Arm’s Reach and MommyCon Announcement and Giveaway

I’m headed to Vegas baby!  I’ve never been, true story.  But now Arm’s Reach Concepts has made it possible for me to meet up with a few hundred other moms at MommyCon– the boutique style conference focusing on natural parenting methods for everyone; single moms, career moms, stay at home moms, and even dads.  I get Vegas and hanging out with like-minded internet friends to talk about breastfeeding, parenting, birth, babywearing, sleeping, sex, growing up, and all other manner of topics related to life as a parent.  There’s even yoga.  Sugarbaby and I can’t wait!  While there I get to lead two sessions, one to talk about “Sex, Lies, Breastfeeding, and the Rest- finding fun and sleep amidst the realities of parenting” and another session called “Growing Together With Our Children“.  Even better, a designated private party to hang with other Leakies!


I’m thrilled that MommyCon has put in considerable effort to make this conference affordable.  Staying in a swank Las Vegas hotel AND workshops /seminars with fun and informational presenters such as Jamie Grayson, TheBabyGuyNY and all for a great rate.  At $110 for a single attendance registration and hotel stay or $150 family registration and hotel.  That great rate just got even better, read on for a discount code just for Leakies.  The price can’t be beat for a getaway in Vegas with friends.  It’s great to know that having my 8 month old Sugarbaby in tow at the time won’t be a problem either at this mommy centered event.  To register, go here.  To reserve your space at The Leaky Boob Meet-And-Leak private party on the 3rd, email

One of my favorite companies, Arm’s Reach Concepts, a company that helps families have safe sleeping arrangements, is not only partnering with me to make it possible for me to speak at MommyCon, they are sharing information for parents to make the right sleep choices for their family.  Joining me in Vegas, ARC places great value in supporting parents and producing great products that assist them.  It’s no surprise then that this company is staffed with incredible people that genuinely want to help families get off to a great start.  Innovative and dedicated this company isn’t afraid to think outside the crib which has earned them the endorsement of Dr. Jack McKenna regarding their co-sleeper design.

To get ready for the fun in January, we’re doing 2 exciting giveaways: a single attendance registration (winner is responsible for their own travel) and an Arm’s Reach Concepts Cocoon.  Both of these giveaway items are a great value and all about encouraging and supporting families.  It’s an honor and a pleasure to share these with you.

baby hammock, Arm's Reach, Cocoon

The Beautiful Dreamer Cocoon, a $140 value, is a new product in the ARC family of co-sleeping accessories.  Designed to mimic the feeling of the womb so newborns feel more secure, the hammock bed style Beautiful Dreamer Cocoon cradles baby closely and gently sways in response to baby’s movement.  Perfect for babies birth to 15 pounds The Beautiful Dreamer Cocoon is easy to move around the house, keeping baby close for naps while mom or dad accomplish tasks that need to be done in their day.  The Cocoon is for infants birth to 15 pounds or when child can rollover, whichever comes first.

Sugarbaby and I got to scope out The Beautiful Dreamer Cocoon this past October and while she was just on the edge of being to big for it, we were both big fans.  After spending 3 days on my back at a trade show, a fussy Sugarbaby was done being worn and settled right down when we tried The Cocoon.  In no time at all she was happily kicking and smiling at the soft toys bouncing above her.

Arm's Reach Concepts Cocoon, baby hammock

I talked with Xza Higgins from MommyCon and asked her to share the details of the registration giveaway and some background on why she started MommyCon and what Leakies could expect.

Xza:  MommyCon was founded to bring forward thinking parents together in an environment that promotes; learning, growing and nurturing our offspring.  A big part of why I started MommyCon, was because I was sick of attending mom events that talked about breastfeeding, babywearing, birth, etc. but then receiving a package of formula to take home with me and pamphlets on “when to ask for the epidural.” The seminars didn’t speak to me, and so I began planning babywearing classes, cloth diapering workshops, and car seat checks utilizing my like-minded friends knowledge and experts that I met along the way. I always felt like I was just at one big sales pitch, and that is why I’m dedicated to making MommyCon an event that moms from across the globe want to attend so they can mingle with other mommy’s and learn about things they are passionate about.

Our first event under the MommyCon title is MommyCon Mini and will take place  on January 4, 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The main event will run from 10am-5pm, but we will have morning yoga for early risers and there will be private meet and greet the evening before with Jessica from The Leaky Boob. MommyCon registration is required to attend the meet and greet on the 3rd, and space is limited. You can email to reserve your space.

MommyCon, Las Vegas

Sample Schedule for MommyCon Mini, 2013

Red Rock 3

9:15AM :              Yoga – Mom and Baby

10:30AM:             Pre and Post-Natal Dance Class with Menina Fortunato

11:30AM:             Babywearing 101 & Wrapping

Lunch Break

1:30PM:               Pre-natal Considerations for Expectant Mom’s

2:30PM:               Car Seat Safety & The Best Seats for Your Family

3:30PM:               Tips for a Greener Home: Saving Money & Protecting Our Planet


Red Rock 4

10:00AM              Welcome! Mothering Through Breastfeeding

11:00AM                  The Leaky Boob Growing with Your Children

12:00PM               Cloth Diapering for Modern Families

Lunch Break

2:00PM                 The Leaky Boob presents Sex, Lies and Parenting

3:00PM                        Infant Massage Workshop with Amber Puzzi, LMT

4:00PM                 Jamie Grayson “The Baby Guy NYC” Best of Gear Seminar with thousands of dollars worth of giveaways!

Registration Opens at 8am

Shopping area is Red Rock 2 from 9:30am-5:00pm

Las Vegas hotel

You can register to attend MommyCon by visiting our website and clicking “attend.” We have single tickets, family packs and even hotel and ticket bundles. A ticket to MommyCon is just $50 for a day full of fun, learning and growing together. Children are all welcome to attend, but we do encourage babywearing instead of lugging strollers as there is limited parking for them.

The Leaky Boob readers can receive 10% off tickets and bundles by using code Leaky10 – prize can also be applied to existing MommyCon ticket purchase.




To be entered for either of these great prizes, check out the widgets below.  Good luck everyone!  Hope to see you at MommyCon, 2013!

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a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. My current baby- almost two- sleeps in a variety of places. last night for example, he started in a crib, got up a few hours later, I nursed him to sleep in his twin bed, he got up a few hours later, and ended the night in our bed. Baby #2 due in a couple months will sleep with us for the first year, if he wants to.

  2. My 9 month old sleeps in our bed.

    At MommyCon, I would love to see information on natural birth, breastfeeding, babywearing, and Natural Family Planning.

  3. My babies sleep with me in the bed, usually, until they’re 6 months old! Then, well, it depends. At naptimes we cosleep in the same bed, but at bedtime, they sleep in their own cribs/bedding.

  4. Want to attend Sex, Lies and Parenting, Best of Gear and Babywearing 101…amongst others 😉 I’d love to see more meet and greet and mommy networking opportunities.

  5. In my bed, where he is right now!

  6. Jessica Pritt says

    My son sleeps in my bed but I would love to try the cocoon! I think it would be awesome also for when baby number 2 comes.

  7. My 18 month old stil co sleeps in our bed and I would love to attend the baby massage class! Thank you so much for this giveaway!

  8. Ashley Buckner says

    This all sounds so awesome

  9. Christine Thompson says

    Awesome give away. Thanks!

  10. Nancy merrell says

    For now, in my tummy… But soon in my beds

  11. Trisha Schuetz says

    Currently my baby sleep in her crib for half the night and with me in our bed the other half. It makes breastfeeding much easier to have her right there next to me. I would be most excited to see info on breastfeeding and babywearing at MommyCon. Oh, and to see you and Jamie (TheBabyGuyNYC) would be AwESOME!

  12. I co sleep with my toddler and baby. But at night I put the baby in a bassinet to keep him safe from my crazy sleeping toddler!! This would help out a lot!

  13. My 5 month old baby girl sleeps between her daddy and I.

    I’d love to attend the session on tips for a greener home. A session on infant feeding would be interesting.

  14. We all sleep in our bed! My husband and I and our two daughters! They are 18 months and 2 weeks!!! I wouldn’t have it any other way! This little Cocoon would be helpful when I need to have a safe place for my newborn in when we aren’t all in the bed sleeping!! 🙂 never seen this before and it’s really awesome looking. The only other places we co-sleep is the couch! Not as comfy but it does the job! Lol! 🙂

  15. My baby sleeps in my bed but we are working on getting him to sleep in his own bed as I have a new baby due in Feb

  16. I have this wonderful cocoon great find had to have mine shipped from Canada. Of I win this one it is for my niece that was born this passed Friday hope I win It for her

  17. My 18-month-old had slept in his room since he was 3 months old. We are trying for baby number two and I have become a much more natural baby fan and so excited for cosleeping, baby wearing etc. this looks fantastic!!

  18. My first baby, now twelve months, is Dr. Sears classic high needs. This probably would have saved me hours of sleep those first few months. Now if only someone made one with speakers and an iPod dock for white noise tracks 🙂

  19. My little one cosleeps!

  20. We co-sleep in our bed!

  21. my 8 mo other either sleeps in a pack n play in our room or in our bed 🙂

  22. Jerica Murphy says

    My 3 year old sleeps in his own bed until about 3 am when he wakes up and crawls in with us. We’ve always been a co-sleeping family, and he’s just starting to become more independent!! This would be great for baby number two, which we are trying for right now!!!

  23. In our bed!

  24. My baby sleeps in a Rock & Play.

  25. My baby #1 slept with me for 4 years, 4 months. Now pregnant with #2 so had to move him to make room for new baby. I’ve been looking into a cosleeper for this time around as our mattress is even more sinking in the middle now.

  26. Tiffany Goodson says

    As of this minute, our baby girl still sleeps in the womb 🙂 Due in just a few days with our first!!!

  27. I have 4 children, 3 boys and a girl. My baby girl is a month old and sleeps in bed with me. My 17 month old sleeps in a crib, 3.5 year old in a twin bed and almost 10 year old in a twin bed.

  28. Brittany S C says

    In a crib next to the bed.

  29. My kiddo, currently 13 months, sleeps in his crib most of the night then comes to our bed in the early morning for snuggles and more sleep! He loves it!

  30. My girl sleeps in her crib now but when she was little she slept on me or in bed with us then we had her in a bassinet right by my side of the bed.

  31. Jennifer m. says

    My 15 month old is happy in her crib and I sleep better wi her there, too.

  32. I am interested in the car seat safety and living green sessions!

  33. My little one is currently in a Newborn Rock N Play Sleeper, immediately next to my bed 🙂

  34. My 16 month old sleeps in his crib, but have one on the way, so could use this awesome sleeping station!!

  35. Katie Pitcher says

    Baby #1 slept in our bed. Hoping to get a co-sleeper for #2 (due in January)

  36. Andrea Mccollum says

    We bed share, so baby sleeps right next to me.

  37. Stephanie Wojno says

    My 2 year old sleeps with us. We’re trying to figure out sleeping arrangements for when Baby #2 comes along.

  38. Cosleep

  39. i co-sleep with my baby and loves the night time nursing. he finds the boob and nurses himself 🙂 we built him a co-sleeper next to the bed, but he rolls onto the big bed.

  40. My lil goes to sleep in his toddler bed, but always seems to end up in our bed co sleeping before sunrise =)

  41. Would LOVE to have an arms-reach sleeper for my LO coming in January!!

  42. I have a 2 yo who generally sleeps in his bed, but I also have a new one on the way and we are still trying to figure out how the room arrangement will be–but he will be in our room in some way shape or form! This would make our decision a lot easier!

  43. my almost 18 month old sleeps in our bed or in her toddler bed depending on how she feels 🙂

  44. my daughter sleeps wherever I am 🙂

  45. Talent krull says

    My 15 month old sleeps in his crib now but all 3 of mine have co slept and bed shared for a time.

  46. Right now I have one in the womb and one in the crib. My crib sleeper vehemently rejected bed sharing right away and is fiercely independent at 18 months old!

  47. My almost 3 year old daughter sleeps in her crib side carred to our bed! She can roll over and nurse whenever she pleases. It’s pretty great, she mostly sleeps with her top half of her body next to me and legs in her bed. 🙂

  48. Currently I’m still carrying our first but we’re planning on cosleeping or bedsharing. We were gifted an in bed cosleeper and plan on seeing how it works out for us!

  49. My baby sleeps in our bed, but its not working out so great!

  50. My “baby” (now 2.5 years old) sleeps in my bed, or on the floor next to our bed (the floor thing just started in the last month).

  51. Due with my first at the end of January. We are now trying to find a solution to keeping baby with us in our room. Our bed is too small for two adults and a baby, so we are searching for “in arms reach” solutions right now.

  52. I would love to attend babywearing 101 and wrapping. I could use the help with learning how to breastfeed while wearing my baby.

  53. What MommyCon sessions would you like to attend? — the dance class and the “Sex, Lies, and the Rest”!

    What sessions would you love to see at future MommyCons? Mothering Your Nursing Toddler (by the author of the book by the same name), toddler nutrition

  54. Chelsea Anna says

    My baby currently still sleeps in the womb 😉 as he isn’t due until mid January. But we plan to bedshare at night and use a pack ‘n play or a portable sleeping area for naps to keep him close by. 🙂

  55. Baby sleeps in bed with me for the first few months, but I think everyone in the house would get a little more sleep if I had one of these or any other arms reach co sleeper

  56. My son starts out in his crib or swing and usually ends up in bed with me.

  57. My 14month old sleeps in our bed.

  58. Kelley Andrea says

    At night my girl (3 months) sleeps in a cradle beside my bed, and sometimes sleeps in bed with me after feeding. She takes most of her naps in the crib in her nursery (at least we aim for that), although she’s currently asleep in my arms 🙂

  59. My son sleeps in his crib. He was in a bassinet in our room until 4 months.

  60. My baby sleeps on my or in a pack n play next to my bed.

  61. I’d like to go to the best of gear workshop, babywearing and wrapping 101 and car seat safety! Oh and the sex lies and parenting!

  62. My daughter (now 5yrs) slept in our bed from the day we brought her home from the hospital until she was 2, then we moved her to a bed in our room but she was still occasionally in our bed. We love having her in our room, it makes us all feel that much better/safer being together. We are expecting baby girl #2 in march and the arms reach cocoon sleeper would he amazing as we have recently had to get a smaller bed and we could not safely allow this baby to sleep in bed with us, but we still want her to be in “arms reach” to our bed, not to mention it will greatly help with breastfeeding! Thanks so much for the opportunity to be a part of this contest/giveaway.

  63. Lyndsay Chae Deurmier says

    My baby still tucked away safely in the womb but my son slept with us for a year. =] He likes to come into bed every now and then with us at age 3.

  64. Laci Piazza says

    I have never seen anything like this! I could definitely put this to use soon!!

  65. I want toattend tlb session!

    Also dying to have that cocoon!

  66. My soon to be 2 year old sleeps in his crib, but we’re planning for the one on the way. Things will be different now that I know what I am doing. ;0)

  67. My lo started in my bed, then moved to the swing, and now she’s in her crib next to our bed!

  68. Morgen Teal says

    My youngest (almost 11months) sleeps in a crib. She didn’t make it long in our bed–she’d wake up every time she rolled over!

  69. When my son was a brand new baby he slept in our arms, in our bed and in his pack n play. Now at 14m he sleeps in our bed.

  70. I’m due in Feb so I’m still looking at co-sleeper options!

  71. Kristin Armstrong says

    I’m really excited about this convention. I can’t wait for mommy and baby yoga,The Leaky Boob Growing with Your Children, baby wearing 101, and The Leaky Boob presents Sex, Lies and Parenting. I’m excited to bring my lo and my dh. I would like to see something on vaccinations pros and cons, Co sleeping, and benefits to responding to babies cries as opposed to letting them cry it out.
    Thank you so much for the convention. I’m looking forward to it.

  72. My current baby (turns two on saturday) nurses to sleep in her toddler bed, then sometime in the night comes and climbes in with me and Daddy for more num-nums. But she’s gradually weaning, last night didn’t get in bed with us until 6:30 this morning… We’re hoping she’ll mostly be sleeping in her own bed by the time #2 gets here, as he will be cosleeping exclusively for at least the first 12 months.

  73. My 1 week old sleeps in a bassinet beside our bed!! 🙂

  74. Krissy Shively says

    My babies sleep in bed with me and the hubby!

  75. Currently the baby sleeps in my uterus. 🙂 This would be so wonderful to have.
    Thank you!

  76. My 3 yr old slot in bed with us until he weaned a year ago and now shes in her toddler bed pushed up next to ours! my 1 month old sleeps with us!

  77. Sonya Morris says

    I am still pregnant but he will be as close to me as possible.

  78. My 12week old sleeps with us! Just like all 6 of his older siblings did. Lol

  79. kristin king says

    our nb usually sleeps on me or in the bouncer if I’m lucky.

  80. Comphy and safe 🙂

  81. My baby started out sleeping in both his crib and with us. At 9 months it is still the same 🙂

  82. My guy sleeps in his crib. Doesn’t sleep great anywhere else. We tried co-sleeping when he was tiny but neither of us slept as we’ll. I felt like a failure at attachment parenting at first but then I realized I had to do what was best for MY child!

  83. My 18 month old sleeps in his cot now but co-slept for his first year, we had to stop as he would sleep-crawl so DH and I were forever having to grab a leg or arm seconds before he went off the side! My six week old co-sleeps and sleeps on me for naps. He will only sleep in the Moses basket on his front, I suspect he may have a touch of reflux so the cocoon looks amazing! Wish we could come to MommyCon but Vegas is a bit far from London. 🙁 xx

  84. Gina Demaree says

    My babies all slept in a bassinet. Now that we have moved and had to get rid of said bassinet, baby 4 will be sleeping in a bassinet insert for a pack-and-play for a while.

  85. Ashly Unger says

    It all looks awesome!

  86. Samantha l. says

    Right now my baby sleeps in my belly 🙂 I’m currently 28 weeks pregnant with a baby girl 🙂 she’s currently comfortable in her little womb. When she’s born I plan on co-sleeping, either with me, or in a co-sleeping “bed”.

  87. I’d love to see both Corrine Flatt and Jessica Martin-Weber speak. 🙂

  88. Becca Church says

    Our 18 month old usually sleeps in her crib, but sometimes ends up in our bed. Not sure how that will all play out when the new baby arrives in a few months…

  89. My 10 month old sleeps in his crib until about 11 or so and then promptly wakes up and sleeps with us for the rest of the night. I love co-sleeping, but I wouldn’t mind having a night or two without getting punched or kicked!! 🙂

  90. My baby sleeps in my body 🙂 33 weeks pregnant.. really want the cosleeper!!

  91. Sherice Groff says

    My baby girl sleeps right next to me!

  92. Cassie Bailey-Harig says

    With me!

  93. Having twins!!! Would love to have one of these to help me out 🙂

  94. My 5 wk old sleeps I’m a few different spots. Mostly lately he sleeps in our bed between us. He also frequently sleeps.on me after night time feedings. Setimes
    He sleeps tucked in next to my body for easier side lying nursing. In the day he sleeps in a baby swing or beside me on the bed- he lies next to me and I sit up and try and be productive. We don’t have a system yet. I hope that doesn’t come back to haunt us.

  95. I am 6 months pregnant and expecting my little boy in April. The cocoon by Arms reach would be so wonderful for him!! Thanks for doing this giveaway!!

  96. Right now we are using a very old hand me down several times co-sleeper…. it works but it is not ideal

  97. We have a cot next to the bed for our first who is due in Feb. I really wanted a co-sleeper, but the bedroom is too small/awkward for it to fit.

  98. In my bed 🙂

  99. Baby sleeps a combo of in her crib and in our bed

  100. Honestly my little angel sleeps with me most nights.. she does not do well in her crib.. so she likes to snuggle with mommy.. and she is a breastfeeder so she still nurses at night and its nice to have her close.. this thing looks AMAZING!

  101. Awesome Giveaway!!! My son slept next to our bed till he was 7 months old 🙂

  102. Serena Bynum says

    This is exciting!! I’m planning to tandem nurse my new baby and toddler and this looks exciting:)

  103. My almost 2 yr old sleeps in his crib half the time, our bed half the time. Baby #4 is on the way and we will most likely co-sleep unless she prefers something else.

  104. Our 6th baby is coming in March. I would love to win this as we obviously do not have a lot of “extra” money to spend! Our daughter is 1 and co slept with us. It would make the transition much easier for all of us and keep our new baby girl safe! 🙂

  105. Sierra Eskra says

    This thing is so awesome!!!

  106. As a newborn my 2 year old slept I. A bassinet. Planning on using the same method for #2 in the spring. However, she LOVED her swing!!

  107. We are a bed sharing family 🙂

  108. Mari-Kristin Gilbert says

    i want to attend the yoga, and of course TLB sessions!!

  109. Audra Lawlor says

    Hoping I win the co-sleeper! We’re starting to look at our options right now, and this looks great!

  110. In his bed 🙂 At least this one… Baby #2 is still a debate 🙂

  111. felicity berthiaume says

    My son sleeps with me in bed becuase since the day he was born he wouldnt sleep anywhere but in my arms! Even when the nurse put him in that little crib thing beside my bed I would loveeee to try the arms reach co sleeper maybe he would actually sleep in it!

  112. My baby sleeps in the bed with us.

  113. He doesn’t. But, when he does sleep, it’s in his crib.

  114. Sherry Smith says

    She sleeps in the king bed with her daddy. As a baby she co slept with us both. I am pregnant with #4 and need sleep, so I am in another bed until baby comes. (hubby and all 3 kids snore BAD)

  115. We cosleep also our son sleeps in our bed. 🙂

  116. He’s 3, so mostly in his own bed until he has a bad dream or hears a noise or gets cold or lonely. Then it’s back to our bed. And he’s like a little ninja-it usually doesn’t wake either of us up, so we haven’t been very effective in taking him back! lol.

  117. Baby is in a rock & play and also our bed while nursing. Toddler is also in our bed, hence the need for the RnP/cosleeper. Toddler limbs are lethal weapons 🙂

  118. This would be perfect to buy us some time until the 13mo is ready for a todler bed! Another one on the way, and I had NO idea where to put a second crib!

  119. Our 5 month old has recently claimed our bed as her own and her and her father hog the whole thing!!!

  120. My 5 month old sleeps in co-sleeper

  121. Wow great givaways

  122. My youngest sleeps in my bed. He goes to bed with Daddy and snuggles over to me when I get to bed.

  123. I’d like to attend yoga and greener home.

  124. I would like to attend the babywearing to figure out wraps. I would love to see a workshop on parenting olders and littles at the same time.

  125. Our now 2yr old used to sleep in our bed with us, but has recently moved to a mattress on our floor. Would love to have a co-sleeper for the new arrival.

  126. That next to my bed would make nursing in the night much easier as it looks to be right at bed level. She sleeps in a bassinet I found in the addic when we moved in.

  127. carly glover says

    My babies co sleep at first then sleep in a crib and in our beds whenever they want.

  128. As for now we do sidecar bed/cosleeping in our bed. 🙂

  129. Sweets currently resides in bed with us, just about 3 months old. She nurses a lot during the night so it works for her to be on my chest or beside me nursing. We have a bassinet but I don’t like it the sides are way too padded and I worry when she is in it

  130. I would love car seat safety and infant massage.
    My 19 month old just started on a mattress in her brother’s room

  131. My baby is currently sleeping in my belly! But once he is out he’ll be right next and on occasion in my bed!!

  132. Our 5-week-old little girl sleeps in a bassinet next to my side of the bed.

  133. Wow this looks amazing! I have my bub in a bassinette beside the bed but I am completely loving the look of this cocoon!! So many things I will look into using for bub #2 when the time comes & this will be one of them!

  134. My little one Cosleeps with us although sometimes starts out in her own bed.

  135. My 11 week old sleeps snuggled in bed next to my boob 🙂

  136. Baby slept in an arms reach co-sleeper until she was too big for it, and is now in a pack n play in the corner of our room, when she’s not nursing or snuggling with us in bed!

  137. I would love to see Babywearing 101 and The Leaky Boob presents Sex, Lies and Parenting!

  138. My baby slept in a bassinet but would always end up in bed with me after the 3am feeding…

  139. Our 16.5 month-old sleeps with us. I love it. He is so snuggly and I love cuddling him all night! We are trying for another baby, so the co-sleeper hammock would be great to put them in so we don’t get too crowded in our queen-sized bed!

  140. My 16 month old sleeps in his bed with his 3 year old brother! But we are hoping to add another little to the mix soon!

  141. kristin boddu says

    Can’t wait!!

  142. My baby sleeps in the pack n play next to my bed when he’s not in my bed.

    I’d love to do Babywearing 101, Mothering through breastfeeding, and cloth diapering!

  143. My 6 week old baby sleeps in a pack n play in our bedroom.

  144. Kmberly Bishop says

    My baby sleeps next to me!

  145. He sleeps in the arms reach mini cosleeper in my room. That bed looks amazing though!

  146. my 14 month old sleeps in her crib for the msot part, then around 5 am we cosleep on a mattress on her floor for some cuddles and nursing!

  147. Both my boys co-slept with us. It makes breastfeeding so much easier. My oldest would only sleep with me, never in a bassinet or his crib. My second baby did okay in his bassinet, but still preferred to sleep with me. I am currently pregnant with #3, and would love to win this co-sleeper. It looks so much more comfortable than any bassinet I have ever seen!

  148. Both my babies were co sleepers as babies and never wanted to sleep anywhere else. I can’t imagine any future child of mine will be much different from them.

  149. My daughter sleeps with me 🙂

  150. I need to win! <3

  151. Shellie Givens says

    In her crib, then my bed… What am I going to do when #3gets here??

  152. Oops! My baby sleeps in my arms every night and every nap. <3 If I had a less high-needs baby I would be willing to test the arms reach cosleeper!

  153. My baby slept in an Arms Reach Mini Cosleeper for the first 6 months and I loved it!! Unfortunately, we found out that both he and I slept much better when he was in a crip in an other room 🙁 I’m pregnant now and really hoping this next one can stay with me a bit longer 😛

  154. Both of my babies (8m & 3) sleep in bed with us, but I wanted to have something else to put our babies in besides their car seat on nights that I needed a little bit of space.

  155. I would love the sleeper! my three week old hates sleeping anywhere but on me, and my arms are sore because if it!

  156. My 2 1/2 year old sleeps in her bed in her room but our next one we want to co sleep

  157. My first, and only (so far), little one sleeps in the bed with me! She’s 1 year, and has only not slept in bed with me about 10 times. We bought the Arms Reach Co-Sleeper, but it proved to actually get me less sleep than when she was in bed with me- because it required me to fully wake up to nurse her. In bed, she sometimes latches on without me ever waking up. I would love to have this for our next little one, though!

  158. My 4 month old is currently in my bed and nobody sleeps great so I would love to try the cocoon!

  159. She sleeps close to me so breastfeeding at night is easy for both of us.

  160. stacy hancock says

    my little one sleeps in our bed!

  161. Briana Kovach says

    My 2yr old slept w me for the most part 🙂 I wanted one of hammocks so bad just could spend the money 🙁

  162. stacy hancock says

    not sure my comment posted but my youngest sleeps with us! she’s 13mo

  163. My baby (due Feb) will cosleep. 🙂

  164. My baby (due Feb) will cosleep. 🙂

  165. Julie Bartlett says

    My now almost 4yo daughter slept with us until she decided to move to her own bed. The baby I am pregnant with right now will also sleep with us until she’s ready to move on.

  166. love following you on facebook and the amount of support you help breastfeeding moms. Being a first-time mom it is great to know the community is a post away. 🙂 Very excited about the co-sleeper! Plus I’ve never heard of MommyCon! This is the best thing ever!

  167. My son slept less than a foot from me in his own crib until he was 2 when we moved and he finally got his own room. I could have used a co sleeper when he was a new born because I ended up with a c section and getting out of bed was terrible!

  168. In bed with us. 🙂

  169. MY baby is 18 months old, and still in our bed. We wouldn’t have it any other way. I would love this cosleeper for baby #2, who we are curretnly trying for!

  170. If the conference is at Red Rock, you are going to have a BLAST! It’s one of my favorite hotels in the Vegas area.

  171. Baby is currently sleeping inside:) But when s/he arrives, they will be sleeping with papa and myself in our bed at night, and in an heirloom cradle during naps until they are old enough to sleep in the bed without us.. The arms-reach cacoon looks like it would fit our small space better than the current cradle, plus it looks super comfy..

  172. My son is closing in on two years old now, but when he was a newborn he slept in an arms reach co-sleeper. After that, he slept in our bed until recently when he started sleeping in his toddler bed (mostly.) He still gets up in the middle of the night and comes to get in bed with me. 🙂

  173. I coslept with my daughter for the first year and then moved her into her own bed (a mattress on the floor) cause none of us were sleeping well. She’s almost 3 and still nurses and usually joins us in our bed at about 5-6am for some morning snuggles. I wish I had something like the Arm’s Reach Concepts Cocoon when my daughter was really little…definitely something to keep in mind for baby #2! I like my babies to be nearby when they are really little!

  174. I would LOVE to see the greener home, infant massage, leaky boob, and baby guy sessions!! It would be awesome to see a workshop involving potty learning – options for potty learning, approaches, what to expect, etc. We use elimination communication in our house, but a lot of the moms with children my age are frustrated and confused with potty training.

  175. I’d love to see the greener living talk, but I would LOVE to GIVE a talk about making breastfeeding work for your circumstances!

  176. Id love to attend baby wearing 101 cause I’m lost when it comes to that.

  177. LaKendra Watts says

    So exciting! Thank you!

  178. What a wonderful giveaway!! Thank you. I love reading you blog. 🙂 right now my 8 days away from being a year old daughter sleeps in our room right next to my side of the bed. I have looked at the traditional arms reach cosleeper and plan to get that to use for the next one. 🙂 I would LOVE to be able to go to mommy con but I just don’t have the money to go. 🙁 thanks for the off chance at being able to go.

  179. My baby due in June will sleep in my bed until I transition his brothers to a toddler bed.

  180. alexis Taylor says

    I have am arms reach co sleeper, would love the cocoon. Little man lives his swing and glider. This would be perfect.

  181. I would love to attend the yoga baby session and the baby wearing. I would love to see a elimination communication session at a future conference.

  182. My little one sleeps in my bed 🙂

  183. Elizabeth Hobbs says

    My daughter sleeps in bed with me, and I love every minute of it!

  184. My daughter slept in a bassinet sidecared to my bed until she was about 3 months old. I was too scared to sleep with her in the bed when she was tiny. Since then we’ve co-slept every night and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  185. my babies have always slept with me

  186. Our son sleeps in his bedside crib until he wakes to nurse and then into bed with dh and I.

  187. My 2 year old sleeps in bed with my husband and I. He has co-sleep almost exclusively since birth!

  188. Would love to attend babywearing, baby gear and anything on parenting survival. For future cons sessions on attachment parenting, using nonviolent communication, and handling siblings would be great. Also a session on alternative gear, like the cosleeper and the cocoon.

  189. Heather @ It's Twinsanity! says

    I would love to see a session on attachment parenting multiples.

  190. In my bed with me, she doesn’t like her crib

  191. Our 2 year old sleeps in our bed. Baby #2 is due in March so this would be fabulous to win!!! *fingers crossed*

  192. My 2yr still sleeps in our bed. But my dd who is 2 months old sleeps in a crib. I wish I could have her sleep with us also.

  193. I try to get my 10 day old to sleep in the new arms reach bassinet but he’s mostly been sleeping in bed with me at night or in my arms 🙂

  194. With baby number 4 on the way I could so use this!!

  195. With baby number 4 on the way I could so use this!!

  196. My toddler currently sleeps in his room. My unborn baby will sleep in our room for the first year probably. 🙂

  197. Veronica Darlinf says

    We co sleep with our 6month old.

  198. Would love to win this!! Right now, my little one will only sleep in bed with me and my husband.

  199. Veronica Darlinf says

    We co sleep with our 6month old.

  200. My 2yr old DS sleeps in our bed. As my 2mon DD, she sleeps in a crib. I so wish she could sleep with us.

  201. I co sleep with my 6 month old.

  202. how awesome would this be? My sister is expecting, and I know she would be thrilled if I won for her!

  203. Both of my boys sleep in their own room NOW. but as newborns they stay in our room until about 6 months old. I am pregnant with baby number 3 and would LOVE one of these!

  204. My little girl sleeps right next to me all night, cuddling and breastfeeding!

  205. My first (2) starts his night in his bed in our room after being cuddled/rocked to sleep, then climbs into bed with us about half way through the night and number 2 (due mayish) will sleep wherever works best for everyOne– co sleeper, our bed, own bed, we”re not starting with any expectations this time!

  206. Shellie Givens says

    In her crib now at 23 month’s but she still comes into my bed at like 4 am.. Where is #3 gonna sleep??

  207. Holly Andrews says

    Her crib and my bed with me at nights!

  208. mah belly

  209. My child sleeps in their own bed now (crib and now toddler bed) but when younger (until about a month or two) slept in a pack-n-play next to our bed due to refusal to sleep in own bed (cried whenever put in crib). We plan to try sleeping in a crib with the one on the way but who knows what will happen so would love an alternative that would fit in our room just in case so we don’t have to lug the pack-n-play into our room like we did the first time.

  210. I wanna go to the baby wearing seminar!

  211. Looking forward to the yoga, as well as the Sex, Lies, and Parenting talk. Would like to see more about the ‘mom’ identity and what it means to be yourself and a mother at the same time.

  212. Talitha Keller says

    My almost 2 month old sleeps with me in our bed or in a rock and play.

  213. Elizabeth Gee says

    Looks great! Would love to go to: The Leaky Boob presents Sex, Lies and Parenting and Infant Massage Workshop

  214. In my arms or by my side. We have a side car but at two weeks that is still to remote for her sense of security.

  215. My 34 month old currently sleeps in our bed. but we are hoping to get her out before her sister arrives in March! With baby #2 we are hoping to use a cosleeper or something to help her feel more secure but not in our bed full time.

  216. My kids always slept wherever they would! Crib, swing, car seat, mobu, beco, couch, floor, or in my arms. Just anywhere they would 😉

  217. Amanda Withers says

    My 12 week old is currently still in a pack n play next to my bed.

  218. Ashley Brasher says

    My baby used to sleep in a co sleeper next to my bed. Now he sleeps in his crib, or in bed with me and my hubby.

  219. Bethany Eskro says

    Both girls slept in the bed with us, it makes nursing SO much easier. Plus mama isn’t up out of bed every two hours and feeling exhausted 🙂 Baby girl #3 (due very soon) will also sleep with us. However, it would be so nice to have a place to put her for naps or for when we need a little extra space in bed 🙂

  220. how awesome would this be? my sister is expecting, and I would love to win it for her!

  221. As a little baby, the best sleep was in the bassinet or in my arms. <3

  222. My 3 month old sleeps in a rocking bassinet right next to my bed…and my almost two year old is in a toddler bed in her own room. I am interested in almost all the information being made available at mommy con!

  223. I have one of the original co-sleepers from Arms Reach and even though it’s “well loved” we still use it for guests. Now that baby number 3 is on the way I’d really love to get a newer one and pass the old one on to a mama in need. The cocoon looks so cozy and comfy!

  224. My baby (6 months) co-sleeps with me in the big bed and takes naps in his My Little Lamb swing.

  225. He sleeps right next to his mama. 🙂

  226. My baby is still sleeping in the womb. But I’ve been looking for something like this so it can sleep in our room with us for a bit.

  227. I would want to attend the tips for a greener home

  228. My 5 month old sleeps in a sleeper beside my bed and half way through the night I bring her into bed with me. Love her being close plus it helps her sleep longer lol

  229. My first slept in a cosleeper at first, then in a crib in his own room once he was 3 months. My second, once he or she arrives in a few more months, will sleep right next to me!

  230. Baby sleeps with me in bed or he sleeps in the Amby 🙂

  231. We cosleep!

  232. Brittany Hunsaker says

    Baby will be sleeping in a cosleeper when she gets here very soon. Our plan is to transition to her a crib when she gets too big for the cosleeper, although I’m sure she’ll spend some nights in our bed.

  233. In bed between us 🙂

  234. My toddler currently sleeps in her crib in our room. I’m expecting and due in March. Baby #3 will sleep in a bassinet beside my bed.

  235. Talitha Keller says

    My baby sleeps with me and sometimes in his rock and play sleeper

  236. Usually right next to me!

  237. I’d love to attend the babywearing and wrapping session- and infant massage.

  238. My toddler bedshares with us! We also have a second bed next to the main bed, but she rarely sleeps there!

  239. My daughter has a little bit of acid reflux and right now she is sleeping in her rock n play sleeper next to my bed. I have wanted a cosleeper so badly but couldn’t afford one!

  240. My newborn co sleeps with me in our bed, my hubby cosleeps with our toddler in his bed. When the baby is a little older I will cosleep with both.

  241. Urfriendlindsey says

    I’m pregnant with my first so I’m still looking into what would be the best option for my family… I’ve really been wanting to original co-sleeper but for my small space it still is a little big. This new hammock design would be perfect!

  242. The cacoon looks amazing! I’d love to be able to try this product out in June when my baby is born!

  243. Bethany Eskro says
  244. We cosleep

  245. My little guy slept in a moses basket next to me. And our next one will too

  246. Johanna Flores says

    We have a twin size next to the queen and the migrate on there own when they are ready.

  247. Lindee Dorsey says

    I’m currently pregnant and trying to find something to help the baby on the way sleep…..2 months sleeping on the couch with my first was not fun!

  248. My baby sleeps in a crib in our bedroom. She’s too big for her bassinet now, and I don’t feel right putting her in her own room. I would love this for my next little one though =]

    At MommyCon i would like to attend: Babywearing 101 & Wrapping, Tips for a Greener Home: Saving Money & Protecting Our Planet, Welcome! Mothering Through Breastfeeding, The Leaky Boob Growing with Your Children, and Cloth Diapering for Modern Families.

  249. With us or in his bed. He chooses.

  250. My little either sleeps in her crib or in my bed.

  251. I co sleep with my baby for convience, I can’t afford a crib for him right now :/

  252. I’d love to attend Babywearing, Mom and Baby Yoga, Car Seat Safety, The Baby Guy NYC, and you, of course 🙂

  253. Our son sleeps with us. We actually don’t even own a crib for him 🙂

  254. My daughter shared a room and bed with us for the first year of life and now if in her crib now that she is two she loves it.

  255. My daughter slept in bed with us until she was a year old and our new baby due in January will do the same.

  256. Due in 4 weeks and we have been trying to find the best way to cosleep, so this would be perfect!

  257. Michele Rossi says

    This sleeper looks amazing! Being our 3rd little guy in just 4 years we are running tight on space and I know this would be a great safe sleeping space for our newest member arriving in Jan. I can’t wait to meet him and keep him close, for nursing, snuggling and within reach while this mama tries to get a few zzzs too!

  258. Our babe sleeps in bed with us!

  259. Heather Mitchell-Adams says

    I would like to win this for a gift for my younger sister! She is currently preggers with Baby#2. With her first there were many sleepless nights, and to and fro with a bassinet. She would love the ease with this and the practicality. Good Luck everyone!

  260. Ruth Ohashi says

    I never co-slept with my son but wish I had, and hoping to do so with my next little one due anytime this week. My son is now 2 years old but from birth has slept in his crib, unfortunately he wasn’t able to co sleep much in his earlier months because of severe reflux so he had to constantly be on a wedge to get any rest.

  261. baby sleeps in my bed

  262. in bed with 2 year old brother, daddy and me.

  263. My daughter sleeps in the bed with my fiance and I ! Right where she belongs 🙂 Although I would LOVE to try an arms reach cosleeper!!!!

  264. In bed with the rest of the family 🙂

  265. bassinet, crib, swing and our bed!

  266. Keisha McCollum says

    My 7 week old sleeps in our bed or in her rock n play sleeper.

  267. In my bed snug and sound 😉

  268. Nicole O'Hare says

    My little one sleeps with us occasionally (we both fall asleep nursing 🙂 ) or in his bassinet in the next room. This would be awesome for us!

  269. Janice Allen says

    My little man sleeps in his bassinet. Right next to me 🙂

  270. My 14 month old has always slept with me….mostly in my arms. I had an arms reach cosleeper but I broke my tailbone while giving birth so it was to much to get him in and out of it.

  271. My BABY is still in my belly;) But my older son has always coslept:)

  272. This co-sleeper would be great when visit family with a little one. I always feel uncomfortable co-sleeping in guest beds, especially small extra soft guest beds, and our travel bed isn’t nearly so cozy, and harder to put the baby back in repeatedly while half asleep. This design looks better for baby and for mommy.

  273. My daughter slept in her bassinet right next to me. I pulled it as close to the side of the bed as possible.

  274. I would love to attend the baby wearing, cloth diapering, and growing with your children.

  275. Elizabeth Walker says

    she slept with us until about 10 months old. when this baby arrives it will be the same thing…in bed with us, on our chests/in our arms, or right next to the bed!

  276. domestic diva says

    My baby isn’t born yet (but coming soon), so the answer is in my belly. 😉

  277. I would love to be able to go to the baby wearing classes and of course sex, lies, and parenting! 🙂

  278. She will be 1 tomorrow and she sleeps in our bed. I love it.

  279. melissa richardson says

    our 19 month old sleeps in his crib and our 4 week old sleeps in a bassinet next to our bed 🙂

  280. i would definitely want to see both of the Leaky Boob seminars. and also the baby wearing session

  281. He currently sleeps in a crib. But this looks like such a great product for the next baby!

  282. Baby sleeps in her co-sleeper but finds her way into the big bed 🙂

  283. my baby slept in his stroller bassinet

  284. She spends the first half of the night in her crib and then when she wakes up, I bring her into bed with me.

  285. My first baby slept in an arms reach co-sleeper and my second in the arms reach cocoon. They’re both in their own beds now but my sister is having a baby and I’d LOVE this for her. 🙂

  286. in our bed!

    rickireviews at gmail dot com

  287. Baby Guy, Infant Massage, and Babywearing/Wrapping

    RickiReviews at gmail dot com

  288. Lisa Robertson says

    in my room but in her crib <3

  289. I’d love to try this product!!!

  290. My 3 month old sleeps in a bassinet next to our bed.

  291. Anita Hernandez says

    Co Sleeps with us.

  292. Anita Hernandez says

    cosleeps with us

  293. We co-slept with my daughter (2.5) until right before she turned 2, she now sleeps in a toddler bed next to ours. My son, (4 months) sleeps in a pack n’ play next to our bed.

  294. I would love to go to one of the baby wearing classes, or one of the cloth diapering classes. (:

  295. Next to my bed.

  296. We are still waiting for her to get here but we plan on her sleeping in a bassinet next to our bed =)

  297. My baby sleeps in the bed with me, after about two weeks of desperatly trying to get ehr to sleep somewhere else and consequently not sleeping at all myself.

  298. In a his crib next to the bed.

  299. She sleeps in her crib or our bed, depending on her mood

  300. My 3yo sleeps with us, and I plan for our new baby to sleep there, too…maybe in a sidecar or cocoon to start. I never knew much about cosleeping until I did it – it just felt right for us.

  301. My twins sleep in their cribs but on nights Rey don’t feel well they are in bed with me!

  302. My older kids slept in bed with us from the time they were born until they were 3 and 5, when we moved them to their own room and own double bed together. They napped in a pack-and-play when newborn, when I couldn’t lie down with them. I never even bought a crib for the younger one! I am due again in May, and I expect this baby will do the same!

  303. Love that Zutano pants fit over my baby’s huge cloth diaper!

  304. Brittanie Pierce says

    He sleeps in bed with us. We have a family bed. 🙂

  305. My 16 month old sleeps next to our bed in his crib-co sleeper style. When my husband works he starts in his crib and ends up on my husbands side of the bed. Its the only way i would have it nothing like waking up in the middle of the night to my little man holding my hand or being able to see him just breathe and smile in his sleep.

  306. Allison McGrady says

    My baby sleeps in my bed in place of my husband 🙂 who is currently sleeping on the couch.

  307. Madison DeShong says

    My three month old sleeps next to me in our bed, lately he has become squirmy, however I LOVE HAVING HIM THERE!

  308. My little guy slept in a bassinet in our room for about a month or so and now sleeps in his crib.

  309. My 2 year old and 6 month old both sleep in bed with me.

  310. I want to go to everything at Red Rock 4!

  311. Madison DeShong says

    I would LOVE to see Jessica from Leaky B@@B!

  312. Julie Jensen says

    My 2 1/2 year old sleeps in her adorable Incredibeds bed now, but I am pregnant with baby number 2, due in July, and we plan on having the baby in our room with us for a while.

  313. Julie Jensen says

    I want to attend EVERYTHING but I am most excited for the pre and postnatal dance, The Leaky Book Presents Sex, Lies and Parenting, and the Best of Gear Seminar!

  314. Our little miracle sleeps with his daddy and I (2 months old) Closest to our hearts!

  315. My baby slept in our room, in his crib until 11 months, at which time he moved into his own room. At 20 months, he moved back into our room but into our bed, where he’s been ever since (he’s a little over 2).

  316. We have a crib pushed up against our bed, so about half the time she sprawls out there and the other half she snuggles right up against me..

  317. My first baby “slept” in a stationary co-sleeper. I wished I had a way to make it rock or swing! I would love to try the cocoon out for baby number 2, due in 7 weeks. I’m hoping he or she will sleep much better!

  318. My babies sleep in my bed.

  319. My baby sleeps in a pack n play right next to my bed!

  320. My baby girl co sleeps with us, she likes to be right in the middle!

  321. For the first 23 months of his life my so slept in a bassinet or crib in our room. We moved a month before his 2nd birthday and now he sleeps in his room which means we have been getting more sleep!

  322. my baby sleeps in his bassinet

  323. Laura Miller says

    In the bed, between my husband and I.

  324. At mommy con I would love to hear about VBACs! Success stories and how to safely VBAC.

  325. My 5month old cosleeps with us just in our bed, or sleeps in a pack n play next to our bed.

  326. She slept in a bassinet, in our bed, in a crib, and now on a floor bed. She’s been all over!

  327. I’d love to see yoga, wrapping, and your session. 🙂

  328. In a crib.

  329. In our bed!

  330. I am due next week with my 3rd child, right now we are in a tiny apartment and our new little one will be sleeping her crib in our room. I co-slept with the other two and my husband has requested we don’t co-sleep with this one, so hopefully she loves her crib right away. The cocoon would be perfect for our little one.

  331. My current baby (3yo) starts off in her own bed, but lands with us almost every night after a few hours. 🙂 The coming baby will be next to our bed- hopefully in this! ^.^

  332. My baby slept in a cradle right next to my bed for about 3 months when he outgrew it. I wish he could have slept next to me longer but the cradle was just too small and the sides were not high enough when we started moving around.

  333. Everywhere! My moby wrap, bouncer, co-sleeper, my bed

  334. Babywearing 101 & Wrapping

  335. Tara Caudillo says

    In mommies bed!!

  336. My 6 year old sleeps in her bed, but slept with me until 5. My 7 week old is sharing a bed with me and my husband right now.

  337. My 8 month old sleeps in bed with my husband and I.

  338. I would be most excited to attend the greener living seminar at Mommy-con. In the future, I’d like to see a seminar on ways to therapeutically work through a difficult birth.

  339. Baby sleeps in co-sleeper and our bed.

  340. My baby sleeps in his crib. Thinks our bed is for happy play time. He’s always needed his own space.

  341. In the bassinet next to our bed

  342. karina escalante says

    He sleeps in his crib

  343. We try to get our 8-week-old boy to sleep in his Arm’s Reach Sleigh Bed, but he will only sleep in bed with mom & dad!

  344. My 6 month old sleeps in his crib in his room. I had him in a basinett shoved against my bed until he was 3 months old….at that point he hated the basinett and our room. I cried when I moved him to his crib but he is a super happy camper there. I sometimes nap in our bed with him :).

  345. I’d look forward to attending the leaky boob’s growing w your children class 🙂

  346. Denise Mitchell says

    My 18 month sleeps in his toddler bed right next to our bed. We have another on the way and I want him to be with us to. I just saw learned about these hammocks from a friend a couple of days ago. I’m a huge babywearing fan, and this mimics that motion and safety of being close to mom.

  347. Denise Mitchell says

    I’d love to attend the wrapping 101 and yoga. Those sound like a blast!!!
    In the future I would like to see a class on baby led weaning or introduction to solids WITHOUT disrupting breastfeeding.
    Many moms mistakenly believe that introducing solids has to end their breastfeeding relationship with their babies.

  348. I am so excited to see what mommy con has to offer I’m very upset that I can’t attend this one! I am planning to be at the next one just hoping you all come to the east coast.

  349. brittany k. says

    my husband is a little resistant to co-sleeping–I think this would really help!

  350. brittany k. says

    my husband is a little resistant to co-sleeping–I think this would really help!

  351. My little sleeps right next to me. We have a crib but I’ve never even unpacked it.

  352. My little sleeps right next to me. We have a crib but I’ve never even unpacked it.

  353. My Baby slept with me or in a bassinett next to me until she was 6 months old and then she moved to her crib in her room.

  354. Honey Bahre says

    How exciting!!!! I can’t wait to go!

  355. I’d love to go to mommycon. Id like to see something on coping with returning to work. Or how to be a stay at home mom, with real examples of budgeting based on an actual salary. I’d also love more tips on advocating for yourself while in the hospital after c-section. I so hope to attend!!!!!!!

  356. I’d love to go to mommycon. Id like to see something on coping with returning to work. Or how to be a stay at home mom, with real examples of budgeting based on an actual salary. I’d also love more tips on advocating for yourself while in the hospital after c-section. I so hope to attend!!!!!!!

  357. What an amazing opportunity to come together with other like minded parents! Sadly it seems us gentle, attachment parents are the minority, but not at an event like this! We cloth diaper, babywear, baby led wean, NO CIO and part-time bed share with our 13 month old. I think I will enjoy every speaker and seminar, thanks for the opportunity to win!

  358. We co-sleep!

  359. Sarah Sopchak says

    I would love to go to mom-con! I would love to have a reunion there with one of my dearest mommy friends. If I won that would help a lot! Wish to see the leaky boob sneak leak and the mommy baby yoga would be great!

  360. My January 2013 baby will be sleeping in an Arm’s Reach cosleeper!

  361. I would love to attend the Mommy Con Yoga for Mom & Baby and Sex, Lies, & Parenting. 🙂

  362. Right now my baby sleeps in our bed <3


    I really like this cocoon 🙂

  364. Sarah Sopchak says

    I would love to go to mom-con! I would love to have a reunion there with one of my dearest mommy friends. If I won that would help a lot! Wish to see the leaky boob sneak leak and the mommy baby yoga would be great!

  365. The cocoon looks so cozy and mommy con sounds fun!

    • Sorry! I didn’t read directions 🙁 my son is two and partially sleeps with us after starting off the night in his crib. Potty training could be a good topic for MommyCon.

  366. Desiree tatro says

    In bed with us. She hates her bed.

  367. I am due with baby #2 any day now (I’m 38 weeks pregnant). She will sleep in our bed – or in the cosleeper should I win it! My son was in our bed full time until about 26 months until my milk dried up from pregnancy. He’s now 32 months and sleeps in a twin bed in his room for part of the night, and then joins me and husband. Don’t know how we are all going to fit in a queen when baby arrives. Cosleeper is a great idea!

  368. For the first few months my son slept in a pack-n-play in our room. He is now 10 months old and sleeps in his crib.

  369. My 2 year old son sleeps in the bed with us, but I have a new baby on the way and plan on having her sleep in a crib or bassinet

  370. little one sleeps in my bed or the pack and play next to it.

    I want to attend every session I can possibly make!!

  371. LaKendra Watts says

    We cosleep for about the first year. 🙂 thanks for the opportunity.

  372. LaKendra Watts says

    I would be excited to attend any babywearing sessions at MommyCon!

  373. ashley blanchard says

    as a new mom I am super excited about mommy con… I would be thrilled to attend everything but would look forward most to the yoga and sessions on breastfeeding, baby wearing, and cloth diapering! this would be the only way I could afford to go!!

  374. ashley blanchard says

    my baby sleeps in a rock n play at arms reach from my side of the bed! it works out great for all of us but I’m not sure what we will do when he outgrows it!