#LeakyLooks: Breastfeeding Friendly Costumes!

by Kileah McIlvain

I know. It’s September 29th. I couldn’t resist! I’m planning my costume already and (No. Not gonna reveal it just yet! Unless you’re a big MLP fan…then I just might tell you!)

So? This edition is about having fun, and giving some creative ideas for dressing up with your kids (and pssst! They’re also breastfeeding-friendly!).

Have some great ideas to share with our Leakies?

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Forest Creatures


When I saw this great carrier from Tula I just couldn’t resist coming up with a great “Mommy Tree and Baby Raccoon” theme! I even found some great eco-friendly facepaint sticks! What would you add to this one?

1.Tula “Campy”   2.Raccoon Mask/Tail/Ears set  3.Milk Nursingwear brown top  4.Tree Branch headband   5.Gerson Red Lantern  6.Luna Star Naturals facepaint stick

Welcome To Hogwarts


I will fully admit: I am a total Potterhead! Would you believe that most Hogwarts-themed costumes can be totally breastfeeding-friendly?! (Plus…check out my FAVORITE wands from Woodland Wandolier!) Now you and your little witch or wizard can sport your favorite Hogwarts House in style!

1.Etsy  2.LookHuman.com  3.Buy Costumes  4.Costume Express  5.Ebay  6.Kohl’s  7.Woodland Wandolier  8.Walmart

Kanga & Roo


One of my favorite Mum-and-Baby costume ideas is Kanga & Roo from Winnie The Pooh! Easy to put together, simple, and so darn cute.

1.Forever21  2.Tula   3.Oriental Trading Company   4.Pinterest  5.Target.com  6.Under The Nile


  1. My son will be 3 months old on the 10th, and I’ve been thinking of his Halloween costume since I was pregnant and before I knew he would be a boy! The struggle is real!

  2. I love these ideas. Thank you.

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