby there was the relief of holding my rainbow baby.

  323. Antoinette says

    My favorite birth-day memory was finally getting to hold my daughter and nurse her and do skin to skin for the first time. I was so ready to just have her in my arms after our intense labor and holding her for the first time made everything we had been through worth it.

  324. The moment my son was placed on my chest just delivered and still attached to the umbilical cord. That moment was the best moment of my life!

  325. There was a little green bug that hitched a ride to the birth center on my spouse’s shirt. That bug was my labor buddy!

  326. Our first child was a nicu baby, second had latch issues and third nursed within moments! Such a beautiful gift after working so hard to establish nursing with he first 2, number 3 was effortless!

  327. We did not find out the gender of our child before their birth day, so that was the best part of the day, finally knowing we had a son, and then a daughter when she was born two yrs later.

  328. My favorite birth day memory has to be from my third born. The only one of five that I got to hold in the first few hours after birth. He was perfect, sweet, angelic, and amazing. That feeling lasts. Sweet boy is now eight.

  329. I don’t have one, my son is adopted. We are having a biological child due in June though!

  330. My first child’s birth was fast and I remember the nurse saying you are at 8 after I threw up all over my SO’s shoes. My second birth I went into labor after eating a wonderful dinner celebrating our wedding anniversary. They both were fast and stomach wrenching.

  331. alison ficociello says

    This will be one of our forever stories, our 3 year old was with us during the entire delivery because we had just moved and our son was 3 weeks early. She says she doesn’t remember any part of the day, just that she left mommy at the doctor because it was the first night I was ever away from her.

  332. Tiffany C says

    Holding my baby for the first time (both times).

  333. My favorite birth memory realizing “mom knows best” is an understatement. From the first ultra sound my peanut was well a peanut. From day one doctors tried to tell me I wasn’t as far along in my pregnancy as a I thought, the ultrasound tech told me I might be having a miscarriage. Fast forward 34 weeks and my baby girl decided she was ready. She was born at 34 weeks and 1 day. I had an AMAMZING nurse that actually listened to me and said yes I’ll try bottle feeding her she seems more like 34 weeks (because she’s holding my finger) and not 33 (as science decided she was). Thanks to her efforts my daughter was able to have her information changed and make it home a week earlier. The best part of the story is that she had no complications she just took a little while to latch. Shoot she still has trouble eating. She was okay all along, I just had to block out the negative worrying medical talk. Sorry science and statics my babies make their own charts. Don’t assume that because your baby isn’t perfectly on their path that there’s a problem, they might just be paving their own path. She’s now a healthy 3 year old and a big sister to a very big healthy 1 year old (he thought mommy was comfy and hung out for 39 weeks).

  334. Tanya Leavitt says

    Going natural wasn’t as scary as I was led on to believe. I planned on an epidural but there wasn’t time. I am very happy I did too!

  335. My favorite memory is the moment they put him on my chest and I got to see all the hair everyone kept telling me he had.

  336. Dana Miller says

    My favorite memory of my daughter’s birth is hearing her first cry.

  337. My fondest memory was holding my twin girls for the first time after I gave birth. A wonderful feeling it gave me to see them after nine months in the belly.

  338. Stephanie Szczapinski says

    My favorite moment/memory was watching my husband hold our son and him bringing him to me for the first time!!!

  339. Sara yingling says

    Finally getting to hold him ! And every time he comes and snuggles on my lap ❤️

  340. Ashleigh Phelps says

    My favorite memory from my daughter’s birth day besides being able to see her sweet face for the first time is, the midwife and the student midwife both telling me I could push the baby out after I said that’s I couldn’t do it anymore. I was literally in the middle of pushing by the way.

  341. Laurin Adams says

    My favorite moments of my births – that final push. What a feeling of release, and excitement to see their faces.

  342. The moment they put my son on my chest. Every bit of pain and tiredness melted away

  343. Definitely having them place my babies on my chest after birth! Best thing in the world 🙂

  344. My favorite birth day memory was from my first, who will be 3 next week. The look on my husband’s face when he first held her in the OR (I had to have a c-section because she was breech and stuck) and how he refused to put her down did me in. My daughter and her daddy have a very strong, special, bond to this day.

  345. I would share this with my sister in law who has been waiting 5 years to get pregnant…This would be such an awesome surprise

  346. My favorite part about birth is the look of pure love and excitement on my husbands face as each child is born and placed on my chest.

  347. Kristin S says

    My favorite birth-day memory is when my son was first born. As soon as he made his way into the world, I held him for the first hour or so. The room was so busy around us, but in those moments it was just us. Just mom and son snuggling and feeding. I can’t wait to do it all over again!

  348. My favorite birth-day memory was with my oldest. I was so worried about getting her latched on for the first time, but she made it so easy, like she just knew. She was born, they put her on my chest, and she just squirmed her way right over to the breast and started suckling before I even realized what was going on! Even now, at age three, she’s never afraid to take charge of a situation. Haha.

  349. We had one boy and didn’t know what we were having for our second. After HE was born, our firstborn was staring at him, then brought some of his trucks over to give/play with his new baby brother. So super sweet to his new sibling!

  350. molli glowacki says

    My fave memory with my 3rd child was feeling her descend during labor; my first two were way overdue, over 10# and all I felt was pressure– no idea how about progress, how close they were to being born, nothing. With my third I felt strong, empowered by feeling her descend, and I couldnt wait to meet her!

  351. Hands down that first look and kiss from both my babies in the operating room!

  352. Gabrielle says

    My favorite moment was when I got to look into my daughter’s eyes for the first time. Twelve weeks ago was the day I became a mom 🙂

  353. My favorite memory was holding my baby on my chest and feeling him wiggle around with the same movements that he had in the womb.

  354. FTM to a 6 week old baby boy! This would make the adventure e even sweeter!

  355. My favorite birthdays are my two girls “birth” days. Even though both were early (38 weeks and 36 weeks) and neither went as planned. There is nothing better in the whole world than meeting your sweet babies for the first time. Just thinking about it makes me want another!

  356. Stephanie Velotta says

    I am a first time mom, so my only birthday shared with my son so far is his birth. I went to the hospital at 3 o’clock that afternoon and had my baby boy at 2:23 am. After the final push the doc’s asked if I wanted hold him and I wanted nothing but to hold him. This purple little alien was placed in my arms and my heart has been under hostage ever since. I couldnt help but to weep at how beautiful he was. When it came time to clean him up, he kept his arms out not wanting to leave me. That image replays in my head all the time and I am so grateful to be a mother to such a wonderful baby boy.

  357. Danielle Henry says

    My favorite birthday memory with my daughter Keely was how she instinctively knew how to latch and suckle. She was born by a somewhat emergency cesarean so I feel blessed that we were able to connect a at the breast so soon after birth. It was a beautiful time bonding with her in the first hours of her life and then on past two years old.

  358. Favorite bday memory from my son’s birth was riding the adrenaline following barely 2 hours of labor. I held him in shock, shaking, I kept saying “that just happened”. Ready or not he made his fiesty appearance in a hurry.

  359. Wendy Gordon says

    My favorite birth-day memory of my oldest was when I saw him for the first time. My favorite memory of my youngest is when she was placed on my chest right after coming out. She stayed on me for over an hour!

  360. malerie d. says

    I am so proud to have delivered naturally and would do it all over again! Baby girl is almost 3 wks old!

  361. My husband arrived from deployment 2 hours before our sons birth! I hadnt seen him since he left and I was only 10 weeks pregnant!

  362. My favorite birth-day memory… Toss up (1) When the doctor told us we had a girl =) (2) The fact my husband was so excited to cut the cord.

  363. Rachael D'Angelo says

    My little preemie baby was whisked away before I could hold him more than a few minutes, and it was 12 more hours before I saw him again. I felt so helpless, leaving him in the incubator. The second day, I did kangaroo care for hours and just looked at his little fingers, toes, and face, memorizing him and holding him. He latched on that day and nursed and fell asleep soundly. I was so happy to be able to do something, to give him some kind of comfort. He left the NICU after 4 days- the doctors were astonished at how well he was feeding and growing.

  364. The moment my baby was handed to me…

  365. Lauralee W. says

    My daughter didn’t like her cake. She hadn’t had sugar so she just licked the top and gave me this look like I’m supposed to eat this? Of course that didn’t stick!

  366. Oh man!! My favorite birthday memory is when my first baby girl had her 1st birthdy!! Living in North Carolina we were away from family but close friends we made thru the military came to celebrate!! Cake, homemade piñata, good food & good memories are how it’s done!

  367. My son arrived a month early, so he had to go to the nursery for observation. My fondest memory was getting to actually bring him into my room.

  368. Marissa Lock says

    My favorite birthday memory from my own childhood was receiving a surprise birthday party and giant doll house when I turned 4, I think. I don’t have any birthday memories with the kiddo yet since he’s due at the end of May.

  369. Daddy holding her.

  370. Tashina Kirk says

    Hearing the girls first cry. We were afraid they would be sent to the NICU when they were born since they were only 34w gestation. That scream was wonderful since I knew that was the big thing for them was the breathing on their own.

  371. The moment they lay my baby on top of me for a quick skin to skin before they took her away to ICU.

  372. Sarah Wesseling says

    my favorite memory is getting to see my family hold my new son.

  373. When my Dd was born 4 1/2 years ago my favorite BIRTH-day memory was just me crying more than she did! lol I was just so overwhelmed with that unconditional love they talk about when you finally meet your baby that I couldnt help it!

  374. My favorite memory is of my husband doing skin to skin with my daughter right after she was born. I had an unexpected c-section and couldn’t hold her right away. It was a beautiful thing to see.

  375. My favorite memory was the moment we first made eye contact seconds after he was born. I felt instantly in love, overwhelmed, exhausted and mesmerized. There was this human that I had created staring back at me. The specific memories of that day are already fading, and I’m trying so hard to hold on to those feelings and that moment four weeks later.

  376. watching everyone meet for the first time

  377. My favorite memory from my children’s births is seeing the look on my husband’s face when he held them for the first time.

  378. My husband asked if ” her head was supposed to be deformed like that” I told him he should’ve paid attention in birth classes.

  379. Abigail Seaman says

    My favourite memory is that after 19 hours of labour and thinking that there wouldn’t be a baby until the next morning, my son decided to arrive without any pushes with 10 minutes left of his dad’s birthday!!

  380. I am a first time mom, and baby girl isn’t here yet! However, I truly can’t wait for her to be here!!! I can’t wait to see her and hold her and kiss her!

  381. My favorite memory of my daughter’s Birthday was finally meeting her face to face when she was born and immediately placed on my chest after almost 24 hours of labor!!

  382. Sarah Hayes says

    one of my favs was then I got to hold her

  383. Shakeeta W says

    I have special memories from all 3 of my children’s births. #1 (1/2010) was the moment I laid eyes on her and knew that she was all mine. #2 (4/2012) was being able to prove that I could birth my Earth Day baby at home. #3 (12/2014) was her actual birth at 41+6. Labor was about 14 hours and she came flying out about 15 seconds after my water broke!

  384. Jessica O says

    My dad lives in another state and with my first two kids he came with a week of their birth. With my 3rd and last baby he was determined to be here for the birth so even though he had to extend his trip because my son was almost 2 weeks late, my dad saw his grandson minutes after he was born and cried tears of joy!!

  385. magdalena says

    I had an emergency c section, and while waiting to be taken up to our room my son was laying on my chest. He squirmed his way up and found my breast. Latched right on and started eating. It wad painful but an amazing feeling. My husband was there and witness it as well. He was in shock.

  386. My memory is giving birth with no one in the room. Scary but almost miraculous too!

  387. I don’t have a favorite birth day memory… yet! I’m exactly half way pregnant with my FIRST baby, so I’m anticipating her birth and cannot wait to see and hold her! <3

  388. My favorite part of childbirth was that skin to skin time- it was so peaceful and beautiful!

  389. Niki Shaffer says

    My favorite birth memory is when I was in labor with Charley experiencing a very very painful abruption and I hear the nurse on the phone quitting! I was so out of line and out of my mind that the nurse quit on me! She didn’t really quit, but she couldn’t get me to understand why I was in so much pain, and of course I was trying to do it as naturally as possible. I think I appologized 1,000 times once she was finally born!

  390. Jessica J says

    the best part was reaching down for him and bringing him to my chest. he latched instantly, and it was finally nice to “meet” him. it was bittersweet since my husband wasn’t with us for the birth, but I was glad we were able to instantly bond after a rough pregnancy.

  391. The best memory was holding my beautiful baby after 32 hours of labor. We went out to eat Chinese with my family and photographer. We spent hours laughing and walking and singing worship songs. We were surrounded by family and friends.

  392. Tricia Hope says

    I have three awesome children.I remember most clearly the moment I held my youngest daughter.I looked from her to my husband and said this one is gonna be trouble!I was right but we all survived.

  393. I don’t yet have my own birth story, but I’ll never forget the night my baby brother was born (he’s ten years younger than myself). Waking up in the middle of the night to go see his sweet face, and bringing my mom her requested Thai takeout food afterward. 🙂 I can’t wait to hold my own baby and make my own birth memories!

  394. My favorite birthday memory is the same for both of my babes. We waited until birth to find out if we were having a boy or a girl. I was dead wrong both times-I thought my daughter was a boy and my son was a girl. Best surprises of my life.

  395. My favorite birthday moment to date: my son then 3 years old was given the job of making the official announcement of the new baby’s gender, which was unknown, immediately after her birth. He came into the darkened living room and looked into the birth tub and said “she has a yoni and a peeper!” In the dim light and water he had mistook her umbilical cord for a penis!
    Then she raised her hand and waved at him. 🙂

  396. My favorite birth moment was having my daughter laid on my chest for the first time…. There are no words to describe it!

  397. The first time I got to see, touch & kiss him.

  398. Nicole M. says

    My son is one week old today and his entire birth is still so fresh in my mind that I honestly can’t pick a favorite moment. I had such an amazing water birth with him and it was so different than my first birth with my daughter. I really enjoyed the whole experience and right now while I’m still in that new baby bliss all of it is my favorite moment.

  399. The moment of my son’s birth, after 50-some hours of labor, was absolutely ecstatic, seeing his beautiful fat body for the first time.

  400. Holding my baby for the very first time!

  401. Gladys Aguilar says

    Aside from meeting them for the first time, I always like having my husband there, holding my hand as we both wait for our child.

  402. Holding my son for the first time was the best birth story for me.

  403. Edie Villegas says

    As soon as the doctors put her on my chest, and I got to see my daughters face for the first time, it was such a special moment. Can’t wait for #2 to share that birth moment again.

  404. Miranda McCaig says

    After being high risk while pregnant, long labour, several complications during labour, rushed to surgery for emergency c-section; my favorite memory would have to be hearing my daughters first cry/scream, I will never forget it and still brings a tear to my eye, the moment I knew my daughter was fine eased my anxiety

  405. We had a really rough pregnancy and then needed to be induced, to say I was terrified is a major understatement. When they put her on my chest I felt joy and so much relief!

  406. I would love to see something in the newsletter about clogged ducts. I seem to be so prone to them & get them quite often.

  407. Angela Griffin says

    The first look and touch will forever be my most cherished moment of my one and only little boy.

  408. My daughter didn’t like her cake. She hadn’t had sugar so she just licked the top and gave me this look like I’m supposed to eat this? Of course that didn’t stick!

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