Rumina’s Full Figure Bra Ambassador and Model Search

by Amanda Hall

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We’re searching for a woman comfortable with talking about her breasts and being photographed in her bra. We’re searching for a full figure bra ambassador and model.

Why are we doing this? Simple. Because there are not enough garment options for pumping and nursing moms. We don’t mean garments that moms can put on, pump in and take off, there are a few of those options out there. We mean intimate products that moms of all body types, shapes and sizes can wear all-day to pump in or nurse, even do both at the same time. We mean products that can replace a woman’s favorite bra for an equally beloved bra or tank that she can use during the entire length of time she and her baby have that special breastfeeding relationship. Because we believe in options, we are constantly developing breastfeeding garments and products to meet the needs and uniqueness of every single mom.

Are we there yet? Not quite. But for you and future moms, our family at Rumina is committed to always trying to get there. And we’re going to get there by listening to what moms need, what their breastfeeding goals are, what hasn’t worked in the past and what creates booby traps for their breastfeeding experience. And one of the biggest things we’ve heard talking with moms for over the past 3 ½ years of being out there, is that larger breasted moms don’t have as many pumping or nursing options.

My sister Dawn, founder and designer of Rumina, along with our amazing seamstress Kim, have been working on a full figure pump and nurse bra for a while now and we think we’re finally ready to introduce our first version. But we need some help. When we first launch any new product, we produce a very limited quantity to give some moms to test for us. We get their feedback and based on that feedback we make any necessary enhancements to the pattern before we start the first factory production. For this bra we need some full figure moms to test our limited quantity to tell us if we’re on track because this garment will be the foundation for entire Full Figure Pump&Nurse Line.

That’s partly why we’ve launched Rumina’s Full Figure Bra Ambassador & Model Search.

In addition to getting a small group of test moms to try the new Full Figure Bra, we’re using the Ambassador & Model Search to find a model and partner. The winner of the Full Figure Bra Ambassador & Model Search will be the model of Rumina’s Full Figure Bra. She will be on Rumina’s retail packaging and marketing material plus (and the really really exciting part!) she’ll also be a voice among the breastfeeding community, sharing her breastfeeding story as a full figure mom and helping other moms overcome booby traps that may be unique to large breasted moms.

The winner of the Full Figure Bra Ambassador & Model search will participate in podcasts and blog posts and possibly travel with Rumina to various baby events and expos. She’ll also be vital to the development of the Full Figure Pump&Nurse Line, helping us add the moderate to firm full figure bra to the collection.

This is a really exciting time for Rumina. Not only because we are keeping our commitment to introduce new products to make breastfeeding and pumping simple, comfortable and convenient for ALL moms. But we’re asking Rumina’s mommy fans and followers that if they’re fun, passionate about breastfeeding or know a mom who is, to please enter Rumina’s Full Figure Bra Ambassador & Model Search. We would truly love to partner with an amazing mom to help us build a stronger breastfeeding community.

Click here for the link to Rumina’s Full Figure Bra Ambassador & Model Search!

*Editor’s Note: The challenges that face full figured and large breasted women when it comes to breastfeeding can be overwhelming. We believe that quality support for breasts and for a woman’s personal goals in feeding her baby can make all the difference in the world. All body types are beautiful and we celebrate you and your family with the shape you have and are striving to be the best support we can be. You are enough and your story matters!


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  1. I would like to see a bra that combines nice wide straps with a good shape (no cone shaped breasts please!), that has an underwire and a non-underwire option, where the latter is actually supportive and won’t cave under pressure.

  2. Katie Maroney says

    Support! It’s so hard to find a good nursing tank that I feel supported in.

  3. Pretty colors and designs. 🙂 It seems like most of the bras my size only come in white, black and beige.

  4. Anna Groeger says

    It would be great to have nursing bra for a “full figure” that doesn’t come practically up to my neck! My most supportive nursing bra has a higher neckline then most of my shirts! It was one of the only ones I could find that fit me, but it’s so ugly!!!

  5. Meghan S. says

    This is so great, I’ve had a lot of trouble finding nursing bras that fit well and are comfortable, both for wearing and for nursing in.

  6. Cotton lining, please! Plus some padding (to smooth things out and avoid show-through), fully adjustable straps (I have a short torso and so many nursing bras don’t adjust short enough), nice support and shape…and subtly sexy is nice, too. 🙂

    My nursing bra search has been looong and it’s so hard to find one that meets all my basic criteria, so this site is exciting! 🙂

  7. Great support, wide straps, and BEAUTIFUL! We have no options! I would love to have a nursing bra that my husband is excited to see me wearing!

  8. Amanda Lea says

    I would like to see better support and something that doesn’t give me uni-boob! Brands seem to be sized different for me and I can wear an h-j/k cup depending on brand. Really excited to see what you come out with!

  9. My wife ………………… since hopefully it would be comfortable and easy for her to nurse in.

  10. Something with an underwire. I searched everywhere for a bra that I could easily pump in when I went back to work & I only found 1. Thanks for recognizing a need!

  11. I applied! I think I have several qualities that would make me a good ambassador.

  12. What I’m looking for in a nursing bra:
    – Support! I’ll be wearing this thing to work – I can’t be jiggling everywhere.
    – Options for smaller band sizes and huge cup sizes. Somebody’s gotta take care of us.
    – Easy to clip and unclip with one hand. I tried out one bra that had backpack-style clips that had to be squeezed on both the left and right sides to unhook. THE WORST. Impossible to do one-handed.
    – A normal bra style back. The bra I have now has a super-high “racer back” style, but honestly, it’s more like a sleeveless tank. It limits what shirts I can wear because it covers so much ground. Even a normal racerback style would be better.

    It’s a tall order, I know. 🙂

  13. Samantha Archer says

    I really need a nice supportive band and wider or cushioned straps to hold these baby feeding boulders up! I need a good shoulder rub at the end of the day to get the red marks out.

  14. I would like to see support and coverage without straps that pinch.

  15. A great range of band sizes, and affordable price are always the first things I look for. I’m of the smaller band size fuller fit set and often if I can find any options at all they are much too expensive. Other than that I look for support and lift. The majority of what I can find has zero lift even with an underwire, which to me serves no purpose. I want a bra to give me a good shape with little to no show through a fitted top.

  16. Michelle T says

    I’d love a nursing bra you didn’t have to “dump” the cup to use. Think a whole bra, but with a hole to nurse, with a flap to snap on or off. It’s not really something you could do with smaller cups. I hate that it takes two hands to start nursing and two hands again to get back into my bra!

  17. I would like to see cleavage (not squashed uni-boobs), pretty (not white or beige), supportive (no low boobs), comfort (no torture devices), good value (I don’t have an unlimited bra budget!) and ease-of-use (one-hand snaps or clasps, please!) Thanks!

  18. Good support for small band, large cups. Pretty. At least one v-neck option. No uni-boob. For tanks–it doesn’t roll up on the bottom. For bras, some options with front snap flaps rather than shoulder clips because they are sooooo much more discreet when public nursing without resorting to ponchos, shawls, boob-hiders.

  19. Support! And attractive colors and patterns- I loathe boring white bras.

  20. I’d like to see good support without looking like a girdle, real round cup shape (no torpedo boobs!), easy one handed cup release and clipping shut, pretty colors or prints, and it’d be nice to include an optional or removable panel of fabric on the top half of the cup that stays when unclipped and covers the top of the breast to give some modesty to larger busted moms whose breast will NOT be covered by a nursing baby’s head.

  21. SUPPORT! Everyone has said it. A good supportive bra that makes the girls look good, is attractive, doesn’t go up to my neck, is comfortable and works well.

  22. Ashley Williamson says

    Having gone from a 36C to a 38DDD and everywhere in between, I would like to see a bra with a non constricting cup. Depending on the time of day I range from a D to a DD and the cup needs to be able to accommodate stretching, but also give support and coverage. Also, smooth out the back area, so many full coverage bras cut into your back and give you a roll under the strap. Also, no pointy madonna bras that usually come with the pumping bra look. Sexy with a side of function.

  23. Hi Ladies! Thank you so much for all the advice, seriously I couldn’t have asked for better input and direction when thinking about the design the Full Figure Pump&Nurse Line.

    So far here’s some main points I”ve noticed:

    #1 – Support
    #2 – Shape – no uniboob or torpedo’s wanted
    #3 – Wide Straps

    Then some moms want to see coverage but not something so high it shows above your shirt, an underwire option and pretty colors.

    All of this is so great! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!

    Please know Rumina is just starting to get into developing their Full Figure Pump&Nurse Line. My sister and I’s hopes are that we have 2 options in this line. The first is the light to moderate support option which will be ideal for newly postpartum moms, this will be very close to the prototype bra all the finalists in the Full Figure Bra Ambassador & Model Search will receive. This bra will be the foundation for developing a moderate to firm support bra that might incorporate some of the suggestions I saw, like underwire and molded cups.

    This is all still undetermined but we’re really trying to get there. That’s why this Search is for an Ambassador as much as it is a Model. We really want a mom who can try the prototype bras out, give constructive feedback on them and help us design an amazing bra women can love throughout their breastfeeding journey.

    And one we can offer in colors! Yay colors!

    So thank you thank you thank you for all the great advice. Keep it coming!! The more we hear from moms what’s important the more we can prioritize the designs and try to make it happen!

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