The One With the Unexpected


Dear Leakies,

As parents we expect certain things to happen along the way. Certainly, we have expectations of our job description. And much of it happens the way we expect. Except none of it actually what we expected. We make plans, we have provisions, and then our kids show us that we’re really just flying by the seat of our pants and learning as we go. Course correction will be necessary because we may expect:

  • To sleep.
  • To have children that are developmentally above average.
  • To get to shower daily.
  • To have a home always picture perfect for unexpected company.
  • To not have a picky eater.
  • To be able to flush the toilet without having your child meltdown.

These seem like reasonable expectations and maybe they are but it is likely they may become challenged and challenging. The question sometimes becomes serve the expectation or care for your child.

The truth is, our children are going to break us. And that can be a good thing. 

And then sometimes life just throws us punches that change the whole path. At first that path may seem ugly, overwhelmingly challenging, and potentially very lonely. It may be exactly those things. But it may also open you up to experience beauty you never imagined and when you tell your story, companionship you never expected… read more here


Jessica Martin-Weber

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