Lucky #7 Celebration and Giveaway!

It’s The Leaky Boob’s 7th birthday! And TLB founder and community manager, Jessica, and her family is expecting baby #7! With so much to celebrate, we decided to make a big thing of it.

We kicked it off with a Facebook Live Stream featuring our entire family, all 8 of us, on camera, taking turns sharing tips on how to help prepare your children for a new sibling. In case you missed that surprisingly moderately rambunctious event, you can watch it here

About half way through that Live Stream, we shared a special video announcing our family’s exciting news, thanks to our friends at Snugabell Mom & Baby Gear and My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear. It features our whole family, a touch of nostalgia, stuffed animals dancing the Macarena, a game full of laughter where apparently dice give birth to baby dice, and a pumping bra demonstration, among other things. 

This Live Stream offered us the opportunity to talk about a number of great products too,  and a few brands even surprised us with a surprise gift just to help us celebrate our Lucky #7! Thank you so much My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear, Ameda, Chunkabuns, and Molly’s Suds for the surprise gifts! 

Heartfelt thanks also to My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear and Snugabell Mom & Baby Gear, as well as Bamboobies, Bella Materna, Chunkabuns, Earth Mama Angel Baby, Evenflo Feeding, Pariday, and UpSpring, for making this Live Stream possible. 

And that was the kick off of 7 days of a huge group giveaway for The Leaky Boob community: 

7 prize bundles
7 winners
7×4 brands featured
$7000 of prizes (actually over $9000)
for 7 days

Along with our Live Stream brands, we thank the following companies for their support of The Leaky Boob and their participation in this Lucky #7 celebration giveaway: Ameda, 5 Phases, Baby K’tan, Belibea, Chompy Chic Chewlery, Euphoric Herbals, Flora Inc, Freja Toys, Glamourmom, Kanga Care, Lansinoh, Milkin’ Cookies, Momzelle, Onya Baby, organicKidz, Snuggle Me Organic, The Dairy Fairy, and Wean Green

Check out more information on all the wonderful giveaway brands and prizes below, and make sure to enter the giveaway near the bottom of this post.



TLB’s Lucky #7 Giveaway



Brands that sponsored the Pregnancy Announcement video: 

Snugabell Mom & Baby Gear
Born out of one mom’s desire to pump breastmilk so she could focus on running her small business while others fed her daughters, without forgoing style for efficiency, Wendy put her years in the apparel industry to good use and designed her own pumping bra! 10 years later the PumpEase is now one of many in Snugabell’s product line, and Wendy also manages an online community of support, encouragement, and tips, as well as the Snugabell Milk Money Grant Program, which funds grassroots breastfeeding support initiatives. 


PumpEase Hands-Free Pumping Bra (all bundles): Can I just say how much we love that PumpEase has a new print that looks like it’s inspired by The Leaky Boob’s logo? The PumpEase is your fashionable AND functional solution for pumping while doing just about anything you might want to do while you sit and let the PumpEase hold your pump flanges in place for you. Look mom, no hands! RV (Retail Value): $38

Additionally, receive $7 off the PumpEase at,, and using code: TLBLUCKY (valid through 5/31/17, listing must state “Sold by Snugabell Mom & Baby Gear and Fulfilled by Amazon” for the code to work)


My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear
My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear is the product of a sonograph tech that recognized how much people love to be able to hear their baby’s heartbeat. And after noticing how enthusiastic these families were over being able to take a recording of that heartbeat home with them in a little stuffed animal, Purusha just knew that she had to be a part of it. Now with dozens of animals to choose from, the amount of cuteness is overwhelming! Meet one of the newest additions to the My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear family, as well as a couple other products featured in this giveaway: 

Vintage Sloth (select bundles): Adorable stuffed animals that contain a red heart recorder for 20 seconds of precious and comforting sound: your baby’s heartbeat. And now that our babies have gotten older, they have a special and unique message from their parents recorded so they can hear it whenever they need it. RV: $39.99

“SAVE the Midwives” Woven Wrap (select bundles): 5 of our 6 babies were born at home and we are planning a home birth for “Lucky” too, so we LOVE our midwives. This wrap with a message is 40% hemp, and 60% cotton, an exclusive made by “Natibaby” and balances elegance with functionality and support. Our new baby’s first wrap! RV:$125

My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear Mei Tai (select bundles): made by Babyhawk, this charcoal gray, Asian style baby carrier works great for infants and toddlers. We’re looking forward to trying it out with our little one. RV: $75






Brands that sponsored the Facebook Live Stream:

Bamboobies Multi-Pack (all bundles): These are some of my favorite breast pads. Their heart shape is not only adorable, it allows for easy moulding to all kinds of breast shapes – which, let’s face it, applies to our own breasts all the time while breastfeeding. Very absorbent, they come in two different types: day and night, so you can always have that soft velour on your skin. Bamboobies has got your front! RV: $24.99



Bella Materna 
Sexy T-Shirt Nursing Bra (select bundles): Yes, you can wear a nursing bra that honors both the baby feeding and the sexy sides of your breasts! This elegant bra features safe underwire and sizes up to I cup. RV: $64

Choice Full Bra Support Camisole (select bundles): Comfort, support, wire-free built-in bra (up to a K cup), good for breastfeeding and pumping, maternity and nursing, this Bella Materna cami is versatile and comfy! RV: $64


Savvy Pants, size 9M-24M (all bundles): These cute pants have plenty of room for children in cloth diapers, but the best feature is definitely the grow-with-me cuffs and waist – the pants grow with your baby! Forget about pants that only last a season: these pants will last you a couple years! RV: $49.95

Handy Bands (all bundles): What do you do when your baby outgrows their diapers? Expand them with these Handy Bands! And check out other cool uses for these here (for mom too!). RV: $9.95



Earth Mama Angel Baby
Pregnancy Essentials Bundle (select bundles): An extraordinary natural gift for a special pregnant mama, this bundle of Earth Mama Angel Baby products is filled with everything to help ease pregnancy’s common discomforts, from worried head to urpy belly! RV: $25.95

Additionally, receive 20% off purchases at using code: LuckyLeaky7 (for regularly priced items. Excludes bundles and kits. Valid until 5/12/17 for US orders only)




Evenflo Feeding
Advanced Double Electric Breast Pump (select bundles): Can quality and affordability be found in a breast pump? My friends at Evenflo Feeding believe it should be a reality. This pump has everything you’re looking for: closed system, independent speed and suction control, multiple flange sizes included in the box, and a low price point. RV: $86.99




Pariday TendHer Pillows + Pillowcases (all bundles): find some relief from early breastfeeding discomfort with these re-usable gel packs & sleeves. A little cooling therapy for your breasts! Also works as stress relief balls, as demonstrated by my children during the Live Stream! RV: $24.99

Additionally, receive 15% off any order over $25 at using code: TLBLUCKY7


UpSpring Prenatal Gummies + Soft Gel (all bundles): Even though we’re fairly relaxed about taking supplements most of the time, when it comes to growing a baby we want to make sure both mom and baby are getting what they need – especially since HG makes balanced nutrition a real challenge for us. UpSpring supplements are not only free of artificial ingredients, gluten-free, and non GMO, they also taste good, and of course, they are full of the nutrients you’re looking for. RV: $24.99

Additionally, receive 25% off Prenatal gummies or tablets at using code: LEAKYBOOB7 at checkout (expires 5/2/17)



Brands that surprised us with a Special Gift in the Facebook Live Stream:

My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear
Not only has Purusha kept our kids spoiled with all the cuddly plush they could want (including the new Vintage Sloth – so cute) with personal messages from their mommy and daddy, she also sent us one of the “SAVE the Midwives” woven wrap (she knows how much I respect midwives!), as well as a My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear Mei Tai, for us to discover with you during the Live Stream. Thank you so much! More information on all of these products above. 

Our friend Vicki knows that there’s way more to parenting than keeping littles fed, changed, bathed, and rested. They need stimulation and connection! And so we just love that Vicki surprised us with a family game. Ameda is not only there for your pumping needs, they support your journey as a mom. Thanks, Ameda! 

I got to meet Angie earlier this year, and she loves getting creative with baby clothes, which explains the Savvy Pants that grow with your baby, the Handi-Bands that expand your baby’s diapers, and the shirt I was wearing during the Live Stream that read “Mom Strong” and that has a matching shirt for baby that reads “Strong Like Mommy.” Angie surprised us with a set of custom-made T-shirts for our 6, I mean, 7 kids! “Big Sister” for our 6 girls, and “Hello World” in html for the baby that’s coming! So cute! Check out Chunkabuns custom T-shirt ideas for your family! 

Molly’s Suds
We know Molly’s Suds for their great laundry soap options. Time for us to get our cloth diaper stash out and get them ready! Thank goodness we didn’t give them all away. Molly’s Suds surprised us with wool dryer balls during the Live Stream. Wool dryer balls are a great alternative to fabric softener, and we were in need of replacing the ones that disappeared on us a little while ago. Thank you! Check out Molly’s Suds tips on reducing static cling here



Brands celebrating Lucky #7 with the Group Giveaway:

5 Phases Hybrid Glass Baby Bottles include a recyclable plastic sleeve that guards against  (and contains) breakage. The environmentally-friendly 4 oz glass inserts can also be used for baby food storage when they transition away from the bottle. RV: $18.99 (all bundles)




Ameda Cool’N Carry Tote is helpful for discreetly and safely cooling and transporting breast milk whether for work, daycare, and/or away from your baby. Insulated, easy-to-clean, it holds up to six Ameda Breast Milk Storage bottles. RV: $29.99 (all bundles)


Ameda ComfortGel Extended-Use Hydrogel Pads for the soothing, cooling relief and protection from nipple pain or trauma related to breastfeeding, keeping the area moist. Reusable, discreet, they fit securely inside most nursing bras. RV: $14.99 (all bundles)




Belibea Nourish nursing, pumping, and everything-in-between bra was designed with the flexibility of the modern mom in mind. It’s convenience and comfort wrapped up in one bra that lets you do it all! RV: $49.95 (all bundles)





Chompy Chic Chewlery Nursing/Teething Necklace are perfect for fidgety baby hands at the breast and sore gums when those little chompers make their challenging appearance. And they look cute on mom too! RV: $25 (all bundles) 

Additionally, receive 20% off purchases at using code: Leakyboob




Flora, Inc is the brand I turn to when my body needs a boost of iron – near the end of each of my pregnancies. Their Floradix Iron + Herbs is a liquid iron supplement specially formulated for its high absorption rate, and my body loves it. RV: $26.79 (all bundles)




Freja Toys makes the cutest crocheted toys! Handmade in Ukraine of 100% cotton yarn and hypoallergenic polyester filling, this set of adorable veggies is sure to take your baby’s play time to a whole new level of cute! RV: $28.50 (all bundles)



Glamourmom nursingwear is designed for full support and easy breast access while keeping your postpartum belly covered. Their $25 gift certificate is sure to get you at their options in body type, color, length and adjustability. RV: $25 (all bundles)

Additionally, receive 15% off purchases at checkout using code: LB4417 (offer ends 7/1/17)


Milkin’ Cookies were created by 2 frazzled sleep-deprived physicians who saw a decrease in their milk supply. It only took them 35 tries to create delicious lactation cookies! Yum! A 14-day supply with your choice of flavor is yours for the winning. RV: $28 (all bundles) 




Momzelle “Nora” Nursing Dress is the summer dress you’re looking for! It looks like denim, but feels so soft. I love Momzelle’s styles and their desire to help mothers feel confident and comfortable breastfeeding anywhere. RV: $82 (all bundles)

Additionally, receive 20% off regular priced items at using code: MOMMY20



Onya Baby keeps you on-the-go with The Pure carrier. Lightweight, breathable, and easy to use, its front panel rolls up and tucks away to reveal soft 3D Hex mesh which helps wick away moisture and keep you both cool on hot days. RV: $129 (all bundles)

Additionally, receive 15% off all orders at using code: LoveOnya




organicKidz Baby Grows Up Gift Set has everything you need to transition your baby from bottle feeding to sip cup to water bottle by a simple switch of accessories in the kit. Their stainless steel recyclable bottle grows with your baby! RV: $25 (all bundles)



Snuggle Me Organic Cosleeping Baby Lounger is like a sleep cloud for your newborn to 6 month-old. It’s made in the USA, midwife recommended, in a family run business owned by a woman – just the kind of work and product I like to support! RV: $140 (all bundles) 





Wean Green tempered glass food storage containers are a staple in our kids’ daily lunches. They’re just so practical, durable, and colorful! The Baby Starter Set includes 3 basic sized to prepare, store, and serve homemade baby food. RV: $29.99 (all bundles) 



Baby K’Tan Carrier is a “ready-to-wear” wrap that that functions as a sling, wrap, and baby carrier, without wrapping or buckling! Just slip it on like a T-shirt! Designed for children with special needs, it fits babies up to 35 pounds. RV: $49.95 (select bundles)




Euphoric Herbals offers handcrafted herbal products from the heart of a doula for comfort and healing before and after birth with their Pregnancy & Postpartum Set, Herbal Postpartum Set, and $50 Gift Certificate. RV: $135 (select bundles)

Additionally, receive 15% off purchases at using code: TLB7


Kanga Care cloth diaper experts bring us their Rumparooz: in vibrant styles and colors, these one-size cloth diapers fit babies from birth to potty training (6 to 35+ lbs)! Their 6 customizable absorbency settings keep leaks in check. RV: $25.95 (select bundles) 

Additionally, receive 10% off one purchase at using code: KCLUCK7 (offer ends 5/31/17)



Lansinoh‘s new Smartpump Double Electric Breastpump uses Bluetooth technology to connect seamlessly to the Lansinoh Baby App to track pumping sessions and more! Its closed system features 3 customizable pumping styles. RV: $219.99 (select bundles)




The Dairy Fairy Ayla is one of my favorite nursing/pumping bras – and now one of my teens’ favorite too! Its ingenious design is accommodating to fluctuating breast size, and manages to be elegant and sexy too. RV: $54 (select bundles) 




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