#LeakyLooks: Of Turkeys and Taking Care

by Kileah McIlvain

As these days get shorter and the nights get longer, our little family looks forward to the “turning in” of our home. The reveling in the warm light of candles, the pile of fluffy blankets just waiting to be nested in, the warm smells of fresh banana bread baking in the kitchen.

Reveling in the small, slow, intentional things can help us slow down, especially during the holiday season when schedules and nights can fill up quickly with events or extra work. By the time that crazy 4 PM rolls around, the thought of running away sounds much more enjoyable than mustering that last squeeze of energy to last to the end of the day (or bedtime!). So? I put together a few looks this week that highlight some of my favorite “seek simple pleasures” moments throughout the day…whether that’s working, a family get-together, or taking a night to yourself (or maybe a date night in!). My hope is that you transition into this holiday season with peace, armed with some essentials that can help you along the way!

Of Working and Pumping 



I loved the classy style of this dress that is specifically for the working or jetsetting mama who needs to pump or breastfeed on the go! It’s easy to layer with a great jacket, blazer, or poncho wrap. Unique accessories are a great way to change the look of your main wardrobe pieces. Juno Blu wins the day again with their stylish pumpgear-toting handbags.

1.Hadley Stilwell Jet Set Dress  2.Etsy  3.Brit.co  4.Modcloth  5.Matraea Soothing Nipple Fix  6.Simple Wishes Pumping Bra  7.Born  8.Juno Blu “Nepenthe” Pumping bag 


Mama’s Night In



A Mama’s Night In? Date Night In? This look features some of my go-to pieces for a cozy night in snuggled up under my favorite blanket. Drinking chocolate is one of my favorite late treats I’ve discovered…and wearing my favorite pair of socks while I do my nails (a true indulgence! absolutely love SOPHi’s line…and seriously. the stuff wears like nail armor. I went 5 days without chipping! It’s basically a mama miracle). Rubbing on some gentle lotion…or taking turns with my partner massaging aching shoulders with our favorite massage bar really helps my body and mind relax after a stressful day.

1.Belabumbum Nursing Dress “Eva”  2.Lush Massage bar “Soft Coeur” (the honeymooner!)  3.Creo Brewing Cacao drinking chocolate  4.Ikea Ursula knit throw  5.SOPHi non-toxic nail polish “Skinny Dip & Chips”  6.Earth Mama Angel Baby Lotion  7.Smart Wool socks


The Leaky’s Essentials To Surviving Thanksgiving



Thanksgiving here in the states is one of my favorite times to get together with our friends and family. Over the years as we’ve added to our family, I’ve discovered a few (though not all are listed here!) essentials to not only surviving, but thriving at a holiday get-together. Taking care of yourself is just as important as taking care of those around you! Also, we just featured the Innobaby AquaHeat in our comprehensive Infant Feeding Guide! Check it out for more details and why we recommend it!

1.Bamboobies  2.Ergobaby Original in “Black Twill” (NEW!) 3.ThinkSport Insulated coffee mug/coffee  4.Calm-a-mama Calm Drops  5.Etsy  6.AquaHeat by InnoBaby  7.JuiceBeauty Authentically Pink Makeup Kit


Do you have some good holiday survival tips? Shoot them my way! I’m going to be featuring some more looks and holiday-themed articles designed with every mama in mind! xoxo


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