From the wall… Positive Breastfeeding Stories

There are beautiful, encouraging, positive breastfeeding in public stories out there. When we asked on our Facebook wall what the nicest thing someone has said or done for you when you were breastfeeding we got some very beautiful replies. Sharing them here seemed like a good way to get started highlighting positive results of NIP. So, from the wall…

What is the nicest thing someone else has said or done for you when you were breastfeeding?

Miranda: I think the thing that pleased me the most was the unexpected support I got from my dad. He called me up at the hospital to talk to me and see how I was doing. Then he asked me if I was planning to breastfeed, and I told him yes. He said, “Good for you!!” I hadn’t expected any kind of discussion about that between me and my Paw, but his unexpected support was so nice!! Also, when I flew out to visit my parents in March, my dad was nice and pulled off some random exit on I-15 between Vegas and their house in southern UT just so I could feed my little man!!

Diane: People seem to give a lot of praise for breastfeeding twins but what I like most is when my husband brings me food and drink while I nurse and then rubs my feet 🙂
Nicole: definitely was when I was nursing Bailey in the sling at the grocery store, women came up and asked if she was nursing, I thought it was strange, then went on to say we need more moms BFing and doing it outside the comfort of their own homes. Most people around here FF so it was really nice.

Bonnie: I NEVER covered my baby when I nursed him- A lady stared at me for awhile, making me slightly uncomfortable, then came over and THANKED me for nursing in public, she said she nursed 5 children and she wishes she could have been able to do it ( 30 years ago) as freely as I was. Ironically I was at lunch with my mother who had scolded me for nursing at her city office less than 20 mins prior.
I treasured the lady for saying something, and I think of her frequently when I nurse in public.

Hannah: The first time I breast fed in public my son was about 2 weeks old and we were at our favourite pancake place. I was heaps self concious and had a blanket over him and this peppy little 16 year old waitress comes bounding over to take our order and squeals “Oh my god, do you have a baby under there? Are you breastfeeding? Can I see? It’s so beautiful! Do you want a glass of water? My sister just had a baby and she always drinks a glass of water when she’s feeding!” And she dashed off to get me one. It was the perfect first time out in public, and I didn’t wear a blanket after that : ) A week or so later I was at the supermarket and a lady was staring at me feeding so I smiled at her and she came over and asked how old I was (18) and congratulated me on being brave enough to feed in public. She said she’d BF all her children but had never had the guts to do it without a blanket 🙁 And the other time I really remember was standing in line at Target at trying to juggle my handbag, my shopping bags and a huge heffalump of a two year old on the boob (since he was 18 months he’s always looked a year older than he is) and a woman standing across the room from me beamed at me and mouthed ‘Beautiful”. that really made my day =D

Heather: (It’s a) toss up between my husband feeding my as I nurse, and my grandmother who raised 5 daughters while working full time telling me how proud she was of me and how impressed she was that I was able to nurse so long.
It’s also really sweet when my father rubs the baby’s head and smiles lovingly at her as she nurses 🙂 Now that he has four granddaughters, all of whom were breastfed, he’s pretty comfortable.

Sarah: I live in Oslo, Norway. My first outdoor bfíng experience was on a tram. I was a bit exposed, and was struggling a bit with my 1 week old baby. Three older women (all traveling separately it turned out) were near me, and when one of them made eye contact before the got off the tram, I expected a bit of a stern look. Although Scandinavia is very pro breastfeeding, the older crowd can frown upon nursing in public. But she smiled encouragingly and warmly before she got off. When the other two women did the same, I was so happy I nearly cried! It would have hurt to get stern looks on my first trip out with baby.