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“Since our company started Diono has worked to solve the real everyday worries and hassles parents face. Our first product idea was born from a family discussion on a documentary demonstrating the consequences of improperly secured car seats in collisions. Within the year family members had created a prototype (…)” – from the Diono website

We are thrilled that Diono, a company with a history of valuing people, family, safety, and innovation, has joined The Leaky Boob community. With their commitment “to providing car seat safety to families everywhere with innovative and advanced travel solutions” their presence here is a great fit. One of their CPSTs, Allana, has answered a few questions we had about Diono, car safety, and breastfeeding of course. Don’t miss your chance to win the brand new Diono Radian RXT carseat in Heather Grey below the interview in their first exclusive TLB giveaway!

Allana Pinkerton Headshot 2015

TLB: What would you like our readers to know about Diono? 

Allana: Diono is a company comprised of parents and grandparents and everyday people but with extraordinary talents! All the employees really care about their jobs and keeping kids safe. It’s a fun company to work for as things are always changing!

TLB: What kinds of values go into the creation of Diono products? 

Allana: Safety is our number one priority when it comes to developing products. Along with that, quality is very important to us. We know our consumers want high quality, long-lasting, sensible, and stylish products.

TLB: As a CPST, what is the one most useful piece of information that you share with parents about car seats and child safety? 

Allana: There are so many, it’s hard to name just one. I say it all the time, it is so important to read the manual…slowly, carefully so you get an understanding of how to use and install the product properly. At the very least you’ll know what questions to ask when you meet with a CPST for have hands-on learning and they “teach” you how to install the car seat.

TLB: What sets the Diono Rainier Convertible (or RXT) apart from other carseats on the market today? 

Allana: Hands down, the integrated full steel frame with a high rear-facing weight and forward-facing weight capacities. Plus, it could possibly be the only car seat you have to buy for your child because our convertible+boosters have a 10-12 year product life!

TLB: What is your favorite breastfeeding tip? 

Allana: Regarding safety, never take baby out to breastfeed while riding in a vehicle. We never know when a crash is going to occur, so it’s best to stop somewhere safe and take care of baby while the car is not moving.

On a personal note, don’t give up so easily. Breastfeeding can be a lonely activity when you’re a new mommy. It’s not so glamorous at the start, either. It takes a while to get your groove, especially if you didn’t grow up with it being the “norm.”

radianRXT heather


Diono is giving away one Radian RXT carseat in Heather Grey to one lucky Leaky!
Retail Value: $359.99


Here are some quick facts about the Radian RXT:

  • The only convertible+booster with a full steel frame and aluminum reinforced sides for unmatched safety
  • Fits 3 across is most vehicles
  • Extended rear-facing up to 45 lbs, forward-facing with 5-pt harness up to 85 lbs. and booster up to 120 lbs
  • Folds for easy storage and travel – FAA approved!
  • 10 year product life with 1 year limited warranty

Visit for more information about the Radian RXT carseat.


Good luck to everyone!  Please use the widget below to be entered.  The giveaway is open from May 22, 2015 through May 29, 2015.  A big thanks to Diono and Allana for their support of TLB and all breastfeeding women; please be sure to take a moment to thank Diono on their Facebook page for their show of support! You can also follow Diono on Twitter and Instagram: username @DionoUSA

This giveaway is open to participants in the USA and Canada.

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  1. We have two Radians–one for our car and one for grandma’s car. We have a little one on the way and would love a new car seat!

  2. Three of our four car seats are Diono. Our family loves this brand!!

  3. Joey Wright says

    Yes. My wife is always telling me how safe they are and how nice they look.

  4. Diana Pham says

    We have the radian for my 2 year old and would love to win one for our two month old too!

  5. I had not heard of this brand, but I am definitely a carseat novice. I only have heard of the top choices on Amazon.

  6. Laura Mohsn says

    I have never heard of this company before. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Becky Regnier says

    Yes I have heard of Diono! I really want one for my daughter! Winning one would be super awesome but if not I’ll most likely be buying one anyway!

  8. I haven’t heard of the brand before but it sounds like a great car seat!

  9. Sherry Blamer says

    I love dionos carseats. They have great carseats.

  10. We had an earlier version of this seat, and it was fantastic! We have terrible luck, when it comes to minor car accidents, and it had to be replaced, but my toddler didn’t even shed a tear or seem surprised! He definitely didn’t feel a thing.

  11. Elizabeth Gee says

    Wow!!! I’ve never heard of Dino before, 10yrs is amazing.

  12. Kari Barone says

    Yes, I am very familiar with the Diono brand. I love that their car seats fit 3 across and work form newborn until booster. I do not currently own one. I like the concept, stylish colors, and of course safety.

  13. Yes, my sister told me about them!

  14. Maggie M. says

    Yes I have 🙂 I’m actually wanting to get one for this baby because my kids have all grown so fast and tall and it has some of the highest rear facing limits I can find. Which is important because I want to keep her rear facing for as long as possible.

  15. Katie Merrill says

    We love our Diono Radian RXT! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  16. Allison Hanley says

    I have heard of Diono before. My mom always talks about the Diono car seat she used for me when I was a baby.

  17. I have head of Diono before. They sound great!

  18. Anna Pry says

    yes i have and i’ve been wishing we could afford to switch all our carseats to Diono

  19. Mary Happymommy says

    Yes, I’ve heard of Diono before. I read about it recently at Babycenter.

  20. steve weber says

    Yes I have! my sister has this exact car seat on her wishlist. would love to win it for her!

  21. Lesley Legakis says

    I have only heard good things about Diono car seats. I follow Car Seats for the Littles on Facebook, and Diono is a commonly recommended brand for versatility and longevity.

  22. Yes, I have heard of this brand.

  23. Cierra Downs says

    Would love to win this! Have heard great things about Diono & my daughter is due for an upgrade!

  24. Janet W. says

    Yes, I’ve heard of this brand before. I hear it’s a safe brand and really good quality.

  25. Yes, I have a Diono Radian RXT for my toddler and would love a second one for our new baby!

  26. Christine says

    I’ve definitely heard of Diono before–only good things! With a tiny backseat and two girls, we’d love to have a Radian. We just didn’t have the ability to try one out, and our girls get more cramped by the day.

  27. I would love a seat that rear faced to 45. Both ours go to 40 and toddler is hovering at 38. <3

  28. thalia h says

    i had not heard about this brand carseat before but im interested in it now. ill have to check it out when i get a chance.

  29. Elizabeth C says

    Yes, I’ve heard a few friends rave about them.

  30. Dawn Monroe says

    I have seen a review of it before but I’m not really familiar with it. It looks comfortable and I like the 10 year product guarantee.

  31. Katie Jean says

    We have baby #3 on the way and my husband is pushing to move my daughter out of her Sunshine Kids Radian, so the baby can have it and in to a booster. I am not ready for her to be in a booster, so winning this would save me!

  32. Kathleen M says

    Yes! We just got a Rainier for our 3.5 year old!

  33. Liz kitty says

    I have two radians and love this seat!!! I would love to win for my sister in law who is expecting and has a son already! 🙂

  34. Emily H Grant says

    Yes! We have 2 Radians!

  35. Love dionos extended rear facing capabilities! We have one for our 2.5 yo but need another for our 7 month old!

  36. Lindsey Cormier says

    Love this seat! We currently have two, 3.5 yr old and 2 yr old, both rear facing! Hoping to win for baby 3.

  37. I have! I finally got to see one in person when our sitter purchased one to use. They’re amazing!

  38. I love your blog!

  39. I have heard of Diono before!

  40. Jennifer rachael hardin says

    I love these! I have always wanted one. I would love to win one for my little guy.

  41. Lindsay Lang says

    This seat rocks!! Would love to have it for my almost-one-year-old!! Best you can buy in my opinion!!

  42. Priscilla says

    what an amazing car seat!

  43. Samantha says

    Great BFing advise! And such an awesome car seat!!

  44. Kristi Philpot says

    i have heard of them and heard great things. I would love to keep my littles safer with this seat!!

  45. Rebecca Mcdonald says

    love this seat!

  46. Samantha says

    I’ve heard of dionos before through friends. They come highly recommended!

  47. I haven’t heard of this brand before, but would absolutely love to learn more!

  48. Megan Dollarhide says

    I have heard of Diono before, but have never had the chance to check one out in person!

  49. We have a Sunshine Kids Radian that our oldest outgrew and our second is using. We are getting ready to move our third out of her infant carseat, and would love to have another Radian for her!

  50. I have heard great things about Diono seats. The ambulance that transported my son to the ER uses them. They come highly recommended as a narrow seat for installing 3 across.

  51. Stacy F. says

    I’ve heard of them yes! We’re typically a Britax family, but if we have another addition, slim fitting (and SAFE) would be at the top of my list.

  52. Yes! Many friends have recommended Diono the last 3 years.

  53. Yes, and love our Dionos! Would love one for the new babe too!

  54. Brittany says

    I really wish we could afford a Diono seat! They seem to be the best!

  55. Sara means says

    I’ve heard of this brand, but never seen them in person. I love the color of this one!

  56. Christie Toops says

    I love this car seat!! I’ve always wanted a Diono but they’ve always been a bit out of reach price wise!! The safety features are amazing and I love that it would be the last car seat I would ever need!!!

  57. Such a great brand producing high quality seats! Super helpful that you can fit three across in the backseat too! Would love to own this and highly recommend!

  58. Katie Zabbo says

    I have heard of this brand, the baby guy NYC posts frequently about how great it is for 3 across.

  59. Would love to win, so I can fit 3 across our back seat, more efficiently!

  60. My favorite carseats!!! New baby needs one

  61. Anyone would be luck to win!

  62. when I asked around for recommendations as to the best converitable car seat, this was he one all my friends raved about!!! I would love to win it for our 6mo boy!

  63. Yes Ive heard of Diono before, I have a friend who has 2 and had her son 11 days ago. I love how it looks and that its all in one so I dont have to use a carseat carrier!

  64. Melissa Decroteau says

    We have two rxts in my car! Love them!

  65. Hannah H. says

    Yes, yes I have. My husband has been drooling over these for YEARS.

  66. malerie d says

    A friend actually just mentioned to me yesterday how much she loves her car seat from this brand.

  67. Samantha says

    I have heard of Diono before because the clubfoot moms group I belong to recommend it as a big enough car seat for their special shoes

  68. my sister has a radian and loves it.

  69. With # 2 one the way we need a new carseat, maybe this is the one.

  70. Victoria Rathjen says

    I would love this!!!

  71. I would love a Diono seat! It’s not in our budget right now, but with baby #3 on the way, and currently only a small car, we’re trying to figure out how we’re going to make this work if we can’t get a more narrow seat/ larger car in time.

  72. my little guy has just outgrown his infant car seat and we need a new one!!

  73. Kellsey Galart says

    Never heard of this brand before but it is exactly what I hae been looking for! Both of my girls NEED new carseats and times are very tough right now so I hope.I win thank you

  74. everyone says these are the best. I hope I can find out!

  75. nicole valles-prieto says

    I have somewhat heard of this brand when we were carseats shopping we’ve always heard about britax so that is what we ended up buying.

  76. Terresa D. says

    I just got one in anticipation of my twins outgrowing their infant seats. Amazon had the RXT as a deal!

  77. brogan calloway says

    Never heard of it but would love to have one 🙂

  78. We have one Radian in my car and we love it! Best baby purchase! Would love one for my husbands car!!

  79. Renee Duffin says

    I used to have a diono seat when we had 3 children across in our car but it expired.

  80. Denise sac says

    I would love one for my little that’s about ready to transition out of his infant seat

  81. We are in the process of getting foster certified and have two still in seats and being able to fit three across in either of our cars would be a blessing.

  82. Yes! We own it’s predecessor, a Radian, and love it. Using it with our 4th child now.

  83. rebekah mosora says

    We love Dionos! We have three kids 5 and under in a Camry. We currently have two radians, and would love a third for the baby! These seats are a lifesaver for those with small cars!

  84. Jessica Gray says

    i have always heard such great things about the Diono brand.

  85. Heather V says

    Would love this seat! My youngest will need a new seat before we know it.

  86. Sarah Hayes says

    I have definitely heard of diono! I love these seats. My daughter needs one.

  87. Sally Duren says

    We would LOVE a Diono. We are expecting baby #3 and I’ve always heard such great things about them.

  88. Patricia Delgado says

    I have not heard of this brand of car seats before but they look and sound awesome!

  89. Kate Acevedo says

    This would be an amazing car seat to have for my newest little one. It will last through everything. What an amazing opportunity.

  90. stephanie says

    We’ve been a graco family so far, but always interested in trying new seats:) especially ones with such great reviews and safety stats.

  91. We love Diono seats! This is an awesome giveaway!!

  92. Christy Msal says

    we LOVE this seat!! We have one for my car but need to get one for my husbands car!

  93. Emily Taylor says

    I’ve heard great things about Diono from my friends and I’d love to own one for our monster boy!

  94. Would love to win. Only have one carseat, would love another for our other car!

  95. Laura Pearson says

    I love my daughter’s Radian. She is rear facing at 3 years old and will get to stay that way until 4 easily! Her little sister needs one for when she arrives in the fall!

  96. My friend raves about these with her family of 7. When we grow from 4 to 5 we will definitely need these. Thank you.

  97. Michele Rodocker says

    Yes! We have a Diono for our 20 month old toddler and absolutely LOVE it! I’d love another one for baby #3 coming in the next few weeks.

  98. Michelle S says

    We have a Diono for my 5 yr old, but need one for the 17 month old.

  99. I have hear (and seen) the Diono seats before. They just haven’t been in our price range unfortunately.

  100. Danielle says

    I have heard of Diono before and have been obsessed with them ever since. I have been wishing on a star for this seat for my babies but my bank account doesn’t agree with me. Lol. Here is to hoping we win 🙂

  101. Andrea Landrum says

    no I have not heard of this brand of car seat before but they sound like an amazing and safe brand. 🙂

  102. Stephanie says

    I would love one. I would love to keep my 4 year old harnessed

  103. we are in the market for a new seat and I’ve been itching to try a Diono for s long time!!

  104. my new little guy needs a Diono to match his sisters car seat!

  105. Jamie Adams says

    Loving the specs, especially for extended use!!! I have only heard of this brand but never used.

  106. Kellie Riley says

    Really really want these for my off the charts big kids! My son just turned 1 and in his current seat is supposed to be turned around soon 🙁

  107. Thank you so much for such a wonderful opportunity! Car seats are so expensive I can’t always afford the type of car seat id like my son to have! This is a chance to get the safety I want in an affordable
    Way! Thank you thank you thank you! Xoxo

  108. I follow the baby guy NYC and the ladies on there always talk about Diono.I love that it fits 3 across and it’s foldable!

  109. Alisha Labello says

    I am about to have three under five and I drive a Honda Civic. Everyone tells me that Diono is my only hope to not give up my beloved tiny car and tackle some dumb car payment. I’d love to have one, but kids are expensive and after shelling out for huge car seats I’m in a pickle.

  110. Tanyia Sorenson says

    i actually have 2 from just before they were Diono. I’d love a third for our third baby!

  111. Katie Nasca says

    I have heard great things about Diono! I need to replace my current convertible seats, and this is one I want because of the extended rear facing (big babies at my house!).

  112. Rebecca Eckert says

    Thank you for this awesome drawing! We are 22 weeks with our 3rd and so we are really looking for compact seat so we can fit 3 across in our Tahoe. I also love that the sides of the Diono aren’t too high, so you don’t have to lift baby too much to get them in, not to mention all of the other features!

  113. read a lot of good things about these seats!

  114. Rachel Abram says

    I have heard of Diono before and seen them while shopping. Would love one for my lil guy!

  115. Courtney says

    I haven’t heard of this brand but we will be purchasing a new car seat for our 2nd, who is 8 months old, when he outgrows the infant seat soon. We’ll definitely keep this brand in mind! Sounds fabulous!

  116. Cory Hall says

    We desperately need a new seat for our little one. Unfortunately the one that was purchased for her has has not held up as well as it should have!!!

  117. I don’t have a diono yet but I would love one!

  118. Caroline says

    We have a Diono for our 2 1/2 yr old. I did a ton of readers before purchasing and found a Diono on sale which was awesome! We are expecting our second and would be so excited to win a Diono seat! I feel like they are the safest out there, my son is so comfortable in his seat, and he screamed non-stop in the infant seat until he was around 10 months. Then we got the Diono. I suspect his sibling-to-be may be of the same car seat persuasion! Thanks!

  119. Molly Conner says

    I have heard so many great things about Diono! I have a 6 month old who will be ready for a bigger seat before I know it and I would love it to be a Diono!

  120. Would love to win this amazing offer!

  121. Teresa B. says

    I have one for now, but definitely want another for our second bundle of joy. Before we purchased this carseat we had a popular carseat carrier that clicked into our stroller and my little one HATED the car rides. But, once we got her into this one it was like she was a different baby. I guess she liked comfort and room.

  122. would love to win this!

  123. Caroline says

    Readers was supposed to be *research. I also recommend the Diono as well as listing out it’s features excitedly to anyone looking for convertible seat recommendations!

  124. Joelle Peters says

    Just recently became aware of your amazing car seat! Love, love. Love the safety provided 🙂

  125. I’ve never heard of the Dino brand. But I’d love to learn more. They look like excellent seats. Exceptionally safe and functional too!

  126. I have heard of Diono, but don’t have one, yet 😉

  127. Yes! I love the safety of the steel frame!

  128. Yes, but I’ve never tried one for my kids. Would love the opportunity to love it!

  129. I love this car seat and have since I started researching them before our daughter was born. I wish we could afford one – every time I see a chance to win one I jump at it!

  130. we finally got one for our three year old, and husband and I fell in LOVE with it! You can actually sit a person between the seats in the back….well, better than before. Little 5 month old is still in the chunky seat. Not so sure about the older car seats we have, and will probably switch over fully in the next year. Wish we had found you BEFORE buying the other ones!

  131. Elizabeth Crocker says

    I have never heard of this brand before.

  132. Emma tucker says

    Would love another of these seats for my child arriving in October. My 2 year old loves her seat.

  133. I don’t currently have one but would love to try it!!

  134. We love our Dionos! We’ll be needing on for your youngest soon.

  135. Janelle W says

    i have heard of this brand. It was one of the most recommended brands in the Facebook car seat group I was part of while searching for a seat for my son. I would love for my mom to have the same seat in her car too.

  136. I’ve heard awesome things about these seats

  137. I’d love to have one for my first born since the new one on thruway will be taking hers.

  138. This is always the most recommended when asked on Facebook and my son is growing like a weed and will be out of his infant carrier sooner than we know!!

  139. Kimberly Desmond says

    Yes! They are highly recommended for ERF. Would love to give one a try!

  140. Marianne says

    We have an Diono R100 in my car 🙂

  141. Heather King says

    We love our old radian seat but it is about to expire. Expecting #5 so we could really use a new one!

  142. Miranda Welle says

    Yes! We have some! They are awesome! We would love another. With five young kiddos, we can always use a new seat!

  143. Elizabeth Pannell says

    As a mom with a little at the top of the charts, I love the 45 pound rear facing limit!

  144. andrea merrill says

    i have heard so many great things about it and would love to have one for my son.

  145. Brittany C says

    Yes! I’ve heard great things about Dino!! Would love to use this car seat for my son, and baby due in October!!!

  146. I’ve heard of Diono car seats and they’ve been highly recommended to me by friends!

  147. Christina says

    Love this seat! I have one for my 1yo and would LOVE one for my 3yo!

  148. I need two! I have 6 month old twins nearly grown out of their carriers!

  149. I have heard of this brand before because we have one already and I love it! With another baby comin in September, I would love another 🙂

  150. Elizabeth W. says

    I’ve heard of them before and have always been interested. Unfortunately they have just never been in the budget. Winning one would be amazing!

  151. Sarah Robinson says

    Yes we already have one rxt but number 4 is due soon and would love another.

  152. We have an rxt for our daughter and would love another one for our son! Absolutely love this car seat.

  153. Jenny Robinson says

    Love the erf capabilities!

  154. Alicia Lewison says

    i love diono!!! I have 2 seats right now for my toddler and need to get a new one for my infant

  155. Ashleigh says

    My youngest has a Diono. We love it. I would love to replace my older 3’s seats with them too!

  156. Yes! Wish one was in our budget!

  157. Jordan Mckie says

    I have heard amazing things about the Dino! I would love one for my daughter!

  158. Angelina M says

    yes. We own one already.

  159. Lindsay Watt says

    Heard of them and love them! Need one for my car!

  160. Michelle Kretlow says

    I have heard of Diono. It was recommended to me by a friend but at the time I had heard more about Britax so I went with a Marathon. I wish I had done more research.

  161. Never heard of this brand of Car seat before. I hope we win, we really do need a car seat for our little bean coming in October 😉

  162. Graciela Rosales M says

    I haven’t heard of this brand before, but would absolutely love to learn more!
    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity

  163. Bethany Youngblood Hurley says

    I have heard of this brand and would love one!

  164. Yes! Love the design.

  165. Alex Rogers says

    I heard of the brand only thru this blog and website. Would love to see one in person, but my local stores do not carry it.

  166. Heidi McDonough says

    Yes, we have 3 Diono Radians and love them!! We need 2 more so we can get our youngest out of the infant seat & fit 3 across!

  167. We need this ASAP!!

  168. Stephanie Hansen says

    we already have two and love them. We need one now for our newest LO.

  169. Our toddler loves her Radian. The infant twins would love them too.

  170. Whitney Z. says

    I recently heard about these, for our next baby we will be looking into getting one from the start!

  171. Alie Cleary says

    We have a Rainier and LOVE it! We’re trying for #2 so well need another soon 🙂

  172. Clarissa says

    i have never heard of this brand but with another on the way I think this would be a great addition!

  173. Margo davis says

    I have heard of them and I want 4 sooooo bad!

  174. No I haven’t but it looks like a great brand!

  175. I have heard of Diono before. I would love to have one for my 1.5 year old so we can keep him rear facing as long as possible.

  176. Yes, I have heard of Diono as our 2 year old is currently rear facing in his Radian! I love this seat and it is so easy for me to install since the sides of the seat are so low. We just had our second child in March and would love another Radian for when she outgrows her infant seat!

  177. I would love this seat for my son! It’s been on my wish list for months!

  178. We bought 2 so far and.need one more. So yes heard about it, and after a few years i caved and we love the one thats came in so far!!!

  179. Anne-Marie Friesen says

    I love these carseats! Have wanted one for my little girl for a while now!

  180. Jacqueline says

    I have heard of this brand and have really wanted to try it!

  181. Shavahn DeWaters says

    This would be perfect as I need something soon for my fifth

  182. Kaleena Moffitt says

    yes! All great things!

  183. Hannah Schwanekamp says

    i would love to try one of these! I’ve always heard such great things!

  184. I’d love this seat for my daughter. I didn’t know much about it when we were looking to upgrade her seat. At 2, she is still RF and will be until she reaches the max for her seat, however, it is so hard to get her over the sides. I’m looking into getting a Diono so would love to win! 😀

  185. Liberty T. says

    I have seen the Diono car seats but I did not know much about them until now. I would absolutely love to have such a safe seat for my little guy.

  186. Morgan williams says

    Hope me or someone I know wins!

  187. Tammy schoop says

    This would be awesome. Love that it lasts 10 years. Love the slim fitting design

  188. Elizabeth McAllister says

    They are frequently recommended on a moms listserve I beling to, especially for fitting multiple carseats in one row.

  189. yep, I’ve been hearing about the awesomeness of Diono ever since I’ve been looking at car seats (4+ years)!

  190. yennifer says

    Because my kiddos are BIG! I did not know much about car seat safety with my first, I just figuered you get any ol carseat and rear face till they are 1. With my second baby I have come across so many resources and I cant wait to keep her rearfacing as long as I possibly can & to think this seat will stick with here till she no longer needs it is awesome. I have been eyeing this bad boy for months on Amazon! Fingers crossed for a lucky draw. Pages like The Badass Breastfeeder & The Leaky B@@b are a freaking blessing o new mommas!! grin emoticon

  191. Tiffany DePute says

    We have a Radian RXT for my son and absolutely love it! We’ll definitely be getting one for our next baby from the beginning. 🙂

  192. Elizabeth McAllister says

    Diono is often recommended on a moms list serve I belong to, particularly for fitting multiple seats in one row!

  193. Rachel Blanke says

    What an awesome seat for my 2 year old!

  194. I have been wanting a Diono since I saw them for the first time at Mommycon. It would be AMAZING to win one for my little man who is fast outgrowing his convertible seat!

  195. We have heard of diono and love their products!

  196. This is one of the two brands we are researching!

  197. Danielle Stone says

    I have heard these seats are the best around!

  198. Courtney Lining says

    It would be a wonderful blessing to have this for our new addition!!

  199. Csperr318 says

    Thank you for sharing this company!

  200. Kimberly Bacon says

    Yay, extended rear facing and extended harness use!!

  201. Jennifer says

    heard of them before, just never able to afford one!

  202. yes I’ve heard of diono and would love to have one my fiancé recently got in an accident with my main seat so we’ve been stuck using our back up car seat so this would be a huge blessing

  203. Danielle says

    I’ve definitely heard of Diono. They have excellent safety features!

  204. Anna Reis says

    I have heard of Diono! I love that they use steel for their car seat frames instead of plastic!

  205. Stacey ruiz says

    I had not heard of this brand before reading this review, but now I have to get one.

  206. I would love this. Safety is a must and fitting three across is a major bonus!

  207. Lee Dixon says

    ive heard of them. They are extended rear facing and last 12 years.

  208. Lisa Weeks says

    Yes we have but could never afford it!!

  209. We have 1 seat so far for our youngest son. His little sister will be here soon as could so use one.

  210. Jenni Grenier says

    Yes, I’ve heard of Diono and we have 2 of these seats already! We love them!

  211. i have, and everyone I know that has one loves it!

  212. Chelsey L. says

    I’ve recently been reading up on car seats as we prepare to transition from an infant seat, and everyone raves about Diono!

  213. Lori Beth Auldridge says

    So glad to know you love these car seats as much as we do!

  214. I love the Dionos, but they’re a bit out of my immediate price range

  215. I love Diono, I have them for my own twins and as a CPST regularly recommend them to other parents.

  216. yes i have. i have heard amazing things about the diono- it is really a worthwhile carseat 😉

  217. Krystal Flowers says

    I have heard of it recently through some mommy groups on Facebook. I probably would never have looked at it before because $300 was my cut off in price range.

  218. Danielle says

    Would love to have a Diono. It’s my top car seat pick. Everyone I know who has one loves it!

  219. We have this car seat in my suv but my husband needs to have one is his car as well. We love radiant and don’t know what we’d do without it. Did I mention we practice extending rear facing?!

  220. We love Diono seats!

  221. Jeni Massa says

    Love these seats and would love another one!

  222. Deneal T says

    My sister just purchased one a few months ago and loves it. That was really the first time I had seen or heard about this brand and now I can’t wait to get one for my son!

  223. I would love to win one! My seven year old is in a SKR XTSL seat since birth but her seat is looking really worn out these days. I can’t afford another seat right now so we could definitely use it!

  224. Sasha Lynch says

    I had been researching the Diono line, it is what brought me here.

  225. I’ve never heard on this 3in1 car seat before. I’m happy to now know of this brand! it’d be great to win this we desperately need a new car seat.

  226. Jessica Clarke says

    ive only ever heard good things about the Radian! I would love to try it out! 🙂

  227. I love diono! We registered for the radian, but my mom accidentally got the rainier. We still love it!

  228. I wish I could afford one if these for my oldest!! He needs to be in a harness as long as possible. He’s 4 tomorrow but he would not stay seated without harness straps.

  229. Jackie S. says

    Yes, I’ve heard of Diono seats. I would love to own one (or three)!!

  230. I have a diono and love it. When baby 2 comes I want another!

  231. I hadn’t heard of this brand, but it sounds perfect!

  232. Linda Todd says

    I am a grandma to 6 amazing and beautiful Grandsons… I want to keep them safe when they travel in my car with me! These car seats look wonderful and versatile!!

  233. I love diono but have never had a chance to purchase one! 🙁 they’re beautifully built, but out of my price range. One day!!!

  234. jodi Armstrong says

    I have heard of them before and wish we had one to try for ourselves. I’ve heard some people love them but some don’t like them as much as some other brands. Wish we could afford it

  235. Amber Barrow says

    LOVE the radian! I want one for my vehicle so bad. I’m a cpst and it would be awesome to be able to show parents how amazing this seat is!

  236. I would LOVE one of these!

  237. Summer Gallant says

    I’ve been needing this car seat. I hear it’s one of the only ones that actually fit in my husbands car, it on my almost 5 year olds birthday list because he desperately wants to ride with daddy in his car.

  238. Kim Simpson says

    I have heard of Diono and this seat has been on my Amazon wish list since I first read about it. It seems incredible. I would be ECSTATIC to win one!

  239. I’ve not only heard of Diono seats, I’ve read a bazillion reviews and I WANT ONE!

  240. Kristina E says

    My cousin has diono car seats for her two littles. Now I’m ready to get one for mine! 😉

  241. Tannis W says

    Yes I’ve heard of this brand. When I was researching different brands of car seats, this seat stood out as a seat that is good quality and easy to use.

  242. Jenny Travis says

    I have most definitely heard of Diono. In fact when I was looking for a carseat it was recommended to me by the Baby Guy NYC. It’s on my wishlist for baby to be, due in August!

  243. Kasey Goodnough (Doula Kasey) says

    I have two SK XTsL seats that are about to expire so we would love to have a new Diono for the little one. The big one is 6 and is almost booster ready so we don’t need another rearfacing seat but our XTsL got him rearfacing until 5.

  244. My son is just starting to outgrow his infant seat and we have been looking at the Diono. If we could afford it, it would already be in our car…right now we are trying to convince Grandma and Grandpa to give our son his birthday money a little early ;).

    For our next child, forget the infant seat….we are going to get a Diono from day one!!!

  245. Kristine Barrett says

    I definitely have! Two of our three kids are in Diono RXT’s! We love them!

  246. I love these seats! We have 2 but would love one for our newborn baby as well. I love that my 4 year old can still safely RF!

  247. Lisa Fox says

    Yes! I have heard of Diono before. We own and love two of the predecessor seats SK radians. Will be getting one of the Diono seats for our newest addition when he outgrows his infant seat and would love the chance to win it for him!! 😀

  248. Raina Lincicum says

    this would solve our having to buy one issue 🙂 we have three abreast but one is a rear facing infant bucket. Once she turns, there may not be room for a standard style car seat…

  249. I love Diono! Need a second one

  250. I’ve heard of the brand on some mom groups on Facebook, but I haven’t been able to afford a new car seat for when my son (soon) grows out of his infant seat. I love that it is extended rear-facing!

  251. Stefanie Gladden says

    I have heard of Diono before!

  252. we love diono! We have two and would love a third for future baby. They fit nicely and install super easy!

  253. Mary Chenoweth says

    Yes! we have one but need a second!

  254. Andrea B says

    I would love to win this. This is the only seat that will fit three in a row in my car and I’m due within a few weeks with our fifth.

  255. Kristin Campbell says

    We have 2 radian rxts and absolutely love them! We traveled from Okinawa, Japan back to the states with them. We’d love to win one for #3 who’s due in a few months :).

  256. Ashley B says

    I’m very familiar with Diono. I am also a CPST and have recommended Diono Radians for 3 across situations many times.

  257. Nicole Hardin says

    No I have not heard of dionos before this giveaway

  258. tara Phears says

    I have a Diono radian r120 and love it!

  259. Elizabeth says

    Many of our friends use Diono Radians, so when it was time for our older two to get new seats, we had read and researched and knew it was what we wanted. Especially since we have a CR-V and need 3 across! So we currently have 2, but really want a 3rd for our growing 3 1/2 month old.

  260. Abigail Frazee says

    we have 4 Diono’s-only seat I buy now! Love them & their quality.

  261. Claire Rheinheimer says

    I have definitely heard of this brand, I’d love to have one for each of my little ones!

  262. Courtney Robbins says

    this car seat is my dream seat! I’ve heard amazing things from the car seat last and other moms about it in the past. We could really us this and I love that the company is supporting TLB!

  263. lacey main says

    Love these seats!!

  264. Heather Dalton says

    Yes we’ve heard of Diono! This is one of the car seats on our list for number 3!

  265. LeiShell says

    I need this seat. Almost have 3 kids under 5 and our seating solution means I can’t fit three seats across. It’s stressful! Would love to know my babies are safe and comfortable!

  266. i have two and LOVE them… Third baby on the way so a third would be perfect…

  267. amber kelly says

    Yes! We absolutely love our Dionos. Desperately need a 3rd for our third little miracle on the way.

  268. Botoi Tabita-Lois says

    At the top of my list… I wish I could afford this seat! Best ever!!!

  269. Yes! I’ve seen the Dionos & love them.

  270. I had not heard of this brand before, wish I had known sooner! I’d love to have one!

  271. Kimberly Brown says

    i have seen them talked about in many Facebook posts and they have had great reviews from what I have read.

  272. I am familiar with Diono car seats and have been wanting one for a long time! I love that they allow for extended rear-facing and that they don’t take up a ton of space!

  273. Jessica Armitage says

    I have a diono radian for my daughter, but need something forMr son and the high limits would be perfect with his autism!

  274. I have, we own one already and love it!

  275. Desirae Larson says

    I just recently asked my local ECFE group if they knew of any car seats that fit well 3 wide in a vehicle and the parent educator suggested the Radion car seats so I’ve been looking for a few weeks and was thrilled to see this post on The Leaky Boob because winning one is the best way for our family to afford this right now with baby #7 just 4 days old!

  276. I wish we could afford a great car seat like this. My little one hates his “bucket” seat so much. I dread trying to run errands with him.

  277. webhave a Pacifica.mwould love this seat for my husband’s car.

  278. We’ve definitely heard of Diono! My son is about to grow out of his Graco seat height wise for RF. Lots of moms suggest the Radian to keep him RF!

  279. Christine M says

    I have been a fan of Diono for years now! Would love a seat for my baby. Thanks.

  280. Jutta P. says

    Yes! We have one for my eldest and would love another for a younger sibling!

  281. Elizabeth says

    Yes! We’d love one for my two year old, who seems to be outgrowing his current convertible!

  282. I had not heard of this brand before, but it sounds great! I am about to have my second child and it would be awesome to have one of these!!

  283. I would love the comfort of knowing how much safer my boy would be in a Diono!

  284. I have a RadoanRXT and I love it!

  285. I liked, commented, tagged, shared, joined, followed, and commented again. Crossing my fingers☆☆☆☆☆

  286. I’ve heard of Diono but never had one!

  287. Love Diono! Have one, need another for our other car!

  288. Your car seats are the best!

  289. Yes they have been highly recommended but could never afford one x

  290. Could most definitely use one! Thanks!!!

  291. Nicole M. says

    Yes, when our daughter out grows her current car seat a Diono is at the top of our list when we buy her next car seat.

  292. What great info!

  293. Darcy Cook says

    This seat looks amazing!!

  294. This would be great for our newest addition.

  295. this is a must have on our list for baby #1!

  296. Yes I am familiar with the brand. It will be the next seat I purchase. I regret not buying one a year ago.

  297. Lisa Gray says

    Who hasn’t heard of diono… They are on top of all the lists i see and come recommended by all my friends and baby groups but have been out of my budget… thanks for a chance to win one! 🙂

  298. Would love a radian rxt!

  299. yes! I would love to win one for my son!!!

  300. sophia catherine milette says

    I love my radian! I now need an other one for my youngest child!

  301. Karen Jackson says

    I heard about Diono when shopping for my 1st childs carseat!

  302. Liz Ticona says

    Yes I have heard of them before, but i just did a bit more research after this review & i’m impressed with the safety scores they have!

  303. Melissa Teears says

    Yes, I have heard of Dion when I started researching carseats. I need to get one soon.

  304. I have heard of Diano , I have heard that they are great seats

  305. Courtney S says

    I have heard of Diono car seats a lot! We would love to have them, but can’t afford one for each of the kids. It is something we have discussed if/when baby 4 comes along just so we can fit all the van!

  306. Cassandra Huber says

    I have heard of Diono, but have not yet tried their products.

  307. Michelle says

    These have been on our list of new car seats for when new baby is on its way for our 2 older kids.

  308. Lori Lewis says

    Yes, I have heard of Diono.

  309. Jessica Lynn says

    Best seat ever! We always recommend it to everyone we know. Have one for the oldest, need another for the youngest. Thanks for the chance!

  310. I have heard the Dino brand and will definitely be looking into when my baby gets bigger!

  311. I love the color!! I never have seen this car seat before but I like it.

  312. valerie bailey says

    I have heard of the brand. Would love to try one in our car 🙂

  313. I’ve heard of diono, but have yet to try them. Looks like a reliable product!

  314. Kristen M. says

    I had never heard of Diono, but I do need to start researching carseats that will replace my daughter’s rear-facing infant seat within the next year. This provided a good starting point, thank you.

  315. Great seat. Would love it for my husbands car!

  316. Never heard of this brand but will be doing more research for sure!!

  317. Samantha Phillips says

    Ive never seen this brand of car seat before and I am so excited about it. I’m going to have baby four and don’t want another carry car seat, becaue I’m a baby wearer and there’s no point! I need on of these like asap!!!

  318. Meghan Jackson says

    Love the weight limits for my big kids

  319. I’ve been ogling the Radian for a few years now, since my first daughter was born! Now I have another little one and I’d love to get Radians for both girls.

  320. Live the one Radian I have and would LOVE a 2nd for out other car. It’s frustrating getting a large 2 yr old in a seat without low sides like the Radian.

  321. Katie Tamblin Anderson says

    I was looking at buying this seat for all the great safety features. I would love to win one for my 3.5 year old to use.

  322. I have heard of Diono and really need one now to keep my son rear facing. My kids are long and lean, which seems to be a great fit for their seats. I hope that we will be able to get one soon so my son can continue to ride safely for years to come!

  323. shannon obrien says

    I have heard of the diono car seat. I love that it last for 1p years! Only having to buy one car seat is worth the price of the car seat!

  324. Lisa posson says

    this car seat is fantastic!!!

  325. lyndsay deurmier says

    Yay! First of thank you TLB. I have heard about radian seats, never saw one in person but as i keep my youngest rear facing longer the more appealing they appear to be. I would love one.due to ERF, and the structure of the seat.

  326. My oldest is turning three in July at 40lbs and 38 inches! He has maxed his car seat rf weight and nearly the height! We drive in the autobhan and with him ff it scares me to death! I’d love to win a new seat to extend rf him and accommodate his height/weight bc we sadly can’t afford one.

  327. We need a new car seat. I’d love to win!

  328. we have one Diono Radian right now and love it! It’s easy for our 2 year old to get into and he never gets too hot. We have a competitor’s seat for our 10 month old daughter and have been considering buying a Diono and trashing her current seat because it’s hard to tighten, it’s hard to get her in it with the high sidewalls, and she always looks so warm in it.

  329. Josephine Heitzenrater says

    I have heard of the Diono brand of carseat before; from a couple of my friends who were wishing they were rich enough to be able to afford them, lol. 😉

  330. I have heard of Dion seats but only recently-the more I learn the more awesome they sound! cant wait to test one out in my car to see how it fits!

  331. Renee Sherfy says

    Yes! Would love to put this seat in my husband’s truck!

  332. Awesome giveaway 🙂

  333. Curtis Duvall says

    I have heard of this brand as being the best, but have not seen it. My daughter needs it.

  334. Yes and we always talking about how wonderful it is. Our 72lbs 6yr old son is in a diono. Its the only seat he fits in with a 5point harness. We love it!!

  335. Kimberly W says

    Yes! We own two and love them!

  336. Jennifer Stroble says

    I’d never heard of this company before. Thank you for sharing.

  337. Hannah O says

    No, I haven’t heard of them, I have safety 1sts for my oldest 2 and one kid in an infant car seat.

  338. I have heard of the brand before, but because of where we live, access is extremely limited. I have also heard good things about this brand regarding safety.

  339. Karmella says

    I have not heard of Diono but I’m super interested now!

  340. Genevieve O. says

    I’ve actually been researching car seats with longer warranties that do extended rear facing and booster conversion, this is my top 1 to check out! My Little Bit is approaching her infant seat max out so I’ve been looking into it. (Please, pick me! Lol!) Thanks for doing such an awesome giveaway! There’s going to be one really lucky family to get this. 🙂

  341. Jamie W. says

    What a great giveaway! I would love to win one of these car seats!

  342. Cara-J Reid says

    I’ve heard of diono before from a mommy group i belong to on facebook. A new car seat is out of our price range right now, but I don’t like the one we have now. It’s dodficlt to install, tighten, and keep at the correct level. I’d love a highly rated car seat for my youngest.

  343. Rachel Palmer says

    Yes I’ve heard of Diono, I have two and love them!

  344. Miranda Whitham says

    This would be amazing! Thank you for the information if nothing else!

  345. Nicole Taft says

    Wish we could afford to make this switch. I also wish they would make awesome car seats for families on a tighter budget, any suggestions there?

  346. Shawna Noel says

    I have a plum Diono Racism RXT for my 2 year old daughter who still rear faces, and I just had another daughter and would love to get her into a Diono! Please choose me!
    I love the fact that it can fit three across, because we need as much room as possible.

  347. Tracy Gordon says

    Yes, I have heard of them. We have one and would love another for our baby due in October!

  348. I have heard of Diono… We own an RXT and absolutely love it! Would love another!!

  349. We need a car seat for Grandma. I would love to be able to give her a Diono!

  350. Nicole Miller says

    This seat looks amazing! Thank you for the info. If I don’t win it, i’m pretty much sure i’m going to buy it.

  351. Brittani says

    Not only have I heard of them, but is own one. I just need one more for the babe on the way who is due in july

  352. Kassie N says

    Would love this carseat!! We are needing two new carseats for a second car, and I abhor the need to buy cheap ones from Walmart.

  353. I am familiar with Diono! They were one of 3 brands we considered when choosing our son’s car seat. We’re currently looking for a second seat and I’d love to have this one!

  354. Sarah Swihart says

    Diono makes such a great carseat!

  355. Would love to have a seat designed for extended rear-facing, which would also fit in our little car!

  356. Amy Hall says

    I have heard of Diono and owned a couple before. Needing to get one before the end of the year for my toddler.

  357. Amanda T says

    I’ve been wanting one of these car seats for a long time, I have never been able to afford it. My son is almost three years old and I want to do ERF with him. I’m also short on space in my car and I love that you can fit three of these across in most cars.

  358. Kimberly Vazquez says

    I’ve heard of diono and I’ve even meaning to upgrade our seat from the bucket 🙂 I’ve heard of diono and it’s definitely a trusted brand

  359. Catherine Polk Mackechney says

    Yes, I have heard of Diono. When it was time to get a new seat for my daughter, who is now 5, because her brother was about to outgrow his infant car seat, I knew that I wanted to extended RF, but she is a big healthy girl so I needed something that had a high RF weight limit. Diono’s Radian R120 turned out to be the perfect balance between extended RFing, quality, and price and we have loved it since we got it. It is now time to upgrade her little brother, and #3 is on the way and I want to have our babies in nothing but Dionos!

  360. Yes! Love them. I have 3 for my 1yo twin boys and 2yo daughter 🙂

  361. Jennifer Tripp says

    This sounds like an incredible car seat! It’s the best one I’ve ever seen!

  362. I have just recently heard of this brand on facebook because of it’s slenderness which allows multiple to fit comfortable in a row 🙂 This would be an amazing gift for my sister who is pregnant & still has one in a car seat as well as one in a booster!

  363. Brieanna Rogers says

    these are out of my family’s budget but we would LOVE the chance to own one! I think the best part about them is how “grow” with your child’s safety/seat needs!

  364. Amanda C says

    Yes, considering them for when we need three across

  365. Melissa G says

    i have 3 radians! I have two RXTs, and an R100. We love our radians! They are the best! We bought them originally because of the steel frame, then the second one for the weight limit, then the third we bought in order to fit three across! Now we have a larger vehicle and have no need for three across, but now we have a fourth car seat in our car 4 days a week! It’s not a radian, and we wish it were!

  366. Yep! I’ve wanted one for a while.

  367. amy whaley says

    I’ve heard about the brand from friends and they look like great carseats.

  368. Jessica P. says

    I had not heard of this brand before. We did however go with a similar car seat for our newborn. I don’t think ours converts to a booster though. I love the fact that this would be the only car seat that we’d have to purchase!

  369. Cari Hollis says

    I have heard of Diono. Saw them (and you!) at MommyCon, too! I love their seats and would love to get one.

  370. We have a radian RXT for our daughter!

  371. Claire Reiner says

    Everyone says the radian is the best!

  372. Alyssa Thomas says

    I have heard about Diono. My sister has one for her son and says they are amazing.

  373. I hadn’t heard about this carseat before but I love the safety features and the neutral color as well. Would love to have one for my growing family.

  374. I have never before seen a car seat with a full reinforced steel frame! I am elated to see the special care Dino takes to ensure safety. I also love the extended rear-facing weight limit. That is a huge plus! Thank you for the opportunity to take part in such a great giveaway!

  375. Aubrey Jamerson says

    Never heard of the company before but will definitely be looking into them more!

  376. Yes I have heard of this brand. It has been at the top of my list but the price point is a little out of reach.

  377. Lyndsey Lancaster says

    I would love one! We have twins and are in the process of hopefully adopting a baby. I have only heard of Diono. We have used Graco only so far.

  378. YES! I love Diono! We have three but could use another!

  379. Abi Seaman says

    Oh yes please!! I have just started researching longer use car seats as we need one, this would be amazing to win!

  380. Jessica Williams says

    Thanks for this wonderful give away. My girl friend has a few for her kids and it looks great, I just cant afford one.

  381. Veronica Carufel says

    This is awesome!! Such a great giveaway. I have been hearing a ton of great feedback about Diono and have been looking at two models for our 9month since we were expecting! Two main things we have been looking at that this car seat offers is the weight limit for extended rear facing along with it being a forward facing and booster! Good luck to everybody!

  382. Alexandra says

    I have heard about this car seat but after I had purchased mine while pregnant. I wish I could’ve saved up for this one. These are the best!

  383. Monika smith says

    I have heard of them before! I’ve heard they are wonderful car seats that can be used for extended rear facing and they are slim enough to fit 3 across!

  384. I’ve dreamed of a Diono for years after hearing about them, but used another brand seat. Only having 2 children, it worked. Now that there are 3, we need a Diono!

  385. I’ve heard so much about this brand, we’d love this seat!

  386. Tami Pezel says

    A great giveaway!

  387. Brittany m says

    Awesome! I wish I could have one of these seats for max

  388. I would love to be able to replace my son’s seat with a radian! They are seriously the best seat.

  389. Stefanie says

    Just got one for my toddler and need another one for my baby that hates her seat!

  390. Helene Mahnken says

    I’ve always been familiar with Diono, but never thought much about them because of the budget 🙂

  391. Jami Wheeler says

    I have heard of Diono from other moms!! Would love one of these car seats because I have heard how awesome they are!!

  392. yes! my sister has one for her 2 year old. i’d love one for my son!

  393. Sam McNeil says

    I have heard of Diono! I have always wanted a Radian for my kiddos! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  394. Aleisha A. says

    Researching car seats can be such a daunting task, so I’m incredibly thankful for no-fuss information presented as well as the all the comments!

  395. I first heard about Diono when I was trying to find an extended rear facing car seat that would work with a lap belt only so I could drive the 1953 Ford my dad gave me. So awesome! We love the seat. Too bad that we bought it so long ago (when they were still Sunshine Kids) that it only has an 8 year life span. My son will be 5 soon and is still rear facing. I’m worried the seat will expire before he outgrows it. It would be awesome to win him a new one!

  396. Diane Shideler says

    We have one Diono RXT for my eldest daughter and will need another one soon as my youngest is almost outgrowing her bucket seat!

  397. I recently bought my first Diono Radian. I honestly had not ever heard about their car seats before I did my research. I am glad I did! I love my Radian and will keep my boys in them until they are done with car seats! I would love to win the second one for my newborn. Thank you Diono for such safe seats for our babies!

  398. I believe that I have checked this out in my search for a new convertible car seat but it is above my price range, being a single mom to my 2 month old son who is growing taller and faster than I can keep up with! He’s almost too big for his infant seat and growing out of his 6 month clothes. I would love to be able to provide a seat like this for my son to ensure his safety every time we go out! Thank you for the opportunity Diono and theleakyboob!

  399. I haven’t heard of Diono before, but it sounds like they make an amazing product!

  400. I’ve heard nothing but wonderful things about this brand. Unfortunately it’s out of our price range so we can’t afford to buy it ourselves.

  401. I have heard of Diono before! We needed something with a small base to fit in our Car, and found the funds for one for our youngest baby. We can’t swing another one, but I’d love for my 2 year old to be just as safe.

  402. Super awesome giveaway! Having my 3rd baby on Friday and this would be awesome since we only have a bucket seat for him now!!

  403. Meghan S. says

    Yes! My sister is a CPST and we have a Radian for our son (22mos). We’d love to win another for our daughter (4mos) for when she outgrows her infant seat.

  404. I have heard of it, but only a couple months ago! I would love to have this car seat!

  405. Yes, heard nothing but great things!

  406. Rebecca Shaffer says

    I plan to buy an rxt for my toddler bc the high sides on our nextfit are starting to be a hindrance. It’d be great to win one instead!

  407. Alex Shaffer says

    I’d love to win this for my toddler!

  408. Carly Sturm says

    I have been debating Diono vs Clek for quite some time now and honestly still can’t make up my mind because they both seem like fantastic seats!

  409. We have one radian rxt and LOVE it. We are wanting to buy two more so that all three of our girls have one. It’s such a good seat.

  410. I feel like anyone reading about carseat should have come across this brand before. I’ve been looking into getting another seat for awhile.

  411. I have two friends who love their Dionos, but we can’t afford one. With our second child on the way, winning this would be a dream!

  412. Megan Bergstrom says

    I believe I learned about them from either the baby guy or mommycon. I kept my first rf until age 3 and would love do keep my newly 2 year old for just as long! I love how heigh the rf weight limit is on these seats!!

  413. Ingrid Jones (Mae Jones) says

    Yes I’ve heard of this brand before.

  414. MyChau Brikshavana says

    I definitely have heard of Diono! Our 21-month old is in the Diono XRT. I would love to win this for my newborn!

  415. M Clarkson says

    This is one of the car seat on my list to buy for my baby who will be here this winter!

  416. Sarah Martinez says

    Hi, I would love to win this seat because my son has weight issues and while we are tying to get his weight down he is rapidly outgrow ng his current seat. He’s only almost four and I would like to keep ilhim in a 5 point harness but cannot afford a seat like this. Thanks for your consideration!

  417. Thanks for sharing! We are getting ready to start shopping for a convertible seat as our infant seat is just too heavy to deal with now that baby is almost 1! We would love to win a carseat! Thanks for sharing and for this opportunity!

  418. Dominica says

    I have heard of Diono both from MommyCon and fron friends who swear by their seats. We would love to try one for ourselves!

  419. Heather D. says

    I have not heard of this brand before but it sounds absolutely amazing!

  420. Alixandra says

    I had intended to buy a clek 3 years ago, but found the diono was a better fit for my vehicle. We love it and are getting a new one for baby #2. Also grabbing a Monterey for other car/5 year old.

  421. Yes I have heard great things about Diono. I love that they have a small footprint so you can fit multiples in a sedan.

  422. Yes, this seat is supposed to be fantastic!

  423. Tiffany Holtzinger says

    Yes! We already own one Diono Radian RXT. We LOVE it! We’d like another for transitioning from infant to convertible carseat!

  424. Tiffany Holtzinger says

    We actually own a Diono Radian RXT. We’d love to have another for transitioning from infant seat to convertible carseat, with our youngest. We love ours 🙂

  425. I’ve heard of Diono before and I’ve seen some great reviews for their seats! This one is definitely on my list of potential next seats for my munchkin!

  426. Anna Mar says

    My 2.5 year old is safely rear facing in his radian rxt car seat at 39″ and 31 pounds. Need to get another one for our little man, who’s about to outgrow his infant seat.

  427. We have a diono rxt for our 2 year old and love this seat!!! We have another baby on the way and need another one! This is great for our tall boy to stay RF!

  428. I have one for my son and need two for my twin daughters! I love the Diono Radian!

  429. Catherine Melgar says

    I love Diono car seats! They are the best! I recommend them to everyone! We have two of the radians but another one on the way so I would love this seat!

  430. Sarah O. says

    we own one and need another!!! Love the Radian RXT!

  431. Thank you for the great review! Our little guy is still in his infant seat, but growing quickly!!! We are definitely getting to the point where he will need to graduate to a convertible seat soon!!!

  432. Sheena Mac Isaac says

    We have a Diono in purple I love it. Just finished flying with plane transfers with it and it installed beautifully with seatbelt extender even on the tiny plane.

  433. Melissa C. says

    Yes, that would be great for fitting 3 in the back of our car!

  434. My best friend raves about her steel frames Dionos!

  435. I think this is our next car seat choice!

  436. Rachele W. says

    Yes. We have a Rainier in my car! I absolutely love it…our little one is still rear facing. It would be so terrific to have another seat for daddy’s car with the same awesome ERF capabilities!!! Their amazing steel frames, make them a bit difficult to transfer often.

  437. Love Diono Carseats!

  438. I would love to have on for my three-month-old!

  439. Maureen O says

    Yes! I’ve lusted after these beauties for my little one! Such a wonderful seat! I’d love to have one in my car!

  440. Samantha says

    I have heard of these great car seats. They are what we are looking at for our eight month old once she outgrows her infant seat.

  441. I would love to have a Radian to keep my 3 year old rear-facing as long as possible!

  442. Leanne Dolin says

    Several folks on various facebook pages (for parents) have mentioned this brand. A good friend just bought one too.

  443. Danielle says

    I have never even heard of the Diono brand, but after reading this blog post they sound like a wonderful company and the Radian RXT car seat sounds unparalleled in it’s safety features. I would absolutely love one of these car seats!

  444. I haven’t heard of this brand before but love the values and quality they talked about.

  445. I have actually never heard of this brand but have now looked into them and I hope I win! Thank you for the opportunity!

  446. yep! I have 3 for my 3 daughters and I need one for my baby boy who is almost 8 months!!!!

  447. I have heard so many wonderful things about Dino seats unfortunately they are not in my budget. I’m expecting baby #3 and this would be an answer to our prayers I drive a small crossover suv and know I will not be able to fit 3 across and I can not afford a new vehicle. Really not sure what we will do come September:.(

  448. I would love to keep my little one facing backwards longer with this car seat!

  449. Elizabeth says

    I had never heard of Diono before I read about it on Leaky Boob, but wow! The price certainly matches the quality, and I love that it’s a nice neutral color to boot.

  450. Melissa Lomeli says

    I had never heard of this brand before, but this car seat looks amazing. My 8 month old currently still has an infant car seat and I’m looking to upgrade to a convertible one soon.

  451. Tatiana clemens says

    Baby #2 arrived and a radian would be perfect for when we move on from the infant seat.

  452. Yes! I’ve heard of Diono and always wanted one, but we have a foonf. We need a second car seat (and a third, now that my grandmother lives with us–she has a car as well), but we can’t afford any other car seats right now that will rear face past 40lb so I’ve been lugging the foonf back and forth a lot. Winning this would be a HUGE help! 🙂

    (My almost-3-year-old, extended rear facer is 41lb).

  453. Katie Maroney says

    Yes! I saw them at BabyFest NW

  454. Heard great things from friends about diono!

  455. I have not heard of Diono before this email. My first born uses a Britax Advocate and I am currently searching for a new car seat for baby #2 (14 months old).

  456. Yes. I looked into this brand a day recaro.

  457. Of course I’ve heard of this car seat! It’s the gold standard of car seats. If love to win one for my baby girl.

  458. Sure have. Out of my price range, but I’ve always wanted one…

  459. Nicole s says

    I have yes. Very recently in another giveaway … awesome ty

  460. Ashley Deniz says

    I’ve been looking at getting one of these for my little one. Currently we have a different brand but it’s only good until she’s 20lbs or so. We were just looking at these at babies r us and my husband and I are starting to save up for it 🙂

  461. Amanda Lea says

    Yes, I have heard of Diono before and I would love to have one!

  462. Dorian Taylor says

    I learned about the Diono brand earlier this year.

  463. Jeanie Payne says

    Yes, we have a Sunshine Kids Radian XT, a SK Monterey, and a Diono Radian XTSL for our younger kids. I’d love to win a Diono for my grandbaby.

  464. Lindsay Oster says

    I’ve heard that I should have gotten this car seat instead of the I’ve I got. 🙁

  465. We own a Diono Radian for our daughter and love it! Thanks so much for doing this interview, Allana!

  466. Marina Loredo says

    I have heard of this brand! The car seats are very stylish, and it’s great that they are working to keep kids safe.

  467. I already have 2 Diono Radians for my older kids 8 and 4 and would love to replace a lower end seat for my 3 month old baby.

  468. New mom still learning what is available. This looks like a great brand to check out.

  469. Rachelle T says

    yes! I love the fact that it’s narrow but still super comfy.

  470. Mari lopez says

    Its just recently, I heard about Diono brand. My daughter is getting close to out growing her infant car seat. I was looking into getting a Diono.

  471. Veronica says

    Yes I have!!! Would go crazy if I won!!!

  472. Michelle Sluman says

    I’ve heard great things about the Diono and would love to replace our convertible carseat with one!

  473. Kristin S says

    I have heard of Diono before, and I would love to win such a wonderful product!

  474. Fits 3 across!? How great is that?

  475. Heather H says

    I have always wanted one and it would be perfect for my new son.

  476. I currently own 2 Dionos for my 3 year old, one in Mommys car and one in Daddys car. We had a new little one in March and will need to buy her two seats very soon. We love our seats and feeling comforted that our girls are car safe!

  477. Never heard of this brand before but it sounds amazing!

  478. I’ve never heard about Diono. I wish I knew about this product before I bought my current car seat. I love the fact that it folds!!

  479. I had heard of thanks to the ability to put three seats across

  480. Michelle Minisci says

    I have heard of these seats before and heard great things. I am in the market for this kind of carseat and would love to win this!

  481. I love this carseat. I’ve owned one before and my child was so happy in it.

  482. Veronica Bohan says

    Yes! I love them! My 16 month old son has one but my 2 month old daughter needs one! She rides in a three times used junky graco infant seat!

  483. Kara Gibbs says

    I would love to own a Diono! Would keep the little one so safe!

  484. Meghan Brown says

    Expecting our first in November. Would love to have a Diono seat for him or her!

  485. Molly Bergman says

    I have a Diono Radian RXT and we love it. I really want one for the other car!

  486. Alison S says

    Yes I’ve heard very good things about Diono

  487. laura revilla says

    love diono carseat

  488. Catherine Psaromatis says

    I haven’t heard of this brand before, but it looks great!

  489. Jen st Pierre says

    I’ve heard of Diono I would love to own one!

  490. yes! We own an RXT in Daytona and love it. When we transition our oldest to a booster we are looking into the Monterey!

  491. Trena Ennis says

    Have heard of them before and am looking at getting one since #3 will be here soon. Hoping we can go 3 across so the back seat can stay down for carting things around.

  492. Sarah stroh thornton says

    love Diono. Own two. Entering to help win one for my brothers kid.

  493. Leonor Ruiz says

    We have one Diono RXT and planning on a second for our baby due in October.

  494. Crystal W says

    we love our Diono R120!

  495. Courtney says

    We currently own 3 radians for my vehicle. I would love to win one for my husbands truck!

  496. We have two Dionos for our oldest son, would love to win one for the baby too!

  497. We actually have two Sunshine Kids Radians in different shades of gray. I LOVE the heather – really classes it up! But we have 3 kids. I’d love to get my oldest back into a comfy Radian as he’s close to booster mode in his current seat and I’d love him in a 5 pt as long as possible. 🙂

  498. Elissa Johnson says

    We love the 2 Diono Radian RXTs that we have, and are in need of another.

  499. I have always used Britax until I discovered Diono my daughter has this seat in plumwe love love love it but need a new one for baby brother!

  500. Kendra Kimber-Dietrick says

    I love our Diono! After a lot of research it seemed
    like the clear winner and my poor traveller baby sleeps
    better too.

  501. I love my radians!!!

  502. Renee Smith says

    Yes! I have heard of them before. I’ve heard only wonderful things about them! How narrow they are so fit three across and what great safety features they have. I’d love to have one!

  503. Noelle McKaig says

    We have the Rainier and LOVE it! I was looking at this for our second car seat!

  504. Stephanie Hoffman says

    Recently purchased our first diono– so far we love it!

  505. Heard of the brand but never tried one. It will be wonderful if I win one to try

  506. Esther Chun says

    I can’t believe I found the car seat I’ve been looking for!
    Seriously! It sounds like it’s the safest and most convenient (grows with baby) car seat I’ve seen!
    I really want it but I can’t afford it right now. My little boy has 5 lbs left to get a new one. He’s 20 lbs now but he’s got such long legs! Lol! Thank you so much, Allana & Diono, for your support for keeping our children safe and for this opportunity to enter the giveaway.

  507. Alyssa Damon says

    Absolutely LOVE Diono seats!!

  508. I would love a new car seat! Looks like a great seat 🙂

  509. Lisa Reis says

    The only car seats we’ll ever buy for our kids. We have one but need two more! This would be so helpful!

  510. Kristin Burkholder says

    We have a Diono Radian for our 13 month old and LOVE it! This would be perfect to win for our 2nd child since we plan on keeping our son in his to the max weight 😉

  511. Bea daniels says

    Yes I have seen a few friends with Dionos and they praise them! Would love to win one 🙂

  512. victoria W says

    Heard of Diono and quite like the look of their products.

  513. Christina says

    We first heard about Diono thru a friend when we were expecting our first, I LOVE our radian rxt and have nothing but great things to say about our dealings with Diono as a company, their staff and customer service is amazing. We are just saving up to get a second one for baby #2 🙂

  514. I have two of these for my older 2, and want a third for baby 3! They are amazing carseats.

  515. Jennifer M says

    Just bought a Diono for my four-year-old and will definitely buy one for my two-year-old soon.

  516. After all the research I’ve done, I can’t wait to get a Diono for my little girl! Winning one would be even more amazing!

  517. Alayne Langford says

    We have researched the Diono carseats and love all of the features! It would be perfect for my daughter’s new little baby girl! Thank you for the chance 🙂

  518. Cherie R B says

    Yes I have heard of Diono but just recently. I have never used the brand but would love to replace our car seat out with this Diono.

  519. we have a small car, one Diono for the toddler, and we have a newborn. Would love another Diono!

  520. theresa m. says

    I have heard of Diono before. But, there’s always something more to learn – It’s a great seat, and it’s good to know it can fit 3 across (we have a big family). Thanks for the review and the chance! And thanks even more for your blog name – it’s great!

  521. I have heard of them, and have always wanted one!

  522. Angela Bruhn LaRue says

    I have, and I love diono! Our rxt is amazing. A super easy install, and our almost three year old will be able to rear face until she’s ready to drive! (Just kidding!)

  523. Melissa Ghobrial says

    This car seat looks and sounds great! I am due in 5 weeks with baby boy #4 and #3 is still in a car seat so we need a new one for the new little guy! I would love to be able to try this out. It looks very comfortable for baby, and I love the versatility it provides as the baby grows As well as the ability for it to fold up for traveling!

  524. Elizabeth Hill says

    I have two Radian RXTs for my almost three year old twins. Our third child is in a Chicco NextFit, but baby #4 is due in December so this would be the PERFECT WAY to finish our car seat buying!

  525. Lindsay T says

    Yes we have 2 radians!

  526. Meg Brock says

    Yes I have! Would love to win!

  527. Love Diono’s. Really hoping we could win an RXT.

  528. I’ve owned radians since they came out with sunshine kids. They’ve been my favorite car seat by far, and when our orginials expired, we replaced them with Diono radians. Nothing else like them!

  529. I have heard these are great car seats!

  530. Ashley R says

    Yes! We gave an r100 and love it!

  531. I have owned 3 Sunshine Kids Radians, and I would love to own a Diono! I know a few people who I could give it to if I won.

  532. Taradawn stiles says

    I love my Diono for #1 but our baby with be ready for an upgrade pretty quick and would love a Diono for her as well!

  533. Lisa Stencil says

    We currently have four dionos, two for each vehicle, but, as a daycare mom too, anytime we go on field trips, we have to move them so they are all in my van, and I love that I can fit three across in the way back. I also love that I was able to rear face my GIANT oldest child until she turned three and didn’t have to get a new sit when I turned her around. It’s also a more shHallow seat so my kids can easily climb into them and then easily see out the window once they are secure. As far as I’m concerned, these are the best seats on the market, and I wish we could afford for all the children that ride with us to be in one, rather than the bargain brands we use for the daycare kids for our daily school drop offs

  534. I have a Diono Rainier in Houndstooth and I absolutely love it! It’s so well made, I can’t afford two (and I have two young kids) so winning would be a dream!

  535. jessica bruce says

    We love our diono car seat and are in desperate need of another one for our 2nd vehicle! Such an amazingly made car seat, I feel so comfortable with my LO in this.

  536. Jessica P says

    We have a Radian for our 2 1/2 year old and love it!! It’s definitely our top choice for our new baby coming this fall.

  537. natasha shaw says

    I have only recently heard of this brand but with 7 kids it’s out of our price range. Would be awesome to be able to have this quality seat for one of my littles still in car seats 🙂

  538. Dena Mathison says

    I have heard great things! We are looking to move out of the infant seat in the next few months…

  539. Liz Covington says

    I love the Diono rainier I have for my two year old. My four year old fits in it excellently as well so I’m hoping to win for our 3rd baby we are expecting.

  540. I live the one I have, but we need 1 more seat by October!

  541. Dani Osenbaugh says

    Hours of neurotic research equaled only one conclusion…Diono is the only seat my children will ever ride in! It is the only one I recommend to all friends & family too. We will be in need of a new one soon so this would be great to win!

  542. I have heard so many good things about these car seats, would love to try one!

  543. I would love a second radian as we have a 9 month old whol will need a convertible soon!

  544. We love our Diono and would be thrilled to win another for our son!

  545. Rosemarie Klein says

    We have a new addition on the way that would love to sport a diono radian…did i mention that big brother to be already sports a radian? 🙂 love this company!

  546. Melanie P. says

    We love this car seat! Need another for baby #4 on the way!

  547. Sarah Pralet says

    An amazing & trustworthy product, thanks for the chance of winning one.

  548. Sarah Parker says

    Yes, I’ve heard of them. But never been able to afford one, so I’d love to win this!

  549. lorraine says

    We have two and need another – my favorite seat ever!!!

  550. Wow I’ve never heard of Diono but I love the extended rear facing! Our current seat only rear faces up to 35 pounds and I’m hoping my son just stops gaining weight 😉

  551. I just heard of these, and am very interested!

  552. I love my Radian RXT! WOuld love another one for my new one on the way 🙂

  553. Rachel H. says

    Yes!! But, I don’t have any! Having three boys in car seats at once, I can’t afford the best!

  554. Jessica Johnson says

    My mom and MIL just bought me two, but they have either disappeared in the mail or were stolen from my door step. I’m devastated! I’d love to win one so I only have to buy a second!

  555. We have the Radian RXT for each of our kids and they love it. Am hoping for another one to go in a second car.

  556. Kristin B says

    Yes!! We have one, but with 4 kids still in carseats, I definitely would LOVE another one!!

  557. Irene N. says

    Yes, I have heard of Diono. I would love to win a new one as my daughter’s car seat is almost expiring.

  558. These are great car seats. We have one of these seats in our car now, but plan on getting another car and need to buy a second car seat.

  559. We just had baby #2 and are struggling to fit them both into vehicles while keeping our 2 year old rear facing. A diono radian would allow us to keep her rear facing and be able to fit both kiddos into the grandparents vehicles!

  560. Annika Paterson says

    Yes two of three of our car seats are Diono! We would love to switch out the third one for Diono as well! Thank you for the chance to win this!!!

  561. chelsea b says

    We’d love to have a Diono seat for our little one that’s due to arrive anytime!

  562. Have a Diono in each of our two vehicles for my oldest son (at 2.5 he still sits rear facing), and need 2 to go into our vehicles for our newest little arrival! 🙂

  563. I’ve only heard great things about Diono, but I don’t own one (yet).

  564. Kelly Mazurak says

    We don’t have a Diono yet but would LOVE one!!

  565. Kasie tillman says

    I’ve heard of Diono before. I’m very much into car seat safety. I love the new heather fabric choice!!

  566. YES I have heard of Diono! I am in desperate need (my daughter has reached the top of her britax) and the Dion Radian is the one that I SHOULD have bought her instead of Britax… and will be hopefully be getting her soon. (Finances are tight with a second on the way – otherwise I would have purchased one already.) Live and learn I guess – my 3 year old is 42″ tall and I imagine the next one will be a quick grower as well. I plan on getting one of these for my second one as well when the time comes so I don’t have to transition through 3 car seats in 3 years ever again. Arrgh. Plus the Diono Radian sits two and three seats across comfortably in the middle row – and have one of the highest safety ratings. AND did I mention they fold in half and you can wear them on your back – so you can carry them easier when you have to travel a distance with them. *sigh*

  567. Bonnie Cantrell says

    Actually just bought Dionos back in Feb and would LOVE to have another one for the baby who’s getting bigger and will need a change from the infant carrier!

  568. I have 3 Dionos! They are seriously the best car seat!

  569. Alison B says

    My friend has a diono rxt for her son it’s such an awesome seat! I would love to win one for my 15 month old son!

  570. I have this car seat for one of my girls but would love to have another for our new baby!

  571. Holly Doble says

    I have been following diono car seats for a while and I think I might need one in the near future

  572. dannielle S says

    love that your promoting safety with an extended rear facing seat!

  573. Kathryn Ward says

    Yes, I have heard of Diono car seats. Several of my mom friends rave on about how they love them!! I would love to have one for myself.

  574. Audrey M says

    We have two Radians and a Monterey! One Radian is Ready to be out to pasture after using it with 4 kids already. A new one for our little guy would be awesome!

  575. Monique M says

    I am a CPST and love this seat. Would love to own one!

  576. yes i had heard diono car seat and reallly wanted to get one for my huge kid

  577. yes i have heard would love to own

  578. Andrea m says

    Yes I have heard of Diono and would love to get one for my lil one!

  579. Chrissy Scheer says

    I would LOVE to have a Radian Car Seat! 🙂

  580. Ada Miller says

    Yes I’ve heard of this brand of car seat before and would love to win one for my niece.

  581. I would love to own a Diono , I have heard great things about them !

  582. Adrienne says

    this would be great for our new little one on the way or for his big brother!!

  583. Yes, I have a Diono. I heard about it when looking for a car seat for my tall child. Love the seat!

  584. No, this is the first time I’ve heard of this brand. It sounds great! I love learning about new brands out there for my little guy

  585. Tabitha Roderick says

    I have heard of them, but haven’t tried one. I’m hoping to win one for my niece or nephew.

  586. I have 3 of them! I love the diono car seats!

  587. I’ve never heard of Diono before reading this article, but I’m a first time expecting mum, so there’s a lot I don’t know! I love Diono’s family values, & would feel at ease putting my child’s safety in their hands.

  588. Christina F. says

    i’ve heard of diono before–and have been eyeballing this heather car seat! 😉 i love their narrower profile. helpful for grandparent visits when we’re trying to squeeze two adults and a car seat in the back of a vw.

  589. meghan bruce says

    Yes I have. I would love to win a new car seat for our second vehicle.

  590. Cassandra Eastman says

    I’ve heard of Diono carseats before but have never used or seen one! It looks like a great carseat!!

  591. Yes! Love everything about these carseats!

  592. Best car seats I’ve ever had. After 5 kids and several seats, Diono is what we have chosen to keep our precious “cargo” safe in our vehicle.

  593. meg rosengarten says

    we had a radian for my now 8 year old when he was a little guy. it allowed us to rear face him until he was 4. he still asks for that car seat from time to time as it was much comfier than his booster is now he says. I’m expecting a baby this fall and would love to have another radian.

  594. We have this one for our daughter and love it! Just need one for our son when he grows out of his infant seat.

  595. I’ve got two Radians so far and need a third soon as my 15 month old triplets will out grow their bucket seats soon!

  596. Jodi Mitrovic says

    I have heard of Diono before and absolutely love their products! I admire their commitment to safety. They’re one smart choice and I find comfort in knowing my son is protected! This would be an amazing win! Thank-you for the opportunity!

  597. Love our Diono and would love another!

  598. Would love to win a new Diono! Have converted 2 new Diono fans! Thank you for protecting our little people!

  599. We have a diono for our oldest and would love one for his little sister. They are awesome seats!

  600. kristen visser says

    I don’t own a Diono but have heard a lot of great things about them

  601. Kristina says

    We own 2 RXTS and love them! They came highly recommended on CSFTL. Wish we had 2 more for our second vehicle!

  602. Marisa Laney says

    Would love to win one. Need a new carseat.

  603. Jessica Baucom says

    Yes! I hear nothing but good things! I want to buy one but winning one will be easier on the budget!

  604. Marya Mann says

    Yes, and I’d absolutely love to try them out!!

  605. yes! they’re way out of my price point but ive read awesome reviews and i really like that theyre narrow!

  606. Nicole G. says

    Yes, I have heard of Diono, and I would love to own one.

  607. We’ve been looking at Diono

  608. Carla Morgan says

    Yes I have heard of Diono before, but I don’t own their products yet.

  609. I have a 40 lb 4 year old that I would love to be able to further extend his time in a 5 point harness! :)!!

  610. Sarah salts says

    We love diono car seats. I have 3 pacificas and we will be needing to add a new one the beginning of next year, so I would definitely love a free one!

  611. Adeline Mei Ling Tufts says

    My 2nd daughter uses the Radian that we got back when it was made by Sunshine Kids, I’d love to get my youngest the updated one!

  612. Yes I’ve be wanting in for my son for a while now.

  613. I have been wanting a Diono badly!

  614. Already have one Diono and I love it more than any other carseat I’ve used. Expecting our third baby and planning the RXT again. So amazing to see they’ve joined TLB community!

  615. Yes I have heard great things about this seat. My little boy is ready to transition out of his infant seat and this would be amazing!!

  616. Nadine Drake says

    Yes, I have only heard wonderful things about Diono carseats, and what sticks with me is that you can fit three across in a car, which is perfect for expanding families

  617. Yes, I’ve heard of them! I’ve been considering one for years but haven’t been able to purchase one yet.

  618. Terry Maigi says

    Yes! And I have heard nothing but amazing things about their car seats! I would love to win one for my daughter!

  619. Yes! We actually have four Diono Rainier carseats already: one for each of our daughters in both our car and my parents’ car. They are wonderful! But now we’re working on baby #3, so we need more! 🙂

  620. Jason Bohan says

    Yes. We have one for our son but not our daughter yet!

  621. Candace Schwindt says

    My son was in a radian from day 1! I researched and decided it would be the best fit for our family! Our second baby will be in one too!

  622. Yes! We plan to get one for #2!

  623. Yes! I know moms who swear by Diono but I haven’t had a chance to try one just yet!

  624. Amber Ludwig says

    Yes I have! They sound fabulous!!! Out of or price range so hoping we can win one 😉

  625. Janice K says

    Yes! I’m a car seat tech and have shown many parents how to use their Diono’s correctly. I also have used them for my own children (among other seats!)

  626. Sharron Johnston says

    I have heard of Diono before and would be thrilled to win this for my new Grandson! Many thanks 🙂

  627. Heather Dawn says

    Yes, I have heard of Diono before!

  628. I have, and am in the slow process of switching over the 5/8 of my kiddos who are still in carseats.

  629. Patricia B says

    Yes! I want one for my autistic, 47lb almost 4 year old. I just don’t think the 65lb limit on the seat we have is gonna cut it Lol!

  630. Sarah P. says

    I have and would love for my son and soon to be able to sit safely in one!

  631. Elizabeth says

    I have heard of Diono and have always wanted one of their car seats but they’ve always been out of my budget.

  632. I have heard of people buying them before. A friend of mine had them for her triplets. They seem like amazing car seats. I would love one for my 6 month old.

  633. Julie Marino says

    Have the Pacifica and love it. Wouldn’t buy any other brand!

  634. Nicole H says

    I’ve heard of Diono and have been wanting to get one for our other car. My daughter is going to outgrow her current seat and I’d like her to still have a five point harness, so this would be awesome.

  635. I have heard of Diono before!

  636. Marnie Bergstrom says

    I got the limited edition white hounds tooth and love it. I love the heather as well! I need another car seat since I have 2 grandbabies!

  637. Ashley N says

    I have heard of Diono before; I’ve always been very impressed with all the safety features of this company’s seats and would love to have one for my daughter.

  638. Christina Strapp says

    I have heard of this brand in my car seat groups. I like that they have a high back for extended rear facing.

  639. I have heard of this brand 🙂 Ive been wanting one of these car seats so bad!

  640. Michael Lambert says

    I have heard of this brand from my wife. My wife has talked about purchasing one of these seats but we didn’t think it would fit in our vehicle. We now have a bigger vehicle.

  641. We love our Diono Radians! Got our first for the 4th baby after dealing with awful convertible seats and now have 2 to fit three across our Caravan.

  642. Sophia J says

    I just heard of Diono and have since been looking into buying a Rainier or Radian when my 3 month old grows out of his infant seat!

  643. Caroline says

    I’m not sure if I was supposed to post this when I entered….

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