9 Months On, 9 Months Off- This is not a weight loss story

This article made possible thanks to We Made Me, dedicated to enhancing and supporting the wellbeing, comfort, and the bond, of parents and their babies. Thanks also to Mama Strut, Bamboobies, and Britax.


I am enough just exactly how I am.

That doesn’t mean I can’t want to change somethings.

Like I’d like to not feel winded going up a set of stairs.

Enter the postpartum weight loss plan!

Just kidding. We’re not doing that.

They say it is 9 months on, 9 months off when it comes to shedding pregnancy pounds but in my experience, it isn’t just the pounds our mombods are dealing with. It’s the lack of sleep, the aching hip joints, the lack of sleep, struggling to find time, and the lack of sleep.

Did I mention lack of sleep?

Which is ok, really. It’s fine. I mean, no big.

Except it kind of is.

Lucky is 9 months old now and I feel like my body is still sorting things out. Expectations are constantly fluctuating, much like my breasts are depending on when Lucky fed last.

I’m working on getting moving more because the truth is, I just FEEL better when I do. But this time around I’m looking at what it means to be moving towards better health over all. Because as a whole, that’s what I want. Figuring out what that means for me right now has been a bit of a journey. It isn’t as simple as just getting in shape because everything is connected in my life. I want to move towards better health in my relationships, in my work life balance, in my personal growth, in my physical health including sleep and physical activity and my relationship with food.

Getting moving, having forward motion in my life looks different at all different stages. Last year, in the midst of an HG pregnancy, getting moving looked WAY different than it does this year. And next year it will look different again with an active toddler in the picture. In immediate postpartum, getting moving looks different than it does at 6 months postpartum. That’s ok. Realistic goals and expectations along with a perspective that there’s a lot that matters in my life that deserves movement helps me stay inspired to keep moving.

So I’m keeping it real and sharing on The Leaky Boob Instagram and Facebook page. Right now, most of my physical movement is done with the cutest companion which means it is low impact and, well, sporadic. I’m hardly #fitspiration. But I’m making movement, slowly but surely. That’s not all, either, I’ve started some intentional steps to make movement in the other areas that are important to me; my relationships (including my partner, children, and friends), my creative expression, my personal growth and healing (yay therapy!), and my sleep.

I don’t know if you have goals to get moving or what areas of your life need movement but I hope you’ll share them with us.

The team that has come together as our #TLBmoves2018 ambassadors are some incredible people. They are bravely sharing their experiences and journeys and what “getting moving” means for them. From the immediate postpartum to due in a few weeks or a month or so, from first time parents to experienced veterans, from fitness guru to not-exactly-fit, from disabled to able-body, our #TLBmoves team for 2018 are each inspiring. They encourage me to move in my life in new and brave ways.


Meet our Campaign Ambassadors

These hand-picked, fearless #TLBmoves 2018 Campaign Ambassadors are moms just like you and me, overwhelmed with joy, and just overwhelmed, needing both sleep and coffee, and trying to figure out how they can keep looking out for their own health while tending to the wellbeing of someone(s) completely dependent on them. They are us. We are them. Follow their Instagram accounts to keep up with their #TLBmoves experience, to get their first-hand impressions of the products featured in this campaign giveaway, and be sure to follow The Leaky Boob’s Instagram as I will be featuring their best content there too.

Alicia: mom of 2 (ages 10 and 3), and expecting #3! Activities that keep her moving: chasing 3 yo everywhere and dancing with her while cooking.

Alyssa: 5 kids, 3 cats. Keeps moving by lifting weights, aerial, and running. Huge weight watchers advocate!














Alicia’s Instagram ~ Alyssa’s #TLBmoves posts will be on TLB’s Instagram


Destiny: 2 kids (2, and 2 weeks old). Gets moving by going for walks and letting her 2 yr old run himself to sleep.

Kita: 4 kids, babywearing educator. Always out and about with her kids. Wear all the babies!














Destiny’s Instagram ~ Kita’s Instagram


Nikki: 2 kids and one on the way. Currently working hard at keeping that baby in!

Rachel: 4 kids, and foster mom. Recovering from PSD, so her husband Noah will be helping out with the “Getting Moving” category










Nikki’s Instagram ~ Rachel’s Instagram

Follow Nikki on her blog, AprilandOctober.com, and Facebook

You can also follow Rachel on her blog, SheRockstheCradle.com, and Facebook



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Britax believes that family life should be lived without limit – a world where parents and children are free to make the most of every moment together.



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  1. That pelv ice looks amazing!!!

  2. The stroller would get me to move the most… I like to take the baby for a nice walk!

  3. I would love the Britax Parhway Stroller! It would definitely help me get moving after my baby is born!

  4. Elizabeth Steel says

    The wrap would help me to get moving!

  5. Destiny Segura says

    The wrap would get us moving forsure, with a toddler in tow I need a wrap for the youngest one!

  6. The wrap would be the most useful to me! Baby wearing makes getting things done around the house so much easier!!

  7. These are awesome products! The stroller would be awesome to win because compact and easy strollers are just not affordable anymore!

  8. Veronica Bohan says

    The nursing bra would get me moving the most-something to support the boulders I now carry!

  9. Brittany Wilson says

    thank for this post! As someone who’s 2 months PP I’m being a bit hard of myself that I can’t physically do some things that I was used to pre pregnancy. I just had a baby and I need to give myself time. It takes time and that’s something I needed to hear.

    I am loving the flow active wrap and stroller. I didn’t buy a stroller (for cost purposes) and I just keep telling myself that baby carriers will get me through. I now see how a stroller would be helpful!

  10. The stroller would get me moving for sure 🙂

  11. I would love the mama strut! I had an episiotomy and a prolapse and having this would help my recovery tremendously

  12. Heather Campbell says

    That stroller looks awesome!!! And I’ve heard wonderful things about MamaStrut for SPD.

  13. Definitely the stroller would help get me more active!

  14. The stroller would be awesome!!

  15. Sarah Meints says

    The stroller would be such a huge help! We have giant hills in our neighborhood and our old stroller is SO clunky!

  16. Alyson Turner says

    I love the We Made We Wrap!

    I want one so much 😍

  17. Amen to keeping it REAL about postpartum recovery and healing! It’s so incredibly important we not only take it easy on ourselves physically, but also mentally! I personally have been working towards finding a comfortable balance between regaining my level of strength and overall fitness I had with my pre-preggo body and now as a mom! It’s definitely SO different than I thought it would be when I was pregnant! I was SO convinced I would have my daughter and immediately hit the gym and get that pre-baby body back ASAP! However, I quickly realized it’s slow and steady process and so incredibly important to be kind to myself!

    Great read!

  18. Sarah Bricker says

    My fav thing to get moving is a comfortable sports bra for these 36E’s! Trying for baby #2 means a wrap and a xomfy nursing bra ❤

  19. These would be awesome for baby 2!

  20. Amber Campos says

    Thanks for being so honest about everything. From the not so peaceful part of breastfeeding to the awesome ways to feed in a carrier and everything in between.

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    Definitely the Britax!

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    I would super love that wrap!!! Iowa summers are brutal and my almost 2-year old still loved to be worn.

  24. I have a toddler and another little one on the way. I know this time around I will be utilizing a wrap or carrier a lot more often to help me get moving!

  25. Debbie McCormick says

    I would love to try this wrap!! I joined Baby Wearing International to try out wearing my new babe but this wrap looks like nothing I’ve seen before. Summer babies require light weight wraps!! My little heat ball has me sweating even in a ring sling

  26. Marie Porcoro says

    What an amazing giveaway and a great cause to use for a giveaway. Currently pregnant with my number one and I know how hard it it sgoing to be to lose weight and remain healthy during my postpartum months so I love all this.

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