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Amy West is a writer, cat lady, and work-at-home mom. She writes a combination of smart, crude, and funny things at She’s a gentle parenting, breastfeeding, and real food advocate (and homeschools, too). Amy is a wife to one and mom of two, one girl (older) and one boy (younger), with about 5.5 years between them.




Elise Ericksen is 32 years old and grew up on a tiny hippie island in the Puget Sound called Vashon Island, WA. There she studied dance and grew up playing in the woods. Now she lives on her own in a more urban setting in the Portland, OR area. She is still dancing and even performed in February 2014 at 7 months pregnant! She is so excited to welcome her fist child, Frank, into the world. She can’t wait to take him to play in the trees on Vashon and teach him all about the beauty of the arts. She is sure Frank will have a few things to teach her as well. As a ballet teacher Elise has spent a lot of time with little girls, but little boys are a bit of a mystery to her. She thinks maybe there will be more mud slinging, tree climbing and general mayhem in her future!




We are a family of bookworms, moviegoers and music lovers. Our dog has her own collection of Star Wars apparel and we lovingly refer to our little home as The Hobbit Hole! In short, we’re a little bit nerdy, and that translates over into parenting as well. We do our best to keep life simple, and that means that we love things that help us raise our four little hobbits with care and simplicity. From car seats to carriers to toys to diapers, we are always on the lookout for the best for kids and we are excited to get to share what we find with all of you!


  • 33 years old, and the oldest of 7 kids
  • Pet specialty retail manager by day, superhero co-sleeping dad by night
  • Babywearing tree hugger from the Pacific NW


  • 29 years old, the oldest of 4 kids
  • Stay at home nerd mom by day, insomniac, breastfeeding co-sleeper by night
  • Babywearing guru and master chef

Together we have the privilege of raising 4 wonderful hobbits:

  • Ninja hobbit, age 5
  • Dancer hobbit, age 4
  • Pixie Hobbit, age 2
  • Baby Hobbit, age 6 months


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