TLB Reviews: Wrapsody

The Goods: Wrapsody Breeze wrap

The Reviewers: Micah, Kileah

The Good

Micah says…

This is definitely the most breathable wrap I have used to date. I tend to gravitate toward buckle carriers in the warmer months (for me, that’s anything over 55-60 degrees!), but I have had no issues with feeling overheated while using the Wrapsody in warmer weather. This means that the child I am carrying is also more comfortable, less fussy, and less likely to want out because he or she is too warm. This wrap in particular is a pretty cool-looking “tye- dyed” rainbow pattern- hard to miss, and the kids absolutely love it because it is so bright and lively.

A few years back my wife taught the kids how to use a woven wrap to make a hammock under their beds or under the table, and the Wrapsody has become a favorite of theirs for that purpose. I regularly find our 6.5 year old son with it tied up under his loft bed so he can lay in it to read or play on the iPad.

This wrap has been super easy to use with our youngest, who is just over one year old. The fact that it is so light weight has made it really easy to adjust while wearing a child. My favorite feature of the Wrapsody, and something that definitely sets it apart from other wraps, is the fact that one of the tails is sewn in such a way that it forms a pocket- depending on how you tie it off. This makes it that much easier to be hands free while baby wearing with a wrap and is especially helpful for me as baby wearing tends to limit my access to things like pockets!


Micah trying out the Wrapsody Breeze Iris. Shopping!


The pocket is more than deep enough to hold my phone, keys, and even wallet if necessary while keeping them all secure and easily reachable.

Here’s the wrap in hammock mode! I employed the youngest hobbit’s favorite monkey as a model since all of the hobbits were sound asleep- everyone knows you don’t wake a sleeping hobbit!


Kileah says…

This Wrapsody Breeze Iris wrap is soooo lightweight! It was nice to be able to do a quick rucksack wrap to go hiking and not feel like I was going to sweat myself into dehydration mode. It was also long enough so I was able to wrap comfortably without feeling like I was losing functionality. Baby Hobbit here is 25 lbs and 16 months. Though it took some adjusting and practice, I was able to breastfeed in the wrap from about 6 months old forward.


Hiking in the Wrapsody Breeze Iris. She IS happy! Haha!


The Bad

Micah says…

I was really only able to use the Wrapsody with our youngest- I just couldn’t get a secure wrap with our 3 year old, who still really enjoys being carried. Carries that I can do with no problems at all using other wraps were difficult to do with our 3 year old. The Wrapsody just didn’t have enough grip to use while carrying her. This is really only problematic in that I prefer to use a carrier or wrap that works for any of the children I may need to carry. The Wrapsody fits the bill perfectly for an infant, but just doesn’t have the versatility I want when it comes to being able to carry a range of children.

Kileah says…

It does take a little bit of practice to make this wrap work well so that it doesn’t dig into your shoulders. It is a bit more difficult to ensure that the passes of fabric are spread out enough along the back and under the bum. This wrap is light weight enough that it wrinkles easily and ends up feeling a lot narrower than it actually is.

The Ugly

Micah says…

I don’t really have an ugly for this wrap, except to repeat what I already said- the Wrapsody is cool, but just doesn’t offer the versatility that I need for the stage of child rearing/ baby wearing/ toddler wearing that I am in.

Kileah says…

No ugly  here! The wrap was so very colorful and the price point is very accessible for a woven wrap.



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