Congratulations TLB, You’re 5! Presents For Leakies!


The Leaky Boob is turning 5 years old and we’re celebrating ALL MONTH LONG! To celebrate we’re collecting and sharing your stories along with collecting some of our favorite maternity, breastfeeding, and baby products to give as gifts to YOU Leakies. AND we’re growing! Some of us aren’t breastfeeding or bottle-feeding any more (and you thought it was going to last forever) but you’re still a part of our community and you’re still nourishing and loving your family so we’ve grown to expand two more communities where we can talk about our highs and lows of that journey in a safe, judgment-free environment. Over on we talk a lot about, well, everything, specially about parenting and relationships. invites everyone to find a seat at the table embracing that sometimes there’s a little wobble in one of our legs, making room for allergies, and creatively nourishing our whole selves with recipes and a lot of honest conversation. Our family is growing and we’re happy to share it with you!

Let’s party like a Leaky this month and #TLBsupportForward!

Bundle #1 better

Beco Baby Carrier: Gemini 10-Year Anniversary Baby Carrier (LIMITED EDITION), made with Repreve – Value: $130
Keep your little one close while you dash around town, breezing through mommy/daddy duties hands-free. Suitable for all-day use, Beco Gemini allows you to carry baby in a seat that’s comfortable and safe for both of you.
 Every Repreve Blend Beco Gemini Baby Carrier is made from 5 recycled bottles

Bebe au LaitComfort by Design Nursing Pillow, Retail Value: $55
Created by a nursing mom, the Bébé au Lait Comfort by Design Nursing Pillow is Lactation Consultant and Focus Group approved. The pillow has an open shape for a flexible fit, designed to fit all moms. With an optimum height to promote a better latch and a more comfortable experience for Mom and baby The reversible, dual-sided design offers Mom the choice of a soft or flat lying surface for baby, providing the support mom and baby need for breastfeeding success. The Nursing Pillow is also designed with a convenient, two-sided pocket to keep burp cloths, breast pads and other essentials within easy reach and a padded, adjustable positioning strap that can also be tucked away if so desired. Both the pillow and removable slip cover are machine washable. Experience true support from the the Bébé au Lait Comfort by Design Nursing Pillow

Mrs Patel’sGluten-free Vegan Chocolate Fenugreek Bars – Retail Value: $26
Gluten-free and Vegan Chocolate Fenugreek Bars for breastfeeding mothers that help increase milk supply. (cannot be taken while pregnant)

The Dairy FairyThe Rose Handsfree Pumping Bra – Retail Value: $68
The Rose handsfree pumping bra reflects the goddess that you are. No more bands, velcro, zippers, hooks or pullies. Just a beautiful and feminine bra so you can quickly and efficiently pump, and maybe even have a second to check emails.

SloombOvernight Bamboo Fitted Diaper – Retail Value: $28
Sustainablebabyish overnight bamboo fitteds are soft and beautiful, made entirely of super absorbent bamboo|organic cotton fleece. perfect for day time use & the answer for nights. each OBF includes a shell with a double-length 3-layer snap-in fleece soaker that can be folded for customizable absorption. an extra lay in 3-layer fleece doubler is included to boost absorbency when and where you need it most. pair with sustainablebabyish wool covers for a leak free combination.

Cezara: Belly Support Panty – Retail value: $48.99
Cezara provides comfort and support during pregnancy, after delivery and especially after Cesarean delivery. The integrated support band lifts the belly and supports the back while the internal padding compresses the lower abdomen and, after a Cesarean, compresses and protects the scar. Mom is supported and nurses, babywears and cares for her baby more comfortably. Cezara is worn over a panty or as the panty and is panty sized from small (fits panty size 5) through 5-X (fits panty size 13) – the winner chooses the size. 

PebbleRainbow Bunny Rattle – Retail value: $21.95
This cheerful Bunny Rattle from Pebble is handmade and is bringing smiles to faces around the world. This fair trade product provides much-needed employment to mothers providing for their children in rural Bangladesh. Machine washable. 

Total Value of this bundle: $378



We have a last minute addition to this giveaway! 

Ameda wants to party with us too! Be sure to check the new giveaway entry options in the Rafflecopter widget below! Here is what Ameda is adding to our first giveaway bundle:


Store’N Pour – Retail Value :$12.99
The Store‘N Pour Breast Milk Storage Bags feature everything a mother could want including easy-close zip seal so bags won’t leak, unique tear-and-pour spout helps prevent spills during milk transfer and a gusseted bottom allows filled bag to stand on its own. 50 bags plus 2 adapters.

T-Shirt – Retail Value: $15
Eat@Mom’s t-shirt! All proceeds from the sale of the shirt go to Mother & Child Health Coalition in St Louis.

This boosts the total value of this bundle to $406!


Good luck to everyone!  Please use the widget below to be entered.  The giveaway is open from April 2, 2015 through April 6, 2015.  A big thanks to all of the sponsors of this birthday giveaway bundle for their support of TLB and all breastfeeding women; please be sure to take a moment to thank them on their Facebook pages for their show of support!

This giveaway bundle is for U.S. Residents only. 

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Little Spruce Organics Giveaway

Organic, natural, fibers, nurturing, soothing, cloth, beauty, simplicity, inspiration, creativity, imagination, relationship, nature, play: these are some of the key elements that Bethany weaves into the very fabric of her home life.  She offers these same elements in the various toys, clothes, diapers, and more that she has in her store, Little Spruce Organics.  Bethany shares a bit about her home life, work, and breastfeeding journey, and would like to offer The Leaky Boob community a chance to win 3 different, organic and natural prizes.  Read on to get better acquainted with Bethany and TLB sponsor Little Spruce Organics.

TLB:  What would you like readers to know about your company?

Bethany:  We offer a unique selection of organic baby apparel, organic cloth diapering products, organic nursing apparel, and natural toys.   We specialize in woolens for babies and are committed to carrying only apparel & cloth diapering products that are made from organic and natural fibers.  We are a small, family-run business, and we love what we do!

TLB:  How did Little Spruce Organics come about?

Bethany:  Becoming a mother was the inspiration for opening this shop, and has also been the driving force behind the overall philosophy of my store.  The products I choose to carry in my store are all a result of my experience as a mother and my strong desire not only to select the most nurturing, natural products for my own children, but to spark the same passion in other mothers who are committed to providing their children with a childhood that is as close to nature as possible.  I wanted to create a place where parents could come to find children’s apparel that soothes and nurtures the senses and also discover the beauty and simplicity of toys that inspire creative, imaginative play that can so easily be overlooked in our modern world.

TLB:  How do you balance family and work?

Bethany:  My life is a delicate balance between motherhood and work, and while I love my job dearly, finding the right balance is one of the most challenging aspects of what I do.  Late nights in front of my computer, a messy house, and trying to pull meals together at the last minute are all daily struggles for me, but these are all sacrifices worth making for the incredible opportunity I have been blessed with to stay home with my babies while working.  I typically work only when my son is asleep, in order to spend as much quality time with him as possible while he’s awake, but there are certainly moments when I’m trying frantically to multi-task, standing in the kitchen while typing an email on my laptop, on the phone with a customer, with tiny arms tugging at me from below.  Breastfeeding has been a lifesaver for me when working from home…any time I need a quick distraction to make a phone call, a nursing session always guarantees at least a few minutes of quiet time

TLB:  What are your favorite breastfeeding memories as a mom?

Bethany:  I have been breastfeeding my son for over two years now and have continued throughout my current pregnancy, so those memories are still taking place on a daily basis.  I adore the relationship I have built with my son through breastfeeding, and I could not imagine motherhood any other way.  From those precious newborn days when it felt like all we did was sit and nurse and stare lovingly at one another to the chaos of nursing an active toddler who manages to nurse in positions I never thought possible, breastfeeding has truly and unquestionably been the most important aspect of my relationship with my son.  I look forward to the very special experience of nursing a newborn baby again soon!

TLB:  What is one tip that helped you in your breastfeeding journey that you’d like to pass on to other moms?

Bethany:  There will always be challenges… but if breastfeeding is important to you, you will always find a way to overcome these challenges in order to continue your breastfeeding relationship.  That being said, try not to be too hard on yourself if things don’t go the way you planned!  I found that it was best not to set any unrealistic expectations for myself, or any expectations at all, for that matter, and to just do the very best that I could.  I never had any specific goals as far as any length of time I would breastfeed.  There was simply never any doubt in my mind as to whether or not I would breastfeed, and despite some challenges at the beginning, it became such a natural part of motherhood that it soon became impossible to even consider giving it up.  During the very initial stages of breastfeeding, I remember wondering if nursing my baby would ever just feel “natural” instead of something we had to work hard at every time… and after some weeks passed, I realized it had become the most natural feeling I had ever experienced.  It’s an incredible, empowering journey that I wish for every mother.


Bethany is giving away 3 different natural and organic prizes:

1. Organic Cotton “Lena” Soft Nursing Bra Retail value $47.88

2. Organic Cotton Cuddle Baby Waldorf Doll Retail value $35.70

3. Wooden Toy package:  Wooden People Pull Toy + Wooden Cement Truck Retail value $27.70

Currently Leakies can find these and other great products on the Little Spruce Organics website.


Good luck to everyone!  Please use the widget below to be entered, and have fun browsing  The giveaway is open from September 8, 2012 to September 15, 2012.  A big thanks to Bethany for her ongoing support of TLB and all breastfeeding women, please be sure to visit their Facebook page or follow them on twitter (@littlespruce on Twitter) and thank them for their support of TLB and this giveaway opportunity.

This giveaway is open to US entries only.

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Wee La Mode- a stylish giveaway

I’m delighted to bring you a giveaway from a new TLB sponsor Wee La Mode. Combining sustainable materials and fashionable styles, Wee La Mode makes responsible shopping look great.  I hope you enjoy this interview with founder, designer and Wee La Mode owner Deniece.  She shares about her business, family and commitment to breastfeeding including her own breastfeeding journey and favorite breastfeeding tip.

TLB:  What would you like the readers of TLB to know about you and Wee La Mode?

Deniece: After the birth of my 5th child a year ago and experience with cloth diapering, Wee La Mode was also born.   I wanted to bring  fun, cute, simple yet fashionable baby and Mom products that were a combination of natural, sustainable and could be reused again and again, and were handmade.  Made from Organic Bamboo fabric, with its silky feel, breathable and naturally hypoallergenic benefits,  I make cloth fitted diapers and wipes, as well as Milk Leaf Nursing pads, and Her Leaf menses pads.  “Leaf” products were bred out of my love for nursing and the need for more options for products that are reusable, comfortable and multi-functional.  My personal lack of support during the history of breastfeeding 5 children and the experiences of other Moms led her to get involved in education and products meant to facilitate a new nursing experience for Mothers. I am very inspired by beautiful fabric, by vintage fashion and by my kids so I am always dreaming up new products.  I am also inspired by my friends and clients and their feedback regarding things they can’t seem to find on the market.  I love a challenge and I love to solve problems in my designs.  I also just love to have fun and dress up babies!

TLB: Did you always plan to breastfeed your children? What was the biggest breastfeeding challenge you’ve overcome?

Deniece: The recent attention to nursing by the US Legislature gives me a lot of hope that our society is maybe “growing up”, letting women know that this is okay and it’s not against the rules to breast feed. I feel that more support and education would inspire mothers who plan to formula feed to nurse and extend nurse. I was completely unsupported to breastfeed my first child and gave up after only a few days so when I met my husband and as we had our 4 children, breastfeeding was of utmost importance to both of us.  I weaned my second, third and forth children at about 12 months, not because I wanted to, but because I still felt influenced by some outside family and others around me that it was not appropriate to go past a year. With my youngest daughter, Lennon, I will nurse her as long as she wants to. My advise to other Moms is not to worry about what other people think, and to focus on your baby when nursing. Make it about you and the bond with your child, and not how others may react around you. I was recently involved in a “nurse-in” at Sweet Cheeks Baby Boutique in Wichita, Kansas where Moms could bring their infants and nurse with other nursing moms, getting support and education from all the others around them in a welcoming, comfortable setting. I would encourage other businesses to host similar events and even invite pregnant mothers so that they can see how beautiful the breastfeeding experience can be and also can connect with other breastfeeding mothers.

TLB: As a currently breastfeeding mom, how do you run your business with a nursling and find balance with work and your family?

Deniece: As a busy mom, home-business owner and breastfeeding mother, I would just encourage others to do the best they can every day and not worry if “everything” doesn’t get done.  I like to schedule my day’s activities for each week but I also don’t live around my schedule, rather I live around the activities of my family.  I call my business, family, life “organized chaos”.  If you see me on any given day, you will find some laundry undone, maybe dishes in the sink or fabric scraps and threads on the floor, waiting to get done.  I just do the best I can to manage my life, kids, marriage and work and not try to fight for perfection.  My idea of perfection is when the day is “perfectly imperfect”.  Those are the memories that are worth holding on to and somehow it all seems to work out.

TLB: What is one of your favorite breastfeeding tips?

Deniece: My favorite breastfeeding tip is to keep up with your oatmeal consumption (to boost your supply), nurse on demand and not on a schedule and for beginners, don’t assume your baby isn’t getting “enough”.  Take your time feeding them and let it be a special bonding moment with you and baby.  Nursing a baby takes a great deal of time and dedication but this labor of love is worth every second.  Reach out for help and support if you need it and don’t be afraid to ask questions.  Immerse yourself in a great support group and lend your knowledge to others.  My favorite:  If you are nursing in public and get the “stare” either ignore it or just smile.


This giveaway is now closed.

Just for The Leaky Boob readers, Deniece is giving away 2 prize packs valued at $162 each.  This means there will be 2 lucky winners of these boutique quality, handmade with sustainable materials stylish products!  They’d make great gifts too.

Each prize package includes:

  • Coddle Pod Nursing System (pod pillow, detachable nursing cover which is also used for tummy time) Value $55
  • 3 Multi packs of Milk Leaf Nursing Pads  (Washable, “milk-proof”, discreet and fashionable) Value $16 per pack
  • 2- 2pcks Night Time Milk Leaf Nursing Pads *new product*.  Larger and with Extra layers of bamboo fleece for more absorbency.  Value  $12 per pack
  • Bamboo Fleece swaddle blanket.  Perfectly sized to cuddle baby in luxury.  Value $35
  • Winners choice of “girl,” “boy,” or gender neutral fabrics.

To enter to win, please leave a comment on this post.  This entry is REQUIRED in order to be entered for a chance and the giveaway.

For 1 additional entry (limit 2 entries per person) go “like” Wee La Mode on Facebook, let her know TLB sent you and return to comment here stating you followed her on Facebook for your second entry.  If you already like Wee La Mode on Facebook just leave a second comment (must be a second comment to be counted) letting me know you already like them.

That’s it – two simple tasks and you’re entered twice for a chance at a great giveaway.  Thanks to Deniece for her generous giveaway and sponsorship of The Leaky Boob, providing support for breastfeeding moms everywhere.  This giveaway will remain open through June 1, 2011 and is open to international entries.  Good luck and have fun!


Congratulations to our two winners!


“Awesome prize! This would be great for the new babe :)

Courtney Rogers:

“I am a breastfeeding mother and I have very little support. my boyfriend supports me but that’s about it. I want to breastfeed in public, but my family is against it. me and you have a lot in common. I have my only son 5 and a half months old little boy that I am breastfeeding. I plan on having more and breast feeding them as well. breast is best is what I always say. thank you for being a breastfeeding mother of all your children. your an inspiration to me as a first time mother and I want to be like you. thank you for your time and thank you for all that you going to do to help out with breastfeeding mothers here. I personally appreciate all the help I can get. thank you so much. Courtney.”

A huge thank you to Deniece Blasko for this wonderful giveaway and Wee La Mode’s sponsorship of TLB.