The Leaky Boob Community Private Facebook Group Guidelines

This post is for those requesting to join The Leaky Boob Community Private Facebook Group to read to determine if they are a good fit for our group. Please note you will have to answer questions in requesting the join the group and there is one that can only be answered if you have read the interaction guidelines agreement entirely.

By participating in this group (from your very first comment or post) you are agreeing to these guidelines. Violation of these guidelines may result in removal or banning from the community.

The Leaky Boob Facebook group is the community extension of and the Facebook page, The Leaky Boob. Please find more support in those spaces as well. For community and support for anything beyond infant and toddler feeding, feel free to join our sibling group, We’re All Human Here.

The Leaky Boob Community Group interaction guidelines points:

The Leaky Boob Community Private Facebook Group is inclusive of those seeking infant feeding community with a focus on lactation-centric support. The Leaky Boob Community Private Facebook group is a welcoming space for information sharing, support, and connecting community. By joining and interacting in our group you agree with our community to these interaction guidelines. These are our agreements together.

Absolutely do not block any moderators. Members who block moderators will be banned. Please see current list of moderators at the bottom of this post.

No buy/sell/trade activities in this space (including milk sharing/milk donation requests/offers), The Leaky Boob admin and moderators are not responsible for b/s/t instigated by members. This includes “vote for me” posts. There may, on occasion be opportunities vetted and approved by TLB leadership for special group buys, etc. Such occasions will be clearly communicated from TLB’s leadership.

There are no stupid questions. Ask what you need to ask.

Keep the focus on parenting, infant feeding, etc. Way off-topic posts (such as politics) will be deleted. No photoshop/photo editing requests please, there are groups and sites specifically for these purposes and the requests flood our wall and make it difficult for members to find feeding and parenting support.

Check combative attitudes and language at the door and stick with respectful and encouraging exchanges. Violent language of any type is not permitted in our community even when used figuratively or in venting. This includes expressions of acts of physical violence (i.e. hit someone, smack someone, throat punch, etc.) and threats of violence (i.e. want to kills someone, run them over with a car, etc.). The exception is if you have experienced violence personally and are sharing your story and situation. (For more on what this means to us please read this post.)

Disagreements are fine, name calling, racist statements, bullying, bashing, and offensive language is not.

GoFundMe, or other fundraising that has not specifically been vetted and approved by TLB leadership are also not permitted here. To protect our community, we ask that fundraising or other financial support not be conducted here. Additionally, please understand that we will not be able to view or approve every request. If something emerges for someone within our community and some support seems necessary, please consult with an admin before officially launching any efforts in our community.

To keep our community supportive and safe, please bring complaints up first privately to a moderator or admin.

We do not permit posts about posts in our group be it direct or implied. If a post is removed and another post is made about the post being removed, that too is a violation of our community agreement to not promote drama. Any posts made about other posts will be automatically deleted. Continuing to make posts about other posts will result in removal from our group.

Racism has no place here. Racist images, comments, and speaking of any racial group in demeaning ways is prohibited. Aggressive racist comments and hostile demeaning racist language (such as the N-word) will result in instant banning. We agree to be open to respectful conversations on matters of race seeking to educate ourselves and grow as a community and individuals.

Homophobia and transphobia has no place here. Our community is accepting and affirming. 

This is a drama-free zone, friendly, respectful interactions only please. Posts or members that violate this standard will be deleted.

There is a zero tolerance policy regarding the privacy of our group. Sharing screen shots or discussing the content of the group with those already within the group is acceptable, involving anyone NOT in our group is not. Anyone that does so will be banned upon discovery and not added back to the group. There will not be second chances.

There are two and (for the time being) only two topics that are banned in our community. Please do not post memes or thread topics about circumcision or vaccines in this community. The singular exception to this policy at this time relates to those who are genuinely seeking information for themselves/their children. This might be to help them make a decision or to help them care for their own children.  If it seems that this exception is being used disingenuously the admins may need to reconsider the matter.

Absolutely NO name calling, not even of people outside of the group (i.e. don’t call someone’s doctor/husband/parent/friend/boss an idiot). Soft name calling (idiot, moron, etc.) will receive a warning and repeat offenders will be banned, harsh name (bitch, asshole, etc.) may result in banning with no warning. Strong opinions can be shared without belittling or name calling.

Please be sensitive in posting images in posts. Before posting a picture reflect on how it may impact someone else. Breastfeeding photos don’t need to be censored (they are expected though not required in this group) but each member should reflect on photos or content outside of breastfeeding such as anything gross (poop shots, festering wounds, etc.), triggering (abuse, loss, pregnancy tests, etc.), and controversial (politics, known divisive issues, and Miley Cyrus). We still want to share those conversations and believe they are important for our community. Respectful posts about them are most certainly wanted. We’re just asking to consider if the image you’re going to post with it which will inevitably pop up in the news feeds of a few thousand members, is something that is helpful for our community or if it would be better to post the image in the comments.

Here at TLB we value supportive, encouraging interactions. When disagreeing with someone it is to be done respectfully and without ridicule, name calling, or bashing. Users are welcome to agree to disagree with civility and respect.  Tone can be difficult to decipher in text only forms but we aim for polite exchanges that value people over being right, relationships over opinions, and support over superiority and judgment.  We ask that you aim to keep your comments in the spirit of these values.  These values serve to preserve the intent of this community and reflect the website in promoting and encouraging a safe community.  Interactions that do not reflect these values will be deleted and commenters that continue to interact in such a manner will be banned. If possible we will give users a chance to rectify their interactions that violate the spirit and intent of this page.  However, if the abuse continues or if it is too extreme to be permitted to remain on the page for any length of time, it may be deleted without warning at the discretion of the page administrators.  Please consider how you could share your opinion without being harsh and critical of those that do not agree with you and if you find that impossible then please refrain from commenting at all.  Thank you.



Admins of the group:

Jessica Martin-Weber

Adina Russ Henry

Brielle Feltaous

Jess White

LaTia Wilson Barrett

Rachelle Markham

DeeDee Putzel

Victoria Strong

Emily Swistak

Emily Alvey-Johnson

Kristine Slayton

Sue Potts

Isreal Jean


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