Nurturing Life Giveaway – Breastfeeding

Nurturing Life

These two words define and drive everything that Motherlove does, from their organic farm in Colorado, to their herbal care products, the educational classes taught by founder Kathryn Higgins, to the Nurturing Life Foundation, Motherlove’s non-profit which supports mothers and children all over the country.  So it’s no surprise that Motherlove has had such a beautiful, long-standing relationship with The Leaky Boob, extending their support of mothers and children to our Leakies and their breastfeeding journey with their babies.  The Motherlove website sums it up well:

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 11.06.13 AMWhat is Nurturing Life?
It is fostering an environment where development, growth, and health are encouraged, and doing so in each facet of our life, including each stage.  True beauty can emerge in your life and others’ as you nurture life in yourself, your friendships, romantic relationship, through pregnancy, birth, in your relationship with your children, and more, and yes, even your garden.

“At Motherlove, we use Nurturing Life as our mission statement because nurturing moms and babies together is essential for both to thrive.  During pregnancy, moms are reminded minute-by-minute of this relationship and we typically focus on our health and wellbeing because it’s tied to our child’s life.” (Nurturing Life – Self Care for Mothersby Motherlove Herbal Company)

To wrap up this series of Motherlove giveaways that has touched on the ways mothers can intentionally nurture life through pregnancy and postpartum, through the ups and downs and aches and pains, we now focus on breastfeeding.  It is only fitting as we are celebrating World Breastfeeding Month right now.

Every new mother’s story is her own, whether it is very similar to other mothers’ experiences or appears to be completely opposite.  Every relationship between a mother and her baby should be free to develop in their own particular way, at their own particular speed.  There is no template that will fit every mother-baby relationship.  The Leaky Boob recognizes this and welcomes every mother, whether they bottle-feed, use SNS, breastfeed for a day or for years, whether their baby-days are in the distant past, or even if they never had a baby.  All are welcome.  And Motherlove also recognizes this reality, ready to meet mothers and babies where they are, encouraging them to pursue the Nurturing Life, and providing quality and safe products for whenever a need arises for them.

To help celebrate World Breastfeeding Month, Motherlove is collaborating with two other TLB sponsors, specializing in nursing necklaces, so that Mom and baby both get a prize this week!  Freja Toys and KangarooCare are each offering 3 beautiful necklaces, which means you could be one of the 6 prize winners for this giveaway.  Varja from KangarooCare wanted to share this heart-warming message about her breastfeeding journey with all of us:

“I knew I would breastfeed since the moment I found out that I was going to have a baby.  And I did it.  I nursed my first child for 4 and a half years, and the second for 2 and a half.  I breastfed during pregnancy and then 2 kids at the same time.  My breasts produced milk for 5 years non-stop.  Some might say this is too much, and others that this is nothing special.  But to me, breastfeeding is a real miracle.  I am a vegetarian and I was told that I would never be able to give birth to a healthy baby and then breastfeed.  But it was not so.  I am convinced that breast milk is not just clear liquid with a specific chemical composition; it is love.  Liquid love.”


Motherlove, KangarooCare and Freja Toys are coming together to offer 6 prizes for 6 lucky Leakies!

 All six prizes start with a Motherlove Nipple Cream salve.  


Then the breakdown is as follows:

Prize 1: a KangarooCare Fox Nursing Necklace, from Apple Wood


Prize 2: a KangarooCare Organic Nursing Necklace in Cream & Oatmeal, from Juniper Wood


Prize 3: a KangarooCare Simple Rainbow Nursing Necklace, from Oak Wood



Prizes 4-6: a Freja Toys Organic Cotton Nursing Necklace, winner’s choice of color.




Good luck to everyone!  Please use the widget below to be entered.  The giveaway is open from August 13, 2014 through August 20, 2014.  A big thanks to Motherlove for their ongoing support of TLB and all breastfeeding women; and thanks also to KangarooCare and Freja Toys for making this giveaway a whole lot more fun!  Please be sure to visit their Facebook pages (Motherlove, KangarooCare, Freja Toys), follow Motherlove on Twitter, and thank them for their support of TLB and this giveaway opportunity.

This giveaway is restricted to U.S. residents only.

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  1. I’m a teacher, so nurturing life is my passion! I try to build upon strength and celebrate successes, no matter how small!

  2. By supporting and encouraging them in their endeavors.

  3. I too love breast feeding my baby. What the woman said who was quoted is correct. Breastfeeding is liquid, and nourishing, love.

  4. By giving them my all.

  5. I try to be a force for positive and uplifting vibes in this negative world that looks to tear people down.

  6. with my babies i try and respond to needs immediately and we babywear a lot so that they know they’re loved and secure but with my husband i try and encourage his talents and passions because he doesn’t have many other positive voices around him!

  7. Maggie Fout says

    I nurture life by taking care of and loving my son and step-son as well as growing my baby girl in my tummy 🙂

  8. I allow my kids to be kids and grow and learn! I also breast feed until they wean. My daughter weaned at 27 months and my son is 2 months old and still nursing like a champ!

  9. Regina Wright says

    By being as natural as I can be.

  10. I check in with my new mommy friends and support their breast feeding. We seem to be an especially fertile bunch at my work and there’s always someone pumping. It is so hard and our village needs to share love and provide support, encouragement, and share our collective wisdom.

  11. sherry blamer says

    I nurture my family by making healthly meals, I nurture them with love and affection each and every day.

  12. How do I nurture life? I listen and encourage people to express how they really feel, no matter how uncomfortable it makes me to hear it.

  13. Angela Rhodes Ingles says

    I breastfeed my 3 month old son and I’m a teacher!

  14. Alex Cassiano says

    I nurture life around my babe by giving the best affection I can give. The warmth he needs to survive. My attention he needs when’re he’s bored or hungry. The conversations we have Together makes our bonding even more special. Even though he only knows baby talk, I feel like we connect. I love my babe and will give him the best I can offer!

  15. I try to find the most natural route as possible.

  16. I nurture life in those around me by giving them plenty of patience with is a sign of love.

  17. Spending time with them everyday and checking in!

  18. i breastfeed my baby! and i try to encourage others with kindness.

  19. Hayley Elliott says

    One of the ways I am Nurturing Life by breastfeeding. Showing my love through nourishment, touch, acceptance, reassurance, comfort, and sometimes giggles. I also try to create a home environment that is loving and accepting, not one where my kids feel judged and uncomfortable to be themselves.

  20. Anna Perry says

    I’m a working mama, pumping at work and breastfeeding when baby and I are together, so today’s nurturing involved a 5 AM dream feed. (It’s only 9:30, there hasn’t been much time to nurture yet.)

  21. Michelle Suttles says

    I nuture life in those around me by breastfeeding my son and trying to meet my daughter (who has sensory processing issues) on her level and to try things different ways to reach/help her rather than just my automatic response to a situation .

  22. Amanda Temple says

    I breastfed my little guy over a year. I stay at home and get to read, play, and cuddle him all day long!

  23. Riley Ratz says

    I nurture love by always being there for my kids when they need it. I want my daughter to be strong and independent, but also know that I’ll always be there for her when she wants/needs.

  24. I try to be supportive of others in reaching their goals. And it’s important to know what those goals are! Otherwise you set yourself up for a “foot in mouth” situation. Every individual is different, listening is key to knowing how to support your family and friends.

  25. I aim to nurture life by acknowledging the difficult, but embracing the positive. Life can be hard, and draining, and we are faced with innumerable challenges, setbacks, and moments of discouragement. I try to be real with those around me, but ultimately cling to the good and bring that to the forefront.

  26. To me, nurturing life means letting the people around me be authentic…I want to give them space to be who they truly are!

  27. Liberty T. says

    I love to read to my niece and nephews and build a loving bond with them.

  28. Anne Perry says

    We practice full term breastfeeding and eat a vegetarian non gmo diet.

  29. I try to be there for my family as best as I can and in any way I can

  30. Katie Gilmore says

    I am currently nourishing life by doing all that I can to improve my body’s health to make a nice comfy home for the baby growing inside me.

  31. I spend lots of time with the people I love

  32. I’m a SAHM so I try to do everything I can to give my baby girl a happy and positive upbringing!

  33. I try to be supportive of all the women in my life that are mamas. A friend of mine co-sleeps, I don’t, but it works for her. I breastfed, another friend couldn’t and ended up formula feeding, but I know she felt bad and tried to comfort her through it.

  34. Monique Eckert says

    By leading and teaching by example and the golden rule.

  35. I breastfeed our daughter. And encourage we love to laugh. Tickling and goofy jokes are a part of our everyday

  36. I love Nurturing Life by breastfeeding my babies! It is such a special bonding time to me. Also, I have started a Mom’s Group recently and I love supporting other mothers on their journey as well!

  37. We share in missions in our everyday lives as well as yearly as a family in poverished neighborhoods.

  38. I am a SAHM focusing on natural ways to enhance my childs life.

  39. Tracy Tisdale says

    I have three kids. I have nursed or am nursing all of them.

  40. Veronica Martinez says

    Just being there for the family and spending time time with them.

  41. Mechelle E. Lehman says

    I try to encourage growth and exploration, expressing positive feedback for talents and creativity. Try to be as loving as possible.

  42. I nurture life through the lives of my children!

  43. I love being able to nurture my 8 month old son through lots of love, cuddles and nursing him whenever he needs.

  44. I’m pregnant with my first child and can’t wait to breastfeed my baby. 🙂

  45. As a LLL leader. 🙂

  46. I breastfeed ny daughter and try to be the best mother I can be for her.

  47. By breastfeeding our 26 month old and 7 week old and giving them all the cuddles and kisses I can.

  48. Melissa Robinson says

    By listening and giving time and energy to them, even when I’m spent.

  49. Always treat people how I would want to be treated. Helps in all aspects of life.

  50. I give freely of my time and love

  51. I nourish life by supporting my wife on her breastfeeding journey from enforce it even began, through the hard times until now where it’s fully established. I also do weekly meet-ups with some younger men in my community to talk & encourage them on their life journey!

  52. Katie Reyna says

    I nurture life by ebf my 6 month, serving wholesome meals to my family to satisfy their and fun activities to satisfy their need for adventure and learning, and being kind, honest, and loving to everyone.

  53. Breastfeeding and lots of snuggles

  54. Always being available for support and snuggles. 🙂

  55. That rainbow necklace is gorgeous. Unfortunately I’m in the UK so can’t enter.

  56. I nurture life by breastfeeding my baby whenever and wherever he wants it!

  57. bedsharing in our family bed.

  58. Ashley Osborne says

    By loving them! 🙂

  59. Jessica Mina says

    Working in the medical field, I’m able to nurture the lives of my patients. I nurture my children’s lives each day being the best mother I can and listening to their needs.

  60. Joline Metcalfe says

    I nurture my son by nursing him, by encouraging to explore the world around him (although at 10.5 months, he’s prety good at that haha), by providing a safe and loving home for him to grow up in and by reminding myself that he will meet the “milestones” in his own time and to just enjoy each stage as it comes.

  61. Eating and feeding my family clean, extending nursing and pumping while working fulltime

  62. Christina reed says

    With lots of hugs, kisses, snuggles and words of encouragement.

  63. I do my best to take care of everyone in our household.

  64. Jelissa Niezgocki says

    I breastfeed and bed share with my boys. I also encourage my oldest to be his independent and inquisitive self

  65. Jennifer Symonds says

    I give uplifting and supportive advice and research if I don’t know something before giving advice

  66. Jessica Hughes says

    I try to give my family the sustenance they need, whether it be through breastfeeding, cooking healthy meals, or simply being there for them when they need me.

  67. I nuture life by giving my best self to my family, my community, and myself. One way that I nuture life in my community is by helping caregivers learn to babywear and hopefully help them in their journeys as well!

  68. Kaitlin L. says

    I nurture life by breastfeeding and wearing my baby.

  69. I nurture my baby by nursing on demand.

  70. Tracy Gordon says

    I nourish lives around me by being there wether it’s to listen or to give a helping hand.

  71. My breastfeeding relationship with my daughter is remarkable and I feel so blessed by it.

  72. Ashley Barrett says

    Breastfeed and support other breastfeeding mothers including through being a LLL leader. I also help mamas (and dadas) babywear

  73. Having adventures with people I love 🙂

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  75. Exclusively breastfeeding working mom!

  76. Kandace Wren says

    I love that you’re so aware and supportive of the knowledge required to keep open minded child rearing desirable. There are woes and woah! Thank goodness for more aha and woah moments that we are loving with the growth and learning from people so dedicated!

  77. Nursing!

  78. I nurture others by feeding them! Yes I’m Italian. 😉

  79. Britni Bradford says

    Be encouraging, listen and share Christ.

  80. I’ve been breastfeeding for 16 months! That’s how I’ve been nurturing 🙂

  81. Heidi Stane says

    I try my best to respect the feelings and needs of those in my life.

  82. christine j says

    I love my children! I do my best to be a great mom

  83. Sarah Hayes says

    i try to stay positive

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