Sugarbaby Introduces Herself

by The Piano Man

Hello world, Sugarbaby here.  My name is Arden, or so I’m told.  Most of the time Sisters call me baby, but Mommy and Daddy are trying their hardest to get them to use my name.  I have 5 sisters!  And there’s never a lack of hands to hold me close, but my favorite place to be in the whole world, as I know it, is in Mommy’s arms.  Daddy’s ok, but there’s nothing like the smell, the touch, the feel of Mommy.  I’m pretty sure she feels the same way, because I can feel her face touching my head and I can hear her breathing me in as well.  I can’t imagine a happier place.

Mommy and Daddy noticed that I already dream when I sleep, but I’m not telling them if I dream of the last couple of days where everything is so bright, or of the day I left my first home, or of when I was still in that warm and comfy place before that.  It was getting really crowded in there, so it’s nice to be able to stretch out my arms and feel the emptiness around me in between my fingers.  But sometimes that makes me scared, and so Mommy or Daddy hold me close with my arms tight against my tummy, and I feel much better.  I really like being close, really, really close.  When I’m awake, and when I’m asleep.  All the time.

I really didn’t want to come out of Mommy’s tummy at first.  It was crowded in there, but I didn’t want to leave.  I would wiggle my head and refused to go through the right way.  But in the end, I decided to come out anyway, but it had to be my way.  And my way was without my head being squished.  Plus I waited until absolutely everything was just right, which took a while, and then I came out in one push.  Everyone was so surprised!  And then they said things like how big I was.  I guess I’m just a bit ahead of the curve, full of surprises.  They measured me and weighed me and determined that I was actually a week and a half older than they estimated.  But that was after I got some serious cuddle time with Mommy.  It was a little strange feeling her from the outside, but I really love the way she smells, and the way it feels to be against her chest with her arms around me.  Oh yeah!  I can smell!  And breathe!  I practiced all that before but it’s really different when you breathe liquid.  But all that practice really paid off.  The world is lot bigger than I imagined, but it’s ok because I have Mommy to hold me, and feed me.  Oh, and I eat!  That’s new too, but I really like it.  I could do it all day.  And don’t worry, this is all totally normal and your own baby can tell you all about that right here.

Anyway, when everybody saw me, they said things like how big I am, and how my head is perfect – which, of course it is, I worked hard to keep it that way! – and then later they said how I looked like a 3-month old Cosette!  That’s so funny.  She must have been teeny!

Well, I’m getting sleepy again.  I love to sleep.  I could do that all day too!  But before I go dream my secret dreams, I’ll give you some of the other information that those Other People seem to think is really important.

my full name: Arden Credence Martin-Weber – Arden is the name of a forest in England and the setting of a wonderful Shakespeare play they say is called As You Like It.  I’m going to read it later.  Arden means “ardent,” “passionate,” or “excited,” and I think I’m living up to that pretty well so far.  Credence means belief, faith, credibility.  Not sure where I stand on that one yet.

birth date: April 19, 2012 (I share a birthday with my godfather.  We were born 31 years and 30 minutes apart!)

birth weight: 8 lbs 10 oz – record breaking Martin-Weber baby! I may be the littlest but I’m the biggest too!  I rock.

birth length: 21 1/4 inches – not a record breaker, but still, I’m sure I’m long for my age.

I’m a girl – duh.  : )  And that’s just perfect for me.

I have a red birthmark on my forehead (wherever that is – I can’t see it), and it’ll probably fade with time, but it’s the same birthmark that my biggest sister, Ophélia, had, and also my wonderful uncle Preston.  It’ll probably fade with time, and pop up when I get angry, er, passionate about something, because that’s my name.  Arden.


  1. Made me cry…I love it! Welcome baby Arden…may you be blessed all the days of your life. I know your family is blessed to receive you!

  2. Thank you, Piano Man, for such a sweet intro from your newest darling. And, thank you for so cleverly slipping in some information about normal newborn behaviors. Congratulations to the whole family, and welcome to the world, Arden!

  3. Genevieve says

    🙂 Nothing in the world is more beautiful than a brand new baby 🙂 Happy Birthday Arden! (a wonderful name by the way)

  4. what a beauty! Love that nursing pic. Am broody now…warmest wishes to you all xxx

  5. Crystal B. says

    How sweet and wonderful!!

  6. So Sweet!! Thanks for the update!

  7. Congratulations and best wishes for a lifetime of happiness little Arden!

  8. Crystal - Prenatal Coach says

    Aww welcome to the world Arden!

  9. So amazing, your family is such an inspiration to me! This is a beautiful post 🙂

  10. Such a beautiful post! Thank you so much for sharing your family with mine 🙂

  11. Anna Hanssen says

    Beautiful! You rock Piano man! Congratulations to your sweet baby girl. You seem like such a wonderful, caring husband and father. I am so excited for your family and can’t wait to see the video of the birth (I couldn’t stay up any longer). A speedy recovery for Jessica and a nice babymoon. xoxo ?

  12. Welcome to the world sugarbaby! So nice to meet you! What a lovely post! Can’t wait to hear and see more about you in the days, months, years to come!

  13. Laura Zoey says

    Welcome to the world dear Arden! Your birth was magical and wondrous in so many ways to so many people all over the whole world! As I sat at my computer watching your lovely mom labor I felt so excited for your birth, yet I’ve never met you! Your birth changed my life, and I will remember it forever. You’re a very special baby and I can tell you will be raised to know just how special you are 🙂
    With love, from us who watched your birth, mommy Laura, 3yr old Eric, and 1 yr old Fierna. 🙂

  14. So beautiful! Welcome to the world. I have so enjoyed following your story. Your family is amazing and they love you oh so much!

  15. our pediatrician called our daughters birth mark on her forehead between her eyes, an angel kiss. Love this post!

  16. Congratulations, I love the name Arden, I grew up living in Henley-in-Arden, nr Stratford Upon Avon (Shakespeare’s home) so I think it’s an excellent choice! This post is so so beautiful, as is the work/service you provide. So thank you and congratulations once more!

    From Kitty, Kent, UK

  17. Hi, Arden! A pleaure to meet you.

    I have the red birth mark on my forehead as well, and it also shows when I am angry, upset, or passionate about something. In my culture, such a mark is called a “witch’s mark” and old wives’ tales say it marks those with any form of the second sight. (I’m a Scottish/Acadian Cape Bretoner.)

    Welcome to the world, sweet baby. We love you!

  18. Bien fait Piano Man! Tu m’as fait pleuré en me souvenant de la naissance de am fille l’année dernière. Welcome to the world baby Arden!

  19. This made me a little weepy for many reasons, but most of all because my son, Oliver, is also named for As You Like It. We collect copies of the play (and of King Lear for his sister, Cordelia) and hope that someday he will love it as we do. Shakespeare babies unite!

    Thank you, Martin-Weber family, for sharing the magic of Arden’s arrival!

  20. It is super nice to meet you Arden. Thanks for letting us ” be there” when you decided it was time to come out for some hugs. You are a very lucky girl. You are loved , not only by your amazing family, but by people you have never even met. You have strong, gentle parents who I am sure will teach you everything you need to know and 5 older sisters to teach you all the things your parents might not want you to know.

    Welcome to the world baby Arden. May your life be truly Blessed.

    -Krista C

  21. So sweet and clever. She is a lovely,lovely baby!

  22. Heather Garcia says

    It is so nice to meet you Arden<3. You are already so loved by all of your Aunties at TLB.

    Look forward to hearing more from you.

    Auntie Heather

  23. Hello Ms. Arden and welcome to the world!! It’s a big place and you are already so well known!! 🙂 It was a privilege and a blessing to be able to watch your mom labor with you. (she was SUCH a CHAMP!! And your dad did a pretty amazing job of coaching!!) I tried to watch the birth, but my hubby was messing with the internet and disconnected it… so I missed your entrance. 🙁 But I am so happy that you are here and healthy and that everyone is doing well. May you be blessed with a long, healthy, happy and wonderful life!! You’ve already got a great start to it!!! Congratulations to your family as well!! They have received another beautiful gift. XO’s <3
    -With much love, The Daniel Family-
    Laura, Roy & our children: Jaydon (14), Zachery (12), Camden (10), Asher (8), Talon (6), )Avery (our angel looking over us), Averleigh (5), Brydin (3), Jaxsen (21 months), & our newest 3 wk old addition- Samuel (born @ 33 wks on 3/28/12). <3

  24. What a beautiful post and I just loved the pictures! What a sweet name, I love the meanings behind them. I have a thing for names with stories behind them. Thank you for sharing all of this sweetness. I can almost smell baby… yup got me craving babies again. lol

  25. Welcome to the world beautiful girl!

  26. Awwwww. This made me cry! For many obvious pregnancy hormone filled reasons lol. GREAT job on the narrative Piano man! Thank you for giving us a small glimpse into Garden’s world!

  27. welcome, Arden! <3

  28. What a lovely blog post! Welcome, Arden!

  29. DC Ebaugh says

    Welcome Arden! May you have a wonderful life! I already know you are special – you share a birthday with my fantabulous oldest son, who turned 5 as you were being born. Much love to you and your family…

  30. Genevieve O says

    Such an amazing story, and so much more to add as life goes on! Awesome!

  31. LOVE IT!!

  32. Beautiful, Jessica! She’s lovely and you are certainly a blessed mama to have 6 happy, healthy children. And your children are lucky to have you too.

  33. Brought tears to my eyes. You two are truly inspiring! I loved being able to watch your birth event, and thank you! Every father should love his children as much as you do and the kind of support you offer is hard to come by. I am so thrilled I found the Leaky Boob 🙂

  34. Hello miss Arden and Jessica!
    Arden you are a beautiful gift from God. Welcome to the world and to have 5 older sisters! Boy are you going to have fun playing dress up! It was amazing seeing the miracle of birth because my little girl was sick and had to be born via emergency C section. Cant wait to read more about your adventures in life! Hugs to all the family!

    Vajuah (baby gleep) and Wendie (mommy)

  35. Sally Mayes says

    Congratulations to all of you! I would love a big family of girls! You are so blessed! and I love her name its very very lovely, my oldest daughter was born on the 19th of April and was celebrating her 3rd birthday when little Arden was born 🙂 This has made me extremely clucky! Congrats again.

  36. Congratulations and welcome to the world baby Arden! This was a beautiful blog post. I too missed the birth because of an ad! How amazing to me it was just one push!! I do have a question, can someone please explain to me the comments about the head and how she did it her way so the head wasn’t squished? I am totally baffled by that, and my son’s head was pretty cone shaped on birth which I was not happy about but had no clue that there was something I could have done to prevent it?

    • Hilary, there is nothing you could do to prevent head molding and in fact, head molding is a good thing. Newborns have moldable heads for some very good reasons including growth but also to make it easier for mom by baby’s head shaping to fit best through the pelvis and birth canal. Sugarbaby wouldn’t come down and her chin was flexed which means her head wasn’t in the best position to mold and fit through at the smallest diameter. It made my labor longer and more challenging. She was moving the entire time, actually turning around with ever contraction. Her head is nice and round, like a baby that didn’t spend much or any time moving down. Her head is pretty for sure but trust me, I would have preferred some molding and the labor that goes with it over her big round head that made for a longer labor. Hope that helps! ~Jessica

  37. Congratulations. She’s