#LeakyLooks: Valentine’s Date Night

by Shannon Streger

Been to the store lately? Pharmacy, hobby store, ANYWHERE? Then you know what’s coming this weekend..Valentine’s Day! The smell of chocolate and candy hearts has permeated the air.  How do you plan to celebrate (or not) with your partner? Whether you are a sucker for the cheesy hype, or a nice “night in” snuggling on the couch sounds perfect, we have the looks for you to enjoy your weekend.

Kid-Free Night Out


Ahh, a night out, and kid-free at that! What a fun excuse to get dressed up and wear those heels that have been hiding way in the back of your closet behind your yoga pants stash and flip-flops. This gorgeous maxi dress from Figure 8 will provide all the glam along with comfort and accessibility for pumping on the go. Feel your sexy self with this hot nursing bra and panty set from Figleaves.  

1.Figleaves  2.Figure 8 Necklace  3.Figure 8 Dress 4.Sara Wells Pump Bag  5.Bamboobies  6.French Girl Organics Lip Tint  7.Target Pumps  


Valentine’s Date Night In


Opting for a date night-in this weekend? Maybe you are planning a cozy night on the couch, or you could be in the mood for something a little more physical (or both!).  Perhaps a soak in the tub with some bath herbs from Earth Mama Angel Baby with your partner, followed by a round of (strip?) “Rotten Apples.” Slip into something comfortable (or not so comfortable later) like this soft pajama set from Figure 8, or you could opt for some lingerie from Mommylicious Maternity.  

1.Vintage Pearl Necklace 2.Mommylicious Maternity lingerie 3.Target board games  4.Fredrick’s of Hollywood Robe  5.Figure 8 Majamas 6.Alma Caramel Sauce  7.Earth Mama Angel Baby Bath Herbs  8. Uberlube


Whatever your plans may be this Valentine’s Day we hope you get to enjoy it with someone you love, and feeling loved in return. How will YOU be celebrating this weekend?