Bamboobies Giveaway

I double heart LOVE Bamboobies breast pads and I double sparkly heart love Kerry Gilmartin, the creator of Bamboobies.  From our shared sisterhood of sea salt almonds in dark chocolate to our obsession with bamboo, Kerry inspires and encourages me as a supporter of breastfeeding women.  Read on to hear from this woman of quality with a heart and passion for encouraging women and providing them comfort along their breastfeeding journey.  This generous giveaway from Kerry is sure to make 3 lucky winners comfortably taken care of for their own breastfeeding journey.  I’m so grateful for the support of Bamboobies for TLB and the friendship of Kerry.

TLB:  What should TLB readers know about Bamboobies?

Kerry:  Bamboobies is a small mom-run business based in Boulder, Colorado, dedicated to making better, more eco-friendly breastfeeding support products.  Our products are made by women making a real living wage (with insurance!) in Colorado and are made of the highest quality, most eco-friendly fabrics and packaging.  Bamboobies nursing pads, were our first creation, followed by the Chic Nursing Shawl, and Boob-ease Therapy pillows, and Natural Nipple Balm. More new products on the way too – keep in touch!

TLB:  How did Bamboobies come about?

Kerry:  I was nursing my second child – and was very leaky, esp when letting down on the other side.  Frustrated by leaky cotton washable pads, I’d often use disposables with the plastic backing to be sure I didn’t leak through. These got expensive and also looked just as silly through my clothing as the washables did.  I thought it was just another tough thing about being a new mom but never thought I could do anything about it…  I was learning about cloth diapers when I discovered the amazing softness of Bamboo and began putting little bamboo velour wipes in my bra – looked ridiculous but ohh so soft!  When I thought of the funny name Bamboobies I decided to do something about it!  Too funny…  So – I began with the help of my step-mother, a seamstress, to design a thinner, less visible and leak-proof pad. Our heart-shape regular pad was first, then came our ultra-thick overnight pad.

TLB:  What is your favorite part of running a company that creates products to support breastfeeding moms?

Kerry:  The ‘love notes’ we get every day from new moms who are happy they’ve discovered our pads, or therapy pillows…  I suffered from leaking – but even more from mastitis. When I think our nipple balm or therapy pillows have helped someone get through the tough parts of nursing in the beginning so they have a happy nursing relationship, I’m thrilled.

TLB:  How long did you breastfeed your own little ones and was that different than you originally planned?

Kerry:  I didn’t think I’d make it past the ‘mandatory’ 2 weeks – I had forceful letdown, clogged ducts and mastitis many times.  I was happy when I was able to work through issues with my first and continued nursing him until my second was born 22 months later.  I nursed her until my third was born 24 months later and we’re still going strong 5.5 years later!  I had some tough times during pregnancy and teething but am very happy to have had such great nursing relationships through toddler-hood with all three kiddos. My son is 1.5 yrs old now and is very attached so we’ll keep at it until he’s ready to quit….


Kerry is giving away 3 comforting prizes to 3 happy winners!  The first two winners will each receive the following 2 prizes:

One Bamboobies Multi-pack  Retail value: $29.99

One Boob-ease Natural Nipple Balm  Retail value: $11.99

The Grand Prize winner will receive the Bamboobies Multi-pack and the Nipple Balm listed above, PLUS:

One Chic Nursing Shawl  Retail value: $44.00

One pair of Boob-ease Soothing Therapy Pillows  Retail Value: $24.50

Grand Prize value: $111.48

 Currently Leakies can find these and other great products on the Bamboobies website.


Good luck to everyone!  Please use the widget below to be entered, and have fun browsing  The giveaway is open from September 8, 2012 to September 15, 2012.  A big thanks to Kerry for her ongoing support of TLB and all breastfeeding women, please be sure to visit their Facebook page or follow them on twitter (@bamboobies on Twitter) and thank them for their support of TLB and this giveaway opportunity.

This giveaway is open to international entries.

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  1. Kendra Rogers says

    I am excited about the nursing pads and cream!

  2. I SO would LOVE to try these! Baby will be here in a few months :o)

  3. Nursing shawl!

  4. What a great product and giveaway!

  5. Love my bamboobies! I’d love to try the cream!

  6. I’d love to win. I am due in ten weeks. I will need nursing supplies and these look really cool. *keeping my fingers crossed*!

  7. I would be stoked for the nursing pads! Due in 5 weeks!

  8. Rita Miller says

    I would like the bambooies multi pack. Never needed nipple cream.

  9. Stephanie G. says

    I am SO sick of disposable nursing pads. It would be great to win some Bamboobies!!

  10. Amanda Benson says

    I have been lusting after the therapy pillows since I first saw them in a mama/baby store near my house. 🙂

  11. I’d really like the nursing pads!

  12. I’m excited about the pads and the cream. 🙂

  13. Mandy Bayton says

    Oh oh oh oh I’d so love some bamboobies I’m so pleased this is open to international entries I’m in the uk and have been wanting to buy some for ages (but to no avail) i currently use sports socksalong with cotton breastpads and I still leak (as well as looking ridiculous having socks in my bra) haha. Xxx

  14. Lauren Taylor says

    I would LOVE to try Bamboobies!!!

  15. I would so love to win these! Thank you who much!

  16. Boob-ease Soothing Therapy Pillows would be awesome!

  17. Melissa Arnold says

    They are all such great prizes!

  18. The nursing pads! can’t have enough bamboobies!

  19. I’m most excited about the bamboobies multi-pack!


  21. What an awesome company!!! I really hope win!

  22. Elspeth McCormick says

    Best name ever!

  23. I’d love to try the nursing pads. These products are cute & clever!

  24. The shawl for sure would love to cover up (pumping) while in the car.

  25. Tashina Kirk says

    Excited about the pads!

  26. all of these products sound exciting to me! didn’t have any of them for my first son and now #2 will be here two months from tomorrow!

  27. The shawl looks so great! Thanks for this giveaway!

  28. I would love to win! Currently have one nursling! 🙂

  29. Would love to go out in public without having two crinkled paper circles on my boobs!

  30. I would love to win! I’ve wanted bamboobies for awhile but never have the extra cash to get them. I would love the cream too. So sore from the biting. Silly babies.

  31. Michelle Hall says

    I LOVE this product and recommend it to all my friends. Thank you so much for making such a wonderful product.

  32. Would love some bamboobies nursing pads! Thanks for the giveaway!

  33. Such a great idea!

  34. These breast pads look awesome! We’re 8 months in and I still leak. I’d love to try these pads! What a great concept.

  35. I have heard so much about the nursing pads! Really need to get me some!

  36. Catherine Pawiak says

    I have one pair of your bamboobies and I love them! I would love to try more products or get more bamboobies!

  37. I would love the pads and nipple cream.

  38. julianne Perry says

    My boobies would appreciate some cream and pads!!!

  39. I’m going to check these out for sure!!! Sounds awesome.

  40. Veronica darling says

    Nipple balm!

  41. Kelli Stevers says

    I’d love the grand prize, all of it looks fantastic!

  42. I would love the nursing pads! My bub is 7 weeks old, and I too have a forceful let down on the opposite side while feeding, and am already sick of the disposable pads!

  43. I would LOVE to have the therapy pillows on hand.

  44. Leslie Kung says

    I am most excited about the Boob-Ease, as they would make great presents for a pregnant friend of mine!

  45. The pads look great!

  46. I would love the reusuable nursing pads! 🙂

  47. Heidi Herbst says

    I’d be super excited to try the reusable pads. I’ve heard great things about your products!

  48. Christine Bailey says

    Would love to win these!!

  49. I’m looking forward to the pillows.

  50. I love Bamboobies! I was so fortunate to find them shortly after my first birth. They are absolutely amazing, feel wonderful and work so well. I tell everyone (with boobs as feeding tools) about them!

  51. The grand prize of course! Love bamboobies!

  52. currently still nursing a 26 month old, 4 months pregnant would LOVE a viable reusable Brest pad because the disposals are very expensive

  53. The nipple cream. I didn’t try very hard with my first child but I remember how funny it felt at first lol.

  54. Any of it! I love how many breastfeeding support products there are!

  55. I’m most excited about the boob-ease therapy pillows. My sister will be starting out on her first breastfeeding journey next month, and I’d pass them along to her. As a mama nursing my sixth baby, I know how nice those would feel for her in the first weeks.

  56. Entering contest.. I hope I win..Good luck everyone

  57. I am expecting my first in November, and I just stumbled across your blog. I’m enjoying it so far, and I would love to win the Bamboobies – they seem like great quality pads. The coverup shawl wouldn’t go to waste either!

  58. I would just love a few more Bamboobies!

  59. Linda Chipps says

    i would be excited to win any of the prizes! I’m so happy to be breastfeeding my third baby, and immensely proud of myself 🙂

  60. I’m excited about the nursing shawl.

  61. Wow! Wish I had these with my first! Now I know for the next time around!

  62. I would so love to win these! Thank you!!!:-)

  63. I want to try the nursing pads and I love the shawl! I’m expecting my 3rd in May.

  64. I’d love the nursing shawl! But I’d be just as excited about more nursing pads. I LOVE the Bamboobies that I have and I would really like some more for the new little one due in December.

  65. I love the sound of all the prizes, but am always very excited about amazing balms. They often smell wonderful too!

  66. The multi-pack would be great to try!

  67. I’m most excited about the Chic Nursing Shawl!

  68. Katie Ceary says

    I would love to try the pads. The shawl is also intriguing.

  69. I leak so much I’d love to have the pads.

  70. Emma Swiatek says

    I would love to stop using disposable pads! The Bamboobies are a great idea!

  71. Wow, this stuff looks amazing! Would love to try it out!

  72. I’m most excited about the shawl! I have one set of Bamboobies and love them!!!

  73. Bamboobies are amazing!! We would love to be blessed w/this fantaStic package!

  74. Fingers crossed!! 😀

  75. The nursing pads seem pretty nice, but I have to admit that the shawl is much less obvious looking than my brightly colored, aprony cover, so it’s a hard choice.

  76. I’m excited about the multi-pack!

  77. Guadalupe James says

    I am sooo excited about the breast pads! I am soo sick and tired of the non-breathable plastic pads… I have tired the cotton ones & it was just a waste of money.

  78. Nursin pads.. Go through a ton when nursing!!

  79. can’t decide which I’m more excited about-multi-pack is great because I could use a few more pads…but then I would love to try the therapy pillows and the nursing shawl!

  80. I am most excited about the basic Bamboobies pads… I want to see if they really work!

  81. I’ve been needing better nursing pads and shawl. I hope I win these!

  82. most excited about Bamboobies pillow therapy!

  83. Boob-ease Soothing Therapy Pillows, ahh relief

  84. Amy Phillips says

    I usually don’t cover when I nip, but I’m really excited about the nursing shawl! It would let me get myself ready before bringing the baby to me, a bit of a challenge with my gymnurstics champ 🙂

  85. I would so love to win these! Thank you!

  86. I would love to win the multipack and nipple cream!

  87. I neeeed this….
    My I’ve been battling thrush for six months!

  88. Julianne VanDenheuvel says

    I would love to win the shawl! Being a young nursing mom(20 years old) and just now starting to breastfeed in public is quite the task! I will be a pro at it sooner or later 🙂

  89. bamboobies multi pack

  90. Bamboobies Multipack!

  91. I would love any of the prizes especially the nursing shawl. Thanks for the awesome giveaway! : )

  92. I really need some new nursing pads! I would love to try bamboobies!

  93. Chelcee FitzGerald says

    I would love the nursing pads, I have one pair and can’t keep them washed fast enough!

  94. would love that nursing shawl!

  95. April Burns says

    Nursing pads and that SHAWL! Ohmygosh!

  96. I would love some more nursing pads! I can’t wash mine quick enough 🙂

  97. I’m excited about the multi-pack and the Nipple Balm!

  98. I’m excited about the Bamboobies Multi-pack! I’d love to try them!

  99. The breast pads would be great!!

  100. Nursing shawl!

  101. The bamboobies multipack.

  102. I’m excited about the Bamboobies multi-pack and the nursing shawl

  103. The Nursing Shawl!!

  104. The nursing shawl! I’ve got one of those hideous apron covers & so wish I’d gotten the Bamboobies one instead!

  105. Alexis Bertch says

    All of them!

  106. I’d LOVE to try out the boob-ease pillows! I’m due in January and hoping to be able to breastfeed this time around since I couldn’t last time. Great giveaway !

  107. The multi pack looks wonderful.

  108. All of the prizes look great!

  109. rileigh thom says

    These look awesome.

  110. rileigh thom says

    oops…didn’t read the question first. lol. i would like to try the pads.

  111. Any of them! I have a 2 1/2 week old and the pampering would be awesome 🙂

  112. Would love love love to win some bamboobies! I’ll be nursing any day now!!!

  113. I’m excited about all the prizes!

  114. Kori Penkert says

    This is exactly what I have been looking for. I hate the disposables and they have actually made my nursing experience even more painful. My daughter is 3 weeks old today and these would be a God send for sure.

  115. Love, love, love the chic shawl!

  116. I want these sooooo bad!

  117. Nursing shawl

  118. nursing shawl!

  119. I’m most excited about the Bamboobies multi-pack!

  120. i love the shawl! It looks like it covers so much better than most nursing covers!

  121. Teresa Fogus says

    Would love to win!

  122. Thanks for the fab contest!

  123. As a soon-to-be first time mom, I don’t know which I am most excited about. I am sure I will appreciate them all when the time comes. Natural (like the nipple balm) and reusable (like the nursing pads) products are really important to me though.

  124. Sussy Hunter says

    I’m excited about the pillows! I’ve never heard of those before 😀

  125. I’m excited about the pair of Boob-ease Soothing Therapy Pillows.

  126. sherry moore says

    The bamboobies nursing pads and the soothing pillows

  127. Super excited about bamboobies multi pack!

  128. The shawl and balm! <3

  129. I’m a huge fan of the overnight bamboobies, the regular heartshaped daytime ones just can’t keep up with my overactive let down. I’m excited to try the balm

  130. Would LOVE to win this giveaway! Those boobie pillows look like heaven!

  131. I am excited about the nursing pads and cream!

  132. Would be a dream to win. Just hoping breast feeding is an option for me this time around!

  133. Definitely the nursing shawl!

  134. Love the bamboobies nursing pads!

  135. I’m most excited about the nursing pads!

  136. The multipack

  137. The nursing pads. I love my bamboobies and would love to have more.

  138. I am most excited about the grand prize with the soothing therapy pillows since I have been experiencing Renaud syndrome which is very painful. I also want to try the overnights so I no longer have to use disposables. 🙂

  139. Anjelica Guzman says

    I’m so excited for this giveaway!! I hope I win!! 🙂

  140. Chic nursing Shawl! 🙂

  141. I am excited about the nipple cream!!

  142. I’m most excited about the therapy pillows, I am prone to painful nipples and breasts the first couple weeks (even with a great latch) and would love to have these when my new babe arrives this fall.
    Thanks for the chance

  143. What great products. The cream sounds so good, especially in those early months of feeding. The boob-ease would have been a boob saver in those days when little one decided not to feed for 5 -6 hours straight. Love your range.

  144. I’d love to win the nursing shawl!

  145. The soothing therapy pillows

  146. nursing pads and boob-ease! i get pretty sore from pumping

  147. The bamboobies multi pack. I hate my cotton washable pads.

  148. Everything! Love the pads! And this pillows look heavenly!

  149. Excited about all of the products! Especially the nursing pads! I’m so sick of disposables.

  150. Jessica Pritt says

    Nursing pads! I’m currently trying to use the washable cotton pads and I leak so much! It’s a constant battle and so when I’m at home I end up using a cloth diaper to help me out!

  151. The shawl looks lovely!!!!

  152. I’d love to try the nursing pads. I leak through many reusable ones due to oversupply. 🙁

  153. I’m having baby #2 in 7 weeks, 8 years and three months after my only other child. I’m super excited to get started on this breast feeding relationship! Bamboobies or not, here we come!!

  154. Olivia Pinheiro says

    Nursing pads yay! <3

  155. Tara Lea Richard says

    I love the nursing pads! Wear them everyday!!!

  156. Definitely the multi pack! I have heard incredible things!

  157. Samantha Bassett says

    The Bamboobies Multi-pack!!! Leaky boobies aren’t cool!! lol Going on 7 months of nursing woohoo!!

  158. Great products!!!!

  159. I would love to win that nipple balm. My little guy is rough on me. I can’t wait to tell my mommy friends about this!

  160. Ashley Brasher says

    Nursing pads and shall

  161. All of them!

  162. So we just have to comment?

  163. Heather Van Horn says

    I would love the multipack so i have more in my rotation of nursing pads.

  164. I’m excited about everything, how did I not know that website existed!

  165. I’d love to have all of these great things but I’m most excited about the shawl!

  166. The grand prize 🙂

  167. All the prizes look awesome!!! My pregie friend needs some bamboobie love!!

  168. What’s not to love about the grand prize!! <3 <3

  169. Looking forward to those nursing pillows! What a brilliant idea! 😉

  170. The multi-pack – Bamboobies are so soft!

  171. Love all the giveaways! Esp the shawl n the cute heart shaped breastpads!

  172. Nursing shawl

  173. Excited about the nursing pads!

  174. VERY excited about the pads! Been sleeping with a towel under me at night 🙁

  175. cami reynolds says

    Bamboobies, please! 🙂

  176. The therapy pillows! My boobs need that!

  177. I like the look of the nursing shawl.

  178. I would love the shawl. My LO kicks or throws off anything I use to cover up!

  179. I LOVE Bamboobies! They are in my bra right now! I would definitely enjoy a pack of the pads!

  180. tosha burger says

    Love your products! Hopefully I win some more:) thank you for helping me to not make yet another fashion.mistake:)

  181. Brigette Yerke says

    Id love to try the therapy pillows

  182. I’d love the mult-pack. My reusable nursing pads just aren’t cutting it these days. And although I never use a nursing shawl, having one for church would probably keep the old ladies in the next pew over from having a coronary. 😉

  183. jessica Green says

    im super excited about the breastpads i currently make my own but would love to try those

  184. I am super excited about the pads and the shawl! Thanks for the giveaway!

  185. Thanks for the chance to win

  186. I’m most excited about the pads

  187. Melissa Bathelus says

    Excited about trying these products. I have twin girls due this November!

  188. The nursing shawl.

  189. Ashley Myers says

    I would love to win! Love your products!

  190. Definitely can’t have enough nursing pads!

  191. I’d love to win these to give as gifts

  192. The nipple cream!

  193. The Grand Prize! The sooth ease pillows look amazing!

  194. Why are you making me pick!?!? Allthe products look wonderful!

  195. Susan Bradley says

    Would love to try these with baby #2

  196. I’m most excited for everything!

  197. Maya Alvarez says

    Bamboobies Multi-pack

  198. I have ALWAYS wanted to try these. I have heard rave reviews. 🙂

  199. Bamboobies Multi-pack – I have the overnight pads and love them!

  200. Jill Collier says

    At only 6.5 months pregnant, I’m already in love with the feel of the regular & overnight nursing pads and can’t wait to use them. I also love that I don’t have to throw them into a landfill. But I’m most excited about the therapy pads giveaway!

  201. Bamboobies multi pack

  202. Great giveaway! I’d love to win some Bamboobies!

  203. Alisha Duncan/Sheremeta says

    I’d love to win either prize pack! I’m due with #2 in October and am in need of some Bamboobies!! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  204. Most excited about the Boob-ease Soothing Therapy Pillows

  205. brandi cranston says

    I’m excited about the multipack!

  206. Those soothing pillows look great!

  207. I love Bamboobies product especially the sample of the nursing pads I received and used

  208. Rebecca Ednie says

    I am most excited about the nursing shawl. I don’t leak much so I’ll pass the rest on to my local LLLI leader if I win.

  209. Natural Nipple Balm & Chic Nursing Shawl & Boob-ease Soothing Therapy Pillows

  210. What a great product!

  211. I loved my bamboobies nursing pads & tell all my mama friends to get them – lifesavers!
    My favourite aspect is that the sticky lanolin cream washed right off of them (did not come out easily from other bamboo nursing pads I tried) and they didn’t leave bits of “fur” on my nipples like the competitors!
    I would LOVE to win the giveaway for my sister who is expecting soon!

  212. I’d love either prize pack! Would love to try your products!

  213. Baby isn’t due for a while yet but these would be a great help when he/she comes.

  214. Love the heart shape!

  215. Would love to try these!!

  216. I am excited about the nursing shawl and the bamboobies!

  217. Shall and pillows look great!

  218. Just received my free pair in the mail. Sooo soft. Would love to win more 🙂

  219. Jennifer Barata Allen says

    Everything in the Grand prize, especially the Bamboobies multi-pack

  220. would love the multipack and the shawl!

  221. I want it all!!!!

  222. Carmen Vickery says

    This product line is completely new to me and sounds so amazing! Thanks so much for the information and opportunity to win this!

  223. Would love to win

  224. I would love to have the shawl and bamboobies pads. The shawl looks so trendy compared to others and you can wear it around as a fashion statement how nice would that be?!. Also I have never tried Bamboobie pads and I am not looking forward to leaks with the other reusable pads I already have for baby number 2! I would love to win! Thank you!

  225. nicole gervais says

    The chick nursing shawl look awesome. thanks for the change to win 🙂

  226. What a soothing giveaway!! Believe me, after the baby is born, a little soothing coming my way sounds like heaven!

  227. Probably the multi-pack…I’m definitely a leaky….

  228. The grand prize looks very great so do the others…

  229. I love my one set of Bamboobies and wish I had more! I came to them late in my BF journey, but they are absolutely the best!

  230. Kristal Bryenton says

    I am excited about all of these items! Everything here is perfect to help the new momma to be 🙂 I think I am most intruiged by the babmboozies pads though as I am allergic to so many things (including handling baby diapers; my hands break out in a rash!) If I were to win the bamboozies and creme I would be confident in knowing that my Skin would not break out with use of these like they would due to the plastics in the disposeable breast pads! Good luck to everyone who has entered both in the contest and in the arrival of your new little ones 🙂

  231. I am excited about the nursing pads. I have issues with the disposable kind.

  232. I’m excited for the bamboobies multipack and cream! I love love love these nursing pads. So soft!

  233. Claire Schindell says

    Ohhhhh nipple balm. 100%. The first weeks of nursing my daughter were so painful. Anything to soothe that time (we are expecting our second now) would be amaaaaaazing.

  234. I’d love to try the pillows next time!

  235. I LOVE bamboo and would love to try these!

  236. I am excited about the nursing pads!! Baby is due in November and I’m going to need lots of these.

  237. I just discovered for myself the fantastic nursing shawl and would be excited to get one if I win the grand prize

  238. I’m excited about the pads-I have leaky breasts if my 6 week old goes more than 3 hours between feeds (which isn’t often but always when out!). I hate how disposable pads stickers stick to my nipples after nursing because they get so twisted around when I take my bra down. Ouch!

  239. That nursing cover looks very unique! Interested in trying all of the products!

  240. I think I saw some teenage raver-girls wearing those hearts on their boobs and no tops. But anyway, winning stuff is great =]

  241. I’d like to try the nursing pads, that’s what I’m most excited about!

  242. I’m most excited about the boobie soother pillows

  243. all the prizes look great would be happy to win anything!

  244. Crossing my fingers!!!!! I’m definately in need of these prizes!

  245. I am most excited about the bamboobies regular pads and the soothing pillows!

  246. Just had twins! Would love to try the pads !

  247. I am nursing our 4th baby and would love to be done with disposable pads! I’m most excited about the pads and cream.

  248. I’m thrilled to enter this contest. I’m currently nursing my 5th child, and I could really use the cream and boob-ease 🙂

  249. I love the bamboobies breastpad! They are so soft!

  250. I would love to try these!

  251. Nursing my first born…love love love the experience. I however, make oodles of milk and would love to try the bamboobies!

  252. Alissa Reynolds says

    The Shawl!

  253. The shawl looks sexy, I breastfeed in public a lot and wear baggy shirts to cover myself.

  254. fatima kafil says

    Im due in 10 weeks I love bamboobies breast pads.

  255. Holly Franks says

    I’m excited about the multi pack!

  256. I very like the multi pack!!!

  257. I’m pretty excited about all of them…I’d love to see how they work!

  258. Kathryn Vail says

    I am excited about the nursing pads they look pretty but like they would be comfortable and functional as well. Would be nice to try them out! I also really need a nursing cover/shawl. So, that would be super fantastic!

  259. Oh the bamboobies are so cute, I would love to win one!

  260. CatIe Rolica says

    Ian super excited about all of it but the pads cream and cover are top of the list 🙂 especially as a very soon to be mom!!

  261. I love the heart shaped breast pads!!

  262. Crystal Ribey says

    Without a doubt most excited about boobie pads. Eight and a half months and I’m leaking enough to support the neighbourhood.

  263. I love the idea of the shawl!

  264. I would love the multi-pack! My friend is pregnant, and I want to share the bamboobies love!

  265. We want to go mama-earth friendly with our baby but in our remote its hard and expensive! Reusables are a blessing!

  266. I would love to try these!

  267. I would love to try the multi pack!

  268. I’m excited for the shawl and the cream!!

  269. I would love to try the pads as Im allergic to all the disposable ones!

  270. Would be great to win this prize, imagine all the money you would save!

  271. I love the heart-shaped nursing pads – too cute!

  272. Stephanie Holt says


  273. I am excited for all of the prizes! This is my first pregnancy so pretty much everything is exciting, lol.

  274. allisa kammerer says

    Would love to try any of it!

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