#LeakyLooks: Autumn For Everyone (With A Twist!)

by Kileah McIlvain

I remember the first time I had my partner watch Nightmare Before Christmas. He kind of had this blank stare on his face…and probably fell asleep 15 minutes in (to be fair, he’d worked a 12-hour day and well…sometimes my weird is just a lot to take in after all that.). 😉 I’ve always had a love of Jack Skellington and his Sally! One of my favorite outfits this year (Paxmommy Jillian ROCKS a great Disneybounding Sally!)



1.Hot Topic  2.Tula (custom-made from Kokadi “Sally”)  3.Ebay  4.Spencers  5.Classic White pumpkin (because you need one to carve Jack’s face properly!)


I was just talking to some fellow Leakies today about our very different Pumpkin Patch experiences this year. It’s currently pushing almost 100 Degrees in southern California and here in Portland we’re enjoying cooler temps and foggy mornings! This might mean some very different wardrobe choices for the both of us! So I chose to highlight some wardrobe choices that might accompany some of our different experiences. I hope you enjoy!



1.Destination Maternity  2.NYX “Cherry Skies” here or here  3.Modcloth  4.Toms  5.Walmart  6.Beco Toddler Carrier “Benjamin”



1.Elomi 2.Destination Maternity  3.H&M  4.Tim & Leslie “Rachel” Diaper bag  5.Target  6.H&M  7.Old Navy

Do you have some great #LeakyLooks costume ideas for you and baby this year? Tag us on Instagram! We’d love to feature you!



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