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This post features questions from readers for a CPST (Child Passenger Safety Technician) focusing on car seats and is made possible by the generous sponsorship of clek who have made their staff CPSTs available to The Leaky Boob community in order to answer your questions and help you keep your children safe. For more questions related to infants in car seats, see questions 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 from our live chat on TLB Facebook wall. 

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Dear Trudy,

I think we have everything just about in place for our new babe due in about 6 weeks but I’m completely overwhelmed and have anxiety about that drive home from the hospital with our new baby. Is there anything special we need to keep in mind with a newborn in a seat? Older babies seem less concerning as they can support their own heads better and have more muscle tone. I know we’ll have to get comfortable driving with our baby but those first few trips are particularly stressing me. I asked about car seat checks at our hospital tour and they said they’ll send a nurse out with us to be sure we have a proper seat but they aren’t responsible for ensuring we are using it properly. What can we do? What do we need to keep in mind with buckling a newborn? 

Thank you for your help!

Worried in Wisconsin.


Dear Worried in Wisconsin,

Having a baby is such an exciting time in life! Having new concerns and worries pop up as you near the big day is perfectly understandable.

You’re right that a newborn baby has a weaker neck and needs help in supporting its head. Installing your car seat so that it’s reclined properly will make sure that your new babe’s head is supported and doesn’t tip forward. Your rear-facing car seat will come with instructions for adjusting the recline and installing it in the vehicle.

Before baby arrives I’d recommend reviewing the information in your car seat manual about securing babe in their car seat. Using a teddy bear or other stuffed animal can help give you some familiarity about how to use and tighten the harness.

When you put baby in the first time, you’ll want to check how they fit in the seat. Depending on the seat you choose, you may need to make some minor adjustments to either the harness height and/or the crotch buckle before leaving the hospital. Your car seat manual will have those instructions in it. Most manufacturers recommend that the harness be positioned so that the straps are at the closest height either even or below the baby’s shoulders.

Once you’ve checked that your seat is adjusted properly for your new babe, make sure that their bum is snug to the back of the seat so that they’re not slouching, and then adjust the harness so that it’s snug over their body. A snug harness has no visible slack, but doesn’t push their body out of position.

I’d also recommend getting in touch with a Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST). A CPST has training in helping families install and use their seats properly, and might give you that last bit of peace of mind. You can check for a tech near you by visiting the Safe Kids website and searching by your city and state.

Best wishes as you finish the final preparations for your new baby.



Dear Trudy

It has been 9 years since I had my last child and now I’m expecting again. The world of car seats seems to have changed a lot and I’ve learned I made a lot of mistakes with my 9 year old, which has caused me to question what I thought I knew. With my son, I used one of those newborn head support inserts that didn’t come with his seat. I have been given a cute little newborn head support insert for this baby but I’ve heard that these aren’t safe yet I noticed many of the seats we have considered for this new baby come with them. Can I not switch out the one in the seat for the cute one we were given? 


Confused and Concerned


Dear Confused and Concerned,

Congratulations on your upcoming new arrival! You’re right – car seats certainly have changed a lot in the last 9 years!

Car seat manufacturers test their seats using the specific covers and accessories that come with the car seat, and carefully select each piece to make sure that the car seat will keep your baby as safe as possible. You’re right that the extra head support inserts that are available in stores shouldn’t be added to your car seat. Most car seat manuals include instructions to only use products provided and approved by the car seat manufacturer for use with the seat, so in most cases you wouldn’t be able to switch out the one that came in the car seat.

The extra head supports available in stores definitely are cute. It’s possible you may be able to use it in your stroller instead and then you can still enjoy the cute factor.

Safe Travels,



Dear Trudy,

Some of the materials I’ve read say that a baby isn’t safe to be left in a car seat due to possible breathing concerns and now I’m worried about my baby’s breathing even when we’re in the car. If it isn’t safe for a baby to be left in a bucket seat while they nap in the house, how can it be safe in the car? Are there some seats that are less of a risk than others for breathing issues?  


Ready to breathe easy.


Dear Ready to breathe easy,

There are a few reasons that experts recommend limiting the amount of continuous time an infant spends in a car seat, but the most substantial one is related to possible breathing concerns as you’ve discovered.

Using a car seat in the car is different than using it in the house for a few reasons. Car seats generally sit at a different angle when they’re properly installed in the car vs. when they’re sitting on a surface outside of the car. This increased recline in the car ensures that their head stays in position and doesn’t tip forward. If a car seat sits more upright in the stroller or on the floor, it may lead to positional breathing problems. Infants also typically spend less time in their car seat on an average car ride, than they would if they were napping or sleeping or playing in their car seat outside the car.

In most cases, positional breathing problems happen after a baby has been buckled in to a car seat for an extended period of time. If you have any long car trips coming up while your baby is less than 6 weeks old, I would recommend talking to your baby’s doctor to see if they have any recommendations on how often you should stop for a short break to remove baby from the car seat. In the absence of special medical needs, I generally recommend planned stops at least every 1.5 hours.

Rear-facing only seats are designed to provide protection to your precious cargo at their smallest size, and all rear-facing only seats have a recommended recline angle for when the seat is installed in the car. There can be some variation in the manufacturer’s preferred recline between different models, but provided the seat is installed according to directions, your baby fits the seat properly, and baby’s head doesn’t tip forward chin-to-chest during trips, then you can breathe easy knowing that your baby will breathe fine during car trips.

Safe travels,



Dear Trudy,

Our infant car seat from my two older children has expired and we need to get a new one for the baby on the way. I’m trying to figure out if there is any reason to get two different seats or if it is more practical to get a convertible that will go down to newborn weight ranges. Is there anything we need to consider when looking at convertible car seats with the intention of using it from the beginning? Are these truly safe options? How does it work to cover such a wide range of sizes? Would it actually be better to just get two different seats?

Thanks for helping us keep our babies safe!

With gratitude,

Two and One on the Way


Dear Two and One on the Way,

The decision about whether to start with a convertible car seat or a rear-facing only car seat is one that a lot of families debate. The answer about which style of seat is better is going to be different for each family, but there are some factors you can consider that should help make the decision easier for you.

Convertible seats come in a wide range of sizes and designs. Most of them start at 5lbs, but some of them do a better job of fitting a newborn than others. Depending on how big your baby is at birth, and the model of convertible seat selected, sometimes a newborn doesn’t fit properly in to a convertible seat. Some convertibles, such as Clek’s Foonf and Fllo when used with the infant-thingy, have inserts available that allow newborns to be properly positioned and fit the seat well.

Rear-facing only seats are designed to fit newborns, so if you’re expecting a smaller baby, then they are generally the preferred choice. A rear-facing only seat also has the benefit of being easily portable. This can be helpful if you live in either a very hot climate or a very cold climate since it lets you buckle baby in in the comfort of your house and then carry him or her to your car. It also gives a lot of convenience if you frequently have short trips with a lot of stops along the way.

Provided you’re fairly certain baby will be full-term and of average size, the convenience factor is often the easiest way to decide which option will work best for you. If you plan to babywear, or not use the car seat outside of the car, then choosing a convertible seat may be a practical plan for you. If you think you will appreciate having the carrier option, then that may mean that purchasing two seats is the best choice for your family.

If you decide to go with a convertible seat, I’d recommend researching different models to find a model that fits in your vehicle at a newborn recline, and is also known for fitting small babies well. Google images or visiting a company’s facebook page where customers often share their pictures can be very helpful in giving you a feeling for how a newborn looks in the bigger seat.

Congratulations on the upcoming addition to your family!

Safe travels,



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Trudy SlaghtTrudy Slaght, Clek CPST, CRST-IT As Clek’s Child Passenger Safety Advocate, a previous board member of the Child Passenger Safety Association of Canada, and a CRST Instructor from Edmonton, Alberta, Trudy Slaght pretty much breathes, eats, and lives child passenger safety. With her brain crammed full of valuable tips and advice, Trudy attends and speaks at various industry conferences across North America and provides everything from simple helpful guidance to advanced technical support for parents, caregivers, and even fellow technicians.
A mom of three, Trudy has been involved in the field for over 7 years, spending lots of time thinking about, practicing, and preaching the best methods to keep our little ones safe for the ride. And, even with all this on her plate, Trudy still somehow has the passion and energy to be a contributing author to Canada’s National Child Passenger Technician Training curriculum.


  1. I love this video from The Car Seat Lady about putting a newborn in their car seat.

    • Samantha nichole says

      I still get anxious when the kids are in the car with me!

      • I do too. The fact that they’re in properly installed and used car seats is my main comfort. I know that the odds are in their favour should the worst happen. I’m a decent driver but there are some seriously reckless people out there and that’s what’s scary!

      • Stephanie Wolfe says

        I still get nervous leaving my 2 yr old in the back rear facing because I hate not being able to see him

    • Philip Tipton says

      I am nervous that I don’t have the chest buckle at the proper height.

    • Carrie Powell says

      I was and still am nervous with my girl in the car! I rode in the back with her for the first month. She was just so tiny and precious cargo.

    • Joei Zunti-Davidson says

      I pretty much sat in the back with my newborn until he was about 4 months old – we mainly walked everywhere, and I baby wore, so the few trips in the car I just found easier to sit with him. In the very early stages I would hold his head up for him if he fell asleep, the sore arm was worth it to me!

    • I remember feeling so nervous on that first drive home from the hospital! If I knew then what I know now, I probably would have been even more nervous! I appreciate sites like this that help to educate parents and support child safety. Thanks!

    • I am only nervous when they are screaming in the back and I can’t do anything about it!

    • Kimberly Privett says

      The first time I put my son in a car seat and my husband drove home from the hospital I was nervous and extremely protective. I rode in the back seat and stared at him the entire ride home.

    • Samantha Harrington says

      I felt very nervous driving with my daughter when she was newborn, a lot because I wasn’t close to her while I thought she was probably nervous too. I was a lot less nervous when my husband was driving and I could be beside her and touch her.

  2. Carla Morgan says

    I felt (and still feel) incredibly anxious in the car with my son who is now 7 months old. I am always worried that something is going to happen to us, but have recently started seeing someone to try to help calm my anxiety a little.

  3. OKAY I have been in love with this car seat since my first baby was born! It was out of our budget then but if I won it I would be over the moon! So modern and stylish looking! Ugh I just love it!

  4. The first times we drove with the newborn I sat in the back holding her head up b/c I was so anxious that she wouldn’t be able to breathe. I didn’t get over that until she…. well she’s three and it still bothers me the way she cranes her neck when she sleeps in her car seat 😛

  5. I felt pretty cautious and drove much more carefully than normal.

  6. ready to be home, holding the baby instead of her being in her seat

  7. Maggie M. says

    The first few times we drove with baby I was nervous. It just seems so little to be going anywhere with them! It was better with my second but I was still anxious about it. I’m sure I’ll be fine with this baby when born but it will probably still make me a tad nervous.

    • We’re happy to hear that! Please feel free to give us a call anytime if you need assistance in selecting your next seat. We have technicians standing by that you can speak with. 1-866-656-2462.

  8. Love love Clek! I have a Clek booster for my 8 year old and recommend it to everyone 🙂 Getting ready to transition my 1 year old to a convertible seat and Clek is the only brand I’m considering! All I need to do is decide what will work best for us …

    • We’re happy to hear that! Please feel free to give us a call anytime if you need assistance in selecting your next seat. We have technicians standing by that you can speak with. 1-866-656-2462.

  9. Julia Hoffman says

    Have the third on the way and this compact seat would be a blessing. Always nervous when bringing home a new born.

  10. Michelle says

    I was a nervous wreck driving with my son. The first time we drove I was bringing him home almost 4 weeks after his birth from a hospital 1.5 hrs from home in the pouring rain. I think I stopped 3 times just to make sure he was still breathing,

  11. There is nothing more anxiety producing than that first drive home! Knowing you have them in a safe seat at least helps a little bit!

  12. To be honest, driving home the first time with our first, I was mostly worried about my significant other not hitting bumps because it was so so painful! I knew LO was buckled in securely!!

  13. I was so terrified when I first drove my baby home!

  14. Wow. This is the car seat on my registry. It would be incredible to welcome our much anticipated newborn with the best in safety, and incredible design. Fingers crossed!

  15. Sarah L. says

    The first few times I drove with my newborn were nerve wracking! I remember being extra careful and cautious – I felt like my senses were heightened! Precious cargo!

  16. Anne Stewart says

    I felt so nervous! I wanted to make sure I had done everything just right!

  17. Angela W says

    Sheer Terror! Even after some time, I am worried about other cars, but I’m comforted that we have them in the safest seats and positions possible! (FOONF! and then middle seat)

  18. I felt nervous with all 3!

  19. The first time we drove with a newborn, I was in so much post-c-section pain, I wasn’t worried at all. The first time I drove on a long trip by myself with a screaming 5 month old, I was a nervous wreck! After 6 hours of screaming that only stopped when I got him out of his seat, I called my parents and told them to either come get us, or I was getting a hotel room 30 minutes from their house. They came; mom drove my car with the baby, and dad drove me in blessed silence.

  20. Confession: I haven’t actually driven with my 4-week-old son in the car yet – my husband has been driving so I can be in the backseat next to kiddo to make sure he’s okay. Obviously, this can only work for so long since we’re both scheduled to go back to work in a couple weeks.

  21. Holly Doble says

    The first time I had a newborn in my car I was unsure of myself and unsure if I installed the car seat correctly

  22. The first few times I had my baby in the car, I rode in back with her so I could constantly monitor her breathing and safety. It is literally one of the most terrifying things.

  23. Emily Johnson says

    I had a c-section so for 6 weeks I got to ride around in the backseat staring at my bundle of joy while other people drove us around. When it came time for me to get back behind the wheel I was more than anxious… It made me crazy not being able to check on him and see him constantly. Obviously I adjusted and we soon were cruising around like pros! When it came time to move to a convertible carseat, my husband and I were dead set on getting a FOONF. Having him in that seat has made all of us feel safe and secure. Now that I’m expecting #2 in a few months, we wouldn’t dream of putting our pink babe in anything but a FOONF. We are totally a FOONF family!

  24. I felt completely terrified the firet time we had them in the car. I checked and rechecked the seat. I yelled at my husband the whole way home – don’t drive so fast, watch out for potholes. I was a complete lunatic.

  25. Kellie G says

    I felt super cautious and still am when I have my young one in the car. I think the first time we drove home from the hospital I sat in the back holding her hand the whole ride home.

  26. Genni C. says

    The first few times I had her in the car, I was SO PARANOID. I would be over-cautious and got really mad at other drivers for being too reckless. I’ve gotten a littl better, but still don’t trust other people on the road.

  27. Grace Kinney says

    The first time I rode with my newborn, I felt very watchful, especially because I was worried about chin-to-chest position and her airway.

  28. Angela Reinders says

    I was nervous about my baby being uncomfortable or cold while we drove. I sat in back with a pacifier at the ready!

  29. We were terrified when we first drove our baby home!

  30. Kristine says

    I appreciate the comments about proper recline and after market products in a seat. Those are two mistakes that I see a lot, and even made myself when we had our first over 10years ago!

  31. Michele I says

    I definitely felt a little more anxious in the car when my daughter was new and tiny. I’m just glad my husband was able to do all of the driving attend that time so I could sit in the back with her.

  32. Star Nicole Cannan says

    The 2nd time I drive with my first daughter I ran a red light (barely turned red) instead of slamming on the brake to stop. I was afraid of what braking so quickly would do to her neck. I was pulled over and given a warning and a congratulations from the officer.

  33. I was terrified first driving baby because I didn’t know how to calm him while driving.

  34. I don’t recall feeling too anxious with our first baby in the car. She was a screamer, but it never bothered me much.

  35. Love the column and what a great promo from Clek! Yay LeakyBoob! 🙂

  36. Genevieve foresteire says

    I remember the first drive home with my oldest was the scariest and longest drive ever. It took a long time to get used to driving with a tiny person I loved more than myself!

  37. I was more nervous about being home with the baby that I didn’t really pay attention to the drive home. As a new mom I had so many nerves and worries about leaving the hospital that the drive didn’t phase me.

  38. Alisha Labello says

    The first few times I drove with my eldest I felt as though I were transporting a wedding cake. I was afraid things would collapse, that the temperature wouldn’t be right and that the road might jostle her too much. A few kids later and most of those fears are gone – now I just stare angrily at the ridiculously speeding drivers around us.

  39. Kayley M says

    I was so nervous driving with my newborn! She fussed most of the way home, which didn’t help much, and she ended up hating the car in general. It was stressful!

  40. i was so nervous the first time we drove our daughter around! And we totally did stuff wrong… Thank goodness for the Internet- we learned how to keep our kids safe.

  41. I have a small Toyota Yaris, where is the best place to position the car seat, behind me or the passenger? Also I fear the front seats hitting the car seat, any recommendations on adjusting or car seat choice?

  42. Tara Kosing says

    My oldest is 13 and my youngest is 15 months and I’m still just as paranoid driving them around now as I was that first trip home from the hospital.

  43. I felt good taking my oldest home, but looking back made a lot of car seat mistakes

  44. The first few times driving with a newborn were pretty nerve-wracking. You just keep looking in the back to see if they’re okay, but you can’t see them because they are rear facing! You get over it though 🙂

  45. Jessica Fletcher says

    I was so nervous driving with my baby the first time!! Still do!!

  46. Alison Maffett says

    First time driving with a newborn I was more cautious and worried, much more comfortable now that I know how to ensure she’s in her seat properly.

  47. I remember being extremely paranoid when I brought my first born home. The car ride was only 15 minutes and I was on edge the entire time. Now with two kids in tow, both still in car seats, I’ve relaxed a bit..but I’m still uncomfortable with anyone else driving my babies around. I see too many crazy drivers on the road these days 🙁

  48. Kids spit up all over the straps, but I know washing them can void their warranty and compromise their safety. What do you do when kids barf/pee/poop on the seat to get it clean without screwing it up?

  49. The first ride home was super stressful after having my baby in the nicu for almost 2 months. Thankfully we made it home just in time to miss torrential downpours!

  50. I still get nervous with my 2.5yo in the car, my second is due in November and I’m sure the nerves will only get worse.

  51. I feel more nervous now with her being able to talk and squirm then I ever did with a newborn!

  52. Karen Bertucci says

    Very nervous and anxious on our first ride. Best memory was of her little cheeks jiggling with the bumps.

  53. I love the advice for limiting time in the car seat outside of the vehicle. I try to share that with each new parent that comes to our car seat clinics.

  54. I am anal about making sure the car seat is installed properly and my son is placed in the car seat correctly. Safety first!

  55. Kristine Barrett says

    I’m a nervous wreck driving with my kids. I just don’t trust other drivers.

  56. Julie Garner says

    Due in Nov. with my first baby and this is exactly what I’ve been thinking about this week, carseats, convertibles etc….great info! Thanks!

  57. Lynn Heinisch says

    We were in a horrible accident and rear facing saved my children’s lives. Love the foonf.

  58. Stacey Blain-ruiz says

    I get overly protective when driving with new baby

  59. Valerie Doyle says

    I was super nervous with BOTH babies as newborns in the car!

  60. Veronica says

    I was always so nervous driving with our daughter (now 7) and with our new baby, nothing has changed. I think I checked the carseat 5 times before we pulled away from the hospital

  61. the first few times driving with my first baby, I couldn’t believe we actually had a baby at all let alone were trusted to keep her safe in a moving vehicle 🙂

  62. The first drive with my little was so anxiety provoking! I always worry about other drivers.

  63. Sara Shadle says

    I am entering for my daughter who cares for foster children. Thank you for the good information.

  64. I was super nervous driving with my new baby in the car. I’d much rather be in the back seat with her

  65. I don’t drive alone the first few rides so I can sit in back and comfort the baby.

  66. So nervous to drive home from hospital that first time, with each of our babies!!

  67. My husband drive comically under the speed limit with our newborn in our first trip away from home.

  68. Laura Grace Andry says

    The first few times I drove with my newborn in the car I was anxious. I was nervous about installing correctly and I drove like an old lady. I still get nervous sometimes.

  69. Maggie k. says

    I would like to see car seat manufacturers sponsor educational programs that would help every parent learn the latest recommendations for CAR seat usage and installation. I would like to see every child born come home from the hospital in a car seat that is safe and installed correctly. There is not enough education. . the safety people at the hospital thought I was crazy when in a safety class I said my 4 year old rear faced. Its not just parents but police ,medical personal that need to be educated so the message can get passed down.

  70. The positional breathing information is very helpful, thank you!

  71. Lynisha Weeda says

    I have had my share of nerves while driving with my infant/children! It really does help knowing they are as safe as they can be!
    Now if only I knew the magic words to keep my babies from hating the car/carseats! 4 kids and 3 have screamed everywhere we went! 🙁

  72. Veronica Bohan says

    I was so very afraid the first many times I drove with my perfect little son.

  73. Erin McKenna says

    I felt terrified! My husband hadn’t installed our car seat we had gentle used from a friend. When he did it wouldn’t fit into our tiny VW bug! I literally was searching online while nursing my LO in the hospital bed so I could send DH out for a eat that would hopefully fit in our tiny car! We ended up with a Britax marathon for their small front to back footprint and still love it 2 years in but now that we have a more reasonable car, I’d love a seat that’s more ERF friendly and adorable to boot!

  74. Jen stearns says

    I was SO nervous driving home from the hospital with our newborn. It’s actually only gotten worse as he gets older. It makes me feel better knowing he’s in a great car seat (Clek).

  75. Jenn Lott says

    as long as my babies aren’t crying on the way home from the hospital I’m happy! a crying baby in a car seat is so sad because not much you can do besides stop the car and get them out!

  76. I was so scared to drive with my baby in the car I felt like I had to stop pull over and make sure she was ok every second .

  77. Jessica Kruger says

    The first time with my daughter I remember my husband driving so slow. We were so nervous. With my son almost 8 years later, we weren’t nearly as bad but still a bit nervous.

  78. Christina says

    When my son was born, we were living in Japan. As if it’s not terrifying enough driving around with a tiny baby, imagine driving in a foreign country!

  79. Jennifer Fournier says

    I’m so much more conscious of everything when I’ve got my baby in the car. The drive home from the hospital I don’t think my husband made it over 40KM!

  80. Aleshia Ludwig says

    I feel like a new driver again. Very cautious and observing my surroundings much more when I have precious cargo on board!

  81. Adrienne says

    I was nervous the first few times driving with an infant but I did find that a mirror was a great help.

  82. I was so nervous and am sure I will be again when I drive my next little one arriving in October 🙂

  83. Jessica n says

    I’m still nervous driving with my daughter. When she was new, I was always so afraid she’d fall asleep in a weird position while driving and stop breathing. Now I just worry about car accidents.

  84. Amy Plass says

    I was super nervous about our install when we drove my oldest home from the hospital. Now, with the help of a CPST, I’m starting to feel more confident and knowledgeable.

  85. I’m always nervous about our car seat safety. I wish it were easier to get an inspection done.

  86. I was so nervous I sat in back with her!

  87. Megan P. says

    The first time I drove with baby I was terrified. Pretty sure I drove like 5 mph the whole way to my mom’s house.

  88. Abby Mussard says

    I’m still nervous driving with my son, but I remember our trip home from the hospital felt terrifying! I knew he was safe because I had our seat verified by a CSPT but it was still so nerve wracking!

  89. I was super anxious for the ride home both times. The second time I at least knew that her seat was installed properly and that she was buckled correctly.

  90. Alyssa Miles says

    I honestly didn’t know I was misusing my car seat the first time we used it with our son. So looking back on the first time. I cringe a bit knowing I endangered him. I now know better so I do better!

  91. I was nervous using a car seat with my son at first, but I was nervous with everything I did with him. Now I feel secure knowing we have him in the right seat installed correctly

  92. Rebecca Grace says

    I wish my husband was as concerned with car seat and car seat safety as I am! I always win but I wish he had more concern for it.

  93. Noelle Lamb says

    I’m still so nervous driving with my LO! I’m really concerned all the time that my car seat are not installed correctly

  94. Andrea Merrill says

    The chat was very helpful and informative. Especially about CPST and where to have car seats checked

  95. The ride home from the hospital was blessedly short but I sat next to him and watched him the entire time.

  96. Ashley kemp says

    I felt nervous at first, but knowing my baby was safe because I was educated made me feel a bit better

  97. I was so nervous driving around with my daughter when she was a newborn!

  98. Ann-Marie says

    The first time we drove home with our son, I was nervous, I rode next to him the whole way home thinking, I can’t believe they let us just leave with him!

  99. Michelle Marquis says

    There was a huge snowstorm the night before we left the hospital so the drive home was so stressful!

  100. I’m So thankful to clek for making a seat with an easy install and high rear facing limits so I know my giant toddler is safe.

  101. Love the Clecks! They are so modern looking. Wish we had them when my kids were babies coming home from the hospital! I think I would have been a little more calm for the fisrt drive knowing they were safe!

  102. Heather Klintworth says

    I felt really nervous the first time I drove with my baby. I stilltriple check car seats every time we get in the car.

  103. Jessica d says

    I’m so nervous about being rear ended or side swiped

  104. Julie Williams says

    i love this! Thank you for educating mommas and mommas to be!

  105. I was very nervous driving around with my daughter when she was a newborn – I knew the seat was safe and installed properly by a CPST, but I definitely drove much more carefully. At 8 months, I still drive more cautiously with her in the car and find myself reminding my husband that we have “precious cargo” whenever he drives a bit more aggressively than I would. More comfortable now than when she was a newborn, but the road is a scary place with so many variables!

  106. I still get very nervous and double-check the restraints and straps. It took me a long time to trust others driving with my kids.

  107. I sat in back with my new born for the first few rides. I don’t know why but I guess I could make sure he was ok

  108. Amber Epps says

    I feel nervous driving with my new babies at first. And ever since my first baby was born I try to drive as safely as possible. I have precious cargo after all!

  109. Beth Boswell says

    I don’t trust anyone but at least I don’t have room for any other kids in my car besides mine.

  110. Tia Collisson says

    I don’t think I have ever been so nervous as that first trip home in the car. My husband drove and I sat in the back with our daughter. It’s was January here in Indiana and we had just had a big snow storm so the roads were rough. We of slowly made it home though and now feel much more comfortable knowing our daughter cruises around in a clek.

  111. the first time i drove my daughters i was so anxious. it is better now but i am always wondering if they are okay back there

  112. amy whaley says

    The first few times driving with baby were hard. I have to drive or I get carsick so not being able to see baby or sit next to them is so hard. Even if you were a very safe driver you turn into ultra safe and find most everyone else’s driving to be crazy.

  113. I sat in the back constantly checking on his neck and worrying about breathing.

  114. I was scared silly when I got in the car with my first born

  115. I was concerned the first few times I drove with my second baby. The head pillow had gone missing and while everything said it was fine, I still didn’t like the way her head tilted to the side when she fell asleep.

  116. The first few months that I drove with my newborn I was always so nervous! I constantly checked the mirror to make sure he was okay and still breathing!

  117. Kathryn A. says

    I felt uncomfortable with my newborn in her car seat! Completely!

  118. I felt nervous and wondered if she was okay.

  119. I was TERRIFIED the first time I drove with my little one. I felt like everyone around me was driving too fast. It was the same when my husband drove as well. I sat in the backseat with her for the first few trips out of the house.

  120. I have felt pretty comfortable driving around my my babies from the start. I’ve always felt they were strapped in properly. However, I do get more nervous when my husband drives!!

  121. I am still a nervous nelly when I drive with my littles. It helps knowing I am doing everything in my power to keep them safe (RF at 9mo and 3.5y in foonfs, installed properly and always fitted in harness properly), but accidents happen every day!

  122. Rebekah Hughes says

    Two of my favorite resources together to talk about one of my favorite things! I have a 2 yr old son in a foonf rf currently and plan to put my new baby (due in Oct) in a foonf – with the infant thingy – as well! I hope to RF both of them until at least 3 yrs old!

  123. Although I don’t drive I felt extremely nervous when my boyfriend was driving us all home. I guess motherly instincts kick in right away!!

  124. I felt terrified the first few times…we’ve been in the car about 10 times now and I feel a little less scared now. I’m definitely more cautious now than I was before I had him!!

  125. I was terrified driving with the new baby both times – especially the second who was just under 5 lbs when she came home.

  126. Melissa Wennergren says

    Pregnant with number 3. I think I’m getting increasingly paranoid about driving a newborn around with each babe.

  127. Jackie F. says

    Thank you for all the great information you have!

  128. I was terrified to drive my babies home!

  129. Megan Lane says

    my 1stt was a preemie who came home on oxygen and monitors so car rides were scary for months! Thank god for those little mirrors that allow you to see baby from the front! 2nd was full term, so not as bad, but I still love the mirror so I can see him!
    Thanks for a great chat!

  130. The information I found the most useful was a website where I could look up CPSTs in my area!
    When I first started driving my 1st baby around I was so nervous, I get really bad anxiety when I’m pregnant and avoid driving as much as possible, and my anxiety hadn’t completely gone away. I imagined ever possible scenario and avoided going places for awhile until I felt better. With my second I knew what to expect so I was able to drive her around without feeling nervous or anxious almost right away.

  131. Jutta P. says

    Driving with my kids as newborns never really made me nervous because they just fell asleep. Now as distractible toddlers, well, that’s a different story.

  132. Mary Chenoweth says

    I almost threw up I was so nervous!!

  133. When we left the hospital with my oldest I sat in the back with her. After that I honestly wasn’t too nervous. She was easy and didn’t cry in the car. My 2nd was pure hell the first 3 months or so though

  134. Jennifer Odom says

    I was nervous!!!

  135. Angel Nelson says

    I was, and still get, super nervous driving with my lo. I can only imagine doing it with 2 next year!

  136. Love the seat as a good addition to defensive driving with a baby.

  137. terrified!!! My daughter was 2 months premature and so tiny!!! I was so frightened every time I put her in the seat!

  138. Bridget Holt says

    The first time we left the hospital with our first baby we drove soooo slow. We were so nervous the first go around.

  139. Misty Carter Parks says

    Always on alert anytime I’m driving my babies. As a aspiring CPST I would LOVE to try this seat so I can recommend it to future clients 🙂

  140. I was a nervous wreck when I drove with my little one still am and he’s 3 to many crazy drivers on the road

  141. Jenn Faszholz says

    I’m nervous anytime a little one is in the car with me!

  142. I am less nervous doing day to day driving with my one year old…but still a nervous wreck when anyone else is driving!

  143. Bianca Norman says

    I honestly have to say, with my first born.looking back. We installed the seat incorrectly. But nOw i know better. Thank you for the opportunity!

  144. I was pretty nervous driving with the new baby in the car, especially when there was no one in the car to sit beside her.

  145. Tasheena stuart says

    The first few times I drove with my first I was so nervous because I couldn’t see her. 4.5 years later I still feel the same way about my rearfacing kids.

  146. Thanks for all the great information!

  147. I was so nervous the first time I drove with my daughter too! It’s gotten better now.

  148. I was a nervous wreck and sat in the back seat with for the firsg couple of weeks!

  149. I felt like we were in a mad max!! Everyone else was a crazy driver ou to run us off the road. Lol

  150. Valerie Froom says

    First few times I drove with my baby I was mostly concerned with keeping weight off my crotch. Ouch!

  151. Julie Loya says

    I was nervous about the first few trips even as the passenger. I definitely drove more cautiously.

  152. Brittney Held says

    The first time I drove both my little ones I felt extremely anxious and nervous but actually looking back I find myself more anxious the older they get. When they cry or want our it makes me feel so helpless and I just want to comfort them. I know they are safe and I do my best to focus for myself, them, and others so that everyone arrives home safe!

  153. Shawna Ater says

    I felt really cautious when the twins were born driving them home because they were so small so I drove slow and was more careful.

  154. I worry about safety but mostly about the other drivers, not me. We were already in one accident and luckily the baby was totally fine.

  155. jwilliams says

    One of my favorite things about the Clek seats is that it is SO easy to tighten/loosen the harness!

  156. destinee Plagerman says

    I was terrified with my second and third. My first was a csection and I spent the ride home higher than a kite. I am still paranoid with my third at 9 weeks checking to make sure there’s no chin to chest issues.

  157. I am always super nervous the first few weeks driving my babies. After 4 kids it hasn’t changed. I get nervous with them out of my sight at all at first.

  158. jwilliams says

    I was so nervous when we drove home with our first! And now I know she definitely was not in her seat correctly 🙁

  159. Love the Foonf!

  160. Mari-Kristin Gilbert says

    I was terrified when we left the hospital, we wouldn’t even take the freeway so it took us an extra 30 minutes to get home!

  161. I find the information about how to keep your child cool while rear facing particularly interesting. All 3 of mine are hot boxes and are constantly sweating in the car seat.

  162. I’m doing rear facing for as long as possible this time around!

  163. Rachele W. says

    Crazyness. But, I had a baby before I had my license. So having very little on the road experience, I was a nervous, super cautious, moving at snail speed, probably becoming more of a hazard…but, we got through it and now she’s about to get her license!!! Eek.

  164. I learned so many tips for keeping baby cool from other moms!

  165. I didn’t drive for a while but when i did, I was a bit nervous. I just wanted to be able to see her at all times. I got a mirror and now it’s better. She passes out as soon the car moves so there isn’t much to see.

  166. Amanda cain says

    The first time i drove witg my baby i was so worried about her head turning sideways in the seat!

  167. My daughter is 21 months and I still maticuliusly check her straps and chest clip!

  168. melissa Maldonado says

    I loved the tip on where to find help installing a car seat! I’ll be visiting one of those techs asap! Thank you!

  169. Jamie Hammel says

    I was very nervous, if my husband was driving I was in the back seat with my LO.

  170. Brittany P says

    I was so paranoid, and worried about him!

  171. Elizabeth says

    I was paranoid, a little beyond that though! Really defensive, my girls were preemies and came home at just 4 lbs ea, so it was a little terrifying at first!

  172. I was definitely scared someone was going to hit my car with my baby in there at first and I was very cautious.

  173. I was a nervous wreck!! And I learned that sadly, there are still to many misinformed mamas out there.

  174. It’s always nerve wrecking driving a little baby around. I feel like turning corners will make their little head flop around!

  175. I have a hard time getting my extended family members to fly understand carseat safety! They were shocked when I bought my 4ever.

  176. the first few times I drove with my babies in the car were a little scary–I wasn’t able to sit with them in the back; and I was scared of other drivers on the road.

  177. rachelle says

    I was scared with my first.

  178. I felt fine as long as they weren’t dying, but I rode in the backseat with my first if my husband could drive lol

  179. The first time I drove alone with my son, I was scared he would stop breathing or something so I actually reached back and poked him at a few stoplights!

  180. Katie Nasca says

    I was terrified! While I’m no longer terrified to drive with them, I do worry about their safety because so much is out of my hands.

  181. Our first was a premie and came home early. But he had to ride in a car bed for a few weeks before graduating to a car seat. Needless to say, it was surreal and nerve racking!

  182. Sourisack Luangrath says

    I was very nervous driving for the first time with each of my children in the car.

  183. Katherine says

    I was completely terrified to drive my oldest son for the first few weeks! I was quite nervous with my second because he had spent several weeks in the NICU and was on an apnea monitor and dealing with lingering issues. I was fairly relaxed about driving my third baby. Now I’m expecting my fourth and we will need a new seat for this baby, so I would be thrilled to win this giveaway!

  184. Kelly Reimold says

    We were a mess, it was a snow storm and we drove so slow. Precious cargo!

  185. Kalen Nevarez says

    I was nervous everything they were quiet and would keep checking to make sure they were there!

  186. The first few times driving I was pretty nervous about doing something wrong, but we’d had the seat checked so I was confident it was installed properly at least!

  187. Renee Sherfy says

    i didn’t have a mirror. i thought they sounded excessive. dear god, I was WRONG. I was a nervous wreck not being able to see his face!

  188. The first few times driving with a new baby in the car were nerve wracking. I’m actually glad I didn’t have a mirror, otherwise I wouldn’t have had my eyes on the road at all. Just wanted to watch that little squish non stop!

  189. I sat in the back by her because it seemed wrong to leave her side!

  190. Jacquelyn says

    First off I would like to thank Trudy for taking the time to answer our questions not only here but on the live chat as well. My problem is though I accidentally put in the live chat code in the newsletter code box and I don’t know how to fix it. I just don’t want anyone to think I was cheating.

  191. Jessica Dapson says

    I made sure we transported baby home in our truck rather than my Subaru sedan. I was nervous…now, I want to get the infant thingy for next baby (mine are 14
    Mos apart and I’m due 6 Aug) so I can ale baby home in Clek. We have to get a second Clek, obviously.

  192. Meagan R says

    I was VERY overly aware of EVERYONE on the road!!!

  193. I felt very anxious the first few times with each baby in the car. I’m a car seat safety but, so I’m constantly checking to make sure everything is where it’s supposed to be. I’m so thankful I know what I know do I can do my best, but it’s still scary sometimes!

  194. Crystalyn G says

    The first time I drove with my baby in the car made me so nervous! Who knows what could happen and he was my little baby!! The older he got the better I felt about it though. Each time I had a baby I went through the same nervousness! And still get it on longer trips but it’s much better and the more I understand car seat safety the better I feel because I know they are as safe as they can be!

  195. Asha Evins says

    Bringing my baby home in her car seat for the first time I realized I was really disappointed in my choice of car seat.

  196. Hilda Robles says

    First time I drove with my daughter, I was really scared and paronaind. She would cry a lot, and I didn’t know what to do. She finally stopped but I hated to drive in the beginning.

  197. I was anxious because he would scream the while time whenever I drive alone and it was super stressful to hear him crying like that.

  198. Caroline says

    I was so paranoid with my son when he was a newborn in the car. I would keep stopping (safely) to check if he was breathing if he was sleeping. Heck, on rare occasion I still do it, and he is 2 1-2!!!

  199. Driving w babies terrified me at first. It’s nice now. I actually appreciate the quiet.

  200. Steffany hosmer says

    I was very nervous I felt like her little neck would be sore 🙁

  201. I became a bit of a “car seat geek” after having my LO. So much that I am actually a Certified Tech myself. I love these chats, reading comments and watching mama’s learn what’s safest for their littles (daddies, too!) So much misuse of car seats comes from not knowing.

  202. PJ Smith says

    The first few months driving my son around was the scariest thing!

  203. I was so nervous when I first drive with my daughter! Having a child has definitely made me a more cautious driver.

  204. Hilda Robles says

    First time I drove with my daughter, I was scared and paranoid. Wasn’t sure if my daughter was really safe in her car seat. She would cry and make me nervous. I learned the proper way to harness her, and she eventually stopped crying.

  205. Jessica Pulliam says

    I was very nervous the first time I drove with my daighter alone. First time I went anywhere alone with her was down the interstate to take her to the doctor. Very nerve racking!

  206. Our drive home from the hospital was terrifying. We encountered an impaired driver and ended up stopping to ditch the driver.

  207. Christine M says

    I had to sit in the back with my baby the first few months. I wanted to make sure he knew I was still near him.

  208. Definitely nervous, but less with the second as we weren’t driving home in a snow storm!

  209. Melissa c. says

    it was nerve wracking since he cried in the car for the first month!

  210. Lori Olson says

    I worry about getting the chest strap/fitting high enough to prevent the baby from flying out if in a collision.

  211. Kalah Cronan says

    I was happy to learn during the Facebook chat that there is an invention called the noggle! I don’t have ac vents in the back of my car so this will be great to have!

  212. I kept worrying that my baby wasn’t breathing because she sleeps so soundly and in the car is the only time that I can’t see her or properly check on her

  213. Sydney Williamson says

    I sat in the backseat with baby on the ride home! Id read the manual & spoken with the manuf. & felt great about our ️Install, but she was just so small!

  214. I am surprised that I wasn’t as nervous as I thought I’d be. Maybe just so tored and happy, and knew we’d done a good job of the base install.

  215. I was a NERVOUS WRECK the first time I drove with my son in the car. He just turned one and I still ride in the back with him every chance I get. I hate driving in general, but especially when I have the most precious cargo on board.

  216. I still sit next to my LO in the car (unless I’m driving)/

  217. Tiffany Ellis says

    I’ve gotten a lot better now that I’m on my 4th baby, but I’m definitely more of a cautious driver with a lil one in the car…their bodies are so fragile so I’m afraid of sudden movements even though I know she is secured properly in her seat

  218. Andrea S says

    Thank you for helping us keep our babies safe!

  219. I’m a worrier, so I appreciate all the advice I can get about keeping my littles as safe as possible.

  220. I think my biggest worry the first time I ever drove with any of my new babies was ifthey were comfortable. I always checked and double checked their seats.

  221. The first few times I wS nervous, but a mirror really helped so I knew what was going on in the back seat.

  222. Tiffany K says

    The first few times I drove my baby I was definitely white-knuckled and nervous. Even worse is winter weather.

  223. The first few times I rode in the back with my first baby but I didn’t have any concerns after that. This is a great giveaway!

  224. Sarah Parker says

    I was so nervous! I didn’t want to leave the baby in the back all by herself!

  225. April McMurphy says

    The first time we drove with Zoë was when we brought her home, my husband was terrified but I was surprisingly relaxed. I was so excited to bring her home to our nest! Fast forward a couple of weeks and every time we drove her she would cry so hard until she would gag or throw up! It was so emotionally tough for me that I just decided to quit driving for a couple of months and only went out when we had to. Everyone would tell me “oh all babies fall asleep in the car seat!” And Id get even more discouraged…now at a year later we’ve found out Zoë has sensory issues and that she was extremely overwhelmed. There were always other signs but I thought for sure the car seat would relax our little firecracker but no way! We’ve since graduated to her big girl seat which is way more comfortable but the foonf looks like the way to go for comfortability and SAFETY!

  226. Melissa harris says

    I learned about the noggle. I’m going to have a look into that! My guy is always running hot! Thanks for the great chat!

  227. chana lightstone says

    First few times I drove, I was nervous… was especially nervous putting my oldest son in the car seat after his bris… so after my second and third sons’ brissin, I made a point of not driving! They got to ride home in bassinet carriages.

  228. Bridget O'Connell says

    I felt anxious the forest time I drove with my LO in the car!

  229. Melissa H. says

    I was very nervous the first few times we drove around! Mostly it was my husband driving, though, with me next to the baby.

  230. Ashlie fuller says

    I have never heard of the noggle before. Great idea

  231. I hated driving with all 3 of my newborns. They all hated their car seat and would scream as soon as they woke up and realized they were in it! Not fun at all.

  232. infelt very stressed because she HATED the car as a newborn 🙁

  233. One of us sat in the backseat for a long time when my daughter was little. She was a screamer in her infant seat, once we switched to the convertible things were much easier.

  234. Melanie Jordan says

    My favorite chats were about extended rear facing, I’m looking to extended rearface as long as possible and seeing others successfully do so , has helped me a lot

  235. First time with my first baby I sat beside her and watched for head slump the whole time, she was only hours old after a wonderful home birth but with a wonky collar bone we had to go to get her x-rays. I was so grateful that my seat was installed by a CPSAC tech with some great training for using it because otherwise I probably would of gone crazy.

  236. Terrified, and frustrated. Definitely should have practiced adjusting the harness before we left the hospital in -40 C weather!

  237. jodi Armstrong says

    I felt a little nervous but excited that she was coming home and we’d have many adventures ahead of us.

  238. Kerri Lord says

    I was petrified on the ride home with each of my children (4 so far)! It does get better, but I will always remember that first trip out of the hospital.

  239. I was terrified during our first car ride! My daughter was 4 pounds when we brought her home and I was so afraid her airway would cut off from her slumping, even though she passed the car seat test in the hospital.

  240. Amanda Huerta says

    The first time I rode with my baby, I felt nervous. Just couldn’t wait to get home safely.

  241. I was excited and terrified when I first drove my child away from the NICU. I thought everything was right, but, I was worried that I was inexperienced at this.

  242. Michelle Kretlow says

    When my son was a baby I was always afraid he would stop breathing or choke while in the car.

  243. I really liked the tip on how to do long distance travel. I always stopped every 2 hours, but my kids were over the age of 6 weeks when we started venturing farther out. 🙂 Great info!

  244. The first time I drove with my first child I was so nervous! I’m pretty sure I drove below the speed limit and tried to stay away from all major roads. I still am overprotective when I have my kids in the car. I just want my babies to be safe.

  245. Courtney says

    I was a nervous wreck for the first several months of my first baby’s life when in the car, especially if I was alone. I hated trying to focus on driving with a crying baby in the back seat!

  246. I would love to have one in my car for my baby!

  247. Cassandra Rae says

    Our first ride home we were so nervous. We took back roads. I sat in the back with my baby and hubby drove… very carefully! Lol.

  248. I wasn’t that educated on car seat safety with my first. Though I did way better than some parents out there. He rear faces till about a year and a half. I didn’t drive I had him at 16. Schooling and being a mom was more important!

  249. The first few times I drove with my baby I was excited! I had my own munchkin to show off to the world, and was fairly confident in their safety in the car.

  250. Tiffany H. says

    With my first, I was definitely nervous. I think it becomes much more normal from that point on. We’re on baby #5 and I’m confident in their seats, their straps, my driving, etc. I remember bringing baby #1 home from the hospital; I sat in the back and was like “Nooo, don’t hit that bump,” or “watch out for that car,” and worried “is he strapped in correctly?” Now, we pop baby in, and off we go. We got this 😉

  251. Eula Mei A says

    The first few time driving with my baby i was so nervous and cautious. Since he was rear facing everytime he was quiet id pull over to make sure he was ok. Now i have the mirror so i can see him

  252. The first few times we went out with our newborn I was SO paranoid I didn’t buckle her into her car seat properly, I always had my husband double check. But as for driving with her in the car, it wasn’t as terrifying as I thought it would be. I definitely drive less aggressively now but I’m not as over cautious (dangerous too) as I thought I would be.

  253. I was so terrified driving my first child home. I sat in the backseat and made my husband drive 20 miles per hour the whole drive!

  254. Nicole G. says

    I felt like I had the world’s most precious cargo in the back seat.

  255. I love that you had a qualified CPST giving all this information. I feel like all this info is hard to come by.

  256. ashley wyatt says

    I was and still nervous with driving my little. Specially when they cry. I feel so helpless. And its not like I can slam on the breaks every time .

  257. Jennifer Hortillano says

    First ride was scary because we have a manual car and I thought baby’s neck was going to get hurt with every shift.

  258. We upgraded to Clek a couple of months ago and just love it. I don’t think I have ever felt like my children were so safe and secure!

  259. Victoria says

    I had been driving around with kids in the car for years, so it didn’t really faze me. But I definitely checked the mirror more often!

  260. Amanda Weinstein says

    Terrified. Absolutely terrified!!!!

  261. Meghan S. says

    When our son was born I was so freaked out driving him home from the hospital, I sat in back next to him because I didn’t want to take my eyes off of him. I sat in the front when we took our daughter home, but it still took a few weeks for me to be comfortable traveling with her.

  262. Very nervous the taking the baby home and still am at 16 months. So many bad drivers, I always feel like an accident is going to happen and I’m always being a defensive driver. My husbands sick of me always telling him to drive defensively.

  263. This was great, I’m due in December with my first and have been studying up so much on carseats trying to find the perfect one! The price tag on this is a lil high but it looks so great!

  264. My husband got in an accident on the way to pick me and our new baby up from the hospital! Thank goodness the car seat wasn’t installed yet or he would have to run to the store and buy a new one. Back then (11 years ago) I knew nothing about properly strapping in an infant or not to use a snowsuit in a car seat. I cringe when I look at his newborn pictures in a car seat with the buckles undone. Slowly I learned and by the time my sons twin came home at 6 months I was pretty knowledgable, which came in handy when I got rides back and forth to the hospital for appointments and had to readjust the car seats all the time. I drove the drivers craY waiting while I made my adjustments but it was so well worth it when a year later a mother called me that I saved her sons life. Before I let my son in the hospital shuttle car seat I adjusted the straps and reinstalled it safely. After they dropped me and my son off at the hospital they picked up another woman and her son who was on TPN with tubing attached through a vein in his heart. On the way home they were in a head on collision. The mother nearly went through the windshield. The child who was in the correctly installed car seat slept through the whole thing. I wish people were more
    Aware of car seat safety and car seat tech courses were more available

  265. Amy Perkins says

    I am always nervous when the boys are in the car. I don’t think that will ever go away. lol

  266. My poor six month old little man sweats like crazy in the backseat in this hot Texas summer. I am so happy to have discovered a few tips to help keep him cool!

  267. Regina Wright says

    I felt very nervous. Like I wanted to put us in a safe bubble.

  268. I have loved this car seat for so long but was never able to get one! I have to make sure my son is buckled up properly every time we go in the car, would feel even better with one of these!

  269. I still get nervous driving my daughter sometimes. We were so nervous leaving the hospital with her that I sat in the back row next to her for weeks!

  270. Jennifer Michelle Ora Kreisler says

    I felt vulnerable. I knew that I had a tiny fragile babe outside of myself that I could only do so much to protect.

  271. EStrickling says

    The first time driving with our little one was quite an experience. It was freezing cold outside, we were fumbling around with the infant seat, and trying to figure out how to get out of the hospital parking garage. Needles to say, we had a lot on our minds.

    I have gotten the hang of things a bit better now, but I still worry about how secure the seat is attached and if he is strapped in tightly enough. He doesn’t like being in the car seat and will cry most of the time. So, I try to minimize trips.

  272. Heather Medina says

    I look back at photos of our first baby in her car seat on our first couple of outings and can’t deny that we have come a long way! The thing I tend to concern myself with the most these days are whether or not my children are strapped in safely when they are with their grandparents! I lecture and I lecture and teach and explain but it just doesn’t seem to be getting through!!!!!

  273. Natalie Brown says

    The most helpful discussion was on the type of car and configuration. That issue lead me to be interested in the Clek Foonf in the first place

  274. Amanda Fontaine says

    I was SSOO nervous. I drove like a little old lady!!

  275. I sees my husband drove 5 MPH on the way home from the hospital. I was making fun of him. But then the first few weeks of me driving alone were torture. I pulled over every time he fell asleep just to check on him. I was a hot mess. Lol

  276. Amanda Lea says

    I felt very anxious the first few trips with baby! Kept wondering if baby was still breathing if I didn’t hear anything and felt awful if baby started crying!

  277. Kendra hoy says

    I was terrified! It did not help that we were rear ended when my first was only 5 days old.

  278. I got a lot of good information from the chat. I really like the info provided regarding the on what to do to help stay cool in the seat.

  279. Laurel Selman says

    First time I drove with my son after a c section I was so paranoid. I couldn’t see his head, I couldn’t see that he was breathing. It was nerve wracking. it was fine though, he’s 7 now, he clearly lived.

  280. Always nervous in the car with my daughter. So many variables and things to watch out for.

  281. Love that Clek now safe for newborns with infant thingy

  282. I am expecting my first child so I have no idea what it will feel like with them in the car. The most helpful question and answer to me was number 4. Even though I am only on my first child I want to keep in mind future children and car seats while purchasing this first one. I have a sedan currently and hope to have a bigger vehicle in the future but I have no idea what tomorrow will hold!

  283. Holli G. says

    I still get nervous with that first ride. Anxious and excited!

  284. Whitney Lowry says

    I didn’t drive much when the oldest kids were born, so by time I really started to drive, them being in the car was just natural.

  285. Caressa PerSey says

    the first time we drove with our little I freaked out at my husband for taking turns to fast and stoping and going to fast and it wasn’t tell our baby was six months old that he didn’t know how much all this was affecting our little one because he could not see his head flopping around but at that point it didn’t matter as much because he had better head control and wasn’t so floppy. Our next baby I’m going to make him rid in the back sooner so he can see what I was yelling about.

  286. newborns and car seats are two of my favorite topics! #momlife

  287. Tannis W says

    I was anxious the first few times while driving with our new baby! I was pretty sure our seat was installed correctly, but we hadn’t had it checked by a car seat tech.

  288. Valencia says

    I STILL check on my 5, 3.5, and 1.5 year old every few minutes when we drive ANYWHERE

  289. Love!! Pure love ❤️W

  290. Ashley davis says

    My youngest is 9 months and I still get nervous every time I put her in the car!

  291. I also felt incredibly nervous the first time I drove with my daughter. Now I love it though – we trade smiles in the rearview/head rest mirrors.

  292. Jessie Sanders says

    I have 3 kids, with the youngest being 12 weeks. It is terrifying each time you walk out of the hospital and start to drive home with your little one. I remember just watching everyone around me and trying to will them to be careful around us. I still am very cautious as I have 3 seats across the back of my car filled with my heart.

  293. Monique E. says

    I felt like everyone was trying to run us off the road!

  294. Tennille says

    I definitely preferred to sit in the back where I could see my baby.

  295. Nervous!! I looked over my baby and how he was positioned over and over. I scrutinized the car seat and even when I felt sure we did everything right, I still was nervous.

  296. Sarah Hayes says

    I was so nervous! It didnt help that shes hated being in her seat and cried none stop.

  297. Cary Morris says

    The first time we drove with the newborns, my husband was driving and I sat in the back with them. I just stared at them in awe. When I had to drive with them alone, for the first time, I was nervous not being able to see them. Still, on my third baby, and I get nervous if he coughs or makes an odd noise. Luckily, now, my two girls can keep an eye on him 🙂

  298. Anna Pry says

    I always sit in the backseat with baby on the first car ride. It’s exciting and scary at the same time.

  299. the first drive was a short one but I had the seat installed weeks in advance. I am a little nervous now with my third because it will be the first time that I dont use an infant seat. I worry about how well and infant will fit in such a big seat!

  300. Sam McNeil says

    Other drivers scared me like they never had before when my oldest was born. I’ve gotten less anxious about it as we brought home our 2nd, and hopefully when we bring home our 3rd, but that first was a little terrifying!

  301. My husband and I were so anxious driving with our first newborn. I sat in the back with baby for the first couple of weeks!

  302. I was too exhausted to worry!

  303. Chrystal S. says

    I hate driving with my newborn’s because they cry and that is quite upsetting. My children have loved to be held 24/7 from birth and I love that, until we have to go anywhere.

  304. Natalie Dickson says

    Driving with my oldest as a newborn I spent a lot of drives in back with him since he was a preemie and I was nervous when I couldn’t see him he would stop breathing.

  305. Noreen k says

    I still get nervous driving with my daughter, I don’t like the way her car seat fits. We’re in the process of researching a new one

  306. Michelle H says

    I was terrified! To put this into perspective, I’d had my second and I was *still learning how to drive* a stick shift. I’d had my car a month (not nearly long enough to learn the nuance of driving one of those things!) when I moved almost halfway across the country…through mountains, in the snow, with semis barreling past my tiny car! I spent those two days (my daughter was still breastfeeding and only 9mo) living on monsters and driving with such a tight grip on the wheel, I feared my knuckles might be permanently white.

  307. Andrianna Thompson says

    I find myself driving more attentive not just to the things happening around me but also to my child’s needs. I think it can be scary if your child cries because you worry something is wrong and you may not pull over.

  308. Katie Nicole says

    The info on infant vs convertible

  309. Schone Greer says

    I was a nervous wreck in the car with my son on the way home from the hospital.

  310. Alison S says

    I was so nervous the first time. I think I made my husband drive 5 miles per hour from Manhattan to our apartment in Queens!

  311. I’m nervous every time there’s a kid in the car!

  312. Julia Ortillan says

    First time driving with my baby alone was extremely nerve wracking, especially since he hated being in his car seat. He cried the whole way home from the hospital. We nearly had to stop and it was only a 15 minute drive.

  313. Amanda Andersen says

    I sat in the back with my baby and had my husband drive. This was just to keep me from creaking out. My baby did fine.

  314. I think it never hit me that I had a newborn until the first couple of sleepless nights. I felt just normal driving from the hospital to our house (which was like 3 miles away haha). We’re pretty lay back people and I already had experience baby-sitting (maybe that is why). Regardless we always make sure to research and be informed about safety.

  315. Jenice Schneider says

    Driving with my daughter for the first time was surreal! I pulled over twice to make sure she was still breathing!!

  316. I think this was a fantastic post. I think many of these questions are ones that many parents have had and it’s great to see a CPST providing the information to so many.

  317. As nerve wracking as it is driving with a couple of little ones, I feel pretty confident because I know our seats are installed correctly and our kids are strapped in the right way.

  318. Candy Stephenson-Otoya says

    I was always worried about the baby stopping to breathe!

  319. Lindsay T says

    I was definitely nervous on the drive home with my oldest, the most precious cargo we’ve ever had in the car!

  320. Brittany says

    I was completely scared about driving with my son for the first time. It’s so scary to know you have another life to care for and now it’s not just your own.

  321. I didn’t sit in the back like some do, and my husband just drove as normal on our first ride home. I didn’t drive for like a month after my c section, so I think at that point, I felt ok about it.

  322. Jeanie Payne says

    I feel stressed every time I take a newborn home in the car, especially my last because he was a preemie.

  323. We felt pretty good driving for the first few times with babe in the car, because we had been to see a car seat tech and made sure we knew how to install the seat correctly and how to strap her in, and we knew our convertible seat was a good one for newborns. 🙂

  324. Christine P says

    I was excited to be going home. It was months later when I found out our seat wasn’t installed properly that I became anxious. I have learned so much since then. I now have 3 children all harnessed or seat belted correctly.

  325. Lorna Newman says

    The tip I found most useful was about using a teddy when installing the car seat to get used to adjusting the straps to get used to them xx

  326. I was nervous but confident in what I had learned about car seats. I knew she was in properly so took a deep breath and off we went!

  327. My biggest concern when bringing all three of my kids home from the hospital was their safety and comfort. I sat in the back while my husband drove so that I could keep an eye on them.

  328. Thanks for all of the great advice!

  329. Rachel E R says

    I was really nervous! I was so paranoid about his wobbly head and neck!

  330. I wasn’t nervous the first time, just excited! We had met with a cpst who helped correct a few misuses so I felt confident that we knew what we were doing =)

  331. I always hate having to drive with my new baby for the first time and for the first few months. I just want to hold them all the time and it breaks my heart when they cry in the car and I can’t just hold them like I know they want me to.

  332. Sarah Thurston says

    Our first drive home with our twins was nerve wracking. About 1:10 it felt like the longest hour ever. They were soooo little!!!!
    Our third baby was much less stressful but still had that nervous omg they are letting us just leave with this teeny little human. Aaaaagh. Lol.

  333. Crystal B. says

    Pretty sure I squeezed myself into the tiny back seat next to the huge convertible seat on the way home from the hospital!

  334. Rebekah Melby Hastings says

    I clenched my teeth the whole time I was driving. I’m still a paranoid driver with my kids in the car, but that first trip was the worst.

  335. I was so anxious riding with my baby in the car for weeks, but only when I had to do it alone

  336. I’m glad to see this article – Trudy is so knowledgeable, and she touched on some great points!

  337. With my first child we didn’t drive very much but we had a brand new car so safety wasn’t a huge concern. I even backed into a cement column and she didn’t wake up!

  338. Miriam Richey says

    I felt anxious, nervous, excited all in one. I wanted to sit next to her the whole way home just to stare at her and make sure she was safe.

  339. My baby loved the car ride, and still does. I’m glad his ride home from his one month stay at the hospital was a good one!

  340. ANGELA OFORI says

    I was a nervous wreck. I am still very paranoid when in my car with the kids, especially when I’m not the driver.

  341. Due December 18. I’m sure our 10 minute drive home from the hospital will take 30.

  342. Amy Hall says

    First few times I drove with my first and then with my second it was horrible. They both have hated the car. For months on end, constant screaming. 🙁

  343. my first trip home with baby from the hospital was actually very calm and relaxed
    And kind of surreal.. My partner drove and I sat in the front and probably turned around to stare at baby a million times before we left the parking lot 🙂

    The first time I drove alone with baby in the car I was anxious and probably drove 10 under the speed limit just to be safe..
    Since I have travelled many distance and to other provinces and am confident she is buckled in safe

    We are comming up to the height limitations on her bucket seat so winning this amazing clek would be amazeballs!

  344. I am always nervous when my daughters cry in their seats because I can’t help them while driving. We bought a fllo as a replacement seat for my RF 3yo, and now I really want a fllo or foonf for our 1yo too 😉

  345. I was VERY nervous and drove extra slow when driving with my baby for the first time.

  346. Rye porritt says

    I felt TERRIFIED! I am pretty sure I adjusted and readjusted the car seat straps a thousand times for the first few months with each of my kids and constantly was and am checking airways etc. ahh!

  347. Lisa pereira says

    I worried anytime my first baby was out of my sight. Even drove home from the hospital sitting beside him. After a few drives I became a bit less worried because I coukd see that he was sitting safely in his car seat.

  348. Not nervous at all!

  349. Milly Polanco says

    I was always anxious about choosing the best possible car seat for my babies. I am also nervous about making sure the harness is snug enough and the installation is correct.

  350. i remember high tailing it out of the hospital thinly “we’re free”! I was too excited to be nervous. Almost a year later I realized I had installed our infant base wrong due to prohibited LATCH borrowing and was horrified. Not anxious at the time, but in retrospect I feel much residual angst!

  351. I was tired and a little freaked out on the first ride.

  352. Christina F. says

    i felt totally fine driving with the new baby! it was trying to dress and diaper and feed and bathe and hold her that had me freaked out…

  353. Dagmar Moretti says

    I was always so nervous!! I hated when she would cry and there was nothing I could do about it because I was driving.

  354. Nicole s says

    We’re expecting our second … so wish I could afford this car seat. Be awesome to win

  355. Hayley S says

    I remember being very nervous when my first was a newborn! I always sat in the back and had my husband drive if we needed to go somewhere for the first few weeks!

  356. It was pretty stressful the first time – we had a home birth so didn’t have to take the baby anywhere immediately. Her first car trip at 2 weeks was a scream fest so no fun – she continued to hate the car seat for 18 months… They say cell phones are a distraction while driving – a screaming child is way worse!

  357. I cried the first time I drove with my daughter alone the first time. She’s now 15mo old and whenever we go somewhere where my husband drives I still sit in back with her.

  358. Sherry Blamer says

    I was nervous about first driving with my daughter. I sat in the backseat with her while my husband drived.

  359. I was most nervous about her crying. We used to pull over every 5 mins if she wouldn’t stop crying. I was always afraid she wasn’t buckled right or something was pinching her.

  360. I was nervous when I drove my oldest around. Other drivers scared me.

  361. Just felt very nervous and felt like I had to sit next to her 🙂

  362. I would have never thought to ask my pediatrician about intervals to stop during road trips – I appreciated that question/answer from the chat!

  363. Good information thank you

  364. Liz McAllister says

    It’s nerve wracking for sure to drive with a baby in the car. The first few times alone when there wasn’t another person to ride in the back was the worst!

  365. Yvonne Martinez says

    I was terrified every time we took him out of the house that he would freeze to death or catch some awful illness, or we’d get stranded in a big snowstorm since he was a February baby.

  366. Crystal Badger says

    Really liked the discussion about convertible vs RF only seats

  367. Sandy chiang says

    Very nervous because my daughter hates the car seat and would cry. But after a while she got use to it so I felt a little bit more confident in taking her out more.

  368. melisa klink says

    I never got nervous, but anxious yes. My baby cried and screamed every time we put her in the car seat for the first four months. It made driving any where painful.

  369. Shakeeta W says

    I was cautious with all of them but with #3, we were like first-timers all over again! She was our tiniest and just looked so fragile that we creeped along everywhere we went lol.

  370. LMarie Weeks says

    The first time we drove with our infant daughter i was convince we had her in her car seat wrong

  371. The first time I drove with my first son, I was NERVOUS! I hadn’t driven him home from the hospital and it was probably once my husband went back to work after paternity leave. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to manage getting him to and from places on my own yet because…what if he cries? What if something happens to him in the back? Will he know I’m here?!

  372. I felt anxious with our precious cargo, but I felt good about all of the research I’d done leading up to the big drive.

  373. Genevieve O. says

    I was very anxious the first time I drove with her after she was born. I was not nearly as anxious as The Hubster on our drive home from the hospital; we did 15mph with him cursing under his breath at all of the “crazy people” going the speed limit of 45. SMH. The first drive that really got to me was the 4 hr drive I took by myself when she was 1 month old because I had to keep stopping.

  374. I was nervous about whether my baby was in the best location in the car. Worried about her because I couldn’t see her

  375. Lindsay Oster says

    I couldn’t drive with my baby until around 7 weeks postpartum because of my C-section. After that, I was more nervous to be driving again than anything else!!

  376. Sarah Dickinson says

    A tad nervous but I have an older sister with 4 kids who was with me driving so she kinda mellowed it out

  377. Kari Barone says

    The breathe easy question and answer really hit home for me as my first had to be hooked up to a machine in his infant car seat to test his breathing function as he was premature to be discharged from hospital.He passed the test, but I was still a bit uneasy at first and kept a close eye on him while he was in his infant seat. I rarely used the infant car seat adapter on my stroller and used the ” bassinet ” option instead.

  378. Heather L says

    It took me months before i was comfortable driving with my daughter in the car. Now that she’s a little bigger and I know she is safe my anxiety has eased a little bit

  379. Patricia says

    I was extremely anxious when we left the hospital to drive home with our brand new babe
    I could tell my husband was as well.

  380. Olivia Caswell says

    With my first I was terrified driving around with my newborn. I would constantly pull over to make sure she was breathing or even in the car seat. It took forever to drive the 10 miles from my house to my moms when she wanted us to visit. But then she took me to babies r us and bought me a mirror. I was still nervous but I stopped pulling over. Lol

  381. I totally freaked out when I was first driving around with the new baby. But now it’s just a normal thing.

  382. Oh my goodness, I was an anxious mess with my first. I always sat by her to make sure she kept breathing. With my second, I was more go-with-the-flow. For a month at least. Then he started projectile vomiting and choking in the car seat; from then on, we went nowhere.

  383. Carrie McBride says

    I felt so helpless hearing my daughter cry and not being able to sooth her.

  384. I was so happy to take my daughter home. The drive home I remember crying at how happy I was. And in that moment I truly felt like a mom. We were going home. 🙂

  385. Sara means says

    The first few times, I took a lot of back roads. The less highway, the safer I felt. And I was so scared the whole time!

  386. Jackie G says

    I learned that provided your vehicle manufacturer allows it, you can safely install your car seat in the middle position of your car using the vehicle belt

  387. I was terrified the first few months when I drove my baby! If something was wrong or he was unhappy, there was nothing I could do to help him unless I pulled over. Fortunately he is a good car rider, and I’m much more comfortable now that he’s older.

  388. Driving with my newborn in the car is a stressful experience for us. He’s a month old now but still not a fan of being buckled in, poor guy. I have to sit next to him and calm him during the drive. Hopefully he adjusts soon!

  389. Got my license 2 weeks before baby was born… So was extra careful with Bebe in the back.

  390. I was nervous but thankful my seven year old was back there with him to help keep an eye on him

  391. Julienne says

    Our foonf definitely makes me feel safer.. The difference between the foonf and other seats is substantial!

  392. I was a nervous wreck and still am after my second child. I’m always worried if they are strapped in properly, is the car seat secure enough, did I leave one child behind because they are being so quiet. Even though I know they are ok and everything is secure enough, I still question it all.

  393. I was so anxious the first few times with my little guy in the car!

  394. Baby’s first ride was when we took Granbto the airport. I felt okay as we’d had the seat installation inspected and we passed with flying colours (hubby installed it himself). We are both follow the rules drivers so our driving styles didn’t change once LO was in the car with us.

  395. Kara Gibbs says

    The first time I drove with my LO I was super nervous. I wanted to know exactly what they were doing the whole time. I knew he was safe but I was so nervous about all the drivers around me!

  396. I was very nervous about driving with our first daughter. It felt like it took an eternity to get ready, load everyone into their seats and finally make our way.

  397. The first few times I drove anywhere with my kids, (all three of them!) I was super nervous and stopped every few minutes to check on them haha

  398. This is my second babe and I’m still nervous. We just went on a road trip up north and I sat in the back the whole time! Even if it’s a short car ride I sit in the back! She’s so tiny so I’m always worried about her position. This car seat seems so safe and comfy!!

  399. I was not nervous driving the first few times with my baby as a newborn. I was nervous driving with her in her convertible seat the first times though, since the very first time using it, we didn’t have it properly installed and it tilted when I turned a corner!

  400. Rachel Feltaous says

    i was both ecstatic and terrified. felt this way taking both my girls home.

  401. I liked the part about convertible vs infant car seats. It gave me some things to consider. Thanks!

  402. Christine says

    I still remember how slowly I drove on our first outing. It was the first time sine he was born that my son was out of my sight. I think we need car signs that explain we’re new parents for all those other drivers who can understand why we’re driving so slowly!

  403. Michelle T says

    The first few time I drove alone with my older son I was so paranoid something was going to happen…. He was going to come out his vomit or suffocate or a bee had flown in and was going to sting him and he was allergic and I wouldn’t know because I was in front….

  404. When I first drove with my newborn, I was so worried about not being able to watch her the entire time. I had a mirror on the seat to be able to watch her, but I had to watch the road too! I also was scared to death she’d start crying uncontrollably and I would not be in a position to stop and comfort her.

  405. I felt a bit scared the first few times I had my newborn in a car. They’re just so small and fragile.

  406. I was soooo nervous! Had to ride in the back with him and it just about killed me the first time I had to drive somewhere and I couldn’t keep watch over him.

  407. Chantal Nessman says

    Newborn babies look so tiny in car seats! I was so worried when I left the hospital. I was staring at everyone on the road in other vehicles making sure they kept their safe distance.

  408. Jacqueline says

    I remember taking our firstborn home from the hospital, it was nerve wracking!

  409. I had a preemie to bring home and that alone was scary. We brought him home a month before he was due. We had a fairly easy to install seat and he was securely fastened – but even on that ten minute drive, I was nervous! I had a precious little bundle to look out for. All of us new parents do. I love the Clek Foonf and since we have a baby that HATES the car (perhaps it’s due to the separation of the month in the NICU) I’m anxious to get him into a new seat that he can sit high in. Hopefully that’ll make it easier to leave the house! 🙂

  410. Veronica Ramirez says

    I wanted to bubble wrap the car and to have traffic stop!! It takes a good 2 months for that feeling to go away!!

  411. Julie Siewert says

    Those were some really great questions! I learned a lot reading it.

  412. the first day we drove our kid home I was holding her head up and was very anxious and scared that she would hurt her neck.

  413. Monika S says

    I have heard wonderful things about Clek and would love the opportunity to try one! We are big fans of extended rear facing, so this would be perfect!

  414. Amy Gregoire says

    I’m always nervous on the first few rides with a new baby. It hasn’t helped that my children as small babies have hated riding in the car so they scream bloody murder! Hopefully the next one is a little more laid back!

  415. My favorite topic from the Q&A is the one about prolonged time in the car seat. I have also often wondered how my babies can be safe while RIDING in the car but somehow not safe sleeping in their car seat in the house. When she mentioned that the car adjusts the recline of the seat differently than having it sitting on the floor, I finally understood. It makes perfect sense! Now I won’t worry so much about driving across town with my babies sleeping in their car seats.

  416. Kristina says

    Was more excited the first time driving with baby because we were taking him home!!

  417. I was super nervous when we first drove home with our first baby. I’m still nervous when driving, especially when my kids are in the car. But I now know so much more about car seat safety that I know my children are as protected as they can be.

  418. We’re expecting our first child in September, so the advice on how to prepare for bringing baby home the first time was very helpful!

  419. Talia B. says

    I felt very nervous. The whole baby on board stickers never made much sense to me before that!

  420. loved my first ride with my baby–so happy to have a baby 🙂

  421. I had no idea that extra head support inserts that are available in stores shouldn’t be added to a car seat! I had actually been wondering if I would need one (baby #1 is due in Nov.).

  422. Miriam Matheny says

    I actually felt very confident taking baby home from the hospital. He was 5 days old and I feel safe with my husband driving. It also helped that we had a Nuna Pipa with rigid latches so I didn’t have to obsess over the latches being tight enough.

  423. The first few times we drove with our first were white knuckle moments – Did we put him in right? Why did he stop crying? OMG IS HE DEAD?! DID WE ACCIDENTALLY STRANGLE OUR BABY WITH THE CAR SEAT?! We’ve gotten more relaxed, but there are still times driving is the most stressful experience. 😛

  424. amanda fail says

    Coming home from the hospital, I was already an emotional mess from the hormone changes and medications of surgery, and anxiety really kicked in when placing the baby in the car seat. My older parents were trying to help but they couldn’t open the buckle much less install it in the car! It soon became apparent how important it us to have a user friendly car seat. I worried about her chest clip being too low, that her head slumped, that ur wasn’t right fit with latch, and the list goes on! Not all car seats are the same and I wish I had known this from the start! I world have gotten a safer and easier to use from day one!

  425. Carly D. says

    I found it most helpful that there are child passenger safety technicians that can check your seats to make sure everything is installed properly. I didn’t know there was such a thing.

  426. The first car ride was stressful because my baby cried the whole way. She hated the car seat until around 2 months old.

  427. Nadine Drake says

    I have become a more defensive driver, which is a good thing, but the first time with baby in the car was like driving on egg shells!

  428. I was SO nervous 1st time around with my newborn when putting her in the carseat and driving around with her. I insisted on sitting next to her to watch and make sure she was okay!

  429. Lauren McClai says

    With all three of my kids I was nervous driving with them as babies. The hospital didn’t seem to check very thoroughly so I just hoped my research and car seat choices were enough.

  430. Marcella says

    I was always a bit nervous when I brought each one of my children home from the hospital. Even after the fourth was born and on his way home, I sat in the back seat with him and for the first couple of weeks, I was consistently looking back and checking on him. I think it’s normal for all parents to have a bit of anxiety about this, after all, you have a fragile, little human being that is relying on you to care for their every need and keep them safe. But I will say, that as the weeks went by, it became easier and easier to ride in the car with them.

  431. Elizabeth says

    I am so grateful that with every baby we’ve only lived a mile or so from the hospital! Trying to position that floppy newborn correctly in the car seat was nerve wracking all three times, and I spent the whole 10 minute drive double- and triple-checking that they were still breathing!

  432. Amy Cowan says

    I was nervous about all the other drivers!

  433. I felt nervous that my babies would cry and I wouldn’t be able to do anything about it during our first few car rides.

  434. Jessica O says

    I was extremely nervous driving home with my new babies, each one was the same way! I still get nervous driving around now that my kids are a little older, but not as terrified as that first car ride!

  435. Rochel S says

    The first few times we drove with our new baby we drove super slow and I always made sure to sit in the back next to the baby while my husband drove. We’ve gotten a lot more used to it now……

  436. I was nervous the first few times driving with my son. With my daughter I was even more nervous as she hates car rides and would cry the whole time.

  437. Christina C. says

    I still get anxious anytime I go out with baby in the car but I think thuat’s a good thing. Good thing she loves car rides.

  438. Stephanie Ball says

    When my baby was first born, I was super nervous about what I would do if she started crying while I was on the road! Fortunately, she loves the car and often falls fast asleep!!

  439. Joey Wright says

    I was nervous to drive mom and baby home because my wife had a section. I was also nervous that someone would hit us.

  440. oh gosh i was terrified! i made my husband drive at the very beginning since hes a way better driver than i am! but now we’re in a groove but im way more vigilant than i was pre babies!

  441. Mine was a preemie, so by the time we drove her, we stayed put at home!!!

  442. Veronica says

    I was such a nervous wreck driving home. My husband was so comforting though!

  443. Patrick S says

    Scared as Hell. However, my sister in law is a CPST and installed our car seat, and she taught us how to install it correctly to. So I knew that he was as safe as can be in his seat. Now if I could just trust the other drivers on the road then everything would be good.

  444. Sky Love says

    I couldn’t believe that I was supposed to put this tiny vulnerable little being into the car seat the first time. She was swimming in it!

  445. Chana Goodno says

    Our first ride in the car with baby was terrible! Baby came early and husband had the base reclined too high, so our son screamed the entire way home! Luckily, we got it fixed as soon as we got home and things got much easier from there!

  446. Teresa Evans says

    I was so nervous the first ride home! We were only a couple of blocks away from home too!

  447. I rode home from the hospital in the back seat with my baby, and discovered a few minutes in that her head kept falling forward onto her chest. I spent the entire ride with my hand on her forehead to keep her from slumping over! It took us a few tries to figure out to keep that from happening. I had a cesarean, though, so by the time I was able to drive I was kind of used to having her in the car. Looking back now I realize how many mistakes we made, but you live and learn! 🙂

  448. I was so happy to get out of the hospital that I wasn’t even thinking about being nervous 🙂

  449. I was very nervous those first few times driving with my newborn – I was either worried about the chest clip location or head support!

  450. Sarah Elyce says

    I honestly felt nervous. I know that driving comes with risk, which I never really considered for myself, but with this tiny baby in the car it became so glaringly obvious. I was also really out of it from a 38 hour labor though.

  451. I was SO nervous driving home from the hospital with both babies. They seem so vulnerable once they’re out in the world

  452. It was the scariest thing ever to drive with my newborn for the first time. It took a while for me to get comfortable with my baby in the back without constantly being worried about what could happen. But having a good car seat definitely helps at least you know you’re doing the best you can to protect your baby.

  453. When we had our son it took me a while to get used to him being in the car. I would always drive extra careful. We had a PegPerego 4/35 bucket seat and our son just outgrew it and we got him the Clek Foonf and it’s an amazing carseat. The only complaint I have it’s very heavy so it’s not the easiest to switch from my wife’s car to the truck and back. We would love to win a second one so I don’t have to switch it back and forth.

  454. Our first car ride w the twins I think we drove slow and barely talked!

  455. Lyndsey Lancaster says

    Our first car ride was terrifying! One of my twins are discharged from the NICU and I was fearful of every bump. I am much more laid back now.

  456. Tristan Parshall says

    I sat in the back with my son for 10 months until I felt more comfortable driving him around. This time I’ve got a kindergartener to take to and from school. I hope I’ll feel better this time around!

  457. When we came home with our first, I was worried about every bump along the way. I was worried we’d forgotten to buckle something and she’d come flying out. We were constantly stopping to “fix” her head too as she was always leaning. Now, we have a second (who is already 2) and we have learned a lot a long the way. We’ve also learned some seats work better than others!

  458. I think the first few times we drove with the new squish in the car we were definitely more careful driving than we had been before. My husband was insistent on driving and he was such a slow and careful driver. Now we are much more comfortable with having baby in the car.

  459. Heather Edwards says

    I was nervous and sat in the back with my newborn.

  460. I’ve had my 3 year old in a convertible seat for over 2 years. I would like one for my infant as soon as she can sit up on her own.

  461. Catherine Harris says

    I would have to say question 2 and question 5 were the most helpful for me.

  462. definitely nervous our first few car rides! Actually, I’m still a little nervous every car ride 😛

  463. Stephanie Hansen says

    The first time we drove my 4
    Yr old her head was a jiggly and floppy and it made me nervous that something was gonna shake loose. The younger two I just tried not to watch. The 4 year old still gets floppy head when she sleeps.

  464. Diana Cote says

    Scared! I rode with her in the back and still do sometimes. Haha

  465. We didn’t even drive the speed limit and avoided the freeways!

  466. Karine Sutherland Kautz says

    I didn’t drive by myself with my daughter until she was over a month old and I drove slowly and very carefully. I am no where near the same driver I was before I had her. 🙂

  467. The one part I still cannot get used to is when they are crying in the backseat and I cannot do anything about it.

  468. Courtney says

    I was so nervous the first few times in the car. Especially trips that weren’t just to the grocery store! It made me so sad to hear my hungry newborn cry!

  469. JonAnne Gilbreath Walters says

    I was terrified the first few times of driving with my newborn and if my husband drove I say in the back next to her for the longest time.

  470. When he was littler (he’s almost 3 now) I worries that I wouldn’t be able to care for him if he needed something and when he was quiet, I was constantly worried that soemthing was wrong and I wouldn’t know until it was too late. Thankfully, my husband had no problem doing most of the driving so I could sit in the back with our little one. 🙂

  471. Jen Weber says

    The first few times I drive my new baby around (happened with all three), I’m so paranoid that I sometimes stop to be sure that my baby is okay. Now that I have a four year old who can tell me if her sister is okay, I’m not so paranoid, but it still worries me that I can’t see my baby.

  472. Olivia mesich says

    I was in awe that I had this baby that was all mine.

  473. The first few times I drove my son around I felt like everyone was driving badly intentionally to give me a heart attack. We left the house minimally for the first several months.

  474. I was so nervous with both of our kids! Our first because she was our first so having a baby in the car was a new scary thing, with our second he was born at 33weeks and left the nicu at 35weeks so having a preemie in the car added an entire new level of anxiety

  475. I was utterly terrified to drive with the baby. My husband seemed so at ease on our way home from the hospital and i kept shouting at him to keep his eyes on the road or slow down. But now I am a champ at it and he’s the one who is freaked out. He doesn’t like it when the baby cries so he wants me to sit in the back with him all the time! 🙂 (baby is 4 weeks old)

  476. Samantha says

    Our first car ride was on a few blocks home from the hospital. I think I’m actually more nervous as my little guy gets older and fusses and cries more than he did even as an infant.

  477. Hannah Ferguson says

    I couldn’t believe how slowly we drove! At last I knew they were well secured in properly installed carseats!

  478. i felt confident that he was safe but sad that he cried a lot.

  479. Jenny Robinson says

    I still get nervous strapping him in! I triple check that he passes the pinch test and his chest clip is right. I also go to a car seat tech every time something changes!

  480. Maggie Cammack says

    The car ride home from the hospital was the first time with my little in his cute going home outfit leaving the help of nurses and headed home to be full time parents. I was more of nervous about what would happen when came home with our first little than my sweet sleeping boy all strapped in and being the quiet lovely baby he always has been.

  481. Michelle Baumann says

    I was so nervous, I sat in the backseat with my first born for the first 4 months, plus checking to make sure she was breathing!

  482. I love that the topics of choice of seat and accessories were addressed. I don’t drive different with baby, as I drive a school bus with up to 70 babies that being to other parents, and those babies are just as important as my own.

  483. Jill Shank says

    Detached and anxious. I still feel that way a few months later, and he’s number 4! He also doesn’t like to ride so it makes it very difficult on mommy’s heart.

  484. I have always been nervous about properly positioning the chest buckle and making sure the straps are tight enough.

  485. Kaydi lynn says

    I was a nervous wreck driving with our newborn!

  486. Justina Reyes says

    Sooooo nervous! But I was so glad that I had my car seat installed by a professional so I was just praying we got home safely with our new bundle!

  487. Angelina M says

    I was always so nervous driving my first child around and am still nervous when my second baby is crying a lot. But I’m more calm because having been through it, I know we’ll all be ok.

  488. Katrina B says

    The first times I drove with my babies I was terrified! They were so tiny and fragile. <3

  489. Jamie Pearson says

    Terrified driving a newborn around!!

  490. Bernadette N says

    I felt super nervous and excited and scared at the same time!

  491. Renee Duffin says

    My babies were all preemies so riding home in the car with them for the first time was both exciting and super scary. Lots of driving slow and checking their airway was ok and everything!

  492. I still get nervous… And sit in the backseat if I’m not driving! Seriously considering a convertible akready at 8 weeks because my daughter has reflux and haaaaates the car.

  493. Kelly Lopez says

    I was so nervous driving home my newborn. I was a horrible back seat driver, “slow down! Wow! Be careful!” I would say the biggest myth is to turn baby forward facing at their first birthday. Please don’t listen to that mamas!

  494. Heidi Stane says

    I felt relaxed for the most part, because I was able to sit in the back and have her dad drive for about a whole year before I even sat in the front seat!

  495. We were told that we were one of the few installing a car seat correctly when we went to have them checked. It was such a surprise and a relief.

  496. Carina Mclaughlin says

    Great info about keeping newborns breathing safely while buckled in!

  497. We we so nervous as there was over 1 ft of snow in the south east!

  498. Nicole D says

    All I could think was we needed to get home and out of the car

  499. Rebecca L says

    I remember feeling scared and overwhelmed in the beginning when I drove with my newborn. She hated the car seat and would constantly cry, and I would pull over somewhere safe to breastfeed her for comfort several times!

  500. I was terrified the first time! He screamed the first 15 minutes so we pulled over for a bit. It was awful. At almost 6 months old I still ride in the back and avoid unnecessary errands on my own.

  501. Melissa l says

    I was just 19 when my first child was born. I was very nervous driving her. The seat I had was old and borrowed and I didn’t know any better. This was almost 18 years ago. I’m glad I now know how to keep my kids safe so I don’t have to be nervous about bringing them

  502. I was so nervous the first time I strapped by 6 lb newborn in the carseat and of course I sat in the back with him, holding onto the carseat for dear life as if it would grow legs and jump out the window.

  503. I have 3 kids now, my youngest is 10 days old. I still get nervous driving with them in the car. I mentally do all the checks though, buckled right? Reclined right? Seats installed tight still? Ect ect.. I think I’ll always be safety crazy but I also think that’s a good thing!

  504. Chrissy D says

    I was as nervous as I could be with the exhaustion that comes with having a newborn!

  505. My daughter has been in a foonf since she was one and a half and it’s become my standard for safety. We haven’t been gotten my 3 month old son one yet so I’m always so nervous driving around with him even though he’s in a good seat because it’s not a clek. Clek=Safe to me now.

  506. Elisabeth says

    I was really nervous with my first but with this one less so but sill anxious.

  507. Karen ngo says

    We drove home at 30km/hr from the hospital when LO was born. Someone sat in the back with him the first year. He cried all the time in the car seat until we switched from the bucket seat to a bigger one at 9 months (it was a foonf!).

  508. Gina Snyder says

    nervous! Couldn’t wait to get back home!

  509. I’m a huge car seat geek so bringing home my last baby i was just all in love with getting to use my new car seat lol!

  510. I war super nervous the first few times we drove home with our new daughter! I kept wondering if the straps were tight enough, if the sun was bright in her eyes, if she was going to stop breathing. Yikes! It was stressful!

  511. Amy Bradlow says

    I was terrified the first few times I drove with my baby!

  512. I was always anxious driving with her in her infant seat. I never felt like it was very safe. I didn’t relax until I switched her to a convertible seat around 6 months!

  513. Rachel H says

    I was nervous the first few times I drove with my newborn.

  514. Nervous is an understatement, but I guess thats only natural with a newborn. Great tips about car seat safety and newborn breathing properly in the Q&A. thanks!

  515. Francis N. says

    Bringing our 1st baby home was so daunting as I was driving, very slow on the freeway and trying not to hit an bumps. Got another baby on the way and I’m much more confident now.

  516. I was nervous the first few times I drove with my daughter in the car. I still get anxious sometimes and she’s two now!

  517. Christina Strapp says

    I was a nervous wreck. I was always afraid I didn’t buckle her in correctly. I was and is more afraid of other drivers that are careless and don’t pay attention. I don’t know how many wrecks I avoid on a daily basis.

  518. Isabella Valderrama says

    I just felt so relieved that we were finally going home! I was so nervous and he looked so little in that car seat but he slept the whole way home and even though we don’t drive often he’s still really good with the car seat and I always think about the first time I ever put him in it.

  519. Emily Beu says

    The first time I drove with my baby, I was super aware at what a hurry everyone else on the road was in. It’s like I became hyper aware of all the road rage. It made me pretty nervous, but I was confident in my driving and the car seat my baby was properly strapped into!

  520. Lindsey Khatri says

    So scared! I started sweating as soon as I got behind the wheel! I remember scheduling my life around when my hubs would be there so he could drive us. LOL and it wasn’t that I was afraid of driving badly or recklessly. I didn’t know what I would do if he started crying while I was in the middle of the highway, or waiting at a stop light and there was no safe way to reach him, or what if he choked or stopped breathing for some reason?!? Nope, I don’t need to go anywhere, I’ll just stay home thanks. Now, after my 3rd its a whole new ball game. 🙂

  521. My husband drove on the way home from the hospital and we were both so nervous, and I rode in the back with baby. Then the first time I drove alone with her, I kept staring at the car seat mirror over and over. Hopefully this time around with our second things will be much easier.

  522. Michael Lambert says

    It did make me a little nervous just because I was now responsible for a little life. She was very tiny and I worried if we were in a wreck, then what would that do to her. I still worry when we are driving. My wife and I are proud to say she is 4 years old and still rear facing. We have done lots of research to make sure she is safe.

  523. Did I miss the winner announcement?

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