Infant Feeding Product Guide 2015

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And we’re giving it ALL away! Every single item included in our guide (over 60!) is being given away. Divided into 3 separate bundles, we’re excited to be able to give 3 different leakies different bundles from our guide. From YOUR guide! Use the widget below to enter and tell us what 2 friends you have that you’d like to win the other two bundles in the comments.

Good luck and a huge thanks to all the brands that wanted to make this possible!

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  1. Kristi Deckard says

    I’m excited about the natural curve nursing pillow.

  2. The Earth Mama Nipple Butter was a lifesaver for me!

  3. Unassuming but absolutely essential. The Lansinoh Disposable Nursing Pads.

  4. Jenna Lewis says

    I would love to have an ergo nursing pillow. I tried a friend’s once and loved it!

  5. Dorothy Moore says

    Thank you! This is a good reminder… it’s been five long years since my last baby, and I am amazed at how much faded away… plus some products I had not heard of. I will look them over.

  6. Jessica Mota says

    Nipple butter by Earth angel

  7. Sindy Murray says

    I like Dr.Brown bottles ant the Calypso double breast pump!

  8. I had never heard of milkies milk saver, what a wonderful Idea!

  9. The infinity scarf is great!

  10. So many great products, wish I could afford even half of them! It would be such a blessing to win one of these prize packs!

  11. My favorite product from the feeding guide are the Milkies Milk Savers. I’m currently pregnant with my second and would like to try these this time as I would always leak out of the opposite side while nursing my first in the beginning months.

  12. The Advanced Double Electric Breast Pump is my favorite item in the list.

  13. the Bamboobies pads are my fave, i wont use any other brand

  14. I am returning to work soon and don’t have a pump yet. I don’t qualify for one thru my insurance since I got one for my daughter less than 3 yrs ago. The pump I received served me well for almost 2yrs I pumped 3 times a day 5 days a weeks. I simply has no more suction.

  15. I love the infinity nursing scarf! What a great idea.

  16. Bridget Palkow says

    I love the Earth Mama Nipple Butter and I have used it many times.

  17. My favorite is the Undercover Mama nursing camisole; I love these! 🙂

  18. I’d wanted a milk tray or glass bottles with my first, but never got around to getting them. It would be great to have them for baby #2!

  19. I love the Earth Mama Angel Baby Nipple Butter!

  20. Ashley Tingley says

    I love the idea of the stainless steel bottles, will definitely have to try some!

  21. Sarah Sobocinski says

    I love my bamboobies.

  22. My favorite product in the Infant Feeding Product Guide is the Kozii.

  23. I LOVE Undercover Mama tanks. I wear one every day. Can’t rave enough!

  24. So many neat items on here, but I think my favorite that got me through working and pumping with my first two children is the Simple Wishes Supermom Bra.

  25. Breast pads was my favorite

  26. Maggie Pedersen says

    I love the innobaby bottle warmer!

  27. I am definitely going to be using some EarthMamaAngelBaby nipple butter. The Kinde looks like a really great bottle feeding system!

  28. My favorite product in the guide is the Ergobaby Nursing Pillow.

  29. I’ve never heard of it until now, but that Twist System by Kiinde looks pretty awesome. I love that it works with any pump and is leak proof. I definitely had some leaks when I pumped.

  30. Beth Z. Patt says

    I like the Oogla products.

  31. I am expecting my first so I haven’t used any products yet but I have been told to get lots of breast pads. So I think my favorite product on the list would be the Bamboobies breast pads.

  32. I use Lansinoh disposable breast pads 24 hours a day!

  33. Love to try the Calypso breast pump!

  34. I love the monkey mat.

  35. My fave product is probably the Ergo nursing pillow !

  36. I love the dairy fairy bra!

  37. Aimee Barbeau says

    I think the nursing gown looks very comfortable.

  38. Ashley Parsons says

    The Lily padz breast pads. I nursed my first for 15 months and had to wear bra pads the ENTIRE TIME. Baby 2 is almost 4 months old and I still have to wear bra pads. I don’t want to have to wear them anymore!

  39. Would love the plate and utensils as my little is starting to feed himself

  40. My favorite products are any of the nursing bras or tops I feel like I can’t h a vs enough

  41. The naked tank looks awesome! Anything to make wearing clothes and nursing easier.

  42. This is an Awesome Giveaway.

  43. I love how you put together all these products together for us to see at one time. Being able to read up on these without having to go to tons of website while chasing around kids sure makes it nice.
    Thank you

  44. I like the idea of the Milkies Milk Savers! Very neat idea! I would love to try those.

  45. I love the monkey mat!

  46. So many of these items have made my mom life easier. Been hearing great things about that Calypso pump too!

  47. Love Dr. Brown bottles.

  48. I have a Medlea PIS but I’m really interested in trying out a different pump!

  49. Hayley Elliott says

    I have always wanted The Naked Tank and Undercover Mama tank!! I would also love to try the Earth Mama Angel Nipple butter and Ameda Pump!

  50. My favorites are probably:
    -The Earth Mama Angel Baby nipple butter
    -The Ergobaby nursing pillow

  51. MyChau Brikshavana says

    I really want to try the Kiinde Twist system because I’m sick of washing my pump supplies and bottles!

  52. I’ve love to try the Calypso double breast pump

  53. Melanie Morin says

    The Milkies milk savers are my favorite product, I really need to try it!

  54. I’d love to try the Twist system by Kiinde!

  55. My favorites are either the Bibit-All (baby-led weaning is a mess!) or the Ergobaby nursing pillow. I use pillows the entire nursing journey and that’s a good one. 🙂

  56. The Ergo nursing pillow

  57. Love Earth Mama nipple butter!! Would love to have any of these items as baby 4 will be here next week and I had already gotten rid of many of my items that made breastfeeding my last baby so much more enjoyable and easy.

  58. I mostly use Cake lingerie, their sporty nursing bra. It’s very flexible. So it stretches when I pull it down to nurse. It also stretches to different sizes, when I go from full to empty, it still fits! It’s my favorite so far. But I haven’t been able to explore much!

  59. Love the section on nursing bras!! I have the worst time with bras!! I’ve been nursing 2 kiddos for almost 3 years. We’ve had matisis for 3 months last winter..

  60. Jen Eiserman says

    All of it…I’m about to become a second time mom and I got goosebumps going through this list. These items would have been SO helpful the first time around. I’m lusting after a Sarah Wells bag, but also really need nursing wear. Fingers crossed!

  61. The infinity nursing scarf is a great idea if your not a public nurser

  62. Christine M says

    I would love to try the Evenflo pump, I have only heard good things and I love the co-creator, Shari Criso.

  63. I’ve been wanting to get the booby rubes and lactation cookies!

  64. I love the bamboobies and the earth mama angel baby nipple butter!

  65. Loving the divided plate by oogla.

  66. Brianna Ingersoll says

    Great stuff! So much I’d like to try!

  67. The natural curve pillow, but they’re all pretty great!

  68. I would love the Ergo nursing pillow! I have already had so much benefit from the Ergo 360 so I chat wait to try another of their products.

  69. Would love the twist bag system.

  70. Erin Kennedy says

    I love the nipple butter! It’s great on cuticles too!

  71. I love the Bamboobies!

  72. My favorite is definitely the Lilly Padz. Essential!

  73. Chelsea Foreman says

    Love all the products!

  74. The food trays! Love storing homemade food that way.

  75. I love the Fair Haven food trays!

  76. The monkey mat so awesome!

  77. I love the milkie milk savers! I’ve given them at two baby showers since I’ve tried them. They are great!

  78. I love my Lilly pads! They’re a life saver, I’m so much more comfortable at night with them!

  79. Ashley Cardoso says

    I most excited about choice A. I just love the teal bib with pearls, it’s so girly and adorable! 🙂 ❤️

  80. I’d love to try the Ergo nursing pillow!

  81. The Earth Mama Nipple butter was a life saver!

  82. Nicole Glickman says

    I am a huge fan of the Make My Day Bibs. We have several, they are the only bibs we will use now!

  83. Chelsey Bennett says

    ♡ the Lansinoh nursing pads. I use them daily, what a life saver!

  84. Love my itzy ritzy nursing scarf

  85. The bamboo use are awesome looking! I’m going to order some regardless of the giveaway!

  86. Alix Kalfin says

    I have not tried those lactation cookies but I have made my own and they are absolutely a life saver.

  87. It’s all my fave…I eed all the help I can get. :p

  88. Jamie Adams says

    I’m excited for the pumping bras that actually look and act like a bra!

  89. Would love to win for baby coming in February!

  90. Awesome giveaway!!! I love all the info and discounts you provide in your newsletters too!

  91. I’m most excited about the apparel!! I mean, how did I make it breastfeeding two kids and not know about these awesome pumping/nursing bras! I also really want to try the milk trays!

  92. The Sarah Well’s pumping bag looks awesome!! So much prettier than the bag I carried my pump in!

  93. My favorite product is the Undercover Mama nursing tank. I loved using those with my first!!!

  94. Michelle Massey says

    I can always trust this website to offer wonderful insight and knowledge on all things about feeding my son. It’s been a wonderful resource!

  95. The nursing bras! Love!Man I am in serious need of a quality new one.

  96. Kasandra Renee Valentine says

    I totally didn’t know that there was all these things available for baby and I, I really like the milk savies and the kozii!

  97. The bravado bra (they are so comfy) and an undercover mama tank, bc I don’t want to show my tummy!

  98. Sarah Jean Howard says

    I would absolutely love the Chic chewlery necklace! I would like to see Vici Jackson, Heather Edwards, or Lauren Haltom win any of the items!

  99. Bamboobies are great. So are teething necklaces.

  100. Christina C. says

    I’m excited about the calypso breast pump

  101. Miriam Matheny says

    Our favorite right now is the monkey mat! Easiest splat mat ever! I am hoping to try the Kiinde system with baby #2 come February

  102. The Milk Saver was amazing for me! I managed to put away a few hundred ounces during my maternity leave without pumping since I’m a serious leaker. When it was time to give those bags, I usually mixed with newer milk so avoid a foremilk/hindmilk imbalance.

  103. I love the idea of the milk savers!

  104. Bravado seamless nursing bra. I really want to try a bravado. A good nursing bra would be a godsend.

  105. Heather Bailey says

    The milk savers.

  106. Jamie hammel says

    I would love any of the double breast pumps.

  107. The nursing scarf

  108. I loved the nipple butter! I used it a lot when I first started breastfeeding. A little goes a long way and now I use it on the baby’s nose when it is runny, keeps it from getting irritated. Very soothing.

  109. Love that dairy fairy bra!

  110. Love Bamboobies!

  111. I need a pump! Would love to try the Ameda Purely Yours Pump.

  112. Anna McBride says

    I’m excited to try Lily Pads:). I have never used silicone nursing pads before.

  113. The kiinde kozii has been wonderful for my mom while she watched my son when I’m at work!

  114. Lisel Powell says

    The infinity scarf looks awesome and convenient

  115. Earth Momma Nipple Butter is a great product!

  116. We have the Replay divided plates and utensils and love them! I have been eager to try the Itzy Ritzy Infinity Nursing scarf though.

  117. Heather walborn says

    I love the Milkies Milk Saver I have been wanting to get that for the longest time!

  118. Jacquelyn Mattiss says

    Calypso nursing pump

  119. Brittany Crews says

    I would love to try the Ergo nursing pillow! It looks awesome!

  120. I think the Earth Mama Angel Baby nipple butter is going to become a favorite of mine 😉

  121. I love Bamboobies breast pads!

  122. Nipple Butter!! Oh how I wish I had it this very min!!!

  123. I like the Food Trays by Fairhaven Health.

  124. The itzy ritzy scarf looks awesome!

  125. Kristin Burke says

    Lactation cookies! I swear by them. 🙂

  126. So excited about the nursing pillow and breast pump 🙂

  127. John walborn says

    Would love to win this for my wife! She is definitely in need of more nursing attire to be more comfortable out in public like the nursing tank and scarf!

  128. Nurse purse pump bag! I work in a facility where I have to walk past 30-60 patients just to get to the room to pump in. Would be nice to have a nice (and fashionable) bag to tote with my parts!

  129. Wow! I’m probably more amazed than I should be at such a simple concept as the Fairhaven Health milk trays. It’s such a simple solution! The bags scare me when I take them along frozen to unthaw as we go and I always have at least one that’s leaky. This would solve that completely! After they’ve frozen, how is it recommended to store/label them long term?

  130. I love my Bamboobies! I coud really use a new pump as mine is no longer working.

  131. Christi maurer says

    Such a hard choice! for the nursing stage, which I’m about to be in again, Lily Padz. For the Toddler stage, which I’m in now, Innobaby storage containers!

  132. Love to have The infinity scarf!!

  133. I love the Ameda Purely Yours pump and the Lansinoh nursing pads! Thanks for the resource and chance to win! 🙂

  134. bamboobies. saved my sanity. and my shirts! i kept peeling off raw skin with disposable pads and got so self conscious with big flying saucer boobs with other reusable nursing pads. and with really active letdown even after 18mo with each of my kids im so so glad i found bamboobies!

  135. I love the Pura Kiki.

  136. My favorite is definitely the nipple butter, although I also love the cute breast pump bag!

  137. Sarah Martin says

    I leaked like a fountain for the first 7 months so the nursing pads were essential to our journey.

  138. Kristin Faircloth says

    I’d like to try the ergo nursing pillow.

  139. I really liked the twist system. I felt like my baby got more milk- even a few drops more. It was also nice not to have to clean as many parts!

  140. Marnie Bergstrom says

    That Monkey Mat is great! Honestly the Mommy-con Milk infant feeding Conference would be amazing to go to but that is a trip I don’t think I would be able to take!

  141. Those Lansinoh gel pads were life savers!

  142. Sara Eckert says

    My favorite item is the bib-it-all

  143. I love the kiinde bottle warmer. We had one that we sent to the sitter’s house. I keep trying to talk my husband into buying another one for home.

  144. Sarah Featherstun says

    My dream pump is the ardo calypso double pump. I would absolutely love to win that!

  145. Michelle Isgrigg says

    There are so many rediculously awesome items on the list! I love the bamboobies, because leaking milk is an unfortunate thing. I think all of the apparell looks fantastic (I only have a nursing bra and I make the rest work), and the chewlery is something we’re going to have to invest in soon! Those bites while nursing are no joke!

  146. Brandi Thornton says

    I love all the products but I think my favorite is the stainless steel bottles.

  147. Kayla SeyerHeitkamp says

    I love the kiinde twist system!

  148. I’m not sure what my favorite product is, since I don’t have any experience with them yet, but I’ve stocked up on Bamboobies and Earth Mama Nipple Butter so far.

  149. Christina H says

    I’m excited about the nursing pillow and the food trays!

  150. Sarah Fehringer says

    I love the Kiinde Twist! So easy! No more leaky bags! Great all in one product!

  151. Stephanie O'Day says

    I would really like the Ergo nursing pillow!!

  152. Jennifer Lyden says

    I want to try the milk savers!

  153. Laura Ashleigh says

    great article I haven’t used too many products for too long but would love to try some out

  154. Laura Ashleigh says

    Oh man a favorite how do you choose….the kinde system its cool but I do not pump much. Same goes for the calypso pump.
    I would say the solids food trays, but I love my nursing gear…so I think the nursing clothes/bras/undershirts would collectively be my have

  155. Andrea sanders says

    I love the bamboobies and the ardo calypso pump

  156. Alicia Lundquist says

    It seems simple, but the EMAB Nipple Butter.

  157. I LOVE bamboobies and I would love to try the replay divided plates.

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