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I had the opportunity to meet Boba founders Robert and Elizabeth Antunovic and their 4 children at their office and warehouse a couple of weeks ago in Denver, Colorado.  This delightful family and rest of the Boba family are so warm and open, truly a caring group of people so it’s no wonder that their products would be an extension of their personalities and who they are.  With innovative design, quality production, and a touch of whimsy, Boba’s carriers have something for everyone that wants to babywear.  Having tried the Boba 3G, the Boba Air, and the Boba wrap, I have experienced that intentional care myself and it helps me care for my family.  We love the versatility, ease of use, and how comfortable all their carriers are and a great bonus is that all of them have been breastfeeding friendly!  Hope you enjoy learning more about this company and good luck on the giveaway!


Elizabeth Antunovic, Co-founder and mother of four

TLB:  Boba is a funny-sounding name.  Where did it come from?

Elizabeth:  Yes, some think of the chewy round tapioca goodness sucked through a wide straw. Others think Star Wars. Spanish speakers may think of something silly.

We started out as sleepy wrap as you may know and put it out there that we were looking for a new name when we introduced our hot soft structured carriers to the world.  “Sleepy” was descriptive as the wrap was indeed a tranquilizer. But we needed a name.

It was actually suggested by my dear wise mama friend.

BOulder BAby she said (I guess it could also be BOlder BAby)  Boba.

Not that profound. But something to chew on. something with character.  perfect nonetheless.

TLB:  We have discovered that there are a whole lot of infant carrier companies out there.  What do you think makes Boba stand out?

Elizabeth:  I could list all the features, sing praises of the leg support, the high back and not having to buy a darn waist extender if you are plus size.  Alas if you mamas are anything like I am you’ll research and compare baby carriers so much that you could probably write a dissertation.  We care. That’s the difference.  I have been having babies since we started. I have carried my sons and daughters, nursed them, consoled them, sung to them, moved with them pretty much every day for the last seven years. There is always something that can be done better.  So we assess and tweak and adjust the carrier so that you can move the baby to a lower position to nurse in it using just your two thumbs, so that you can bring your phone with you, so that your purse doesn’t fall off your shoulder while you’re holding your toddler’s hand, so that your older baby doesn’t get welts on the back of his thighs.  My husband and I are “in” it. Living it. Researching it. Spreading the light on all that is possible when you wear your baby.

TLB:  Have you used carriers with your own children?  Would you share a couple of particularly memorable moments from your own experience?

Elizabeth:  The only time that I haven’t worn my kids in the last decade is the latter parts of pregnancies when my blooming belly would not stand for it.  I have baby worn while riding a camel in Egypt but I won’t get into that 🙂  I have worn my babies while at the pumpkin patch, in rickshaws in Asia, watching the water buffalo on the banks of the holy Ganges river, hiking the Julien Alps, milking a goat in Serbia, mushroom picking in Slovenia, while exploring the ancient mud city of Bam, Iran, and of course every time I go to Target!

In the beginning of the business it was far from a life of play.  There was some serious dedication.  Long long hours.  Thank God these wraps were comfortable. They had to be. I wore my babies while sweating under mosquito nets and answering customer service emails. I wore my babies’ coordinating photo shoots.  I wore them during the days of website revamps and tradeshows and hours of learning the strings of social media.  I wore them while reading any books that I could get my hands on about preemies and skin to skin, ergonomics, hip dysplasia, and proprioception.

They say that the cobbler’s son is always barefoot.

Not me.  I couldn’t live without my carriers.  So practical.  So magically unifying.

Thanks for your time!


Boba is giving away four different prizes to three lucky Leakies.  The prizes are:

1. Boba Wrap (one winner)
The Boba Wrap is the perfect wrap style carrier – with its unique fabric blend and the no-guesswork tying, it is a great choice for beginners and advanced babywearers alike, and is especially great for use with newborns. Retail Value: $38.00 


2. Boba Carrier 3G and matching Boba Mini (one winner)
Ideal for babies and toddlers alike, the Boba Carrier 3G may be converted to a newborn carrier without an infant insert or any additional items and used well into toddlerhood. Our ergonomic design includes features to make breastfeeding easy on the go, maximizes comfort with multiple adjustments, and with lots of designs to choose from, Boba Carrier 3G is the perfect fit for your entire family.  Retail Value: $125.00

The Boba Mini is designed for carrying dolls and toys to help spread the joy of babywearing to children all over the world. It is made with 100% cotton like our Boba Carrier 3G and can be worn by children 3 years and upRetail Value: $29.95



3. Boba Air (one winner)
The Boba Air is simple to use, ultra lightweight and ergonomic! Similar in design to our popular soft structured carrier, but made of high tech nylon and weighing just 11 ounces, it is the perfect carrier for travelers or any parent on the go – when you’re done, just fold, zip & stash in.  Retail Value: $65.00

Currently Leakies can find these and other babywearing items in the Boba website at or at a Boba baby carrier retailer near you.


Good luck to everyone!  Please use the widget below to be entered.  The giveaway is open from May 2, 2013 through May 8, 2013.  A big thanks to Elizabeth and Boba for their ongoing support of TLB and all breastfeeding women; please be sure to visit their Facebook page  or follow them on twitter  (@Boba on Twitter) and thank them for their support of TLB and this giveaway opportunity.

This giveaway is restricted to U.S. residents only.

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