Congratulations TLB, You’re 5! Presents For Leakies!


The Leaky Boob is turning 5 years old and we’re celebrating ALL MONTH LONG! To celebrate we’re collecting and sharing your stories along with collecting some of our favorite maternity, breastfeeding, and baby products to give as gifts to YOU Leakies. AND we’re growing! Some of us aren’t breastfeeding or bottle-feeding any more (and you thought it was going to last forever) but you’re still a part of our community and you’re still nourishing and loving your family so we’ve grown to expand two more communities where we can talk about our highs and lows of that journey in a safe, judgment-free environment. Over on we talk a lot about, well, everything, specially about parenting and relationships. invites everyone to find a seat at the table embracing that sometimes there’s a little wobble in one of our legs, making room for allergies, and creatively nourishing our whole selves with recipes and a lot of honest conversation. Our family is growing and we’re happy to share it with you!

Let’s party like a Leaky this month and #TLBsupportForward!

Bundle #1 better

Beco Baby Carrier: Gemini 10-Year Anniversary Baby Carrier (LIMITED EDITION), made with Repreve – Value: $130
Keep your little one close while you dash around town, breezing through mommy/daddy duties hands-free. Suitable for all-day use, Beco Gemini allows you to carry baby in a seat that’s comfortable and safe for both of you.
 Every Repreve Blend Beco Gemini Baby Carrier is made from 5 recycled bottles

Bebe au LaitComfort by Design Nursing Pillow, Retail Value: $55
Created by a nursing mom, the Bébé au Lait Comfort by Design Nursing Pillow is Lactation Consultant and Focus Group approved. The pillow has an open shape for a flexible fit, designed to fit all moms. With an optimum height to promote a better latch and a more comfortable experience for Mom and baby The reversible, dual-sided design offers Mom the choice of a soft or flat lying surface for baby, providing the support mom and baby need for breastfeeding success. The Nursing Pillow is also designed with a convenient, two-sided pocket to keep burp cloths, breast pads and other essentials within easy reach and a padded, adjustable positioning strap that can also be tucked away if so desired. Both the pillow and removable slip cover are machine washable. Experience true support from the the Bébé au Lait Comfort by Design Nursing Pillow

Mrs Patel’sGluten-free Vegan Chocolate Fenugreek Bars – Retail Value: $26
Gluten-free and Vegan Chocolate Fenugreek Bars for breastfeeding mothers that help increase milk supply. (cannot be taken while pregnant)

The Dairy FairyThe Rose Handsfree Pumping Bra – Retail Value: $68
The Rose handsfree pumping bra reflects the goddess that you are. No more bands, velcro, zippers, hooks or pullies. Just a beautiful and feminine bra so you can quickly and efficiently pump, and maybe even have a second to check emails.

SloombOvernight Bamboo Fitted Diaper – Retail Value: $28
Sustainablebabyish overnight bamboo fitteds are soft and beautiful, made entirely of super absorbent bamboo|organic cotton fleece. perfect for day time use & the answer for nights. each OBF includes a shell with a double-length 3-layer snap-in fleece soaker that can be folded for customizable absorption. an extra lay in 3-layer fleece doubler is included to boost absorbency when and where you need it most. pair with sustainablebabyish wool covers for a leak free combination.

Cezara: Belly Support Panty – Retail value: $48.99
Cezara provides comfort and support during pregnancy, after delivery and especially after Cesarean delivery. The integrated support band lifts the belly and supports the back while the internal padding compresses the lower abdomen and, after a Cesarean, compresses and protects the scar. Mom is supported and nurses, babywears and cares for her baby more comfortably. Cezara is worn over a panty or as the panty and is panty sized from small (fits panty size 5) through 5-X (fits panty size 13) – the winner chooses the size. 

PebbleRainbow Bunny Rattle – Retail value: $21.95
This cheerful Bunny Rattle from Pebble is handmade and is bringing smiles to faces around the world. This fair trade product provides much-needed employment to mothers providing for their children in rural Bangladesh. Machine washable. 

Total Value of this bundle: $378



We have a last minute addition to this giveaway! 

Ameda wants to party with us too! Be sure to check the new giveaway entry options in the Rafflecopter widget below! Here is what Ameda is adding to our first giveaway bundle:


Store’N Pour – Retail Value :$12.99
The Store‘N Pour Breast Milk Storage Bags feature everything a mother could want including easy-close zip seal so bags won’t leak, unique tear-and-pour spout helps prevent spills during milk transfer and a gusseted bottom allows filled bag to stand on its own. 50 bags plus 2 adapters.

T-Shirt – Retail Value: $15
Eat@Mom’s t-shirt! All proceeds from the sale of the shirt go to Mother & Child Health Coalition in St Louis.

This boosts the total value of this bundle to $406!


Good luck to everyone!  Please use the widget below to be entered.  The giveaway is open from April 2, 2015 through April 6, 2015.  A big thanks to all of the sponsors of this birthday giveaway bundle for their support of TLB and all breastfeeding women; please be sure to take a moment to thank them on their Facebook pages for their show of support!

This giveaway bundle is for U.S. Residents only. 

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  1. My 34th birthday was celebrated with a 5-day-old on lap.

  2. My most memorable birthday celebration was this year, when I found out I was pregnant with our first child. I have been a doula for the past five years, and I am so excited to be a mother!

  3. Le OBrien says

    Happy Birthday The Leaky Boob! My best birthday was when I turned 40…I was pregnant!

  4. My most memorable birthday was my 31st… The first birthday with my baby girl!!

  5. I can’t really think of a most memorable. I have lots of memories…a surprise for my 30th, or this year when i got tickets to WICKED.

  6. Amy Hegwood says

    When I was 15 I took a couple of friends and went horseback riding and stayed at a cabin in the mountains, it was great!!

  7. Regina Wright says

    My most memorable birthday celebration was when I had recently given birth to my first born. I turned 22 and recovering from a Csection. Her little sweet face was all I needed.

  8. In response to the most memorable birthday celebration, I’d have to say when my roommates threw me a surprise party for my 22nd. I was actually shocked since I just thought it was dinner out with them, but when we got back, all our best friends were there. It was a wonderful night 🙂

  9. Tashina Kirk says

    I don’t really have one memorable birthday. We don’t do fancy birthdays. As a farmer, it’s just another day that cows still need milked and chores need done. We do try to get together as a family on all of them and have ice cream or supper or something simple to just visit with each other. I think that’s better than any fancy party you could give me.

  10. When my first Mother’s Day as a momma landed on my 30th birthday. Two big milestones in one day! It was great!

  11. Christina H says

    My most memorable birthday was when I turned 26. It was the night I met my husband 🙂

  12. Jennifer C says

    My most memorable birthday celebration was when we took a family trip to Vegas right after my 21st birthday. We had such a blast and it was the last family vacation we took with my parents and brother. I’ll always remember that time we had together.

  13. catried bryant says

    Congrats on 5yrs!!

    My favorite birthday has to be a throwback from when I was little and got to make my own ice cream cake.

  14. jodi Armstrong says

    One year we went on a climbing trip and had bonfires and firespinning and friends… so fun.

  15. Nicole Jordan says

    My 30th birthday! My sisters threw me a surprise party! And I had absolutely no idea because I was too distracted renovating our first home!

  16. Shawn marie Hierholzer says

    My most memorable bitthday celebration is each new year with my loves!!!

  17. I guess my most memorable birthday would be the first one that I spent with my husband; it wasn’t anything special but I just loved being with him (still do!).

  18. I honestly can not remember any since we typically do not do anything special for my birthday.

  19. Probably the when I was a young 17 and in London with my HS band on tour!

  20. Rachel Geiger says

    Happy Birthday TLB! My sweet 16 was my most memorable. My mom did so much to make it special. 🙂

  21. My most memorable birthday has been my Hawaiian surprise party! Amazing

  22. Erin Hartnett says

    I’m not big on birthdays, but last year was a nice birthday because I got to spend it with my brand new little boy.

  23. Anna Pry says

    most memorable bday for me was when my daughter was born on my bday (which was also labor day!)

  24. leah wall says

    My most memorable was when I turned 10 🙂 My mom & dad let me invite a few friends to join me and we saw the Little Mermaid at the theater and my mom and I crushed candy mints to make a peppermint cupcake frosting. Such sweet memories 🙂

  25. Elizabeth Gee says

    My 25th birthday was most memorable, or perhaps my 27th, hard to say

  26. Meghan S says

    My 31st birthday holds a very special place in my heart, because it marks my life “before & after.” Turning 30 was no problem, but as 31 approached I started to sweat. I had been laid off and moved back in with my parents, I was single, and it looked like my dreams of being a mother/wife might never happen. I was ok with being single and relatively unsettled in my life at 30, but 31 hit me hard, it was time to grow up & make a path I could be proud of. My birthday tradition was to break out of my frugal routine and buy myself a nice gift, that year I decided the cash I’d saved for the occasion was best spent treating my close friends and family to dinner at a local restaurant. I gave a wad of cash to my BFF and asked her to commission a surprise cake from our favorite bakery, and I surrounded myself with joy, it was a wonderful occasion. And I’m so happy to share that on my 32nd birthday I was a newlywed (by 9 days!), my 33rd was spent with my husband and our 9 month old son, and last month I spent my 34th birthday cuddling our newborn daughter. 31 will always stand out in my mind as the turning point between waiting for my life to happen, and living it to the fullest.

  27. Jessica O says

    I don’t really celebrate my birthday but I love giving parties for my kids and seeing their faces light up when they get to blow out the candles on the cake and open their presents!

  28. When I was in grad school, the years just blurred together, and when my birthday came around I didn’t feel like celebrating because I was turning 29. I bemoaned to my family my “old age” and they laughed and said, no… you’re turning 28. We argued about it for a while and eventually did the math. Yup I was turning 28, awesome! It was the best birthday, because I felt like I had gain a whole year of my life back! (and we ate yummy Pizza in chicago after seeing my sister’s play so that was awesome too).

  29. Meagan Raymer says

    My favorite birthday bash was my son’s first birthday, so not one of my own! 😉

  30. Marina Loredo says

    Last year, my daughter’s first birthday, was fun and small. We did things she would enjoy like being at the playscape at the mall and unwrapped presents.
    This year, however, she will turn two and welcome a little brother : )

  31. My friends surprised me once in college and it was lots of fun 🙂

  32. One of the cake mix in a box companies made a mix that included a small baking pan in the 80’s. For one of my birthdays my mother baked one of those tiny cakes for each of the guests and we all got to cover our own mini cake in way too much rainbow frosting and sprinkles.

  33. I don’t really celebrate my birthday, so I can’t say that I have a very memorable one. Maybe my most memorable one was the one right before I found out I was pregnant as that was the last time we went out for a fancy dinner for my birthday. Hard to go to a nice restaurant with a baby or toddler!

  34. Anna Groeger says

    Happy birthday!!!! The last birthday I had before I got pregnant was spent in a hot tub in Tahoe with good friends and champagne! My how times have changed 🙂

  35. My favorite was when I was 8 months pregnant with my son my husband arranged a girls night with one of my closest friends who had a bunch of my girlfriends over. We painted our nails, watched movies from when we were in high school and hung out. It was a huge surprise and it made me smile that he went out of the way to do something special for me.

  36. Maggie M. says

    My 18th was pretty fun. My 21st was a week after I had my first baby. Mostly as an adult we haven’t done a lot of celebrating other than a small gift and a “happy Birthday” we’re kinda lame. lol

  37. Alashandra Reynolds says

    My 16th birthday not only did I get my license but I also finally got my ears pierced. Lol it was a big day for me. 😉

  38. Allison Hanley says

    my favorite birthday celebration was just two weeks ago. I celebrated my 29th on the beach in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii with my husband, our nearly 3-year-old son and my 2-month-old daughter. I had ice cream and iced Kona coffee for lunch.

  39. Anna Monte says

    I haven’t had a real memorable birthday here. Usually we just do a cake at home and that’s it. My thirtieth birthday I had a 3 month old so no big party. Now I’m 5 years away from 40 so maybe then. 🙂

  40. Kari Brough says

    I was turning 18 and my mom had planned a surprise little kid birthday party. She had all my friends hide in my bedroom. Only thing was I didn’t put my clothes away that morning and by clothes I mean undies . My friends and I am sure it was the boys decided to wrap up my skimpy undies and give them to me as a birthday present. So not only did I know they all saw them they touch them too.. nevertheless I had a wonderful birthday party!

  41. Heather Roe-Lehman says

    Last year my first birthday landed on Father’s Day, my husband’s first Father’s Day ever. It was such a special day spent celebrating family.

  42. My first birthday after my son was born, where I realized that my own birthday would never again be as important as his.

  43. For my 21st birthday, my parents threw me a party at their house. Lots of friends I hadn’t seen in a while showed up. One brought spiked fruit. My mom, who is not a drinker, was raving about how good it was and had so much she spelled my name wrong on the cake! We found out then that she hadn’t realized the fruit had alcohol in it! Luckily she’s a lightweight so it didn’t take much before it got sorted out.

  44. Lauren Bourgeois says

    We went to see Armageddon and I ended up crying so hard I threw up.

  45. Turning 10 in Lappland.

  46. Emilie H. says

    My 20th birthday. My boyfriend surprised me at work at midnight and had the entire clubhouse filled with college students sing to me!

  47. My firstborn’s first birthday!

  48. April Bashioum says

    disney trip just me and hubby pre-kids. We were born 12 hours apart. So fun!

  49. I remember the year I got Duck Tale party hats. I had wanted them so much, so that memory sticks out in my mind. 🙂

  50. My best birthday was when we had a nice fancy dinner with our best friends and I got a beautiful set of earrings.

  51. Brandi Warren says

    My 29th birthday was extra special – I got to celebrate my birthday and first Mother’s Day with my 2 week old son.

  52. Happy birthday!

  53. Jessica B says

    Any year I’ve spent with my friends who are like family! It doesn’t matter what we do, we always have so much fun.

  54. Alexis Underwood says

    My most favorite birthday celebration was my 30th birthday party. I was 8 months pregnant and my husband had our caterer from our wedding make us a cake and had a party for me at Dave and Buster’s with some of my close friends. It was really special.

  55. I don’t have one :/ I cant even remember what I did for my birthday last year?! #mombrain

  56. My most memorable birthday was in 2012. I was 42 weeks and 5 days pregnant, at 8am my water broke and by 1:24pm I was holding my daughter. It was a perfect day. I love sharing a birthday with her.

  57. Most memorable Bday – parents taking me to Vegas when I turned 18. So much fun!

  58. I had a lot of fun themed birthday parties when I was little, but it’s hard to pick out one in particular as most memorable. Maybe the American Girl party when I was 8.

  59. Jennifer Carey says

    My favorite was the first one after my youngest was born. Got to spend it with my very favorite people (my husband and 3 kids) at the zoo!

  60. Michele Rodocker says

    My most memorable birthdays were 18 when I got my first tattoo, 21 for obvious reason, 31 cause I was pregnant with my first child, 37 (this year) cause I am now pregnant with our third child, and hopefully more memorable ones to come!

  61. Sherry Blamer says

    I haven’t had a decent birthday since I was 21.

  62. Jessica H. says

    My best birthday was definitely the one five years ago this year. The day before my birthday, I delivered my first baby girl. Best present in the world and definitely most memorable birthday of all time.

  63. Bethany B says

    My 35th was celebrated in the warm sun on vacation with my 7 week old and husband!

  64. Happy birthday TLB!! My birthday this year was celebrated at MommyCon Atlanta!!

  65. my most memorable birthday was when I was 13, I won a big golf tournament.

  66. My most memorable was last year, my 29th. I got to spend it with my 2 beautiful babies and my wonderful husband 🙂

  67. My most memorable birthday was a late bday celebration with my hubby. It was 9 months after our first was born and he took me on a staycation and our first night away from our son. We had a great time and lots of quality time together that was needed.

  68. My most memorable birthday was in 2009…I was in Afghanistan and a bunch of my friends returned from a really dangerous mission. Best present was seeing them safe!

  69. Charity Johnson says

    My most memorable birthday was when I was pregnant with our first child and my sweet hubby tried to throw a surprise party at Elephant Bar for me. That was 10 years ago and the best yet.

  70. Morgan Daily says

    My son’s second birthday, what a milestone. I have always wanted to be a mother, but I never could’ve imagined how difficult it could be. I can’t tell you how proud I am to have such a wonderful intelligent and social child and how he has changed me to the mother and person I am today. I can’t wait to continue to grow with him.

  71. Alyssa F says

    My baby’s first birthday (4 days ago)! Or my own first birthday as a mom – my daughter was 5 weeks at the time.

  72. Beth Z. Patt says

    Painting at Pinot’s Palet.

  73. Angelina says

    My most memorable birthday was definitely my 38th, and my wife and month-old daughter and I took a stroll along the beach, then had Indian take-out for dinner. Breastfeeding had just hit a groove (literally that day), and celebrating that birthday with my wee family, especially our long-awaited baby made that day everything!

  74. Jennifer Arnold says

    My favorite birthday celebration was when I was in school and could sleep over with my girlfriends.

  75. Shona Martens says

    My most memorable birthday celebration was my 30th. My husband pulled off a surprise party with all my favorite people and my mom even flew up from Texas!

  76. Laura aguilar gonzales says

    My best birthday is when my husband took me out without any kids lol best evening 🙂

  77. Riley Romatz says

    So far my favorite birthday memory was this December, my 21st birthday. I had my husband and two kids and we just stayed home and ate cake pops and watched Princess Mononoke. My husband also got me a lifesized batman balloon!

  78. Stephanie says

    My most memorable birthday was the year my husband threw me a surprise Mystery themed birthday weekend. Complete with clues to things that were about to happen, a mystery theme party, my parents showing up and concluding with a Mystery dinner theater.

  79. Jutta P. says

    I remember getting my American Girl doll when I turned 10. It was so exciting!

  80. Ashley N says

    Hubby and I celebrated my 30th birthday in Las Vegas. It was our first trip away from our daughter, but it was so nice to just be a couple for a little bit.

  81. Genevieve Sullivan says

    This year, with my whole family celebrating my 22nd. Simple, but the first time I’ve gone out all of us together since I came home with the squish!

  82. Ashley McCullough says

    My most memorable moment is a cross between my surprise sweet 16 and this past yr since my present was meeting Jessica from TLB!!

  83. Most memorable (not most meaningful) was my 21st birthday in Vegas!

  84. Courtney says

    my son was 6 days old on my 30th birthday!

  85. 21st – Vegas with my mom!

  86. My most memorable birthday was a surprise daytrip to Niagara Falls in 2010. Sigh.

  87. 2 months before my 25th birthday, I had a stroke. While I was fortunately to recover almost completely, the months following found me fatigued extremely easily. I was in no shape for the 25th birthday bash I had envisioned throwing for myself. I was a graduate student and my office mate got me a card that everyone in my department signed, and she made cupcakes to share at our weekly seminar! In addition, one of my best friends made a delicious cake and she and a few other girls came over that evening to quietly celebrate with me. I had been really upset that I couldn’t celebrate with a big party, but the small and quiet celebrations with people who cared about me were really wonderful! <3

  88. Marcia Stewart says

    My favorite celebration was my 19th birthday at Casa Verde in Denver.

  89. Rachael bender says

    Last year my husband planned me a surprise party. It was so much fun!

  90. Brie Gibson says

    When I turned 30, my husband went all out! It was a great birthday.

  91. My most memorable birthday was my 22nd. I was in labor all day with my first.

  92. Kourtney says

    Most memorable has been that it usually rains every year on my birthday.

  93. Tammy Schoop says

    most memorable birthday is when I was in colorado last year visiting family and they surprised me with a cake. I am never with family during holdout celebrations. It was a nice surprise.

  94. Throwing a surprise party for my wife. She had no idea and it was much needed after long year.

  95. Melissa Decroteau says

    I think this year will be my most memorable birthday so far! The first year I’ll have both my boys here 🙂

  96. Carly D. says

    My most memorable birthday was right after we got married. We had an awesome dinner at home and just spent a quiet night together relaxing. I loved it!

  97. I’d have to say turning 18 while camping in Mexico.

  98. My most memorable birthday is my husband let me quit my job to be a stay at home mom

  99. Valarie Violette says

    My most memorable birthday was my 21st. My whole family came out to celebrate.

  100. This year’s would have to be my best so far… celebrated it while being pregnant with our surprise gift of a third child

  101. Stephanie Putnam says

    My most memorable birthday celebration was turning 18. No party but my parents showed up at my work with a beautiful car, huge ribbon on top <3

  102. My most memorable birthday was my most recent birthday, 25th birthday. My 3 year old who has developmental delays told me he loved me for the first time and told me happy birthday. It was great and couldn’t help but cry.

  103. My most memorable birthday was my 30th! I had a huge party with 2 of my favorite bands. The bar banned cake after that night because I think we pretty much covered the place in frosting 🙂

  104. Jennifer Sines says

    My friends threw me a surprise party for my 28th birthday! Two of my dear friends even came from across the country! It is even more memorable now, because I was unknowingly pregnant at the time!

  105. Britni Bradford says

    one year in my mid 20s, the junior high girls i shepherded at church snuck into my apartment complex and decorated my door with balloons and posters and all sorts of stuff. it was the cutest thing ever.

  106. My most memorable was guhhoing to a 3D ultrasound 🙂

  107. Allie LaCroix says

    I celebrated my birthday last year by making a gender reveal cake to surprise our families, as we just found out a few days before that we were expecting a girl!

  108. Ashley Perez says

    My most memorable birthday was last year. I remember it the most because it was the most recent. I liked it because I had both my girls and husband.

  109. Stephanie Craig says

    My first birthday as a mom 🙂

  110. Stephanie says

    One year my birthday fell on Easter, and I almost spilled (accidentally) the beans for my younger siblings about the Easter Bunny. Oops!

  111. Yesy rubi says

    My 37th birthday last year because I was finally pregnant after 14 years of praying, hoping & waiting. 🙂

  112. Shannon Williams says

    My 5th birthday.

  113. Stacy Juskevice says

    For my 21st birthday, my then-boyfriend came to the US for the first time to visit me and we drove cross-country visiting all our internet friends. We saw the 4th of July fireworks in Baltimore, went to Greensboro NC, Indianapolis, and Chicago. Great memories. I hope my kids grow up to have a sense of adventure and can chase their dreams with passion even if it seems crazy.

  114. The one before my son was born. I was so elated with the way life was going. Best birthday ever. He came 3 weeks later <3

  115. I remember my 20th the best. It was the first birthday I shared with my husband and we went to Disney together for free. 🙂

  116. Sam Camerer says

    I don’t really remember many birthdays from when I was younger but my best birthday ever was probably the most recent one! My husband treated me to an extra special surprise and I got to spend time with my two kids!

  117. My most memorable birthday was when I turned 19 while I was in Kenya and got to go on a safari!

  118. MyChau Brikshavana says

    My most memorable birthday was my 21st birthday and it involved alcohol. Enough said.

  119. My best birthday was when my husband bought me my camera. Not only had it open me up to being a professional but I’m able to keep up with my two littles!

  120. Gotta be my 21st. Just all around fun! Here’s hoping that my 30th (this year) is a little more exciting than the last 8… 🙂

  121. 3 years ago in may i went into labor on my birthday (also mothers day) but my son decided he didnt want to share with me so he stuck in there till he had his own day 😉 best birthday ever.

  122. The most memorable birthdays I have are the days I had my sons. Talk about game changers

  123. My most memorable birthday celebration was my hubby’s 40th last year. All his our of town friends came down and we had a fabulous weekend of celebration!

  124. Justina Reyes says

    My husband surprised me with a trip to Las Vegas and it was a blast!!

  125. Lauren Orbesen says

    My most memorable birthday was my ninth, I think it was…. we had a huge slumber party with glamour shots and full makeup for everyone in my kitchen. So fun!

  126. My 30th was spent with some of my nearest and dearest + my sweet little (then) 10 month old being worn the whole time <3

  127. My most memorable birthday was august 27, 2013 when my daughter Eve was born. She was born just 7 min before my time of birth! I kid that i will be 30 forever.

  128. Melissa J. says

    My best and most memorable birthdays have been those I’ve shared with my husband. The past two years I got to spend with someone who finally and truly “gets me”. I am an extremely unmaterialistic person and he understands that. Each year keeps getting better and better!

  129. My most memorable birthday was when my friends from college threw me a surprise party!

  130. caneen soulier-moore says

    my most memorable birthday was when I turned 30 in March and I had my son Quill Red Hawk Wade-Moore with me, plus my 7 year old nephew who I’ve raised as my own . My son is the best thing to happen to me, I’m so blessed he chose me to be his mama. My boys are what keep me going if it wasn’t for them my life wouldn’t be as great as it is.

  131. Erin Mcwhirt says

    When my hubby surprised me with a day out just the 2 of us in Seattle and topped it off with a Dinner at the space needle

  132. Alyssa Liquori says

    My most memorable birthday was my 21st! Most people would say that one because of the parties and all that grand stuff… Well, mine.. I spent the day at Disney with my dad and a friend! lol! I was VERY pregnant and my Husband was deployed for the first time to Iraq! What else was I going to do, right?! So I took a free trip to Disney and had a BLAST! I will NEVER forget it! SO. MUCH. FUN.

  133. Asha Evins says

    My 18th bday was memorable. I was grounded. Seriously. LoL

  134. Ashley c says

    Most memorable birthday seems to be every year that passes. It is fun celebrating with a toddler in the house! What momma doesn’t love a birthday cake with trucks on it?!

  135. shannon lemon says

    I’ve followed TLB for years. That page has helped me so much! Thank u TLB!!

  136. My two most memorable birthdays were the birthdays I spent traveling with my family! We traveled two years in a row on my birthday and those memories have come together a one very special memory to me!

  137. Rebecca Wiggins says

    First of all happy birthday leakyboob!
    My most memorable birthday would have to be my 13th birthday. Considering right before my “party” (just my mom and dad and sisters) I started my first P.E.R.I.O.D!!! Yep definitely won’t forget “that” lol

  138. Tabatha Klinger says

    My most memorable birthday was when I was 8 months pregnant with my daughter and my husband surprised me with a beach trip in the beginning of August. It was the worst car ride of my life haha. It was so hot. We got stuck on the highway for about an hour for a fender bender, I felt like I was going to die at one point. But after that horrible drive, the trip was amazing!

  139. Joey Wright says

    Best birthday celebration war when my wife incorporated Valentine’s day/Birthday and we did a stay-cation in a nice hotel.

  140. 24.::hubby surprising me with a Pink Martini concert!

  141. My most memorable birthday was last year, making the choice to leave my job and become a doula.

  142. My husband and I celebrated my 30th (and last pre-kids) birthday with a ski trip to my favorite mountain before we moved away. Perhaps more memorable was the 10th birthday celebration for our local babywearing group (BWI of Greater Boston, formerly Boston Babywearers) last fall. We had a huge community party!

  143. Alexandra says

    Such wonderful presents!

  144. Elisabeth B. says

    My best birthday celebrations hard to choose because my husband has been so thoughtful. He has taken me stargazing on a mountain, and to theatre productions, and thrown me a surprise birthday party. All of those have been pretty memorable and make me so grateful to have him in my life!

  145. Last year was my best birthday since I was pregnant with a child we’d been trying to conceive for a while. A great present was getting to the third trimester with a healthy baby boy and an all-clear visit to the doctor.

  146. Roxana Matei says

    Waiting for my blood test to arrive to see if I’m pregnant 🙂 (5 years ago 🙂 )

  147. Carissa Bledsaw says

    Best birthday was 3rd grade. I got to invite every girl in my class and it was a blast.

  148. Erin Jones says

    Today is my birthday! It was nice to snuggle with my five month old, and the hubster brought me doughnuts and biscuits from the bakery. I think I’ll count this one as the sweetest 🙂

  149. My most memorable bday was my 35th when my husband surprised me with an overnight away with our newborn in tow 🙂

  150. Rebecca Shedd says

    When I was growing up, my family was always camping the week of my birthday. One year I woke up to a tent filled with balloons. It was awesome. My family still jokes about it every year.

  151. My husband took me on a getaway to San Diego.

  152. The first time my military husband and I actually got to spend a birthday together!

  153. Tyler Jones says

    My most memorable birthday has been celebrating my most recent birthday with a “handwritten” birthday card from my 3 month old son. It’s the little things that matter the most.

  154. Jacqueline says

    My most memorable birthday celebration was the one where I chipped my front tooth in my back yard while rollerskating. I think I was turning 9? Boy was it not fun.

  155. My most memorable birthday was the one after my twins were born. They were born the 6th, my birthday is the 8th and my daughters funeral was the 10th. It is not a happy memory, but it is and always will be the most intensely emotional and memorable in all my years. Now I tend to forget my birthday and focus instead on how to make my boy feel special and how to honor my daughter as best I can.

  156. My husband took me on a “secret trip” for my 30th. I was so surprised when we arrived in Monterey, CA. Our then 4mo was so accommodating that trip too! And so much good food: my first sushi post partum, fresh baklava and caramel apples to name a few!

  157. Heidi Weber says

    When I turned 29. I had both kids and husband with me!

  158. kathryn heck says

    Happy birthday!

  159. My 30th Birthday, with both of my kids.

  160. Max tardiff says

    Most memorable birthday was 21 and 6 months pregnant!

  161. Tiffany Rivera says

    Happy Birthday, TLB!!!

  162. Emily marmarou says

    My most memorable birthday was my 12th bday when my family planed a surprise party for me after my soccer game. Unfortunately I broke my collar bone during the game and spent the day in the ER while everyone else was at my house enjoying the party!

  163. Heather bender says

    all my kids 1st birthdays!

  164. My most memorable birthday was the birth of my first child! He was an earlier birthday present. My husband was his moms birthday present, I hope the tradition continues!

  165. Sheena Todd says

    My 21st!! It was my golden birthday, and the first one I spent with my now-husband of 10 years!

  166. Stephanie Smith says

    My most memorable birthday celebration is that each year the kids are in diapers, it’s my day off of diaper duty! A whole day, and no diapers to change! Haha!

  167. Jessica Miracle says

    My most memorable birthday celebration was my 21st birthday. It was the first and only birthday I was able to get all of my friends together. They took me out, we partied it up, and I got pregnant. Lol! I guess baby dust just needed some fun and relaxation to work.

  168. I actually having a hard time with the birthday celebration thing right now. My Husbands birthday is April 8th, mine April 9th and we just lost my Great Grandma a couple days ago and her funeral is the 11th so I think we will be spending out birthdays trying to remember all the wonderful things about my Great Grandmother.

  169. Most memorable birthday was 21 and spent in Paris. Lovely time with lovely friends!

  170. Elizabeth says

    My little one’s first birthday is the most memorable to me 🙂

  171. My 16th birthday was a surprise party that I helped plan but then my friend cancelled it and then my aunt accidentally spilled the beans that it was still on.

  172. Kyndal costello says

    We don’t really celebrate birthdays in my family so I don’t have any really big memorable birthday tales but I remember going to lunch w friends and mom when I was about 10 – we went to old spaghetti factory and I thought I was so awesome 🙂

  173. My 22nd birthday I was feeling blue because I was far from my family, friends and boyfriend, and generally lonely, managing a college dorm for summer students. Then my residents surprised me with a cake. That little act meant so much to me!

  174. Carla Morgan says

    My most memorable birthday was last year while I was pregnant with my first child and my husband took me on a surprise vacation.

  175. I don’t usually make a big deal out of my birthday, but in 2010 my girlfriends took me out for a night of shopping and Cheesecake Factory that culminated with me falling flat on my face in the parking lot and tearing my knee to shreds (I wasn’t even drinking!) and I will certainly never forget that! We still had a lovely time though!

  176. Lauren Briehl says

    memorable birthday moment: when hubby got me a MacBook Air 2 years ago.

  177. Samantha Binns says

    My youngest kiddos, twins Avery and Emily celebrated their first birthday in February and thats the most memorable birthday because our youngest Emily wasnt supposed to survive delivery!

  178. Kathleen Spangler says

    My most memorable birthday was my 21st. I spent it with good friends who took me out on the town.

  179. The time my dad took me out of class early to go see one of the new Star Wars movies. Or the time he took me flying in a friend’s teaching plane, and I got to use the student controls. (My dad is the best!)

  180. Most memorable birthday would probably have been in 2011 when my boyfriend of 9 years at that time wrapped a lot of cash in some brown paper with a rose when I got home from work…it was so I could get an engagement ring I liked 😉

  181. My most memorable birthday so far was my 25th when I celebrated being 1/2 the age of my mama. 🙂

  182. I spent my 29th birthday with my grandmother, who was within weeks of dying of pancreatic cancer. One of the last foods she actually ate was ice cream cake with me and my almost-1yo daughter. Her smile was one of the best birthday presents I could have gotten. It is only rivaled by holding my 7 day old son for my 31st.

  183. Beth Rees says

    It was definitely the birthday celebration we had when I delivered my baby. There was a cake for both of us at the birth center and they sang happy birthday to both of us

  184. Denise Taylor says

    Turning 40 and being pregnant!!!

  185. Happy Birthday to The Leaky Boob! You are SUCH an inspiration! Thank you for all you do!

  186. My last birthday my hubby surprised me with a 156 Prismacolor art marker set. I was blown away. They aren’t cheap. Best birthday ever!!

  187. Christine M says

    I was in Sweden for my 30 birthday!

  188. This years. My husband and I took our son to the transportation museum. He was so excited to see the trains. 🙂

  189. lesleeane c says

    I have yet to have one! Hopefully soon?! Lol

  190. Christie says

    My 25th birthday. We did nothing special, just a small bbq with a few friends, but it was my first birthday after becoming a mom and I’ll never forget how special I felt and how thankful I was for my sweet baby girl.

  191. One of my favorite birthdays was my 21st birthday. I flew out to Philadelphia to see my older sister and we spent the weekend together. It was pretty awesome 🙂

  192. Amanda Temple says

    I can’t remember the last time I had a memorable birthday. My birthday is 5 days before Christmas so it is already chaotic! My family and I planned a party for my mom’s fiftieth and it was spectacular though!

  193. Helene Mahnken says

    My most memorable birthday was probably when I went to McDonalds as a child 😛

  194. Laurel Selman says

    When I was 13 and my mom forgot. Ran to the store and grabbed a recipe box and wrapped it like she’d been planning it. Then tried to cover up that she forgot by telling me how she cooked my favorite dinner. Problem was, it was actually my brother’s favorite dinner.

  195. Ashley H. says

    The year I got to spend it with my soon-to-be husband for the first time. 🙂

  196. Celeste Xi Fyre-Drake says

    I can’t really remember having a celebration for my birthday

  197. Brianne Drumm says

    Happy Birthday!

    Mine was last year, because I was able to celebrate with my daughter 🙂

  198. My most memorable birthday was the first one I had with my hubby! So sweet to wake up to flowers and my favorite pastries that day. He went out super early in the morning so we could have breakfast in bed together before leaving for work. Excited this year to spend my first birthday as a mommy

  199. Jessica D says

    Happy birthday, TLB! I won’t share my most memorable because it’s pretty depressing (I’ve had some crappy birthdays over the years!) Hope your birthday is full of much more joy! 😉

  200. For my 19th birthday, I had 1600 balloons, waist high, in my living room!

  201. Probably my 24th birthday — my best friend flew all the way to Hawaii to spend a week with me since my husband had just deployed a few weeks earlier. It was EXACTLY what I needed!

  202. my most memorable birthday was 401! it was an amazing time as I celebrated my last birthday four decades of life! now I am 40 and pregnant with twins and I must say I can’t wait to celebrate my next birthday with my beautiful sons! It will be all the more sweeter!

  203. Sarah L. says

    I don’t really have a most memorable celebration…as long as there is cake I’m happy!

    • My most memorable birthday would be my last,31at. My SO and I had a night out without the kids. Then I found out we were expecting again.

  204. Stacy Renee says

    My sister took me to Harry Potter World!

  205. Elizabeth says

    I don’t remember any one birthday in particular, but for every birthday while I was living at home my mom would bake a cake from scratch and make whatever I wanted for dinner…which was a big deal because I had 4 younger siblings who would usually complain about the things I wanted to eat! And I remember the feeling of knowing I was loved, surrounded by my family at our big dining room table 🙂

  206. My most memorable birthday was my 8th birthday when my father asked me what I wanted and I replied with “lobster.” He brought home a 3.5 lb lobster to celebrate my birthday. I can still remember that moment like it was yesterday.

  207. Ashley H says

    My most memorable birthday was when I was 16 we used the cafeteria at my old middle school and brought a sound system and danced the day away! It was so cool!

  208. A webster says

    10th! Trip to Broadway 🙂

  209. Monica A says

    My most memorable birthday was last year when I found out I was expecting baby #2! Said baby is 10 weeks old and after tongue tie/lip tie revision and 3 rounds of mastitis we have made it and are nursing like a champ. Even big brother has rekindled his love of mama milk, so lots of tandem nursing going on in this house! ❤️

  210. Kristina says

    The past few birthdays have been fun – my friends and I who have January birthdays take over the whole month for “super birthday” as an excuse to eat out at every delicious restaurant we can! 🙂

  211. My 23rd birthday! My husband came home from military training 8 hours away just to be with me for 2 hours!

  212. Carrie McBride says

    My most memorable birthday was my 16th. My parents let me skip school to take my driving test. I got my licence and got to drive all my friends to lunch. Huge amount of freedom gained that day.

  213. Katie d. says

    My most memorable birthday was my 16th. Was on a cruise with two tropical storms in the area. It was very rocky!

  214. My last one was pretty great. After just moving back close to my family, the whole crew came out to my favorite beach and there was chocolate cake, kite flying, a rainbow, and dolphins! Pretty tough to beat.

  215. Love the articles. Thanks for the time toy put into this site.

  216. Turning 30 was pretty memorable! I had a new born and my mom gave me 30 things for tuning 30! It was all super cute small things that made my day!!

  217. My friends through me a surprise party for my 15th birthday. It was the first time in far too long that I felt like I had true friends.

  218. Stephanie Armstrong says

    I think the surprise 30th birthday my husband pulled off with all my friends!!

  219. Any birthday spent celebrating with my kids is a favorite 🙂

  220. I have a few memorable birthdays:

    Making pizza at Papa Gino’s when I was 5

    Getting a Jeep Wrangler with a bow on it from my grandparents when I turned 17

    Every birthday for the past 8 years since having my first baby, getting handmade cards and sweet kisses from my kids ❤️❤️

  221. My mom and I went on a trip to England with an aunt and uncle. During our trip we took a week long tour through a few different countries which ended with my 11th birthday in Paris.

  222. Krista Andersen says

    Most memorable birthday is yet to come!

  223. Happy Birthday!
    My most memorable birthday was as a little girl and my mum set up strings woven through out our house for each party goer to follow/ unwind with a present at the end! We play this game at our children’s birthday’s now 😉

  224. My 10th birthday. My parents forgot my birthday so they made a weekend long celebration for me. We saw a movie, eat out at my favorite restaurant and went mini golfing. It was a great weekend.

  225. Nicole Hardin says

    My most memorable birthday was when I turned 33 and had my newborn daughter with me. It wasn’t huge celebration but a dinner with my husband and my parents and her. That’s all I need:-)

  226. Molly Kasinger says

    Most memorable birthday was last year, I got to celebrate with my new son’s baby dedication and friends flying in to visit.

  227. I don’t remember what birthday it was, but I was a kid and at the end of my party we decided to take my hamster Molly, best hamster ever, out to let her run around and play. I distinctly remember her running over to my friend and peeing on her dress. I still giggle and tell the story to this day.

  228. my most memorable birthday was when I turned 30. It was on December 24th, 2014. I was in the hospital holding my baby boy that was born the day before. I remember nursing him and looking at the clock right at midnight and thinking there was no where else I would rather be 🙂 Three and a half months later my bb is still EBF with no end in sight!!

  229. my last birthday! My baby was one month old! So much fun!

  230. My most memorable birthday is my 21st birthday. Instead of celebrating how most would I was celebrating my first pregnancy.

  231. For my 30th birthday, my husband and sister teamed up to throw me a surprise party. I was VERY surprised!

  232. Meghan L says

    My 25th! Way too much fun, but sooooo many fun memories with good friends 🙂

  233. Elizabeth McAllister says

    My most recent birthday was memorable, hubby and I had a weekend away to celebrate and a mini babymoon before baby #3 was born.

  234. Rebecca McDonald says

    my best birthday was my 21st. My mom told me she couldn’t make the 3 hour trip to spend the weekend with me, but she showed up at the restaurant to surprise me!

  235. Deanna F says

    My most memorable birthday was my 16th. My parents rented a limo for my friends and I. Then we got to ride around town completing a scavenger hunt. Such a fun birthday!

  236. My most memorable birthday would be my 23rd. I was 17 weeks pregnant with my first and spent my birthday week in cancun! It was the last time my hubby and I vacationed with out any kiddos

  237. Amanda B. says

    Honestly, I think I was 12 or so and tried to throw a surprise birthday party for my twin sister. It ended up being horribly disappointing as only two people showed up. Memorable, but not for a good reason.

  238. My most memorable birthday was my 22nd birthday. My best friend and I bought each other tattoos, bought a bunch of junk food and wine….and we sat around my house just feasting and chatting.

  239. Kristi Deckard says

    My most memorable birthday (so far) was last year when I turned 30, knowing that two weeks later I would finally have my wedding with my husband and after that we were going to DisneyWorld! It was a very memorable month!

  240. When I was 13 being surprised by my family from our of state when they showed up to visit.

  241. My most memorable birthday was when my best friend broke into my house to throw me a surprise party 🙂

  242. Bethany Kavich says

    My most memorable was my first birthday with my daughter, she was only 3 weeks old. She was fussy all day and I cried and cried because I just wanted a good day. My husband and mil took me out to help me feel better. It worked!

  243. Happy birthday!! My most memorable birthday was this past one…38weeks pregnant and goin on a 4 mile run on hopes of sharing a birthday with my baby!!

  244. Jackie Mac says

    Most memorable birthday… Can I say this one coming up? It’ll be my first birthday as a mom to two – my greatest joys. 🙂

  245. Jacqueline Hauffen says

    I was 8, my twin sister and I had our party at the
    park with all my friends and family and I remember it
    Was sunny and I had no care in the world, I hope to
    give my baby girl the same opportunity someday, to
    have a memory of pure happiness and worry free time
    Playing in the sun. 🙂

  246. Janice Miller says

    I really don’t have a specific memorable birthday. The last birthday I actually did something was my 21st birthday and didn’t really do much even then. My 21st was my last birthday before children though and their birthdays have been more important to me 🙂

  247. Courtney Wilson says

    My most memorable birthday was when my best friends threw me a surprise party for my sweet 16. So fun to feel so loved!

  248. My most memorable birthday was my first day in our new house. It was the first night we stayed there and we had a huge 4 th of July and birthday bash like normal just in a new place. Little did I know that it would be my last one before I was married.

  249. Elizabeth L Miller says

    It is so hard to pick one specific memory. I think I enjoyed my 21st Birthday the most. Because it was the first Birthday I got to spend with my first Rainbow Baby after giving birth to my daughter who was stillborn. We wrnt out and dressed up and had a nice dinner. Then came home, and I fell asleep with my baby boy laying across my chest

  250. Hmm, would have to be my 28th birthday, when I went to an Arcade Fire show a couple days after my husband took me out dancing! Hopefully my 30th this year is even more memorable!

  251. My most memorable birthday was my 39th when my husband planned a surprise “Lordy, lordy, look who’s almost 40!” party for me. I was completely overwhelmed by all the people from various stages of my life who were there. It was truly amazing and unforgettable.

  252. Kristina Gilley says

    My most memorable birthday was probably my last birthday. I spent the day with all 5 of my children and my husband. The kis made homemade gifts and dinner for me. I got a hand and foot massage from my older 3 children and a nice long bath ALL by myself!!

  253. Christy Jackson says

    Every birthday is pretty memorable. I loved my 6th birthday (E.T. Themed), 20th and 32 when I first celebrated as a mommy.

  254. My most memorable birthday was my 30th this year. I had a 3 day old baby and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

  255. Brandy Black says

    My most memorable birthday – I would have to say would be my 20th. My husband (bf at the time) and best friend surprised me and we went to the worlds largest corn maze. We were completely unprepared, so we were about two hours in, the maze was shutting down, dying of thirst, and couldn’t read the map well because our ONE flashlight was dying. So we grabbed a stake from the ground and used it to help chop our way through the maze to get out!!

  256. My most memorable birthday was this year, 30! Because I got to spend it with my little.

  257. Janet Pratt says

    last year was my most memorable birthday celebration. I had a joint birthday party with my niece, who turned 1. It was perfect. 🙂

  258. Patricia Savoie says

    When I was 13 and my mom threw a surprise party for me 🙂

  259. Whitney Lowry says

    My most memorable birthday was my 25th birthday. We did the normal dinner and movies, but when we came home there were streamers everywhere and people inside. Hubby had arranged with my mom and sister to throw me a surprise party. It was really sweet.

  260. My most memorable birthday would have to be my 17th birthday. I had just recently started dating my now husband, and he put together a video of all of my friends and family. He asked them questions about me (what their favorite thing about me was, stuff like that), and then showed up at my house with half of them in tow + pizza for a surprise party. It was pretty great

  261. Cassandra S says

    My most memorable birthday was when my hubby threw me a surprise costume party. He even had a costume ready for me.

  262. Lisa Humphries says

    My most memorable birthday was my Magic Birthday. It was my 30th, and my birthday is Nov. 30th. My husband (then boyfriend) threw me a surprise party, and I was actually surprised (which is pretty big). It was also my last birthday without kids, because I got pregnant just a month and a half later!

  263. Tamara Takacs says

    My most memorable birthday was my 28th which was the first birthday I ever celebrated with my little boy.

  264. Every year I celebrate my kids’ birthdays is memorable and wonderful for me!

  265. Jaclyn Waggoner says

    My most memorable birthday was 25 when my hubby and I had our first trip to Vegas! This year I turn 30 and we thought about Vegas again but then I found out I was expecting and would be 6 months pregnant in July! Not ideal! Lol

  266. Mallory wright says

    My most memorable birthday was getting a positive pregnancy test a few days after my birthday! It was definitely a wish come true.

  267. Heather Lukusa says

    My most memorable birthday was my 31st, last year, when I had my first OB appointment confirming I was pregnant with my daughter! She’s now 5 months and nursing like a champ after a bit of a struggle

  268. Nichole chamberlain says

    For my 13th birthday my mom took me and some friends to see a pg-13 movie at the theatre… I felt like such a grownup!

  269. Heidi Davis says

    My first birthday as a mom was spent at a park with friends and family and my heart felt so full! I felt such gratitude towards my mom for all she did for me cause now I understood.

  270. My 21st birthday. It was right after I moved back home from Oregon to be with my boyfriend. Now my husband.

  271. Lindsey I says

    My most memorable birthday was when I was pregnant with my daughter and she kicked up a storm the entire time I was eating my birthday dinner. I guess I misinterpreted her food order! 😛

  272. My most memorable was my 18th birthday–when I woke up that morning I went to leave for school and my best friend had decorated my yard with signs and balloons! She also decorated my locker……this was also my 1st birthday that I was celebrating with my boyfriend who is now my husband and father to our 4 beautiful babies!

  273. my 23 birthday some drinks with some friends and no drama.

  274. I celebrated my 27th birthday in Italy with my mom and sister.

  275. I have always been a huge birthday person. I threw big parties for myself every year. However, this years Birthday was by far my best and most memorable. I was at home with my 10 day old daughter in pure bliss. Life has definitely changed from my big party days and I am loving it!

  276. Allyssa schellhaas says

    My most memorable birthday had to be my 21st. It wasn’t even for the reason you would it assume, it was the first birthday i celebrated as a mommy. My daughter was 6 months old at the time and we stayed in and had a wonderful evening with family 🙂

  277. Elizabeth says

    My first birthday as a mom– it was wonderful to
    Celebrate getting older and havknf a beautiful baby!!

  278. My most memorable birthday was when a group of friends surprised me and we had an at home spa day, Lush inspired. Then they carted me off to my favorite happy hour. It was so thoughtful and I felt really loved.

  279. Happy Birthday! This community has helped me not only feel like a more confident mother, but a more confident me. The support for each other on our own journey is what makes the world a more loving place!

    As for my favorite birthday memory, that’s hard! My grandma always planned my parties. She worked at a costume and party store, so you can imagine. When I think back, I remember always feeling special.

  280. When my wife got us ballroom dancing lessons.

  281. Sara Unser says

    My most memorable birthday is turning 21, then having my first born a couple days afterwards!

  282. Cheryl yip says

    When I was 4, my parents took me to a macdonalds playground in Singapore and we had a mcD birthday party worth my cousins. Simple, but I was 4 and that was the best birthday. I can’t wait to do the same for my boy. Haha.

  283. My most memorable birthday so far was last year as I held my new squish!

  284. Great giveaway!

  285. My most memorable birthday was when my husband took me to Ballard design and let me pick out dining benches for our breakfast nook!

  286. 35th- finally happy and comfortable being me!!

  287. My most memorable birthday is every year. My husband and kids always have a surprise for me and spoil me.

  288. My most memorable birthday was roller skating when I was 8 with all my friends.. in 80’s clothes (b/c it was the 80’s!)… 🙂

  289. My most memorable birthday was last year, which was my first with my amazing son being born 🙂

  290. Samantha Hartsuff says

    My most memorable birthday was my 24th- it was my first birthday as a married woman and my last without children.

  291. I feel like my birthdays since having children have been the most memorable. They have taken on new meaning for me.

  292. Lucy Smith says

    My best birthday was spent on mothers day eating out with my husband and daughter

  293. I would have to say my 25th birthday – I was super pregnant with twins but it was such a change from all my other birthdays!

  294. I don’t really have a memorable birthday. We did parties as a child, but they weren’t anything spectacular.

  295. Morgan R. says

    My most memorable was my 21st! I was supposed to celebrate by going on for New Year’s Eve… But my boyfriend (now hubbie) got the flu and I felt horrible him so I stayed in, drank champagne and watched Dick Clark.

  296. Kirstin O'Leary says

    My 29th birthday celebration was a special night out with my husband and one of our last date nights before our daughter was born

  297. My 21st… I had mono. It was lovely.

  298. My best birthday memory was when i turned 21 and found out i was expecting my first child. Best day ever.

  299. Megan Ward says

    My 21st birthday in Vegas with the love of my life!

  300. My most memorable birthday was my 27th. My first baby was born!

  301. Roxanne Marks says

    Being told that my golden birthday had already passed and it was actually my golden birthday.

  302. Most memorable birthday was my 13th. Parents surprised me with a big party.

  303. No specific celebration jumps out, but I ran my first marathon just after my 36th birthday!

  304. Veronica Albright says

    My most memorable birthday was my 16th ❤️ it was the first time that my husband (boyfriend then) told me that he loved me!

  305. My most memorable birthday was when I turned 19. I was in Germany and we went to an awesome Castle for dinner.

  306. My most memorable birthday was last year. I got to celebrate it with my new complete family including my newborn daughter.

  307. My 24th birthday when we found out we were having our 2nd girl!

  308. Genevieve O says

    Two come to mind- my 21st that was spent with friends in Atlantic City and my 29th that was celebrated a week early with tickets to Lollapalloza and the trip to Chicago for it- I finally got to see The Cure!!!

  309. My most memorable birthday was my daughters first. She was shovel cake in with both hands. When they were to gunked up with icing she would hold them out to be wiped and start again.

  310. mynmost memorable birthday was when I turned 22, my four month old son had surgery that day to repair his cleft lip. Survey went amazing but we were sad to lose a smile we fell in love with! Blessed to see a new smile every day now though!

  311. Jessica Higdon says

    My most memorable birthday was my 18th, my brother, sister, and parents had a water gun fun, and chased each other all over the neighborhood 🙂

  312. My 18th, we played kids games like pin the tail on the donkey and scavenger hunt lol it was so much fun little did I know that would be my last birthday as a non parent lol I turned 19 on Sept 11, and my son was born on Sept 20th so he was a late bday present lol, now I’m on to number two due in 8 weeks!! So exciting!!

  313. My most memorable birthday was this past one. My baby was due in a couple of days, and my doctor had scheduled me to be “induced” (he said he wasn’t sure if you could even call it that since my body was so very ready and he just broke my water) the next day. I thought I’d really enjoy the excitement during my birthday, but instead I was a nervous wreck. The real celebration came the next day when I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl!

  314. Megan Grant says

    My 25th, I was pregnant with my first, my 27th I was pregnant with my second, and next month for my 30th I will be pregnant with my third!

  315. christine s. says

    is it sad that no birthday’s stand out for me? It’s just another day…

  316. My most memorable birthday was when I was nine, we lived in Panama and it was warm for the first time EVER on my winter birthday. But a close runner up was one ten years ago, when my husband and I celebrated my birthday with our two week old infant, our first child. (Two years later we had a one month old for my birthday).

  317. Demelza Wakefield says

    In the 7th grade my Dad surprised me and took me out of school early. We drove to a city a half hour away where I found out we had tickets to see the Broadway play Cats! It was amazing!

  318. Kristi Morton says

    My most memorable birthday is a sad one. My dad passed away just a week before my 11th birthday. I was not looking forward to my birthday. I celebrated it with my best friend, who’s birthday is 2 days before mine, and her family. They helped me remember how to laugh.

  319. Nicole Deardorf says

    My most memorable birthday was my 20th, that was right after my oldest was born. 🙂

  320. Sarah smith says

    My 21st, I was pregnant with my 1st, spending it with hubby and tiny baby kicks were perfect and most meaningful 🙂

  321. Sara norris says

    With all of family present! It’s such a special time to celebrate the first year or motherhood

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