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They say that taking care of our bodies is 1/4 physical and 3/4 mental. Sometimes it’s the mental and emotional walls in our lives that stand between us and our wellness goals no matter how hard we try to make changes in our diets and physical activity. So Leakies, dive in to this week’s newsletter for some great articles on self-love and mental health and how they relate to fitness. Start here: go stand in the mirror and repeat after me, “I AM ENOUGH!” Then find the giveaway info, that can be quite the inspiration too!



Hey Leakies,

The Olympics are over, we have enjoyed 2 weeks of sitting on our couches watching other people accomplish impressive physical feats. Now it’s time to get moving with our families.

July was #TLBmoves, a campaign all about inspiration to figure out and share what it looks like to get moving with our families but that isn’t just a one month goal, it’s a lifestyle. My kids are inspired by the Olympic athletes they watched and their enthusiasm is contagious. Now, more than ever, we’re all inspired to get moving.

Want to know more about the campaign and how you can participate? Read more about #TLBmoves here and find us in our closed #TLBmoves group dedicated just to community around getting active together! Read more about it in this week’s newsletter.

Jessica Martin-Weber
Founder, theleakyboob
Jessica Martin-Weber


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