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They say that taking care of our bodies is 1/4 physical and 3/4 mental. Sometimes it’s the mental and emotional walls in our lives that stand between us and our wellness goals no matter how hard we try to make changes in our diets and physical activity. So Leakies, dive in to this week’s newsletter for some great articles on self-love and mental health and how they relate to fitness. Start here: go stand in the mirror and repeat after me, “I AM ENOUGH!” Then find the giveaway info, that can be quite the inspiration too!



Hey Leakies,

The Olympics are over, we have enjoyed 2 weeks of sitting on our couches watching other people accomplish impressive physical feats. Now it’s time to get moving with our families.

July was #TLBmoves, a campaign all about inspiration to figure out and share what it looks like to get moving with our families but that isn’t just a one month goal, it’s a lifestyle. My kids are inspired by the Olympic athletes they watched and their enthusiasm is contagious. Now, more than ever, we’re all inspired to get moving.

Want to know more about the campaign and how you can participate? Read more about #TLBmoves here and find us in our closed #TLBmoves group dedicated just to community around getting active together! Read more about it in this week’s newsletter.

Jessica Martin-Weber
Founder, theleakyboob
Jessica Martin-Weber


Don’t Give Up! Get Off Your Butt and Start Moving!







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It’s summertime! The sun is shining, temperatures are rising, and the kids are out of school. What a better time than now to get out with the family and get moving. This weeks we are starting our #TLBMoves campaign and we have some great articles in this week’s edition of our newsletter to help you do just that. Have a great week!


Hey Leakies,

Last month we nourished, this month we’re MOVING!

We’re not looking to “get out body back” after having a baby, we’re just looking for activity that helps us and our family be healthy. #TLBMoves is all about inspiration to figure out and share what that means for your family.

Want to know more about the campaign and how you can participate? Read more about #TLBmoves here.

We’ve teamed up with 3 brands to help support us all in that journey including title sponsor ThinkBaby ThinkSport with safe sunblock for the whole family and double insulated water battles (that don’t have a metallic taste- yay!), Belabumbum’s maternity and breastfeeding activewear, and Tula Baby Carriers. With education and information sharing, we’re working together to bring us all in community without judgement but with loads of support. Starting with a giveaway!

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Jessica Martin-Weber
Founder, theleakyboob

Jessica Martin-Weber

Where Are The Rainbow Farting Unicorns? When Pregnancy and Postpartum Suck. 


Hello Leakies,

Jeremy from Beyond Moi here, the man-behind-TLB, aka: The Piano Man, or the X-Factor (just kidding, but I’m referring to the fact that we only have girls). Every once and a while I get to write the editorial for our newsletter, where round up noteworthy articles and conversations from the previous week, and we share information on a particular topic. Today, we are zooming in on a tough one: Mental Health, and I am thrilled that we are, as it is so important. (And a special, more in-depth look at how botanicals can help, here.)

As a culture, we spend a whole lot of time making sure that all the physical pieces of our life look presentable to the world. From our homes, our kitchens, our yard, our cars, to our kids, and our own bodies, we want the world to know that we’ve got this. We’re on top of things. We’re not overwhelmed, we are on a surfboard ripping through everything life has to throw at us, and it’s a thrill. We’re having the time of our lives. Our Instagram and Facebook feeds are full of our grand adventure. And even when we let reality encroach on our carefully curated virtual lives, it is done in a calculated way. We know that there is nothing quite as fake as perfection, so a few flaws help to really make our masterpiece shine.

What is it that many of us have to hide?

*This is an excerpt from our TLB email, to continue reading, click here.

Jeremy Martin-Weber
Writer, speaker, father of 6 girls


Does Nourishing our babies have to be THIS hard?! Food drama and Allergies- there’s a difference.


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What do you do when feeding your baby makes them sick? When the very thing that they need to survive is hurting them, maybe even killing them?

Food sensitivities can be a huge challenge. Food allergies can be deadly. All of it can directly undermine a parent’s confidence, not to mention make every day life scary.

There are no easy answers but there are people who’ve been there.

Leaky, RN, and TLBC Facebook group admin Heather Mackles, shares her journey with us and some info on what parents need to be aware of as possible signs of allergies.

Read more here of her journey and information and support for others.

*This is an excerpt from our TLB email, to continue reading, click here.

And don’t miss out on the amazing giveaway featuring Mommy Moosli, Wean Green, 5 Phases bottles, Evenflo Feeding, Innobaby, and Belibea Bra all supporting you to be fully nourished.

Jessica Martin-Weber
Founder, TheLeakyBoob.com


Cut the controversy, Fed IS Best!


Dear Leakies, 

The number one rule in breastfeeding support is feed the baby.


Sure, how we feed them is important but nothing is as important as feeding the baby. With #TLBnourish we’re focusing on how we’re doing that together recognizing that pressure of how to do so can make that more difficult. Instead, we’re exploring the diversity of what nourishing really looks like.

From breast and bottle to introducing solids to the 21 meals a week (plus snacks), there is so much more involved than simply nutrition.

*This is an excerpt from our TLB email, to continue reading, click here.

And don’t miss out on the amazing giveaway featuring Mommy Moosli, Wean Green, 5 Phases bottles, Evenflo Feeding, Innobaby, and Belibea Bra all supporting you to be fully nourished.

Jessica Martin-Weber
Founder, TheLeakyBoob.com


What is it to nourish ourselves- Let Love Flo? And 2 giveaways and a discount code


Dear Leakies,

Around TLB we talk a lot about the oxygen mask principle, that you can’t help others if you haven’t taken care of yourself because you’re no good to anybody passed out.

But that’s often easier said than done. Our society has such high esteem for the boot strap mentality that self-care is interpreted as weakness when it is anything but.

Leakies, we need to be nourished though. Can we Let Love Flo for ourselves? Many of us are quite literally nourishing our children with our own bodies and coming from a place of being empty mentally, emotionally, and physically isn’t healthy for anyone, including our children.

So what can we do?

*This is an excerpt from our TLB email, to continue reading, click here.

Jessica Martin-Weber
Founder, TheLeakyBoob.com


Nourishing Gifts

So much of our lives revolve around feeding our families and sometimes that is fun, sometimes it’s draining.

Seriously, how can they be hungry again!

But nourishment isn’t the same thing as just feeding. Related, but not the same.

Nourishment is so much more than just nutrition for our bodies; our spirits find nourishment in connection, our relationships find nourishment in each other, our children find nourishment in our arms, our minds are nourished through learning and conversation, and our hearts are nourished by being with the people we love.

Which is why we’re hoping to nourish you with a giveaway to compliment your nourishment journey wherever it takes you. #TLBnourish giveaway is all about supporting you as your nourish those you love.

#TLBnourish Giveaway Bundle includes items from Mommy Moosli, BeliBea, Evenflo Feeding, Innobaby, 5 Phases,  and Wean Green!!

The giveaway!


Mommy Moosli.Mommy Moosli - Logo - CROPPED

Mommy Moosli, Title Sponsor for this #TLBnourish campaign, is a delicious, all-organic muesli cereal specially formulated to encourage milk production in nursing moms.  We’re a mom-owned company with a strong desire to #feedallthebabies, in whatever form is best for you & your little one!  Our moosli is a healthy, gentle way to naturally introduce known galactagogues to your diet.  Every bag is hand-mixed with love and care in Denver, CO.  Moosli is very versatile — it tastes great in milk, on yogurt, as a main ingredient in cookies/bars, or even on ice cream for a treat!  Check out our website for different ways to enjoy.

Retail Value:$12 per bag (shipping in US only)

For more information visit Mommy Moosli.

Feed your baby, feed your soul with support and comfort that gives you the access you need. Hands-free pumping and breastfeeding bra NOURISH is up to the task with smooth seamless stretch fit, removable cup pads, and v-neck scoop and ruching that separates and supports, fitting most pump flanges.

Retail Value:  $49.95 (shipping to US and Canada only)

 For more information visit Belibea


 Evenflo Feeding.

Evenflo Feeding Logo_Final-1
Evenflo’s Advanced Double Electric Breast Pump is the perfect solution for moms with frequent pumping needs. Whether at home or at work, the Advanced  Double Electric Breast Pump delivers all the premium features and benefits mom requires and deserves. This innovative pump’s PerfectlyPure™ design is a closed system that prevents milk back-up in tubing, which helps to keep tubing clean and dry, protecting mom’s breast milk and making pump cleaning more efficient. Each pumping session can be personalized with the AdvancedControl™ technology, which creates 32 unique setting combinations of speed and suction for optimal control.

To help ensure a successful pumping session, it’s important to have a comfortable, correctly sized flange fit. The Advanced Double Electric Pump includes 3 different flange sizes from our AdvancedFit™ flange system to help ensure the best fit, with additional sizes sold separately. Evenflo’s PerfectPosition™ design includes a shorter nipple tunnel and higher bottle-to-flange angle that allows mom to relax in a slouch-free pumping position. The integrated bottle holders keep mom’s milk safe after pumping, providing an extra “hand” to protect her precious milk from spills.

Access to expert resources can help ensure a successful breastfeeding experience. Evenflo is excited to include the ultimate breastfeeding education with the purchase of your pump. Developed by our partner, Breastfeeding Expert Shari Criso (IBCLC, CNM, RN), mom receives digital access to two practical and proven programs she can access anywhere! Both Simply Breastfeeding™ and Breast Pumps & Briefcases™ have helped thousands of moms successfully breastfeed and continue breastfeeding while returning to work and are included with purchase.

Retail Value: $109.99 (shipping in US only)

For more information visit Evenflo Feeding


Aquaheat™ is designed to quickly warm food, liquids and bottles without need for a battery, electricity, or hot water, while on-the-go.  The collection includes the Aquaheat™ Stainless Bottle and Warming Pod, Aquaheat™ Food Warmers in various sizes and Aquaheat™ Heat Packs, which activate with water to create heat. This lightweight portable system is perfect for warming food or drinks instantly and creating a delicious, nutritious and warm meal anytime, anywhere just when you need it. With growing concerns amongst parents about healthy eating, and increasing number of kids with food allergies, more consumers are looking for an on-the-go solution for packing and heating food for their children. With Aquaheat™, you can warm or prepare food on the go just when you need it.  You can be more in control of what you are feeding your kids and offer something other than cold sandwiches or soggy pastas. Innobaby’s Aquaheat creates heat instantly and can warm everything from baby bottles to a nutritious meal in little as two minutes.

Retail Value:AquaHeat Bottle Warmer & 10 oz Stainless Bottle $34.99

For more information visit Innobaby



5 Phases is the first bottle feeding system to introduce an interchangeable glass insert.  Our unique design kept the Eco-mom in mind providing the healthful benefits of glass + the protection of BPA free plastic all while reducing the carbon footprint on the environment! Our “grow with me” feeding system truly makes our bottles the most eco-friendly bottle feeding system out there! The “interchangeable glass insert concept” is one of a kind! The recyclable translucent plastic sleeve guards against breakage but contains the broken glass and liquid mess if breaking occurs making it a safer alternative in glass bottle feeding. The ability to buy additional glass inserts adds convenience and affordability and reduces the carbon footprint in the environment because you use less plastic. A perfect storage solution for pumped milk and formulas, our glass inserts “grow with me” feeding system are ideal for homemade baby food when baby has moved on from their bottles.  Now that’s eco- friendly!

Retail Value: $18.99 (shipping in US only)

For more information visit 5 Phases.

WeanGreen_circle logo_no GL
This tempered glass food storage set includes the 3 basic sizes to prepare, store, and serve homemade baby food. The containers are also great for lunch bags, leftovers and condiment storage! The set contains 2 Wean Cubes, 2 Wean Bowls and 2 Wean Tubs.

Retail Value: $29.99

For more information visit Wean Green.

nourish bundle image

Prize Bundle Total Value : $255.91

Mommy Moosli – Moosli, $12 per bag

BeliBea – Nursing pumping bra, $49.95 value

Evenflo FeedingAdvanced Double Electric Breast Pump$109.99 value

Innobaby– AquaHeat Bottle Warmer & 10 oz Stainless Bottle, $34.99 value

5 Phases – 4 oz bottles, $18.99 value

Wean Green– Tempered-glass Food Storage Set, $29.99 value

Good luck to everyone!  Please use the widget below to enter. The giveaway is open from now through June 28, 2016. A big thanks to Mommy MoosliBeliBeaEvenflo FeedingInnobaby5 Phases, and Wean Green for their support of TLB and all breastfeeding women. This giveaway is open to participants in the USA.


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Parenting Broken and Finding Joy


Dear Leakies,

Where are the perfect parents? I mean, where on earth are all those perfect parents?

Because they’re not here.

And I can tell you for certain, they’re not there either.

We’re not perfect parents. How could we be? We’re a mess. And those who say they aren’t either haven’t had kids yet, or haven’t had their second kid yet and still think they somehow mined pure parenting gold from the rich mines of their intellect and wisdom. I know because I was one of them. Turns out it was fool’s gold. I mean no disrespect for you first-timers. If it’s really easy for you, please enjoy it. But please don’t make the mistake of thinking that your experience should be everyone’s experience. Because it can’t be. And it won’t be for you if you decide to give your baby a sibling.

*This is an excerpt from our TLB email, to continue reading, click here.

Jeremy Martin-Weber
Writer, BeyondMoi.com



Don’t Read This If You Don’t Have Time


Dear Leakies,

Happy Mother’s Day Week. I hope it is everything that you want it to be and you know today and every day that you matter, you’re appreciated, and you are loved.

We’re keeping it short and simple this week because sometimes all we really need is to hear that we’re ok.

So, here you go.

You are ok. You’ve got this. You matter. You are appreciated.

Keep loving on,

Jessica Martin-Weber
Founder, TheLeakyBoob.com

*This is an excerpt from our TLB email, to continue reading, click here.

P.S. Preparing for summer travel, we did a chat about traveling with the breastfeeding baby, find Leaky tips here along with info on Mamava Lactation pods.

We’re Paying It Forward- Are You?


Dear Leakies,

You’ve probably heard of the idea to “pay it forward”. The concept is that any kindness you receive, instead of repaying, our society would be a better place if we payed it forward to someone else rather than the original benefactor.

Indeed, it is a moving and beautiful idea and has become increasingly popular. From buying coffee for the person in line behind you to cleaning a friend’s house when they have a new baby, more and more of us are experiencing kindness being paid forward instead of repaid. It has more than the power to make someone’s day, it strengthens us as individuals and as a community.

So it goes with support. In many ways there is no way to truly repay the support we experience as we begin our parenting journey. When it comes to feeding support, this feels particularly true. It is vital, truly essential that we feed our children. How could we ever pay the people that help us figure that out?

The truth is, we can’t.

But we can support forward. Drawing from our own personal experiences, we can provide parent to parent support for the next new parents. At The Leaky Boob, it is #TLBsupportForward that keeps us going. Leakies never graduate from TLB, even when they hang up their nursing tanks. Because we support forward.

Whether your experience was everything you imagined, nothing you expected, rainbows and butterflies, or practically the fires of Mordor, your story matters and you have valuable support to offer others. Avoiding unsupportive support that breeds fearinsecuritylays blameunderminesis self-servingcreates doubt for a profit, and shames, with respect and gentleness, you can make a difference by supporting forward. That difference can build up the confidence of a new mother or father.

And that makes us all stronger.

Feed with love,

Jessica Martin-Weber
Founder, TheLeakyBoob.com

*This is an excerpt from our TLB email, to continue reading, click here.