#TLBsafeKids Helpful Tools for You

#TLBsafeKids sponsors have joined forces to offer you a chance at winning all of their featured products in this year’s #TLBsafeKids campaign! What is #TLBsafeKids? Here is a description from the post introducing it:

“Respecting each other, ourselves, and our children, #TLBsafeKids brings together parents concerned about safety around information, ideas, and sharing our stories. And we believe it can be fun. Though there are aspects of safety conversations and education that can be scary, when we approach it with respect and a sense of fun it can become a part of parenting that isn’t dominated by fear and instead builds confidence in ourselves, our communities, and most importantly, our children. Together we are journeying toward health, safety, confidence, and awareness. Not as isolated individuals, but as a family, a community. With each other and with our kids, we’re taking steps to be confidently and freely safe. It may mean getting your car seat installation checked, reassessing your home for safety hazards, changing how you talk to your children, adjusting your sleep arrangements, fixing something broken in your home, you name it, you define what #TLBsafeKids looks like for you.”

#TLBsafeKids is in full swing now and here is a list of all the products one lucky Leakie has a chance at winning in this giveaway:

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ClekFllo car seat

Clek’s new compact convertible car seat equipped with safety from every angle – Extended rear-facing, Energy-absorbing crumple technology, and Advanced side-impact safety!

Fllo is tailored in GREENGUARD Select Certified Crypton Fabrics (except for drift) and is designed with best in class width at 17 inches, providing space to fit 3-across easily.”

Retail Value: $399.99
California Baby: Travel Caddy

This travel caddy is filled with all California Baby must-have products and essentials for folks on-the-go! Also included, a fun activity sheet for kids and language flash cards, printed right on the packaging material that would otherwise be tossed out—part of California Baby’s REuse before Recycle initiative, encouraging re-fill vs. landfill!

Retail Value: $19.99
Catbird Baby: Pikkolo in Georgia

The Catbird Baby Pikkolo is the perfect buckle carrier for newborns without the need for an insert and lasts well into the toddler years (up to 40 lbs!). The versatility of 5 carrying positions (including a perfect high back carry) is combined with streamlined style and comfort for parent and baby.
Retail Value:$129.00
Crane USA: Bumblebee Humidifier

Crane’s Bumblebee Humidifier is a cool mist ultrasonic humidifier that holds 1 gallon of water and runs up to 24 hours. Crane humidifiers help to relieve congestion, dry coughs other cold and flu symptoms. All Crane humidifiers are made with BPA free plastic and have an anti-microbial Clean Control material made into the base to help fight bacteria buildup. You’ll be ‘Buzzing’ after you experience the great health benefits and a better night’s sleep with Crane’s Bumblebee Humidifier.

Retail Value: $49.99
Newton: Crib Mattress
Newton’s crib mattress is “revolution-airy.” The Wovernaire core makes it highly breathable and 100% washable and recyclable, making it the healthiest mattress on the market.
Retail Value: $295.00

Rhoost:  Finger Guard and Cord Winder

Finger Guard -A sleek and simple take on a classic product, the Rhoost™ Finger Guard protects little fingers from door and hinges, keeping your loved ones safe and your personal style intact.
Cord Winder – A sleek and simple take on a classic product, the Rhoost™ Blind Cord Winder makes dangling blind cords a thing of the past, keeping your loved ones safe and your personal style intact. Features screw free installation.
Finger Guard – 10.99 (2 pack) /  Cord Winder – 8.99 (2 pack)
Retail Value: $19.98
Total Retail Value : $913.95
Good luck to everyone!  Please use the widget below to enter. The giveaway is open from September 18, 2015 through September 30, 2015. A big thanks to our #TLBsafeKids Sponsors Clek, California Baby, Catbird Baby, Crane, Newton and Rhoost  for their support of TLB and all breastfeeding women. This giveaway is open to participants in the USA.

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  1. Safety for our toddler is so difficult at this age because she gets herself into everything, runs/walks away from us in public places, and in general just doesn’t understand. We try our very hardest to ALWAYS keep her in sight, even at home, to make sure she’s not getting into anywhere or anything she shouldn’t…

  2. we close doors tightly to places where they shouldn’t be, behind us. that is, until they can open them 🙂

  3. I try to rearface as long as possible for safety!

  4. I make sure my daughter’s car seat straps are always in the right spot!

  5. we always you the proper car seat for my LO

  6. I was a CPST until a couple months ago, so child passenger safety is very important to me. But my budget is challenged, lol. So would love the Clek Fllo! Not sure about that green color, though…

  7. I frequently get down to baby level around the house and see what dangers need modified, like tying up blind strings.

  8. Jocelyn Chick says

    I frequently baby wear my littlest. With three boys, being able to be hands free is tremendously helpful to keep my kiddos safe 🙂

  9. I know it sounds run of the mill, but we’re really conscientious about making sure baby is buckled into her car seat. Since our travel system allows us to move her car seat from stroller (where she might not be buckled in!) to car (where she must be!) it’s a little too easy to forget to check to make sure she’s secured.

  10. Sarah Dickinson says

    Baby wearing, looking both ways when crossing the street, locks on all doors

  11. Melissa Fillmore says

    One safety practice that we frequently use is baby gates. We have two, very steep, sets of stairs in our house and a very curious baby so the gates are a must!

  12. We always practice passenger safety in cars. I’m a CPST and take my own family’s safety very seriously and love being able to share my knowledge with other families to help them in achieving the same for their own kids.

  13. due to all the fires that have been going on we decided to start teaching our 3 yr old where to go in case of one and she has been really good at knowing that its only for emergencies as well as knowing how to work our phone and call someone for help if anything should happen when we arent able to.

  14. I always make sure to lock my screen doors in the summer also. It is easy to forget about them but definitely can prevent a curious child from going outside alone.

  15. One safety practice I always use is making sure my child is strapped in his car seat properly.

  16. I put baby to sleep with a grobag and not a blanket

  17. Sherry Blamer says

    I do a lot of things to keep my kid safe. I keep all cleaners and medicines locked in a cabinet, I make sure the straps on her car seat sent twisted and appropriately tightened. Those are some ways I keep daughter safe.

  18. We check our car seat installs weekly to make sure everything is still in proper place. With three (soon to be four) in cars eats in two cars, I like to be sure that a seat hasn’t accidentally been unbundled or loosened, especially our older boys’ seats since they buckle and unbuckle themselves.

  19. We always, always make sure she’s in her carseat correctly. Driving is the most dangerous thing we do!

  20. Kristine Barrett says

    I regularly check my car seats to ensure they’re properly installed and adjusted for their rider. Car seat safety is a huge concern of mine! 🙂

  21. Maureen Buckland says

    One safety practice I use most frequently is checking the instalation of my son’s car seat. Check and check again!

  22. Becky Naylor says

    I would love to will the fllo, as I love this seat. It would be great to have for our new little coming soon. But any of these products alone would be great, the package it’s amazing.

  23. We plan to rear face as long as possible!

  24. Becky Naylor says

    And a safety tip is to always “pretrip” your car seat. They get knocked around sometimes and can loosen.

  25. I can’t think of anything we have “always” done perfectly safe. I used to have crib bumpers, I haven’t always been as well informed on car seat safety, etc. But when you know better, you do better! And it really reminds me that most all moms are always trying to do the best they can, and it is so important to help out whenever you can, even if it’s just with some kind words or a smile.

  26. One safety practice that I use regularly is putting my diaper bag in the back seat with my wallet in it in the back seat with the baby. We all say that it could never happen to us, but you never know what your worst or busiest or abnormal day will look like, and the safest way to prevent accidents is to prepare for them.

  27. I always, always, always buckle my dd into her rf car seat and wear my seat belt.

  28. Growing up with a firefighter/paramedic father & ER nurse mother, and now having 2 law enforcement officers for sisters and and EMT brother, having my children rear-face in appropriate seats is one way I practice safety on a daily basis. Luckily one of those sisters is a CPST so I’ve gotten multiple seat checks and one-on-one help learning how to properly install so I have the confidence to move seats to different cars and still know that my kids will be protected.

  29. Jenny Robinson says

    I keep my little rear facing!

  30. We keep medications and cleaning chemicals in a closet, out of our grandchildren’s reach.

  31. Moira Potter says

    So excited about this giveaway! Your safety articles have made me realize I need to improve a few things around here and winning this would give me the tools I need to do that effectively!

  32. One safety thing I always practice is car seat safety.

  33. One safety practice we use frequently is that the stove and heater are hot. Even my 15 month old will back away if I say something is hot (and repeat it until I say it again lol)

  34. I have my son hold my hand whenever we are in a parking lot or crossing the street.

  35. We always follow best practice in the car, and wear helmets on anything with wheels.

  36. heather savka says

    We always wear seat belts and are buckled into car seats.

  37. vanessa richard says

    double check carseat straps and chest latch

  38. Nothing bulky under the seat belt in the car seat is one safety rule we use!

  39. Alicia Branum says

    Our first born is just a few more weeks away, so I love coming here to learn all I can about safety for my newborn. First item on our safety list – getting our car seat installed by local law enforcement – we want to make sure it’s done correctly!

  40. Kristin O'Malley says

    I feel like everything I do during the day with my child is some kind of safety practice. For us, car safety is key. Making sure my child is properly secured in his car seat is essential before we go anywhere.

  41. Giveaways like this are just one more reason to love TLB and everything Jessica has worked so tirelessly to have it represent. Giving everyone a chance to have top of the line health and safety products for their littles can aleviate so many of the worries about the “what ifs” that life brings! I know that my hubby and I got the very best car seat we could afford, but I know there are better car seats with better safety options (like the Clek). Knowing that you’ve done all you can is great, knowing you could do even better if money weren’t a consideration is less great.
    Now that we’re starting to think about a second baby so many of the products in this giveaway become even more awesome in my mind. They could be used again to give a brand new person a great, healthy, safe start and remove some of the “ifs”!
    It’s also a chance to win a great welcome home present, as little and I have been out of the country for a year while I helped care for my mum. Nice to be back in the states and elegible for the awesome contests again!

  42. We always use safe babywearing and holding hands when walking!

  43. Bianca Barrera says

    I love this!!! We love and use some of these products and the ones we don’t we have heard great things about and would love to try them. I especially love to use California baby as a way to keep my baby safe. We love and trust it with my daughters extra sensitive skin!

  44. We so not move an inch in the car until every kid (there’s 4) is properly secured in their car seat.

  45. One thing I do for the safety of my little one is I still have her carseat rear facing. She’s almost 3, but I know it’s safer for her.

  46. I am obsessed with car seat safety and would love to win the Clek!!

  47. Antoinette Allen says

    I always make sure that anyone who will ever take my daughter in a vehicle knows how to properly restrain her in a carseat. Carseat safety is a very big part of keeping a child safe and I will not risk my daughter’s life.

  48. Bolting down cabinets, book shelves, and dressers!!

  49. We rear face our kids until they outgrow their seat limits, then harness forward facing until they outgrow *those* limits. People question why my 1st grader is in a harness car seat and I happily explain that it’s safer.

  50. This is an amazinv give away! On safety practice is that we keep our 20 month old rear facing, and will for a long time!

  51. Your giveaways are awesome! Fingers crossed!

  52. Instead of going with the free used car seat for our new baby we trusted that we would be blessed with a new seat … and we were

  53. Making sure my kids are buckled up and secure in their car seats before I drive anywhere.

  54. Vicki Beauchamp says

    We rear face until at least 3 and booster only when child is mature enough to handle it along with their size.

  55. We are very vigilant about checking that our car seats are installed correctly and the kids are buckles correctly in our vehicle and in others.

  56. Tabatha Smith says

    Great giveaway!

  57. Alyssa Smith says

    Winning the carseat would be amazing and much needed for baby #2 due in just a few short weeks!!

  58. Great giveaway! Would love to win a Clek or humidifier!

  59. Love that car seat!

  60. I love this car seat! Amazing companies.

  61. Car seat of course always being set to proper tightness and making sure outlets are covered!

  62. Felicia Pasko-Smith says

    One of the first things we taught my toddler to say and recognize was “hot”. She had a fascination with the stove and oven and we felt it necessary for her to understand the danger quickly and this has become basically her safety word. Whenever she encounters something and says it’s hot, then we know she is recognizing the danger!

  63. Macquel Crosby says

    What an amazing safety giveaway! All so important!

  64. carvseat safety is very important. I always check the straps and chest buckle.

  65. Brittany Frost says

    I secure dressers and other furniture to the wall so they won’t tip over.

  66. RF until minimum of 2 years

  67. Miriam Matheny says

    I check the car seat for correct installation, harness height, and strap tightness every time my son is in the car.

  68. We’re still awaiting the arrival of our First so I’m still in the researching stages of child safety, so I guess my best safety practice currently is to always wear a seat belt!11

  69. Teresa Evans says

    Oh man I would love it if the Clek showed up at my door!

  70. Teresa Evans says

    I make sure I have our car seats checked by a professional.

  71. Extended rear facing!

  72. Megan Dollarhide says

    Safety practices I use frequently… My kiddos both still rearface at 17 months & 3.5 years. We anchor all furniture to walls & are big on blind cord winders as my girls are fascinated with the cords. Little stinkers.

  73. To answer the question, I’m pretty good about making sure the kids are buckled into their car seats securely and properly.

  74. A safety practice I use most frequently a is rear facing carseat!

  75. We correctly install our car seats and we swaddle our newborn babes!

  76. I keep my kids safe by always making sure they are properly buckled in the car. We just got new blinds, they have long cords, we really need those things for the cords.

  77. These are all so great. It’s so important to stay up to date on the newest ways to keep our babes safe. The finger protectors are new to me!

  78. Any one of these prizes would be great!

  79. jen st pierre says

    Always making chemicals are locked up

  80. Cheyenne McCutchan says

    My current favorite safety practice is having my almost 4 year old put a hand on the wheel well of my suv by the door I’m standing at to get her baby sister out. She keeps that hand there until I have the baby strapped in the carrier and take her hand. She’s very good,but even good kids can get distracted and wander out too far in a parking lot. This just gives her something to focus on and keeps her a little bit safer.

  81. I rotate toys in my car. When the kids aren’t in the car the
    Toys are on the front seat, when they kids are in the car the front seat is empty. I also always keep my purse and wallet in the backseat. Lately I’ve started putting the carrier in when I get in the car if I know
    I’m going to use it too.

  82. Morgan Martinez says

    Car seat safety is super important in our family. We always make sure everyone is buckled properly!

  83. I practice extended rear facing (and general carseat safety) at all times with my kids.

  84. Julie Francis says

    Such an awesome promotion for safety!!! Thank you for running an awesome page and community!!!

  85. We always try to make sure all the cabinets and drawers are locked as a safety practice

  86. We hold hands crossing the street or parking lot.

  87. The one I always tell my little guy even tho he is an infant, is to never run into the street, please never ever!

  88. Love these. Great safety items.

  89. No blankets/loose cloth in the crib. Ever.

  90. The one safety practice I use regularly is to leave jackets off in the car because they adversely affect the fit.

  91. One safety practice we always do is to wear helmets when we’re biking.

  92. This is one kickin’ giveaway, thanks Jessica!!

  93. One safety practice that I use frequently is checking the tightness of my daughter’s car seat straps!

  94. Safety practice I use regularly: I don’t leave my toddler alone in the bathroom when he takes a bath, where a few seconds could be too long.

  95. We use safe car seats for our kids. Rear facing to the max 😉

  96. I’m pretty strict about carseats. I also try and make sure things like bookshelves and other stuff I think could tip over are secured to the wall.

  97. I consistently check my kiddos car seats to make sure they’re properly installed and the straps are where they should be.

  98. Car seat safety is a must in our cars.

  99. Lindsay Oster says

    We always lock the gate at the top of the stairs as soon as we get to the top!

  100. We do extended rear facing

  101. We have all heavy furniture anchored to protect our little climber

  102. We have all of our furniture anchored to the wall and we extended rear face our children in car seats.

  103. Christine Bailey says

    We have many safety features we use! With two toddlers they are always trying to get into something! We have safety locks on all cabinets and drawers in kitchen with “dangerous” things in them, electrical outlet plugs, baby gates, and door knob covers are the main ones that get tested every day!!

  104. We have a 6 month old who crawls and is walking with assistance – right now the big safety issue is what he can use to pull himself up and what will fall on him! We have removed some furniture and adapted other to try to make it safer for him to explore!

  105. Sarah Parker says

    I’m pretty careful about car seat safety. We’ll also be babyproofing the house soon with outlet covers and things since Baby Girl is going to be crawling soon!

  106. Carseat safety is something that I’m OCD about. I’m pushing to keep my older one in her 5 point as long as possible and the baby rear facing as long as possible.

  107. Becca Sullivan says

    Car seat safety is HUGE for us and extremely important. We will extended rear face and are very aware of straps being adjusted properly.

  108. Monica Flores says

    What a great giveaway! I would love to win!

  109. Rear-facing car seats is a safety practice that we plan on doing for as long as possible!

  110. Extended rear facing. And my kids are in the 99th percentile in size!

  111. My 3 1/2 year old daughter still rear-faces in the car! 🙂

  112. Veronica Bohan says

    I am always sure to double check the straps on my kids carseats before I shut the door. I also obsessively check the front door of our house to make sure it is locked and pushed to everynight. I don’t want anyone stealing my babies!

  113. We make sure straps are tightened and the chest clip is in the proper position!

  114. My kids rear faced as long as possible in their car seats. I plan to do this with my newest baby as well. I always double check her car seats straps to make sure they are tight enough and that the chest clip is at arm pit level. No jackets allowed in the car seats. We use gates at the top and bottom of the steps.

  115. Rear facing as long as possible and proper seat installation and fit

  116. Rear face as long as possible and check harness straps every time!

  117. Rebecca Grace says

    Oooh! I hope it’s me! I’m need of a car seat AND since it’s such a safety necessity I think there should car seat assistance programs out the bc they are expensive!!

  118. Safety with furniture tvs is a big deal in our house. Dressers, tvs, etc strapped to walls!

  119. Love the quote about safety! It’s so true.. being safe isn’t restrictive, it’s freeing!

  120. We are keeping our babe rear facing as long as our car seat allows!

  121. Brooke Underwood says

    We felt it was important that our 2 yr old son knew every family members full name as a safety precaution. In the event we were separated I want him to be able to tell someone our names rather than just mama or dada.
    We are also very careful outside around our pool. Although he’s never outside without us we installed a wrought iron fence around the perimeter.

  122. Babywearing keeps my running toddler safe!

  123. Chelsea Campbell says

    I would love a clek for our baby!

  124. I could use this seat for my growing toddler and with baby #2 on the way! I always try to make sure that all doors are closed to “off limits areas” and of course most importantly in her carseat straps must be snug and chest clip in proper place, every single time!

  125. Love my Fllo, happy to learn about some other products I could use.

  126. Monica Powell says

    We always make sure our daughter is strapped & Buckeled correctly in her car seat!! We get our seats checked regularly!!

  127. We are really careful about car seat buckles every time we strap our little girl in. We also check how tight the installation is every week. DD is two and just shy of 20lbs so she will be rear facing another year at least!

    We also have all the furniture in the house strapped down!

  128. What a great reason to have a giveaway! All important information and way to bring awareness. I still struggle with family members who are convinced that car seats are torture chambers and when the kids are in properly are convinced they are being crushed and should be loosened up.

  129. Car seat safety is vital. Our 2yo still rear faces. I would love to win this giveaway.

  130. Would love to replace our seat for this one!!!!! Thanks!

  131. Tear facing as long as possible even in grandparents car. Teaching family members how to properly tighten the straps and adjust the chest clip.

  132. Charlotte best says

    Im a CPST, and we rear face to the max. I make sure my kids are the safest they can be, and I help other families learn about car seat safety so they can have safe kiddo’s too!

  133. I follow all car seat safety as a CPST. I would love to have this seat for the new baby on the way.

  134. I always make sure to keep my kids rear facing until they max out the limits on their convertible car seats and always double check to ensure they are properly buckled into their car seats.

  135. Elizabeth Stewart says

    Practice erf. 4 yr and 4 month are both rear facing. Going to purchase another erf seat for the oldest for the second car.

  136. We kept our oldest son rear facing until he turned four in a diono radian RXT and will keep our youngest a one rear facing even longer if he stays within the 45lb weight limit for his seat 🙂 we also had trouble with them pulling the outlet covers out so my husband went through the he house and replaces all the outlets with tamper-proof safety outlets! Now we feel confident at home and on the road!

  137. Car seat safety is so important to me as a mom, nanny and CPST. I will keep my son (and future children) rear facing for as long as their car seats allow. I hope new seats with even higher weight limits are developed soon!

  138. We are doing extended rear facing, especially since my daughter is more of a slender bean, than a stocky kid. We check to make sure she’s in the car seat properly each time. My husband had to deal with my direction on proper chest clip position, because he thought it was fine, but it mostly ended up around her belly. Hes got it down now 😉

  139. Ashley carney says

    Awesome giveaway!

    Recently my son has started to climb on top of things to do tasks: like climbing on kitchen chairs to help me in the kitchen, climbing on the toilet to turn on the sink, climbing on the baseboards to see out the window. One slip could send him falling. So we’ve recently started putting step stools in places that he likes to climb and using a learning tower in the kitchen 🙂

  140. We kept our oldest rear facing until he was 4. We always go over the checklist to make sure we are following all the safety suggestions, I.e. The pinch test, etc.

  141. I’m a cpst, so I’m vigilant about car seat safety and also making sure everyone in the car is properly restrained.

  142. Vanessa Burke says

    for me, it’s meant doing a lot of research and always being open to constructive criticism from my peers/mommy friends!

  143. Miranda Welle says

    Every single time we’re in the car, we’re practicing extended rear-facing. Our son was 3 in July and he’s still rear-facing. We also keep all 5 of our kids in a 5 point harness as long as possible. Our oldest is 10 1/2 and was just recently graduated to a booster.

  144. I make sure our home is free of dangers, or at least that they are out of reach!

  145. I’m a freak about car seat safety. My 6 year old only started booster training this year due to outgrowing his harness in about a month. 🙁 this seat would be perfect for the new baby I’m expecting on Christmas 🙂 Thank you!

  146. I check and adjust my girls’ car seat straps… every single time we get in the car. I pay special attention to if they pass the pinch test and that the chest clip is located at the armpits.

  147. My husband and I always practice safety with our 4 month old son around our dogs. We have 3 dogs who we consider our kids too – but they are so much bigger than our son so we would hate for anything bad to ever happen (even on accident). So we’re always careful when doing tummy time never to leave him unattended or in a place where the dogs could accidentally step on him. That being said, I love watching my great dane mix gingerly maneuver around the baby. He loves to be near the baby and sleeps next to his bassinet.

  148. We wear helmets and I have my car seats inspected!

  149. I always double check my children’s car seat harness because my husband has the habit of loosening them too much and not retightening. Thanks for the chance.

  150. I’m a little anal about car seat safety, so I’m always making sure my lo is properly secured in the car.

  151. Tiffany M. R. says

    I always double check the chest clip on the car seats before we start driving. My little ones can pull them too low sometimes.

  152. I always make sure the chest clip is armpit level.

  153. I kept my oldest riser facing till 3, plan on doing the same with my Youngest!

  154. The number one safety practice for me is car seat safety and rear facing. We still rear face our two year old. You can be the perfect person, parent, etc, but you cannot account for other drivers!

  155. Extended rearfacing and correct car seat usage.

  156. We take all of the knobs off the stove so that our tot can’t turn on the burners even though he reallllyy wants to

  157. Stephanie Murphy says

    Doing the pinch test on the car seat straps and following the manufacturers height/weight recommendations. Also keeping the child rear facing until age 2 and taking the car seat to the police station to make sure it’s installed correctly! Thanks for the chance! I’d love to win for baby #2 due in December!

  158. Still rear facing at 2.5 even tho I get a lot of comments about turning her. 😛

  159. Jennifer Wilson says

    My son at almost 3 is still rear-facing. To me, that’s the safest thing you can do when you’re not at home!

  160. Clip at armpit level. I read that before and always make sure it is there.

  161. I have three littles in car seats and the TWO things a check every time is the placement of the chest buckle and the tension of the harness at their shoulders. I’m kind of obsessed with making sure they are secure in the car…

  162. I always buckle my child up in the stroller. Thanks Leaky Boob!

  163. Katie Wadley says

    You can’t rest on your “research laurels.” New information is always becoming available… you have to revisit subjects frequently.

  164. Before we leave from anywhere, I make sure that everyone is buckled up. My 4yo has picked up on this and gets on his grandpa about this every time.

  165. I make sure my kids seats and harness are correct each time we go for a ride. Our cleaning products and medicines stay locked away and a lock at the top of the door stays locked.

  166. My kids are buckled up properly every single ride. No quick rides with grandpa without seats.

  167. I double check that all car seats are buckled correctly.

  168. I make sure my kids are properly buckled and the car seat is installed properly

  169. Andrea Schnitkey says

    I always check the straps and harness again before I close the door. Gotta be buckled in right for protection!

  170. I always make sure all furniture is tethered to walls!

  171. Dianna Joseph says

    I always make sure to take off their bulky coats before strapping them in to their car seats.

  172. We use outlet plugs and have started taking some with us just in case! We try to use kid friendly and eco friendly products for cleaning and bathing too

  173. We try to stay 1 step ahead of our baby but he always seems to be 1 step ahead. Outlet covers, baby gates and putting a lot of stuff into storage has been our go to.

  174. My car doesn’t move until everyone is properly buckled up. This includes a 5 point car seat for my 4 (almost 5) year old and a belt positioning booster for my 10 year old, until he is tall enough for the seat belt to fit him properly without.

  175. We use properly installed car seats with kids securely buckled in every single time we ride in the car!

  176. Kasie Tillman says

    My daughter is 3 and a half. So for about the past year we’ve been big into watching for cars in parking lots.

  177. Snug seat belt straps!

  178. We’re still rearfacing our 2 year old son, and plan to until he outgrows his carseat rearfacing

  179. we always make sure that my little guy is buckled properly into his car seat with the clips at armpit level. We have also bolted his furniture to the wall so he can’t pull it over and have safety guards on all the cabinets. You can never be too safe!

  180. I am always checking the position of the buckles on the car seats to make sure they are in the right spot for each child.

  181. Car seat safety! My children are always properly strapped in, no matter how long it takes to get right.

  182. We do car seat safety and the. Try to teach our little ones about things that can hurt them. I try to do it I a way she remembers and she feels comfortable asking me questions.

  183. I am such a nerd for car seat safety! I spent more time researching and trying out a convertible car seat than I did when I bought a car!

  184. We love the clek carseats!! We always make sure their straps are straight an14d they don’t have any bulky coats or clothes on.

  185. Regina Wright says

    Making sure straps are always at arm pit level with no slack!

  186. I make sure to leave my work bag or wallet in back of car when traveling with kids. This makes sure i check and double check the back seat to get everyone out.

  187. Car seat safety is huge! We check all 4 of our car seat installs and fits regularly.

  188. I’ve already put safety plugs in our outlets, and constantly check for hazards on the ground.

  189. Jennifer Odom says

    We always use car seats- even if it’s a drive through the parking lot.

  190. As our baby is on the verge of walking, his safety is out upmost concern around the house. This means we anchored furniture to the wall, have gates near stairwells, and have nothing small on the floors.

  191. Krystal Czarnik says

    I am always checking the car seats.. even when in transit ( hubby drives so i just reach over and check)

  192. We make sure our car seat is installed correctly and that we are using it correctly each time he goes in.

  193. Cassandra Eastman says

    I make sure medicine, and house cleaning supplies are always out of reach of our children!

  194. Other than carseat, the kitchen is a very big danger area so no going in the kitchen unless mommy or daddy tells you and no touching anything unless we ask you to hand it to us.

  195. Dorian Taylor says

    I always take their bulky coats off before strapping them in the car seats. Its also important for them to hold my hand in public and stay with me at all times.

  196. maxine Petersen says

    I always do the pinch test on my LO car seat straps

  197. Communication! I talk with my daughter a lot to explain and prevent.

  198. We practice safe co-sleeping

  199. I always put the baby carseat IN the cart, never on top. Or I wear him 🙂

  200. Safety is paramount for us (as in sure it is in most families!). We always make sure our daughter is buckled in to her properly installed car seat! And we’re working on helping her understand (22 months old) why it’s so important!

  201. I’m a strap checker too. 🙂

  202. We make sure all doors are closed when we leave an area to prevent little ones from pulling things down or getting into dangerous things.

  203. Thanks so much for highlighting the importance of safety. I’m due with my first in November, so safety right now means eating healthy, exercising, and researching lots of car seats 😉

  204. Car seat safety is really big for us. Anytime our kids go anywhere with us in the car we always make sure that they are harnessed in their car seats properly.

  205. Jenny Travis says

    I’m rear facing my son until he’s met the height and weight max. He’s currently 3.5 and going strong 🙂

  206. I always make sure my kid’s car seat straps are nice and snug and the chest clip is in the right place. I also don’t put coats on them while in their car seat and bring a couple of blankets to lay over them to stay warm.

  207. We use door knob covers inside and child safety locks on the car.

  208. I always make sure the car seat straps are tight and buckled in the right position.

  209. I use many safety practices, locks, gates, etc… However, the most common, and I believe, the most important is education. I tell my daughter (now 2) what she’s doing that’s safe and/or unsafe. When removing her from a dangerous action/situation, I explain that I’m doing so because I’m love her and want to keep her safe, then explain what could happen if she continues to do it.

  210. i always make sure to double check her car seat straps and to always leave a window down in the car before closing doors.

  211. Road safety is so important to us. Extended rear-facing, minimizing loose objects in the car (that could be projectiles in a crash) while driving.

  212. So many of these comments are us too (knobs off the stove ftw!). I think bolting our furniture to the wall was so important. My little man started climbing his bookcase long before we thought it would be possible but we were proactive and it was bolted since before he was born.

  213. Karen Gonzalez says

    I make sure our baby is always strapped in properly in her carseat!
    My husband already forgot to buckle the bottom part once, so I always
    have to make sure.

  214. We make sure she’s never left alone on the changing table.

  215. laura bernard says

    We rear face as long as possible and baby proofed the house

  216. Shannon F. says

    I’m SO big on safety in (and out!) of our house. I take all precautions I can. Rear-face as long as possible, baby-proof everything, watch ingredients of everything I bring into the house, the list could go on and on. lol

  217. amy tolley says

    we try to keep the house toddler proof and rear facing car seat and make sure all plugged in cords are covered up inside a cord coverer

  218. Rear face and check the straps

  219. We make sure to keep doors shut (and sometimes locked) to places that the little ones shouldn’t have access too.

  220. I always check my kids car seats multiple times

  221. amanda cain says

    I always make sure the car seat is done right!

  222. We work really hard to keep small things away from our baby’s reach otherwise it’ll go in the mouth!

  223. I ALWAYS pinch the straps to be sure my child is buckled tight enough and double check that the chest clip is in the right place.

  224. Ashley Wilson says

    I make sure my boys are properly restrained in their car seats daily! I would love the Fllo so both can rear face again!

  225. I’m a bit of a carseat fanatic so I check the install and harnessing EVERY TIME we get in the car. At home I try to keep cords up where they are unreachable, block off outlets and keep small items that could be choking hazards up high. I feel like my kids are very creative, so I try to see an eye on them to see what other hazards they find and then fix them.

  226. Kayla Bergstrom says

    I regularly check my car seats and we use baby gates and door knob covers!

  227. I always make sure my little ones straps are armpit to armpit.

  228. Jilliann M says

    I keep my kids rear facing as long as possible.

  229. Matthew Campbell says

    We always use seatbelts!

  230. I always check my sons car seat straps are in the right place!

  231. Rear facing car seat for as long as possible

  232. I have gates installed at every level and important doorway. The older kids know that know matter what, the gates & doors remain closed.

  233. Sonya Morris says

    Check to make sure straps on car seat are not twisted.

  234. Definitely our carseat! We use it every time!

  235. We are just getting to the age where we need to start baby proofing…

  236. I have continued to keep my daughter rear-facing in the car.

  237. I make sure the chest clip of my son’s car seat is up by his arm pits and the straps are tight.

  238. The safety tip I use the most is rear facing my baby and properly strapping her into the car seat.

  239. When babe sleeps, it’s just her in the crib. No pillows or blankets.

  240. I am obsessive about helmets on our kids when they’re on anything with wheels. And proper car seat usage. Too much first-hand experience, unfortunately.

  241. My safety tip is to really research all your choices and to follow your gut instinct.

  242. Since our LO is still not mobile, our biggest safety is rearfacing carseat, with proper installation. We’re looking to move up to a convertible carseat soon!

  243. I really advise rear facing longer than you think is nessicary. Also, please strap all your bookcases and heavy and/or tall furniture to the wall. Toddlers love to climb and they can easily topple furniture and be crushed. Let’s all keep our babies safe <3

  244. I would love to win this for my LO due in December! Also happy that California will now mandate rear facing until 2 years old. My husband turned out daughter at 1 and REFUSED to turn her back around!

  245. Kristi Sidor golik says

    Always make sure the straps are tight enough and the harness is at armpit level. I am kind of anal when it comes to car seat safety

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