Making Time and Space To Get Moving- #TLBMoves 2019

by Jessica Martin-Weber

I get moving because I don’t want to die young.

Sounds dramatic but this is a reality for me. Which sucks because I’m a mom and it is SO DARN HARD to find the time to get moving. Then I think I’m just lazy or unmotivated or don’t really care and before I know it I’m in a cycle of self-loathing talk and still not getting moving.

When personal trainer and The Biggest Loser star, Jillian Michaels became a mom she admitted that one of the aspects of parenting that caught her by surprise was just how difficult it could be to take care of herself. She couldn’t always fit a workout in her day… sometimes not even in her week. With an in-your-face personality and no-excuses approach to supporting people in their own health goals, she suddenly found out just how challenging it could be to be the one taking care of everyone and not having time to take care of herself. 

I didn’t exactly cheer when I heard that but my response was pretty much “tell me about it.” If Jillian Michaels struggled to find the time and it is her job, then I could have some compassion for myself struggling to find the time.

Physical activity isn’t my favorite thing. I’m much more in my element sitting and reading a book than going for a run, making pasta than joining a gym, taking a literature class than taking a spin class, or going online than going for a walk. It takes effort and intentionality for me to get moving. I groan about it frequently but I make it a priority anyway because I have a heart condition and I know that if I want to be around for a long time with my family, I have to put the work in now.

Which is why once a year I encourage The Leaky Boob community to think about it and find small ways to inch ourselves toward being more healthy. For the 4th year in a row, we are taking a few weeks of summer to take a good, non-shaming, look at ourselves, and determine what steps we can each take to be just a little healthier than we are.

I’m not dogmatic about how babies are fed, and I’m sure as hell not going to be dogmatic about getting fit. You won’t find us pushing anyone to join a gym or a 6 AM boot camp. What I’ve found works best for most is to try things until you find what you can enjoy the most… even if “enjoy” really just means tolerate the best or dislike the least. In my own experience it can be different for different times of my life. Sometimes it is just getting out for a walk, other times I prefer to work out in my living room with a DVD, and other times running is my thing. Just like for infant feeding, I look forward to sharing thought-provoking information, personal stories and anecdotes from our community, and encouraging the support of one another in TLB’s various platforms.

#TLBmoves is a campaign where everyone is welcome, couch potatoes to triathletes, fitness experts to exercise loathers, women and men and children, because no matter who you are, taking care of you is one of the ways that you take care of the ones you love.

I bring no agenda, no program, no exercise routines, no weight loss plans, or anything like that. Just a desire for Leakies to support each other as we each figure out what’s right for us. It could be adding a 10 minute walk to your day, cutting back on sugar, trying the squat challenge, really anything that seems achievable to you right now. Try it out, assess, and change your goal when you need to.

#TLBmoves is about getting started together. You can make it into becoming an Olympic athlete if you want. Or you can focus on being better able to keep up with your toddler. It’s up to you. Will you join me? 

It’s time for #TLBmoves!

Find support and inspiration in our closed group #TLBmoves here. And join me on The Leaky Boob Facebook page, here; The Leaky Boob Community Facebook group, and the Beyond Moi Facebook Page, here; and the Beyond Moi Community Facebook group (where we talk about just about anything and everything- particularly relationships), here.

#TLBmoves 2019 runs from July 22nd through August 11th, though a meaningful focus on how we get moving with our families is never really limited to a set of dates. We will be focusing on what inspires us in health and fitness, sharing meaningful experiences, opening up, posting ideas, and a lot of humor. All of this through the sharing of information, support, and most importantly, The Leaky Boob and Beyond Moi communities in action teaming up with you, our communities, and a few select brands we trust: Humble-Bee, Evenflo, JuJuBe, MiaMily, Olen Skin Care, and Bamboobies.

Be on the lookout for the hashtags #TLBmoves and #TLBmoves2019 (and start using them too!), Leaky guest posts, a vocal presence across social media (Instagram, and Facebook), posts from our campaign ambassadors, relevant information and interactions on our sister site,, inspiring support within our community, involvement from our campaign sponsors, giveaways, and informative articles.

Let’s explore health and moving together with #TLBmoves. Oh, and enter our giveaway! (more information below)


The Giveaway

Making any kind of change in life is so much easier with support. #TLBmoves 2019 is made possible thanks to the support of some truly amazing brands. They exist to make your life easier and healthier. They are here for you.

One of the ways that these Campaign Sponsors support new parents is by creating products that are designed to bring a positive impact to your life. To simplify it. To beautify it. To augment it. To protect your baby. To protect you. To go with you wherever you need or choose to be. To support you.

The following products will be featured during #TLBmoves 2019 and you have a chance to win them in our campaign giveaway!

Humble-Bee: the Nurse-sling
This is the only nursing pillow that HOLDS your baby, relaxes your wrists, lets you sit back and enjoy the precious moment comfortably. Retail Value: $40

Evenflo: the Evenflo Gold Picot Xpand Travel System
This travel system can be configured in 22 ways for infant and child seating at optimal heights and angles. So whether child wants to take a nap or enjoy the scenery, this super convenient modular stroller can expand or compress- with a click. And wherever you go, you can help make sure that your baby stays safe and comfy, with the SensorSafe app that sends real-time alerts right to your phone. Retail Value: $499

JuJuBe: Core Convertible Bundle
This bag is easily one of JuJuBe’s most functional bags to date! With four exterior pockets and seven interior pockets, organization is a cinch, and it can be worn in four different ways: backpack, cross body, over-the-shoulder, and tote – without having to switch out any straps. Plus, three matching set pieces and matching changing pad, and stroller hooks are all included. Perfect for parents on-the-go! Retail Value: $75

Olen Skin Care: Baby Butz diaper cream, and Sunblock Baby + Kids
Baby Butz cream is a diaper rash treatment that is both a barrier and healing cream, preventing and healing rashes FAST. Made from all-natural ingredients and licensed as a Natural Health Product, it’s the safest and most effective diaper cream available without a prescription. Sunblocz Baby & Kids is a 100% all-natural, mineral sunscreen. Its formula boasts the highest percent Zinc Oxide (non-nano) in a base of natural and anti-oxidant ingredients, not only making it safe for babies’ sensitive skin, but also offering superior sunburn protection, AND it’s Coral Reef Safe. Retail Value: $32 for both

MiaMily: the HIPSTER Smart 3D hip seat baby carrier
This carrier is a 3D baby carrier because it has a built-in 3D hip seat incorporated into the structure. This means that no matter what position you carry your baby (facing in, forward facing, hip carry, or back carry), your baby’s hips are always in the correct M position (knees supported at hip level, legs open and not dangling). The hip seat, combined with the widest waist belt in the market, means a lighter carry for your shoulders, back, and great lumbar support. This carrier also features a large storage pocket, external milk bottle pocket, changing pad, crossable shoulder straps, and so much more! Retail Value: $189

Bamboobies: Easy Access Tank, and Yoga Nursing Bra
The award-winning bamboobies Yoga Nursing Bra is designed to keep new moms comfortable, fashionable, and feeling great throughout the day. The Easy Access Tank was created specifically for breastfeeding moms with loose fabric for easy access breastfeeding. Retail Value: $52 for the pair


Meet Our Ambassadors

We’ve assembled a small team to provide a little daily inspiration and some real-life experiences as they focus on getting moving. Here are the six mamas (apart from myself) that will be sharing their #TLBmoves experiences with us for the next 3 weeks:

Hi! I’m Amanda. I am a wife to a hilarious and hardworking man and mama to 4 earth-side kiddos ages 7, 5, 3, and 3 months, and one precious angel baby. I’ve got a Masters in Clinical Psychology and had grand plans to become a Marriage and Family Therapist, but the pull of motherhood was strong within me and I’ve been a Domestic Engineer for 6 amazing years! I thrive in the crazy that is motherhood! I get my kicks hoarding books, singing, drinking coffee and wine, backing, and playing Sims.

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I’m Chinenye, mostly called “Chi” or “Nenye” by my friends and family. I’m a finance analyst but left my job to take care of my little munchkin Jidenna who is almost 13 months old and still grabs on to my boobs like his life depends on it. Lol. When I’m not chasing my little one and preventing him from putting the tiniest things only his eyes can see into his mouth, I’m making scented soy candles and other natural products or testing out new fragrances to include in my candle line. I’ve also recently picked up photography as a hobby.

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Hi, I’m Katie! I am a stay at home mom and Coast Guard wife. I have one beautiful daughter who is almost one and a nine year old chocolate lab who still demands as much attention as a real kid. I am one week away from my breastfeeding goal of one year with no intention or desire to wean any time soon. This is my third campaign with The Leaky boob and I am so happy to be back. When I’m not chasing around a baby you can find me in the woods hiking, camping, or exploring.

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I’m Kimberly – mom of four, married 15 years, coming out of the fog of PPD and learning to fall in love with our big surprise baby and how different this stage looks than I expected. I love baking, binge watching, anything outside, and being right – just ask my husband 😂

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I’m Lissette. A stay at home momma from NYC. Have two little ladies, ages 4, and 3 months. Been breastfeeding nearly continuously for 5 yrs with the support of my husband as well as online spaces like The Leaky Boob. When I’m not on Instagram, I’m rewatching The Office, crocheting, or helping out at our local Community garden.

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My name is Rachel! I am mother to 4 living children, 1 angel baby, former foster mother to 4 different children, and current foster mom to a teenager and her baby (yes, I’m a grandma at 33!) and wife to Milkman. I can be found stealing kisses from my husband in the kitchen, munching on baby cheeks, nursing a kid or two, chasing chickens around the farm we live on, juggling social workers, and sending memes to my besties. I blog over at, where I talk about parenting, babies, fostering, breastfeeding, and marriage. I am so excited to be back on a TLB Campaign, because it gives me the opportunity to build community with other mothers.

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  1. Ladies, this is a great idea! I wanted to get more active with my kids because my 11yo’s pediatrician wants her to lose a few pounds and I want to lose a few too. I’m a SAHM and I dont move around too much which made me feel like a couch potato and a bad mom. But I am happy to say that me and the children have been outside more this Summer and I want to add one morning and ine evening walk to our routine. Im following ALL of you and good luck everyone!

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