Lucky’s Birth – Live!, with My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear

This special occasion made possible by the generous support of My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear.


Ever since we live streamed Sugarbaby’s birth 5 years ago, we have received message after message from people thanking us for showing how calm and beautiful birth can be. And ever since we announced this pregnancy, we have received message after message from people asking us if we are going to live stream Lucky’s birth too. Yes, it’s a private event for our family, but we also consider this a wonderful opportunity for us to do our part in re-normalizing birth as a biological event first, that is medicalized only if absolutely necessary. We consider it an educational opportunity for the masses!

We will start the live stream (below the Live Chat window) once labor officially kicks in. Labor could last just a few hours (or less!) and go for 24 hours or more. There’s no predicting just how long it’ll take. We have recruited some special help to keep things interesting. First we will have someone from our team interacting in the Live Chat window below, posting tidbits of information regarding the birth, and actively answering your questions.

Second, Lavinia is excited to act the part of interviewer for a number of short FB Live Streams were calling Featurettes. She’ll be discussing several topics with our birth team and family, from what the midwives need to do to get set up, to what our kids are doing to help celebrate their little sister’s birth (spoiler alert: there may be cake). These featurettes will be separate from the static live feed below.

Feel free to share this exciting event with your friends, family, and strangers online!

Below the Live Chat window and the Live feed, we are featuring a number of brands that believe in the importance of education relating to motherhood, family, and health – their featured products represent their commitment to supporting mothers and their families.

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A huge thank you to our Title Sponsor: My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear.

To help celebrate Lucky’s arrival, My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear is offering 7 Rainbow Keepsake Kits, one for each of 7 Lucky winners!

The Rainbow Keepsake Kit is a beautiful way to celebrate or honor a life. Accessorize your Heartbeat Animal with a rainbow tutu, rainbow bowtie, or both. Comes with a 13-15″ stuffed animal of your choice and heart-shaped recorder. A $39.99 value. 

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A big thank you to Earth Mama Organics and Andaluz Waterbirth Center for co-sponsoring Lucky’s big day!

Be sure to check on The Leaky Boob Facebook page for fun featurettes full of home birthing facts, thanks to My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear, Earth Mama Organics, and Andaluz.



From the positive test to the big push, from the first latch to the thousandth diaper, Earth Mama effectively supports the miraculous wonders and common indignities of motherhood with effective, natural herbal care. They know the fierce love, gut-wrenching fear, and boundless joy, that are simultaneously present and part of the process, because they’ve been there. And they’re here to tell you:

You’ve got this
You’re not alone
And by the way: 
You’re amazing 

Hemorrhoids and all. 

Earth Mama wants you to know about the importance of Lying-in after birth. As defined on their website, “‘Lying-in’ is the period of time for a postpartum mama to heal and bond with her newborn. It’s a time to take care of the mama that made the miracle, and heal her body and soul while she gets to know every crease, dimple, and the sweet scent of her brand new baby.”

Read all about this important time on their blog.

Earth Mama has developed a range of products focused on healing and soothing postpartum mamas, including their Organic Monthly Comfort Tea and Postpartum Bath Herbs.










We are thrilled to be on this baby journey with the amazing midwifery team at Andaluz Waterbirth Center here in Portland, Oregon. Their beautiful birth center, with its big birthing tubs and homey feel, would have easily swayed us into having our Lucky there if our hearts weren’t hard set on continuing our home birthing tradition! Anyone in the greater Portland area interested in having a midwife-assisted birth should definitely take the tour. Andaluz Waterbirth Center is just about as charming as its midwives, who embody the simplicity, beauty, and spirituality inherent in bringing new life into the world. There is an art between applying knowledge and letting nature take its course, and these competent midwives know just how to manage that balance.

Follow Andaluz Waterbirth Center on Facebook!

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  1. Stephanie Kelso says

    I am so happy I didn’t miss the live stream! Congratulations Martin-Webers!!! Can’t wait to meet Lucky!

  2. I missed SugarBaby’s birth, I was running #bfcafe and had to focus on Twitter. Looks like I’ll miss Lucky’s birth too 😉

  3. April Baker says

    I just want to say thank you for everything you do to normalize natural birth and breastfeeding. It never ceases to amaze me what our bodies are capable of, but our society has shamed women for so long that we have generations who are blind to what they can achieve.

  4. Trisha Rowe says

    Thank you so much for sharing your labor and Lucky’s birth with us!

  5. Nichole James says

    Good luck Jessica! Hope it’s a smooth and healthy delivery. Can’t wait to see lucky!

  6. Thank you for this live feed! Showing normal birth is so important. All the best from California. <3

  7. Kate Cundiff says

    Good luck! I’m due in 3 days and this is quite inspiring to get to see.

  8. Sending good labor vibes!!

  9. I watched Sugarbaby’s birth. Hope I’ll get to see this one too!

  10. I need to retire for the night so I’ll miss this birth. I did watch sugar babys birth while pregnant with my 5 year old.

  11. This is my first time! Best wishes.

  12. Thank you for the giveaway, and for allowing us into your life this way.

  13. Sherry Blamer says

    I have seen birthing videos and seen pictures of birth. Its very amazing of you to share your babies birth to help educate others on birth!

  14. Jessica Mongeau says

    I only caught some of Sugar Baby’s birth live, and I remember it helping bolster my courage about delivering my rainbow baby. Now I’m due soon with my own little XX baby. Sending you and Lucky lots of love!

  15. You got this mama!

  16. I’m excited for you and your family!

  17. Jason Bohan says

    I watched my wife birth all three of our children. Two were born in our bathroom at home due to quick labors.

  18. kelly tupick says

    No, it’s not the first time i saw a live human birth and no i did not catch Sugarbaby’s birth.

  19. You are such an inspiration!

  20. Amanda Woods says

    The bear is really cute.

  21. Emily Edington says

    Praying for a safe delivery for Both Jessica and lucky!

  22. Caroline Guthrie says

    Good luck with the birth, this is so exciting to watch. This not my first birth I’ve seen.

  23. Alayney Tressel says


  24. Macy Garner says

    Would love to win this cute bear!

  25. Sarah Ostrowski Simmons Sare says

    Excited to share in this amazing event with you all!! Also using it as a communication teaching moment with my 4yr old as our baby is due in February!

  26. Thank you for sharing this amazing experience. I remember the first birth I witnessed and it was an amazing spiritual experience.

  27. I have only seen two live births – my own and my daughter’s!

  28. I am a birth doula and am obsessively watching! I need to go to work:)
    Saying a gentle farewell but will check in later. I won’t forget about you today!

  29. Jean Marie C says

    I did watch SugarBaby’s birth!!! My sister in law has a due date in April and I’ll be her “doula” and her support system, along with my brother.

  30. Christine Sapp says

    Congratulations!! Thank you for sharing such an amazing and personal event.

  31. Oh my goodness 💙

  32. So excited for you! Watching with anticipation and sending all the good birthy vibes! <3

  33. Best of luck!

  34. I love this! The first live birth I saw was my baby brother’s when I was 10! Now I’m expecting number 4, and Lucky’s birth is now helping me educate my 5 year old daughter. I’m going to contemplate having her present at the birth!

  35. Rachel Feltaous says

    So excited to see so much love. All the feels watching this. So happy for them.

  36. Rebecca Bennett says

    Thanks for sharing your experience with us. I’ve had two homebirths after 1 hospital birth. Nothing compares to being in your home surrounded by those that love and support you while you bring a sweet new soul into the world. Congrats!

  37. Super cool giveaway and hook up

  38. Chelsey bennett says

    I don’t think I’ve ever watched a live birth online before. Very brave

  39. Veronica Bohan says

    I delivered two babies at home via fetal ejection reflex and mostly sat in the bathtub or walked/crawled/knelt/swayed during labor while telling my husband what to go clean. My first birth was in the hospital and I just lay in bed miserably. All three were drug free.

  40. Yes I have witnessed love birth. No I didn’t catch sugar baby’s birtb

  41. Has been offline for a while now. Hope we don’t miss anything.

  42. Hi! Best wishes! This is th e first time I have caught a live stream of a birth but we watched several videos in preparation for our vbac for our rainbow baby.

  43. Danielle Dunn Tribble says

    Happy to see Lucky will be coming into the world soon! I didnt catch Sugarbaby’s live, but saw it after and it’s been such a neat experience to see all your girls growing up these past few years. You’re an amazing family and Lucky is very lucky to have such a big wonderful family to love.

  44. I am so excited for you all. Thank you for sharing such an intimate experience with us. I have followed you for years and have learned a lot, gained strength through my daughters abuse situation, and have really enjoyed all you post.

  45. So excited for this rainbow baby.

  46. I love the new trend of live streaming births! This is the first I’ve watched. Such a beautiful birthing space 💓

  47. Buzymomma3boyz says

    This is awesome!

  48. I’m so excited for you all. ❤️

  49. So excited for you! I watched Sugarbabys arrival too, tuning in as much as I can to this!

  50. Congrats and good luck! I saw Sugarbaby’s live birth as well! It’s awesome what you’re doing!

  51. Thanks for sharing this special time with all of us

  52. I love how much support you have! I am due with our rainbow baby in 4 weeks! Congrats to you!

  53. How exciting to know a new baby is coming . Sending you happy , relaxing thoughts . Lots of love ❤️

  54. As a birth doula, I love that you are streaming your birth live and allowing us to be a part of this amazing process with you and your family!

  55. This is awesome!

  56. Congrats on the new baby!

  57. Jessica Martinez says

    This is muy dream birth. You are doing so amazing Mama and you have some awesome children and an amazing partner can’t wait to see Lucky! Lots of good labor vibes sent your way!

  58. Michelle Frias-Rodriguez says

    Love this! I remember watching Sugarbaby’s birth. Wishing you a smooth, beautiful and amazing birth this time around. I’m so happy for you and your family!

  59. You’re doing so amazing!

  60. Kathryn Bennett says

    You’re doing amazing! Great job! My girls and I are watching and cheering for you with each contraction!

  61. This is not the first time I have seen a live birth but it was amazing! Congrats! I will have to go and watch Sugarbaby’s birth!

  62. This was such a powerful and precious birth. I am so proud of you, Jessica. You are strong, and you are amazing.

  63. I had a new baby that I struggled to nurse 5 plus years ago when I watched you have Sugarbaby, and now I have another new baby (this time born at home who I have had no trouble nursing) while watching this new baby be born.

  64. Oh what an exciting time

  65. Congratulations on the birth of your dear baby!! You were amazing in your labor. Thank you for inviting us in and showing us how beautiful it can be and how special and amazing to have siblings and those we love around us.

  66. Congrats on Lucky number 7!

  67. Tiffany Banks says

    Wow that was AMAZING and my first time witnessing a birth besides my own!! Congrats!! <3

  68. Jennifer Day says

    Absolutely beautiful! Congratulations! The second live birth I’ve seen; a friend of mine streamed hers. You rock, and make me wish for a home birth with our next one.

  69. Congrats!!!

  70. Thank you for live streaming. I enjoyed checking in all day❤️❤️
    I can’t wait to hear her weight and height😊

  71. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  72. Wow congratulations ♥

  73. Awesome, so much emotion, a beautiful birth!

  74. This was beautiful and amazing. Thank you for sharing your journey with us.

  75. Jamie Grimes says

    Congratulations on baby Lucky!! 💕

  76. Congrats on Lucky’s birth! I did not catch it live, so thank you for leaving the link up for us to watch later. 🙂

  77. That bear is adorable. Thanks for normalizing birth!

  78. Liz Brooks says

    Everything about this is spectacular. Congratulations to the entire family … Lucky is lucky indeed to have found this loving home.

  79. Rachel shepherd says

    Thank you SO much for sharing and helping renormalize natural birth. This wasn’t the first one I have witnessed and I missed the livestream but was wonderful to witness all the same and you have inspired me to have my kids present at the birth if we have another child.

  80. Maddy k Lewis says

    Absolvely amazing! You rock Mama congratulations on the new little one!! ❤

  81. Amy Simmons says

    I absolutely loved watching you two support each other through Lucky’s birth 🙂 Thank you for this opportunity!

  82. Amanda Iden Howell says

    So glad I could go back and see this! I needed some inspiration for my next birth, it’s been so many years. Seeing this calm birth was very calming for me. I did watch the last birth live but it was funny, a Captain Morgan rum commercial came on just as the baby came out! lol Very happy to see this one. Congratulations!

  83. With baby 3 due in March I had to watch. I was an emotional rollercoaster of a mess 😭😭 thank you for sharing with us such an intimate moment in all of your lives❤️

  84. Miranda Christiansen says

    Thanks for sharing this amazing experience with the world!

  85. Melissa arko says

    Absolutely beautiful and my first time seeing a live birth that’s not my own.

  86. Melissa Barton says

    It was wonderful how inclusive you are about your very personal life, I am moving to Portland (and my family of course) in the next few months and ‘getting to know you’ such as it is through facebook has oddly reassured me that it’ll be a good move – we only know one person there!

    Thanks again for letting me live vicariously through your wonderful blog and the family about which it is written. I always wanted a homebirth, but sadly could not. In fact, my last one was even surgical rather then vaginal. It was heartbreaking, but watching your journey has been somewhat cathartic for me. Thank you!

  87. Carly Absher says

    This was my first time watching a live home birth that was as real as could be. I recently have found The Leaky Boob so I didn’t watch Sugar babies live birth but I did watch the video that is still posted today! Being a super anxious pregnant soon to be first time Mama this experience has given me so much confidence, support, and such a different view point on giving birth. Although I will be delivering at a hospital and not home with as much pain meds as I can possibly have I feel much more clear on what our bodies can truly do. My husband and I had some really deep conversations on our communication during birth and have been trying different ways of calming to see what works best. I think it helped my husband on what to expect and how to talk, handle, and truly be there for me. I am so grateful for finding The Leaky Boob as it has helped me in sooo many ways and for the future!

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