#LeakyLooks: Best of October!

by Kileah McIlvain

This week we’re rounding up our top 3 most-LOVED #LeakyLooks on our Instagram page for October! Also, if you like surprises, keep looking for new content. I have some fantastic stuff I wanna share with you Leakies. Trust me. You’re gonna LOVE it 😉

Ready for our top 3 most-loved looks? Read on, get your Leaky Fashion on!


Favorite Look #1: Welcome To Hogwarts


I will fully admit: I am a total Potterhead! Would you believe that most Hogwarts-themed costumes can be totally breastfeeding-friendly?! (Plus, check out my FAVORITE wands from Woodland Wandolier!) Now you and your little witch or wizard can sport your favorite Hogwarts House in style!

1.Etsy  2.LookHuman.com  3.Buy Costumes  4.Costume Express  5.Ebay  6.Kohl’s  7.Woodland Wandolier  8.Walmart


Favorite Look #2: Steampunk Cosplay



Yeah. I totally went there. I’m pretty sure one of my secret fantasies is getting to go full-on steampunk! I’ve always wanted to wear some Victorian gothic-inspired outfit with goggles and a top hat. This look features some fun ideas (and a GREAT breastfeeding-friendly dress!) and the beautiful Tekhni Nymphai woven wrap in Tuxedo! (it’s not out yet, so consider this a great preview and get your ordering fingers ready!)

1.Leche Libre  2.CafePress  3.Silver Bird Treasures  4.Etsy  5.Ebay  6.Tekhni Nymphai  7.Steampunk Parasol


Favorite Look #3: Pumpkin Patch Party!


I look forward to Pumpkin Patch parties all year long! I chose this outfit to highlight some GREAT sizing options for some great autumn wardrobe pieces. My favorite piece in this collection? The Tekhni Nymphai Clover woven wrap. It’s heaven. <3

1.Modcloth  2.Bebe Au Lait  3.Torrid  4.Tekhni Nymphai  5.Target (great deal!)


What do you think of the favorites for October? Was there another look that you absolutely loved? What would you like to see us roll out in November? Comment below or give us a shout-out on Facebook or Instagram! We’d love to get your ideas.

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