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Babywearing activity

#TLBMoves Giveaway Bundle includes items from Tula, Belebumbum, Eyla’s and Thinkbaby Thinksport!!!


Tula believes in supporting us all being close to our little ones AND getting moving toward a healthier way of living so much that they are our title sponsors.

Lorelei Anthias woven wrap size 6 – Retail Value: $160
Bliss Bouquet Soft Structured Carrier winner’s choice (Standard or Toddler) – Retail Value: $149
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Belabumbum Active Wear
Committed to high quality and comfortable apparel that provides support and room to move for the pregnant or breastfeeding mom, Belabumbum creates mindful activewear for moms. With fabrics that stretch and breathe, Belabumbum clothing is designed to last with comfortable fit that suits your level of activity for many years to come.
Sporty Mesh Nursing Bra – Retail Value: $51
Nursing Racerback Cami – Retail Value: $51
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Eyla’s Imports
A reliable source for most of your parenting needs (they don’t sell sleep, sorry), Eyla’s will keep the whole family safely hydrated with their Eco Vessel bottles in your choice of glass or stainless steel. All Eco Vessel products are BPA and phthalate free, recyclable and environmentally friendly and come in a wide variety of styles and sizes including a line perfect for toddler hands.
Eco Vessel Boulder Triple Insulated Bottle w/Screw Top 20oz – Blue Glow  – Retail Value: $26.95
Eco Vessel Frost Kids Stainless Steel Insulated Bottle W/Straw Top 13oz – Orange – Retail Value: $23.95
Eco Vessel Boulder Triple Insulated Bottle w/Screw Top 20oz – White – Retail Value: $26.95
Eco Vessel Twist Triple Insulated – Bottle w/Screw Top 13oz- Silver – Retail Value: $23.95
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Thinkbaby Thinksport
It’s July, so the weather is hot. A big part of #TLBmoves is getting active outdoors (work that natural vitamin D!). They set the standard for good, safe sunscreen Highest SPF, H20 resistance and broadspectrum coverage allowed by the FDA. Thinkbaby and Thinksport care as much as we do when it comes to keeping our families safe from harmful chemicals.
2 bottles of Thinkbaby Sunscreen – Retail Value: $25.98
2 bottles of Thinksport Sunscreen – Retail Value: $25.98
TLB Moves Giveaway Bundle
 Total Retail Value of Bundle: $564.76
Good luck to everyone!  Please use the widget below to enter. The giveaway is open from July 28, 2015 through August 5, 2015. A big thanks to Tula, Belabumbum, Eyla’s and Thinkbaby Thinksport  for their support of TLB and all breastfeeding women. This giveaway is open to participants in the USA.

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  1. We love to take family walks over our city’s walking bridge!

  2. Amanda Temple says

    We love to take walks and go hiking!

  3. Elizabeth Pannell says

    My favorite ways to get moving are hiking and swimming!!

  4. Megan buford says

    We like to wear our little guy and take the dogs for a walk at the park, or on a good hike!

  5. kayleigh says

    We ate always outside. There is a park across the street we go once or twice a day.

  6. Kendsie N. says

    My favorite way to get moving with my family is a quick jog, I make sure the 3 year old twins four wheelers are fully charged and place the 6 month old in the jogger stroller, then off we race with the dog around the neighborhood.
    Full charge last atleast 2 miles so we keep it at a mile and 1/2 so I’m not pulling four wheelers home although that’d probably be an amazing workout while babywearing lol.

  7. Hiking! Our favorite by far.

  8. Kimber Hayes Massee says

    Hiking epically waterfalls!

  9. I could always use some more help and motivation to get moving!

  10. We love walking, running, and swimming as a family.

  11. michelle says

    A better question is whether or not my family ever stops moving. My girl is a spitfire and she is always on the go. The park, the zoo, hikes, even toddler story time at the library seems to be an active sport for her. The only time she’s still is when attached to a boob.

  12. Suzanne DeSelms says

    I recently got a fitbit and it’s been really motiviating. We go for walks as a family nearly everyday. It’s 1,100 steps from the front door of my house to the front door of Starbucks 🙂 I figure if I’m going to drink the coffee anyway, I might as well walk there 🙂

  13. Monica Powell says

    We like to go to the park!

  14. This is a great giveaway! I’d love to have any of these prizes!

    • Whoops, and my favorite way to get moving with my family is to walk in the park! Once my baby is old enough, we’ll play a lot of sports together!

  15. My family loves to move. My kids never stopped in utero and out. And despite humidity and heat we are outdoors EVERY day. My littlest is still too little for our jogging stroller, but my toddler loves tagging along on my shorter runs. He is even a pro on his push bike!! And not even 3 yet. We love moving so much he ran his first fun run at 2! Dressed as war machine from iron man. He calls every female runner a mother runner, because that what mama strong is: a mother runner. Walk, bike, run, water play…you name it, we are all in. Great giveaway and great movement. Everyone should move more.

  16. Courtney Bancroft says

    My little guy loves to yoga and ride bikes! I keep moving by chasing him while wearing his sister!

  17. Claire Rheinheimer says

    We do a lot of swimming in the pool, and my kids love taking walks!

  18. I love to keep moving with my family by baby wearing my 2 month old while taking walks and outings with my husband and 2 1/2 year old 🙂

  19. we spend all day outside playing, moving, and grooving.

  20. Courtney Bancroft says

    My little guy loves to yoga and ride bikes and I keep moving by chasing him while wearing his sister!

  21. Ashley R says

    We love to take family walks 🙂

  22. lisa snyder says

    you always have to best giveaways!

  23. I enjoy walking in the park with my family!

  24. I love to go hiking with my family!!

  25. We love taking walks, and hiking! And if our motivation is high, we will go on a run!

  26. Alisha Emmett says

    I take my almost two year old out for daily walks.

  27. Gina Hodges says

    My family loves to take walks together!

  28. Logan Covey says

    We love to chase each other around the house playing tag. 🙂

  29. We love just being outside in our huge yard from riding bikes to playing tag

  30. Commenting for the Tula giveaway 🙂

  31. Maggie M. says

    We love dancing in the living room! Going for walks. I also love hanging clothes up outside on the line while the littles run wild and unrestrained in the back yard.

  32. Amy O'Tinger says

    My favorite is going to the zoo. 🙂

  33. Jennifer says

    Thank you for the giveaway! Our way to keep moving is to go for family walks in the evening!

  34. My favorite way to move with my family is go to the park!

  35. My family loves to go for walks in the evening! Thanks for the giveaway!

  36. We love to walk the dogs as a family.

  37. Meg Elizabeth says

    We love hiking, bike riding and exploring as a family.!

  38. We love to go on nature walks or just work on the yard and garden.

  39. Babywearing allows me so much more freedom then I ever expected! I can keep up with everyone!

  40. Diana Cote says

    We go for walks, go to the park, do family workouts. Sometimes we go to the beach or fruit picking.

  41. Amber Epps says

    My husband and I go on walks most evenings with our four children. We enjoy the quality time talking and moving!

  42. Playing in the yard

  43. Kara Rotella says

    We keep moving by running around the park!

  44. Jill Stockdale says

    This is an awesome giveaway!! I love TLB!

    • Jill Stockdale says

      Oh…and to answer the actual question…lol We take a lot of walks and bike rides. I just bought a used bike trailer and my kids love it! Pulling 75 pounds of kid uphill is not always fun, but I love showing them healthy choices!

  45. I hike with my 14 month old twins weekly

  46. We like to use our double stroller at the mall on hot days!

  47. I love to get moving by wearing my little guy around the zoo while pushing my preschooler in the stroller talk about a workout!

  48. Angela R says

    We love taking family walks!

  49. We like hiking together on Mt Tabor!

  50. My favorite way to keep moving with my family is to go for hikes.

  51. Molli Glowacki says

    We like to take family walks after dinner, and hit the bike trails on the weekends!

  52. Bea daniels says

    My favorite way to stay moving with my family is hiking!!

  53. Bernadette N says

    We like to go out and take a walk or let the kids ride their scooters.

  54. Lisa Weeks says

    We hike garden and camp .. We love getting out and making memories!!

  55. Alexis Cuffy says

    We like to keep moving by taking family walks! It’s a great and easy way to keep the whole family active!

  56. Charla G. says

    I love to stay busy by exploring all the natural areas around us.

  57. We like to take family walks at our local park.

  58. Amanda Lea says

    One way our family keeps moving is by doing all sorts of farm chores and gardening! I also wear baby while doing this 🙂

  59. Victoria Rizzi says

    Yoga with the baby. Also, Wii games! 🙂

  60. We love long walks with our Tula!

  61. Our family keeps moving by baby wearing or strolled use depending on where we are going. Also having snacks and boobies readily available!

  62. Kara Gibbs says

    I love going on walks and hikes while wearing my baby. Wearing him means that my husband and I can keep doing the things we loved before having a kid.

  63. Nat Whitehead says

    We love to get out at least for an hour a day just walking the neighborhood with a little baby it’s been tough trying to find that motivation but I gotta keep up with my almost 4 yr old.

  64. Evening walks! A great way to decompress at the end of the day.

  65. Miriam Matheny says

    We live on a beautiful piece of land with tons of wildlife so we love to stroll around our pond together.

  66. We love to take walks as a family, especially if they end at the park.:)

  67. Kirstie Gibbons says

    Our favorite way to keep moving is to blast some music and dance!

  68. We go out on a walk after dinner!

  69. We love to swim or take walks!

  70. Anyone ever try the nursing bras? I could definitely use a better one!

  71. My favorite way to keep moving with my family would have to be family outings. I use my baby carrier and so does my husband. We mostly just like to walk around the mall or take a walk outside since we live in beautiful Washington. 🙂

  72. Allyse Bray says

    Regular family walks around the neighborhood help keep us moving

  73. Rachel R says

    Go geocaching, which inevitably involves a walk

  74. Oh I love those Tulas!!! We are always on the go, to daycare, to the stores, shopping, and even at home. With 2 kids- a toddler and an infant- a baby carrier is so helpful!

  75. Heather smith says

    My favorite ways to get moving are going for a walk me, the baby (in his wagon or on my back) and our dog.

  76. Katie Nasca says

    We love our local Rail Trail. We like to walk or ride bikes on it!

  77. I like to take walks to the local park when it’s not too hot.

  78. Aubrey Jamerson says

    What an amazing giveaway!!! Love to take my boys on walks.

  79. We like to go for walks together!

  80. We love to take nightly family walks before bedtime.

  81. I love babywearing but my son has grown out of his carrier. I need a Tula badly!

  82. I love this page! Has helped me reach my goals with nursing my son (2.5 years) and daughter (3 months)!

    We love going on walks and hikes which would be much easier with a Tula SSC!

  83. Stacey Blain-ruiz says

    Getting them excited to get out and going, and keep the momentum going

  84. We keep our family moving by going. Hiking and doing lots of outdoor activities in Hawaii!

  85. Tabitha Ash says

    My littles and I like to move to their older siblings sporting events.

  86. Trisha Chamberlain says

    We love swimming, walking and hiking!

  87. Keri Justice says

    We like to go to the park. Or go swimming at the pool. Kids love being outside.

  88. Elizabeth says

    Thanks for this amazing giveaway!

  89. Going to the local parks so the kiddos can be outside and free to run around

  90. The best way to get moving is to throw my baby on my back and head over to the farm to complete my horse and goat chores! ♡

  91. summer ely says

    We love morning walks, and spending days picnicking at the park

  92. Elizabeth says

    My favorite way to get moving is to wear the Littles and walk around the zoo!

  93. a lot of days I forget to eat with my two little ones always needing me lol

  94. Brianna W says

    We’ve been making regular trips to the park as a family, and have daily swimming lessons together.

  95. Stephanie says

    We love to go hiking!

  96. As a family we love to go camping and hike. Babywearing has made this possible with my 18 month old.

  97. We love walking, especially on the beach!

  98. Mallory W says

    We love bike rides!

  99. Alanna Sleep says

    We love taking our little one for walks.

  100. Danijela says

    We used a combination of stroller and baby carriers but now at 2.5yrs old he hats being carried on a baby carrier except when going to the airport.

  101. Erin Tingey says

    We love taking the jogging stroller to the park! My sweet 1 year old loves watching everyone’s dogs while I run, and she enjoys playing on the playground afterward. 🙂

  102. Nicole Schulte says

    I love to get moving with my family by wearing the youngest so I can chase the toddler. Letting him explore safely has been really fun to experience.

  103. Sarah DJ says

    My kids love walks (which to them means “rides” in the stroller or wagon), but it keeps me moving. 🙂

  104. Kaitlyn r says

    We like to go hiking. Babywearing while doing it of course 😉

  105. We love going on “rolls”! Aka.. Hubby and I walk, little man “rolls” in his stroller.

  106. We love to visit the zoo! The girls will run to each exhibit and dad and I try to keep up!

  107. During the summer my family and I keep moving by swimming!

  108. Babywearing! Only way to keep moving especially in crowds! 😀

  109. We love to play in our backyard and at the park with our two littles, and we have a trip to the local botanical garden scheduled for when my husband has vacation time. Maybe that will be a new “thing” we can add to our days 🙂

  110. Rachael K says

    The park! Sure it’s pure madness some(all)times, but fresh air can’t be beat!

  111. Jennifer Robinson says

    We love going for walks!

  112. Jennifer Marohn says

    We’ve been doing a lot of fishing and exploring local state parks. My LO loves it, and I am so glad she is getting to experience nature first hand.

  113. Going on bike rides

  114. Chelsea Puig says

    My family loves spending time in our garden and going for family walks or hikes.

  115. We garden, farm, camp, hike, and just love being in nature!

  116. Erin Stewart says

    I like to run stairs, together we swim a lot.

  117. Patricia says

    We love to go on hikes!!

  118. Monica A says

    I love going on walks or bike rides with my family. My older son is really getting the hang of his balance bike, so that’s been a fun addition to our family walks.

  119. I love going on walks with my little or having a dance party!

  120. Rebecca Gibson says

    We love keeping active by going on long walks/hikes. We bring our roller blades sometimes too.

  121. Walks with the baby are by far my favorite way to get moving! Walking the dogs makes it a two in one!

  122. Kristine Barrett says

    We like to get to the park with our bikes! When the kids are burnt out on riding their bikes we can chase them all over the playground! 🙂

  123. Danielle says

    We use our bike trailer almost daily, followed by our red wagon and then ergo. We used to wear much more often but he’s been enjoying the others more now (so sad!!!).

  124. I love walking & babywearing!!

  125. Amy Hall says

    Going to a fun event and walking around.

  126. Melissa c. says

    biking with the kids in the trailer

  127. Rachele W. says

    We love to stroll, scooter & bike the local greenways, hit the lake for a swim or just go for a bounce on our trampoline [as long as this mom of 4 remembers to pee first…cause, you know. Kegels. lol].

  128. Ashly Nunamaker says

    Lil miss is only 2 months so the car seat attached to the stroller has been used quite a bit

  129. Thanks for the chance to win!

  130. Exploring nature, even if it’s as simple as going for a walk around our local park.

  131. Heather Klintworth says

    My favorite way to keep moving with my family is wearing my 6 month old and pulling my two year old in the wagon. We live to go on walks around our rural neighborhood.

  132. MyChau Brikshavana says

    My favorite way to get moving with my family is to take a daily walk before dinner to play in the park. It helps my toddler work up an appetite and helps me get some exercise in since I am usually wearing my baby while chasing after my toddler!

  133. Meg Brock says

    We love going for walks in the park!

  134. My favorite way to keep moving is hiking! I wish we lived somewhere with great topography.

  135. Max Tardiff says

    I like going for walks with the dog (with baby in a ssc)!

  136. Julie Han says

    we love to go biking. It’s something we all can enjoy!

  137. Michelle T says

    With my family is a bit different than without… We sometimes try to get in a family run with the cool Couch 2 5K app! We keep doing week one over and over, but it’s pushing us more than we’d push ourselves!

  138. What great prizes to help you get moving!

  139. Great giveaway!

  140. walking in the neighborhood, pushing the kids on the swing or chasing at the splash pad!

  141. I take my lo to the gym with me so she can see strong bodies in motion and we end the day with a dance party!

  142. Essmie feliciano says

    We like walking together

  143. Kelsey Schimmel says

    I love going for family walks!

  144. Love tlb! Thanks for all the great giveaways!

  145. Lizz Kholikov says

    Our favorite way to keep moving is taking our dog on walks. It’s a good excuse to get outside and helps all of us stay a bit more sane.

  146. Kristin White says

    Dance parties are our favorite way to get moving!

  147. Putting on our hiking shoes and taking a walk around our farm

  148. Would love any of these items for our new babe coming in spring!!

  149. Lacey Hochman says

    We like to run around at the zoo!

  150. My favorite way to keep my family moving is cooking/feeding them healthy foods!

  151. Noreen Kelly says

    I love taking walks with my daughter and I can’t wait until the weather cools off enough to take her to the nearby state park! We love in Florida and hiking in 100+ heat and humidity is torture!

  152. Best contest ever

  153. We get moving by going out to the playground, taking a walk, or going hiking!

  154. I love my jogging stroller! It allows the whole family to get out and moving. My son loves going fast which also encourages me to run.

  155. What gets us all moving in the evenings is a family dog walk, my 16 month old loves to hold the leash and run down the sidewalk! And of course I have to field him from all the hazards 🙂

  156. Kristin Spickerman says

    We take walks in the evening with our dogs. Baby Cash tends to fall asleep in his baby wearer, but atleast the dogs and I are able to get out and enjoy moving around!

  157. My favorite way to keep moving with my family is to run around playing chase with my kids.

  158. Sonya Morris says

    My favorite way to keep moving with my family is to get outside!

  159. Diane Shideler says

    Babywearing helps keep us moving! We go on walks or to parks or the zoo! We couldn’t do that as a family without babywearing!

  160. Nicole S says

    We love go for walks in the evening.

  161. Babywearing makes life so much easier, especially staying active!

  162. My little guy loves going on walks and exploring new places!

  163. My favorite way to keep my family moving is by planning lots of outdoor events and making sure we have our carrier and our stroller with us for maximum versatility! We love the outdoors!

  164. Kimberly says

    Chasing my twins and older dd around the backyard!!!!!

  165. Casey Harris says

    We take a family walk after dinner to wind down, exercise and reconnect with each other

  166. Emily Brown says

    I enjoy going out for family walks and exploring nature to keep my family active.

  167. The best way to get moving with the family is pool time. Everyone loves the pool, I think I am officially raising a fish. Lol he loved the water.

  168. Family walks every evening!

  169. Chrissy D says

    I love walking in my neighborhood.

  170. laura hansen says

    We love to keep moving by going on hikes and bike rides and by going to the park.

  171. Carly D. says

    We like doing fun activities at the lake….swimming and fishing!

  172. Danielle says

    Our Tulas help us stay active!

  173. Love Tula and TLB!!! Baby wearing makes grocery shopping possible for our family…and everyone likes to eat!

  174. Julie Foster says

    I wear my baby and push my toddler in the jogging stroller. We are able to visit the neighborhood that way.

  175. walking the dogs with the hubs and babe!

  176. Amber Reif says

    I’d love to win that Tula woven!Y

  177. Put the Littles in the stroller and head to the park or the zoo. We also like to hike and play at the beach.

  178. My 3-year-old’s favorite thing to do is play basketball. So, we play A LOT of basketball!

  179. Baby wearing on walks is the best.

  180. What a great giveaway! My family likes to walk/hike together and with a new baby coming, baby wearing will be essential!

  181. Ashley C says

    I love taking my family to the zoo and our children’s museum.

  182. Right now our favorite “get moving” activity as a family is just going for walks while babywearing. In the future, once I am more confident, we will go for family roller-skates with baby in the stroller. I play roller derby and my husband is a ref, so roller skating is truly a family affair!

  183. Teresa R. says

    We love to hike at National Parks! 🙂

  184. Awesome!!! I’ve tried so many different kinds of carriers, and I’m still looking for the perfect one. This would be such a great opportunity to try the Tula carrier and get back out on the trails with my little one, fully equipped with sports bra, carrier, and insulated bottles!

  185. Justplainme says

    We keep moving by using a SSC!

  186. Tara Kosing says

    We like to walk the trails in our local forest preserves .

  187. We love to take our dog to the dog park in the evenings! 4 yr old, 2 yr old get to run all their energy out and 1 yr old gets Tula time. ♡

  188. jamie oliphant says

    I love all your giveaways thank you!

  189. Beth Mesa says

    My family and I love walks with our dog

  190. Sarah Melcher says

    I love going for walks with my baby, my hubs and the pup!

  191. Kara Steuer says

    Our family stays moving by walking around our neighborhood.

  192. We love biking as a family! The wind and easy motion really brings me joy.

  193. Vanessa Overbeeke says

    The best way I keep moving with the family is taking mini trips around our backyard! We explore and play pretend and lots of games!

  194. Rachel Johnfauno Matthews says

    I love doing simple things like walking to the park with my kids!

  195. With my first it was my dog but sadly he is not getting as many walks with baby #2. My newest motivation should be a wedding in October but now it’s hot, haha!

  196. Stephanie says

    I love going to the playground with my four boys, I am usually chasing after my busy, brave, and bold 18 month old:-)

  197. Evening family walks

  198. My current favourite way to keep active is Salsa Babies in the park! Babywearing while dancing is a great way to work up a sweat.

  199. We love to hike!

  200. Jessy singh says

    I never win anything. Pick me! Pretty please lol

  201. We are daily going outside and feeding the ducks and at least 3 times a week we take a walk to our local park

  202. Desteni Watson says

    We love to play at the park!

  203. I absolutely love wearing my babies and being able to feed them whenever they need it!! Thank you for all the support you have given my TLB!!

  204. cher sever says

    This would be amazing to win! For me or a friend. Whoever wins will be so happy and lucky! Suck amazing products!

  205. Brooke Conner says

    such an amazing gift! Thank you for the chance!

  206. cher sever says

    This would be amazing to win! For me or a friend. Whoever wins will be so happy and lucky! Such amazing products!

  207. Jessie S says

    I love to take walks with the family. On the weekends there is a park by our house that you can drive through, but until 1pm, the road is closed so you can walk or bike through there. It’s beautiful and a fun way to get moving with my family!

  208. Sasha Pesko says

    We love our nightly walks.

  209. krista e says

    baby wearing and dog walks!

  210. Nancy Edwards says

    We love to dance!!! There’s usually at least one dance party a day in our house or in the car!!! Even my one year old love to break out in dance.

  211. I love going to the zoo with my family. My 2 year old LOVES elephants, Tigers, zebras and fish! We also enjoy going to the park and the pool to add activity into our day. Our latest love is walking downtown to our local ice cream shop for handmade small batch buttermilk ice cream! (Our occasional treat! Yum)

  212. Stef Read says

    To keep moving we all bicycle together!

  213. My son likes to make obstacle courses for us to race through.

  214. Love to take walks!

  215. My favorite way to keep moving with my family is to play games with them.

  216. My family and I like to get moving by biking on the beach 🙂

  217. Tracy Mullins says

    Love the belabumbum products. They have the most comfortable things!!!!

  218. we have lots of options for being on the go. Carrier, wrap, jogging stroller, bike trailer that fits the baby and the toddler, umbrella stroller. It all depends where we’re going… Sometimes we bring multiple options as the kids never seem happy with whatever is easiest for mom and dad of course

  219. Walking! Though, it’s more fun to walk around with them at a farmer’s market.;)

  220. Walking and talking.

  221. LeighAnn Vaniman Zuzula says

    We love to get moving with our daily walks out as a family.

  222. Alix Kalfin says

    Babywearing is how we move around and get stuff done!

  223. Chelsea b says

    We have been playing softball and the kids get time to run around outside. We also go boating and play on the river.

  224. Crystal-Dawn Badger says

    Long walks with our dog!

  225. Going for walks and getting outside.

  226. We love walking to a variety of neighborhood playgrounds together!

  227. Jessica K. Smith says

    My family enjoys taking walks when the weather is nice. My husband and I run 5ks together to stay motivated and each kid picks something physical that they enjoy. My son plays lacrosse and my daughter will be starting ballet this fall. I wear our 6 week old all the time, and he already enjoys the movement that brings.

  228. I keep moving by baby wearing on walks with my family and other outdoor outings

  229. I love to get everyone out on the trampoline.

  230. We wear our baby and take him on all our adventures. We are foodies and go all over in search of the yummiest foods !

  231. What an amazing contest to win!

  232. Would love to win this! We like to take family walks in the park!

  233. Carrie Bryant says

    Love long walks w the kids. Stroller and ssc for me to use, and husband w the other ones on bikes.

  234. Elizabeth Strickling says

    I love taking evening walks with my husband,baby boy, and two dogs. It’s wonderful way to shake the dust of the day off, get moving, and enjoy the family.

  235. We like to hike!

  236. We stay active by taking walks around the neighborhood and to the local elementary playground. During the day we watch a LOT of Wiggles at our house. Try dancing to several songs in a row! My son (3 next month) aND daughter (15 months) can do many of the dances.

  237. Kirsten Freeman says

    I like to take my kids for walks to stay active, my son is all about being outside, and he loves nature. My daughter is only two months but she always stops crying if I step outside, I’ve got two out-doorsey types 🙂

  238. This is an amazing giveaway! Motivating women to get up and move! We owe it to ourselves and our children to be the healthiest us we can be!

  239. I love kicking a soccer ball around with my [big] kids! My littlest fella loves a good back carry. This is an awesome giveaway; thank you!!!

  240. We spend a lot of time outdoors during all seasons. Walking, swimming, skiing are just some of the things we do to keep active.

  241. Babywearing while walking around the neighborhood!

  242. I love yoga and hiking!

  243. I love hiking, carriers make that possible!

  244. Cassandra Lockshaw says

    My husband and I love to go on walks around the neighborhood with our 3 boys! Our oldest son walks while I babywear our 2 youngest using our Tula’s!

  245. Ha! That’s so me on both sides! These comics are always spot on. Tula carriers look awesome!

  246. Misty dawn says

    My family and I love hiking, kayaking and working in our gardens to help keep us fit and active.

  247. Right now we take a lot of walks with the stroller but can’t wait to do more when baby is older!

  248. Karen Gonzalez says

    We like to go on walks or bike riding 🙂

  249. Tara Hayes Lane says

    Babywearing the littlest little to keep up with the big littles!

  250. Manda edwards says

    Yay for giveaways! Especially the Tula

  251. Kierstan Renner says

    Thank you so much for having these amazing giveaways- you’ve partnered up with some pretty incredible companies that makes being a modern mom so much easier 😉

  252. We like to go on hikes!

  253. Meagan R. says

    We love to go walking around the neighborhood.

  254. We have a gas station close to the house. We walk there, get a few things and walk home. My oldest loves to go to the gas station to get things and my youngest just loves to be outside.

  255. We love building houses and barns and doing all sorts of work and hiking when we have time!!!

  256. We like to go for family walks every evening after dinner!

  257. Stevawn Ghazi says

    We keep moving with babywearing. Couldn’t get through my day without it!

  258. Meghan S. says

    Since it’s finally summer we’ve been going for lots of long walks and day trips. When we go to the zoo or other place I typically wear our 2yo on my back in my Beco Soleli and push our infant in the stroller.

  259. Patrick S says

    Getting outside for walks and going to the zoo with the kids.

  260. We keep moving by wearing the toddlers when possible and going on walks around town.

  261. We keep our family moving by running ALOT.

  262. Baby on my back and my boys on either side, holding my hands! That is how we roll. 🙂

  263. Alexis Enerson says

    Geocaching the local town on our bikes or using the jogging stroller!

  264. I love to get moving with my family by doing walks or hiking!

  265. What is your favorite way to keep moving with your family?

    going out for daily walks around the block after dinner

  266. Jody bishop says

    Our family loves to stay active by getting outdoors whenever possible and enjoy and explore what our world has to offer! I love seeing my child grow and learn so much!

  267. I joined my local hike it baby group!!


  268. Kira Ruiz says

    I’m torn- we love to take family walks, but lately it has been too hot! So we have started playing in a small 12 foot inflatable pool and running through sprinklers in the backyard.

  269. Danica Hecht says

    My favorite way to get moving with my family is to take walls to the park with my toddler!

  270. Sounds like some cool stuff

  271. Amber rist says

    I love our daily walks. Now, we are able to grab blackberries on our way back.

  272. Tracie W says

    Great giveaway! I’d love any of it 🙂

  273. Serrina Duly-Paz says

    I like to get moving by going on hikes and swimming.

  274. my favorite way to keep moving, and easiest, is while babywearing 😀

  275. Cassandra Kelton says

    My favorite way to keep moving with my family is getting out to the park and playing! There is nothing better than playing like I’m a kid again with my daughter!

  276. Joanne Livingston says

    As a whole family, we try to go for walks around the neighborhood when the weather is nice. If we aren’t feeling up to it, I pull of YouTube and put on Dance Central and Just Dance videos that the kids and I love to move to! It’s a lot of fun with lots of giggles.

  277. Samantha Mills says

    My favorite way to stay active with my family in the summer is to go swimming. I’ve always loved the water, and now I love that I’m introducing my LO to it as well. I always swim a lot during the summer, but this year I hope to keep that going even when the weather gets nasty out by going to out local YMCA.

  278. My husband and I love taking walks with our little one. It keeps baby occupied and happy so that we can have some time to talk about grown up stuff. 🙂

  279. I keep moving by wearing my baby. It makes everything so much easier and more convenient!

  280. My daughter and i do Kanga Training, and also long walks in the park and the zoo once a month 🙂

  281. Lorna Newman says

    I like to go for walks, I take my daughter swimming and also to parks.

  282. Yvonne Martinez says

    I keep moving by throwing the baby into the stroller and walking all around town!

  283. Jinny Pagle says

    We love to just be outside. Children can’t help but move and explore when they are outdoors.

  284. Loving the cartoon. Sleep, what’s that?! 😉

  285. My favorite way is the tula. I have one… and I adore it. My son loves hanging on my back like a monkey while we accomplish things.

  286. Beach walks are a favorite outside activities for our family of seven.

  287. Valerie Jaffee says

    What an awesome giveaway!

  288. We go for walks

  289. I love going out exploring. We try to pick a new place to go and wander around – battle grounds, hikes, whatever, just some outside family time!

  290. Sarah Parker says

    I love putting baby girl in a carrier and going for walks! She loves it and I love getting the exercise.

  291. We love to go on bike rides! By bike rides I mean 15-60 mile rides ☺️

  292. Anna Hauser says

    My favorite ways to keep moving with my kiddos are varied. I feel like as long as we are moving together, whether it be playing on the playground (yes, I play too) or a walk through the zoo or down the block or when the weather permits-swimming. So although it’s varied, I’d say if I had to sum up, my favorite way to get moving with my family is to play.

  293. LISA MILLER says

    My favorite way to keep moving with my family is to go for walks outside. My toddler is obsessed with nature, which I absolutely love!

  294. Victoria Schlievert says

    These days we spend most of our time in and around the water to keep moving and beat the heat at the same time

  295. Diana Pham says

    We love to get moving by visiting the park or the zoo!

  296. Chelsea Hardin says

    Walk the dogs everyday while babywearing!

  297. We go for daily walks as a family! My 10-month old and I work out together, too. I use her as my weight while I do squats, Lunges, presses, and she loves laying under me while I Plank 🙂

  298. We love to go swimming and we go on walk using our toddler tula

  299. We love to use carriers and get out and about!

  300. My kids love to go for walks (well, sprinting if it’s the toddler). And they’re currently in swimming lessons, which they love.

  301. We love going for walks in the evening and letting the dog play fetch in the lake.

  302. Katherine says

    We get moving by taking daily walks together.

  303. I love being able to walk around our property or a sporting event with my 4 month old. She loves to see everything and is getting so heavy that I can’t hold her without a carrier for long. Due to the summer heat we purchased a Lillebaby Airflow, but I would love a Tula for the cooler fall and spring months and definitely during winter!

  304. Sarah Schiro says

    I love taking walks to the park with my two year old. We don’t get anywhere quick, but we have a lot of fun getting there.

  305. Traveling and Sightseeing 😉 lol

  306. My family and I like to go places like the zoo or indoor children’s museum. Both require lots of walking. We also like to hike when the weather allows. Summer is the off season for that in Phoenix. So we do lots of swimming and some indoor workouts and dancing too. 🙂

  307. We all love to go for walks together 🙂 and swim in the pool!

  308. Regina Campbell says

    I love the TLBMoves idea. This is a great giveaway to help mama’s get out!

  309. I’m expecting my first baby in September. I walk on my lunch breaks at work to try to stay active and fit. I look forward to taking walks with the baby after he/she arrives!

  310. Jami Wheeler says

    Love the Leaky boob!!

  311. If nothing else, I keep moving by walking with my kids to the local market.

  312. Our favorite way to get moving is by wearing our son or putting him in his stroller and going!

  313. Love love love this giveaway! So inspired to get outside more!

  314. We often go for walks in our local state park!

  315. We walk, wrestle and dance.

  316. This would make traveling around town (and long distances) with my new little one so much easier!

  317. We love to spend lots of time outside, take nature walks together. We also go to the Y sometimes or do yoga at home 🙂

  318. Dena Mathison says

    We love to go on family walks!

  319. My family likes to hike and swim to move.

  320. Sherry Blamer says

    I keep my family active by playing at the park, taking walks and running around the yard.

  321. I love my Tula, I just learned how to nurse easily in it.

  322. Kristy Bocox says

    We love going for walks and bike rides around our neighborhood to stay moving!

  323. Elizabeth Gee says

    We love to walk to our local park.

  324. Jeni Holland says

    My daughters like to do yoga with me. They think it’s hilarious.

  325. Wear all the babies!

  326. hiking, biking, walking on the boardwalk. Now that the weather is warm– swimming!! LO loves the water!

  327. Stephanie C says

    We like to stay moving by exercising and hiking! We also like to do family activities like going to zoos, parks, and aquariums

  328. Bike rides in the evening

  329. Our favorite way to get around in the summer right now is the bike stroller. We can ride to the splash pad/park!

  330. Brittney Butler says

    This giveaway is awesome! Tula is my favorite!!

  331. susiehurfy says

    Would LOVE to win!! 🙂

  332. Kristen Jackson-Stewart says

    Our family loves to hike!

  333. We love going to the park!

  334. We like taking walks with the dog in tow or going swimming at the lake/ocean!

  335. Amy harper says

    We go for family walks

  336. Alicia Rhodes says

    My favorite way to keep moving with my family is evening walks! Round trip it’s about a quarter of a mile to a little creek from our house. Sometimes our eldest rides her bike but either way it always turns into a race back home! I think my husband and I enjoy it as much as she does! Our littlest is only 6wks, so she went on her first walk Monday! It was lovely!

  337. Walks around the neighborhood

  338. Marissa T-B says

    We do A LOT of babywearing (well toddler now). We take walks to our neighborhood parks, our downtown port, and into NYC via the train.

  339. This summer we are enjoying swimming!!!

  340. Trista Hudson says

    My favorite way to keep my family moving is having a baby/child carrier handy at all times.

  341. We do babywearing walks everywhere!

  342. They way we love to get moving, is to go on walks together! Our kiddos love it and gives us great bonding time!

  343. Jacqueline says

    I wear my kid(s) and we walk around 🙂

  344. We love to go for walks and bike rides. We usually go for 5-8 mile walks.

  345. Elisabeth says

    We love to go hiking as a family!

  346. Mechelle Lehman says

    Love walking with my kids. Sometimes we use a stroller for the younger two and often I carry our youngest in the Ergo baby.

  347. Megan Smith says

    Our favorite way to keep moving with my family lately is wrapping baby girl on my back and going for hikes! She has so much fun exploring with us 🙂

  348. Maureen G. says

    Our favorite way to keep moving with our family are after dinner walks and searching the flea markets and farmers markets on the weekends.

  349. My daughter and I walk everyday to daycare. She’s 2.5, so sometimes she walks on her own, sometimes wants to be carried “in my arms”, sometimes in a carrier, sometimes a stroller. Life is never predictable with a toddler!

  350. We love taking walks by the river!!!

  351. Morgan E. says

    In the summer we like to swim! When it isn’t so hot we like going for walks.

  352. A walk to the park in good weather or even walking around the mall when it’s too rainy (in our lovely PNW)

  353. Sabrina Balas says


  354. jodi Armstrong says

    We love hiking it’s great for every age and the dogs can come too.

  355. I’m 10 weeks postpartum and my son and I go to mommy and me yoga. We also like going for walks with the stroller. Next week we are going to start fit mom and me and stroller strides classes! I love working out with my baby. It’s great bonding time for us, and it’s helping get back into shape!!

  356. Kristen M. says

    I love swimming with my family and my little girl also loves the water. As a close follow up would be easy hikes or evening walks with babe in a carrier.

  357. Sarah Hayes says

    We love to hike. The fresh air and scenery is great

  358. Mary Schuh says

    We love going to the park!

  359. Anna Monte says

    We like to go to the park as a family. We have lots of great ones around us.

  360. I love wearing my babies. Thank you for supporting that.

  361. chrystal wenner says

    Love the give away

  362. Brittany P says

    I love riding bikes! Either I ride and tow them behind me, or they ride and I walk!

  363. Jessica CG says

    Playing in the backyard or going for a walk around the neighborhood to a local park.

  364. We take walks around our neighborhood and local lake.

  365. Aljerene says

    My family likes to get moving by dancing and they kids love playing hide-n-seek.

  366. I love using my Lil Rascals Tula for my little one.

  367. Laura Munteanu says

    I like walking in the park with my family.

  368. Shannon R says

    My due date is tomorrow…my favorite movement is getting back in bed after peeing. Again.

  369. We keep our family moving by babywearing for sure! I always have our carrier in the car to be ready for any occasion we may need it. Wether it’s grocery shopping, running errands, special events or church we are always prepared. Working around the house on days little man won’t let me put him down babywearing saves the day!

  370. courtney south says

    Our favorite way to get moving with our baby is to take our little 6 wks old boy and me and my hubby and our two dogs on a walk with the stroller!

  371. I love to go hiking with my hubby and my 2 year old son.

  372. Jessica Watkins says

    We like to dance and swim. I also take them outside for them to ride their bikes.

  373. Linda F. says

    We like to do family walks in the evening time. That way it’s not so warm (especially in the summer time), we get to all be together after a long day and it helps wind down and get the last bit of energy out of my toddler 😉 It’s also time for my husband and I to talk and spend time with each other (even while with our daughter), and be healthy together at the same time!

  374. Nicole M. says

    We love taking walks together as a family.

  375. Rachael fedor says

    I like to keep moving with my family by going to the zoo to look at all the animals!

  376. We love walking at the park and playing outside! A Tula is perfect for our second daughter who is too young to play!

  377. Jenny Whitaker says

    I love that comic! We love to hike to spend time together and get moving out of the house.

  378. I love getting out with my kids because I love rediscovering the world through their eyes!

  379. Theresa Hover says

    we live in a very bike friendly town so we love to go biking. We also love to go hiking at the dog park with our dog 🙂 We would love to win a carrier or a wrap to carry our first little one with!

  380. I like keeping my family moving by hiking and exploring new areas!

  381. My husband or I wear our son and we go for an evening walk together. If we’re lucky the baby falls asleep!

  382. My family takes a walk together every morning before it get hot.

  383. Julie S. says

    Going for a walk is nice and fun.

  384. Swimming in our pool or walking to our local playground!

  385. We like to hike the local state and county park trails.

  386. Leanne McWilliams says

    We love to run and play outside or at the playground!

  387. Our favorite way to get out and be active is by wearing our kiddos on a walk to the park! I usually wrap our 2 month old and my husband wears our 4 yr old in a wrap or ssc.

  388. I enjoy going on walks!

  389. Jennifer says

    Taking walks or going swiming!

  390. Courtney says

    I love exploring the trails at Homestead national monument across the road from our home.

  391. Running around in the backyard or dancing

  392. My favorite way is to go for walks at our local park.

  393. I keep moving with my family by making exercise a game. “Race you to the next tree” works really well.

  394. Maria Gonzales says

    We go for daily walks through the neighborhood.

  395. We love to hike as a family

  396. We love biking together as a family. We have the kid on tandem trailer bike and are planning on having the baby in a baby seat.

  397. Eula Mei A says

    We go out to the park for walks and go by the beach for a quick hike

  398. We love to go out for walks or get into the pool. 🙂

  399. I like to go on family walks to a pond that is close to our house. I also like doing jumping jacks and squats and other simple exercises with my girls, they think it is fun and it’s a great way to sneak in some extra workout time.

  400. Stefanie Lee Kremer says

    We take walks when it’s nice outside.

  401. Elizabeth says

    We live in the country so we walk past the cows and fields everyday.

  402. We love to move by hiking as a family. I wear our daughter in out Doll’d Up Tula or my husband wears her in our Deuter pack if it’s a rougher trail 🙂

  403. we love to take walks at the park and enjoy nature!

  404. Melinda A says

    Dance parties! Also we love to go to the zoo and play in our backyard.

  405. Erica P. says

    We’re in the middle of a hot summer summer, so moving is the last thing anyone wants to do right now. But in cooler months, we like to keep moving (with the help of our trusty baby carrier) by visiting family and exploring City Park (full of boats, ducks, bikes, mini golf, gardens, and art!).

  406. Kristina L says

    Going on hikes,

  407. Tiffinie Wittenbach says

    We love dancing together. We have little dance parties almost daily


    We love taking walks and going to the zoo.

  409. sarah dickinson says

    i try to stay active with the kids by going on walks to the park and playing around inside

  410. Carmen Barnett says

    We love to swim, take walks, geocache, sail, and many other activities!

  411. We go exploring our city through walks and drives!

  412. playing at the park!

  413. We haven’t welcomed our first LO yet, but we plan to babywear and have a jogging stroller to be able to keep adventuring!

  414. Jessica Pinaula says

    We keep moving by walking to the grocery store and playing on wiifit!

  415. laura bernard says

    We go on family walks in the afternoon. We also just recently started riding bicycles.

  416. Mary Jane Vanderbles says

    We go on nature walks!

  417. Kristen Berry says

    Taking walks around the lake we live on with our two pups!

  418. Kari Barone says

    We love to go walking along the water. My boys like to hike along the nearby trails as well. I babywear or use our jogging stroller. We love being outdoors.

  419. We like to walk to the park. I’ve also been turning the radio on and having a “dance party” in our living room with my kids. They definitely like that!

  420. Take walks around town and limit the amount of time we are inside 🙂

  421. Stephanie Marcus says

    I love to take my boys on walks around the neighborhood.

  422. Stephanie M says

    We like to go to our zoo and get exercise while we wander around looking at all of the animals. Bonus: keeps the little ones distracted!

  423. Britney Cooper says

    We like to go for walks, go fishing, visit parks we’ve never been to.

  424. Jennifer R says

    Tula in the Wild!! CAW CAW!!

  425. Going to the park or to the beach. It is always a good exercise and it is always fun.

  426. Kimberly says

    We go for a family walk every day.

  427. Mommabird2345 says

    We get our family moving by riding our bikes.

  428. rachel cartucci says

    We love to dance to music at our house. We have a daily dance party and we have been doing that since my son could walk…so for 6 years now.

  429. Marquita Johnson-Busby says

    Adventures at the childrens museum and big sisters softball games.

  430. Everyday is a dance party at our house!

  431. Bonnie Cantrell says

    playing in the backyard with the dogs and going over to nana’s house to swim in the pool!

  432. Kristi Redington says

    We love to get out and go hiking and bird watching!

  433. Joanna R. says

    We like going to parks!

  434. Amanda Felton says

    dance party in the living room, or swimming in the pool!

  435. Caroline B says

    We love to go hiking in our beautiful state, Colorado.

  436. Leslie G says

    Going for walks in the evenings

  437. going to the park

  438. jilliann m says

    In the summer we like swimming. During the school year we walk my oldest to and from school!

  439. Jennifer C says

    We love to take walks and visit parks

  440. We choose to walk instead of drive (we do not own a vehicle). It is uplifting and healthy for both our bodies and our minds!

  441. It is so much easier to get around with a baby in carrier. I would love a Tula!

  442. I keep my family moving by going on family hikes and to the park.

  443. Morgan Ragan says

    I like to keep my family moving by going to new places! Like last May, we went to Cherokee and walked outside at this mountain farm. It was really nice!

  444. Awesome giveaway!
    Our favorite way to get moving is the pool right now, come fall it’ll be walking on the woods and around our local parks!

  445. Lindsay Jackson says

    We’re always outside playing! My boys are never still 😉

  446. Sarah Stewart says

    My favorite way to keep my family moving is going to hiking at the park and exploring new places.

  447. nechamah cantor says

    We gave up our cars and only use our legs or mass transit!

  448. amy acevedo says

    Family bike rides!

  449. Jeannette Mills says

    I love to go on walks around the neighborhood with my family to stay active! It’s so nice to be able to talk and talk an connect outside of our normal surroundings!

  450. playing catch in the backyard or making a game of yardwork

  451. We live in a small town…we love to walk or ride our bikes to the library..we also walk to the store if we need anything and play at the park on a regular!!

  452. Melissa H. says

    Go on hikes and garden!

  453. Going for walks!!

  454. Genevieve Oliver says

    We do daily walks around the neighborhood. We will also go up to the park at least twice a week and once a week we try to get out to do a fun activity (like the zoo, botanical gardens, children’s museum, etc.) -Thanks for the awesome chance! <3

  455. I get out and move by walking with my family in the evenings when it’s cooler. We also go to local parks or forest preserves, or to my community garden plot.

  456. Melissa B says

    We don’t own a car so we walk everywhere we go and we are on the go daily!

  457. Right now a stroller, we really NEED a comfy carrier!

  458. Maranda Carlson says

    Wow, do I ever want this prize pack. Different carriers to try out, and new sport gear my family will be taking walks through the community in style. Can’t wait to get on the move today.

  459. Kristina D says

    We take a long walk together ( with the dog!) at least once a day!

  460. Wearing baby for morning and evening walks 🙂

  461. We love to take walks around the local lake where my DH proposed!

  462. Heather Link says

    Our two favorite ways to move as a family is to turn on the music and dance around the livingroom or to play “dinosaurs” which mostly involves touring at each other and running around.

  463. Gabby Dunai says

    We love nature hikes

  464. Would love these carriers to take our twin boys on walks and to the farmers market.

  465. Angela R. says

    We love to go on hikes with our dog!

  466. emmely bostic says

    My husband and I keep moving by going on walks with our BOB stroller or baby carrier.

  467. Donna Mayes says

    We love to walk to the park and go to the playground.

  468. We love walking with our dog and swimming in the lake!

  469. Gabrielle Tietz says

    We take a lot of family walks!!

  470. I love taking walks! I am almost 35 weeks pregnant and it’s getting challenging but everyday my man gets out with me it’s super motivating!

  471. We love to swim and play at the beach!

  472. Farm life chores! There’s always something to do around the farm and when that’s done, there’s horses to be ridden, dogs to be run, babies to be carried! 😀

  473. My favorite way to get moving is wearing my LO. However, I work out 4 days a week with the Navy. Not my favorite but effective!

  474. Walking… Well actually walking whole shopping lol

  475. Favorite way to be moving for us as a family is walking our dogs around our neighborhood and if it’s not too warm, we go to the local park

  476. We love playing outside, whether on bikes, on foot, or at parks!

  477. Mandy Daley says

    I love to run-usually by myself or with a friend. It is my downtime without kiddos, but recently my 2 oldest (10 & 4) have been training with me. Working on becoming a running family of 6!

  478. We go to the local nature preserve every day. Rain or shine! (Or snow!)

  479. Kristin B says

    We like to go hiking or just run around playing in our yard!

  480. Beth Mickle says

    One of our favorite walks is to the fish pond at the Old City Cemetary & Gardens.

  481. Rachel Nye says

    Love this! I have been wanting to try the sunscreen!

  482. Brittany C says

    We love to dance!!! My son is a dancing fiend! lol

  483. I like to do workout DVDs at home or take my kids for walks (when it isn’t hotter than Hades outside).

  484. Johanna I. says

    We get moving by going geocaching and exploring new parks.

  485. Jennifer Wilson says

    We love to go on walks and hikes, and with a new baby coming soon, we could use a carrier!!

  486. Love to walk with the kids on foot or in a carrier or stroller.

  487. We love hiking! We also don’t own a car which forces us to walk EVERYWHERE.

  488. Our family loves to go on hikes. We live where there are some wonderful places to go. We also do Crossfit together, my husband, older son and I. For now minus the wee since he can’t walk yet but he loves to watch.

  489. going on walks!

  490. I have a kid trailer attached to the back of my bike! We also like to walk into town for mini-adventures 🙂

  491. We like to take walks and just started geocaching which gets us out and on the go!

  492. I find that just simply getting outside as much as possible gets us moving, no matter if were walking, biking, going to the park, etc. Put on your tennis shoes and get outside! Not going to get very far if you stay inside

  493. Chalene Alic says

    Babywearing at the park!!

  494. Long walks in the neighborhood or hiking in the woods or mountains!

  495. Sara Owen says

    We like to take walks with the dogs.

  496. We walk the dog .as a family most evenings.

  497. Chrystal S says

    Our family loves to hike together. We try to climb the same mountain twice and year with a lot of little hikes inbetween.

  498. We like hiking.

  499. We love to pile in the car and go hiking!

  500. Jessica Hill says

    We love to play sports in our family!

  501. We love going on walks!

  502. We love foing to the park or for walks just about anywhere.

  503. Heather V says

    We like to go to the local nature centers and walk the trails there.

  504. We love to go for walks in the waterfront park! We also loves using kettlebells; our daughter loves to knock them over 🙂

  505. jessica Fletcher says

    Taking lots of walks!!

  506. Swimming since it’s too hot to really do anything else.

  507. We often go to the park or walking on the greenway behind our apartment.

  508. Michelle Suttles says

    We like to keep moving by taking the kids to the park and going on family walks.

  509. Jennifer H. says

    My favorite way is nature walks and hikes with my family. 🙂

  510. We like to go for walks to the park, to the library, and around our local football stadium!

  511. My favorite way to move with my family is go to the swimming.

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