Bamboobies’ Valentine’s Day Giveaway

TLB sponsor, Bamboobies, would like to wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day!


In a recent conversation with Kerry, creator of Bamboobies, we both admitted to having a soft spot for this particular Holiday, and with her staple heart-shaped breast pads, what better way for Bamboobies to celebrate Valentine’s Day than with a giveaway!  And if their heart-shape isn’t enough to inspire you, consider this: Bamboobies are manufactured by women in the US and are fair-trade to boot.  That’s enough to warm my heart.  Kerry shares with us about her breastfeeding journey in a short interview below, followed by your chance to enter this heart-filled giveaway.

Jessica and Kerry

TLB:  When did you start Bamboobies and why?

Kerry:    When I had my first baby, I was a BIG leaker – and was quite frustrated with the pad options available but didn’t think to do anything about it for several years…  I was very frustrated by the bulkiness of washable pads  – and I often leaked through them. I used disposables when I really wanted to be sure I didn’t leak but hated the scratchiness, chemicals, and what a waste of money they were.

When I had my second child three years ago I discovered the amazing softness of bamboo fabric in her cloth diapers. Strange as it sounds – and it was – I began stuffing some washable bamboo velour wipes in my shirt!  They were super soft and didn’t have have the cold and clammy feeling of cotton when wet.  My “A-HA” moment came when I thought of the funny name for a better bamboo pad – I trademarked the name Bamboobies at midnight after thinking of it!

The name came easily but it took many months of trial and error to create a really good product.  I wanted to source locally and make something that wouldn’t leak or show through – all big challenges, but I persevered!  I didn’t want to build a company around a gimmick – I wanted to help other women like me and  to create a great product.

Three years ago this March we sold our first pads in a local retailer here in Boulder and our product line has now grown to 5 products and our pads and nipple balm are sold in over 800 stores, primarily in the US and Canada including all US Babies R Us Stores.  We still run our business out of my basement and garage and Bamboobies pads, nipple balm, bras and nursing shawls are all made here in Colorado in fair-trade facilities.

It’s been a really fun and creative process building the business, products and team to this point and getting so many great notes from women all over about their love of our products.

TLB:  Every year you do a freebies giveaway that just costs shipping, that must cost you a lot, why is this so important to you?

Kerry:  It’s fun – and it’s important to get our samples to women who need them.  Our products are expensive because they’re made of very high quality fabrics that are certified organic or sustainable and they’re made in the US in fair-trade women-run facilities.  They also just ‘seem’ expensive because they’re being compared with yucky disposable paper and chemical-filled disposables. When women see and feel for themselves how much better our products are, we hope they’ll do the math and see that buying a high-quality reusable product over a disposable one makes economic sense…  We’ve just launched our products in Babies R Us across the US and so we’re making this month’s giveaway twice as big as we’ve done in the past to try to create more brand awareness.  We typically process 10 retail orders per day – we’ve gotten over 4000 orders in 3 days – Wild Times!

TLB:  The heart shape is fitting for this month of love but it’s also a wonderful design for your breast pads (I wear mine upside down), how did you come to that?

Kerry:  A clothing designer friend suggested it – the dip in the top of the heart acts as a dart to dynamically cup your changing boobie size.  It’s cute but functional too: I didn’t like the lumpiness and circles visible through my shirt when I wore the thick cotton washable pads. We also don’t use a thick edge stitch in an effort to avoid having hearts show through your shirt!

TLB:  You’re so laid back and easygoing, Kerry, how does that carry over into your business?  How about your parenting?

Kerry:  My low blood pressure is genetic but I do generally have a very positive outlook on life. I also try to blow a lot of things off – I choose my battles.  I’m very very lucky – that’s a fact but also a belief that I work to manifest.  Sound too hippie? It is – but it’s also true.  I’m a very determined person and I’m focused on the underlying goodness of people and I think this helps in business and with kiddos.  I have 3 children aged five and under so my patience gets pushed to its limits pretty often, but I try to focus on the good and the things I can change.

TLB:  What do you <3 about breastfeeding?

Kerry:  I love that it’s an amazing discovery that women have to look forward to – a surprise they didn’t know was coming when they were getting close to their due date. Some parts of this new experience can be painful physically and emotionally in the beginning but the sweet, close and bonding parts are amazing.

After I had my first I had a lot of difficulties getting started nursing because I had enormous supply and overactive letdown. I didn’t think I’d last a week but I’ve nursed through two pregnancies and next month will start my seventh year straight. I hadn’t changed a diaper before having my first baby – I knew there was a lot to learn about children.  I’d certainly never nursed but I didn’t even think about the alternative until it was difficult.

I’ve learned so much about my children as individuals through nursing – and about myself.  This has been a big surprise – and a wonderful one to embrace.


For the giveaway, Kerry would like to offer one of three special prizes to seven lucky Leakies! ~ winner’s choice!

Giveaway winners will be able to choose one of the following $30-$40 prizes:

1. Bamboobies Brahhh! It’s a really comfy lounge bra.


2. Multipack of Bamboobies Breastpads and organic Nipple Balm.


3. Chic Nursing Shawl.  NEWCNSImage


Bamboobies products are now available at their website, at 250 great  locally-owned boutiques in the US, Canada and Australia, AND Babies R Us stores (all stores in the US).


Good luck to everyone!  Please use the widget below to be entered.  The giveaway is open from February 12, 2013 through February 18, 2013.  A big thanks to Kerry and Bamboobies for their ongoing support of TLB and all breastfeeding women; please be sure to visit their Facebook page  or follow them on twitter  (@bamboobies) and thank them for their support of TLB and this giveaway opportunity.


This giveaway is restricted to U.S. & Canada residents onlysorry: our website can’t process other shipping.

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  1. Hugs and kisses from my little boy 🙂

  2. familytime

  3. Baby snuggles and baby giggles!!

  4. Watching my husband and daughter play together 🙂

  5. Spending quality time with the ones I love

  6. My boys warm my heart…but lately these days the little smiles my almost 4 month old gives while nursing!

  7. Watching my husband make our 3 month old giggle. She still won’t do it for me!

  8. How involved my husband has been during my pregnancy

  9. Coming home from work to a yummy dinner by the hubby and an evening with my little one.

  10. Snuggling with my darling girl when she wants to nurse in the middle of the night. It’s so quiet and peaceful and melts my heart how content she looks to be nursing and snuggling.

  11. Sweet morning coos from my little girl and early morning snuggles.

  12. When my 5-month-old stops nursing to stare at me, then grins as soon as I look at her and immediately goes back to eating 🙂

  13. Cuddles from my littlies

  14. Watching a peaceful Daddy and daughter sleeping snuggled up in the bed.

  15. Jeri Thurber says

    Family hugs!

  16. Breastfeeding!

  17. My children warm my heart!

  18. These are my favorite breast pads! So soft!

  19. Snuggles with my little guy and his dad 🙂

  20. Spontaneous hugs and kisses from my 23 month old son 🙂

  21. My awesome spouse!

  22. Watching my husband and son play together!

  23. Maggie Martin says

    My oldest was born on Valentines day., So it’s a sweet reminder of him coming into the world and changing my life forever. He’ll be three tomorrow.

  24. Watching my children play and laugh together warms my heart.

  25. Baby giggles warm my heart.

  26. Jenny Travis says

    Having an incredible husband and son that I’m continually in awe of. I feel like the luckiest woman alive every day!

  27. Nursing my little girl and watching her light up around her daddy

  28. My husband being an amazing father to our 4 kids.

  29. The little one inside my belly whom I can’t wait to meet face to face!

  30. My loved ones

  31. Miranda Welle says

    Nursing our little one!!!! And seeing our 4 children smile!!!!

  32. My husband and two girls rolling around playing together in the evenings, I can’t get enough of their antics and giggles

  33. My little girl’s laugh
    Snuggles from my husband and my little girl

  34. Seeing my husband take care of our twin boys with confidence & ease.

  35. Cuddling with the baby and mama.

  36. My children!

  37. Anytime my 4YO or 3YO make their baby sister laugh… big belly laughs… my heart grows 3 sizes. 🙂

  38. snuggles from my little guy

  39. my daughter

  40. Watching my husband and son play together!

  41. Denise Mitchell says

    My little family warms my heart. Seeing my toddler walking down the steps in the mornings, look back and give me his hand, just melts me!
    And my big belly, I’m due in 6 weeks and I’m just so happy and blessed to have them after many years of infertility. My husband and I are very blessed.
    My heart couldn’t be fuller!

  42. When my daughter comes up to me and gives me an unasked hug and a kiss.

  43. Rachel Silvernail says

    Seeing my husband cuddling my boys- especially the baby <3

  44. Our bedtime routine with our 6-month old warms my heart. It’s one of the few times my husband gets to interact with him since he’s at work all day, and it’s precious to see them cuddling and laughing together.

  45. Seeing my husband actually react positively to the baby. He was an only child himself and often isn’t the nicest about having a kid, so it comforts me when he actually does smile or let the baby snuggle.

  46. Francesca McC says

    My daughter’s belly laughs and when she tries to latch onto my husband’s chest!

  47. hugs and kisses from my little ones

  48. My daughter’s giggles and my husband’s love for her and I.

  49. family sandwiches (group hugs)

  50. nursing snuggle time!

  51. When my husband, our 4 children, and I have a great night playing games and doing activities together. That is what really warms my heart, along with hugs from all of them.
    Amie Olson

  52. My daughter’s giggles and coos make me melt.

  53. Pictures drawn for me by my littles.

  54. waking up next to my toddler and baby.

  55. Feeling my baby kick! This is my first and it’s a new experience.

  56. smiles from across the room

  57. What warms my heart? Snuggles from my sweet girl, and kicks from her baby sister still growing in my belly. 🙂

  58. Cuddling my toddler (when he lets me!).

  59. Fabulous giveaway! Thanks for the chance!

  60. Baby cuddles, also no bm stains on my shirt is a good day. 🙂

  61. Gooey kisses from my 5 month old daughter, it just melts my heart!

  62. hearing my girls giggling uncontrollably!

  63. Kisses from my son!

  64. Sara Swanson says

    My husband talking to my baby belly warms my heart!

  65. Snuggles with my kiddos

  66. Melissa Berhel says

    I love bamboobies!

  67. Watching my newborn sleep warms my heart! 🙂

  68. Cuddles from my two littles and/or my hubby!

  69. snuggles with my baby 😀

  70. Mandy Ferris says

    Playing with my big 18 month old girl and seeing her smile & feeling my twinsies kick inside my belly 🙂 Can’t wait to meet them!

  71. What warms my heart is snuggles with my little man and the baby growing in my belly!

  72. When my daughter smiles and gives me a big hug for no reason.

  73. My daughter smiling at me while she’s nursing.

  74. Feeling my lil’ man kicking away in my belly definitely warms my heart!

  75. Nighttime snuggles from my little cuddle bug warms my heart!

  76. When my little guy looks up at me after waking up and smiles and great big smile and reaches up for me!

  77. Hugs from my little ones and hearing them say I love you Mommy!

  78. Watching my hubby cuddly the baby while reading bed time stories to our older kids warms my heart!

  79. Courtney Schreiner says

    Time with my family, and especially watching my husband interact with our children. It is so neat to see the love my husband expresses for the kids and the love they express in return.

  80. When my husband and my Dad are together and playing with my son… all my sweet guys in one place!

  81. My babies laughing and having fun with me during the day warms my heart.

  82. Elizabeth C. says

    Hearing our coming little one’s heartbeat for the first time today!

  83. Knowing that my little family loves me by their faces when they see me!

  84. What warms my heart is knowing that by next Valentine’s Day my baby will be here to shower with love!

  85. When my little guy first wakes up in the morning and looks up to see if I’m awake too. That gummy smile gets me everytime 🙂

  86. Jenette Zecena says

    My family warms my heart. Especially my children. Looking at them and knowing that me and the man I love created them.

  87. The unconditional love (and endless hugs and kisses) from my kids!

  88. My one-month-old’s sweet smile and snuggles warm my heart!

  89. Tashina Kirk says

    I love when my little man grins while feeding.

  90. Watching my 5 month old smile and laugh at his daddy!

  91. Jamie Urbanawiz says

    It’s cheesy, but I get the warm fuzzies whenever I see them smile at me.

  92. Emily Noble says

    Watching my men (hubby and 2 boys) rolling around the floor playing!

  93. When my baby girl falls asleep on my chest….or watching her giggle at daddy.

  94. Oops….when she falls asleep. 🙂

  95. The smile I get from my baby when I pick him up after work

  96. Smiles and good manners from my little man 🙂

  97. Chelsea Lyons says

    Watching my 5&3 year olds play with each other and my 3 month old warms my heart!

  98. Lovely interview!

  99. I love watching my hubby play with our 16-month-old son. They are so cute!

  100. Being with my hubby and three kids…love having the house filled with lots of laughing!!

  101. Nicole Bear says

    What warms my heart is watching my husband with our new baby daughter, and when she smiles up at me while she is nursing!

  102. Grace White says

    I love seeing my little boy smile!

  103. Watching my 2.5 year old interact with his 3 mo. old sister. Seeing her smile up at him and him rub her head is the most heartwarming thing!

  104. Spending time with my loved ones, wearing my littles, and breastfeeding her! 🙂

  105. I love when my little guy lays his hand on my chest while nursing.

  106. Having a date night with hubby.

  107. My daughter playing with her daddy while I feel #2 move around in my belly.

  108. Caitlin Smith says

    When my 7 y/o reads books to my 5 m/o and both of them are all smiles, or when my 5 m/o is nursing and looks up at me smiling. pretty much every little thing they do warms my heart up <3

  109. Seeing my boys (3 and 2) laugh and play together. Absolutely warms my heart!

  110. Hava NaturalMama85 says

    My daughter’s smiles

  111. I’d loooove to try these!

  112. My little man holding my hand while he nurses

  113. It warms my heart when somebody sees me having a tough day with my two little ones and offers to help or just helps without judgement.

  114. Super sweet Valentines giveaway!

  115. Any time my baby smiles at her daddy. They’re so sweet.

  116. Just being with my little ones and the hubby together at home playing or relaxing!

  117. Coming home from work to see my husband playing with all three of our kids while he’s getting ready for work. These moments don’t last for long, and I treasure them while they are here!

  118. My husband : )

  119. BIG toothless grins are the best!

  120. My children!

  121. It warms my heart to see my kids hug and kiss each other first thing every morning.

  122. Hearing my kids say “I love you Mommy!”

  123. Snuggling with my little girlies! (2 yrs and 2 months) While I’m nursing the 2 month old, the 2 year old likes me to read to her and enjoy the snuggles!

  124. When both my boys (5 yrs old & 7 months old) snuggle with me on the couch….I just live for those moments

  125. My husband and 5 year old whispering in the morning so they don’t wake mama and the baby. I love listening to them trying so hard to be quiet.

  126. Watching my husband play with our two beautiful children.

  127. Snuggling up with my husband, new baby and puppy in front of the fire. 🙂

  128. Having relaxing snuggle time with my husband! He’s wonderful and I cherish every moment I have with him!

  129. Michelle Hall says

    That goofy sleepy smile I get after a late night feeding 😀

  130. Nicole Nacua says

    Nursing and snuggling my little one!!

  131. Jennifer Fulton says

    Laughter from my baby girl.

  132. I love the heart shaped nursing pads 🙂

  133. I love the style of your breast pads, cant wait to get some o try!

  134. Feeling my unborn daughter moving inside me <3

  135. It warms my heart to see my little ones laugh and smile together! It’s the best!

  136. I have sensitive skin and some pads give me a rash – not Bamboobies!

  137. My daughter smiling when her daddy comes home from work!

  138. Krista Fields says

    Simply put I just love family!

  139. sherry moore says

    My daughter warms my heart.

  140. Smiles and kisses from my two sweet little girls.

  141. Great products!

  142. Watching my daughter grow into her own little person each day

  143. Liz Salazar says

    Cherishing time with my husband and my two children! =)

  144. Whenever my kids say “love you” it warms my heart!

  145. What an awesome story!!

  146. When i see my son smile and giggle its the best!!!

  147. unexpected/surprise acts of kindness

  148. It warms my heart when my husband understands that I just need some quiet and personal space for a while. He really is great!

  149. Sweet, unexpected, open-mouthed baby kisses! <3

  150. Hugs and kisses from my 2 yr old.

  151. I use Bamboobies daily and I LOVE them. I’ve been preaching the gospel to all of my BFing friends!

  152. Delaney Starks says

    My 16 month old baby boy and knowing that I have another little one on the way <3

  153. My sweet little boy’s smiles and his sparkly eyes. I love him so much!!

  154. My daughters.

  155. Shweta Saxena says

    When my 2.5 yr old kisses my pregnant belly and talks his baby brother and feeds him food through the belly….i just melt!

  156. Lots of hugs and kisses from my husband and furbaby!! Soon to add our new baby!

  157. Elizabeth Wisniewski says

    It warms my heart when my little guys do something nice for each other

  158. Huge fan of bamboobies!!!!

  159. When my oldest does something nice for his little brother and vice versa. I subscribe to both newsletters at Gkeeper333 at yahoo dot com

  160. The smiles i get from lily, as well as the ones i see my husband give when he watches us.

  161. Love from my kids but even more when they love on each other.

  162. Erin Shelly says

    My daughter!

  163. It warms my heart to watch my husband love our children. In those moments he’s the most handsome man in the world and I’m completely smitten.

  164. baby kicks from my little miracle due in April

  165. Nursing my babies warms my heart. Between all three kids I have nursed for over nine years now and still going strong with baby number three.

  166. Watching my daughter as she experiences new things.

  167. Smuggling my little boy

  168. My son’s smile, and watching him and my husband together.

  169. When my husband wears our daughter! So sweet! She’s such a daddy’s girl already!

  170. Amy Menzies says

    My daughter’s smile melts my heart every time!

  171. snuggling up with my husband and sons

  172. Listening to the coos of my 2 month old and her daddy giggling when he plays with her.

  173. Laughter

  174. Cuddling with my family

  175. Cuddling with my husband and baby boy

  176. Seeing my twins giggle at my husband.

  177. Jayna jaeke says

    My daughter! Its our first Valentines day together and I can’t wait to spoil her!

  178. My family!

  179. I would love a dinner just the two of us without kids. I watch other children as well as our own so our dinners usually consist of the two of us with 2-8 kids.

  180. Natasha Rodriguez says

    Thinking about the first time I will get to actually meet my baby boy 🙂 I have a month left in my pregnancy

  181. laura silva says

    love these

  182. Listening to my hubby and son at bath time while I get a few minutes quiet to chill. It just warms my heart to no end hearing them play 🙂

  183. I stopped using nursing pads coz they would stick to my nipples if I leaked & that hurt worse than having a wet t-shirt, lol. Never tried anything other than I could buy at the local stores, which isn’t much to begin with.
    Baby #2 is due in 3 weeks & I’m better informed this time around!
    Love TLB! You ladies are awesome!

  184. The little things my husband does for me every day, and knowing he’s going to be the most loving and wonderful father when our baby arrives! <3

  185. Sara Matthew says

    My oldest likes to yell for me, at the store, in our house, in the car, and when I answer her, she usually just says, “I love you!” and runs away. Gets me every time.

  186. I’m expecting my little boy any day now and can’t wait to meet him, but when I wake up and my husband is rubbing my belly and bonding with our little guy I can’t help but smile!

  187. I’ve always Loved Bamboobies! They helped me so much when I needed a layer between my tatas & shirt b/c of cracked nipples. They’re so soft!

  188. Parents who love their kiddos — can’t get enough of that!

  189. feeling my little boy kick me at 29 weeks pregnant!

  190. I always recommend Bamboobies to women in my breastfeeding support group!

  191. Great gifts for valentines Day

  192. My husband’s smile, a hug from my 3 year old and a wet drooly kiss from my 7 month old warms my heart, That and hot cocoa with marshmallows on a cold winter day, lol.

  193. Samantha F. says

    When my husband picks up random favorite food stuffs of mine. It’s nice to know he thinks of me randomly.

  194. Baby # 5 should be making his or her arrival very soon! I can’t wait to nurse a baby again.

  195. seeing my baby smile at me….even at 3am when I want to be sleeping

  196. My husband brought home a potted Azalea plant today, knowing that I don’t like cut flowers. My toddler brought it to me. 🙂 That warmed my heart!

  197. Becky Ensinger says

    Baby smiles.

  198. cuddles and nursies with my baby girl.

  199. cuddles and nursies with my baby girl.

  200. <3 it? and would love some bamboobies too

  201. Snuggling next to hubby and feeling our first baby roll around in my belly…can’t wait to meet him/her early May.

  202. Feeling my unborn child kicking inside me when I cuddle with my older child at night. 🙂

  203. Melissa Adargo says

    Spending time with my 5 wonderful children!

  204. Trena Naccarato says

    Pregnant with surprise baby number 4 and can’t wait to try these products.

  205. Watching my husband with our 3 boys

  206. when my baby smiles in his sleep after nursing

  207. Puppies and baby laughter

  208. Seeing my boys play together nicely without me needing to remind them!

  209. the smile on my LO’s face when I pick him up from daycare every day!

  210. My husband, my children and feeling this new baby moving and grooving in my belly warm my heart. They all mean the world to me.

  211. Adrienne Geyer says

    my family!

  212. Seeing my almost 4 month old smiling at her big brothers(4 and 6) and seeing her face light up when daddy comes home from work

  213. Listening to my kids laugh and play together despite a 7 year age gap warms my heart!

  214. Long back and hip massages from my husband ~ the best thing in the world for my pregnant self 🙂

  215. Hearing my son say “Cuddle Mommy?” while standing at his door…even if it means he isn’t napping. 🙂

  216. My husband.

  217. When my baby stares straight in my eyes, takes my cheeks in his hands, smiles big while saying “ghee” and then plants a big sloppy kiss on my lips.

  218. Nanase Tsukiyama says

    I love to watch my husband and daughters sleep in the same bed. I can watch them all night.

  219. Being with my family.

  220. Nursing my newborn perfect little boy 🙂

  221. Jordann OBrien says

    My beautiful 2 month old son

  222. Sheila Garey says

    Seeing my teenagers play with my youngest two! It’s such an awesome thing!

  223. Bonnie DeRaps says

    Spending time with my family

  224. My new baby boy and my sweet 3 year old daughters sleepy snuggles when they wake in the morning and right before bed

  225. Trena Naccarato says

    My kids learning new things on their own and so excited to share it with us.

  226. Knowing I have less than three weeks to go till I meet my twins 🙂

  227. tiffany campbell says

    It warms my heart to see my 3 yr old son interact with his 5 month old sister. the love they have for each other is so pure and you can see that. Its the best feeling 🙂

  228. Alicia Taylor says

    Would loooovvvveeeee these!!!! Im so tires of the itchy disposable ones!

  229. brigette yerke says

    Spending the day with my 4 beautiful babies 🙂

  230. Desiree Rios says

    My heart melts to see my husband and son laughing with each other. They’re best buddies 🙂

  231. Watching my husband talk to his little girl in my belly <3

  232. Would love some bamboobies!

  233. Stephanie A says

    Cuddles with my kids

  234. Lauren Murphy says

    Toothless baby smiles from my 4 month old!

  235. Seeing the bliss that comes over my little girl’s face when she starts nursing after a full day apart touches my heart every time.

  236. Jennifer Aun says

    Hearing my little girl call for me every morning “Hi Mama”

  237. Snuggles with my baby. He may be a big boy now, but he’ll always be my baby.

  238. taryn pasco says

    spending time with my hubby and daughter doing something special.

  239. Spending time with my baby girl and hubby.

  240. Snuggling with my two sweet girls.

  241. Watching my daughter discover the world around her and discovering her amazing personality as she grows. Your story is SO inspiring! I was just a few weeks ago cursing at my disposable nursing pad and thinking for the 1000th time, “There has GOT to be something better than THIS or those cotton mattresses!!” So glad I found this site.

  242. Would love to win one of these packages, anxiously awaiting baby number three due on saturday.

  243. Best breastpads ever!!!!

  244. family time

  245. Snuggling my new baby 🙂

  246. It warms my heart to see my husband snuggling with our two boys 🙂

  247. Our unborn baby girl, our chihuahua, my husband and all our cute students:-)

  248. When my daughter says “Mama, I luv you very much!!” and feeling my new baby kick and roll, due in April!

  249. When my 4 yr old tells me he loves me.

  250. My husband, son, and sweet baby girl!

  251. There is nothing better than a smile and a giggle from my little man. Nothing.

  252. It warms my heart to see my two year old daughter admire her new baby brother. She says, ”he’s so cuuute!”

  253. Watching my daughter fall asleep at the breast is just so heartwarming.

  254. My newborn’s smile

  255. Snuggling my toddler and telling all about his little sister who is living in my belly til April. So precious.

  256. Hearing my sweet boys say that they love each other!

  257. Cori Anne Richardson says

    It warms my heart to have my 20 month old try to make a kiss sound when she kisses me now! I love that she puts her head on my shoulder and pats my back then pulls back and lays one on my lips! It is so cute and makes my heart melt every time!

  258. Watching my husband with our five day old son.

  259. My daughter’s excitement about her siblings upcoming birth warms my heart 🙂 I can’t wait to watch their relationship develop!

  260. My little girl’s laugh

  261. Having my son tell me he loves me soooooooo much… and then gives a big tight squeeze!

  262. When my husband speaks to our baby girl growing in belly!

  263. Watching my husband and daughter dancing around the house.

  264. My little 2 year old saying “Mommy you my best friend!”

  265. Chely frantzen says

    My husband’s smile warms my heart

  266. Frances Landreth says

    My almost 3 year old telling my upset 8 month old, “It’s ok, Corin, I’m right here!”

  267. Jennifer Lyden says

    Those first smiles and coos from your newborn! Also, my 20 month old dd “playing” with my 8 week old dd.

  268. When my. 2 1/2 yr old asks for hugs with no alteriar motive lol

  269. seeing my husband and baby boy skype together.

  270. Snuggling with my son. 🙂

  271. Happy Valentines day 🙂

  272. It warms my heart when my son cuddles up next to me on the couch. Even though he is now 2 1/2 (stopped nursing at 9 mo) I still miss the cuddles we would get when nursing…

  273. It warms my heart when my son is nursing and he looks up at me, only to start smiling at me while still trying to eat. It is the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life.

  274. Having donated nearly 15,000 oz (as of next week I will meet that milestone!) to babies in need. THAT warms my heart. Being around my hubby and kids each day, it’s wonderful and I know how lucky we are. <3

  275. My happy baby first thing in the morning 🙂

  276. Looking into my children’s eyes and seeing so much love in them warms my heart!

  277. Alisha Rosales says

    Hugs, kisses and smiles. But this year im especially happy that my baby will be home from the hospital soon, after seven days with RSV! 🙂

  278. I love seeing my kiddos smile

  279. Katrina Booker says

    Spending time with family.

  280. Seeing my daughter smiling at her father, bonding, warms my heart 🙂

  281. Waking up to finding all the dishes have been cleaned warmed my heart this morning! Oh, and of course nursing is always heartwarming! 🙂

  282. Snuggling and spending time with my baby girl and husband 🙂

  283. ladybug11780 says

    Hearing me first boy tell me he loves me so so sooooo much. Seeing my baby smile at me while nursing, kind of like a “thanks mom.”

  284. Jessica Lincoln says

    My children’s smiles

  285. Lauren Gonzalez says

    My son’s laugh <3

  286. Unsolicited toddler hugs and kisses!

  287. The love my 3 year old son already has for his soon to be sister.

  288. What warms my heart? When I’m nursing my 2 month old daughter and my 20 month old little girl climbs up on my lap to join in on the snugglefest. It’s a very calm and love-filled few minutes… and I try to encourage flashbacks when the inevitable “I’m almost two” tantrum happens… I love my kids. 🙂

  289. Hugs and cuddles from my 3 year old and my 3 month old. I just love them so much!

  290. Snuggles with my big man, my little man, or my fur babies!

  291. Washable nursing pads were a Godsend when I found out about them with my 2nd child. Wish I had them with my 1st, ended up cutting maxi pads in half and sticking them in my UNCOMFORTABLE bras. An awesome actual COMFORTABLE bra and Bamboobies washable pads would be awesome. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this. I’m sharing with my sister too. 🙂

  292. I love to watch my husband play on the floor with the kids. More recently, my 5-yr old budding reader has been reading to the 16-month old… doesn’t get much better than that!!

  293. My little boy’s face! He is the cutest!

  294. Watching my baby peacefully sleep…

  295. With baby(now toddler)#5, Hubby is the one in charge of laying him down for naps and night time (goes down without a fuss for Daddy but cries if Momma tries to lay him down), every night, Bubs works the room giving hugs and kisses to Momma and all the big kids, then walks down the hall, YELLING “I LOVES YOU, GIRLS! I LOVES YOU, BOYS! MOMMA, I LOVES YOU TOO! I LOVES YOU! I LOVES YOU!” Daddy has to tell him, last time. Love this special relationship….full of warm fuzzies.

  296. What warms my heart is the love of my husband and feeling this little girl inside of me kick & move around 🙂

  297. Seeing the love my kids have for each other… They don’t always get along, but the moments when they do nice things for each other without having to be told or just give each other a hug or a kiss.

  298. Baby snuggles and kisses.

  299. rebecca williams says

    We are a military family, it warms my heart that my husband and I get to spend the day together instead of him being deployed.

  300. My little one’s toothless smile! <3

  301. When my 9month old dd lights up when I walk into the room or the way she says daddy. 🙂

  302. Baby snuggles!

  303. Nicole O'Brien says

    when i catch my three year old sneaking kisses to my three month old

  304. Mandy Clymans says

    my husband and son laughing and playing together

  305. The way my husband sings silly songs & talks to our baby boy.

  306. watching my newborn stare at my husband 🙂 SO sweet.

  307. Snuggles from my little man!!

  308. Time with my husband and daughter, and feeling baby #2 wiggle.

  309. Angela Heffner says

    Getting texts and messages from my husband while he is in Afghanistan, and seeing the love for our children in his eyes!

  310. Aja Hopkins says

    When my husband gets home and my son starts squealing and wiggling around to get to him.

  311. I love watching my kids laugh together, such a change from their normal arguing

  312. Jessica Epps says

    When my two month old starts making noises and smiling like he’s talking back to me 🙂

  313. Holly Nakamoto Yep says

    Excited about bamboobies! I can identify with feeling wasteful with the disposable pads but I bought the washables and I often leak through them… plus they are bulky.

  314. What warms my heart is the small kindnesses my husband and little one do for me. I’ve been sick with a double ear infection, and my hubby is picking up the slack on chores so I can rest and get better. Without being asked. 🙂

  315. Fish kisses and Lion kisses!

  316. Britni Bradford says

    Sharing days with my little munchkin warms my heart.

  317. Snuggling with my kids.

  318. Would love to win!!!

  319. Mandie Hamrick says

    These are a great idea! Love the tops!

  320. I love you blog & giveaways! Fingers crossed

  321. Cuddles of Doom (my six-year-old’s nickname) with my husband and little girls!

  322. My daughter when she says I love you or just looks at me! 🙂

  323. hugs!

  324. I love family time outside and with animals

  325. Nicole McKinney says

    When my 10 month old giggles <3

  326. The big kisses my little one blows with a big “MUUUUUWAH!”

  327. nursing my babies 🙂

  328. Watching my husband’s expression as our unborn baby kicks – so precious!

  329. I love your blog and the giveaways!

  330. My daughter getting excited to be a big sister.

  331. Nichole Selock says

    Watching my husband read Goodnight Moon to our daughter every night

  332. Open mouth baby kisses on my chin! 🙂

  333. Julianne Wiebe says

    Hugs and sloppy baby kisses.

  334. family time!

  335. Love this!

  336. my tots are hard hugs & sloppy kisses!

  337. Kathryn Phillips ? says

    my my little girl detaches and looks up with a little twinkle in her eye i know shes smiling 🙂

  338. Rachel Williams says

    My little family!

  339. My husband and my son napping together by accident!

  340. adina holwerda says

    My husband and children warm my heart

  341. Alyssa Laughlin says

    My sons laughter warms my heart.

  342. Natasha triplitt says

    I love how atached my puppies have become since I got pregnant

  343. Jenn Dodson-Cantu says

    Wet baby kisses!

  344. Seeing my daughter snuggle up to my husband to fall asleep.

  345. My family! 🙂

  346. Nursing my 2.5 year old and feeling kicks from the babe growing inside definitely warm my heart!

  347. I love your blog and Bamboobies are the best nursing pads I’ve tried. So soft 🙂 Thanks for this giveaway!

  348. Kristin Carman says

    Seeing my newborn and dh together!

  349. Cuddles with my baby girl, hubby and big, rottie puppy

  350. Ashley Leonard says

    Watching my hubby be such an awesome daddy

  351. when my son smiles at me, he’s 2 months old

  352. My beautiful little growing family:)

  353. the loook my daugter gives me when she wakes from sleep.

  354. Rebecca Amsden says

    The smile my boys give me when they see me first thing in the morning

  355. Shell Smith says

    People coming together thru song, like a flash mob of people breaking into various songs at an airport,or mall. It just makes me happy and giddy lol

  356. Hugs, kisses, and snuggles from my sweet boys! Also, watching them play and interact together, watching them crack each other up!

  357. Watching my four year old love her 3-month-old sister like they’ve known each other for years.

  358. Jodi Williams says

    My family:)

  359. My 3 boys and hubby!

  360. Lisa Marshall says

    Being with my loved ones

  361. My family, feeling my ds kicking as we wait for him to make his arrival and the joy on my husband and daughters face when they feel him move.

  362. Love your blog!

  363. It warms my heart when my husband does nesting stuff with me to get ready for our little girl 🙂

  364. I love hearing my baby giggle.

  365. My family warms my heart

  366. Tiffany C W says

    Just the sight of my little guy warms my heart…but a hug, a kiss or a smile totally melts it.

  367. Sarah Gucker says

    Side nursing with my little guy and his milky smiles 🙂

  368. Seeing my older daughter make her baby brother laugh.

  369. I love Bamboobies

  370. Love to see those happy babies!!

  371. My family warms my heart.

  372. Jessica van Beets says

    When my boy smiles at me and my daughter say I Love You (Sounds like I laub you).

  373. Brianne Rushing says

    Knowing that my daughter (my first) will be here next Valentine’s Day!

  374. Seeing my husband interact with our 2 month old daughter. 🙂

  375. Christina Horstman says

    Just getting to spend the day with my husband and kids 🙂

  376. A sleeping baby on my chest really warms my heart! An unsolicited “I love you” from my kids is also way up there!

  377. spending time with my family

  378. Family Time!

  379. Jocelyn Zimmerman says

    My two boys–my hubby and my little guy, about 3 mo old now!

  380. unasked for snuggles and sincere “I love you”s. 🙂

  381. My boy’s happy squeals and finally being with my sailor… our son is now 6months and this past week was our first week living together since out Bebe was born. So happy to have my husband and son <3 my life is complete!

  382. Listening to my three little ones laugh and giggle together.

  383. Smiles from my 2 month old son 😉

  384. When my husband, after just getting out of the hospital, thought to stop and get me a single red rose on Valentines day. <3

  385. Baby snuggles, looking at my daughter’s face when she falls asleep while I’m holding her, and watching my husband play with our daughter.

  386. Midnight feedings with my littlest one. These are precious moments that I have only once with this sweet child, and will be gone quicker than I can imagine. Midnight nursing sessions warm my heart!

  387. The sound of my husband and 6mo daughter playing in the next room when I wake up every morning!

  388. Great giveaway! Hugs and kisses from my son and husband.

  389. I am excited to try this product!

  390. My beautiful baby boy!

  391. Seeing my Hubby playing with our kids really warms my heart!

  392. Every time my son tells me he loves me 🙂

  393. Diane Shideler says

    Spending time with my almost 7 month old daughter and my hubby. 🙂 Love!

  394. waking up to my sweet baby girl’s big smile.

  395. Watching my son learn something new.

  396. My baby boy!!

  397. Hugs and kisses from the little. And blowing raspberries while nursing lol.

  398. Jessica Hauk says

    My kids smiles and hugs warm my heart!

  399. Newborn fart “smiles” and toddler kisses <3

  400. Christina Howell says

    All the helpful and kind things that my husband does for me and the smiles and kisses my little boy gives me.

  401. My family!

  402. My wonderful son, and his loving father.

  403. Staring into the beautiful eyes of my 2 month old daughter as she nurses. Never gets old. <3

  404. My girls and chocolate.

  405. cuddling with my baby girl, born 2 days before Valentine’s Day!

  406. Toddler snuggles & movement in my belly from my newest soon to be snuggler!

  407. Belly flutters and snuggles from my big girl:)

  408. Julie Jensen says

    Watching my husband with our daughter. I thought he would have a hard time being a dad to a little girl (and a second little girl on the way!) but he is SO amazing with her! Just yesterday he took her on a daddy-daughter date to a movie and pizza. He said she spent most of the time sitting in his lap. I fall more and more in love with him when I see him being a dad.

  409. My family warms my heart.

  410. My infants gut busting laugh

  411. Kisses from my kiddos, nice and slobbery and full of love 🙂

  412. Kerry Spence says

    My baby girl’s beautiful smile the moment she wakes up. It’s an amazing feeling. And I love when she smiles big at her Daddy too.

  413. Spending time with my 11 month old son and listening to him laugh. Breastfeeding and snuggles. Planning my wedding with my fiance.

  414. Simply Shannon says

    My sweet little baby due in August!

  415. All my loves

  416. I love love love breastfeeding. 🙂 I’ve breast fed my 2 older children (before finding bamboobies) and now will be breastfeeding my third (any day now). With both of them I leaked terribly but I HATE commercial breast pads because they always stick to me and aren’t all that great chemically wise :(. It would be lovely to win this giveaway.

  417. Amanda Dime says

    My husband and I had our first child on January 7, 2013. This year Valentine’s Day brought us a new, special kind of love that warmed our hearts! 🙂

  418. Hugs & Kisses from my boys!

  419. Valerie Alexander says

    My husband warms my heart with his support for my decision to breastfeed. He has said on numerous occasions how excited he is that I’m willing to give our son the best start.

  420. My daughters smile when she sees my tatas!!! She knowssss it’s milk time and she just lights up!!

  421. Kristen Walker says

    Chocolate 😉

  422. Tara Yousef says

    My little boy’s smile!

  423. lindsey karr says

    Very cute stuff!

  424. maxine quinnell says

    Spending the evening with my husband, and him surprising me with somethign special! (that doesn’t nessesarily cost money!)

  425. Seeing my 5 year old cuddle with her 4 month old brother

  426. joanna garcia says

    seeing older couples together still in love!

  427. My family <3

  428. The giggles of my baby boy. <3

  429. Amanda Santos Valenzuela says


  430. Sarah Gucker says

    Snuggling up with my little guy on these snowy days!

  431. My little one’s smiles and coos warm my heart! 🙂

  432. Jennifer G. says

    Nursing and cuddling my 2mo old Little Liam. My miracle rainbow baby!

  433. sarah myers says

    family time!

  434. Seeing my husband and son together. <3 I think it actually warms my heart so much that it melts …. He is a great father and our son is the best gift we have ever received.

  435. that my daughter is going to breastfeed!

  436. Mackenzie M says

    Feeling my babies move inside me. There is just something so magical about it!

  437. My family & their smiles’

  438. Playing at the park with my baby on his first Valentines Day!

  439. When my husband knows I’ve had a stressful day and has a bath ready to go for me when I get home

  440. Watching my baby boy when he pops off my boob to give me a big cheeky gummy grin 🙂 xo

  441. I love watching my husband with our boys 🙂

  442. Hearing my kiddos (8, 5, and 5 months) giggle warms my heart most. Love them.

  443. Kate George says

    The milky grins my son will give me as he nurses. Milk goes everywhere, but he’s just so cute!

  444. Kate George says

    The milky grins my son will give me as he nurses. Milk goes everywhere, but he’s just so cute!

  445. Elizabeth Almeraz says

    Would love to try these! 🙂

  446. Seeing my spouse snuggling and playing with the kids.

  447. Kristen H. W. says

    The way my son gets a huge smile and yells, “Daddy!” every time he sees my husband. (He travels a lot for work)

  448. Love to hear my little one laugh!

  449. I love watching my husband play with our girls – it brings a smile to my heart every time.

  450. kindness towards others!

  451. Kisses and hugs from my babies (17yrs, 13yrs, 2yrs and July 2013)

  452. getting a phone call from my deployed husband, and seeing my baby girls smile !!!

  453. My children!!

  454. Lindsay Hamilton says

    My husbands excitement at becoming a father.

  455. Nedaa Almier says

    Seeing my baby smiles.

  456. My son and husband.