Diono Radian RXT Carseat Giveaway and FB Chat


“Since our company started Diono has worked to solve the real everyday worries and hassles parents face. Our first product idea was born from a family discussion on a documentary demonstrating the consequences of improperly secured car seats in collisions. Within the year family members had created a prototype (…)” – from the Diono website

We are thrilled that Diono, a company with a history of valuing people, family, safety, and innovation, is a part of The Leaky Boob community. With their commitment “to providing car seat safety to families everywhere with innovative and advanced travel solutions” their presence here is a great fit. One of their CPSTs, Allana, is providing her expert advice on carseat safety in a Diono-sponsored Facebook Chat, September 17, 2015, 6:00 PM PST.

To add a little extra fun for this Facebook Chat, you have a chance at winning the Diono Radian RXT:



Diono RadianRXT:

The Radian®RXT Car Seats are designed with your child’s security and safety as top priorities. Premium materials and thoughtful safety features like a steel alloy frame, aluminum reinforced side walls, energy absorbing EPS foam, and a five-point harness put your mind at ease as your little one stays safe and sound. The reinforced adjustable head support provides additional side impact protection.

Key Features

Full steel frame and aluminum reinforced sides for unmatched safety

Comfortably seats rear-facing children from 5-45 lbs, forward-facing children from 20 – 80 lbs in a 5-point harness, then converts to a booster for children up to 120 lbs.

Unique SuperLATCH system that makes installation easy

It also fits 3 across in most mid-size vehicles, folds flat for travel and is FAA certified

Booster mode from 50 – 120 lbs (40 to 57 inches)

NCAP crash tested, the industry benchmark for verifying child seat performance in severe accident conditions

Retail Value: $359.99

Good luck to everyone!  Please use the widget below to enter. The giveaway is open from September 17, 2015 through September 20, 2015. A big thanks to Diono for their support of TLB and all breastfeeding women. This giveaway is open to participants in the USA and Canada. 

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  1. I look for rear facing first and foremost in a car seat which is why I’m looking at the diono car seats for her next car seat.

  2. Ease of install and ability to last the child for a long time!

  3. safety and whether or not it fits in my car!

  4. jessica Fletcher says

    Safety an rear facing limits!!

  5. I usually look at weight limit, so how long we will get use out of the seat RF’ing and if it’ll actually fit in the back seat of our car. Both are very important factored for our family.

  6. I look at the crash-test ratings that the seat has.

  7. Love Diono! Thank you for chatting with us tonight

  8. Courtney Biesik says

    I look for safety features, ease of use, and how wide the seats are.

  9. I look for rear and forward facing limits, expiration, and ease of use.

  10. Such a great topic! There’s so much fear around correcting someone. Safety should definitely trump hurt pride.

  11. Thank you for teaching me so much and helping me learn

  12. Kristine Barrett says

    My main focus is on highest height and weight limits for my large children and great safety features.

  13. When looking at car seats, I look at safety ratings, fit for my child, and fit in our car.

  14. I look for ease of use

  15. Heather Savka says

    I look for safety features and support for my childs spine.

  16. Suzanne Koerperich says

    What do I look for in a car seat? Highest rear facing capabilities, highest forward facing harness, and comfort.

  17. I look for the most generous height requirements. I make ’em tall.

  18. Jocelyn Chick says

    I always look for a seat that will RF until 45 lbs, and also one that will fit properly in my car!

  19. High RF weight limit, narrow seat, LATCH, and comfort!

  20. Thanks so much for hosting this live chat/giveaway!

  21. Amanda Weinstein says

    We look for something that fits in my little car!

  22. I always look for the safest car seat available within my budget.

  23. THis is a gorgeous carseat <3

  24. I want a safe seat that is also comfortable for my son.

  25. Christina C. says

    Definitely safety is first! And then ease of use.

  26. Brittany Frost says

    When looking for a car seat I look for the height limit and low sides. I’m short and it’s hard for me to get my rear facing children up and in their carseats. The diono looks perfect.

  27. to be honest I look at price. In the past I usually buy mid price range and I read tons of reviews.

  28. I look for the five point harness feature!

  29. Claire Rheinheimer says

    Safety features of course is first, but I also have to look at price point. After installing my daughter’s seat recently, I’m now looking for one that is a little easier for when I replace her seat in my husband’s truck.

  30. This carseat is awesome! Thanks for the opportunity!

  31. I like that this seat can be used from newborn through childhood. It’s nice to not have to worry about purchasing another seat or worse, not purchasing a seat at the right time and being out of compliance with the ratings for the seat you currently have.

  32. when buying a car seat obviously number one is safety features, strong clips straps and harness, easy adjusting to ensure snug fit and tough sides for side impact. Then practically as a mom of 3 I look for easy clean and size and whether or not it can fit a lot of stages or not!

  33. I look at safety, comfort, and ease of use.

  34. i look for amazing safety ratings and how long I can keep my babes rear facing.

  35. I look for high height and weight limits, mainly. My almost-3 year old is in a Diono Radian, and I will probably get the same seat for our newborn once he outgrows the infant seat.

  36. Angela Campos says

    Thank you so much for hosting a great chat on such an important topic!!

  37. Jennifer Odom says

    I look for a seat that can fit 3 across and extended rear face!

  38. Diono makes great seats – safety and fit in vehicle are my number one priority wen choosing a seat.

  39. Peaches McDaniel says

    I look for the height and weight limits for rear facing when looking to purchase a new seat.

  40. Melissa Lomeli says

    When looking for a car seat, I look for what’s in our price range first. I try to look for one that has a high weight and height limit so it can be used for a good amount of time.

  41. Safety is my number one concern! If it isn’t safe, it’s not worth looking at anything else with it.

  42. I look for tall top slots, short bottom slots if I need it for a newborn, and high rear and forward facing limits as well as ease of install.

  43. Honestly, mostly price. :/ We got our first four seats on the recommendation of a friend who loved them. The two after that have been chosen for longevity and size–trying to fit three across in a Toyota Camry.

  44. Christina Brundick says

    Weight limits and how it fits our SUV

  45. Brianne Strong says

    Safety, safety, safety!! I don’t care how it looks, it just has to be safe!

  46. I look for safety and strength!

  47. Shannon Riddle says

    Safe…nice-looking doesn’t hurt either!

  48. I looked for Dionos. Safety, longevity, trimness, and as I have learned this week stellar customer service! Thank you Diono!

  49. Love Diono. Great car seat, and it is time I get a new one.

  50. Brooke Berger says

    I mostly look for safety, and then the ratings of a car seat. I also look for design

  51. Sarah Parker says

    I look for a car seat with good reviews and that looks like it’ll be comfortable for my baby. I also have a small car, so a car seat that’s not too big is a plus!

  52. Heidi McDonough says

    When looking for a car seat I look for safety and rear facing weight limits first. I also need a car seat with a narrow footprint so my 3 boys will fit 3 across the back seat.

  53. Weight limits, features, comfort, price.

  54. Jennifer Kreisler says

    I look for side impact, narrow to fit 3 across and ability to grow with the child.

  55. Angela ofori says

    I always look for carseats with higher weight limits in harness mode. With my son being on the heavier side this is a must for him to remain harnessed until at least 5.

  56. i often end up reading about a seat and then looking online for a website, Amazon for reviews.

  57. Faith Fontaine says

    I have low income atm, so I look for affordability. But I also read reviews and make sure it’s a good product

  58. When purchasing a car seat I look for weight and height ranges for rear facing and forward facing and ease of use. Also cost has an influence. This car seat was on my dream list but out of my price range.

  59. Aleshia ludwig says

    We would love a Radian for our little boy! Such a great carseat! .

  60. Safety and recommendations from other parents.

  61. Quality and versatility are two things high n my list.

  62. Crystal Saling says

    This looks very sturdy and comfortable!

  63. I look for the car seat that best fits my child, vehicle, and budget.

  64. I look for a safe 5-point harness and a more slim line fit so it doesn’t take up too much space in my car.

  65. Shona Basu Martens says

    I always look for safety features and ease of install first when looking for a new car seat.

  66. Emily Luellwitz says

    When I buy a new car seat, I look at safety features first and then I want the seat to be comfortable to ride in and convenient to use.

  67. Heather Judkins says

    I love our Dionos. They have everything I looked for in a car seat. They’re so easy to install, well constructed and fit 3 across in my car. I also love that I only needed to buy one seat from birth to booster age.

  68. Regina Wright says

    I look for safety,durability and longevity.

  69. Nicole Leger says

    I look for ease of use and I listen to opinions from friends and family

  70. Safety
    How long it should last
    Customer reviews

  71. I look for safety and how long I can use it for.

  72. i look for safety ratings, rear facing limits that are high, and the ability to easily fit more than one in the back seat!

  73. When choosing a carseat my number one is best safety features (including extended rear facing capabilities )

  74. Clarissa Graves says

    When shopping for a car seat, I look at customer reviews, test for a safe fit at the store, a seat my child feels comfortable in, and eats that will accommodate 3-across my sport SUV’s back seat. Right now we are using a Diono Radian RXT and a Britax ClickTight Boulevard.

  75. extended rear facing and reinforced frame are what I look for in a car seat.

  76. I look for comfort and safety, and color

  77. Alicia Branum says

    What do I look for when choosing a car seat? SAFETY FIRST!

  78. Elizabeth Hill says

    I look for car seats that are long lasting and will support extended rear facing for my littles. My favorite thing about the Diono line is that they are so narrow and can fit 3 across in most vehicles which is important for my ever growing family.

  79. Specs for RF and FF – longevity. Harness weight. Ease of install. Space.

  80. I look for safety and size. I’ve got 3 across in a small suv, so the width of the carseat is important! We love our Rainer but would love an RXT for our son!

  81. I look for many things depending on who the seat is for. Right now I need a narrow seat for 3yo so we can still access the third row easily.

  82. I look at the prices first because we do have a budget, I then look at the safety features and comfort, after that I select the best looking of those options. needles to say I’ve been eyeing a diono for a while now! 😀

  83. When choosing a car seat, for me price is a big factor, as well as reviews.

  84. Size in a car seat is a big factor for me, I’d prefer if they could fit three across in a car.

  85. Love this seat! Thanks for the education!

  86. Safety ratings! Then ease of use and space it will take up in my vehicle.

  87. When looking for a car seat, our family is most concerned with safety and quality, followed by ease of installation 🙂

  88. Jen st Pierre says

    I look for great reviews on car seats & crash ratings

  89. Sherry Blamer says

    I always look at how much weight it can hold and the brand. It also has to have padding for comfort.

  90. I look for something that will keep my kids safe and last. I love how long this can last in a 5 point harness as my 6 yr old is super wiggly and will be in one for a long time!

  91. one that’s easy to adjust and comfortable for long car rides

  92. Sonya Morris says

    I look for a carseat my child can use for years and is very safe.

  93. LaSha Bearman says

    I look at price first as i live on a tight budget and then how long i can use it and best features for price.

  94. I try to find something that will fit in my car, have high weight/height limits/ looks comfy, and is relatively affordable.

  95. Roseanne Berger says

    The car seat needs to be safe (ratings)! Then I look at comments, ease of installation, comfort, and attractiveness…price may also be a factor.

  96. I look for something with all the current safety features. something that is comfy and looks nice and won’t show stains.

  97. I look for one with high safety ratings, that will fit my budget and my vehicle.

  98. i look for the seat to be as safe and comfortable as possible, will fit well in our vehicle along with an extra car seat and that the price is reasonable.

  99. As i was submitting the Twitter follow entry I noticed that autocorrect had changed my twitter name. Is there a way to fix that? It should be “nbmaui79” not “nbear79”.

  100. The facebook chat was fun to follow and read. I was so worried when we first put our little guy in the carseat that we were doing it all wrong.. we watched tons of videos and thankfully had great friends to help us.

  101. I look for a car seat that is strong and safe also with one that will fit three across the back seat with four kids I need something that will last my child for years. and it’ll keep my kids safe

  102. Danielle Ferguson says

    I look for the carseat where I will be able to rear face my 9 month old daughter in. I also want to top rated carseat that will provide her with the best protection!

  103. When looking for a carseat I look for safety ratings, high height/weight limits and overall size/weight of the seat. The extended expiration date and the compact size of the Radian is amazing!

  104. This is supposed to be one of the safest and best car seats on the market. Thanks for the opportunity!

  105. When buying a car seat I look for one that is going to fit my son or daughter the best. Also since we drive a smaller car it also needs to be able to fit properly in our backseat.

  106. i look for features like great crash test ratings and also that it can hold a wide weight range (for budget purposes)

  107. Safety is most important, but I also love having a carseat that’s so narrow! We want a big family, so we will probably purchase more than the two Dionos we already have!

  108. Diono car seats are the cream of the crop in both safety and comfort! I love that you’re offering this giveaway and if I win I’ll give this to my sister who has two little ones since I recently tapped into my savings and bought this seat for my 7 year old.

  109. I look for a car seat that meets all standards. One that will last several years and will be comfortable for my grand child.

  110. I know it sounds run of the mill, but we’re really conscientious about making sure baby is buckled into her car seat. Since our travel system allows us to move her car seat from stroller (where she might not be buckled in!) to car (where she must be!) it’s a little too easy to forget to check to make sure she’s secured.

  111. Sarah Dickinson says

    Safety rating…

  112. i started researching convertible seats when my guy turned one and I have my heart set on these!! Totally worth the extra money for baby’s safety!

  113. Jacqueline Gordon Smith says

    When looking for a new seat I look for high weight and height limits so my off the chart kiddos can remain RF longer (one was almost 4 and currently a 2 yr old) and when FF remain in a 5 pt harness for as long as possible.

  114. Right now, we are looking for an infant car seat that will grow with our child so that we don’t have to keep upgrading when they grow.

  115. When looking for a car seat I look at reviews, price, how it will fit in my car, and weight limits especially for rear facing. Finding the right seat for you can be challenging but my kids are very important to me, so very worth the research!!

  116. Jennifer Zafarino-Griffiths says

    I look for safety in my car seat by doing research as well as seeing which seat is best for him and works with our car as well. It’s very important to us.

  117. I look at the safety features!

  118. Becky Naylor says

    I love ease of use functions. I recently purchased the ranier due to the quick connect latch anchors, which I feel in love with using my the first years true fit si, that is sadly, no longer in production.

  119. Breanna Meo says

    Rear facing limits and ease of use

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