Rumina Breastfeeding Gift Basket Giveaway

Rumina does one thing and does it very, very well.  Sisters Amanda and Dawn, the women behind Rumina, have created perhaps the most simple and versatile piece of clothing for any nursing mother’s wardrobe: the Nursingwear Hands-Free Pump&Nurse Tank.  The tank appears to be just another typical staple in many women’s closet.  Unassuming and classic, it is also a nursing top for easy breastfeeding, as well as a support for hands-free pumping – but it looks like a regular tank!  Brand new Mom for the second time, Dawn has taken some time to answer some questions about what her experience has been like so far since the birth, and shares some exciting news about an award Rumina has recently received.  AND, Amanda and Dawn are offering a substantial giveaway to one lucky Leaky!  See below…


TLB:  Dawn, as a new mom again, what are the best ways those that love you have shown their encouragement and support and help in this time of transition?

Dawn:  My family instantly being there when needed even though each has a very busy life has allowed me to enjoy this last pregnancy and our little girl so fully.  The timing for this child coming into this world was not ideal. My husband and I have two businesses as well as a full time job so having Beth come 3 weeks early really threw off our ability to meet our obligations.  Luckily my family was a god send.  My mom and sister really took the lead with Rumina so I can enjoy this last pregnancy and delivery.  They also flew to Kentucky for a big tradeshow we had to attend.

Also, we do not live near any family, which makes “surprises” such a challenge.  I was admitted to the hospital for 4 days to be monitored and get fluids then bed rest for another 3 days while they tried to hold off delivery until the 37th week.  My family really came through; while my sister and mom were at the tradeshow, my aunt rearranged her busy schedule as an attorney and came down to be with my son when I was unexpectedly admitted to the hospital.  Since we didn’t know from day to day if we were going to have the c-section, my cousin came up to be with Bryce for the actual delivery.  She has four kids at home and owns a business as well.  I am so blessed to have so many loving and supportive women in my life!

TLB:  How is the experience with your second child different then the first with regards to nursing?

Dawn:  What a difference experience and education make!  As you know, my story on why I created Rumina stems from my son and I not having very successful nursing experience.  This led me to exclusively pump and there was not a hands-free pumping garment on the market that worked for my body.   This time around I am much more confident and comfortable with having a newborn.  Plus, I am a member of the International Lactation Consultant Association.  This invaluable education set me up for breastfeeding success. Especially with the evidence-based research on skin-to-skin contact in the Operating Room.  The hospital I delivered at is Baby Friendly but the one thing they do not practice is having c-section moms have skin-to-skin contact immediately after birth.  They usually  take the baby away to the nursery while the mom finishes surgery and recovery.   Using evidence-based research and having conversations with the Labor & Delivery Nurses, Lacatation Consultants, the OB, Pediatrician, and Anesthesiologist, I was the first person at CHOMP to be allowed to have my baby girl to be put on me immediately following birth!!!!  It was amazing to see my little girl who was not quite 37 weeks actually scoot around my chest and root for my breast!  I have seen that with vaginal births but not c-sections at 37 weeks!  I am happy to report that I had my little girl skin-to-skin for 12 hours with only a few minutes away from me in all that time.  I attribute this skin-to-skin and my confidence in myself to our breastfeeding experience being so good this time around!

TLB:  After you have a new baby, when do you start pumping to build up a freezer stash for when you’re back in the office?

Dawn:  I have to admit, I’m very fortunate and have it a little easier than most when juggling work and nursing.  Even though I travel up to Palo Alto, which is about 1 hour and 1/2 from home, regularly for meetings, I primarily work from my home office.  This will give me much more flexibility for nursing and pumping.  I will start pumping at the end of November and introduce the bottle at that point, keeping my fingers crossed everything goes well with nursing.

TLB: Any new news with Rumina you would like to share with Leakies?

Dawn:  Yes! We are so excited to share that this week Rumina’s Hands-Free Pump&Nurse Tank received the Mom’s Choice Award for Honoring Excellence! We are thrilled about this award! We know moms look for distinguished awards, like the Mom’s Choice Award, when looking at which quality and reputable products to purchase. Moving forward, Rumina’s packaging will proudly display the Mom’s Choice Award Honoring Excellence seal!


Rumina is giving away one loaded Breastfeeding Gift Basket to one very lucky winner.

Rumina’s Breastfeeding Gift Basket includes 4 great breastfeeding items!   Retail value $186.48 

One Rumina Nursingwear Hands-Free Pump&Nurse Tank: $48.00

One Tank. Three Essential Functions. The perfect layer for a busy mom’s lifestyle, Rumina’s Hands-Free Pump and Nurse tanks have a built-in bra that allows for effortless pumping and nursing without sacrificing shape and support. Rumina’s tanks provide complete coverage for pumping moms; no longer do moms need to find somewhere to disrobe, potentially feeling exposed while pumping. Rumina’s soft knit blend of 90% Cotton and 10% Lycra stretches and recovers to adjust to a new mom’s changing body. Both the Full Coverage and Classic Coverage styles can be purchased at Winner will be able to choose style, color and size preference.

One Bamboobies® Cute Little Nursing Cover:  $44.00

Born out of creator of Bamboobies® Kerry Gilmartin’s frustration with the unflattering apron-style nursing covers in bright prints. Bamboobies® Cute Little Nursing Cover is made from an Organic Eco-Soy Fabric: certified organic cotton 57%, soy fiber from soybean manufacturing 37%, spandex 6%. The Cute Little Nursing Cover was created out of a need for fashion + discretion and is the solution for women who want to nurse their baby privately and stylishly. Bamboobies® Cute Little Nursing Covers and washable nursing pads can be purchased at Winner will be able to choose color and size preference.

Milkin’ Cookies 30 day gift certificate: $49.99

Milkin’ Cookies are made with wholesome and healthy ingredients that include whole wheat flour, flaxseed, wheat germ, and oats. Each cookie has just 190 calories and 10 grams of fat but 3 grams of fiber. Milkin’ Cookies were created by two physician moms, Lennox and Cheri, who were struggling to produce enough breast milk while working full time. There are currently two flavors: Oatmeal Chocolate Chip and Cranberry Almond. Our cookies are baked fresh to order and shipped all over the US. Milkin’ Cookies can be purchased on-line at

WarmZe Starter Kit Small and Large with Refill Kit: $44.49

WarmZe is the first truly portable bottle warmer that frees parents from being tethered to a car outlet or trapped in a kitchen when heating milk. WarmZe system consists of air-activated warmers and a fabric BottleSoc. To warm a bottle, you simply slide the BottleSoc onto your breast milk bottle, pull up the outer layer of the BottleSoc and attach a warmer, then pull the outer layer of the BottleSoc back down into place. Each WarmZe can be used multiple times a day and stays warm for up to 10 hours, making it easy for busy parents to plan ahead and warm bottles well in advance of feeding time. WarmZe can be purchased at

Currently Leakies can find these and other great pregnancy and nursing products on the Rumina website and in some local retail stores and boutiques.


Good luck to everyone!  Please use the widget below to be entered, and check out for more information on their fantastic nursing tanks.  The giveaway is open from October 25, 2012 through October 31, 2012.  A big thanks to Dawn, Amanda, and Rumina for their ongoing support of TLB and all breastfeeding women, please be sure to visit their Facebook page  or follow them on twitter (@todaysrumina on Twitter) and thank them for their support of TLB and this giveaway opportunity.

This giveaway is open to US entries only.

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