Bump, Baby, and Beyond Product Guide 2016 + Giveaway

by The Leaky Boob Community

We asked around from our favorite parents (you!) and put together a guide of the products we love for pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and newborn care. Introducing our Bump, Baby, and Beyond 2016 Product Guide! But that’s not all, our readers gave us their best tips and advice they wish they had received about pregnancy, birth, and having a new baby. There’s a lot of wisdom here! Take some time, browse through this issue, and comment letting us know what you love, what you’re interested in, and what you think we left out, there are so many great products and advice, we’re bound to miss some.

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And we’re giving it ALL away! Every single item included in our guide (over 50!) is being given away. Divided into 3 separate bundles, we’re excited to be able to give 3 different leakies different bundles from our guide. Use the widget below to enter and tell us what 2 friends you have that you’d like to win the other two bundles in the comments.
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Good luck and a huge thanks to all the brands that wanted to make this possible!


  1. Kristen Moracco says

    I just registered for that Halo bassinet!!! Love it!!!

  2. So excited for this! Thank you for the opportunity TLB ❀️

  3. The two friends I would share with is one who just recently had her first and the other who just recently found out she was pregnant with her second after a miscarriage.

  4. Sophia Felder says

    I love the cloth diaper!

  5. The hands free pumping bra, I need one soo bad!

  6. Holly doble says

    The chimperoo is my favorite item in the giveaway. The carrier looks stunning

  7. My favourite products in the giveaway are The Naked Nursing Tank and all of the carriers but there are so many things I would love to have!!

  8. Brooke Berger says

    These products are amazing! I love this guide!! My favorite would be the Swoon up

  9. Brooke Berger says

    These products are amazing! I love this guide!! My favorite would be the Swoon up and the Hatch Baby changing pad

  10. Melyn Henderson says

    My favorite thing in the bundle would be the mommycon tickets!! I’ve wanted to go forever but haven’t ever been able to.

  11. Jennifer Schumacher says

    I’m loving the glamor mom nursing tank and momzelle nursing top. The stroller to car seat looks interesting too.

  12. Nicole Spensley says

    BREASTMILK RING!!!!!!!!!
    The breastpump bag would be awesome for an upcoming work trip.
    Any of the baby carriers would be awesome as well.
    The HALO Bassinnet swivel sleeper would be awesome.

  13. Anna Pry says

    the cocoon bassinet is my fave, my son loves swinging with me in our hammock so i’m pretty sure babies would sleep well in this one

  14. Carly Williams says

    My favorite product is the TENDHER BUDDIES!

  15. I think the ERGO nursing pillow looks like the perfect shape to keep both me and my baby comfy during feedings.

  16. Kimberly says

    I am most excited about the Chimparoo carrier. It is beautiful and looks very comfy. I’d love to share with my 2 sisters.

  17. Stephanie Philpot says

    I love the Halo bassinet swivel sleeper. It doesn’t take up as much room as a pack n play, and has all the benefits of cos leering without baby in bed.

  18. I like the Arm’s reach cosleeper. I have three pregnant friends to share gear with!

  19. Bianca Munoz says

    The cloth diapers and carriers all look awesome! But really I mean everything in the guide looks great! I would love to try it all! Thank you for the awesome giveaway!

  20. Sarah Sobocinski says

    I would love to win the first one and my sister to win one.

  21. I would love that arms reach cosleeper! What great products! I love the carriers!

  22. Love the ErgoBaby Nursing pillow

  23. I like the Hatch Baby changing pad.

  24. Thalia Hernandez says

    its hard to choose just one thing. guide has a ton of great items and brands that will make it easy to narrow down the items id like for lil #3 on the way <3

  25. What a awesome Giveaway! I’m excited for the Halo Bassinest! Any of these wonderful prizes would be awesome for my daughter! Thanks

  26. Carrie Barron says

    Oh my goodness, so many great items! My favorite product in the guide is the Thirsties natural one size all in one diaper. Thanks!

  27. Demelza Wakefield says

    I wish we had had the Hatch Baby Smart Changing Pad available when my oldest was born. She came into this world at 5 lbs 7.5 oz and was back to her birth weight at the two week mark and then didn’t gain any weight the following two weeks. We had so many extra appointments and I joined a lactation group just so I could weigh her once a week without paying for extra visits to the clinic. That would have been a mind saver.

  28. Oh my! So many to choose from, but I LOVE the train humidifier. As a mom to soon to be two boys, this is perfect!

  29. Mo mattoon says

    This is so cool that you are doing such a great giveaway. Thanks so much! It’s hard to choose just one thing. I love the nurse purse because my pump bag is broken and holding on by a thread but I really love the chimparoo carrier. So pretty!

  30. Sonya Morris says

    My favorite product in the Bump, Baby and Beyond Guide is the HALO Bassinet.

  31. probably the bassinest

  32. Nicole Emma says

    I love the naked tank! It was so useful!

  33. Pamela Nelson says

    I love the arms reach cocoon and the hatch baby smart changing pad. I would love to have these for our next baby. I wish I had them for my 14 month old. She was slow to gain weight and I would have loved to been able to see how she was doing instead of having to wait for the dr visits every week. The cocoon would have been great too with getting her to sleep. She hated being on her back and flat.

  34. Kimberly M. says

    I love the Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper. What a great invention.

  35. Katherine S. says

    My favorite product in the guide is the breastmilk ring. I just made it to a year breastfeeding my son, and I’m so proud of us! I’d love to commemorate this special time.

  36. Laura mueller says

    I love the catch baby changing pad!

  37. Melissa Moore says

    I need that stroller!

  38. I would love to win this and to share with my SIL Amanda and my best friend Camille who both gave birth recently.

  39. The doona is awesome!

  40. The carrier!

  41. Brenda Arincorayan says

    I love Euphoric Herbals’ products! It’s my fave 😍

  42. Sarah Chantry says

    This is an amazing guide and well thought out! And the giveaway is amazing! I love Euphoric Herbals products and am interested in trying bamboobies for my next baby. I also think that nursing sling contraption looks pretty neat as well! I would love for my sister Ashley to win one of these bundles for when she has a baby. Lots of great things that no one wants to buy you for your baby shower because everyone wants to buy tiny outfits! I would also like my cousin Alana to win the other bundle as she is a new Mommy again for the second time after 5 years.

  43. Meghan Sharkey says

    OH my gosh, so many amazing products! I’m most excited about the Earth Mama Angel Baby bundle, they are our FAVORITE products, I give them to moms-to-be at every shower I attend.

  44. Crystal Sell says

    The stroller would be wonderful to win!

  45. Stephanie B says

    The Quad flex stroller looks amazing, I love going for walks!

  46. Lara Winton says

    Those are amazing gift packages. The carriers and pumps would be huge blessings for any mom I think. Fingers are crossed I win one with a pump. πŸ™‚

  47. Sherry Blamer says

    I love the koalakin nursing carrier. I would want my sister and best friend to win.

  48. Breena Strock says

    My favorite item would probably be the diono travel bassinet.

  49. Holly Guski says

    I truly love every single item that was chosen. There are even a few I haven’t ever heard of like the “Arms Reach Cocoon, Babymoov Swoon Up Bouncer!”

    I’ve dreamed for so long to own the amazing Halo Bassinet and I have always wanted a nice carrier so I can baby wear this time around. I love the “Chimparoo TREK Woven Baby Carrier.
    And I would really love the “Mama’s and papa’s Urbo2 Stroller.” We have wanted a Stroller that not only grows with your baby from birth through the toddler years. But also that you have so many amazing options with.
    And you can’t forget some Comfortable clothes for mommy after baby comes. Love the “Belabumbum” Before and After Cami. Pants and Cardigan. Looks so comfortable and would be perfect to wear during and after baby comes.
    This would truly be a dream come true to win anyone of these amazing packages. I loved the entire Bump, Baby and Beyond Guide. Thank you all so much for this amazing chance for our growing family.

  50. Tamara Zlender says

    I want to have every product from this catalog πŸ˜€ My favorite product is the herbal postpartum set from Euphoric Herbals!

  51. Stacey Roberson says

    I love the Arm’s Reach Cocoon. This is perfect for having baby outdoors without the worry of bugs. We own the Arm’s Reach co-sleeper and love it. So I imagine the cocoon is just as wonderful.

  52. Great prizes!

  53. Katrina B says

    My favorite product in the guide is the Arm’s Reach: Cocoon!

  54. The best item on the Bump, Baby and Beyond guide is any of the baby carriers. Babywearing had svaed my life and sanity lol. I think any mom deserves to be hands free but still snuggling with babe πŸ™‚

  55. Sonya Morris says

    I would love for my friends Taylor and Christina Gordon to win!

  56. Jessica Stone says

    I love all of the baby carriers.

  57. apple cheeks cloth diapers

  58. TLB is the best… Jessica always has helping moms and their families at the front of her mind.

  59. My friends Alicia and Rebecca!

  60. Love my Lunapads!

  61. Patrick S says

    Chimparoo woven baby carrier

  62. My favorite preproduction is the swing! It looks SO awesome!

  63. Josh Dillard says

    I love this especially since we are looking to save money to go to a doc a tot and King size bed

  64. I love the catbird baby carrier

  65. Sara Phillips says

    I love the Thirsties Natural One Size AIO!

  66. Rebekah Speedie says

    BumGenius Freetimes are amazing!

  67. Laura Royal says

    I really love the Hatch Baby smart changing pad! It would be a dream to have one!

  68. Kristine Barrett says

    The Diono Dreamliner looks super cool! We go back and forth to my in-laws a lot so it’d be a lifesaver!

  69. Adina Henry says

    I certainly need a new pump. But the baby carriers are really catching my eye. As are the nursing bras and general underthings. It’s so easy to forget to get things to help Mama feel taken care of too! Laura Knighten would love this stuff too!

  70. My favorites that I haven’t already used are the baby k’tan carrier and the woolino sleeping bag!

  71. Caroline B says

    I am most interested in the prize pack from Earth Mama Angel Baby!

  72. Deanna Jarzynski says

    I’m currently 20+5wks with baby number 4. This would be wonderful to win with so many wonderful products! πŸ™‚

  73. My favorite product is the Dreamliner Travel Bassinet!

  74. I would love to try the Catbird Baby carrier! Thank you for the chance to win!

  75. The Swoon Up bouncer

  76. Sarah Frey says

    The Dairy Fairy bra looks amazing!! Would be awesome to pump hands free at work.

  77. Lisa Fox says

    My favorite product is the Applecheeks diaper. Some of the carriers look pretty nice, too!

  78. Ashley Baker says

    So excited about this giveaway!

  79. i’m excited about a lot of these products, but especially that changing pad & the bum genius diaper!

  80. Stacy F. says

    I don’t know if I could pick favorite. Let’s see. Apple Cheeks Diapers Bum Genius, Rumparooz Diapers, the Baby Moov Bouncer, Trekk Carrier. Okay, I’ll stop, but this is a GREAT collection of products FOR SURE.

  81. Carissa Joslyn says

    Halo bassinet would be my favorite. I’m due in July and don’t have anything for it to sleep in yet.

    • Carissa Joslyn says

      As for two friends, I have a great friend who lives down the road from me who got custody of a relatives kids, her name is Maria! I also have a friend that lives next door who just had a baby as well πŸ™‚

  82. Erica P. says

    I think I spy, with my little eye, some Applecheeks diapers!

  83. Megan Drans says

    My favourite product would be AppleCheeks cloth diapers!

  84. Holli Gorveatt says

    My favorite is applecheeks cloth diapers.

  85. Love everything especially all the babywearing products!!

  86. Hannah Francis says

    I’d share with my S-I-L who is also pregnant and due in September and my BFF who is due in June!

  87. Ameda Purely Yours Double Electric Breastpump is probably my favorite single item but there are SO very many wonderful products (and sponsors) it is very difficult to decide. I am a huge babywearing advocate, too, so those obviously tug at me, too.

  88. Pamela Tessmer says

    Love the Train humidifier!

  89. Trenda Tillson says

    I would love to win the baby carrier!

  90. Elisa Fuller says

    This is utterly AMAZINGGG

  91. Meghan V says

    I love my AppleCheeks cloth diapers.

  92. This would be such a breath of fresh air! I’m nursing twins who were born before 30 weeks and
    We have a long way to go! Anything that can helps moms continue nursing is a blessing!

  93. I’m so excited to see different styles of nursing bras and cloth diapers! I’m eager to try mama cloth.

  94. I love the co-sleeper!

  95. Oooh- neat stuff. What I don’t understand is why nursing tops are so expensive. I mean, I’d like more than 1- but at $40 each that’s not going to happen. 😒

  96. Jamye stark says

    My favorite item is the breast pump!!

  97. I need all breastfeeding things I can get!!!

  98. Love bamboobies!

  99. Elizabeth Boykin says

    I’m not sure if this is the blog post that we need to comment on butt I’m going to. I can’t make up my mind what would be my favorite to win, I like the baby carriers comma the cloth pads comma the cloth diapers, and there’s this nursing baby carrier thing that my sister would love that holds the baby right there I don’t know what it’s called.

  100. Stefanie R says

    I’d want my friend Emily and Laura to win! The best thing about the giveaway is the carrier.

  101. Emily Lee says

    Amazing giveaway! I’d be most excited for nursing gear/wear and the co-sleepers!

  102. Emily Cook says

    I’ve been SO very obsessed with Indigo Willow- Breast Milk Pendants & Jewelry ever since I first saw an article featuring them on Facebook! I think this is an amazing company with such an awesome idea for keeping one of the most special bonds I’ll ever share in a BEAUTIFUL material form! I get excited every time I see one of their pieces and hope to be able to own one myself some time soon. <3

  103. Bria Cooper says

    Really hoping to get the first giveaway package! Cloth diapers and a positive breastfeeding journey πŸ™‚ <3

  104. Jessica Moore says

    This so is my life. My favorite item in the guide is the cosleeper!

  105. Chelsey Bennett says

    I’m all about the naked nursing tank! Way more options for breastfeeding mamas!

  106. Emily donlon says

    Would love the nursing tops!

  107. The train humidifier is adorable!

  108. Jessica H says

    Loved the blog post

  109. I love any carrier that is easy to feed in. Especially with a toddler running around!

  110. This is a wonderful idea!

  111. Rebecca Fry says

    I would give the other two bundles to my sister, Kimberly, and my friend, Brittany who are both pregnant right now.

  112. Lynsey Knisely says

    I have two cousins who are pregnant and would love to win this! I’m currently nursing my 7 month old and my 2.5 year old and could use some new nursing things πŸ™‚

    • Lynsey Knisely says

      I answered the question on the blog…for the giveaway: Id love the nursing tanks! I can never have enough of those!

  113. I would love any of the nursing shirts or tanks. I never seem to have enough!

  114. I’m so excited about You Lingerie! I’ve had a horrid time finding nursing bras that will be supportive and also come in small enough band and large enough cup. Thank you!

  115. Christina Gramenz says

    Eileen Soto and Sara Gearhart!

  116. Danica Judge says

    I would want my wonderful friends Simonne and Sarah to win the other bundles with me!! They are BOTH 34 weeks pregnant with their first babies! Eeeeee!

  117. Jennifer Foster says

    The ErgoBaby nursing pillow is gorgeous! I’ve been eyeing it for a while and am convinced that I *need* one!

  118. Rachel R. says

    Great package! I’m most excited about the baby carrier! And this is definitely my life right now…everything must be easy access.

  119. Bethany pham says

    I love all the nursing apparel and the cosleeper!

  120. Laurie S says

    Love the Thirsties natural all in one

  121. I love Rumparooz diaper covers!

  122. Danielle Tanner says

    I LOVE Earth mama Angel Baby!

  123. Erin Warden says

    There are so many amazing things in the guide it is hard to pick a favorite– lots I would like to try as well! For me I would have to say the Bamboobies Nursing Pads because they are so soft and comfortable and they are thin enough that they don’t show through most shirts. πŸ™‚

  124. Elizabeth Wallace says

    I love so many things! Especially the Breastfeeding all natural products!

  125. Rebecca Hitt says

    This is so my life right now with a 9 month old. I have so many summer dresses that I can’t wear yet because they aren’t nursing friendly.

  126. Love the rotating bassinet!

  127. Jessica Umthun says

    I’m really interested in the Arm’s Reach Cocoon and the You! Lingerie bras.

  128. I love that you are giving away so many great products!! I would love to try the new natural Thirsties diaper, Earth Mama products and also glass bottles. Thank you for letting me enter. If I win I’m sure I would share some goodies with my Momma friends.

  129. I love seeing these recommendations.

  130. This is great! Thanks!

  131. fantastic giveaway!

  132. Holy generous! Thank you for the opportunity and for finding tools to help us mommas out! β™‘

  133. This is so awesome!

  134. Michelle Rossetti says

    Love the momzelle nursing shirt

  135. Love this! Would love to try any of the nursing bras or clothes.

  136. I love the nursing stuff!

  137. Rebecca B says

    I really like the Swoon Up Bouncer – would definitely be a nice product to have when baby comes!

  138. Liz kather says

    I love the pumping bra!!

  139. Amy Hall says

    I clicked enter before fully reading the question we’re to comment on, but I think it was about favorite in the guide. In that case it’s either the silverette or the Ergo pillow. I’ve never used either but would love to try both.

  140. Marnie Bergstrom says

    I would love any of these great items. I could really use a new carrier but my daughter in law that is due in August would love the breast pump.

  141. Liz Maguire says

    Clair de Lune Breast Milk Ring…. What an absolutely beautiful way to finish off your breastfeeding journey.. I’m 7 months into feeding my fourth and final baby.. I’ve been cherishing every moment. I love the suck noises, I love looking down into their eyes as they slowing close them and head off to sleep. I love the how they start to get inquisitive while feeding(although frustrating at times).. But I especially love the amazing bond that I am forming with my children.. It makes me sad knowing this is the last I will feed.. But to have a breastmilk ring made would forever remind you of the amazing bonding that took place at the beginning of your little ones life!!

  142. Looks like great products. πŸ™‚

  143. Heather W says

    The cocoon sleeper looks pretty awesome, I would love to try that!

  144. Emily Brown says

    So many great products! The Trekk Woven Baby Carrier looks awesome!!

  145. Elizabeth says

    Omg yes. Truth that was never revealed prior to childbirth.
    I love the bras. All of them!!!

  146. Mandy Perzel says

    Any of the prize bundles would be wonderful! I would not be choosy!

  147. tiffany k. says

    Fav product is the mamas and papas stroller

  148. Jacqueline Danis says

    Love the chimparoo! And would be perfect for our newborn and busy on the go life with our 3 year old!

  149. Mariko Lafontaine says

    I would love to try the koala-kin, it seems awesome!

  150. Kisha Smith says

    Thank you for the giveaway! I think the breastmilk ring is stunning!

  151. Natalie Schilla says

    Babymoov Swoom up bouncer is my favorite.

  152. Olga Oviedo says

    Such an awesome giveaway! I would love these products for my second time around with my baby girl!

  153. Mary Campbell says

    Baby carrier

  154. Lauren Pursell says

    I love the breastfeeding tank that goes under the bra (can’t remember the name).

  155. Kathleen says

    The cloth diapers look amazing. .

  156. My favorite product, I really have to pick? I think I would have to go with the Applecheeks cloth diaper!

  157. I love the leaky boob!

  158. I think I like too much to pick a fav. Earth mama angel baby, anything thirsties or bumgenius. It’s all so good

  159. Maddison Price says

    Commenting to win! Bamboobies are my favorite product in the guide – life savers! I would love for my SIL Casey to win (she just gave birth 12 hours ago!) and my good friend Kim who is due in a moth with her first! Great giveaway!

  160. Courtney says

    Oh the cloth diaper is my fave! There are so many great products listed though!!!

  161. I would love to try the Ergobaby breastfeeding pillow!

  162. Laura Anne says

    I love the co-sleeper!! Lifesaver right there!

  163. Excited about this giveaway! Loving the different baby carriers!

  164. The hammock!

  165. Holly Clark says

    Loving the You! Lingerie range, but especially the Isis Blue nursing bra. That’s stunning!

  166. I love it all, but especially any nursing/maternity clothes and lingerie. I lost ALL of mine!

  167. Sabrina Balas says

    omg the undies!

  168. Jennifer Dibert says

    My best friend nicole Burton who is pregnant wit her first. And my sister in law Emily who is also pregnant with her first.

  169. LOVE the Ergo support. I’m not even very tall (5’4″) and that was the only support I could find that would hold my (then) newborn up high enough to not hurt my back. Miraculous.

  170. Amy Hegwood says

    If I have to pick one I’d love to win the doona!!!

  171. This is an awesome giveaway, thank you!

  172. I’m most excited about the TendHer pillows and pillowcases. I had super tender nipples when my son was a newborn and would have loved a reusable cooling breastpad. Brilliant!

  173. Tianna nelson says

    Anna lagrew because she’s an epic ft mom, employee and pumping master
    Berg fritz to welcome her rainbow baby

  174. Monica Barrientes says

    So many amazing things, I couldn’t decide which is a fav! Would definitely love my BFF’s Michelle and Victoria to win a bundle, too!

  175. Tannis W says

    My favorite product would be the glamourmom tank top and any of the baby carriers.

    I’d love to win with my sisters.

  176. Sìlverette cups

  177. Rebecca L says

    These are definitely 3 generous and “life saving” mommy bundles. Size does not matter, solely functionality! The bamboobies are a testament to that!

  178. Tina stephens says

    My favorite items would be the support pillow as a c section momma those are a life saver!

  179. Louie Bowers says

    KoalaKin looks like brilliant product!

  180. Nursing does dominate my wardrobe. Can’t wait to see some options.

  181. I love reading your blog! It has really helped me get through the tough times during my breast feeding!!

  182. Sarah Parente says

    My favorite item I have tried already is Kangaroo Care’s Rumparooz cloth diaper. I would love to try out Lunapads Performa Pads or the Koala-Kin nursing carrier!

  183. I’ve tried very few of these products. It’s nice to have some alternative options suggested.
    I do love my chimparoo woven carrier!

  184. Tara Jones says

    What an amazing giveaway!! My breastfeeding wardrobe is always a dilemma. I love the tops and the items for breastfeeding on the go (I do a good bit of pumping when I’m at work and that hands free bra would be amazing)!! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  185. I’d love to have any of the nursing tanks or bras! Is that sad? Lol!

  186. What a great giveaway! These are all great prizes! I’m most excited for the Doona!

  187. i like the trek baby carrier

  188. What an awesome lineup! I just had baby #4 and started using a Milkies Milk Saver. My baby is 3 weeks old and I already have nearly 40 ounces of frozen breastmilk, just from collecting the leaking milk!!!

  189. Amy Kasycz says

    I would love to try out the Arm’s Reach cocoon. I think it would be fantastic to have an adult sized one too!

  190. Manon Emery says

    my sister liz and best friend Chris definately need to come register. πŸ™‚ thanks for creating an amazing guide for mommies and mommies to be.

  191. Jamie Wiseman says

    Love the naked nursing top!

  192. Jessica Cappuzzello says

    Love the Momzelle products!

  193. Danielle says

    Oh man, this new mama would be so happy with any of these items. Adding them to my birthday wish list in case I don’t win!

  194. Joanna Zumhagen says

    My favorite nursing apparel are the under cover mama clip on tanks. They made nursing SO much easier once I discovered them.

  195. Kate Kennedy says

    My favorite is the BBTai carrier!

  196. My favorite is the gladrags! I’ve been wanting some, but don’t have the extra money to invest right now!

  197. I would love love love to have the Catbird Baby carrier!!

  198. Ashley b. says

    Earth mama angel baby products are always a lifesaver here!!! I am 2 weeks postpartum and using this after birth products for the first time. They are incredible! Soo soothing and needed for my body while it heals!

  199. My favorite item is definitely the Indigo Willow Celestial Dreams: Breastmilk Ring! I have two My Baby’s Heartbeat bears though, one for each of my boys; they’re actually a whale and a rabbit, they have so many options!

  200. Would love to win one if those awesome prizes. Thanks

  201. Jessica Jacob says

    I loved #4 from BBB! I move around so much and would love to pump while I do for multitasking.

    I’d love for friend MADDIE SMITH and CHRISTI EVANS from TLB to win!

  202. Erin Bigalke says

    Love them all! Especially the baby carrier πŸ™‚

  203. I love this guide. Not enough of this topic is out there. I’m a first time moms me have been and will continue to breastfeed. I would be so excited to win this raffle.

  204. Jill Young says

    Love the cute bra! My friend (and new leaky) gina would benefit from winning soooo much along with soon to be mom racheal πŸ™‚

  205. I love the bra in the fb picture! So true that your wardrobe requirements drastically change and it was not something I was prepared for prior to breastfeeding

  206. Corinne Reese says

    The Ergo nursing pillow looks amazing!!

  207. Corinne Reese says

    Angela Zuill, Molly Watson

  208. Catherine D says

    Love the pumping bras! So helpful!

  209. I cloth diapered my first in all BG 3.0s and would love to try out all the different brands of cloth in the guide, especially Apple Cheeks!

  210. Laura Bernard says

    Wow what a hard choice. I saw so many amazing things! The cat bird baby carrier is probably my favorite!

  211. Angela Turgeon says

    I’d love to win this!

  212. Elizabeth Lomeli says

    My favorite product would have to be the doona.!

  213. Jessica Bissell says

    The earthmamaangel products!

  214. Alexis Lavko says

    Wow, what an amazing giveaway! Tough to choose but I’d say the Doona is my pick.

  215. So many products it’s hard to pick one! I’d love the baby carrier.

  216. I love love love this website ! So much awesome information! I’m so glad I was introduced to this blog it’s been so helpful !

  217. Sabrina Lewis says

    This is such an amazing give away, I love all the products, thank you

  218. Nicole Huckins says

    Love the Arm’s Reach cocoon.

  219. Shayla Evans says

    The halo bassinet was what has me the most excited! I would love to win any of this though! I haven’t had a baby in 5 years and everything is so different! I love this list and there is so many different things I would love to try!

  220. Stacey Glaze says

    Love love love the Catbird carrier!

  221. Alina Moiseyev says

    This would be some awesome items to win for my twins

  222. Hanako Persson says

    My favorite products from this giveaway are from Earth Mama Angel Baby. I’ve found solace from their Morning Wellness tea during my first trimester and have been using Stretch Oil daily on my bump. I have some baby bath products and Nipple Butter that I’ll be using once my son is born. Two people I would love to win this are YusOkazaki@yahoo.com and MichikoPersson@gmail.com

  223. Erendira Wayland says

    What an amazing giveaway! I’m a first time mom to be in a few months πŸ™‚ The items featured are all great! I have a 2 friends one just had a baby girl and the other will be having her baby boy in a few weeks, also first time mom. What a blessing to receive all this if chosen!

  224. Claudia Gomez says

    Love all of them the baby carrier, and the breastfeding pads alot to love thanks for the chance

  225. Savannah Connolly says

    I love Kangacares Rumparooz, they are my favorite cloth diapers hands down.

  226. I’m so excited about this! I only have a handful of items that are bf-friendly and have been rotating through them for waaaay too long. Thank you, contributors, for all the great input!

  227. Nemesis Wu says

    My favorite is definitely te earth mama baby angel kit! This would be a great blessing! I used their milk making tea daily and the postpartum recovery kit was a must for me to recover from my baby! I also loveeee the naked tank so my mommy pouchπŸ™ˆ Is not exposed while I breastfeed in public giving me that extra boos of confidence to breastfeed wherever I need to!!! And the bamboobies have been the life saviors of my leaky boobs! There soo soft and gentle on my over sensitive nipples !!!

  228. Great giveaway!!

  229. Ashley Kennedy says

    Bamboobies are my bread and butter and I love you can reuse them instead of having to throw them out.

  230. Amanda Wald says

    Would love this!

  231. Melissa McRae says

    Any of these products are my fav!

  232. Erica Panico says

    I’m excited for all things nursing! My daughter recently self-weaned and I miss it already! Can’t wait to have that beautiful bond with baby #2! Would love for friends Marisa and Amber to win too!

  233. Nichole P says

    I need a pumping bra so bad!

  234. Cassandra Miller says

    I have too many friends with new babies! Lol I love it all – the baby carriers, the diapers, the accessories – I can’t choose a favorite!

  235. nicolthepickle says

    The bamboobies are my fav thing.

  236. Kristina says

    My absolute favorite item was my baby carrier – my Tula. And it’s my husband’s favorite item as well! Our little guy was able to get the comfort and rest he needed being worn.

  237. Would love the chimparoo TREK! 😊

  238. stacy philip says

    Im excited about the You! lingerie it looks fashionable and functionable. I think my friends Marina and Andrea would be excited to receive the other 2 bundles

  239. Any baby wearing device is my favorite thing in the guide, bonus if it’s toddler friendly!

  240. carmen shaw says

    I love that nursing cushion!

  241. Kayla Bergstrom says

    Diono Dreamliner! It looks perfect!

  242. My sister Amy and my sister in law Erin!

  243. Love the cosleepers (arms reach and halo)!

  244. I’d like my sister in law Dominica and my friend Lori to win bundles too!! They’ll both be new moms in August!

  245. Awesome.

  246. Stacie H says

    I’m most excited about the nursing pillow.

  247. Rachel Tomshack says

    Love to win some for my friends Krista Diliberti and Kayleigh!

  248. Harley Dyer says

    My favorite item in the guide is the mommy con tickets!!!

  249. I would love to win some breastfeeding apparel, I feel so limited in what I have to wear that gives me access to milkies. As for the other two sets my son’s step mom just had twins so I’m sure she could use pumping accessories and plus I have two other PTO mom friends with babies a few weeks older than mine who both have a good sized gap between the new baby and their last!

  250. Thanks for the giveaway

  251. Wow! This is amazing!

  252. Kara Gibbs says

    So many products that I love! One of the most useful that I’ve been using a lot lately is the Naked Tank! Now that my little guy isn’t going crazy when its time to eat I’ve started pulling out some of my other clothes that I would have to fiddle with a bit longer to get “the boob out!” Its been so nice to have the naked tank under these shirts so that I don’t feel like I’m exposing my whole back and side while nursing in public!

  253. Tashina Kirk says

    Would love that You! Bra.

  254. Urbo2 Stroller!

  255. Finally ha a child who nurses, but that means it’s all new to me. A leg up would be helpful!

  256. Risk ringel says

    I can’t really choose one product because there are so many amazing products out there. I’d love the halo bassinet I think it’s awesome for a new mother coping with nighttime nursing. Expecting my first due in June!

  257. What a fantastic guide!! I loved seeing some of my favourite brands, new ones I’ve been hoping to try (chimparoo carriers, lunapads, etc), as well as a bunch of entirely new ones waiting for me to discover.

  258. Gabby Anderson says

    I’m most excited about the breast pump I was pumping with a handy down pump that my sister in law gave me and after three months of using it unfortunately it died on me and I wasn’t able to buy a new one. And know that I’m expecting my second child October Iam in need of a new one badly. I also would like to win the other two bundles for my sisters Kenia Guzman who is due September 5 and my other sister Karina Rios who is due September 1st all three of us sister happen to be pregnant together it’s amazing and beautiful two boys and 1 girl.

  259. Abigail Frazee says

    Favorite item is the Thirsties Diaper πŸ’™

  260. Melissa B says

    The Naked Nursing Tank looks amazing. I don’t want to spend money on nursing attire when I can just pull down or up an existing shirt, but I’d love to win one!

  261. Jenna Clement says

    Would love to win

  262. john gibson says

    Hands free pumping bra

  263. I love the arms reach co-sleeper! We bought ours gently used (it’s from 2009? I think?) from my sister in law, and it was amazing for strengthening our ability to breastfeed because I faced a lot of difficulties at first.

  264. Oops I forgot to add- I would want my expecting friends Leah L and my sister in law Rachel K. who is also expecting to be the other two winners with me!

  265. The Arm’s Reach Cocoon looks so cozy!

  266. What a great resource! I wish I had known about all these products the first time around, but definitely plan on using more of them the second time!

  267. We love the sleep sacs in our house, it keeps our little man happy in his crib instead of escaping! Lol

  268. Alyssa nelson says

    So excited for this giveaway!!!

  269. I absolutely love the idea behind the KoalaKin. I sit at a computer desk for berk So I have severe pain pain in my shoulders and back. The KoalaKin is a great way to alleviate the pain and discomfort while breastfeeding!

  270. The catbird baby carriers awesome! What a great guide πŸ˜€

  271. Susie Majstersk says

    great resources

  272. Brenna Hart says

    I think I like the ameda pump the best. πŸ™‚ Also my friends Lizzie Clark and Michelle Roberge need to win the other bundles for their baby and baby coming.

  273. love the cocoon and bouncer!

  274. Would love for my sisters to win the other 2 bundles!

  275. Awesome!

  276. I love the diapers, and baby carrier! I would love the bundles for my sister in law , and my friend who are both expecting their first baby!

  277. I didn’t have the Arm’s Reach Cosleeper for my first, but I a determined to have one for my second!

  278. Beth Patterson says

    I like the silverette nipple shields.

  279. Courtney Mackenzie says

    I love the You Lingerie bras! I’d love to try all the other products as well.

  280. There aren’t too many of these items I have tried, but lots I would like to try! In particular, some of the nursing wear, and the Chimparoo Trek carrier!

  281. I’m really loving the pads, the smart changing pad and the California Baby products. I’d love being able to weigh my breastfed babe.

  282. Sandy Jeffers says

    So many great products!!! I love the pumps, mine is almost six years old, a new one would be great!!

  283. Brittney says

    I love the smart changing pad!

  284. cynthia eason says

    My favorite product in the guide is the KoalaKin! I have never even heard of it but it seems like a great idea especially if you are breastfeeding and have other kids. It allows your hands to be free to tend to them and/or to take care of other things!

  285. My favorite item would be the ergo nursing pillow. So helpful!

  286. cynthia eason says

    Also, I would like to share the other two bundles with two Momma’s I have know since high school, Sam and Heather. We are all breastfeeding Momma’s who all experienced miscarriages last year AND are all expecting again this year!

  287. Mayen Ruiz says

    I would love for my dear friends Kristyn and Nikki who are both expecting to win one of the prize packs as well!!

  288. Mayen Ruiz says

    My favorite product from this awesome giveaway is that Diono travel sleeper!

  289. Samantha Guenther says

    Love the pumpease bra. That would have been a life saver.

  290. Snezana Jurosevic says

    Wow!!! This is an amaaazing list & giveaway! So much great stuff! I can’t pick one favorite! From the LunaPads PP pads to the cloth diapers to the nursing tops/bras, the K’Tan, the co-sleeper, wow! I wish I saw this list before having my first little one 15 months ago! But we’re hoping to get pregnant soon with baby #2 so I’m already in planning mode πŸ™‚

  291. Lexy Overstreet Broome says

    I’d like my two friends Sarah Cherry and Alicia Plant to win the other two bundles! They both have newborns and older children and could use all these goodies as well! My favorite thing in the bundle is the happy kidz Llc doona.

  292. Amelia B. says

    My favorite product from the guide is probably the Dairy Fairy bra (been wanting one so badly!) or the Bamboobies (so comfy!)

    As for friends that I’d like to win: I’m not actually sure! Probably my friend Brianna and GabriellΓ©.

  293. Sarah Hayes says

    I love the thirsties diapers! so many others items as well. I have two amazing friend that id love to win the other bundles. fingers crossed!

  294. Sarah Parker says

    I have lots of pregnant friends that I would share this with! And the Chimparoo looks so nice! Babywearing has saved my sanity and that carrier looks so comfy!

  295. Carmen T says

    I love the Thirsties natural AIO! There are so many things on the list I’m dying to try though.

  296. The momzelle nursing top is super cute! and functional.

  297. Catherine Cook says

    I love the bamboobies! I would love my friends Kayla and Taylor to win the others!

  298. Wow, what a list of cool products. My favorite are the thirsties diapers, nursing bras and the doona (which I’ve only seen online!).

  299. nicolthepickle says

    It be amazing for my sister and sis in law who are having babies soon.

  300. Kristien D says

    All great products but the one I love the most is the Halo Swivel Sleeper Bassinet or the Doona car seat/stroller. Two innovative products that can truly help new mamas!

  301. Melissa Ferris says

    There are so many great items it’s hard to choose a favorite, but that Donna carseat would make using public transportation here in Chicago a lot easier!

  302. Cassandra McCoy says

    I have a couple of these awesome things, I love my bamboobies as I am very leaky! But would love the Hatch changing scale!

  303. Rachel B. says

    My favorite product was the Nurse Purse pump bags – I so want one of those for myself! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  304. Favorite product is the baby carrier. I’m a wrap/carrier junkie, haha

  305. I love the Babymoov Swoon Up Bouncer! With more children than hands, I need help now.

  306. Abigail Grove says

    I think my favorite item in the guide that I’ve never seen before is the Mammakin:Koala Kin. What an ingenious idea! I’d love to see all my mama friends win the other bundles! If I have to choose just two πŸ˜‰ I’d choose Heather Hanson and Lisa Barton.

  307. Carrie Ann says

    I love all of the products in the giveaway, but especially love the babywearing options!

  308. Veronica Bohan says

    I am most excitem about the baby hammock.

  309. Danijela says

    I love that arms reach cocoon.

  310. Sandi DiMarco says

    I looooove all the Earth Mama Angel Baby products!

  311. I love the Ergobaby Nursing Pillow! Great design and style.

  312. Those co-sleeping bassinets look amazing!

  313. It’s so hard to choose, but the Koalakin is likely to get the most use, with two other young kids to chase around and a newborn to feed.

  314. Victoria keith says

    Love the koala kin

  315. Victoria keith says

    Would love for Veronica Ryan and Liz broughton to win with me!

  316. Kristina Fidler says

    Great article!

  317. The Happy Kidz LLC Doina car seat and stroller is what I am most excited about. I also like the baby wearing carriers. But the Indigo Willow Celestial Dreams Breastmilk Ring is such a unique idea… I am oddly intigued and in love with the idea of preserving this time with my little ones.

  318. Love earth mama baby angel!!

  319. Judy Vester says

    The nursing cover:)

  320. Lauren Dresch says

    One of these bundles would be a dream to win! I am especially excited about the chiparoo woven baby carrier!!

  321. Amanda and Kristi would love this!

  322. Wow… love the arms reach hammock thing. Why didn’t I know about that?

  323. Candice K says

    My favorite product in the guide is the Arm’s Reach Co-sleeper!

  324. I like the Kanga Care Rumparoos tokidoki pattern diaper!

  325. Hatch Baby is my favorite.

  326. I would love for my friends Joanne and Jessica to win the other two bundles for their new baby boys!!

  327. My favorite item in the bundle is the Earth Mama, Angel Baby products! I used the nipple cream with my first after a friend recommended it and I LOVED IT. It’s safe for baby to nurse even when it’s on, unlike lanolin, and it WORKS! Plus it smells good. πŸ™‚ I just bought my sister a jar for her first baby and am planning on using mine again with my 2nd, expected in August!

  328. joy mclendon says

    Awesome give away! I love the bamboobies… They’re amazing

  329. Lee dixon says

    The halo bassinet!

  330. My favorite item is the baby moov swoon up bouncer. I’ve been looking at bouncers and this one looks great! I know I’ll need a break from holding the baby all the time- the rocking motion might give me a break!

  331. I would love the travel bassinet.

  332. I love mama clothes. Wish more women would get into them.

  333. Kristi Deckard says

    I would love for my friends Brandi Stogsdill and Megan Betz to win!

  334. Kristi Deckard says

    I love the ring! Breastmilk jewelry is definitely in my future

  335. The baby stroller or carrier are my favorite products in that group. Thanks for the chance to win! πŸ™‚

  336. Breanne Pesis says

    I can’t decide what I like best! I love my diaper dude bag! But of the products I’m just learning of I think I like the Diono travel bassinet best! I have so many friends and family members pregnant right now I can’t choose just two! I think it would be awesome if my neighbors won!

  337. I love this! Any nursing bra that supports and is comfortable… yay!

  338. Adriana Dubry-Astorga says

    The carriers and the pumps are my favorites in all the bundles! Any mom would love these packs!

  339. Adriana Dubry-Astorga says

    I know two moms who would love bundles as well! My friends Karlie and Katelyn! Can’t wait to let them know about this!

  340. I love the arms reach cacoon!

  341. Fave thing is the halo bassinet!

  342. I love the cloth diapers included in the guide!! I didn’t CD my first born but am this time around, I am nervous and excited about the new experience!

  343. Anna Groeger says

    Sooo hard to say what would be my favorite? The Thirsties Natiral AIO? The Lunapads? The bamboobies? I honesty don’t think I can pick, I want everything! πŸ™‚

  344. Would love to win this!

  345. So many fabulous baby products! I love the swoon up bouncy chair. Due in Dec!

  346. Catherine B says

    I love the Earth Mama Angel Baby products thanks!

  347. Leah Golland says

    wow this is amazing! would love to win bundle 1: I really want to try the ergo pillow!!

  348. It’s hard to choose what of these items are my favorites! I love Lunapads, also love the different cloth diaper brands you listed, love CatBird Baby, love the Crane humidfiers, etc. If I won, I’d love to split what I win with my sister, Carrie Quick, and with my friend, Susan Taylor.

  349. Jenn Seng says

    There are so many great prizes.My favorite is the Mama and Papa stroller but the MommyCon tickets are pretty cool as well.

  350. Craig Brennan says

    My fave item is the Ergo Baby nursing pillow! It looks sleek and stylish while providing support while breastfeeding.

  351. I would love to try the luna pad panties.

  352. Aurora PL says

    I love all, but maybe I’m a little addicted to Cloth diapers

  353. Great tips and products! Excited to try some of these out.

  354. Gabriela Jimenez says

    I most excited about the Donna car seat this is so handy when getting your baby In and out of the car!! I also would also like to win the other two bundles for my pregnant friends they would make great baby shower gifts.

  355. Christine M says

    THIRSTIES natural fabric diapers!! I have used a lot of their products and love them.

    • Christine M says

      I would pick my sil and my cousin’s wife who is due in December!! Thanks for the amazing giveaway.


  356. How awesome! I love the lactation treats. As a working mama struggling with suoply, those are so helpful

  357. Traci Sandler says

    Love the nursing pillow!

  358. i love the play pen!

  359. Alyssa McVey says

    Loving the breastfeeding clothing. I’ve never had anything like that before. My sisters Tiffanie and Kate are both preggo and round also love these bundles.

  360. I would love a Tula. My carrier is beat up!

  361. Christine M says

    I would pick my sil and my cousin’s wife who is due in December!! Thanks for the amazing giveaway.

  362. Julia Herth says

    Happy Kidz: LLC Doona Is my fave item from the guide!!

  363. Anastasia says

    My favorite by far is the Doona car seat! Great guide, so many wonderful products!

  364. Eimear Colton says

    I love this giveaway! Would love to win the double pump, I’m struggling with a manual at the minute

  365. I want to win this

  366. I love all the wonderful blogs.

  367. I absolutely love the co-sleeper!

  368. I would love the Hatch Smart Changing Pad!

  369. I love the California Baby products!

  370. Rebecca Andrews says

    I love that Ergo nursing pillow! After reading how it’s better to breastfeed baby while reclined, I’d love to have it! I’m due September 3rd with my second baby boy, the pillow would be so useful to put this new information to use!

  371. I loooove Earth Mama Angel Baby products!

  372. Love the swinging bassinet!

  373. Amanda H. says

    Love your page!

  374. Jemma westgate says

    I would love the opportunity to win the 2nd pack for myself because I have two older sons and I am starting from scratch this time 😁 and the first and 3rd for my SIL who is due in a couple of weeks and my friend who is currently TTC

  375. Amanda Santos Valenzuela says

    So many amazing products on this list! One brand I always trust is EMAB.

  376. Would love any of the products they all look great

  377. Michelle Maddox says


  378. I would love the pumping bras!

  379. Melissa Cunningham says

    I have 2 friends 1 is expecting she’s going to be a first time mother around November 15th and my other friend she is going to be a first time Aunt!

  380. sarah meints says

    The chimparoo carrier looks amazing! I love that I could use it with my 18 month old or little baby πŸ™‚

  381. Nina Moser says

    What a great giveaway!

  382. Ariel Roseman says

    My favorite product definitely has to be bamboobies reusable nursing pads!! They are far superior to any other reusable nursing pads I’ve tried!

  383. Mackenzie says

    My favorite product in the giveaway would be the bamboobies!!

  384. Janelle Willert says

    This would be an amazing blessing!

  385. Kathy Kolodzinski says

    My favorite would be the undercover nursing tank.

  386. Jacquie K. says

    Favorite product is the Arm’s Reach Cocoon! I’d love for Amanda Tong and Helenita Frounfelkner to win the other two bundles. Thanks for a great giveaway!!

  387. My favorite product from the guide (that I actually have experience with) is the Thirsties cloth diaper! There are so many amazing things on the list though, I’ll have to try some out. πŸ™‚

  388. Felicia Gano says

    This is such an amazing idea. I would love to win. My son is 5 days old today.

  389. Angelica says

    #4 is my favorite!

  390. Itzy Ritzy scarves and Momzelle tops are my uniform now! Love them!

  391. Erin McKay says

    The The Diono Dreamliner bassinet for the beach this summer!

  392. Cori Dallas says

    I love the ssc! I think baby wearing is so convenient! I’d give my friend Catie and my cousin Kimmy the other two bundles.

  393. I love all the products in the give away! I would love to win this contest to give me and my new little due in October the best head start possible!

  394. I am most excited about the postpartum set of amazing. I am due with baby #3 and have never seen such an amazing gift of mommy-goodness. Moms deserve a bit of pampering even if it’s just the basic necessary things.

  395. My favorite is the hands free pumping bra!

  396. Jen kiervin says

    I love all the products!

  397. Bethanie H says

    I absolutely love the Bassinest and the Arm’s Reach Cosleeper.

  398. Ashley Keinath says

    I’d love the babymoov bouncer!!!! I have some pregnant friends as well but my baby is due in August!!!

  399. Carey Marcoux says

    Everything looks fantastic, especially the cloth diapers.

  400. Esther Eng says

    Id love some Momzelle nursing tops

  401. The Halo bassinet is my favorite product on the list!

  402. that koala kin nursing pouch looks awesome!

  403. My favorite product is the car seat stroller!! I think that that is an ingenious idea.

  404. Desiree Bertrand says

    I think that the breastmilk ring may be my favorite, I am pretty sure this will be my last nursling so I would love to commemorate my early mommyhood with something like this.

  405. Shannon Cruzen says

    My favorite product is the Belibea Nourish nursing bra.

  406. Oh man. So much great stuff. I want bundle #3! Earth mama angel baby stuff is amazing, and that arm’s rach magic baby hammock device is mind blowing.

  407. We just had our baby 2 days ago and I am swooning over the armsreach cacoon. We have a 1 bedroom apartment with a 4 year old and newborn. Not a lot of space but this I would make work. Seems like it would be perfect for giving the darling their own ‘safe’ space from the very loving hands of a sister that doesn’t care if baby is sleeping. ha! I also want all the carriers. So can’t pick my favorite, though the K’tan is on my wishlist.

  408. I would love bundle #3 and give the other two bundles to 2 new moms. Brittany Kubricky and Kate Gutormson.

  409. Brianna Ingersoll says

    I love the K’tan and Bamboobies

  410. Courtney A Morgan says



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