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“For more than a decade, Fairhaven Health has been helping couples “make” and raise children naturally. Our passion is to develop products designed to safely and naturally promote fertility, pregnancy wellness, and breastfeeding success. And for years now, we’ve been achieving that important goal. From preconception through pregnancy and nursing, Fairhaven Health is there – every step of the way – to provide clinically-proven products to help you along your journey to parenthood.” ~Suzanne, on staff at Fairhaven Health.
TLB has asked Suzanne, to share her thoughts and resource ideas for new moms in the following interview. You’ll find your opportunity to enter the Fairhaven Health giveaway below the interview; enter for your chance to win a collection of great nursing products!

Munson Family

TLB:  What is your funniest story of what surprised you when you had a newborn?

Suzanne:  I will never forget the look on my husband’s face after we buckled our brand-new baby daughter into her car seat for the very first time as we prepared to head home from the birthing center where she was born less than 24 hours before. The discharge nurse looked on as we got her settled, then did a quick security check of the car seat and told us we were free to go. My husband stared at her in disbelief, his eyes big as saucers.  “Are you sure we should go?” he asked. The nurse smiled knowingly, hugged us both, and said, “You will all be fine”. We must have sat in the car for at least 15 minutes before my husband started the engine, staring at each other and our beautiful little girl, surprised and overwhelmed by the immensity of gratitude and responsibility we suddenly felt.

TLB:  What is the best advice you can think of to give a new mom?

Suzanne:  Use your people!  Everyone loves babies, so let your friends and family hold your baby, change your baby, and bathe your baby. And, while they are caring for the baby, make sure to take time to rest. Also, don’t be shy about asking your friends and family for help with chores around the house. Your friends will be happy to fold cute little baby clothes while you chat and drink the Fairhaven Health Nursing Time Tea you win in this giveaway!

TLB:  How is Fairhaven Health supporting breastfeeding not only in product but also in resources?

Suzanne: At Fairhaven Health, we support breastfeeding as the optimal feeding choice for moms and babies. We also understand that for some women, “choosing” breastfeeding isn’t always easy. Pregnant woman are constantly bombarded with confusing messages about breastfeeding vs. formula feeding, and even when new moms want to breastfeed, they often lack the information and support (from peers and professionals) they need to breastfeed successfully. In addition to offering a variety of natural products to support breastfeeding moms (including dietary supplements and teas that offer nutritional support and promote breast milk production, as well as a natural, lanolin-free nipple balm), Fairhaven Health is proud to sponsor the following organizations that are actively working to normalize breastfeeding and support nursing moms in our communities. If you don’t already know about Cottonwood Kids and Best for Babes, be sure to check out these awesome organizations. And, of course, we all love The Leaky Boob!

In addition to supporting the organizations above, we are always looking for ways to serve as a resource for nursing moms needing information and support. Our BellytoBreast Facebook page is dedicated to issues and information pertinent to pregnant and breastfeeding women, and we offer several ways for nursing moms to interact with our customer service team, including email, phone and live chat.

TLB:  When moms have a new baby, what are your favorite ways to suggest she takes care of herself to recover well, have energy, and be set up to reach her breastfeeding goals?

Suzanne:  This is a tough question! Let’s face it, as wonderful as being a new mom is, it is also very demanding and, at times, quite stressful. And, all of the things that you “should” do to take care of yourself (like rest, eat well, exercise, etc.) take time, which is, of course, in short supply. So, I definitely don’t have the secret to restoring and maintaining energy levels while breastfeeding, but I will share with you what helped me when my kids were babies: yoga (as infrequent as it was!), playing the piano,  getting some fresh air (even if I just sat on the front porch for 15 minutes as I nursed), and napping.


Fairhaven Health is giving away a collection of their nursing products to 10 (ten) lucky Leakies.  The retail value of the collection is: $62.00

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Currently Leakies can find these and other items at FairhavenHealth.com.


Good luck to everyone!  Please use the widget below to be entered.  The giveaway is open from February 19, 2013 through February 25, 2013.  A big thanks to Fairhaven Health for their ongoing support of TLB and all breastfeeding women; please be sure to visit BellytoBreast on Facebook or follow them on Twitter and/or Pinterest and thank them for their support of TLB and this giveaway opportunity.

This giveaway is restricted to U.S. (including Puerto Rico and APO) and Canadian residents only.

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  1. Ill definitely be checking out BellytoBreast on Facebook…your products look wonderful!!

  2. My piece of advice- find someone (for me, my husband) who will make a commitment to get up with you at every feeding, even just to sit beside you while you nurse, letting you know they support you. It’s what kept me going those first few weeks!

  3. All this stuff looks amazing. I love how natural it is.

  4. Advice to new moms- if breastfeeding is difficult or painful, don’t wait to get help! I waited too long when I needed help and it was so much harder to fix the problems than if we’d gone earlier.

  5. I would tell new moms to not be afraid to seek help and support for breastfeeding. It’s hard. Much harder than you expect. Reach out!

  6. Misty Henry says

    Don’t sweat the dishes or laundry. Simply be. Live each day as though its a dream and snuggle your little ones.

  7. Co sleep babywear join le leche league

  8. Grace White says

    Don’t give up eventually things settle down and you adjust to being a parent

  9. Rachel Williams says

    Do what is best for you. everyone thinks they know what is best.

  10. Sonya Morris says

    To enjoy every sleep deprived moment.

  11. Jenny Travis says

    Ignore everything you read and everything you’re told and go with your gut! A mothers intuition is the best tool you have!

  12. Relax. Stop overthinking. You know what to do and you know how much to do. Just listen to your instincts and if you want to nap, nap. If you want to cuddle your baby, cuddle it. If you want to clean (but who does, really?), then clean!

  13. sherry moore says

    Just focus on taking care of yourself and the the baby everything else can wait.

  14. Just love that precious baby and nurse whenever baby wants to. It is such a sweet time.

  15. Get involved with supportive breastfeeding groups before birth! Even though I have two older boys I’ve breastfed, I know breastfeeding twins will be a whole new adventure so I’ve found a wonderful La Leche League group to join now.

  16. Cherish every second with your LO – even the middle of the night ones!

  17. alexis Taylor says

    I recently purchased the tea and it is the best i have tried thus far…i have tried 4 nursing teas. My LO is almost 9 months and very curious right now. I have found that i must be patient and find a quiet place to nurse my busy body.

  18. Definitely accept help! You are not superwoman! Well, you are but accept help anyways. Being run down doesnobody any good.

  19. My advice is 15 days- 5 days in bed, 5 days on the bed, 5 days around the bed. Wear as little as possible. Seems like a long time, but will be so vital in establishing solid breastfeeding and bonding with your beautiful new baby!

  20. I would tell her to not be afraid to ask for and demand help.

  21. My advice: Everyone is going to have advice is what *they* did or what *they* think. There is no ONE way or RIGHT way to parent. Do what feels right for you and your partner and seek out encouraging, positive support for the choices you are making in the way you choose to raise that baby!

  22. My best advice for new moms is to trust their instincts! You know your baby best!

  23. Follow your instincts, you know what’s best for you and your baby not the 100 people bombarding you with ‘the right way’. When I choose to do something a little different than the mainstream, I remind myself that women have been doing this for THOUSANDS of years and the human race is still going!

  24. Follow your motherly instinct & do what is best for your child. Cherish every moment because they go by so fast!

  25. You have to be an advocate for your child. If your Pediatrician tries to tell you that your baby is not getting enough nourishment from breastmilk and starts pushing formula get a second opinion. My daughter is very thin but she’s got a bean pole daddy and is following my growth as a toddler – no doctor is content with that response they’d prefer I force feed her butter :(.

  26. follow your gut

  27. I would tell new moms to not get stressed out. Everyone feels overwhelmed, just take some time for yourself. Let someone else watch the baby and just get some fresh air or go out for an hour or so

  28. Rest when the baby rests. Housework will get done.

  29. Remember that this time is precious and only lasts a short while. It will be gone way too fast, and the housework and other priorities will still be there then. Your baby needs you, so snuggle and nurse and gaze and caress. Love on them and enjoy every second.

  30. Joanna Yeager says

    Listen to your instincts and don’t let family members influence you away from good decisions.

  31. My advice to new Moms is to remember that babies change quickly and don’t stay the same for very long. So enjoy all the good stuff, soak it all in. And when the tough stuff happens – baby won’t stop crying, baby wakes up 5 times a night, etc. – remember that it won’t last forever. You will sleep again. You will find time for yourself again. And you will never love anyone else the way you love your kids.

  32. Gina Demaree says

    My best piece of advice would be: stay calm. There are lots of little issues that will come up when you have a new baby. Chances are, they will quickly pass and are not a big deal. Of course, watch for things that ARE a big issue. Just know that most things will come and go and the calmer you are, the calmer your baby will feel.

  33. I cant give advice yet : ) haha

  34. don’t overspend buying everything new. they grow so fast and baby stuff is barely used. buy used and save your savings for their future!

  35. Get sleep when you can!!

  36. enjoy your baby, they grow so quickly …… accept help from others and/or leave the house work for others. baby needs you and you need baby. and the first year really goes fast ……

  37. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and don’t be afraid to get multiple opinions, especially if your instincts are telling you something different.

  38. trust your instincts and to relax.

  39. Kristi Hooke says

    Don’t try to do it all. It’s okay to ask and accept help. And if your house is a mess… the baby doesn’t care!

  40. Cassandra Eastman says

    Just take everything day by day, they go by way too fast. Don’t worry about the dishes or laundry as often!

  41. Sleep when the baby sleeps!

  42. Accept any and all help offered! and if somebody asks what they can do, give them something, dishes, laundry, whatever…

  43. Francesca McC says

    Stay away from google!!!

  44. Jacquelyn Tapp says

    Sleep when your LO sleeps.

  45. The one piece of advice I guess would be to take everyone’s advice with a grain of salt! And do what feels right. There is almost too much information out there and trying to sift through it all to do what’s “right” is impossible! You’ll be amazed at how your instincts will take over, just listen to your baby and yourself!!

  46. It will get better! It may not seem like it but its only up from here. 🙂

  47. brandi george says

    These products looks amazing! I could really use them in about 4 months!

  48. Thank you for such awesome advice!

    • I would add, take a deep breath and feel for signs of frustration before giving up, so you can counter these problems before they take you down too far. Often time our superwoman syndrome prevents us from seeing our weaknesses until its too late.

  49. My advice would be– love every second with your baby! You never know what could happen!

  50. dont give up on what you want to do. there is a ton of online support out there!

  51. make sure when you have a new little one plenty of skin to skin time happens take a deep breath and just relax while nursing your body knows what your baby needs.

  52. Jerica Murphy says

    Take it all in because they grow up so fast!! Those little fingers and toes won’t be little forever!!

  53. Don’t give up, you can find support anywhere. I had no support with my first 2 kids and quit quickly, this time around I was very prepared and had tons of online support groups to turn to, it made a huge difference.

  54. Try to savor and live in each moment. Soon enough you will miss those middle of the night cuddle feeds, you will miss those toothless grins, and you will long to hold your squirmy little bundle!

    And one more – don’t worry too much about people’s advice! You are a mom, you gave birth to a new life, you are amazing! Trust your instincts and don’t take to heart too much all the ‘critique’ or ‘advice’ people might have to say.

  55. I hope I win! I am nursing my 3rd baby a boy that is 2 months old.

  56. When everyone and their mother is telling you what’s “best” for your baby, follow your gut. Times change and what your mother did or your grandmother or even what your great-grandmother did might just not be practical or work for you. So go with your gut, and do what works for you.

  57. These look awesome! So many cool give aways this month!

  58. Trust your instincts!!

  59. Seek help from a Lactation Consultant. The saved me and my daughter’s BF relationship and got us on track, for hopefully, a long beautiful journey.

  60. Trust your instincts! Do what you feel is best.

    As for breastfeeding, stick with it!! The first 1-2 weeks for each of my 2 children was painful, whether it was me getting used to it and learning, baby learning, etc… But after that, much easier!! And I love it, and knowing that your baby is growing from just your milk is awesome. Believe in yourself!! 🙂

  61. What is the one piece of advice you would give to every new mother?

    Trust your instincts. You, as a mother have instincts instilled in you, always trust your gut and don’t let anyone else tell you how to raise your children, only you know whats best for YOUR children.

    Also – Don’t allow people to bully you, not doctors, not nurses, not teachers, not “professionals”.

  62. Don’t be shy about asking for help. With my DS I didn’t ask for help and ended up giving up on BF in a week. Now with my DD I looked for resources online got ahold of my local WIC and joining a nearby Le Leche. 4 months EBF and still going strong, I love it so much!

  63. sleep every chance you get, the dishes can wait!

  64. Invest in a great baby carrier like an ergo so you can wear and nurse baby all day when you are up for doing work around the house.

  65. Alicia Taylor says

    Absolutely trust your instincts and find other moms who are / have recently breastfes for support!

  66. Dream Belly Butter is the best! 6 months pregnant and still no stretch marks!

  67. Mommies do a lot of giving, and being more selfless than we’re used to can be a big adjustment – but if you realize this beforehand, it may help soften the blow. 🙂 Babies are blessings…

  68. Trust your instincts, parent how you want to and try to not let other people’s comments get to you. Also, enjoy every moment. I read an article once about a baby’s ‘lasts’. We are often so focused on their firsts (first food/words/crawl/walk) that we don’t think about the lasts. I really try to savor every moment because I never know when it might be the last time he nurses or the last time he’ll want to sit and snuggle with me. Enjoy!

  69. Do what comes natural, if it goes against your mommy instinct its not the right choice for your baby.

  70. Enjoy every moment! Little ones grow so quickly! Even during BF’ing, those are the priceless moments to bond.

  71. Rebekah Mason says

    This always remind that if you can’t take of yourself, how are you going to take of someone else? Pampering included. If you don’t let yourself do something special for you get forget to appreciate all the other things in your life. Good article!

  72. The most important thing is to love your new bundle of joy with every beat of your heart! Be patient with new challenges. Take time for yourself, as well. Don’t let yourself get worn down. Accept help when it is given to you 🙂

  73. Adivce to new moms: Remember the baby is yours. So not allow anyone to bully you into doing what they think you should. Family members will try to tell you what to do every chance they get. It is up to you to decide what is best fro your baby. Advice from friends and family can be helpful but it can also be out dated and misguided.

  74. Let go of preconceived notions you may have about motherhood & your baby. If you imagined a peacefully sleeping baby & you have a fussy baby it just makes it harder for you to comfort baby & yourself if you keep saying “this isn’t how it’s supposed to be!” I didn’t want to give my baby a drop of formula but we ended up needing to supplement for a couple of days. We found a way, SNS, that still let me “nurse”. But I had to let go of the disappointment & sense of failure b/c it’s not about me, it’s about what’s best for baby.

  75. Trust your instincts.

  76. Always looking for more natural products. Thanks!

  77. Babies don’t stay babies forever. Take time off work, skip social events, forget about the housework; whatever you need to do to spend quality time with your newborn. The rest if the world will still be there, but your baby grows up faster than you would believe.

  78. I’d love to try these!

  79. Drink water and more water!

  80. Do your best for what’s right for YOU and YOUR baby. You are not everyone else.

  81. To give breastfeeding a good try. To seek out help from lactation consultants in the hospital.

  82. The first 6 weeks are the hardest – hang in here!!

  83. Def sleep when the baby sleeps.
    And never underestimate the healing power of a nice warm bath and a good cry

  84. I have to agree with some other people on here. Make sure you have support, especially from your significant other. My husband has been the most helpful resource through all of this just because he agreed with my decision and was willing to get through all the stuff most guys usually have a hard time with (like mommy being the only one who feeds baby for awhile etc) and he was the one who was doing dishes and cooking dinner while I was still trying to figure out how to make that connection properly with baby. And, keep in mind, for those of you getting ready to feed your second child, that it is different with every baby so even if you had it really tough with the first one, that doesn’t mean it will be the same with the next. Or if the first one wanted to always be held one way, the other may want to be held another. It’s a constant learning experience.

  85. Get camara crazy. They change so fast.

    Learn to multi task. I was grocery shopping the other day and had a lady come up tome shocked that I could manuver the cart and nurse at the same time. I looked at her and told her, “This baby is number 4, nursing AND doing something else at the same time is old hat.” Her eyes got big, “I have four too” she said, “but I never got the hang of doing something else while I breastfeed.”

  86. follow your mama instincts!

  87. 1. Nursing shouldn’t hurt. If it does, don’t be brave– seek help!
    2. Go with your mama gut.

  88. My advice is to not be afraid to ask for help. For example if your concerned about how your going to make meals then create a meal schedule at takethemameal.com and send the link out via Facebook a d email ask friends and family to bring a meal when they come to visit baby. As an added perk it will encourage visitors to schedule a day and time to visit so that you don’t get as many unexpected visitors.

  89. TRY not to stress over how messy the house looks. Its harder to say than to practice but the house will always be dirty but your LO will only be little once so savor it!

  90. Have support and ask questions if you are not sure about things. The first week is the hardest but most important. If you have to take supplements do so from this site, they work great and also power pump for 1 hour a night. I have up with my 1st one after a few days because of not being educated, didn’t ask questions or had much support. With the 2nd one he is 4 weeks and fully breastfed. It’s work but pays off at the end!!

  91. Definitely sleep when the baby sleeps. It is exhausting to care for an infant 24/7.

  92. My one piece of advice: it won’t be like this for long. Have patience for your Child an the situation. Patience is the only thing we can outdo our kids on.

  93. It took my newborn 2 days to latch on but we received help (and encouragement) and have been going strong ever since. Do not give up it is honestly the best experience that can be given to both you and your child.

  94. my advice is don’t give up, the first 3 weeks are the toughest, but once you and your baby get in a groove you can do anything. Also, don’t set goals that are too unattainable, set small ones and reward yourself along the way. Like a new nursing bra!

  95. Watch the baby, not the clock

  96. Every baby is different! Accept help when it’s offered!

  97. Get a sling or wrap to wear the baby in, especially for things like shopping. So much easier than messing with strollers.

  98. It doesn’t make you weak or a bad mom to ask for help. In fact it means your a great om because you’re willing to put your pride aside for the sake of your child.

  99. Desiree Rios says

    Go with your gut… But get educated. When you know better, you do better. 🙂

  100. Jennifer Kinnebrew says

    Don’t give up on breastfeeding! Find a great support team and understand that it doesn’t always come naturally but it is totally worth it in the end! 13 months and still going after failing for 2 weeks in the beginning.

  101. Accept all the help that is offered to you. Laundry, cleaning, etc. can wait. Rest when your baby is resting. Just take it day by day. AND BREATHE 😉

  102. Listen to your baby and your body. They already know how to work well together!

  103. Crystal Gibson says

    Sleep while you can, and always love and appreciate your little blessing!

  104. Sleep when baby sleeps!

  105. It gets better. The cluster feedings, the late nights, the growth spurts, the nipple pain…it all gets better. And every little smile makes it worth it.

  106. Katie Pitcher says

    My best advice is don’t listen to advice! Trust your mamma instincts and do what feels right to you.

  107. Enjoy your baby.

  108. Don’t be afraid to say no to things. Always put yourself and baby first.

  109. rebecca williams says

    I’d like to tell her to follow her instinct. Just because one thing works for one family doesn’t mean its right for another family.

  110. My advice would be to not stress the small things. Follow your own instincts and don’t put too much stock in others’ “advice”.

  111. Bridget Palkow says

    Dont listen to advice. Its your bab. You will know whats right.

  112. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!! Many mamas have been through similar issues and would love to help! Reach out and ask!!

  113. Lori Gaston says

    Listen to your gut, not your family/friends/partner. They may have useful advice, but ultimately it is your baby and your body, and you make the decisions on what is best for both of you!

  114. Trust your mama instincts! Sleep when baby sleeps, eat a well balanced diet, and stay hydrated!

  115. Trust your instincts and try to stay calm and relaxed. Keep breathing and use your common sense.

  116. Do everything in your power not to be separated from your newborn for at least a few hours. I mean, even with your mom or your husband. If he holds the baby for their own bonding or for a procedure to be done to you, have him stay right there beside you.

  117. Get someone to help you the first couple days at least. It is so much harder than you will believe.

  118. Rebekah Liberman says

    The first the days or until your milk comes in are hard! Have people to feed you and help clean!

  119. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. YOU are enough. Your are a great mom.